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                Mercy Housing receives two grants worth $750,000 from Citi Fo
                Grants will be used to expand the development of affordable housing in Illinois,
                throughout the nation

                08.17.2009 – When 11-year-old Chaz lived with his family, including his five younger
                siblings, in a homeless shelter, he remembers having to sleep in a small bed with           Twitter Pitc
                his younger brother, sharing sparse amounts of food with other families and being           Two grants w
                                                                                                            Foundation wil
                too ashamed about where he lived to make new friends. He also remembers how
                                                                                                            efforts in Calif
                sad his mother was.

                                                                                                            News Facts
                “It seemed like no one cared about us when we lived in the shelter,” Chaz said.               About Citi F
                                                                                                              Citi Foundati
                Today, Chaz and his family live in a four-bedroom apartment at Mercy Housing                  economic e
                Lakefront’s Wentworth Commons, a permanent supportive housing building on                     and families,

                Chicago’s South Side. Thanks to Citi Foundation’s continued support to Mercy                  in the comm
                                                                                                              that they ca
                Housing, more low-income families, like Chaz’s, will have safe, stable affordable
                                                                                                              living. Global
                homes nationwide.
                                                                                                              targets its st
                                                                                                              focus areas
                “I’m much happier and more relaxed now that I live here,” Chaz said. “I am making
                more friends, because now I’m not embarrassed about where I live.”                            Businesses,
                                                                                                              Education a
                In 2008, Mercy Housing received $500,000 from the Citi Foundation to support                  United State
                efforts in Illinois and California, as well as national housing development                   Foundation

                opportunities and capacity building. Citi Foundation recently awarded Mercy Housing           Developmen
                an additional $250,000 grant to continue supporting the creation of healthy
                communities through affordable housing in 2009. The grant will support Mercy
                                                                                                              Small and G
                Housing’s efforts in California and Illinois, including $100,000 that will go directly to
                Mercy Housing Lakefront’s efforts in Chicago and $100,000 that will go directly to
                Mercy Housing California’s efforts in Los Angeles and San Francisco.                          innovations.
                                                                                                              be found at
                "The Citi Foundation is very proud to invest in Mercy Housing so they can expand the          www.citifo
                supply of quality, safe, affordable housing to enable thousands of people improve             About Citi
                their lives and the lives of their families,” said Pam Flaherty, President and CEO of         Citi, the leadi

                the Citi Foundation.                                                                          services co
                                                                                                              200 million c
                                                                                                              does busine
                “Citi Foundation’s support ensures the longevity of our affordable housing and
                                                                                                              countries. T
                supportive programs that help residents build stronger futures for themselves, their
                                                                                                              units, Citicor
                children and their communities,” said Sister Lillian Murphy, RSM, Mercy Housing
                                                                                                              provides co
                CEO. “We greatly appreciate their confidence in our mission to create stable, vibrant         government
                and healthy communities throughout the nation.”                                               broad range
                                                                                                              services, in
                Citi and the Citi Foundation are long-time supporters of Mercy Housing’s mission.             and credit, c

                The Citi Foundation is committed to enhancing economic opportunities for                      banking, se
                                                                                                              wealth man
                underserved families and people in communities where Citi works throughout the
world. To date, the Citi Foundation has given more than $3.4 million to Mercy
Housing to support housing development and resident services. Citi staff members
have also volunteered countless hours at Mercy Housing properties throughout the
nation over the last several years.                                                  Resource Li
                                                                                     Mercy Housi
Mercy Housing Lakefront is the Chicago area’s premier nonprofit developer and        Mercy Housi

manager of affordable housing. Mercy Housing Lakefront currently owns 16             Mercy Housi
                                                                                     Citi Foundati
properties in Illinois that are home to more than 2,000 residents, including 450
children. Mercy Housing California, with offices in Sacramento, San Francisco and
Los Angeles, has 135 properties that serve more than 22,000 residents. Its           Tags
programs include affordable rental housing, self-help homeownership and              mercy housi
homeownership education. As a whole, Mercy Housing has a presence in 41 states       lakefront, cit
and serves more than 124,000 people on any given day.

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About Mercy Housing
Mercy Housing, a national not-for-profit affordable housing organization
headquartered in Denver, has a presence in 41 states, serves more than 124,000
people on any given day and has participated in the development, financing or
operation of more than 36,900 homes. About 75 percent of Mercy Housing’s portfolio
is rental units, and the remaining 25 percent is homeownership. Mercy Housing
serves families, seniors and people with special needs (formerly homeless, people
with HIV/AIDS and the developmentally disabled).

Contacting Mercy Housing
Mercy Housing
1999 Broadway, Ste. 1000
Denver, CO 80202

Press Contact
Gail Bransteitter
Office: 303-830-3439
Cell: 303-859-3540

Interview Request
Gail Bransteitter
Office: 303-830-3439
Cell: 303-859-3540
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