Fire Fighting Systems and Equipments

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Fire Fighting Systems
          and Equipments

      Fire Fighting Systems and Equipments
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  Fire Fighting Systems and Equipments

                      Introduction                                    04Page
                   Company history                                    05Page
                External fire fighting system                      06~07Page
             Water mist fire extinguishing system                  08~09Page
          High expansion foam fire extinguishing system               10Page
        Deck foam fire extinguishing system                           11Page
      High pressure CO2 fire extinguishing system                     12Page
    Low pressure CO2 fire extinguishing system                        13Page
   Dry chemical powder fire extinguishing system                      14Page
  Automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system                       15Page
 Fire detection & alarm system                                        16Page
Loose fire fighting equipment                                         17Page
Quality certification                                                 18Page
Total fire test shop                                                  19Page
World wide a/s net work                                            20~21Page
Plant project team                                                 22~23Page

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                                                                                                                  SEAPLUS for your safety life
    SEAPLUS CO., LTD. is one of leaders and manufacturers for fire fighting
    systems & safety equipment in Korea and we have taken our expertise &
    experience into the world wide market to establish a reputation for
    excellence and customer support.
    We are confident that you will find our presentation of interest and assure
    you of our competence and desire to realize your contract in away totally
    satisfactory to you, our prospective client.

Company history
    1994   7    Established DAE KYEONG Engineering Co.
    1997   4    Incorporated as "SEAPLUS CO., LTD."
    1999   7    Acquisition for license of Fire protection system construction by Busan city
    1999   9    Certified ISO 9001 by KOREAN REGISTER of SHIPPING
    2000   4    Moved the factory & office to NOKSAN industrial complex
    2001   4    Technical R & D Lab. Approved by KITA
    2001   6    Established Total fire test shop
    2002   5    Designated as Venture Business
    2002   6    Developed Local fire fighting system in According with MSC Circ.913
    2002   7    Certified as technology-innovating SME (INNO-BIZ) business by
                Small & Medium Business Administration
    2003   9    Awarded Presidential citation
    2004   12   Awarded Advance Idea Man (New Knowledge Man)
    2006   10   Developed Total Application Water mist fire extinguishing system in
                According with MSC Circ.1165
    2006   12   Selected as "Leading Enterprise in Strategic Industry" by Busan city
    2007   8    Chosen as Promising Enterprise by WOORI BANK
    2007   10   Developed Self-rotation type high expansion foam generator
    2008   7    Established 2nd manufacturing factory
    2008   7    Superiority Business man Awarding by Busan city
    2008   10   Awarded the Prime Minister
    2008   11   Acquisition for license of Fire protection system design by Busan city
    2008   12   Awarded "Commendation for Genuine S/W User" by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism

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    SEAPLUS for your safety life
                                                           In fire fighting system, the external fire fighting system is to extinguish and suppress
                                                           fires against external vessel. It is equipped with fire monitor, fire fighting pump,
                                                           electric motor, portable controller and fire monitor and so on. Fire fighting pump can
                                                           be driven by transmission power from driven-engine or dedicated motor.
                                                           According to mounting location of fire monitor, there are sliding tower, folding tower
                                                           and platform on wheel house.
                                                           Tower's characteristic is to be folded and storaged in a low and compact size. It
                                                           would significant facilitate handling on fire suppression and extinguishing using dual
                                                           monitor of foam liquid and dry powder.

                                                        External Fire Fighting System

                                    Water monitor system capacity                                                             (ABS Rule 5-9-1/Table.1, 2006)
                                    Class Notation                                                 Class                       Class                     Class
                                    Number of water monitors                                          2                 3                 4                 4
                                    Discharge rate per monitor, m /h3
                                                                                                    1,200             2,400             1,800             2,400
                                    Number of pumps                                                  1-2                         2-4                       2-4
                                    Total capacity, m3/h                                            2,400                       7,200                     9,600
                                    Monitor range, m                                                 120                         150                       150
                                    Height, monitor, m                                               45                           70                        70
                                    Number of hose connection each side of vessel                     4                           8                         10
                                    Number of fireman's outfits                                       4                           8                         10
                                    Fuel oil capacity                                                24                           96                        96

                                   1) Range : measured horizontally from the monitor outlet to the mean impact area.
                                   2) Height : minimum height of the trajectory of water monitor jet measured vertically from sea level assuming a mean impact area
                                                located at a horizontal distance not less than 70m from the nearest part of the fire fighting vessel.
                                   3) Fuel oil capacity is to include provisions for continuous operation of all monitors in addition to the total capacity
                                      of the vessel's fuel oil tanks required for continuous fire fighting operation. See also 5-9-2/5.

                                   Controller            Fire Pump Unit

SEAPLUS for your safety life - 6Page
       Model                                                     Actuating Method                 Remark
                    L/min                       m3/h
        FE-65      500 ~ 1,500                 30 ~ 90                 Electric
        FE-80    1,500 ~ 3,000                 90 ~ 180                Electric
       FE-100    3,000 ~ 5,000                180 ~ 300                Electric
       FE-125    5,000 ~ 8,000                300 ~ 480                Electric
       FE-150    8,000 ~ 11,333               480 ~ 680                Electric
       FE-200                                                          Electric
      FE-200D                                                          Electric                 Double Gun
      SFE-200                                                          Electric
                11,333 ~ 20,000               680 ~ 1,200
     SFE-200S                                                          Electric
     SFE-200D                                                          Electric                 Double Gun
    SFE-200DS                                                          Electric                 Double Gun
      FEH-200                                                     Electro-Hydraulic
                11,333 ~ 25,000               680 ~ 1,500
    FEH-200D                                                      Electro-Hydraulic             Double Gun
      FEH-250   25,000 ~ 40,000              1,500 ~ 2,400        Electro-Hydraulic
      FEH-300   40,000 ~ 60,000              2,400 ~ 3,600        Electro-Hydraulic

                                                             Discharge of Fire Monitor

                                                             Sliding Tower

                                                             Portable Controller
Folding Tower

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    SEAPLUS for your safety life
                                                   Using spraying water in all fires, the water mist system is to suppress and fight all fires in
                                                   protected areas. In this fire extinguishing system, water is sprayed in high or low pressure
                                                   to make small water droplets. Using water droplets, vaporization effect gets increased as
                                                   much as surface area expansion. Water mist is sprayed into flame so that to promote
                                                   vaporization and decrease in oxygen concentration as suffocation. Extinguishing effect
                                                   becomes increased by cooling. The system has two types of local fire fighting system and
                                                   total fire fighting system. Especially, in case of local application, it is designed and
                                                   installed to cover main engine, aux. engine, boiler, incinerator and purifiers as protected
                                                   area respectively. The arrangements of nozzle will be provided according to capacity of
                                                   nozzle in relevant protected area. In case UMA, after fire happens, using fire alarm
                                                   system by detecting fire automatically, water mist pump shall be runned. And water is
                                                   discharged into fire area through nozzle to extinguish it. During spraying water, audible
                                                   and visible alarms are provided in the protected space.

                                                 Water Mist Fire Extinguishing System

                                                                                                                             Water Mist Controller

                                   Water Mist Skid(Low)

                                                                                                                             Water Mist Controller

                                   Water Mist Skid(High)                                                                     Local Operating Box

SEAPLUS for your safety life - 8Page
   Local Application System

Model : SPF-1
                                Working                   K-Factor                       Installation (m)
                              Pressure (bar)             (Flow rate)
                                                                               Spacing        Min. Height Max. Height

                                   50 ~ 60            1.5 (10.6~11.6LPM)          1.5             0.6              3.0              Vertical Downward
                                  90 ~ 100            1.5 (14.2~15.0LPM)          2.5             3.0              8.0              Vertical Downward

Model : HSN-510
                                Working                   K-Factor                       Installation (m)
                              Pressure (bar)             (Flow rate)
                                                                               Spacing        Min. Height Max. Height

                                   40 ~ 90            1.65 (10.6~44LPM)           4.0             0.6              3.0              Vertical Downward

Model : SPF-3
                                Working                   K-Factor                       Installation (m)
                              Pressure (bar)             (Flow rate)
                                                                               Spacing        Min. Height Max. Height
                                                                                                                                    Vertical Downward
                                                                                  4.0             0.5             17.0                 Inclined angle
                                   Min. 7.5             4.76 (13LPM)                                                                (30~60 form vertical)
                                                                                  8.0             0.5              5.0                    Side Shooting

   Total Application System
Model : SPF-1C (Accomodation)
                                Working                   K-Factor                       Installation (m)
                              Pressure (bar)             (Flow rate)
                                                                               Spacing        Min. Height Max. Height

                                   50 ~ 60            1.5 (10.6~11.6LPM)          1.5             0.6              3.0              Vertical Downward
                                  90 ~ 100            1.5 (14.2~15.0LPM)          2.5             3.0              8.0              Vertical Downward

Model : SPF-2 (Engine Room)
                                                       Working        K-Factor                      Installation (m)
                                Nozzle       Model
                                                      Pressure (bar) (Flow rate)
                                                                                         Spacing          Location          Max. distance to wall
                              Celling nozzle SPF-2                  0.46 (3.56LPM) 4.0 4.0 Max. 1.5 below Celling                  2.0
                               Bilge nozzle SPF-2          60       0.46 (3.56LPM) 3.2 3.2            Bilge plate mounted             -
                              Doorway nozzle SPF-2D                 0.21 (1.62LPM) 0.4(tip to tip) Max. 0.3 Above Doorway             -

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for your safety life

                                  High Expansion Foam Fire extinguishing system

                                  High expansion foam system is used as alternative system of Halon extinguishing system.
                                  As halon replacement being phased out due to environmental reasons, high expansion foam system is good
                                  replacement. It is also excellent alternative system of CO2 and sprinkler systems. High expansion foam system is
                                  suitable for installation in engine room together with adjacent spaces as local and /or total flooding. The system is
                                  manually operated but may be supplied upon request with remote operation.
                                                    High expansion foam system has been extensively full scale tested for fires in machinery spaces,
                                                                         class 1, 2&3, following IMO guidelines. High expansion foam system
                                                                                    extinguishes fires with a combination of water and foam. Foam fills all
                                                                                   the voids and seals the fire from the air supply, and steam absorbs
                                                                                   heat energy when water is vaporized. An inert atmosphere is created
                                                                                   and the fire is extinguished. When a fire occurs, fire fighting can
                                                                                  immediately begin by the user of high expansion foam system and there
                                                                                is a further advantage of reduced damage due to the cooling effect
                                                                               created by the water and the foam on surfaces.
                                                                              When installing high expansion foam system there is no need for large air
                                                                  ducts or unnatural hull opening to produce foam. simplified piping system and low
                                                                 weight generators in combination with seaplus traditionally and well proven foam
                                                                central unit makes the whole system easy to install.
                          Foam Generator

                                                                           Certification                    Proportioner

                           High Expansion Foam Generator                                                          V : Vertical downward H : Horizontal
                                           Foam Solution Foam Capacity    Working           Expansion        Connection                        Weight
                             Model                                                                                            K-Factor
                                           Flow rate(LPM)   (m3/min)   Pressure(Mpa)        Ratio(Times)      Method                             (kg)

                             SPHG-30             32             >28                         V 880 / H 877                       16.0              4
                             SPHG-60             75             >65              0.4        V 877 / H 874                       37.5              7
                             SPHG-90            110             >96                         V 874 / H 877                       55.0             10

                          1) High Expansion Foam Concentrate : Meteor P +, Skum
                          2) Mixing Ratio : 2% (Foam Concentrate) + 98% (Water)
                          3) High Expansion Foam Generator

 SEAPLUS for your safety life - 10Page
Deck Foam Fire extinguishing system

    Foam system for the protection of chemical and oil tank decks or heli-decks in accordance with class
    requirements and IBC code. Calculated and designed in accordance with international regulations.
    The foam monitors may be delivered as manually operated (electric or hydraulic type).

                           Foam Tank Unit                                       Balanced Pressure mixer

                                              Foam Proportioner
                                                                 Max. Water Flow          Connection Size
                                                    Model          Rate (LPM)        Water Side     Foam Side
                                                  50F - 100W           3,000         JIS10K-100A           JIS10K-50A
                                                  50F - 150W           6,000         JIS10K-150A           JIS10K-50A
                                                  80F - 200W          13,000         JIS10K-200A           JIS10K-80A
                                                  80F - 250W          20,000         JIS10K-250A           JIS10K-80A
                                              Foam Monitor
                                                       Model               Capacity (LPM)          Connection Size
                                                       FM - 65               500 ~ 1,500              JIS10K-65A
                                                       FM - 80              1,500 ~ 3,000             JIS10K-80A
        Foam Hose Box
                                                      FM - 100              3,000 ~ 5,000            JIS10K-100A
                                                      FM - 125              5,000 ~ 8,000            JIS10K-125A

            Foam Monitor

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for your safety life

                                  High Pressure CO2 Fire extinguishing system

                          Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Gas, the fastest and most efficient extinguishing agent against fires in protected spaces,
                          suffocates the fire within designated time and minimize the damage in protected spaces.
                          The Fire Extinguishing System extinguishes the fire by means of CO2 gas. The system consists essentially of CO2
                          cylinders, main isolating valve(s), manifold, CO2 nozzles in compartment protected space, and pipe lines connecting
                          these main parts. The system is to be designed by the required discharging time, CO2 cylinders quantity and which are
                          stored in a independent CO2 room. For further security in ship's cargo holds, a smoke detection system can be
                          combined with the CO2 system. CO2 gas, the fastest and most efficient extinguishing agent against fires in protected
                          spaces, suffocates the fire within designated time and minimize the damage in protected spaces.

                                                                                                                     Master Control Cabinet

                              Cylinder Valve

                                                                                              Pressure Operating Distribution Valve(1”~6”)

 SEAPLUS for your safety life - 12Page
Low Pressure CO2 Fire extinguishing system

The required quantity of CO2 gas is stored in one or two large tank. The tank unit is furnished with its own
refrigeration machinery to keep the temperature and also to adjust the pressure at the correct level.
The system is designed and installed so that CO2 gas can be discharged into relevant protected area using valve
control cabinet. At that moment, the required quantity of CO2 gas is adjusted by timer which is installed at relevant
valve control cabinet.

Pressure CO2 Storage Tank                                                                  Instrument Control Panel

Safety Valve           Safety Valve             Double Stop Valve
15~25mm(1/2”~1”)       3~300mm(1/8”~12”)        15~32mm(1/2”~1-1/4”)                               Refrigerator

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for your safety life

                                  Dry Chemical Powder Fire extinguishing system

                                   The SEAPLUS dry powder system is designed specifically for marine application so that
                                   can be met with SOLAS requirements for LPG and LNG tankers.

                           Dry Chemical Powder Gun                                                          Pneumatic Control Cabinet

                          Hose Station Box                                                                         Dry Chemical Powder Skid

                                            Model                         Flow Rate (kg/sec)                    Shooting Length (m)
                                                                                  10                                        10
                                                                                  16                                        18
                                                                                  20                                        23
                                                                                  25                                        30
                                         Hand Hose Gun                            3.5                                      5 ~ 10

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Automatic Sprinkler Fire extinguishing system

This system is installed in accommodation spaces and other service on the vessels such as passenger ships and car
ferries. The sprinkler system is the most effective at its early stage in extinguishing fire.
Statistics estimates that about 70% of all fires has been extinguishing by less than three sprinkler heads.

Operation of sprinkler-system
Immediately after fire breaks out in a protected area, the intense heat rises rapidly under ceiling zone.
As soon as the ambient temperature has reached the set release temperature, the glass bulb bursts and the sprinkler
is activated. The sprinkler pressure tank contains fresh water, which being discharged into protected area, at a
                                                           constant pressure level. When sprinkler nozzles are actuated,
                                                           the sprinkler system is activated resulting in a pressure drop
                                                           in the sprinkler storage tank.
                                                           Water supply is provided with adequate pressure by
                                                           dedicated pump set which is arranged to start automatically
                                                           when the pressure falls down below set point of the pump's
                                                           start-up relay. The sea ensures an inexhaustible supply as fire
                                                           extinguishing agents, posing no threat to passenger and
                                                           crew. For safety reasons, the sprinkler pumps can be operated
                                                           form the ship's main and emergency switchboard.

Sprinkler Nozzle Release

Sprinkler Heads

                                                                                                     Sprinkler Central
Nozzle Escutcheons

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    SEAPLUS for your safety life

                                                   The fire detection and alarm system consists of fire detectors, manual call point, control
                                                   panel, repeater and alarm device and so on.
                                                   Upon the receipt of fire and fault signals, fire alarm system shall send relevant signals to
                                                   alarm monitoring, alarm device and VDR with audible and visible alarm as well as
                                                   indicate fire and fault signals on LCD of fire alarm panel with audible alarm.

                                                   Fire detection                            Alarm system

                                     Fire Alarm Control Panet (JB-QB-4508)
                                      -4 Loops / 508 Addressable Detectors
                                     Fire Alarm Repeater (JB-QB-4508R)
                                     Heat Detector
                                     Smoke Detector
                                     Infra Red Type Flame Detector
                                     Manual Call Point

                                                                                  Fire Alarm Controller                     Fire Alarm Repeater

                                                   Flame Detector                                         Manual Call Point

                                   Heat Detector                         Smoke Detector                          Isolator

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Loose Fire Fighting Equipment
 Fire Man’s Outfit Equipments

 Fire Suit         Air Breathing Apparatus            Fire Axe With Beit and Life Line               Safety Lamp

 Fire Extinguisher

 9L Foam        6.8kg CO2 6.5kg Dry Powder         45L Foam                   135L Foam        Portable Foam
 Fire Extinguisher (Portable Type)                 Fire Extinguisher (Wheel Type)              Applicator Assembly

 Sea water Fire Fighting Equipments

             Fire Hose Rack                      Fire Hose Box              Fire Hose Reel             Spanner

     International Shore Connection          Fire Hose With Coupling      Jet / Spray Nozzle

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           Quality Certification

SEAPLUS for your safety life - 18Page
                                                                                                             SEAPLUS for your safety life
Total Fire Test Shop

 Specification                    IMO Circ.668 CLASS III (Above 3,000 m3 for large ship)
 Length                           35 m
 Breadth                          11 m
 Height                           12 m
 Volume                           3,750 m3
 Material                         Anti-Fire Block & Anti-Fire Foam
 Major Zone Division              Total Fire Test Area : Machinery Area / Control & Monitoring Room

 Control & Monitoring System
 Remote Control for :             Pump, Valves
 Monitoring & Recording           Agent Flow & Pressure
                                  F.O. Flow, Pressure & Temperature
                                  Test Shop Atmosphere Temperature
                                  Engine Mock-Up Temperature
 O2 Concentration                 F.O. Spray Nozzle
                                  Test Shop Atmosphere
 Analysis Equipment               All Data Analysis System
                                  Data Saving on Computer & Print

 What Fi-Fi System can test ?     What Kind of fire can test ?
 CO2 System                       Oil Spray Fire         High Pressure (150 bar)
 Low Expansion Foam System                               Low Pressure (7 bar)
 High Expansion Foam System       Engine Mock-Up
 Dry Chemical Powder System       Pool Fire
 Water Mist System                Class A Fire
 Water Spray System               Cabin, Corridor & Public Space Fire (Future)
 Smoke Sampling System
 Fire Detection System
 Sprinkler System
 Portable Extinguisher
 Other Water Based Fi-Fi System

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                         WORLD WIDE A/S NET WORK
                                                            SEAPLUS makes the future with the challenge to a new world and
                                                            unswerving R & D efforts. You shall be assured of our efforts for the world-highest precision and quality.

                 Saedding Ringvej 13 6710 Esbjerg V Denmark
                 CONTACT : Mr. Jan Nikolaj Jensen
                 TEL : +45 76 118100, FAX : +45 76 118101
                 [ SEAPLUS share the following world-wide service station with VIKING A/S]

                 USA                    - Miami, California, Cape Canaveral, Washington
                 FRANCE                 - Montivilliers, Vitrilles
                 NORWAY                 - Straume, Oslo, Avladsnes, Alesund
                 TURKEY                 - Tuzla/Istanbul
                 FINLAND                - Lieto
                 RUSSIA                 - Petersburg
                 SWEDEN                 - Stockholm
                 ESTONIA                - Tallinn
                 UAE                    - Dubai
                 SPAIN                  - Cadiz, Puxeiros-Mos-Vigo, Barcelona
                 SOUTH AFRICA           - Cape Town, Durban
                 ICELAND                - Hafnafjordur
                 NETHERLANDS            - LX Zwijndrecht, El Harlem, Delfzijl
                 BELGIUM                - Lokeren
                 ITALY                  - Napoli, La Spezia, Messina
                 MALAYSIA               - Johor Darul Takzim
                 DENMARK                - Esbjerg
                 GERMANY                - Hamburg, Bremerhaven
                 HONG KONG              - Kwai Chung, N.T.

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             Go with       SEAPLUS f o r                your safety of fire extinguishinh systems, eguipments, and others

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                                                                                                                             E-MAIL :
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China, 200135
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Taiwan. R.O.C.
CONTACT : Mr. Johny Wan
TEL : +886 7 8211545, FAX : +866 7 8211571

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    SEAPLUS Plant Project Team

                                       DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION for FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM of PLANT PROJECT
                                       Seaplus’s Plant project team consists of specialists for mechanics, electronics, thermodynamics
                                       and fluid mechanics based fire fighting system.
                                       Plant project team has delivered to all Korean thermal power plant a fire fighting system & fire
                                       alarm and fire detection system for parts of bulk material handling system and boiler system after
                                       2003 year. We have licenses for fire fighting design and construction approved by Korean
                                       We accepted an order for the fire fighting system of Cuba DPP project and the service gas supply
                                       system of Bahrain IWPP project recently.

                                       Plant Project Team
                                 FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM
                                 - CO2 SYSTEM
                                 - DRY CHEMICAL SYSTEM
                                 - WATER SPRAY SYSTEM
                                 - CLEAN AGENT SYSTEM
                                 - SPRINKLER SYSTEM
                                 - WATER SPRAY SYSTEM
                                 - FOAM SYSTEM
                                 - HYDRANT SYSTEM
                                 FIRE ALARM & FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM
                                 KDX-III DELUGE & SPRINKLER SYSTEM

SEAPLUS for your safety life -22Page
Seaplus plant project team plans, designs, manufactures and supplies a full range of proprietary products for dust
suppression, return belt washing and water spray system. Plusgun dust suppression system consists of the PLC based
control system and a shooting gun which spray water on the ground uniformly. Plus dust suppression system is
focused on developing intelligent solutions for the flying ash at raw material storage area like as coal, coke and scrap
iron etc or inside chute and skirt in transfer tower. Return belt washing system for protect to stack a raw material on
the floor in gallery or girder is applied to bulk material handling system.


Water spray system is designed to direct water at a required density, from nozzles having predetermined patterns to
completely impinge water onto the hazard surface being protected. It is designed for use in a variety of special
hazards applications including flammable and combustible liquid hazards, transformers and turbines.

Service gas system applied to steam power generator. Nitrogen (N2) gas system shall be to blanket the steam and
water line in order to prevent corrosion during long term wet lay up. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas system is used for
purging the air and other gases in pipe system. Hydrogen (H2) gas system is used as a coolant for the main steam
turbine or generators.

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