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									                              President/CEO Job Description
Reports To: The Board of Trustees
Employment Status: Full-time
Supervises: Artistic Director, Youth Programs Director, Box Office Manager and Technical Director

The Position
The President/CEO works with the Board of Trustees to implement a strategic vision in an executive
capacity that grows both the San Pedro Playhouse (SPP) and Youth Programs in the San Antonio
community and surrounding region. This role is responsible for the SPP’s consistent achievement of its
mission, business, and financial objectives, with primary responsibility for Fund Development through
corporate networking, maximizing audience development, student enrollments, fundraising, marketing,
and public relations.

Primary Responsibilities
Institutional Advancement and Community Relations
     Serves as a primary spokesperson to the community in clearly articulating the mission and
         positive impacts of the SPP.
     Advocates for and enhances visibility of the SPP within the community and coordinates public
         external communication strategies.
     Uses the Youth Programs to increase awareness of the SPP by corporations, granting sources,
         and the general public.
     Establishes in-depth marketing and public relations plans including electronic, print, radio,
         television, and promotional materials as needed.
     In close consultation with the Artistic Director, with the help of staff and Board of Trustees,
         represents the SPP at public events, conferences, workshops, and media events.
Strategic Planning and Governance
     Works with the Board of Trustees to implement a strategic development plan that supports the
        SPP’s artistic and financial objectives, meeting or exceeding annual fundraising goals, including
        major gifts, grants, corporate sponsorships, planned giving, and special events.
     Ensures that the appropriate business plan is in place to support the overall strategic mission,
        vision, values, and goals of the SPP and Youth Programs.
     Evaluates progress towards goals on a regular basis with the Board of Trustees.
     Works with the Board Membership Committee to identify, cultivate, and recruit new Board
     Prepares written and oral monthly reports for presentation to the Board of Trustees.
Financial Management
     Under the direction of the Board of Trustees prepares a budget, cash-flow projections, and
       annual fundraising plan.
     Ensures that the organization operates prudently within budget guidelines.
     Is responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices according to current laws
       and regulations.
     Monitors the SPP’s financial position and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees
       and/or takes action as appropriate.
     Develops, markets, and implements a planned giving program to ensure the SPP’s long-term
       financial health.
     Demonstrates a strong knowledge of principles, ethics, and practices of successful fundraising.
     Provides fiscal and organizational leadership to all operational departments to maximize staff
       effectiveness and productivity.

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President/CEO Job Description 9/12/11
       Oversees fundraising planning and implementation, including identifying resource requirements,
        researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach potential funders, submitting
        proposals and administrating fundraising records and documentation.
Personnel Management
    Be responsible for the recruitment, employment, and release of all personnel, both paid staff and
    Ensure that job descriptions are developed, that regular performance evaluations are held, and
      that sound human resource practices are in place and followed that fully conform to current laws
      and regulations.
    Encourage staff and volunteer development and education, and assist program staff in relating
      their specialized work within the organization.
    Fosters and maintains on-going communications with all levels of staff regarding their
      performance and the SPP.
    Maintain a climate that attracts, retains, and motivates a diverse staff of talented employees.
Traits and Characteristics
       Goal Achievement – Establishes goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, reviewable, and
        time sensitive (SMART model). Identifies and implements required plans and milestones to
        achieve specific goals and stays on target to complete projects. Consistently demonstrates the
        ability to lead multiple long and short term projects simultaneously.
       Interpersonal Skills – Initiates and develops relationships in positive ways while successfully
        working with a diverse range of people both internally and externally. Communicates clearly and
        demonstrates ease in relating to a variety of stakeholders in a positive and persuasive manner.
        Ability to present, inform and motivate individuals and groups about SPP’s mission and programs.
       Decision Making – Effectively analyzes data, weighs possible options, considers potential
        impacts, and collaborates with others when appropriate.
       Leading Others – Organizes and motivates people to accomplish goals and empowers them by
        providing clarity, direction, and purpose through a positive, motivational example of leadership.
       Results Orientation – Identifies strategic initiatives and embraces a comprehensive
        organizational focus that most effectively mobilizes human, technical, and financial resources to
        maximize results.
       Customer Focus – Consistently places a high value on ticket buyers, donors, students, parents,
        and the broader San Antonio community. Objectively listens to, understands, and responds to
        feedback from customers internal and external.
Education and Experience
       Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) required, or four years experience in performing arts
        management. *Experience in performing arts management could be substituted by general non-
        profit or business management if the candidate could demonstrate an appropriate passion and
        knowledge of the theatrical arts.
       Minimum three years experience in charitable fund development.
       Minimum three years experience in managing people and budgets.
       Demonstrated success in development management including grantwriting, sponsorship, and
        special events.
       Excellent written/oral communication skills.
       Ability to work in a hands-on environment with limited resources.

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President/CEO Job Description 9/12/11

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