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Two variants of the typefaces Roman and Bizarre are named after the
 man who created them. Who?
Satyajit Ray
Businessman of the year by Business India ? Parvinder Singh of Ranbaxy
Who wrote an autobiography about her rise to the position of first lady called "I Hope"?
 Nancy Reagen
Who wrote the book "Living for cricket" ?
 Clive Lloyd
After a long hard night of partying in New York in 1894, a socialite
asked the maitre'd at the Waldorf hotel to give him a piece of
buttered toast with poached egg, bacon and hollandaise as a recipe
for hangover. The Maitre'd substituted English muffin for toast and
 ham for bacon. The resultant dish was named after the socialite. Who?
 Samuel benedict - The dish is Eggs benedict
What was Arjuna's arguement questioning the vaidity of Yudhishtira's
actions in the game of dice?
Having lost himself to the Kauravas he could no longer continue
What is common to Abraham Lincoln , Lord Mountbatten , Jawaharlal Nehru
and Giani Zail Singh ?
They are special types of hybrid roses grown only in the gardens of
the Indian Parliament
Which famous writer in 1898,published a famous open letter "J'Accuse",
calling for the abovenamed person's case to be reopened?
Emile Zola - Referring to the case of Alfred Dreyfus.
At 18 she felt pickles and curry powder were not her future and left
home to go to the School of Architechture and Planning where graduated
with honours. She did drawings for Rs.4 an hour to earn pocket money
and lived in a hut in Squatters Colony to save money and sold empty beer bottles and
cakes on the beaches of Goa.
Arundhati Roy
When the Kauravas tried to kill Bhima, during his childhood, by
drowning,his Naga great great grandfather saved him.Who was he?
Who coined the famous anti-drug slogan "Say No to Drugs"?
Nancy Reagan
Who was the disciple of Vyasa who first narrated the Mahabharata to
King Parikshit?
John Lamb , brother of Charles Lamb , once knocked down this person
who was impertinent to him ; and on those who were present interfering
and begging the latter to shake hands and forgive Lamb. He said,
'Well, I don't care if I do. I am a metaphysician, and do not mind a
blow; nothing but an idea hurts me.' Whom are we talking about ?
William Hazlitt
What gets its name from a rough calico cloth made in a district in
Bombay in the 17th century?
The L'Auto newspaper is the only non-business newspaper to be printed
on colour. What tradition did this give rise to?
The winner of the "Tour De France" wears Yellow - They are the official
sponsors of this event since the begining
TA Edison claimed that he was the inventor of the 35mm film and claimed a patent for
it.Unfortunately another
inventor took him to court and it was proved that the idea was stolen from this
inventor.Who was he ?
George Eastman - Edison had cut 70mm film into 2 and made 35mm film
During WW1 a soldier was sleeping in his tent when he dreamt that it
was being bombed. He woke up and ran outside just then a bomb fell on
his tent and everyone inside perished. Who was this fortunate soldier?
Adolf Hitler
In the early years of the century a St.Bernard dog called Duke was
advertised as the worlds only vegetarian dog. Who was it's owner?
William Kellog - This was done to encourage vegetarianism and promote
his cornflakes
Nobert Pearl Roth could read 13 languages. He read 350,000 books in a
span of two years for a particular purpose. What?
For bringing out Ripley's Believe it or Not
"This day relenting God Hath placed within my hand A wondrous thing;
and God Be praised.At his command Seeking his secret deeds with tears
and toiling breath I find thy consuming seeds O million-murdering
death" Who on what ?
Ronald Ross on the female Anopheles mosquito
Who is the author of this celebrated credo of the Stream of
Consciousness fiction ? " Life is not a series of gig lamps
symmetrically arranged ; life is a luminous halo , a semi- transparent
envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end ."
Virginia Woolf
The patent for the first metal racket in Lawn Tennis was taken in
1963 by which former player?
Rene Lacoste
Asterix comics, what award is given to the Druid of the Year at The
Annual Druid's Conference in the Forest of the Carnutes?
Golden Menhir Award
He has published the short story "Escape to Hell". His collection of
 short stories "Village Village Land Land and the astronaut's suicide"
and his green book on Do-It-yourself government have also been
published. Who?
Colonel Ghadaffi
397 of them were put into 23 wooden cases and the value was declared
to be Rs.3.A shipping bill No.3162 dated Dec.5 1998 was filed by
Messrs. Razziq International Private Limited.They were confiscated on
Dec. 9th. What are we talking about?
Antique tiles shipped by Jemima Khan
Simonetta has been immortalised in the world of art as Botticelli's
Venus is modelled on her. Who was her brother ?
Amerigo Vespucci - The Florentine merchant after the continent America
 is named
This place in the USA had an earlier name which in the local language
 meant "What gay clothes you wear?". Today it has a name derived from
a monarch's. Which place?
Virginia - It's earlier name was "Windgancon". It was named after
Queen Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen.
When once preaching Charles II , he observed that the monarch and his
attendants began to nod , and as nobles are common men when they are
asleep , some of them soon after snored ; on which he broke off his
sermon and called , " Lord Lauderdale , let me entreate you to rouse
yourself ; you snore so loud that you will wake the King !"
Robert South
Which cocktail mixed at Prof. Moriarty's restaurant at Saratoga
Springs has the following ingredients --light and dark rum, banana
liqour, lemon juice, pineapple juice and grenadine topped with 151 rum?
In 1978 he was arrested for purse snatching. Sent to Tyron school for
Boys. In 1988, he married Robin Givens who divorced him after 10 months
saying he was a "manic depressive". He was accused of man-handling a
parking attendant outside a LA night club. Who is the guy?
Mike Tyson
When first introduced in England it was described as "a versatile
 medicine which purgeth superflous phlegm and other gross humours,
 and openeth all the pores and passages of the body"?
Which U.S. General was nicknamed "Unconditional Surrender"?
Ulysses Grant
Graham Greene was once on a two year contract with MGM , and wrote
for them a story in 1944 which lay in their archives , unused and
forgotten . It was recovered in 1983 , revised by Greene and
published in 1985.. Which is the novel ?
The Tenth Man
Which book has the epigraph "Only Connect"?
 Howard's End
This word is derived from Italian for 'foundry' as the first of it's
kind founded in Venice in 1516 was next to a foundry
He was 40 years old before he looked on Geometry ; which happened
accidentally. Being in a gentleman's library , Euclid's elements lay
open and 'twas the 47th El libri I . He read the proposition . " By
God !" , said he , " this is impossible !" . So he read the
demonstration of it , which referred him back to such a proposition ,
 which he read . This referred him back to another proposition , which
he also read . At last , he was demonstratively convinced of that
truth . This made him in ove with Geometry .. I have heard him say
 that he was want to draw lines on his thigh and on he sheets , abed
and also multiply and divide .
Thomas Hobbes - The comic character Hobbes , of Calvin and Hobbes
 is named after Thomas Hobbes
During three months in an Army Hospital as a recuperating soldier in
 WW I he read classics but threw away most of them due to lack of
patience. This inspired him to do something innovative. Who and What?
Dewitt Wallace and Reader's Digest - Readers Digest initially
contained abridged versions of classics
In the fall of 1979,the school children of Islington Green officially
 went on a "study tour"? What did they do?
Went to the studio to sing the chorus of "Another Brick in the wall
 Part 2" by Pink floyd.
The son of King Cadmus went out hunting with his friends . He came
 upon a place where he saw Diana in her toilet . On seeing him ,
she said " Now , go and tell , if you can that you have seen Diana
unapparelled ." Immediately , a pair of stag's horn grew out of his
 head and his neck gained in length , his ears grew sharp and pointed
 . His hands became feet , his arms long legs , his body covered with
 hairy spotted hide . When his dogs spotted him they tore him apart
till he died , only then was Diana's anger satisfied . Who was this
man ?
The now famous Eton vs. Harrow cricket match took place for the first
time in 1805. Which literary figure was the member of the first Harrow
Lord Byron
What notion was diproved by US astronaut Alan Bean in 1969?
That the Great Wall of China was the only visible man-made object
from the moon
In The Book of Daniel a king is mentioned who made an image of gold
and procalimed that who ever did not worship it would be thrown into
a furnace. Who is the king?
This person recently was the chief guest at a fundraiseer for a
 planned B 29 memorial plaza a the municipal airport in Great Bent,
 Kansas. In his speech, he said, "The bomb was the biggest thing in
the world to save lives." Now eighty he lives the life of recluse. Who?
Robert Oppenheimer
If 'Buster' belonged to the Five-Find-Outers, who was the dog in the Secret Seven
Who disguised himself as an insurance agent to hoodwink the British during the Indian
independence movement?
Subhash Chandra Bose
Who in the Bible symbolises lying?
Which fictional character was described by his creator as "The normal boy"?
Tom Sawyer
The description of which country's flag is : "Green, white, red (vertical). In the center is
the nation's coat of
arms, showing a brown eagle perched on a green prickly pear with a green snake
entwined in its beak, all
surrounded by a wreath of oak and laurel (green leaves and red berries)?
Whom did King George III call "the most dangerous man in America"?
Benjamin Franklin
Delightful short stories about small towns and villages , the adolescent experience , and
the hills with which the
author has been in love with all his life only inadequately express the distinction of the
author. His "Room on
the Roof", written at age 17 won a prestigious British Literary award . Which is his other
book ?
 The Night Train of Deoli and other stories
This place gets it's name from the Arabic word for 'dust'?
Africa - Arabic for 'dust' is 'afar'
Who said of Everest that he liked to climb it because it was there?
 Eric Shipton
What is the US name for the Zebucattle derived from the Indian breed BOSINDICUS and
used for crossing with beef
breeds to produce a type able to stand the humid climate of the gulf states?
In 1908, Sir Alexander decided to incorporate the portrait of his grandfather in the firms
of advertising. Tom
Brown a commercial artist was commisioned to draw the portrait, as the person would
have looked in 1820. What
 Johnny Walker logo
Who is the only woman to have been mentioned in the cricket magazine Wisden?
Martha Grace - W.G.Grace's mother - she appeared in the births and seaths column of

Minutes before his death, he had his will testified in which he said, "My ashes may be
sunk in the holy Sindhu
river, when she will flow again freeely under the aegis of the flag of a unified Hindustan.
It hardly matters if
it takes a couple of generations for realising my wish. Preserve the ashes till then." Who?
Nathuram Godse
What is common to Dennis Amiss, Desmond Haynes and Andy Flower?
The only three players to have scored a century on debut in one day internationals

He signed a contract for scripting films with Mohan Bhawnan's of Ajanta Cinetone . He
didn't like the film
industry and decide to pack up after a year . Himamshu Rai who had just come back
fromm London approached him with
a lucrative offer which was politely refused by him. Who?
He considered her a pinnacle of female beauty and was smitten by her braveness . In
1987 he sent emissaries with a
proposal of marriage , when refused , he made the proposal public through the local
newspapers . But still his
feelings were not reciprocated . Identify both people .
Veerappan and Phoolan Devi

" Burned by the common hangman " is a phrase used often proscribed books . Which
was the first such recorded
burning in England ?
1554 , The Historie of Italie
This son of a trapeze artist failed to qualify for a bus conductor's job because he was too
tall and in 1965 he
decided to join Standard Chartered bank because he wanted to travel abroad. Who?
John Major
This woman was the first woman member of the Statistical Society. She designed
prefabricated bridges with Isambard
Kingdom Brunel. Also the subject of H.W.Longfellow's poem "Santa Philomena". Who?
Florence Nightingale
How was Draupadi married to the Pandavas?
In descending order of seniority on five consecutive days - They were married by their
family priest Dhaumya

What according to its creator, passed through the enormous body of Mr.Mckenzie, the
Lt.Governor of Bengal, passed
through two close apartments and got into another room to create great confusion there,
throwing away an iron
ball, firing a pistol and blowing up a heap of gunpowder?
The first synthesised Electro-Magnetic wave - JC Bose's innovation, E-M wave
Name the daghter of the apsara Menaka and the Gandharva Vishvavasu who died of
snakebite but revived hen her
fiance Ruru gave up half his lifespan for her?
' Any man's death diminishes me , because I am involved in mankind , and therefore
never send to know for whom the
bell tolls , it tolls for thee .' Who is he author of this epigraph to Hemingway's famous
novel For Whom The Bell
Tolls ?
John Donne

An English painter , he distinguished himself by his depiction of high and low social life of
his times . Fielding
and Smollet were influenced by him , while Dickens acknowledged his debt to this
painter for his depiction of low
life . Who is the painter ?
William Hogarth
G.B.Shaw edited this person's book during which he got so irritated that he wrote to the
author "Confound you and
your book, you are no more fit to be trusted with a pen than a achild with a torpedo. You
have no rules and you
sometimes throw colons around with an unhinged mind...." Who?
T.E.Lawrence - For the book "Seven Pillars of Wisdom", the author is better known as
Lawrence of Arabia
David Ogilvy was firmly convinced that celebrity advertising was a big mistake. This was
after he burnt his
fingers once by advising a client to pay a certain celebrity $35000 to endorse his
product, which subsequently
never took off. Who was the celebrity?
Eleanor Roosevelt
"Her's is a bed case, Mine is verse. Her's is a bad case, Mine is worse" Who on whom?
Salman Rushdie on Pamela Bordes - Referring to the Fatwa against him
What did Fidel Castro claim to have learnt from Ernest Hemingway's book "For Whom
the Bell Tolls"?
Guerilla Warfare
He was the famed Murphy baby of the 60's murphy radio ad. Dalai Lama idenified him as
the reincarnation of
KagyrerLama. He spent 20 years of his life studying Buddhism and renounced it 6 years
ago. Who did he marry?
Bacchus told him , " Go to the river Pactolus , trace the stream to it's fountainhead ,
there plunge your head and
body in and wash away your fault and it's punishment ." . He did so and scarcely had he
touched the waters before
the gold creating power passed into them , and the river sands changed into gold . Who
wanted to be divested of
his power ?
The poet himself told us that he was of a grave cast and did not much excel in sallies of
humours. One of his bon
mots , however has been preserved . He does not seem to have lived on very amicable
terms with his wife , Lady
Elizabeth , whom ,if we may believe the lampoons of the time , he was compelled by one
of her brothers to marry .
Thinking herself neglected by the bard , and that he spent too much time in the study ,
she one day exclaimed , "
Lord , how can you always be poring over those musty books ? I wish I were a book ,
and then I should have more of
your company ." "Pray , my dear , if you do become a book , let it be an almanac , for
then I shall change you
every year ."
John Dryden
The Devil's Dictionary defines a bore as " a person who talks to you when you wish him
to listen " and patience as
" a minor form of despair , disguised as a virtue " . Peace in international affairs is " a
period of cheating
between two periods of fighting ." .Who wrote this dictionary ?
Ambrose Bierce
What were the conditions when Arjuna wanted to marry Chitravahana,laid down by her
Chitravahana and her son must stay in Manipura - Aruna was in excile when he first saw
From which King did Nala learn to play dice to enable him to defeat his brother and win
back his kingdom?
He is supposed to have written the king James version of the Bible. He was 46 yrs old
then . The proof of it
according to modern research is that his name is the 46th word of psalm 46 and also the
46th word from the end of
the end of the 46th psalm. Who?
William Shakespeare - The words are 'shake' and 'spear' respectively
From his earliest infancy he was remarkable for his great fondness for reading , so that
when any of his family
went to distant markets or fairs , he constantly importuned them to bring presents of
books ; which , if they
returned home later than his usual hour of rest ,were always taken upto to bed to him ;
and sometimes when they
had been forgotten , his mother had no means of alluring him to sleep but by wrapping a
piece of wood in paper
like a book , which he would then hug to his pillow till morning when he would discover
his deception . Who ?
William Shenstone
What is being published here in Prosper Alpinas , a Latin book published in 1580 :
“Altero Modo .... ipsam in
parva frustra dissectum et verucillis ferreis accuum modo infixam , super crates ferreas
igne suppsito positam
tarrefacicent quam succo linonum asperum avide esitant."
The method of making kababs
Martin Pinzon, ship mate of Columbus and captain of "Pinta" introduced something to
Europe that made him instantly

What gets its name from a rough calico cloth made in a district in Bombay in the 17th
He is considered China's greatest poet,he died when he was on a boat and tried to kiss
the reflection of the moon
and him?
Who worked as a copywriter in his initial days and is famous for the slogan he coined for
Teddy Talcum powder?
Adolf Hitler
Which king used to leave abnormally large helmets lying around in enemy camps in the
hope that the enemy would
think his army was made of giants?
Alexander the Great - !!!!!!!!!!
Who once shot a cigarrete from Kaiser Wilhelm's mouth?
Annie Oakley
He organised a ship full of political diplomats and journalists to Norway to try and avert
WW I . The name of the
ship was Oskar II . The mission was obviously a failure . He tried to rope in Edison to
join but the latter
refused . He even had a son named Edsel . Who ?
Henry Ford
R.F.Outcault's The Yellow Kid appeared in the New York World and was the first
newspaper Comic strip. Name the
newspaper baron who commisioned it.
William Randolph Hearst
It is known as "Tramlines" in tennis, what is called in Badminton?
What exactly does the term "Moonlight Flitting" mean"?
To vacate a house at night in order to avoid rent
Which Indian newspaper claims on its masthead along with the price "One paise goes to
charity for every issue
The Afternoon Despatch and Courier
Don Juan , the proverbial heartless seducer , has been celebrated by poets , dramatists
and musicians like Byron ,
Browning , Pushkin , Shaw and Mozart among others . Don Juan , however had a much
injured wife . What is her name
Budhi Kunderan was a unique cricketer. He made his test debut before his first class
debut.He justified his
selection , however, by scoring a double century on his Ranji debut when he did make it.
Apart from these he
enjoys a very peculiar achievement. What?
Only wicket keeper to open batting and bowling
Sindonology is the study of which extremely specialised field?
The Shroud of Turin
This person lectured at Oxford and Sorbonne and read upto 3 books a day for most of
his adult life and wrote more
than 18 million words . He is credited with having coined phrases like " clean as a
hound's tooth " , " the right
stuff " , and " the lunatic fringe " . Who are we talking about ?
Franklin Roosevelt
Which book was written in the second half of the 19th century, mostly in the library of
the British musuem in
London, which practically served as the home of its exiled author?
Das Capital

Who when asked why he did what he is famous for said "To betray, you must first
belong. I never belonged"?
Kim Philby - The double-agent for Britain and Russia
What was started by Subramanya Aiyer and the Triplicane Six with a rupee and six
The Hindu
The head of the Indian operations of an American multinational cut a sucesful album
with Sony and later and went
on to score the music of a Telegu film "Primante Idera"
Ramana Gogula of Sybase - The movie star Venkatesh and Preity Zinta
Among the earliest feminist literature was- A Vindication Of The Rights Of The Woman ,
whose author was called by
someone , " a hyena in petticoats " ?
Mary Wollstonecraft - Mary Shelley's mother
He was the instructor of Hercules in music but having one day reproved of his pupil
rather harshly , he roused the
anger of Hercules , who struck him with his lyre and killed him . Identify him .
This book was rejected by two editors. The first died of heart attack within a month, the
second hanged homself
from a tree wearing only a bra and panties. The third editor T.S. Eliot passed the book
and went on to win the
Nobel prize.Which book?
'The White Goddess' by Robert Graves
Annapurna Tharkad enjoyed a unique teacher - student relationship with Tagore. What
did she teach him ?
English ettiquette
During World War 2 it was thought to "do anything but talk" .After WW2 it became a
progenitor of the sport utility
vehicles favoured by urbanites.Which company marketed these vehicles?
What was popularised by Scotsman John Reid and his Apple Tree Gang in 1888 in
America ?
Before setting off to fight th suicide squad of the samsaptakasat Kurukshetr whom did
Arjuna appoint as the
special protecor of Yudhishthira?
Athena Noctua is the scientific name for which animal?
What is common to the following books? Satanic Verses, Show Business, Starry Nights?
The leading characters are based on Amitabh Bachhan
Warner Communications and American Express paid the Manhatan design company
$1000 to design what logo?
One of the names by which this European city was known has become a synonym for
intrigue and manipulation. Name
the city as it known today.
Istanbul - The word is byzantine from the earlier name Byzantium
Which is the official advertising agency of the government of India?
DAVP - Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity
If the doors of perception were cleansed ,everything would appear to
 man as it is , infinite " . Who wrote this ?
William Blake - It was from this quote that Aldous Huxley got the
title for his ground breaking work , the doors of perception ... and
 from here Jim Morrison got the name for his band , the Doors
What is common to the following sportsmen-Ille Nastaste,Jimmy White,
Denis Compton ?
All have won National Title of India
What is Latin for "the good thing"?
The Northstar Quiz today seems to be as synonymous with Derek O'Brien
 as the Bournvita Quiz Contest .Who was the first quizmaster of the
 All India Northstar Quiz competition?
Sadan Banerji
Which rishi cursed Pandu to a life without children?
From who did Krishna finally recover the Shyamantaka gem?
He scripted, directed and acted as Valmiki in the much acclaimed
 play by the same name. For some time he used the pseudonym Bhanu
 Sinha. Who are we talking about?
Rabindranath Tagore
He began his career in advertising and was the designer of the ads
for Teddy Talcum Powder. The adline went "10,000 steps, a pleasure
with Teddy Talcum Powder". Who?
Adolf Hitler
From his earliest infancy he was remarkable for his great fondness
for reading , so that when any of his family went to distant markets
or fairs , he constantly importuned them to bring presents of books ;
which , if they returned home later than his usual hour of rest ,were
 always taken upto to bed to him ; and sometimes when they had been
 forgotten , his mother had no means of alluring him to sleep but
 by wrapping a piece of wood in paper like a book , which he would
then hug to his pillow till morning when he would discover his
deception . Who ?
William Shenstone
Going into the 1983 World Cup who was the person in the team who was considered as
the best Indian One Day
 Sandeep Patil
Who was the only person who could empty the divine food vessel of Yudhishthira?
R.K. Narayan's "Swami and Friends" was called what initially?
Swami the Tate
James Douglas, Earl of Morton and husband of the Queen of Scots was convicted for
murder of Lord Darnley but he
left behind a famous invention. What?
The Iron Maiden - The Iron Maiden was a coffin shaped box with an iron spiked door
which would be closed on the
victin placed in the enclosure
In 17th century France , a group of students in a cafe would raise their glasses and cry "
let us drink" and
proceed to sing songs. These songs generally consisted of ribald jokes at someone's
expense. An English word
derived from the French for "let us drink" has come to denote ridicule. What word?
 Lampoon - From French Lampon
It was decided that if Capt.Hawkins defeated Emperor Jehangir in this bet, he would get
rights to establish
trading posts in Surat and Ahmedabad. What?
Drinking contest
This person edited a magazine called ‘Sama Samayik’ which had a short life of two
issues. The first consisted of
an article by ‘Akela’ - a pseudonym of the editor himself. He inspired Satyajit Ray’s love
for western music. Name
Nirad C. Chaudry
In Elizabethan times a man usually knotted a napkin around his neck. This was a
struggle since he was wearing a
ruff. What phrase originated from this problem?
To make two ends meet
She was born in 1861, the same year as Motilal Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore. She
separated from her husband
because he did not support her joining politics. A tireless crusader, she was on of the
first Indian women
journalists and addressed the seventh Intenational Socialist Congress in Sttutgart. Who
are we discussing?
Madam Bhikaji Cama
Guisseppi Garibaldi adopted the Red Shirt from South Africa where the butchers wore it.
What inspired him to adopt
To hide blood stains
In the Vedas there are references to "Pathagahapueka" or 'one without a loin cloth'. Who
are what are the
references to?
The life of Peter Kuerten, the killer inspired which thriller of the 1930's?
M - Fritz Lang was the director,starred Peter Lorre ,said to be his ticket to Hollywood
Which religious observance did the English parliament ban in 1647 on the insistence of
the Puritans?
The Secret diary of Adrian Mole , aged 13 and three fourths published in 1982 , took
childrens literature by storm
. Who wrote it ?
Sue Townshend
At the nuptials of Peleus and Thetis , all Gods were invited except one . Enraged at her
exclusion she threw a
golden apple among the guests with the inscription "For the fairest", causing a
competition between Juno, Minerva
and Venus. Who was the goddess who was not invited?
A famous German author recceived the following letter from his publisher :"Dear Herr
Doktor ,you are already 18
months behind time with the manuscript of ________ which you have agreed to write
for us .If we do not receive the
mauscript within six months , we shall be obliged to commision another author to do the
work . " . Which
manuscript could it be
Karl Marx : Das Kapital
Who made his acting debut in a Bollywood movie called Umang?
Subash Ghai - He had a bit role in that film ,his acting career didn't take-off..He then
switched to
Hitchcockesque cameos.
What term was coined in the early 40’s by the Indian sociologist M.N.Srinivasan to
describe the on going process
of certain classes giving themselves a higher ritual status by borrowing the customs,
manners and taboos of
traditionally superior classes?
In feudal times peasants were not allowed to climb trees or cut branches for firewood by
the landlords. They could
use only branches lying on the ground or those that they could pull down. How do we
remember this practise?
By hook or by crook - Depending on the methods used by them to obtain wood
Nmae the art work Italian origin used in marblework of the Taj
pietra dura
From who did Krishna finally recover the Shyamantaka gem?
Whose autobiography was titled "The name above the title"
Frank Capra
1. Who taught Bhima and Duryodhana the use of the mace? Balarama
2. Who was Prime Minister when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated? Chandrasekhar
3. In which fictional work would you come across the lion, scarecrow and tin man? The
Wizard of Oz
4. Of what nationality is the author Salman Rushdie? British
5. What is the principal ingredient of raita? Dahi/ yoghurt
6. Find the odd one out: Pascal, Newton, Basic, Cobol and ALGOL? Newton
7. Who lit Indira Gandhi's pyre? Rajiv Gandhi
8. In computer jargon, what does GIGO mean? Garbage In, Garbage Out
9. In what way are the films 'Alam Ara' and Jazz Singer' the first? They were the first
talkies in English and
10. Which continent would you visit to see a Masai warrior? Africa
1. In which of his adventures does Tintin learn the language of the Elephants? Cigars of
the Pharoah
2. Name the series of albums which are Lata Mangeshkar's tribute to the music greats
3. In India, which seafood is considered 'Pink Gold'? Shrimps (prawns)
4. Which comic character has a personal valet named Alfred? Batman
5. Whose portrait appears on an Indian 500 Rupee currency note? Mahatma Gandhi
6. How did Alice enter Wonderland? Through a rabbit hole
7. Which vitamin is nicknamed 'the sunshine vitamin'? Vitamin D
8. Which city is often referred to as India's 'Silicon Valley'? Bangalore
9. After the break-up of the USSR, which is currently the world's largest country?
10. What takes 8 minutes to reach the Earth from the Sun? Light

1. Which Indian businessman is the grandson of the Father of Pakistan?

Nusli Wadia
2. Which Indian born actress and author was instrumental in bringing together the team
of Ismail Merchant and
James Ivory?

Madhur Jaffrey
3. When Charles Dickens visited America for the second time he was invited to a
banquet. At the banquet he sat
next to a banker and his wife. Now the banker's wife addressed her husband with a
particular term of endearment
which sent Dickens into rolls of laughter ,so much so that he went under the table
laughing and only his two feet
could be seen shaking vigorously above the table. Can u guess what the word was?

4. In biblical history God made woman from the _______?
Spare rib of man
5. In the Mahabharata which character was given the name "DEVAVRATA" at birth?
6. In Bollywood which famous screen personality was/is known as "Hari Bhai"?
Sanjeev Kumar
7. What is the literal meaning of the phrase "Papier Mache"?
Chewed Paper
8. Which dynamic Korean corporate legend founded "DAEWOO"?
Kim Woo Chung
9. Named after its founder in 1891, it started off as a company manufacturing light
bulbs. Now it is one of the
biggest corporate entities in the world. Can you name this "ELECTRONICS BEHEMOTH"?
10. When Neil Armstrong took the proverbial "small step for a man" he was wearing this
famous brand. Big bad Bill
Clinton swears by it and it is the Mercedes Benz of Mens' "underworld". Can you guess
what we are talking about?
Jockey Underwear
One of the leaders of the French romantic movement ,he wrote Le genie du
Christianme.His political career was one
of many vicissitudes,culminating in his appointment as ambassador to Great Britian.what
did he lend his name to?
 A steak - Vincomte Francois Rene De Chateaubriand lent his name to the Chateaubriand
steak-a grilled steak cut
from the thick end of the fillet
To whom did an ear specialist by name Dr Harvey prescribe a diet to?
William Banting - An undertaker by profession he dieted to the extent of lending his
name to a noncarbohydrate
He was the son of a Sicilian nobleman.As a child he was martyred by his
nurse,Crescentia and his tutor,Modestus,at
the time of the persecution of the the Christians by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. What
was his name?
St.Vitus - The nervous condition of St.Vitus ' dance is named after him
This man was outstandingly gifted both as a scholar and an athelete ,he travelled widely
and was considered one of
the world's greatest philosophers.An excellent swordsman he was a master of twelve
languages.He was killed in a
brawl in Mantua .who?
James Crichton - The Admirable Crichton-He was immortalized by Sir Thomas Urquhart
and inspired the play by the
same name by Sir James Barrie.
A Scottish prodigy he became eponymous with a person who excels in various arts
He was a French physician and botanist who gave his name to the genus of flowering
trees and shrubs.He was a
professor of Botany at Montpellier and a favourite of Linnaeus who made him
Pierre Magnol - The Magnolia is named after him

Which term did Baron Richard von Kraft-Ebing, a neurologist introduce to English?
Masochism - after the novels of Sacher-Masoch
Who was the French Minister of Finance for 8 months in !759.He introduced a set of
reforms which angered the
Etienne de Silhoutte - He had a collection of cutouts showing his profile in his
chateau,which gave us the word
During his second term he resorted to the device of rearranging the electoral boundaries
in favour of his own
party.This was by no means a new practise nor was it illegal:but on this occasion it
caught the observant eye of
the painter Gilbert Charles Stuart,who was amused to notice that the outline of the
district Massachusetts
resembled a n amphibian.He pointed this novelty to newspaper and a new word ensured
this person a place in the
dictionary. Who?
Elbridge Gerry - The word Gerrymandering came into being
Apollo was passionately fond of a youth . One day when they played a game of quoits
together , Apollo heaving
aloft the discus , sent it high and far . The youth ran to seize it , when the quoit bounded
from the earth and
killed him . Apollo was miserable and said " Thou shalt become a flower inscribed with
my regrets ." . Who is the
youth ?
In the Gaulish village of Asterix comics, who is the milkman?
What was Kunti's original name?
In the Japanese animated version of the Ramayana being dubbed into Hindi who does
Ravana's voice over?
Amrish Puri
It was 92.5% till 1919, 50 till 1946 and 0 hence after, What?
Percentage of silver in British coins
Mary, Queen of Scots used to eat only a particular dish of Oranges when she was ill. By
what name is it known to
us today?
Marmalade - It was initially known as Mary's malady and then evolved to marmalade
Which is the only country not to have fire brigades ?
Bolivia - Bolivia is so high that the air there is very thin and the amount of oxygen is not
enough for supporting
combustion .
According to legend , a maiden was sent in good faith by Jupiter to bless man ; that she
was furnished with a box
containing her marriage presents , into which every god had put some blessing . She
opened the box incautiously
and the blessings all escaped , except hope . Who is the maiden
What was the name of the ship aboard which Edinburgh medical faculty Sir Charles
Wyville Johnson sailed to collect
zoological specimen?
Richmond Town is an area in the Staten Island part of New York City. The first white
settlement in modern day
Richmond Town dates back to 1690. In 1939, the Staten island Historical society began
a project called the
Richmondtown Restoration. It included restoration of old buildings from 1600s to 1800s.
Why is this project so
Here is where people still live as they did in the 1700s.
Why do Mercedes Benz have the three pointed star as their logo?
They manufacture vehicles that move on air, water and land
Which region greatly popularised in Indian fiction by an Anglo Indian gets its name from
one of the avatars of
 Kumoan - Kumoan from the Kurmanchal avatar
The Jim Corbett stories
Who won the Defence Department Public Service award , which is the top civilian medal
that can be awarded by the
military at a ceremony in the Pentagon
Steven Spielberg
"Some day they will go down together, And they will bury them side by side. To a few it
means grief, To the law
its relief, But it's death to _______ and ________" Fill in the blanks
Bonnie and Clyde - This verse was incidentally written by Bonnie Parker
What would you get out of a flapjack?
Face-powder - It's a VanityCase
A century ago, doctors removed the uvula as a cure for which common problem?
"Duae tabulae rasae inquibus mihil scriptun est" meaning . Two blank tablets on which
nothing is written. This was
the motto created by Al Kilgore for what?
Sons of the desert. - They are the officiasl fan club for Laurel and Hardy
In 1797 , John Hutherington exhibited his invention on the streets of London. Women
fainted , dogs barked and
crowds gathered. What did he invent?
 Top hat
Asterix in Belgium opens with a take-off on a painting called "The Peasant Wedding".
Who is the original painter?
Peter Bruguel The Elder
Who before slitting his own throat uttered "Oh! What a fine artist this world is losing?" ?
Emperor Nero
The first wholly Indian made commercial was for Dalda Vanaspati made in 1952. Who
sang the ad jingle?
Talat Mehmood
What was the secret code adopted by Nakula in case of emergency?
Jayatsena - This was in the court of Virata
The British Grand Prix is held at Silverstone every year. Donington Park has seen F1
races in the past. For which
track is Nicola Foulston challenging Silverstone's right to hold the British Grand Prix in
the future ?
Brands Hatch
This company has an out and out racing pedigree. This company's team was the first to
introduce "ground effects"
to F1. Every body followed thereafter. The Caterham Super Seven and the Indian Kari 65
sports cars are both
derived from this company's first offering in 1957.
Alain Prost was a World Champion driver. His nickname is "The Professor" He is still
involved in F1 with his own
team. Which team did he take over and to form the "Prost" team ?
He joked that he was going to have 4 wives- one to shine his shoes , one to feed him
grapes , one to rub oil on
his muscles and one named peaches .. Who is this essential male chauvinist ?
Muhammad Ali
Whose autobiography was entitled "Steps in Time"?
Fred Astaire
The Japanese "Suroban" is divided into two parts - the upper region (Heaven)and the
lower region (Hell). What is
the Suroban?
The abacus
In greek mythology a work called Theogony ranks among the most important ,
describing the origin of the Gods and
their history. According to this work the universe grew out of emptiness, from which
Gaea arose and propagated the
gods. What was the name given to the state of emptiness from which everything arose?
Which king, with the help of rishi Durvasa, conducted a monumental yagya to make Agni
lose his brilliance, which
he could regain only after burning the Khandwa forest later (with the help of Krishna and
The questions you got wrong:
What started originally as "Bull Tales" and was later renamed after it's principal
A jolly , honest , plain dealing , hot tempered farmer . Today he is pictured as wearing a
'tile hat' and a
swallow tailed coat. His trousers are tucked into his riding boots and the British Flag
sometimes appears on his
waistcoat . Who is this man ?
John Bull
Fagin was a well known character from Oliver Twist.He was an old Jew who made his
money by training a host of 12-
13 year olds to pick pockets and cashing in on the booty. Dilip Singh once described
Queen Victoria as Lady Fagin.
For having taken the Kohinoor - He believed that the Kohinoor belonged to him
What did Hercule Poirot wish to do after retirement?
Grow vegetable marrows
He was a youth of Abydos . On the opposite shore lived a maiden , a priestess of Venus .
He loved her and used to
swim the strait every night to be with her , guided by a torch which she reared upon the
temple for the purpose .
One night a tempest arose and the sea was rough , his strength failed and he was
drowned . The waves bore his body
to the shore . When his beloved saw this , in despair , she cast herself down from the
tower into the sea and
perished . Who was the pair ?
Cupid and Psyche

What is the modern term for a miscellaneous collection of formulae and incantations
found inscribed on the Papyri,
which the ancient Egyptians buried along with their dead?
  Book of the Dead
What do Pandemonium Scareways, Try Walking Airways, Queer and Nice Types of
Stewards, Can''t Promise Anything,
Sweet and Sexy have in common?
  Airline nicknames in the USA
How do we refer to an overlay of background noise,intended to have no specific
character of it''s own, but to
drown out a selection of otherwise irritating sounds?

Acoustic Perfume
What comes from the Greek word meaning "tear the flesh"?

Once, anxious to get rid of a few kittens, she put them on a shovel, carried them to the
cellar, and dropped them
into the nearest jar, later discovered to be the pickle jar. Yet, she was in the habit of
lowering from her
window, by a string, small fruit baskets for children. Who?

Emily Dickinson
What is a nuclear weapon that fails to explode on target called?

 Absolute Dud
What style in architecture is named after the French word derived from the Portugese
name for an irregularly
shaped pearl?

The Arabic words, " ilm al - jebr wa''l - muq - abalah" literally mean, " reuniting what is
broken", and were
originally applied to bone-setting, even as late as the 17th century. The Italians took
them and formed something.

Which is the official advertising agency of the government of India?

Who bought the science of Archaeology to the public eye in the 19th century by
announcing the much publicised
discovery of the ruins of Troy. (He had actually unearthed a much earlier city)?

 Heinrich Schielmann
I want to have the keys of my house so that I can open closed doors. What is the next
famous line?

 Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it.
The Newgate Calendar, published in many editions, but the first such in 1773, recorded
notorious crimes from 1700
up to date. Can you identify from the following list a novel which was indebted to it?

 Dickens's Oliver Twist
John Lamb , brother of Charles Lamb , once knocked down this person who was
impertinent to him ; and to those who
were present, interfering and begging the latter to shake hands and forgive Lamb, he
said, 'Well, I don't care if
I do. I am a metaphysician, and do not mind a blow; nothing but an idea hurts me.'
Whom are we talking about ?

 William Hazlitt
This shock rocker's father was a priest. He had his pet boa constrictor bitten and killed
by a rat. He came out
with his first album Pretties For You, followed by a total of 22 albums including Brutal
Planet which is to come
out in March '00. And I heard that one of his albums was sold with an article of ladies'
underwear and needless to
say there was a boom in sales.

Alice Cooper
Which is the most common tune to which national anthems are sung?

 'The Marseillaise'
Who was the princess of Kosala whom Krishna won as a bride after taming seven bulls
as stipulated by his father?

In the James Bond series which villian is portrayed as being very deaf?

Her real name was Shirley Schrift. The secretary in the office of the Group Theatre in
New York helped her coin
her screen name (first name = her favorite poet, last name = her Mother's maiden
name). She once enrolled for
swimming classes to become a lifesaver and was coached by Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan
himself. Who? She won Oscars
for The Diary of Anne Frank ('59) and A Patch of Blue ('65).

 Shelley Winters
This person lectured at Oxford and Sorbonne and read upto 3 books a day for most of
his adult life and wrote more
than 18 million words . He is credited with having coined phrases like clean as a hound's
tooth , the right stuff
, and the lunatic fringe . Who are we talking about ?

 Franklin Roosevelt
Expand RDX (used to describe explosives).

 Research Department Explosives
The Abhiras, a race described in the Mahabharat as Dasyus and Mlechhas were very
uncouth.They were Nomadic and
when they camped at one particular place and caused a lot of abhorrence, something
resulted. What?

 The Saraswati started flowing
Who disguised himself as an insurance agent to hoodwink the British during the Indian
independence movement?

Subhash Chandra Bose
During the sepoy mutiny, what was a Cawnpore Meal ?

 Beef or Pork
Which Tennis player was described as 'having the body of an animal and a name like a
skin disease'?

 Vitas Gerulaites
Created by Jim Davis. Owned by Jon Arbuckle. His unlucky day is Monday the 13th. His
designer scratching post is
Gucci made. Who?

Whose advice was, 'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may'?

 Robert Herrick
A Gun Company suffered huge losses after the Civil War.A person called Scholes revived

Conceived the idea of a typewriter
Who owned Pushpak-the flying chariot before Ravana stole it from him?

One of the first donations of Rockefeller was made to an Indian. Who?

 Swami Vivekanada
An Indian doctor and his accomplice were arrested for protest. Ahmed Khalnada, the
doctor, died in detention. Name
his accomplice.

Nelson Mandela.
He was one, and Vladimir the other of Samuel Beckett's two attendant tramps in his
seminal play.

This movie of the early eighties had its basic themes in Englishness and Christianity and
takes its name from a
William Blake poem. Just complete this poem. Bring me my bow of burning gold, bring
me my arrows of desire Bring
me my spear , oh, clouds untold Bring me my ------- ---- ------

 Chariots of Fear
Voltaire's major work was The Age of Louis XIV. However, he wrote two philosophical
tales, one of which was
Candide. Which is the other?

Which were the dates dropped by Pope Gregory in 1582 to correct the Julian calendar?

 5th to 14th October
A certain tribe in Africa is named Wabenzis. Who are they?

They own Benz cars.
Autobiographies of people who think their lives may have some lessons for others
abound in literature . Who wrote
: Only when one has lost all curiosity about the future has one reached the stage to
write an autobiography ?

 Evelyn Waugh
On a trip from Folly Bridge to Gostow , three of them were given the nickname of Prima,
Secunda and Tertia. They
also parodied as a Duck, a lorry, a dodo and an Eagle . Who was their companion on the
boat trip ?

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Who in the Bible symbolises wisdom?

What are Deschutes, Katmai, Klamath, McInley?

Codenames of Intel micoprocessors
He was the toreador of Carmen's affection in Bizet's opera.

Which editor left the front page of his newspaper blank on 16th August 1947 to protest
against the Partition of

 Nathuram Godse
On a visit to London he forgot his briefcase containing a work of his and the translation
in an underground
railway carriage. He contacted the railway authorities and recovered it the next day. The
work went on to win the
Nobel Prize. Who was the author?

 Rabindranath Tagore
Which athlete suffered third degree burns in a fire accident and consequently lost her
child due to premature
pregnancy , came back to win the gold medal in the World Championship?

 Ann Quirot
Madeleine Carroll and Deborah Kerr portrayed her in 1937 and 1952 film versions of The
Prisoner of Zenda.

Princess Flavia
What started originally as Bull Tales and was later renamed after it's principal character?

He scripted , directed and acted as Valmiki in the much acclaimed play of the same
name.For sometime he used the
pseudonym Bhanu Sinha.Who?

About which music group did the legendary Phil Spector remark The only difference
between a pornographic movie and
them is that the pornographic movie has better music?

Spice Girls
Who was the Secretary of War during the regime of Herbert Hoover, the US President?

Dwight Davis
Which product gets it's name from the Hindi for eating a lime?

A medical practitioner, his dilemma gives the title of a play by Bernard Shaw.

 Dr. Blenkinsop
Elephants pulling apart a ball is the logo used by Fevicol. Which company's logo shows
horses pulling apart jeans?

What is the name of the Inca sun God?

The description of which country's flag is : Green, white, red (vertical). In the center is
the nation's coat of
arms, showing a brown eagle perched on a green prickly pear with a green snake
entwined in its beak, all
surrounded by a wreath of oak and laurel (green leaves and red berries)?

What was the other name for Kurukshetra?

Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf which translates to 'My Struggle'. Who wrote a book
entitled Our Struggle many years

 Saddam Hussein
It is beyond the power of the tongue to describe it and is ruled by Abraham . Each
inhabitant is bigger than the
whole earth , and has 70000 months each month , 70000 tongues , and each tongue
speaks 70000 languages , all
forever employed in chanting the praises of the Almighty. What?

 The 7th heaven
He has been portrayed by Henry Fonda on film and Anthony Hopkins on television. He
loves Natasha Rostova.

 Pierre Bezukhov
Who co-founded a magazine called L'Espirit Nouveau with painter Amedee Osenfant and
propagated purism. Among the
books he wrote were The Radiant City, The House of Men and When Cathedrals Were

Le Corbusier
Which is the most tattooed product in the world?

 Harley Davidson bikes
G.B.Shaw edited this person's book during which he got so irritated that he wrote to the
author Confound you and
your book, you are no more fit to be trusted with a pen than a achild with a torpedo. You
have no rules and you
sometimes throw colons around with an unhinged mind.... Who?

Marty Gilkmann and Sam Stadler were replaced by Jesse Owens and Ralph Metcalfe
minutes before the 4x100 metres
relay. Why?

They were Jews
What is the significance of the date 11 Pausa, saka samvat 1921 in the Hindu calendar?

 1st Jan,2000
Which king, with the help of rishi Durvasa, conducted a monumental yagya to make Agni
lose his brilliance, which
he could regain only after burning the Khandwa forest later (with the help of Krishna and

Whose last words were, I shall hear in heaven?

Who is this person? B.Tech.,Chemical Engineering ,Osmania University; MBA- IIM
Ahmedabad; Member of the Rohinton
Baria award winning Osmania Univ. team; Biographer for Mohammed Azharuddin;
Worked for sometime at the Clarion ad
agency; researcher for Sunil Gavaskar presents on Doordarshan.Now a scribe in his own

 Harsha Bhogle
The first Indian made commercial was for Dalda's Vanaspathy, made in 1952. Who sang
the jingle?

 Talat Mehmood
In which novel does one of Anthony Burgess's characters say Bath twice a day to be
really clean , once a day to be
passably clean , once a week to avoid being a public menace ?

Inside Mr.Enderby
This euphemism was established during WW2. It has its origins in French for Mind the
water dating from the days
when utensils were emptied into the streets.

Who designed the house in Varnavata in which the Kauravas unsuccessfully tried to burn
alive the Pandavas?

Who is known as the Father of the American Constitution?

 James Madison
One of the famous poems describing the Trojan War was Homer's Iliad . The word Iliad
comes from the Greek Ilium .
What does Ilium mean ?


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