The Renaissance

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					The Renaissance
    An Overview
              Important Facts
   Focused on what the individual could do
   Means rebirth
   Began in Italy
   Spread through Europe
   Years: 1300s-1600s
          Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?

   Location, Location,
       Florence was the center of
        trade during the Crusades. It
        was a rich city and had a
        central location.
       Location of the Italian
        peninsula in the Mediterranean
        Sea gave a great advantage for
        sea trade between the Middle
        East and Europe.
           Money, Money, Money
   The Medici Family- They were the
    leaders in the city of Florence and were
    patrons/sponsors of the arts.
   Lorenzo the Magnificent- Lorenzo
    Medici- He was a banker, politician,
    poet, and scholar as well as a beloved
    leader. He encouraged and made the city
    “alive” with arts and education.
                   New Inventions
   The Printing Press
Invented by Johann Gutenberg!!

 Inexpensive Paper
 The Compass

 Gun Powder

 The Telescope
   Merchants valued
    education. They made
    sure that their sons could
    read, write, do math, and
    studied law in order to
    be better businessmen.
    This would insure that
    they would make more
   Achievements in Many Areas
 Languages

 Arts

 Literature

 Architecture

 Science
           Quiz Friday 5/14/10
   Know 11 vocab. Words
   Gutenberg invented printing press
   Medici wealth patron family
   Where Renaissance began
   Why Renaissance began there
   What important skills merchants wanted sons to
    have to carry on business and be successful
   Areas of achievement during this time.

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