; Points of Importance in ABOR CEO-President Job Description
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Points of Importance in ABOR CEO-President Job Description


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									                                Job Description
                         Austin Board of REALTORS®
SUMMARY: Serves as CEO/President of the Austin Board of REALTORS®;
accountable to the Board of Directors for the effective leadership and management of
ABoR within the parameters of the bylaws of the association and the policies established
by the Board of Directors. Develops, recommends and participates in formulation of the
ABoR vision, mission, goals, objectives, business plan, and related policies. Plans,
organizes, coordinates and directs the staff, programs and activities of ABoR.


   5 Leads and manages two additional entities, the for-profit Austin/Central Texas
     Realty Information Service (ACTRIS), and the 501(c)3, Austin Board of
     REALTORS® Foundation.

   5 Oversees preparation of ABoR budget, programs and approves budget
     modifications in compliance with Board of Directors directives.

   5 Manages the status of actual financials against the annual budget and reports to
     the Board of Directors.

   5 Develops and maintains programs which are responsive to the needs of the
     membership based upon the Strategic Plan. Develops and implements a plan for
     defining and prioritizing member expectations of, and satisfaction with, the
     association periodically. Informs the Board of Directors of these expectations as
     they relate to strategic planning considerations.

   5 Exercises final decision authority for the operations of the ABoR office and staff,
     which includes staffing, compensation (subject to total compensation budget
     approval), performance appraisals and personnel policies.

   5 Establishes administrative policies, procedures and organizational structure for
     ABoR and assures that appropriate talent is in place at all levels of the
     organization to accomplish the mission. This includes hiring, developing,
     promoting and, when necessary, terminating staff.

   5 Promotes teamwork as the theme of ABoR and encourages clear expectations,
     high morale, creativity, and accountability among staff and volunteers.

   5 Encourages and assists in developing and promoting members and staff to
     leadership positions at the state and national organizations as well as
     government/community appointments.
  5 Works with volunteer leadership to recruit, develop and nurture volunteer leaders.

  5 Develops an organizational culture that builds a strong partnership between staff
    and volunteers for the benefit of the membership.

  5 Designs and promotes strategies to enhance value provided to membership,
    resulting in membership growth.

  5 Maintains a strong working relationship with the Texas Association of
    REALTORS®, the National Association of REALTORS® and the Texas Real
    Estate Commission, and engages in self-development appropriate to
    understanding the industry, as well as leadership and management competencies.

  5 Develops and maintains a working relationship with elected officials from the

  5 Directs and supports advocacy for member interests in local and state legislative

  5 Maintains open and effective communications with elected leaders, committees
    and membership.

  5 Creates outreach to specific targeted real estate groups including but not limited to
    other local REALTOR® Associations.

  5 Assures compliance with all applicable laws and required governmental reporting.


  5 College degree plus 8 years experience, 3-5 of which are in a senior management
    position, preferably as CEO.

  5 Understanding/experience in the real estate industry and/or association
    management is a strong plus.

  5 Demonstrated competency in collaborating with a Board of Directors is desirable.

  5 Experience managing staff of 15 or more, and a budget of $5M+.

  5 Strong business background with organizational and financial management skills.

  5 Demonstrated communication skills interfacing with members, employees, Board
    of Directors, and the public.
5 Customer/member orientation and the ability to instill that priority in the culture
  of the organization.

5 Proven integrity as well as leadership, and team building competencies.

5 Willingness to travel occasionally, primarily to state and national industry

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