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					                             A Quarterly Publication of AOH 22 F.F. John J. Redmond
                             Spring 2011 Issue 5, Volume 2 /                        6/3 Philadelphia County Convention
                                                                                                        Div. 61 4131 Rhawn St Phila Pa
            Rev. Robert Feeney                                                                          6/5 Philadelphia Irish Festival
            Msgr. Daniel Sullivan                                                                       Penn’s Landing Great Plaza 12-8p

                                                                                                        6/8 730p Division meeting
                                                                                                        IAFF Local 22 Hall 5th & Willow
            Bob Haley
                                                                       6/10 Hibernian Service Awards
            (215) 620-9588                                                                              IAFF Local 22 Hall 5th & Willow

Vice President                                                                                          7/13-17 PA State Convention
            Dan Cline                                                                                   King of Prussia
            (610) 420-5973                                                                              9/14 730p Division meeting
                                                                                                        IAFF Local 22 Hall 5th & Willow
Recording Secretary
                                                                                                        9/22-25 Irish Fall Festival
            Hubert Gantz                                                                                North Wildwood, NJ
            (267) 496-0034

Financial Secretary
            Keith McDonough
            (215) 725-4222

            Mike Groves

            John Colfer

Chair of the Standing Committee
             John Conlow

            Pat O’Keefe
            (215) 676-2508

            Pat McHugh

Publicity Coordinator / Website
            Jeff Jackson

                                                   The division will be in recess at the conclusion of our June meeting and will not meet again until
                                                   September, unless a meeting is called by the executive board. Have a great, fun and safe summer.
                                 AOH 22 Fire Fighter John J. Redmond ~ spring 2011 ~ Page 2

                                                                                                                 Local 22 News

                                                                                 The City of Philadelphia and its Firefighters have been at war it seems
                                                                                 since Michael Nutter has become Mayor. The latest swipes at the Union is
                                                                                 the appeal of their (BINDING ARBITRATION AGREEMENT), While the
                                                                                 contract mirrored the FOP award it did not include Furloughs which really
                                                                                 upset Nutter but the Firefighters cannot move outside the city as the
                                                                                 Police can do.

                         Big Green Report
                                                                                  The Nut began his attack on Firefighters in 2009 with the closing of 7
 We have some good news about the truck to report. Through efforts of            companies, 5 engines and 2 ladders, without the guidance of a proper
 Dan Cline and the executive board we have a new home for big green.             impact study. By doing so he eliminated 148 firefighter positions reducing
 The board has been talking with Tinicum Township (Delaware County)              the number of vacancies from 300 to 152. Then in 2010 he reduced the
 about using their old fire house to store the truck. Negotiations are           vacancies by another 57 through quotas/vacation slot readjustment, (a
 complete and an agreement has been reached for use of the fire house            clerical change). In August of 2010 he began the Brownouts to reduce
 to store the truck.
                                                                                 overtime, again without an impact study.
 The truck is currently in a private storage facility and is in the process of
 having new rear axles installed plus an oil change. We are in need of            This November the city approached PICA (Pennsylvania
 Benefactors for this ongoing project. So if you know anybody let the            Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority) to pay for an Impact Study of
 division know.                                                                  the Fire Dept. and they want to do it so that any changes that are called
                                                                                 for fall within the current budget parameters. The Union is involved and
 We will need to organize a work detail to get the truck ready and
                                                                                 removed many of the guidelines the city had hoped for. It is our intention
 polished and cleaned up. Stay tuned for details. Through all this we wish
 to thank Jinx, Hugh & Tim for all they have been doing and still are doing      and the intention of PICA to do a study that will tell the truth and be free
 for Big Green. We could not have done it without you.                           of restrictions.

                                                                                  If this is done properly, using all of the technology available, for every part
           Sponsor our newsletter & website                                      of the Study, the outcome will tell a story to dictate the present
 Division President                                                              configuration of the PFD and the future needs of the city. We can all live
 We are seeking sponsors for our new quarterly newsletter and website.           with that.
 As you may remember we discontinued our newsletter a couple years
 ago to help cut costs. We’ll we have decided to bring it back.                   On another note the Union hall is available for parties, second day work
                                                                                 stops, Football, Hockey, Darts, and don’t forget our most popular event,
 For only 25$ per year your business will be listed in our quarterly             SALSA NIGHT, good time had by all and plenty of lovely ladies for the guys.
 newsletter and on our website. Where else are you going to find such
                                                                                 Keep an eye on the local 22 website for events and
 cheap advertising? This is a deal that cannot be beat.
 Please contact Jeff for all the details.
 610-203-1464 or                                          Tim McShea
                                                                                 Vice President
                                                                                 IAFF Local 22 Philadelphia
               Philadelphia Police & Fire Pipes & Drums News
 The band has been invited to perform at the 150 anniversary of the              We are still collecting clothes for our wounded and sick veterans who are
 Dublin Fire Brigade in Ireland in May of 2012.                                  at the VA Hospital in University City. Please bring new t-shirts, boxers,
                                                                                 briefs, socks to our next meeting so we can get these items to our
 The band performed at the Binghamton, New York & Philadelphia St.               veterans who need and deserve them.
 Patrick’s Day Parade in March and at the Gaspirilla Pirate Parade in
 Tampa Bay Florida in January. The band was the recipient of the Hon.
                                                                                                               Lottery Chances
 Vincent A. Carroll Award for Outstanding Musical Unit from the
                                                                                                           **Support the Division**
 Philadelphia St Patrick’s Day Observance Association.
                                                                                               Lottery chances will be available for August 2011
                                                                                                 Results are based on the PA evening number
 The band also is in the process of recording a new album and making a
                                                                                                               Donation: $5.00
 DVD. For the latest news, check out the bands website                                     Box: $5.00 Straight: $50.00

Local 22 will be erecting a memorial to the hero’s of 9/11 in front of the       If you do not wish to receive lottery chances by mail or you already picked some
union hall and is selling brick pavers for 150$ includes 3 lines of text and     up at our meeting, Please let John Colfer know (215) 338-9580
granite pavers for 500$ includes 4 lines of text and T shirts are also
available for 15$. Details can be found at
                               AOH 22 Fire Fighter John J. Redmond ~ spring 2011 ~ Page 3

                         Presidents Message

Brothers I hope all had a joyous and blessed Easter.
Since my last message to the order and the Irish and Catholic
communities had some positive changes. The Bloody Sunday
                                                                           We need to have a very successful fundraiser so that we can continue with
march in the North came to an end. They goal was to have a report          our charitable works and to help keep big green in good working order. We
and apologies from the English government both happened. This              are looking for someone to take the lead on this task. We are aware that
was the final march and the people of the Derry accepted both              we have to spend some money in order to make some. Last year in
from Elizabeth Windsor’s government, but the goal of the order             February and March we had 3 very successful Irish breakfasts at Smoke
changes to continue to support Derry.
                                                                           Eaters and us raised money for the parade and the division.
It was the 30th anniversary of the Hunger Striker Bobby Sands MP.
This event still continues to have some short of recollection from         Our most successful fundraiser has been our lottery chances and John
this tragic starvation of these fighters.                                  Colfer has done a great job running that, but we need to find other ways to
                                                                           raise money in order to continue what we do. We are open for suggestions
Talks are still continuing for a unification of Ireland with a possible
                                                                           whether it be another Irish breakfast, casino night or beef and beer...Etc
date sometime in 2016. England get out of Ireland, 26+6=32

The report of the Monagahn bombing still continues with slow               Got any ideas? Let us know…!!! Thanks

From the Holy See Pope Benedict XVI has made Pope John Paul
II Blessed which makes his one step closer to Sainthood. Also
                                                                                                         2011 Dues
there is news that Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen and Father
Solanus Casey OFM can both have a miracle attributed to them so           It’s the time of year that we all dread yes, it’s time to pay your dues. If you
they will be declared Blessed. Sheen and Casey were National
                                                                          are behind on your dues and are having financial difficulty, please get in
chaplains of the order.
                                                                          touch with a Bob so arrangements can be made to bring you up to date.
Our beloved Chaplin Father Robert Feeney has reached a mile
stone 25 years as a priest, dropped a note or card this next couple       Bob Haley, President 215-620-9588
weeks. Congratulation Father!!!!!!                              
The order is now 175 years young. This past weekend was a Mass
and celebration in New York. It was in the Olde Saint Patrick             2011 Dues: $30.00
Cathedral Basilica with National Chaplain Father Thomas                   Please make checks payable
O’Donnell and numerous other chaplains celebrating the Mass.              To: AOH Division 22
There were nearly 700 people marching about 2 miles in the Little         Payment can be made at our meetings or by mail to:
Italy, Chinatown and Soho neighborhood, With music from 10 joint
                                                                          Keith McDonough c/o AOH 22
pipe bands escorting the Order thought the streets of New York.
Also in attendance were numerous civic and political leaders from         849 Concord Ave Drexel Hill Pa 19026
both countries. The division was represented by me and Past
President Thomas Meehan.
                                                                                              Mayfair Memorial Playground
The union Local 22 needs our support as they continue the
struggle with the city with the life safety issues (brown outs,
                                                                          The Mayfair Memorial playground was dedicated in honor of our namesake
injuries, contract, and man power) please continue to pressure the
politicians to make changes to the administration’s policy. Also the      John Redmond. The playground has since been demolished by the
division still continues to support the widows and handicapped            Philadelphia School District and the Mayfair Civic Association is raising funds
children through the current union activities.                            to rebuild it. They are seeking corporate sponsorship, grants and donations
                                                                          from the general public
The upcoming division Hibernians Service Awards night June 10,
2011 is a head and all brothers are requested to support this
division event with a night of honoring these important leaders of        Donations can be sent to:
the Hibernians and Irish communities. Please contact Dan Cline
at610-420-5973 for a headcount.                                           The Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground, c/o Mayfair CDC,
                                                                          Perzel Community Center,
The next division event will be in October with major degrees of the
                                                                          2990 St. Vincent St., Philadelphia, PA 19149.
order at the hall. Did you know our division only has about 20 % of
its members degreed? I wish that this year we get to 25-30%. Hope
to see you all there to make your degrees or to observe.
                                                                          All donations are Tax Deductible. Please email us, at the above, if you
The next AOH event will be the Philadelphia County Convention             would like to receive updates or join our efforts.
June 3rd at Division 61 then the Pennsylvania State Convention in
Valley Forge on July 15th to 17th. All are welcome and if you wish
to come for the day or the whole weekend let me know as soon as           Brothers. Please bring a bottle or two of assorted wine and spirits to our
possible.                                                                 June meeting for our baskets of cheer which will be chanced off at our
                                                                          Hibernian Service Awards Dinner. We also need a couple cases of beer.
I hope all continue to have a great spring time and with a hopeful
sunny summer and be safe. God bless all of you and your family.           Irish spirits and beer preferred but whatever you bring is fine. Thank you.

Yours in Brotherhood and our motto.
                                                                          Pat O’Keefe is selling Phillies and Eagles hats with the logo done in the
Bob Haley                                                                 Colors of the Irish flag Cost…*10.00$ & they are available at most of our
Division President                                                        meetings & events.
PA State Catholic Action Chairman                                         *portion of the proceeds go to the division
Phila County Marshal

                             AOH 22 Fire Fighter John J. Redmond ~ spring 2011 ~ Page 4

                                                                                                           Colfer & Sons
Join us as we honor 4 distinguished individuals for their                                  Brick Pointing – Glass block – waterproofing
contributions to the AOH & LAOH & the Philadelphia Irish community.                                Pressure wash & Chimney’s
                                                                                                        **Free Estimates**
                                                                                                        John: 215-338-9580
When: Friday June 10th 2011 at 7:30pm                                                                     Ken: 215-547-1484
Where: Philadelphia Fire Fighters Local 22 Union Hall
       5th & Willow (415 N. 5th) Philadelphia Pa. 19023
                                                                                                    Adams Fire Protection
                                                                                         EMERGENCY RESPONSE EQUIPMENT & APPAREL
Cost: $30.00 p/p includes buffet style dinner, dessert,
      Drink specials and entertainment                                                              Office: (610) 521-2937
                                                                                                     Fax: (610) 521-1896
Hibernian Service Award                                                                           Email:
Joseph Montgomery                                                                         _______________________________________
Executive Board Member
Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Observance Assoc.                                                   Jamison Celtic Rock & Sláinte
Past Emeritus AOH Div. 65                                                                            Celtic Traditional & Rock
National Life Member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.                                             Frank Daly 267-252-6256

Hibernian of the year                                                                  
Hubert Gantz
President Garrettford - Drexel Hill Vol. Fire Co.
AOH Div. 22 Recording Secretary                                                                            Pat Campbell
                                                                                                     Mechanical Contracting
Irishman of the Year                                                                             Electrical & Mechanical Service
Edward Dougherty                                                                              
National Hibernian Hunger Project Chairman                                                 ______________________________________
President AOH Div. 39
                                                                                                       Timothy G. McShea
Ladies Hibernian of the Year                                                                              Vice President
                                                                                                Philadelphia Fire Fighters Union
Debbie Lenczynski                                                                                Local No. 22 -I.A.F.F. -AFL-CIO
Treasurer LAOH Div. 22                                                                      415 N. 5th Street -Philadelphia, Pa 19123
                                                                                                      Office: 215-440-4400
                                                                                             Cell: 215-518-9683 Fax: 215-440-4419
Please contact Awards Chairman and Vice President Dan Cline at
610-420-5973 or
Advanced payment is appreciated and can be mail to
Dan Cline at 201 Winterlock Way Wallingford, PA. 19086                                               JD McGillicuddy’s Pub
                                                                                                  421 North 7 Philadelphia Pa
Bill Murphy is selling fire/ems and sport team blankets- 4'x5' made in USA, 100%
                                                                                             Check out our 6 other great locations in
cotton, washable. Average price $40.00 delivered.
                                                                                            Upper Darby, Manayunk, Tinicum, Ardmore
610-259-8254 (H) or 267-432-3478 (C) (custom designs available)
                                                                                                   Roxborough & Havertown

Check out our Facebook page and help us help the Philadelphia Fire Fighters           _____________________________________________
Union Local 22 Widow’s fund.All you have to do is "like" our page and we will
make the donation based upon how many likes we get. We will donate $150/500                                  Bill Gault
people, $300/1000 over that $500. Go to:                                                                     President
                                                                                                 Philadelphia Fire Fighters Union
                                                                                                  Local No. 22 -I.A.F.F. -AFL-CIO
                                                                                             415 N. 5th Street -Philadelphia, Pa 19123
                                     A cool Irish cocktail                                             Office: 215-440-4400
Irish Freeze                                                                                  Cell: 267-549-6325 Fax: 215-440-4419
 1 and 1/2 ounces of any liqueur of your choice
3/4 ounce of pure Irish cream liqueur                                              Your business can be listed here and on our website.
                                                                                   To find out how contact Jeff at 610-203-1464 or
Fill a cocktail glass with crushed ice.
Mix the ingredients and pour over the crushed ice.
Use a cocktail shaker to mix the ice and two liqueurs well.

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