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The Dean's Message


									College of Health Sciences ■ Old Dominion University               Summer 2003 ■ Vol. 3, Issue 3

                               The Dean’s Message
On behalf of the faculty, staff and stu-           faculty positions that could not be             space needed, more square footage
dents, I extend greetings from the                 filled and reductions in our operating           than the state funded is required.
College of Health Sciences to you,                 budgets. Nonetheless, the faculty               The building site is large enough to
our alumni and friends. As                                   and staff have pulled togeth-         accommodate this need, so all we
you will find when you read                                   er to find creative ways to            need is the support of our alumni
Health Link, the College has                                 organize work, to reduce              and friends to make this
survived, and is in fact thriv-                              spending and to recruit and           happen!!
ing, in spite of the                                         hire well qualified adjunct               Partnerships continue to enhance
Commonweath’s budget                                         faculty from the community.           the programs in the College. Health
woes and subsequent major                                    Words are inadequate in               Systems in the region are assisting
budget reductions to colleges                                expressing the gratitude I            us with the support needed to
and universities.                                            have for the dedicated facul-         increase enrollments in the under-
Fortunately, our visionary         Cheryl T. Samuels, Dean   ty and staff.                         graduate nursing program; the newly
President Runte did what                                        Another bright spot was            appointed College Advisory Board is
she could to protect the aca-                                the passage of the                    assisting us with friend and fund
demic units from the budget knife by               Educational Bond Referendum last                raising; and you, our alumni, are
reducing other university support                  November. The Technology Building               helping us in a variety of ways with
budgets by 22% over the current                    when renovated will house the entire            your continuing support and interest
biennium reporting period and only                 College of Health Sciences under one            in the College. Again, my sincere
reducing academic unit support by                  roof!! However, an analysis by the              thanks and best personal regards
10% over that same period.                         architect has shown us that in order            to all of you.
   The College has felt these reduc-               to accommodate the classroom, labo-
tions in reduced support staff, open               ratory, clinic, office and research

                                                           new College Advisory Board to           quarterly meetings has been a
College Appoints                                           assist in fundraising and increas-
                                                           ing community awareness about
                                                                                                   combination of educating the
                                                                                                   board members about the college
New Advisory Board                                         our College and its programs.
                                                                    The COHS Board consists
                                                                                                   and developing fundraising
      With the opportunities pro-                          of alumni and other volunteers                  We thank Mrs. Helen
vided by the new Health Sciences                           from health care related educa-         Bernd, Chair of the Board and
Building, the College of Health                            tion and business and industry          Ms. Betty Harmon Edwards,
Sciences (COHS) established a                              sectors, as well as community           Fundraising Coordinator as well
                                                           agencies. The focus of this year’s      as the following who are helping
                                                           quarterly meetings has been a           us grow by sharing their time,
                                                           combination of educating the            ideas, and financial support.
                                                           board members about the college         Dr. Randy Axelrod,            Dr. Lois Kercher,
                                                           and developing fundraising
                                                                                                   Mrs. Eleanor Bradshaw,        Mrs. Constance C. Laws,
                                                                                                   Mrs. Catherine Callahan,      Dr. Ray Pentecost,
                                                                    The COHS Board consists
                                                           of alumni and other volunteers          Mr. David Clark, IV,          Ms. Sue Pitchford,
                                                           from health care related educa-         Mr. Patrick C. Devine, Jr.,   Dr. Lindsay Rettie,
                                                           tion and business and industry          Mr. Archer Farmer,            Mrs. Linda Rohrer and
                                                           sectors, as well as community           Mrs. Nanci Little Gosnell,    Dr. Marybeth Saunders.
Board Members review documents at the May Board Meeting.   agencies. The focus of this year’s      Dr. Louis Hochheiser,
                                                                 a way to customize the program for your professional
                                                             needs. I chose the program (because) of convenience (a com-
                                                             munity college is located less than a mile from my home) and cost.
                                                             As a full-time working professional, this program allows me to
           Last Fall, in response to student requests, the   balance professional and student activities.”
                    School of Community and                      For more information contact Dr. Colin Box, Chair and
 Community          Environmental Health began offering      Graduate Program Director at 757-683-4519 or or
                    the Master of Science in Community       visit the website
   Health           Health-Health Care Management
   Masters          Track in a distance learning format.

 Program on
                    Designed for completion in two-year
                    cycles, the Master’s program prepares
TELETECHNET individuals already employed in pro-
                    fessional health care roles to move
                    into the higher echelons of health
         care management and administration. The com-
         bination of TELETECHNET (TTN), an interac-
                                                             MSN Goes Online
                                                                 To allow maximum flexibility for working students seeking
         tive video/audio system and asynchronous,
                                                             graduate education, the School of Nursing is transitioning its
         online instruction was chosen to accommodate
         the needs of busy professionals like Dana Dunn,     Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Nursing Leadership to a
         Sr. Program Manager at Milestone Biomedical         web-based format. For more information on this and other grad-
         Associates in Maryland who writes “The MS           uate nursing programs, contact the Graduate Program Director,
         program appealed to me because it offered           757-683-5250 or visit

                                                             It’s A Good Day To Come
 Renew: A Nurse                                              Back To Nursing!
 Educator MSN                                                    It’s convenient. It’s comprehensive. It prepares nurses to
                                                             return to a world of healthcare dominated by technology. In
                                                             January, 2003, COHS’ Continuing Healthcare Education Center
       Designed to address the growing shortage of
                                                             (CHEC) introduced the first Online RN Refresher Program avail-
    masters prepared nursing faculty, this program
                                                             able in Virginia. This “Online”, computer and internet based,
    will be offered by the School of Nursing in part-        course allows RNs to complete the 42 didactic modules and tests
    nership with TELETECHNET and the Virginia                at their own pace. Then they participate in a six-day, intensive,
    Community College System. The 36 credit hour             hands-on skills lab that refreshes techniques and raises their con-
    program, requires one year of full time study or         fidence levels for the 80 hours of clinicals they arrange at a hos-
    two years part time, incorporates a variety of           pital or facility of their choice. Since January, over 25 RNs have
    distance learning technologies including tele-           enrolled in the program, made new friends, conquered the new
                                                             technology, and yes, have been hired and returned to practice.
    vised classes, web-based courses, videoconfer-
                                                                 So whether you’ve been out 3 or 30
    ences, and video evaluation of teaching.
                                                             years, this program prepares you to face
       The curriculum includes the required core             the challenges of today’s acute care
    nursing content, plus courses on teaching meth-          nursing with confidence and a
    ods, technology in education, evaluation meth-           renewed dedication to helping
    ods, incorporating diversity into the educational        others. For information on the
    process, strategies for student and faculty suc-         next class contact CHEC at
    cess, and mentored teaching experiences.                 757-683-4256 or visit the

                                                                      Ms. Carol Hersman and Ms. Imelda Angat served as
                                                                      “Refresher” LAB faculty at Chesapeake General Hospital.
The New Health Sciences Building
   Since its inception in 1986, the College has dreamed of hav-        open with “green paces”, natural light, healthy ventilation, and
ing a building to house all of its programs. Many different            feature ergonomically designed workspaces.
plans, locations, and scenarios have been proposed over the last           The faculty began meeting with the Associate Dean, Shirley
fifteen years. Finally, with the passage of the Educational Bond         Glover last spring to identify laboratory and classroom space
Referendum last November, the dream of a Health Sciences               needs. Following a series of interviews, Moseley Architects was
Building became a reality.                                             selected to develop the “renovation plans” over the summer and
    The Vision for the new facility incorporates certain design        early fall. Renovation is scheduled to begin in January 2004
elements based on our “core values” and best stated by Winston         with relocation to the new building in 2005.
Churchill—“We build our dwellings; then our dwellings shape                Dean Samuels and the College Advisory Board are developing
us”. The environment created by the building’s design will             strategies to secure additional funding to enlarge and enhance
impact the learning experience, shape student and faculty atti-        the learning environment by providing specialized laboratory
tudes, and reflect our values and support for healthy lifestyle         equipment, the latest technological advances in mediated class-
practices. Design elements such as shared laboratory and               rooms, and materials to enhance study and research areas.
research spaces, a student commons area with a student organi-             We will need your support to make our new building the pre-
zations room, and faculty offices together, not divided by tradi-       mier nursing and health sciences facility in Virginia. There will
tional departmental structure encourage a team approach with           be a variety of events and fundraising activities such as alumni
better understanding of the roles of the various health profes-        “challenges”, and “naming opportunities” scheduled. Visit the
sionals in providing holistic patient care. In addition, this envi-    College Website for updates begin-
ronment fosters open, informal interaction and sharing of ideas        ning this Fall. We hope you will complete the “pledge card” and
which creates opportunities for research and group service proj-       join Dr. Lindsay Rettie, our first donor, and help us “Shape our
ects. Finally, to support our belief in a healthy lifestyle, the new   Dwelling” to produce the health professionals who will care for
building will incorporate environmentally friendly materials, be       you and your family in the future.

                                                                                             HRSA Grant
                                                                                                  Drs. Laurel Garzon and Carolyn
                                                                                             Rutledge received $745,000 from the
                                                                                             Health Resources & Services
                                                                                             Administration to conduct a three-year
                                                                                             grant “Educating Culturally Competent
                                                                                             Nurse Practitioners in Virginia.”

                                   COHS Research Day
 The COHS welcomed a record number of students, faculty and community professionals to its annual Research Day on March 26th .
                            Congratulations to this year’s winners in the poster and platform competition.
                 Best Faculty Poster                                   Best Faculty Platform
                   Dr. Karen Karlowicz, Nursing                          Mira Mariano, Physical Therapy
                 Best Student Poster                                   Best Student Platform
                   M. Gayle Rubino, Dental Hygiene                       Joni McFelea, PhD program
  Featured speaker Nancy B. Cummings, MD, Senior Biomedical Advisor Emeritus, National Institutes of Health and former Professor of
Medicine at Georgetown School of Medicine lectured on the topic of “ Ethical Issues in Human Research”.
                                                                                            Awards &
                                                                                            The College received a $2500 “continuation” grant for
                                                                                            2003 from the Sentara Foundation for the “Lambert’s Point
                                                                                            Community Wellness Center”.

                                                                                            On April 30th, in addition to 15 COHS students, Dr.
                                                                                            Richardeen Benjamin-Coleman, Dr. Gail Grisetti, Dr.
                                                                                            Karen Karlowicz, and Dr. Stacey Plichta were inducted
Publications                                                                                into The ODU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi a national inter-
                                                                                            disciplinary honor society.
Dr. Linda L. Lilley, Associate Professor in Nursing is the lead
author in the re-writing of 55+ chapters in the 4th edition of                              Dr. Richardeen Benjamin- Coleman, Chair of the School of
Pharmacology and the Nursing Process which is one of the top                                Nursing was selected as a FELLOW in the two-year
                                                                                            Leadership Program for Nursing School Deans sponsored
ten sellers for all pharmacology and nursing textbooks on the
                                                                                            by the Kellogg and American Nurses’ Foundations.
market today.
                                                                                            Faye Coleman, Associate Professor and Program Director
Ms. Suzanne Rita, Nursing Lecturer wrote chapters “Obstetrical                              Medical Technology, was selected by top honor students at
Emergencies” and “Obstetrical Trauma” in Sheehys Emergency                                  both the Fall and Spring Commencements as the “Faculty
                                                                                            Member Who Most Inspired Me”.
Nursing: Principles and Practice. Fifth Edition L. Newberry(Ed)
Mosby, Philadelphia, PA.                                                                    Michele Darby, Eminent Scholar, Professor of Dental
                                                                                            Hygiene, and Graduate Program Director, was appointed
Dr. C. Thomas Somma, Associate Professor and Chair of the                                   Associate Editor of the International Journal of Dental
School of Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences, has an                                 Hygiene.
article “Use of the New Noninvasive Gluco Watch Biographer                                  Dr. John Echternach, Physical Therapy Professor and
During Outdoor and Indoor Exercise of Varying Intensities” in                               Eminent Scholar, was elected to serve a two-year term as
The Diabetes Educator, and an Abstract “Development and                                     District Director of the Virginia Physical Therapy
Implementation of a Model On-Campus Blood Bank Rotation in                                  Association for the Tidewater District.
Response to Declining Clinical Practicum Site” featured in                                  Shirley Glover, Associate Dean and Dr. Cheryl T. Samuels,
Clinical Laboratory Science, V.15(2) Spring 2003.                                           Dean won the Educational Poster Award at the national
                                                                                            meeting of the Association of Schools of Allied Health
Community                                                                                   Dr. Clare Houseman, Director of the Doctoral Program in
                                                                                            Health Services received a 2003 “Child Health Advocacy
Service Award                                                                               Award” from the Consortium for Infant & Child Health.
                                                                                            Dr. George Maihafer, Chair, School of Physical Therapy,
                                                                                            assumed a 2 year term as President of the Virginia Physical
                                                                                            Therapy Association and was elected as a Delegate to the
                                                                                            annual national conference of the American Physical
                                                                                            Therapy Association.

                                                                                            Dr. Lindsay L. Retttie, Professor in Community Health
                                                                                            Professors received the ODU 2003 A. Rufus Tonelson
                                                                                            Faculty Award.
                                                                                            Dr. Michael Tamburello, Assistant Professor of Physical
                                                                                            Therapy, received the COHS 2003 Excellence in Teaching
                                                                                            Sophie K. Thompson, Director of the Cytotechnology
                                                                                            Program, received the 2003 Gene W. Hirschfeld Award for
                                                                                            Faculty Excellence.
Presented to the College by Town-N-Gown for the “Lambert’s Point Community Wellness
                                                                                            Evelyn Thomson, Senior Lecturer in Dental Hygiene was
Center.” Organizers pictured (back row L-R) Rebecca Warren, Dr. Colin Box, Martha Walker,   selected as a member of the National Dental Hygiene
Dr. Stacey Plichta, Dr. Tom Somma, front Dean Cheryl Sammuels, Betty Ann Powers-Luhn
and Mira Marino.                                                                            Board Examination Test Construction Committee.
The ODU Chapter of The Honor
Society of Alpha Eta inducted 13 students at its annual
induction ceremony. Miranda Swain, President and Elizabeth Spencer, Secretary/
Treasurer were selected as officers for 2002-2003.

THANKS to the 2002-03 FELLOWS for providing over 200
hours of service to the college. FELLOWs Takae Brewer and Elizabeth Spencer
                                                                                         Elizabeth Spencer with “most inspiring” faculty mem-
received the top University Award for academic excellence. FELLOW, Heidi                 ber Faye Coleman
Ambrose was nominated for the Association of Schools for Allied Health Professions
for a national scholarship.
                                                                                         Elizabeth Spencer
Katrina Blandford was recommended as an ODU nominee for                                  Receives Top College
USA TODAY’s The Best & Brightest National Competition.
Congratulations to the Physical Therapy Student Club for win-                              Medical Laboratory Sciences
ning the 2003 ODU Community Service Award for their participation in a variety of        (Medical Technology) Major,
community events and projects.                                                           Elizabeth Spencer was selected, due
                                                                                         to her perfect 4.0 GPA, as the “Banner
A Special THANKS to     Jewel Goodman                       , PhD Graduate               Carrier” for the College at the May
Assistant for her help with student recruitment events and community health fairs.       Commencement Ceremony. In addi-
                                                                                         tion to her academic success,
Student Research and Scholarship                                                         Elizabeth served as an officer in the
                                                                                         Honor Society of Alpha Eta and was
                                                                                         an active recruiter of high school stu-
                                                                                         dents in her role as a FELLOW. She
                                                                                         provided leadership for the School of
                                                                                         Medical Laboratory & Radiation
                                 Susan Tweed, Yan Zhang, (Dr. Stacey Plichta,
                                 advisor) won a national award for their poster          Sciences Student Club in the organi-
                                 “Characteristics Associated with Healthy Lifestyle      zation of Blood Drives and participa-
                                 Behaviors in Employees of Commercial Businesses”        tion in health fairs.
                                 at the American Behavoral Sciences Meeting.                  Her knowledge and skills in the
                                                                                         clinical rotation earned her a part
                                                                                         time position at Sentara Leigh. Then
Heather Baltodono, Jewel Goodman, Suzanne Wood,(Dr. Stacey Plichta, advisor)             immediately after graduation she was
presented, “Children’s Fear of Victimization”.                                           hired by Sentata Norfolk General
                                                                                         Hospital to work in one of the largest
Cynthia Banks, T. Jenkis, Shreeram Kumar, Janice Ranne, G. Rubino, Susan Tweed,
                                                                                         hospital laboratories in the area.
Elizabeth Vogel, Yan Zhang, (Dr. Stacy Plichta, advisor) presented, “Predictors of
                                                                                         CONGRATULATIONS ELIZABETH!
Length of Stay and Average Hospitalization Costs for Inpatients on a Psychiatric Unit”
                                        Nursing Honor                                sented her research on childhood hypoto-
                                                                                     nia at the 8th Biennial Conference of the
                                        Society Sponsors                             Intern- ational Association of Special
                                                                                     Education at the University of Hong Kong.
                                        Inaugural Spring
                                                                                     The following COHS alumni presented
                                        Symposium                                    research papers at the 130th Annual
                                            On April 7th over 175 members and        Meeting of the American Public Health
                                        guests of Sigma Theta Tau International      Association in Philadelphia, PA.
                                        gathered at the Sheraton Waterside to        V. Meyur and M. Hamdallah, presented
                                        hear Mona Newsome Wicks, PhD, RN.            “Process-based Evaluation of Customer
                                        Her presentation “Seeking Professional
                                                                                     Encounters at the National Clearinghouse
                                        Nursing Excellence Through Cultural
                                        Competence” provided information,            for Alcohol and Drug Information”
                                        stimulated questions, and challenged         V. Meyur, M. Hamdallah, and N.
                                        attendees to increase their awareness of     Krasnegor, presented “Past Month
School of Physical                      cultural issues in patient care.             Alcohol Use Among Adolescents,
                                                                                     Emerging Adults, and Adults”
Therapy Alumni                          Alumni                                       R. Misra presented “International
                                                                                     Students Academic Stress, Social
Reunion                                 Achievements                                 Support, and Life Stress”
    Over 70 alumni returned to cam-     Neil Helbling, Bachelor of Science in        Dr. Vanessa Sheppard, faculty at
pus for the April 25-26 Physical                                                     Georgetown University Medical School,
                                        Medical Technology Weekend College
Therapy Reunion sponsored by The
                                        Graduate, was commissioned as an             and R. Zambrana, presented “A
Office of Alumni Relations and the
School of Physical Therapy. The         officer for the United States Air Force.      Qualitative Study of Trust Among Low-
Physical Therapy faculty offered a      Angela Viers, Bachelor of Science in         Income Women During Pregnancy”.
complimentary two day continuing        Medical Technology graduate, was
education course on “Evidence           accepted to medical school.
Based Practice” with emphasis
placed upon the treatment
                                        Chris Elnitsky, former BSN and PhD
                                        student, was awarded a grant, which will
                                                                                     2003 PHONOTHON
approaches to lumbopelvic dysfunc-
tion. After the course, Alumni rep-
                                        fund her research at $70,000 per year for
                                        three years.
                                                                                     PLEDGES REACH
resenting classes from 1980 to 2002,
toured the campus and the new Ted
Constant Convocation Center.
                                        Elizabeth J. Bradfield, a graduate of the
                                        Master of Science in Nursing, Leadership
                                                                                     NEW HIGH
    Saturday afternoon the Alumni       Role, has been awarded the Helen Yura-            THANK YOU ALUMS!! You
Relations Office hosted a picnic         Petro Award as the Outstanding Graduate
barbecue/cookout for the physical                                                    pledged over $16,800 , a new record for
                                        Student in the Masters of Nursing Program.
therapists and their family mem-                                                     the College. Our students and faculty
bers. While the threat of rain forced                                                benefit from your gifts that support a
the event to be moved inside, all of                                                 variety of college and program initiatives
the participants had a great time
                                                                                     including student scholarships, faculty
catching up on the news as well as
socializing with President Roseann                                                   development, and research support.
Runte (pictured above) and Dean                                                      MAXIMIZE YOUR GIFT !! Check with
Cheryl Samuels. The event was                                                        your Human Resources Department to
such a success that many alumni                                                      see if your company participates in a
have been in touch with the faculty     Shannon Munro, graduate of the MSN
to help plan for future reunions.       Family Nurse Practitioner Program, pre-      Matching Gift Program.
   On October 25th in conjunction with
Founder’s Day Activities, the College          STUDY                                        Linda Bennington (nursing) traveled
                                                                                            with students and Physicians for Peace
                                                                                            on a Healthcare Mission.
sponsored its first Symposium on
International Health. Approximately 65         ABROAD                                          Germany, Keil— Anika Langmaak
students, faculty, and community profes-                                                    and Janet Lampel are the first non US
sionals came to hear the following                Vanessa Copeland, Dental Hygiene,         citizens to pass the National Dental
speakers.                                      studied in London, Paris                     Assisting Certifying Exam. They attended
                                                  Celeste Phelps,Health Care                the CHEC Summer Institute for Dental
   Fred Ward, M.D., Executive Director,
                                               Administration, studied in Brazil            Assistants a program that covers the
Physicians for Peace.
                                                  Lauren Ungvarsky, Nursing, studied        many aspects of clinical practice for
   Karen Remley, M.D., Executive               in Australia.                                dental assistants to prepare for the
Director, Physicians for Peace, “The                                                        national exam.
Impact of Volunteers on Health Around
the World”                                     RESEARCH,                                       Japan—Dr. Stacey Plichta leaves in
                                                                                            August to serve as a visiting professor to
   Robert Jacobs, D.P.H., Director, Joint
EVMS/ODU, MPH program, “Public
Health Challenges in Developing
                                               SERVICE, &                                   teach a course on American culture from
                                                                                            a health perspective at the University of
   Laurel Garzon, Ph.D., M.S.N & Gail
                                               TRAINING                                     mnNicaragua — Debbie Bauman,
Grisetti, Ed.D., M.P.T., Associate             Dominican Republic—Drs. Gail Grisetti        Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene
Professors, ODU/COHS “ODU’s                    and Laurel Garzon continue consulta-         traveled with Physicians for Peace to
Partnerships in the Dominican Republic”.       tion on program development with             provide assistance in establishing a
                                               faculty at Catholic University and           curriculum for a dental hygiene program.

Medical Laboratory Successes and
Sciences Offers    Innovations
                                                                       The Master of Science in Community Health program had a
Asynchronous                                                         100% pass rate on the CHES administered by the National
                                                                     Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

Courses                                                                 The Bachelor of Science in Nursing National Board Exam
                                                                     pass rate of 91.9% was the highest of all baccalaureate programs
                                                                     in Virginia.
                                                                        The Master of Science in Nursing, Pediatric Nurse
   Busy professionals now have the convenience of taking MEDT        Practitioner joined an elite group of programs by receiving a
350-Urinalysis, and MEDT 340-parasitology, mycology, virology,       extended five-year approval by the National Certification Board
and MEDT 457, a certification exam prep course any time, any          due to its high quality and consistent 100% pass rate.
place they can have access to the internet. For more information,      The School of Dental Hygiene and the Office of
contact Tracy Harrison at 757-683-3589 or          Computing and Communication Services
                                                                     developed a web-based “wireless” clinical eval-
                                                                     uation system which produces up-to-date reports
                                                                     on clinical progress via the internet.
                                                                         COHS BUILDING FUND PLEDGE

HELP US “Shape                                                            Address

                                                                          City                                     State          Zip

Our Dwelling”                                                             Phone (W)


   As we prepare for our new building, our biggest challenge is rais-     YOUR GIFT: ■       ■ $250 ■ $500 ■ $1,000 ■ Other $
ing the extra $2.0 million supplemental dollars to enlarge and
                                                                          GIFT DESIGNATION: ■ College of Health Sciences Building Fund
enhance the spaces for learning, research, and innovation. Time is
also a key element of challenge because additional funding for            PAYMENT OPTIONS:
enhancements must be committed before January to be included in           ■   Check enclosed payable to OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY FOUNDATIONS
the architectural plans.                                                      Mail to DEVELOPMENT OFFICE, ODU, 129 Koch Hall, Norfolk, VA 23529
    Your financial contributions will help us provide the optimum
                                                                          ■   VISA       ■   MASTERCARD            ■     AMERICAN EXPRESS
learning experiences for our students through the purchase of current
equipment and technology for our laboratories, research, and teach-       Card No.                                                Exp. Date
ing areas. Donor options include “designated gifts” which will be
used “as needed” to support the renovation project or “naming
opportunities”. A naming opportunity, or tribute, is a time-honored       Mail to above or Pledge by Phone 757-683-4999 with a credit card, or by web:
way to support a project and recognize the donor, an organization or
person with a personalized plaque. The College of Health Sciences’                 
“Naming Opportunities” are targeted toward specific enhancements
or spaces in the new building.
    For a complete listing of “naming opportunities”, contact Rose-
Marie Nsahlai at 757-683-4422 or

    PERMIT NO. 49                                                                                  1-HL00
     NORFOLK, VA                                                                                   Norfolk, VA 23529-0290
       PAID                                                                                        Old Dominion University
    U.S. POSTAGE                                                        College of Health Sciences

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