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									      Action for Family Carers

                                  Job Description

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Responsible to: The Board of Trustees, with the Chairman acting as Line Manager

Responsible for: All members of the management team and for all staff of the Centre.


To manage, develop and maintain the delivery of high quality services to all clients
known to Action for Family Carers.

To ensure that Action for Family Carers maintains and develops it’s leading role and
reputation as a provider for Carers.

To ensure that, Action for Family Carers, works in conjunction with the annual
business and financial plans.

Strategic development

To develop, in conjunction with the Chairman, for the committee’s approval, a
comprehensive business plan to meet the Centre’s objectives, and to provide an
effective framework of implementation.

To monitor the implementation of the plan, ensure that the resources are raised and
utilised to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency.

To be responsible for the negotiation of agreements with funding bodies and ensuring
all targets are met.

To be responsible for the development of services, ensuring the sustainability of the
Centre by investigating areas such as Social Enterprise.

Board and Governance

Ensure that the Committee is supported, informed and involved in the work, planning
and development of the Centre.

To provide or obtain expert advice upon which the Committee can make effective
decisions and fulfil their responsibilities towards the Centre.
Ensure that the Committee is aware of and kept up to date on its legal responsibilities
as an employer in conjunction with Peninsula

To attend Committee meetings and provide periodic reports on the progress of the
Centre and on all other matters relevant to the discharge of the Committee’s

To ensure that channels of communication are maintained between trustees, staff,
volunteers and clients.

To support the formulation of policy, bring proposals to the Committee and ensure the
implementation of the policies.

Staff Management and Human Resources

To research and report on the employment market to enable Action for Family Carers
to become an employer of choice.

To accurately complete all staff contracts for new staff and existing staff revisions.

To ensure that appropriately skilled and qualified staff are recruited to meet the
requirements of the business plan, with the use of Peninsula to undertake/supervise all
HR duties.

To work up proposals and job descriptions for new posts which may be necessary to
meet the requirements of the business plan.

To ensure that all members of staff receive induction, regular supervision, annual
appraisals and appropriate training to perform to the highest of their ability within
their role.

To ensure that staff are motivated and supported in meeting the Centre’s strategic and
operational objectives to the highest standards, including best value and continuous

Take responsibility for actions falling under the Disciplinary and Grievance
procedures, on behalf of the Management Committee.

To look to change/or report on ways of streamlining processes to become more cost
effective, such as telepay

Promotion and Development work with and for Carers

To develop and maintain effective external networks and or partnerships, with all
Voluntary and Statutory organisations, funding institutions and regulators that are
crucial to the work and business interest of the Centre, to ensure that staff at all levels
maintain good working relationships with such external bodies.
To promote and represent the caring ethos of the Centre both externally and
internally, speaking, advocating and writing on its behalf.

Contribute to high level external strategic planning around Carers’ issues

Advise and inform relevant bodies of the needs of Carers.

Represent Action for Family Carers in meetings, networking sessions and forums of
relevance to Carers.

To research examples of good practice from other parts of the country in order to
influence the delivery of services to local Carers.

To undertake research and keep abreast of developments in relation to community
care and related trends, in particular keep up to date on Government directives
concerning Carers and those they care for.


To participate in the annual budget preparation process as required

Work closely with the Treasurer and Administration and Operations support Manager

Report on and set up FCR for projects when required.

Seek out sources of funding and prepare grant applications on behalf of and in
consultation with the Management Committee.

Develop the budget and to take responsibility for costing new projects.

Develop a comprehensive system for financial reporting.


To ensure the responsibilities under the Health and safety at work act and other
relevant regulations are observed in conjunction with Peninsula.

Ensure PQASSO and other agreed quality standards are adhered to and advanced as
appropriate in line with the Business Plan.

Ensure timely completion of monitoring for all service level agreements.

To undertake all other appropriate tasks as directed by the Management Committee
and otherwise in furtherance of the objectives and responsibilities set out above.

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