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Textile Industry in India:
Textile Industry in India is the second largest employment generator after agriculture. It holds significant status in India as it provides one of the most fundamental necessities of the people. Textile industry was one of the earliest industries to come into existence in India and it accounts for more than 30% of the total exports. In fact Indian textile industry is the second largest in the world, second only to China.

Textile Industry is unique in the terms that it is an independent industry, from the basic requirement of raw materials to the final products, with huge valueaddition at every stage of processing. Textile industry in India has vast potential for creation of employment opportunities in the agricultural, industrial, organised and decentralised sectors & rural and urban areas, particularly for women and the disadvantaged. Indian textile industry is constituted of the following segments: Readymade Garments, Cotton Textiles including Handlooms, Man-made Textiles, Silk Textiles, Woollen Textiles, Handicrafts, Coir, and Jute.

Till the year 1985, development of textile sector in India took place in terms of general policies. In 1985, for the first time the importance of textile sector was recognized and a separate policy statement was announced with regard to development of textile sector. In the year 2000, National Textile Policy was announced. Its main objective was: to provide cloth of acceptable quality at reasonable prices for the vast majority of the population of the country, to increasingly contribute to the provision of sustainable employment and the economic growth of the nation; and to compete with confidence for an increasing share of the global market. The policy also aimed at achieving the target of textile and apparel exports of US $ 50 billion by 2010 of which the

share of garments will be US $ 25 billion.

Strengths of Indian textile Industry:

India has rich resources of raw materials of textile industry. It is one of the largest producers of cotton in the world and is also rich in resources of fibres like polyester, silk, viscose etc.


India is rich in highly trained manpower. The country has a huge advantage due to lower wage rates. Because of low labor rates the manufacturing cost in textile automatically comes down to very reasonable rates.


India is highly competitive in spinning sector and has presence in almost all processes of the value chain.


Indian garment industry is very diverse in size, manufacturing facility, type of apparel produced, quantity and quality of output, cost, requirement for fabric etc. It comprises suppliers of ready-made garments for both, domestic or export markets.

Weaknesses of Indian textile Industry:

Indian textile industry is highly fragmented in industry structure, and is led by small scale companies. The reservation of production for very small companies that was imposed with the intention to help out small scale companies across the country, led substantial fragmentation that distorted the competitiveness of industry. Smaller companies do not have the fiscal resources to enhance technology or invest in the high-end engineering of processes. Hence they lose in productivity.


Indian labour laws are relatively unfavorable to the trades and there is an urgent need for labour reforms in India.


India seriously lacks in trade pact memberships, which leads to restricted access to the other major markets.

Outlook for Indian textile Industry:
The outlook for textile industry in India is very optimistic. It is expected that Indian textile industry would continue to grow at an impressive rate. Textile industry is being modernized by an exclusive scheme, which has set aside $5bn for investment in improvisation of machinery. India can also grab opportunities in the export market. The textile industry is anticipated to generate 12mn new jobs in various sectors.

India Textile Industry:
Until the economic liberalization of Indian economy, the India Textile Industry was predominantly unorganized industry. The opening up of Indian economy post 1990s led to a stupendous growth of this industry India Textile Industry is one of the largest textile industries in the world. Today, Indian economy is largely dependent on textile manufacturing and exports. India earns around 27% of the foreign exchange from exports of textiles. Further, India Textile Industry contributes about 14% of the total industrial production of India. Furthermore, its contribution to the gross domestic product of India is around 3% and the numbers are steadily increasing. India Textile Industry involves around 35 million workers directly and it accounts for 21% of the total employment generated in the economy. Strengths of Indian Textile Industry are as follows -

-fiber raw material manufacturing capacity

tent Flexible textile manufacturing systems Weaknesses of Indian Textile Industry are as follows 

Increased global competition in the post 2005 trade regime under WTO

    

Imports of cheap textiles from other Asian neighbors Use of outdated manufacturing technology Poor supply chain management Huge unorganized and decentralized sector High production cost with respect to other Asian competitors

The Ministry of Textiles under the Government of India has taken some significant steps to arrest these problems. It has framed "The National Textile Policy 2000" to address the aforesaid issues. This policy aims at negating these problems and increasing the foreign exchange earnings to the tune of US$ 50 billion by the year 2010. It includes rational road-maps for the development and promotion of all the sectors involved directly or indirectly with the textile industry of India. Further, the policy also envisages to bring the unorganized decentralized textile sector (which accounts for 76% of textile production) at par with the organized mill sector. Furthermore, the policy also aims at introducing modern and efficient manufacturing machineries and techniques in the Indian textile sector.

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Our Values:
   

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Industrial threads are used by the various manufacturing industries like shoe (yash shoe company), bags & purse (m&O), sports goods, upholstery, garment jeans manufacturers etc. Madhur threads are supply their goods to above manufactures.

Madhur Threads has following products :
Madhur Threads offer an ample array of industrial threads that mainly include trilobal, viscose, metallic, poly core spun, bobbin threads and knitting zari. Our industrial threads are used by the various manufacturing industries like shoe, bags & purse, sports goods, upholstery, garment jeans manufacturers etc. All our products are made up of best quality raw materials and are highly valued in quality cautious market. We at Madhur Threads follow strict quality controls due to which we have

managed to retain our leadership in this field. Our brand 'MAYUR' and 'LANCER' are very popular in the garment industry. Our products are manufactured keeping in par with the international quality norms. Our products have earned us a long list of prestigious clients situated in India as well as other foreign countries. Features of Madhur threads :
   

Madhur threads Scores on quality, price, range and availability. All threads are Eco friendly and free from AZO dyes and carcinogens. OEKO TEX 100 Class I certified. Excellent results on Tajima, Barudan, ZSK, Schiffli and Multi-head machines.

       

Completely knotless threads with superior tenacity and lustre. Accurate length and minimum shrinkage No Breakage at high speed Accurate colour matching and Colour Fastness of ISO 105 standard. Wide colour range Moisture Retention less than 0.5%. Well established distribution network. We can produce threads as per customer's specifications.

Madhur Threads offer MAYUR trilobal embroidery dyed thread for Multi Head Embroidery Machines, It is made of and twisted from Low Shrinkage Type 100% polyster trilobal filament yarn. MAYUR trilobal embroidery thread, is constructed with special continious filament which eliminates looping, puckering and virtually all thread breaks. Suitable for almost any application, Our MAYUR Trilobal thread is extremely durable and smooth running. Our Vibrant colors which are silky

and luxurious as well as resistant to chlorine bleach, make Mayur Trilobal, the ideal thread for embroidery.

Features :
 

Superior strength for fewer threads breaks and reduced down time. Low elongation eliminates looping and puckering for hours of worryfree embroidery.


Colourfast to chlorine bleach and soda; ideal for embroidery on items which are subject to harsh industrial laundering at 800C

        

Available in over 1000 spectacular shades. Highly lusterous, gives effect of a silk thread. Economically priced to fit even the most conservative budget. 120D is readily available. Suitable for all imported and Indian multihead embroidery machines. Accurate colour matching. Eco friendly, free from carcinogens and AZO dyes. OEKO TEX100 Class I certified. Mainly used in woven garment, leather and denim garments decorative stitch for leather products and knitted products.


We can give trilobal thread in 80D, 100D, 150D, 300D, 600D and single/two or three ply also, as per customer specifications.










We offer a variety of viscose embroidery thread that is available in various varitey in terms of deniers colour and lustor .Unlike lower quality viscose

threads, MAYUR VISCOSE THREADS retains its strength and luster, even after washing.Our high quality threads are widely used across various industries for multi head embroidery work.

Features :
  

100 D is readily available in 600 shades. These are dyed under HP/HT hence ensures 100% colour matching Colour fastness ISO 105 standard and 4-5 for rubbing fastness (dry and wet).

 

Highly lusterous thread. Our threads are OEKO TEX 100 Class I certified, eco friendly, free from AZO dyes and carcinogens.


We can also provide 120, 150, 300, 450 Denier as per customer specifications.


Packaging: Finish product in 900mts tube and 5000mts V cone.

Madhur Threads offers various thread counts and types in metallic. MAYUR metallic’s are available in a wide variety of Gold, Silvers and precious metals, dazzling Jewel and iridescent tones, multicolour’s and soft, subtle elegant shades in three different ranges to cater to your embroidery, weaving and knitting requirements MAMILON: It covers all smooth and highly lusterous metallic’s. METALLIC: It covers all requirement of embroidery with subtle metallic shine. Mamilon and Metallic yarn highly fulfil your embroidery needs

LUREX: It covers the need of metallic yarn in weaving and comes in an array of colours. Features :
  

These are highly lusterous threads. Base filament nylon 120d Mayur metallic. Highly Lubricated hence give a smooth running on all multi head embroidery or stitching machine thus providing less breakage and high productivity.

  

Unique Metallic coating to protect lustre during sewing Colour fastness 600C (Detergent wash). Ready stock of more than 70 colours is available. Any other colour can be developed as per specification


It can be developed in Rayon/Polyester from 80-600 deniers as per specifications.


Like all other Madhur Threads, MAYUR METALLIC THREADS can be used for embroidery and decorative stitching on anything from lingerie and sports fashion through to jeans, coats, shoes and home wares.

 

Eco friendly, free from AZO dyes and carcinogens. Packaging: 2000 mts Y cone

AS a manufacturer of high quality embroidery threads, MADHUR THREADS is also involved in the development of top grade bobbin threads. MADHUR bobbin threads are a guarantee for perfect stiching. All harmonize with our complete range of top threads and of course have the same high quality, which means outstanding performance and hence

contributing our bit to your high prodcuctivity. We offer a wider range of colours in polyster bobbin threads that is very durable and available in a variety of colours.

Features :
  

Our sewing threads are made of super high tenacity fibres. Available in all count and TKT. Our threads have auto coner. These are spliced / electronically cleared at Auto Coner Auto spliced & TFO.


Being TFO and auto spliced it gives smoothness, evenness and knot less threads.

    

Colour range: ready stock of 1000 + colours. Customised colours can also be produced within short notice. Elongation depending on count, from 10% to 15% Colour fastness at 80 0C is guaranteed. Special lubricant is applied through P.A. Winder which ensures better and smooth sew ability.

 

Eco friendly, OEKO TEX 100 Class I certified. Packaging: 180MTS 300MTS 800MTS, 1000MTS, TUBE 5000MTS and 10000MTS in cone.

AS a manufacturer of high quality embroidery threads, MADHUR THREADS is also involved in the development of top grade bobbin threads. MADHUR bobbin threads are a guarantee for perfect stiching. All harmonize with our complete range of top threads and of course have the

same high quality, which means outstanding performance and hence contributing our bit to your high prodcuctivity. We offer a wider range of colours in polyster bobbin threads that is very durable and available in a variety of colours.

Features :

Lancer core spun is highly lubricated with special lubricants to provide excellent sewing performance.

      

TEX No 75,50,36,25 is readily available. High tenacity, low shrinkage, non-static, low heat build up. Very high resistance to heat due to heat cover. It is OEKO TEX 100 Class I certified Ideal for all types of sewing machines. Very good lustre due to the Special Polishing Treatment. LANCER core spun is mainly used in Jeans, Trousers, Lingerie, Jackets & Coats, slacks, Leather garments, leather goods etc.

 

We can also produce as per customer's specifications Packaging: 2000 Mts. Cone.

Madhur Threads offers knitting zari, which is made of polyester single metallised monofilaments, supported with two ends of 15d, 20d or 40d polyamide nylon monofilament. A gaumet of more then 20 colours available,
   

High strength Graceful, lusterous sheen. Super soft Very smooth to be used for circular knitting


Mayur knitting Zari is recommended for Nylon stockings, panty hose, fine gauge and bathing suit fabrics


Packaging: cones of 500 gms. Net weight.


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