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					                       Campbell Hall
                                                                                                                       Community Newsletter

May / June 2009

                JULIAN BOND
                     he power
                                        Julian Bond in Garver Gym
                                 T        and inspi-
                                          ration of
                                 the Civil Rights
                                 Movement was
                                 palpable for CH
                                 students, faculty,
                                 and parents when
                                 Julian Bond spoke
                                 to our commun-
                                 ity in March.
                                 Julian Bond, a
founding member of the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee and co-founder of the
Southern Poverty Law Center, engaged students
and faculty in a journey through key moments in
his development as a leader in the struggle for
equal rights in the 1950’s and 1960’s, including his
evolution from a young student watching events
unfold in Little Rock to an activist at the forefront
of voting drives and sit-ins.                              Luther King at Morehouse College and the                    the University of Virginia, where he currently
                                                           natural, easy quality of Dr. King’s interaction with        teaches as a history professor, as an example of
Mr. Bond especially helped students experience the         students. Campbell Hall students responded                  schools that can effectively educate and nurture
flavor of 1950’s America for a teenager, and the           enthusiastically to Julian Bond’s own natural way           students from all backgrounds, a critical need if we
way in which he moved from an avid viewer of               with them, as well as his encouragement to meet             are to continue to prosper as a nation.
“American Bandstand” to a supporter of the “Little         the needs of their own time.
Rock Nine,” as they bravely stepped forward to                                                                         Julian Bond bridged a generation gap as he
integrate the Arkansas high school. Mr. Bond’s             When Mr. Bond spoke with parents, he reflected              brought the experiences and advances of yesterday
talk helped students experience the gradual nature         on our current condition as a country – from                into our own dynamic present. And most impor-
of his development, as well as the various elements        “Alabama to Obama,” and the ways in which we                tantly of all, he inspired students, faculty and
that influenced his later decisions as a young             still need to move forward as a culture committed           parents to continue the fight for justice in this
college student confronting racism in the South.           to equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of race,   current moment – to become active, not passive, in
He also talked about his class with Dr. Martin             ethnicity, or sexual orientation. He spoke about            the challenges of our own time.

                                                        ERIKA JACOBY
                                                                  n April 20th the high school experienced an emotional Holocaust Remembrance Day program which

                                                        O         included screening the award-winning documentary Swimming in Auschwitz. The film follows the
                                                                  lives of six Jewish women and their experiences before, during and after World War II and, partic-
                                                        ularly, their imprisonment at the Auschwitz concentration camp. The screening was followed by a question
                                                        and answer period with Erika Jacoby, one of the Holocaust survivors depicted in the film, and Jon Kean, the
                                                        film’s writer and director.

                                                      Erika was liberated with her mother on May 8th, 1945. Together, they returned to their home in Hungary.
                                                      She came to New York where she married her husband Emil, a resistance fighter, in 1950. She worked as a
                                                      teacher before earning a graduate degree in social work. To this day, Erika, now 81, counsels Holocaust
Erika Jacoby (right) with her husband, Emil Jacoby    survivors and is committed to telling her story personally as often as she can. She urged us all to honor and
and Jon Kean, writer/director, Swimming in Auschwitz. keep the stories alive for those who have no voice. It was truly an emotional and inspiring experience to have
                                                      her share her story with our community. (Erika is the author of I Held The Sun in My Hands.)

                    Campbell Hall

    THE COTTAGE INDUSTRIES AROUND                              expertise as a result of working in the admission       TENNIS TOURNAMENT: Full of Surprises!
                                                               office of an Ivy League college. While technically
    COLLEGE PLANNING                                           correct, what the author does not reveal is that she
    by John Corona, Director of College Counseling             was not a full time member of the admission office.
       n any industry that involves financial oppor-           She was the wife of a visiting professor who was
    I  tunity, there are always entrepreneurial spirits
       who will find ways to get in on the action.
                                                               hired by the admission office to be a part-time
                                                               application reader (a very common practice among
    Unfortunately, college planning is one of the many         many colleges). There’s no question she learned a
    examples. These days, parents can feel                     lot about the application review process, probably
    overwhelmed by all of the services that are out            more than is generally known by everyday people.
    there and the frenzy and anxiety associated with           But if you wanted to invest $150,000, how much
    college planning: testing tutors, independent              would you value the experience of someone who
    counselors, summer programs, college guide                 worked in financial services on a part time basis for
    books, essay writing guide books, etc. It can seem         one year?
    that there are those who would take advantage of           At this time of year, we also hear from a number of
                                                                                                                                 Sarah Lee, Pam Shriver, Sabrina Santamaria, Julian Bull
    the stress that students and parents feel around this
                                                               parents who receive mailings about various
                                                               academic organizations, ready to acknowledge
                                                               their student’s significant achievements…for a fee.
                                                                                                                       T          he 5th Annual Tennis Tournament raised over
                                                                                                                                  $25,000 with proceeds benefiting the New
                                                                                                                       Building Fund. In addition to the competition, the
    At our national professional association’s                 Recently, a student brought me the letter she           tournament participants and spectators were
    conference in Seattle this year, many of us were           received at home from one organization. They            treated to an entertaining exhibition doubles
    amazed at what a circus the exhibitors’ area had           would send her a certificate of achievement for         match between CH sophomores Sarah Lee and
    turned in to. College matching web sites had               $60. This was a “one-time only fee” (sounds             Sabrina Santamaria, the 2008 CIF Individual
    mock dorm rooms set up to show how in touch                strangely like a time share sales expression, right?)   Doubles Tennis Champions, versus Headmaster
    they were with today’s college student. Test prep          and membership in this organization entitled the        Julian Bull and CH tennis coach Steve Kuechel.
    companies were giving away iPods. There was                student to recognition by prestigious colleges and      Tennis star Pam Shriver was in attendance, and drew
    even a company there that had Guitar Hero demos            members-only events. One such event was an              the winners of the fabulous raffle prizes including
    available for conference attendees. I’m not sure           admission panel on which Stanford was repre-            tickets to the US Open in New York. This year’s
    what it had to do with their product but their             sented. I e-mailed our friend, Shawn Abbott,            winners were Jackie and Curt de Crinis in the 4.0
    display was eye catching.                                  Director of Admission at Stanford and asked for         division, and Alex Palermo and Claire Willenson in
                                                               his take on the organization. He confirmed that an                                                       the 3.5 division.
    I wish I could say that the tide will turn and some        alumnus of the school was on the panel but                                                               Thank you to
    day people will realize the truth—that you really          regarding the organization itself, “I’ve ‘heard’ of                                                      event co-chairs
    can be admitted into a great university without            (it).” Not exactly a ringing endorsement.                                                                Roni Hodgkins, Lynn
    having to pay for all this preparation. But, many                                                                                                                   Kouf and Helen
    of these ancillary cottage industries wouldn’t be          So if you check in to one of the many services that                                                      Pollak, the Toluca
    successful if they did not feed parents’ fears that        are out there and they give you the impression that                                                      Lake Tennis Club,
    their child will not be admitted to college without        all is lost without their guidance, take a step back                                                     Marie and Randy
    the service the company can provide. I frequently          and really consider if you’re being scared into                                                          Landsberger, the
    have parents tell me that they called one test prep        paying for something you don’t really need. And,                                                         players, sponsors,
    company or another during their student’s junior           as always, feel free to come ask the college                                                             supporters and
    year and are left with an impression of, “Well,            counseling staff.                                                                                        volunteers      for
    thank goodness you called us. Hopefully it’s not                                                                                                                    dedicating their
    too late to salvage this. You really should have                                                                                                                    time, talent and
    called us when your daughter was a freshman.” Of                      Ace Energy and The Green                           4.0 Winners: Jackie and Curt de Crinis
                                                                                                                                                                        efforts to make
    course, the parents instantly feel as if they’ve been                 Schools Alliance recognized                  Event Co-Chairs with 3.5 Winners: Roni Hodgkins, this event such as
    negligent and immediately sign their daughter up                      and honored Campbell Hall’s                  Claire Willenson, Lynn Kouf, Helen Pollak, Alex  success.
    for the most expensive package the company                            campus sustainability efforts in             Palermo
    offers.                                                    the Green Cup Challenge. They noted
                                                               that our campus’s sustainable efforts have
    So, acknowledging that these services are here to
    stay, the advice I can offer is to continue to be criti-
                                                               successfully contributed to reduction of
    cally thoughtful consumers. It just takes a little         over 1,215 tons of CO2 from the atmos-
    digging and asking the right questions. Our                phere. The Arbor Day Foundation is
    friend, Peter Johnson, Director of Admission at            planting 1,100 native pine, fir and cedar
    Columbia University, spoke to Campbell Hall                trees in California’s Plumas National
    juniors and their parents in January and told a            Forest in honor of Campbell Hall and the
    wonderful story about a college admission                  2009 Green Cup participants.
    guidebook. The author of the book highlights her

FacultyNews                                                                                                                StudentLife
                                                          BLACK HISTORY MONTH - Student celebrations
       Celebration of a Life
         With love and prayers to the
                                                                                                                       T     his year’s Black History Month
                                                                                                                             Assembly (7th-12th) focused on
                                                                                                                       highlighting the accomplishments of African
            family and friends of                                                                                      American musicians. The era of the jazz clubs
                                                                                                                       and most notably the Cotton Club is an
            ~ Sandy Behlmer ~                                                                                          integral part of the African American
                                                                                                                       heritage, coming out of the Harlem Renais-
   Sandy was a beloved teacher, mentor                                                                                 sance which commenced a cultural, literary
   and friend to our school. She taught at                                                                             and artistic revolution. The music born from
   Argyll Episcopal Academy and                                                                                        that era and created by the talented greats, i.e.
                                                                                                                       Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald,
   Campbell Hall for 37 years. She died                                                                                Lena Horne and scores of others, was like
   on March 22nd after a courageous                                                                                    none other and provided the foundation for
   battle against cancer. ose who spoke
                                                          jazz music today. The CH assembly featured the HS
   at Sandy’s memorial service at the                     Jazz Band and Jazz Combo, singers from across the
   school in April reflected on the                        grades and musicians to create a magical experience for
   tremendous impact she had on their                     the audience. Additionally, a multimedia presentation
                                                          prepared by Brian Woods and custom-made
   lives. Her spirit lives in the hearts of               bandstands, designed by Lowell Nickel and assembled
   many alumni, families and current                      by the Student Diversity Group, enhanced the
   and former faculty and staff.                           experience for all. The success of this assembly was truly
                                                          a collaborative effort!

Tommie Kappler featured in the March/April edition, can
be reached at :
                                                          Congratulations to 9th grade student Julia McQuade on
Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day                      raising $325 for Homes For Our Troops. As a 2008 winner
Kindergartners delighted the audience with “It’s a        of the Alumni Association Community Service Award, Julia
Small World.” If you are interested in receiving a        planned a Family Movie Event for the CH Community.
copy of the DVD of the program, please contact            Homes For Our Troops is a non-profit non-partisan
Melissa Cagle: Photos            organization that builds or adapts handicapped-
below: (middle) John Wilder, grandparent of Sam           accessible homes for servicemen and women returning
Stewart ’17 and Jackson Stewart ‘20. (Right) Florence     from Iraq and Afghanistan with severe disabilities.
                                                          Great work, Julia!
Browne, grandparent of Claire and Tommy Vossler

                                                     uthor Janet Wong made a recent visit to CH where she was enthusiastically received by students throughout
                                               A     the campus. Author of Before it Wriggles Away, TWIST: Yoga Poems, and The Dumpster Diver among others,
                                               Janet Wong’s books reflect the rich diversity of contemporary American culture, and appeal to a wide range of
                                               readers: preschoolers who love to make buzzing sounds, teenagers fixated on driving, and grandparents who like
                                               to tell their own stories about growing up. She made a presentation to elementary students and teachers in the
                                               elementary gym, conducted a writing workshop with 2nd and 4th graders working specifically on poems, met
                                               with a group of 8th grade English students, gave a chapel presentation to all 7th graders, and shared time with
                                               students during lunch and after school. She encouraged students and teachers to write and offered ideas about
                                               how to become published and writing contests to enter.

                 Campbell Hall

                                                                                                             High School students Audrey Wayne ’09, Nick Pillot
                                                                                                             ’10, Henry Bernsen’10, Angus Bernsen’10, Max Whipple
                                                                                                             ’10 and Kevin Marciano ’10 held a garage sale and
                                                                                                             raised $230 for “Operation Gratitude” which sends
                                                                                                             care packages to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
                                                                                                             The boys in the group also spent a day working at
                                                                                                             the Armory in Van Nuys labeling boxes. Operation
                                                                                                             Gratitude’s mission is to “Put a smile on a service
                                                                                                             member’s face and to express to all troops our appre-
                                                                                                             ciation and support.”

    CH 13-Year Students Matthew Trebek ’09 and
    Catherine LaGaly ’09 toured kindergartners around      Performances were grand for the Third Grade Spanish Plays: Blanca Nieves, La Caperucita Roja, Los
    the upper school campus – including the highly         Tres Osos, and Los Tres Cochinitos. Congratulations to all!
    prized Senior Patio.

    In honor of the 90th anniversary of the Assistance
    League of Southern California, Sloane Fowkes ’09 was
    awarded a Founders Day Leadership Award in recog-
    nition of her community service. She has been a
    member of the Assisteens, the league’s teen
    community service group since 9th grade and has
    served in many leadership roles including chairing
    the group during her junior year, and chairing
    many events throughout the years.

    7th grade American History & Government students participated in the annual Mock Trial “People of New York vs. Isaac Harris and Max Blanck.” Using primary
    sources from the 1911 trial about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, students prepared opening and closing statements and played the roles of direct and
    cross examiners. Highlights for the students included questioning parents and grandparents who played the part of witnesses and hearing the final verdict,
    which was handed down by volunteer judges. In the trial pictured below (left), CH Grandparent Byron Hayes plays the part of courtroom judge.


   Cast & Crew: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
The cast and crew of The Mystery of Edwin Drood gave an astonishing performance of the play based on Charles Dickens’last – and unfinished – novel. Wholly interactive, student actors mingled
with the audience from the beginning to lay the groundwork for a charged experience. Since the novel was uncompleted – and there are several potential villains, one of whom is the perpetrator of
a dastardly crime – audience members were invited to vote for their choice of ending which the cast then enacted. The enthusiasm and skill of our talented actors was truly remarkable!

Second grader PaigeinSchwartz, shadowed Ms. The CH Advanced at the world
Mary Ellen Tracy,      her role as Elementary Ensemble performed

Assistant Principal-for-the-Day. This is one of the         famous Knitting Factory for the
many popular auction items available through                Grammy’s “MusiCares” fundraiser
the Bagpiper’s Ball cMarket auction. See details            in collaboration with Bridges
on page 7.                                                  Academy, Harvard Westlake,
                                                            Oakwood School, and New
                                                            Jewish Community HS. It was a
                                                            great experience for our students
                                                            to mingle with like-minded
                                                            musicians from other schools in
                                                            our area and for them to play on a
                                                            stage with industry standard
                                                            lighting and sound support. The
                                                            event was attended by over 250 people and raised$3,500 with proceeds benefiting MusiCares, the philan-
                                                            thropic arm of the Grammys. Members of the band: (l-r) Michael Toomin ’10, Sam Doniger ’10, Nicoletta
                                                            Heidegger ’09, Aaron Labowe ’09, James Schetter ’09 — Rock the House!

      Sat May 16:  11am-3pm Secondary Visual Arts Openings and Multi-Media Art Installation
                            —CarseyGallery, 3rd Floor, Rooms 202 & 36, ACAL Bldg, Garver Gym
                   12-1pm Film Festival —Garver Gym
                   1-3pm    Telephone Project: A multimedia collaboration of CH performers and fine artists from JH & HS —Garver Gym
                   3-5pm    Elementary Arts Festival: chorus, instrumental music, and dance concerts —Garver Gym
                   2-6pm    Elementary Arts Exhibition —Room 50
                   5-7pm    World Music Concert: HS Brazilian Percussion, JH World Music,
                            HS Steel Drum Orchestra —Theater
                   7-9pm    An Evening of Jazz: HS Jazz Band, JH Jazz Workshop, JH Jazz Band —Theater
      Mon May 18: 7-9pm     HS Rock Concert —Theater
      Tues May 19: 7-9pm    JH & HS Choral Concert with Jazz Combo —Theater
      Thur May 21: 7-9pm    Secondary Dance concert —Garver Gym
      Tues May 26: 7-8pm    JH & HS Orchestra Concert —Theater

                 Campbell Hall

                                                           ClassNotes                                                               Double Kudos to Nick Hornstein ‘07 on his recent university
    SPOTLIGHT: DAVID COBB (’87)                                                                                                     accomplishments.While only in his sophomore year at Brandeis
                                                           Congratulations to Joshua                                                University, Nick was recently awarded the prestigious Barry M.
                                                           Smith ’94 and Heather
                               D       avid Cobb has
                                       one of those
                               wonderfully creative
                                                           Magidsohn on their upcoming
                                                           June 6th marriage taking place at
                                                                                                                                    Goldwater Scholarship Award. Goldwater Scholars are selected
                                                                                                                                    on the basis of academic merit from a field of 1,097 mathe-
                                                                                                                                    matics, science, and engineering students who were nominated
                               jobs that most people       Firestone Vineyards in Los Olivos,                                       by their university faculties nationwide and is the premier under-
                               don’t even know exist.      California.                                                              graduate award of its type in these fields. We also want to
                               If you’ve been on the                                                                                congratulate Nick, who along with fellow collaborators at the
                               Men In Black ride at                                                                                 Brandeis school’s Griffith Lab, were published in the Journal of
                               Universal        Studios                                                                             Visualized Experiments. Brandeis is proud of its tradition of
                               Orlando, then you’ve                                                                                 undergraduates working in science labs, alongside grad
    experienced some of his work. David is a                                                                                        students, staff and post-docturates.The journal focuses on using
    Creative Director for “Special Venue and Desig-                                         Congratulations to Jenny                streaming video to provide access to high quality demonstra-
    nation-Based Entertainment,” such as theme                                              Wilson LaFever ‘93 and her              tions of lab procedures (in this case, demonstrating dissection
    parks, museums, attractions, live shows, and           husband Robert on the birth of their son Benjamin Byron LaFever          technique for doing neurophysiology in Drosophila larvae). All
    touring exhibits. As David says, “I liken my           born on January 21st.                                                    of us at Campbell Hall are extremely proud of Nick.
    work to a television or feature film writer/director
    - except the things I create, you get to walk          Congratulations to Kathy and
    through, touch and feel; they’re dimensional and       Brian Kriegler ’97 on the
                                                           birth of their daughter Jenna
                                                                                                                                                  DODGER BLUE
    experiential. It’s creatively challenging and I’m
    constantly collaborating with people who work          Rose Kriegler.                                                           Tickets are going fast for the 2nd Annual Campbell
    in all kinds of disciplines. The projects I work                                                                                Hall/Argyll Alumni Dodger Night. Bring your family and
    on are mostly prototypical so you might say I’m                                                                                 friends to Dodger Stadium on June 26th for a 7:10pm game
    a jack-of-all trades.”                                                                                                          vs. the Seattle Mariners – there will even be Fireworks!! We once
                                                                                                Congratulations to Jacob            again have terrific field level seats for $40 per person. To
    David has many fond memories of his years at                                                Pillot ’08 who has been             purchase tickets, contact Marcia Berman in the Alumni Office at
                                                                                                touring London with the band
    CH and was very involved with the drama                                                                                         818-505-5307 or at Hurry before
                                                                                                "Billy Boy on Poison" as the
    program. As a matter of fact, David won the                                                                                     they’re sold out!!
                                                                                                band’s new bass player.
    Bank of America Achievement Award in Fine
    Arts the year he graduated. Even then his talent
    for the arts was obvious!!                                                                                                      REUNION ‘09: June 6, 2009
    David remembers working in what was then the
                                                           Congratulations to Vivek Srinivasan ’04 on the one-year                  Toluca Lake Tennis Club
                                                           anniversary of DANCEiSM a unique dance party for the USC                 If you are in the class of 2004, 1999, 1994, 1989, 1984,
    brand new theatre. “The theatre was not your
                                                           community. Vivek and his partners start with a deserted                  1979, 1969, 1964 and 1959, you should have received your
    typical stage space. As a result, the staging of
                                                           warehouse which they transform into a colorfully elaborate,              reunion invitation either by email or snail mail. If you haven’t,
    productions became very experimental. I
                                                           interactive, and acoustically-inspired space. It all comes together      please contact Marcia in the Alumni Office or register on-line at
    remember doing The Crucible staged in the semi-
                                                           to provide an amazing dance party.                                       www.campbellhall/alumni.
    round. We also performed a production of USA
    by John Dos Passos in the Fine Arts Building.
    Our teacher was Mrs. Coombs and she really
    presented us with challenging work. Without            Argyll Alumnae First Annual Luncheon
    realizing it, we were doing university-level           On February 22nd, Argyll Alumnae and faculty gathered in the Carsey Gallery to view the amazing
    productions. I also remember Mr. Bourdon’s             Founder’s Day Exhibit on display and share a wonderful lunch together. The day was filled with
    video production class. Much of the work I do          warm memories and reconnecting with old friends. Thank you to everyone who participated.We
    now is based very much in combining live theatre       look forward to seeing you at the Second Annual Luncheon next year. Special thanks to the
    and technology. I can honestly say that                Argyll Alumnae Committee for their work in putting this day together.                           3.
    Campbell Hall really helped me in getting my
    creative juices flowing.”

    David (along with his classmates) have the
    distinction of the being the first Campbell Hall
    9-12 grade graduating co-ed class. If you want to
    check out some of David’s work visit his website
                                                            1.                                                            2.                                           4.
                                                           1. Class of '68 (l-r) - Rosalie Bates '67, Amanda Anderson '67, Candy Perenchio '68, Melinda Morgan '68, Candace McGranahan '68, Suzie Rockett-
                                                           Bencivengo '68. 2. Amanda Anderson '67, Julia Stesney, Stephanie Heng. 3. Classmates of ‘71: Missy Stalcup and Robin Nassif.
                                                           4. Toni Phillips Boim '80, Allison Carlton Camhi '80, Karen Robertson Romney.

                                                                                    GRANDPARENTS’ Committee
   Campbell Hall Bagpiper’s Ball                                                          — Grandparents’ Committee’s Cookie Day —
N w Y a ’s Eve in times square                                                       Cookie Day is an opportunity for grandparents to interact with upper school
                                                                                  students, faculty and staff – who really appreciate the love and generosity of our
                                                                                                             CH Grandparent Committee.
                Friday, May 15, 2009
                 Beverly Hills Hotel
                Dinner ~ Dancing ~ Live Auction
 Online Auction goes LIVE on MAY 7th at 6 a.m. PST
  4 tickets to the season finale of American Idol on Wednesday, May 21st
            Brunch for Two in the Polo Lounge
                    at the Beverly Hills Hotel
 One Night Stay in Deluxe Room at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel including
                    Dinner at the Palm in West Hollywood
              2 tickets to see a results show of
                                                                                                                                 Nearly 50 CH parents participated in the
           “Dancing With The Stars” (Season 9)                                                                                   CH Outreach Committee’s first CPR
               Hosted Fine Wine and Cigar Tasting Party at the                                                                   Training Night, which included a special
                     Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills                                                                          presentation from Dr. Rob Feinfield, a local
                                                                                                                                 ophthalmologist, who shared his recent
        Hosted Martini Party at a Private Home                                                                                   first-hand life-saving experience with the
                            in Beverly Hills                                                                                     audience.Training Solutions instructed our
Tickets to see the Jonas Brothers in concert in August at the Staples Center                                                     parents on both CPR and defibrillator
                                                                                                                                 usage for both adults and infants.
  Set visit, taping of the show and a meet & greet
 for 4, to Disney’s “The Wizards of Waverly Place”
      One Private Event Suite at the Staples Center for a Kings Game                        UMMER PROGRAMS 2009
                       of your choice (up to 24 people)                                                        at C AMPBELL HALL
                Elementary Chaplain For a Day                                               CAPS-Creative Arts Program in the Summer
                                                                                 CHESS • DANCE • BASEBALL • BASKETBALL • CHEERLEADING
  2 Front Row Seats with VIP Parking to CH’s Nutcracker Performance              SOCCER • FLAG FOOTBALL • VOLLEYBALL • TACKLE FOOTBALL
                               Trip to Napa                                                  WORLD DRUMMING WORKSHOP
Bring a Glove and Catch a Foul Ball! – 4 Tickets to the Dodgers vs. Braves                                Easy online registration
                             Plus Preferred Parking                                     
  Waterslide Party for 25 Children and 10 Adults                                               Summer programs office: (818) 505-2415

            (including food!) at Camp Keystone
       4 Tickets to see Jeff Dunham in Concert at Caesars Las Vegas,           Academic and Enrichment Classes for Junior High and High School
                                                                               students are open for registration. For more information about these
                       including 4 Autographed Dolls!                          and other classes, visit:
       4 VIP tickets to a Liza Minnelli concert in
          a Terrace Box at the Hollywood Bowl
                                                                                                       In Loving Memory of
                  VIP Tickets to a taping of the Price Is Right
                Elementary Principal For a Day                                                         Sami Bradley
                Ball Tickets can be purchased online:                                                  Lauren (‘04), family and friends,
                                                                    you are in our thoughts and prayers.

                Campbell Hall                                                                                                                                                   CLIPS
                                               Elementary through High School students create a magnificent GOSPEL CHOIR!

                                                                                                                                                     CLIPS Community
                                                                                                                                                                       Editor Annie Block

                                                                                                                                                      Design/Production Suzanne Turpin

                                                                                                                                                              Contributors Louise Macatee, John Corona,
                                                                                                                                                                           Marcia Berman, Ilise Friedman,
                                                                                                                                                                           Ricky Clay, Karen Richardson,
                                                                                                                                                                           Jason Bruns, Faith Ybanez,
                                                                                                                                                                           Rosa Navarro, Linda Pechin,
                                                                                                                                                                           Lynn Kouf, Gerard Burkhart

                                                                                                                                                     Campbell Hall (818) 980-7280
                                                                                                                                                     Activities Line (818) 505-5345
Black History Month events culminated in an amazing and powerful Gospel Choir Concert. Also, for the first time ever, the Campbell Hall Gospel
                                                                                                                                                     Submissions for CLIPS may be sent to
Choir, comprised of 5th-12th students, performed at an off-campus venue! The choir members were invited by their choir director to perform at the    and will be reviewed for editorial consideration.
Living Praise Christian Center in Chatsworth during their Sunday service. The kids were outstanding and represented our school spirit and talent!          Printed on recycled paper.

                                                                                                                                                    North Hollywood, CA 91607

                                                                                                                                                     4533 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
      Permit No. 12
  North Hollywood, CA
                                                                                                                                                     Campbell Hall

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