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					        Guess : who is he or she?
 He is an excellent gymnast  In 1998, a young and
  and won three golden        beautiful Chinese girl
  Olympic Games medals, and   was doing exercises
  now he works in             on a beam in the USA,
  International Gymnastics    when she landed,
  Union . He runs a firm      unfortunately she fell
  selling shoes and T-shirts  over and hurt badly.
  and so on                   Now she is a disabled
李宁                          桑兰
  Do you like doing sports?
If you hurt yourself, what will do at once?
 see the doctor,
use special medicine ,
rub down , put hot and cold cloth on the
damaged part
  (hot-cloth-and –frozen-peas)
The temperatures makes the blood move
a,the damaged part begin to repair
 Listen and answer
 1,What is the matter with
 2,What does the doctor tell her
  to do?
 To 1 is that she has hurt her
 To 2 is that the doctor tells
 her to use a special treatment
      Do the questions with your partner
                                Gymnast
 Who is Sharon?
                               Do exercises, high-and
 How did she hurt her should? low bar, land,fell forward,
 Why was she very              too close,knocked into,fell
  fortunate ?                    over
 What does the doctor advise
                                Nothing serious
  her to use?
                                Put hot wet cloth one
 How to use the treatment?
                                 minute,frozen peas for one
 How often does she must
  take the treatment?            minute again and again
 Do you think it is effective  Twice a day for a week
                                You were sharon,tell the
   practise with your partner
  one to be sharon and one to be doctor

 Take (have )a look at
 Have a walk/rest
 Be fit to do sth
 Be fit for sth
If you were a patient at doctor’s ,and make
a dialogue with your friend.(headache …)
  exercises to homework
 exercises          serious
 knocked            treatment
 shoulder           cloth
 hurt               packet
 examined           blood
 what               Repair
 That is all
thank you!

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