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Oct. 14   Family Picnic

Oct. 17   DC Dining at
          California Pizza
          Kitchen                 Art Docents at Deer Canyon deserve to take a step out of the art room and into
                                  the spotlight! Artsonia, the world’s largest online kid’s art museum, is recognizing
Oct. 21   Reflections Entries     many of our volunteers for outstanding leadership in the area of Arts Education at
          Due                     Deer Canyon.
Oct. 21   Siblings Without        The Artsonia Leadership Award honors art teachers who go beyond the class-
          Rivalry workshop 9:00   room walls to encourage family and community involvement in arts education. It is
          a.m. (Rm. 17)           an honor extended to teachers from only ten schools per state across the United
                                  States. The award also recognizes significant achievement in the area of technol-
Oct. 22 Foundation Gala 6:00      ogy integration within the school arts program. Participation in a program such as
        p.m. Miramar Officers’    Artsonia clearly shows a teacher’s initiative and dedication to not only the field of
        Club                      arts education, but to cultivating family involvement and enhancing the learning
                                  experience of the students.
Oct. 24-28 Red Ribbon Week
                                  While teachers in more than 100 countries showcase their student artwork on Art-
Oct. 28 Halloween Parade 9:10     sonia, those listed below have created a school community deserving recognition.
        a.m.                      During the 2010-2011 school year, our gallery showcased 1,955 pieces of artwork.
                                  This popular collection of art has been visited more than 45,251 times and has
Oct. 28 Red Ribbon Week           received 199 comments from friends and family.
                                  Many thanks to:
Nov. 1    Registration Deadline          Alyssa Navapanich
          for 4th Grade Trip to          Melissa Harris
          Sacramento                     Leesa Fallah
                                         Danielle Ritchie
                                         Gail Bigelow
                                         Angela Cesa
                                         Erin Chauvapun
                                         Adel Olahne-Szabo

                                  Headquartered in Gurnee, IL, Artsonia is an online kid’s art museum providing
                                  free educational resources for kids, families and schools. Founded in 2000, Artso-
                                  nia continues to integrate technology in the classroom, develop multi-cultural un-
                                  derstanding through art and increase family involvement in children’s education.
                                  To find our more, visit
 Echoes - Page 2                                                                           October 14, 2011

Registration for the 4th grade trip to Sacramento has been               Halloween is just around the corner,
extended until Tuesday, November 1st. Please see the flyer on the        which means it is nearly time for our
last page of the newsletter for more information on how to register or   Halloween Parade! While students are
contact Elise Bjork at with questions.             encouraged to wear/bring a costume
                                                                         for the costume parade on Friday,
                                                                         October 28th, children are NOT to
                                                                         bring pirate hooks, swords, fake
                                                                         guns, knives or anything else that
Deer Canyon PTA is proud to once again sponsor Red Ribbon Week.          resembles a weapon.
Starting Monday, October 24th students should wear red to
school to kick off Red Ribbon Week. They will have the opportunity       Also remember that we have very
to sign a "I pledge to be drug-free" poster located on the large white   young children on campus who would
board near the entrance of the school. Throughout the week, we will      be frightened by very scary and gory
have fun activities students can do to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.        costumes, so we ask that our students
On Friday, October 28th we will end the week with an assembly by         not wear bloody clothes or horror
the percussion group CREW. During this high-energy show, students        masks. In adherence with our dress
will be motivated and inspired to make healthy, drug-free choices.       code, bare midriffs and high heel
Keep an eye out in next week’s Echoes for more details.                  shoes are not allowed. We appreciate
                                                                         your support and look forward to see-
                                                                         ing you on the morning of Friday, Oc-
                                                                         tober 28th for our 9:10am parade.

  Join us on October 22, 2011 at the
  Miramar Officers' Club for a delightful                                The Deer Canyon Foundation Gala
  evening of good food, gaming and of                                    committee is looking for donations of
  course bidding. We have some fantastic                                 bottles of wine for a "Wine Ring
  items up for auction this year. Also, as in                            Toss" event at our Carnivale Gala
  the past, we will be drawing down for                                  and Auction on Oct. 22nd. This ring
  one lucky person to win an iPad2. We                                   toss is an adult version of the kid-
  are currently selling 100 number spaces                                          favorite soda ring toss at
  (1-100) for $20 each until all numbers                                           Family Fun Night. If you
  are taken. Numbers are being sold after                                          can spare a bottle of wine,
  school until 2:30 p.m. and at ESS from                                           any type, with a retail value
  3-6 p.m. Tickets for the gala are                                                of $10 or more, we would
  $45/person and can be purchased on-                                              love to have it. Wine
  line at                                                                          bottles will be accepted in or in                                               the Deer Canyon office until
  person at the Deer Canyon front office. Also look for the invita-                October 17th. For more
  tion in the mail by the end of this week. Contact Larisa Wilmert if              information contact Janet
  you have an item to donate or with questions at                                  Lim at Hope to see you there!                             
                                                                                   Thank you!!!!
 Echoes - Page 3                                                                                            October 14, 2011

                                                Just a reminder that the next DC Dining event will
Congratulations to 3rd grader                   be on Monday, October 17, at California Pizza
Sammy Hernandez! Sammy was                      Kitchen (CPK) on Carmel Mountain Road (11602
the lucky winner of the Drum                    Carmel Mountain Road). In addition to pizza, CPK's menu also includes
                     Machine Pad                pastas, salads, tacos, sandwiches, and more! The event will last all day
                     from our gift              and will apply to dine-in, take-out, or delivery (for a $10 charge) orders,
                     wrap                       including beverages. Remember that if we hit a certain level of sales,
                     fundraiser!                the class with the most sales will get a free pizza party! So write your
                     Sammy’s name               child's teacher's name on the back of the flyer that will come home
                     was randomly               (also available on the school Website if more are needed), bring it with
                     selected from              you to the restaurant for lunch or dinner, and CPK will donate 20% of
                     all the tickets            the proceeds to the Deer Canyon Foundation.
                     entered into the
                     gift wrap raffle

Thanks to all of you who signed up
new accounts and or renewed your
existing account! We are off to a
great start! For the months of June-
Sept we earned almost $800.00! It is            Don't forget, the deadline to register for a space at this year's
not to late to sign- up or renew.               Holiday Shopping Bazaar for the low price of just $25 is November
Please participate by going to                  1st. After November 1st, all spaces will be $35. We are filling up fast and choosing Deer                so don't delay! The Holiday Shopping Bazaar will be held on Friday,
Canyon Elementary Foundation as                 December 2nd. This is one of the most popular events of the year, so
one of your three organization                  it's a great chance to promote your business AND support Deer
options. This is a free way to support          Canyon!
Deer Canyon.
                                               You may pick up a registration form in the school office, download one
Congratulations to the Stone                   from the Deer Canyon website, or send an email to
Family! They are the lucky winners    to request one. Return your completed registration
of the iPod touch.                             form to the school office with your check payable to Deer Canyon PTA.
The following teachers won $200 in              Please contact Danielle Ritchie with any questions regarding this event
the eScrip Challenge to spend in                at
their classrooms:

K-3: Mrs. Abadi
4-5: Mrs. Richards
Special Education: Mrs. Hudson

                 ECHOES - The Weekly PTA Newsletter for Deer Canyon ~ Palomar Council, Ninth District, Inc. CCPTS
                 13455 Russet Leaf Lane San Diego, CA 92129 ~ ~ Office: 484-6064 ~ Attendance: 484-4876
                Terry Worthington, Principal: Erin Mitchell, PTA President:
                Joan Schwenker, Echoes Editor:    Janet Lim, Foundation President:

Ever w o n d e r h o w t o crea te harm o n y
b e t w een yo u r chil d re n?

     Siblings Without Rivalry
             f r o m t h e bes t-sellin g aut h o rs o f
            Ho w To Talk So Kids Will Lis te n and
                     Liste n So Kids Will Talk

Laurie Wo n g, ou r d y na m ic p resen t e r o f “Ac tive
Paren t i n g o f Tee ns” is back t o h elp us crea te
ha r m o n y be t w e e n o u r ch il d re n! Please jo i n us fo r a
fa n tas tic 90 mi n u t e w o r ksh o p h e re a t Dee r Cany o n.

                    Friday, Oc t o b e r 2 1s t
                      f r o m 9 -10:30 a. m.
                            in Room 1 7
Please no t e:
Þ Please see nex t page f o r re gis t r a ti o n f o r m. The
   cos t is $10/in divid ual and $20/cou ple. Checks
   shoul d b e ma d e t o PUSD. Sorry, no re f u n ds.

Þ   Siblin gs Wi t h o u t Rivalry by Adele Faber an d Elain e
    Mazlish w ill be available f o r p u rchase each
    eve ni n g f o r $15.

     Call t he Carin g Co n n ec tio ns Cent e r f o r m o r e
               in f o r mat i o n a t: 858-668-4084

      Siblings Without Rivalry
   Please co m p le te t h e regis t ra tio n f o r m belo w an d mail alo n g w i t h y o u r
check t o:
                            Po way Uni fie d Sch o ol Dis t r ic t
                              Stu de n t Sup p o r t Services
                         ATTN: Carin g Con nec tio ns Cen te r
                          13626 Twi n Peaks Road Bld g. 300
                                    Po way, CA 92064
Please n o t e :
Þ Checks shoul d be ma d e t o PUSD. Sorry, n o ref u n ds.
Please sign m e up f o r t h e Siblings Wi t hout Rivalr y w o r kshop:

Na me: ____________________________________________________________________

Ad d r ess/City/Zip: _________________________________________________________

Pho ne(s): Ho m e: ____________________ Work/cell: __________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________
A m o u n t e n close d: $20/Cou ple $10/In divi d ual Plus $15/Boo k To t al: ______

                                    Sorr y, no r e f u n ds.

Scho ol(s) you r chil d r e n a t t e n d: __________________________________

Ho w di d yo u hear ab o u t us?
à Frien d/rela t ive
à Flyer a t scho ol
à Connec t Ed e mail/voice mail
à Ne wspape r
                      Don’t be left out!
Join us on our Annual 4th Grade Sacramento Trip
               Trip Date: April 28, 2012
                       NOVEMBER 1, 2011

                        How to Register
            Mail in the bottom part of your Registration Letter or
                           Call 1-800-468-5899 or
                 Register Online at
     You will need to reference our Trip ID #70099 when registering

                   For More Information Contact:
                             Elise Bjork
                         Parent Organizer
             858-901-4555 or

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