CEO Sample Job Description by lelettoa


									CEO Sample Job Description:

The CEO will report to the President and Board of the NGB and will work with the
Board, staff and key volunteers on a day to day basis.

The CEO is responsible for the operational management of the Association. This includes
   - Management and leadership of all staff
   - Establishment and delivery of annual operating plans in line with implementation
      of the strategic plan and policies of the Board and sub-committees.
   - Working with the Board in setting and efficiently managing budgets
   - Ensuring best practise is followed in all areas
   - Compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements

The CEO is also responsible for implementing the governance of the Association. This
    - Optimisation of the short and long-term financial position of the Association
    - Development of transparent processes and reporting mechanisms around all key
       operations of the Association

The ideal candidate should demonstrate competence and experience in the following
    - Managing vision and purpose
    - Leadership and interpersonal skills
    - Ability to develop and deliver commercial programmes
    - Knowledge of (insert relevant sport)
    - Familiarity with IT systems
    - Creation and management of budgets and operating plans in medium size
    - Interaction with senior management in commercial and state organisations

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