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Fifty years ago, an American pilot called Kenneth Arnold saw nine discs in the sky over Area 51
in Nevada, where the US military tests high-tech aircraft. The term ’flying saucer’ was born - and
with it, a whole new subculture which believes that alien life is not only somewhere out there, but
also here (indeed, probably in Area 51), ready to take over the world.

Highway 93 winds through the Nevada Desert. There are no cars, no houses, no nothing, just
sage brush and dust devils and a lunar landscape of grey mountains creeping into a never-
ending distance. At junction 375 a signpost says "Extraterrestrial Highway". The driver has
strayed from normal space-time co-ordinates and is heading towards Rachel, the town that
thinks of itself as the UFO capital of the world.

Rachel is, in fact, a very small trailer park whose significance arises from the fact that it sits on
the border of Area 51. This vast mass of desert land has been central to the UFO myth since, 50
years ago, a pilot named Kenneth Arnold spotted nine discs over Mount Rainer and the term
’Flying Saucer’ was born.

People have never accepted that Area 51 is merely a highly classified military site devoted to
testing high-tech aircraft. In 1988 it was claimed on TV that aliens lived there and, furthermore,
they enjoyed eating ice-cream and listening to Tibetan Music.

A year later, an individual named, Bob Lazar presented himself and announced that, when
working as a physicist on the base, he had seen several flying saucers parked in hangers. Patrol
guards carrying guns, surveillance cameras and notices saying that "USE OF DEADLY FORCE
IS AUTHORIZED" have done much much to fan an interesting aura of secrecy.

Consequently, Area 51 also known as Dreamland has become a mecca for the subversive, the
hacker and those who have seen far too many episodes of the X-Files.

John Holmgren sells T-shirts from a trailer named Close Encounters. On his desk there is a flyer
advertising "support" for "contactee groups". On his wall there are quotes from the Bible.
        "My professional belief is that in 1947, when the Roswell crash happened, they
        brought the saucer here because they needed to reverse-engineer it and find out
        how it worked. I believe that fiber optics, microchips and Velcro were developed
        as a result of this."
        "Velcro John?"
        "Yes. When the aliens undid their space suits in New Mexico there was a ripping
        sound and it was discovered that they had no zips..."
John has quite a lot of other theories. He is sure that a secret cabal known as Majestic 12 live in
Area 51 where they are plotting to take over the world. They will do this by forcing the population
to wear a "transpondental" chip without which it will be impossible to buy anything or drive.
        "The chip will be stamped into your right hand and if you don’t have a right hand,
        then it will be stamped on to your forehead". John is ready for the New World
        "There are people with arsenals," he says. "My father is one of them. They are
        just waiting for the government to screw up. There are millions of people ready to
        start a war. I have got the supplies, now all I need is the Guns..."
Glen Campbell runs the Area 51 Research Center from a bright yellow trailer in Rachel.
Designating himself as the token Sensible Person, he does not sell souvenirs, because they are
"incompatible with serious research", but he does, oddly, sell videos of Monty Python’s Life of
Brian, as well as the viewers guide, in which he writes :
        "This is a guide to hunting for UFOs and not secret aircraft but I do not honestly
        believe you are going to see any."
Those searching for luminosities are, however, difficult to dissuade and they are most welcome
down at dirt track where Joe and Pat Travis run a Little A-Le-Inn. The sign at the door says
"Welcome Earthlings" and, behind the bar, there are alien heads and alien models, some of
whom are dressed in Gestapo uniforms. There is also, more unnervingly, a raffle for the Pat
Westcott Medical Fund whose first prize, proudly displayed, is a MK90 semi-automatic machine-

Joe Travis has a beard and a very red face and has adorned his hostelry with color photographs
so that the visitor can eat an "Alien Burger" ($2.75) surrounded by pictures of the "Alien Autopsy"
in which the humanoid’s green leg is shown with a bleeding wound.
         "A few weeks ago, I saw a craft in the sky," says Pat Travis. It was cigar-shaped
         and it had porthole windows..."
Pat and Joe understand that, in America, all experiences are marketable, and to this end, they
provide a wide range of items displaying a bug-eyed, bald-headed logo.

The Shop at the Little A-Le_inn sell alien jewellry, alien t-shirts, alien fridge magnets, Roswell
dolls and Area 51 ashtrays.
Some of these are supplied by Jim and Mary Greenen who spend their lives in a mobile home,
traveling to UFO conferences around the country.

A Visit to Dreamland (Area 51)
by Kevin Vogt

I’m not sure when I first got the idea to go attempt to view the rumored and elusive ’Aurora spy
plane,’ but I had certainly considered it many times before setting out to do it. I still haven’t seen
anything resembling the ’Aurora,’ but I did experience something that I will not soon forget.

It was Thursday, March ll, 1993 at 1:45 p.m., and I was just finishing my last mid-term test before
spring break at UNLV. Dr. Charley Pranter gave us an extra-credit question on the last page of
the exam that simply asked "What will you be doing over spring break?" Why should I lie? I wrote
that I was going straight from class to the northern edge of Nellis Range to an area called "Groom
lake" or "Area 51" also known as "Dreamland" to try to view Americas newest top-secret Spy
Plane, "Aurora!"

From all the speculation that I have read, Aurora is allegedly a Mach 6 to Mach 8 spy, plane
using advanced technology in the design and propulsion systems. It may or may not launch from
a "Mother Ship," whose job is to get the "Aurora" to a sufficient speed and altitude to ignite the
advanced pulse engines. There is also speculation that the only reason that the Air Force retired
the SR-71 Blackbirds is that they have new toys to replace the old ones.

Reports claim that people in the area of Groom Lake have heard strange, loud pulsing noises
that may be the sounds of the advanced engines that power Aurora. Armed with just enough
information to be dangerous, I set out to find whatever was out there.

I drove north on US 93 to Highway 375 and continued on to "Groom Lake Road." I had a current
Aeronautical Sectional map of the area and used it as a reference as I made my way in my silver
1978 VW Rabbit diesel (with Texas plates) to the vicinity of Area 51. I drove down the long and
straight road until I reached signs on both sides that stated restrictions to just about everything.
On the other side of the signs was a four-wheel-drive vehicle with two individuals in desert
camouflage uniforms. I turned around and headed back out to what I now know as Castle Rocks
Road. I watched my mirrors to see if these guys were following me but could see nothing behind
me. I turned South on Castle Rock Road and started looking for a place to park and watch the
skies for anything unusual.

As an experienced military aircraft watcher, I thought I could distinguish known aircraft, modern
or dated, from anything else that might exist. Because one of my hobbies is watching and
monitoring military aircraft, I frequent Nellis Air Force Base and sit at the departure end of runway
3 or the approach end of runway 21 and monitor the local control frequencies. I listen for IFE’s (in
flight emergencies) and see if I can personally see the problem on the craft as they pass
overhead. B-1’S will sometimes have to shut down an engine during a Red Flag exercise, or an
F16 will develop a Hydrazine leak and have to return to base and have to have an "Arrested
Landing"-- what a fiasco! F117- A’s, (call-signs Stealth 1 and Stealth 2) will take-off just after dark
on practice missions and once the gear are retracted will assume "Stealth Mode" without lights.
An hour and forty minutes later they will return to the base. Black T-38’s from Holloman AFB will
fly in earlier in the day before these flights.

As I started along Castle Rock Road, I passed through a ravine and unfortunately struck a rock
with the oil pan of my car. This incident seemed to have damaged my oil pan as well as my
transmission. My car was, now inoperable.

I surveyed the situation and realized that I wasn’t going to drive my car out of there and I sure
didn’t want to walk to Rachel or Alamo, the nearest areas of human populations. It was almost
5:15 p.m. so I decided to set out and look for the Cammo guys in the 4x4. I thought that the
easiest way to find these or any other humans would be to climb to the highest point in the
vicinity and look for anyone I could find.

I gathered up everything valuable from my car and set out. In my fanny pack I had: a loaded
Taurus 357 magnum, my radar detector, a water bottle, candy, a compass, a Las Vegas
Aeronautical Sectional, a March ’93 Popular Science, and a Mag-Light flashlight. I had warm
clothes, hiking boots, ski gloves, a hat and my 20x50 binoculars.

I started hiking East-South-East right up the center of a dry arroyo since it was the smoothest
path in that direction. Distances are deceiving in the open desert and my trek took longer than I
anticipated. By 7:00 p.m. it was fairly dark and I was hiking without light so that I wouldn’t ruin my
night vision. The moon rose to the East shortly after dark and travel became fairly easy again. I
hiked on the lighter sandy soil and avoided the darker brush. After tripping over a few cacti and
topping one ridge to find an even higher one to the East, I continued my trek.

I was getting pretty good at avoiding Joshua trees, and at one point was avoiding what I thought
to be another tree just past the saddle of a ridge when I looked up to see a pole with what looked
to be an 18" shiny mirrored globe on top at about 10’ high. I had no idea what that was doing in
the middle of the desert, and wasn’t sure I wanted to find out. I continued East-South-easterly
down the face of this hill and climbed to the top of the next ridge. I figured that I would eventually
reach the top or run into the fence around Area 51, When I topped the final hill I realized that I
had gone too far! At the top of the hill, I had a perfectly clear and unobstructed view of Groom
Lake Test Facility sparkling on the desert floor.

There were no more hills or ridges between me and the facility. Now, for the first time I was
scared, really scared. I knew that I was well within the boundaries of the installation, How could I
have been permitted to romp so easily right on to a top secret military installation that doesn’t
officially exist? Now what should I do?

I sat on the top Eastward facing part of the hill at about 8:00 p.m. and tried to decide what to do.
North of me about and estimated 500-600 yards away was what looked to be a small cube
shaped building with a satellite dish on the southern side of it apparently facing south-southeast.
There was also a tall tower with what looked to be a microwave dome pointing Easterly towards
the facility. There was a light on the Southeastern corner of the building with what appeared to be
a Ford Bronco parked on the Eastern side.

Looking at the facility itself, I could see a long runway running roughly northwest to Southeast.
The runway had blue lights up and down the majority of the strip with a series of red lights on the
ends. I couldn’t see any real details of the base itself except for many lights.

There was a road leading from the building that led south along the base of the hill that I was very
near the top of. The road went beyond the end of the runway and curved around west then back
North to the complex. At one point I watched a vehicle travel the road from the complex to the
building with the satellite dish. The vehicle appeared to be one of the Ford Bronco-type patrols.

At approximately 8:05 p.m., it was a perfectly calm clear night without any clouds or wind, and I
noticed what appeared to be three flares dropped from an aircraft to the Northeast of my position.
Two to three minutes after this I saw three more flares to the Northwest. I then noticed that there
were many airplanes all around me at in what was roughly a huge circle at what must have been
a range of 20 miles more or less. I counted eleven planes all roughly orbiting in set positions.
Through my binoculars, I could see these planes circling one way then the other over one space
as if patrolling a set area. At about 8:15 p.m. as I was alternating between scanning the base and
the sky, I noticed what appeared to be an aircraft taxi out onto the runway from the hanger area.
The craft slowly taxied to a position headed Southeast on the runway away from the buildings.
The aircraft stopped on the runway and sat for a minute or so. The other airplanes at a distance
were still holding their positions in the sky.

From my vantage point I could see the red and green running lights of the aircraft as well as the
strobes flashing in various locations on the surface, I couldn’t make out any shape or features of
the craft due to the darkness. The craft started a slow take-off roll to the Southeast and slowly
and silently (from my position) lifted off in a short arc. The craft then slowly started emitting an
orange-ish light. It wasn’t like someone flicked a switch and the light was on, it happened a little
more slowly like turning a rheostat. It took maybe 2-3 seconds to gain full intensity.

The light enveloped the craft so that I could no longer see the running lights or strobes. Within
fifteen seconds, the craft appeared to stop and hover right over the field at an estimated attitude
of 300-500 feet AGL. It appeared to stay motionless in this position for about five minutes.
Through my binoculars, I could simultaneously see the runway lights and the apparently
motionless craft. Next the craft quickly went from a stop to relatively fast rate down field about a
mile, still apparently over the runway, then quickly back to an apparent hover again within about
20 seconds.

The craft stayed in that position over the field for another 4-5 minutes, then appeared to quickly
go straight up to an estimated altitude of 1000-1300 feet AGL then stop rising as quickly as it
started. It remained at this altitude for another 4-5 minutes and then slowly descended in an arc
starting downward then arcing northwestward over the runway, Three to five seconds before
touching down, the glowing emission went away to reveal the strobes and running lights. The
craft then taxied back toward the hangers and disappeared in the maze of lights. The aircraft
around the perimeter then left their positions and went roughly south Vectoring well around the

The entire time that the craft from the base was in the air, it never appeared to fly laterally so that
its path took it anywhere other than over the runway. It also never made any noise that I could
hear. When the craft made its transitions other than take-off and landing, it appeared to move
much more quickly than a conventional helicopter or any other conventional known aircraft that I
can identify (Harriers included). The entire flight from take-off to landing lasted about 15 minutes
and other than the transitory movements was rather uneventful.

After seeing this aircraft, I was intrigued. Although it wasn’t Aurora, I am certain that it is
something that I have never seen before. I decided to stay a little longer to see if anything else
might happen.

At about 9:50 p.m. a conventional fighter type jet (possibly an F-16 based on the sound) taxied
out onto the same runway and took-off. It headed in a southern direction until out of sight. I might
add that I could distinctly hear this jet from my position and still would have been able to hear it at
20% of its noise volume. Whatever was flying over the field earlier flew silently with absolutely no
noise heard from my position.

By 11:00 p.m. or so I had decided to try to sleep where I was and hike out to the Groom Lake
Road entrance to the base at the first sign of light at dawn. After a little over an hour of squirming
on the rocks, I chose to walk out then at l2: 00 p.m. I took an approximate compass heading to
the north-east -- hoping to intersect the road just outside the base perimeter and find help.

Either my estimate at a direction was wrong, or I went off course because when I came to the
road, I was still 1/4 mile within the perimeter of the restricted area. I followed the road back to the
warning signs and continued out of the base and on to BLM land.

When I was about 200 yards outside the entrance, I heard a vehicle start and quickly speed
towards me without headlights on (I’ll have to assume that they were using night vision
equipment to see me). As they came close to me they turned on their high beams and skidded to
a stop. I heard the doors open and then two men yelling frantically, "Drop what’s in your hands
and raise your hands in the air." I dropped my binoculars and complied.

They yelled, "What are you doing here?" I explained that my car broke down and that I was
looking for help so I could get a ride out. The following is an approximate transcript of the
"conversation". They yelled,
                 "You have two automatic rifles aimed at you right now so keep
                 your hands up and don’t move other than to talk."


                 "Where are the people you are with?"

                 "I came alone!"

                 "Don’t lie to me! Where is your camera?"

                 "I don’t have one with me!" (one guy starts searching bushes
                 beside the road with a flashlight)

                 Yelling, "What’s in your fanny-pack?"

                 "Some candy, water, a flashlight, a map, a radar detector ... the
                 valuables from my car so nobody would steal them."

                 "Anything else?"

                 "Well... There is a loaded 357 magnum..."

                 Screaming, "A WHAT?"

                 "A 357 magnum for protection ... I"
               "Keep your fuckin’ hands straight up in the air and do not-I
               repeat do not so much as move a muscle. My partner’s got a
               nervous trigger finger and right now he’s real nervous with that
                 gun in your pack!"
At this point one of the two guys, a Caucasian, mid 40’s balding, fair skin, gold rim glasses walks
where I can see him. He’s got a stocky build with fairly pale skin, short reddish-blonde hair and
desert cammo fatigues, He appears to be holding an M-16 carbine with a paratrooper stock --
pointing it at me. He tells the other guy to call "the Lieutenant" or "the Sergeant" (I forget which
he said) to come evaluate the situation.

For the next 20 or so minutes until their supervisor arrived, they drilled me with the same
questions about whose Chevrolet Suburban was parked at the base of White Sides ... where
were my friends ... where is my camera ... what did I see ... what was I really doing out there, etc.

I explained that my car broke down and that I hiked over the side of the hill, not up the road and
that is why they didn’t see me approach them. While I was explaining my situation, the younger
guy, a clean cut Hispanic male, late 20’s or early 30’s started following my footprints back up the
road. The conversation became more heated after they found that the prints lead 1/4 mile onto
the base before going off road. They told me that their supervisor was approaching and that
when he arrives that he will be in control of "the situation" and to follow his commands. This guy
drove up behind me and parked with his high-beams on me. The supervisor was a taller guy with
what looked to be reddish-brown hair, a mustache, and a pale complexion.

He notified me that he was now in control of the situation and to turn and face him. I complied. He
told me to unzip my leather jacket with one hand and then one corner at a time open my jacket so
he could see inside. I did. He told me to reach down with my right hand and disconnect the quick
release on my fanny pack, let it drop to the ground, and step away from it towards him. I did so.
The Hispanic guy scurried in commando style and grabbed my pack and took it over and placed
it on the ground beneath the headlights of the supervisor’s 4x4 and started going through it. He
found everything just as I stated was in there.

I gathered that they couldn’t search me or they would have by then, but they weren’t quite sure
what to do with me. I even asked them to search me so that I could put my hands down and they
wouldn’t. My hands remained in the air.

They decided to call the Lincoln County Sheriff and turn the situation over to him when he
arrived. In the mean time I had to stand with my hands in the air. The questions continued, the
gun pointing continued, but their voices loosened up a little. There was at least a human tone to
the older balding guys voice. I asked if I could at least zip my jacket since I was very cold and my
knees were shaking. He allowed me to zip-up as long as I made slow movements. Then back up
with the hands.

It took Tracy, the Sheriff 50 minutes to travel from Alamo to where we were, and my, arms were
in so much pain by the time he arrived that I was almost ready to call their bluff and slowly lower
my hands, telling them that I couldn’t possibly keep them up anymore. I would have gladly laid
spread eagle, face down in the dirt at that point. As the Sheriff was driving up beside the first
vehicle, the supervisor explained that Tracy is now in control of the "situation" and I should follow
his orders exactly.

Tracy stepped out of his Blazer and cordially greeted everyone. He told me to first put my arms
down and come fill out an incident report on the hood of his 4x4. Tracy is a Hispanic individual
who looked early 40’s, fairly clean cut with glasses. He explained briefly about my car being
damaged and wandering to the cammo guys for help. Nothing else!

Tracy then gave my possessions back, told me not to load my pistol, and drove me back to my
car to verify for the cammo guys that my story was true. The cammo guys followed us to the
damaged car, Tracy easily determined that it wasn’t operable, and told the Cammo Guys who
turned around and drove back west on Groom Lake Road.
We then started driving back to Alamo so he could drop me off at the Meadow Lane Motel for the
rest of the night. On the way back Tracy asked me what I was really doing there ... off the record.
I told him everything, every detail as I remembered it. After hearing my story, he told me that I
had just witnessed a "Special Operation" and that I was lucky that the cammo guys didn’t find me
on the base or the outcome would have been MUCH different. "Those guys mean business!" He
said. He asked me if I knew why those planes were orbiting out in the distance. I told him that I
assumed that they were there to keep other planes out of the area. Tracy explained that they
were there to shoot that special craft down if the pilot decided to fly it out of the area. He also told
me that the "Supervisor’s" wife worked as a waitress at the truck top in Alamo and that I would be
well advised to refrain from talking about my experience with anyone there or anywhere else.

We got to Alamo at around 3:30 a.m. and I checked into one of the rooms. It was tacky but clean,
and the heater worked. That was all I needed. I slept like a baby before my morning departure.

I woke up around 9:00 a.m., and walked to the truck stop for breakfast and started looking for a
ride. A local rancher eating breakfast said he was going into Vegas a little later on and would take
me along. What an adventure!

I called to see what it would cost to tow my car back into Las Vegas and realized that I didn’t
have the more than $400.00 to get it there. The repair costs and the towing would have cost
much more than the car was worth, so I did nothing. I returned to the area since this ordeal, and
my car is gone. Somebody found it worth towing!

I thought of speculating about what I might have seen, but the possibilities are endless All I can
say is that what I saw flew very differently from anything that I have ever seen before or since.
One of my goals in life is to know what this was sometime before I die. No rush!

Here’s the EXECUTIVE ORDER about Area 51 signed by Mr. Bill Clinton:
        September 29, 1995

        Presidential Determination No. 95-45


        SUBJECT: Presidential Determination on Classified Information Concerning the
        Air Force’s Operating Location Near Groom Lake, Nevada.

        I find that it is in the paramount interest of the United States to exempt the United
        States Air Force’s operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada (the subject of
        litigation in Kasza v. Browner (D. Nev. CV-S-94-795-PMP) and Frost v. Perry (D.
        Nev. CV-S-94- 714-PMP)) from any applicable requirement for the disclosure to
        unauthorized persons of classified information concerning that operating
        location. Therefore, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 6961(a), I hereby exempt the Air
        Force’s operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada from any Federal, State,
        interstate or local provision respecting control and abatement of solid waste or
        hazardous waste disposal that would require the disclosure of classified
        information concerning that operating location to any unauthorized person. This
        exemption shall be effective for the full one-year statutory period.

        Nothing herein is intended to: (a) imply that in the absence of such a Presidential
        exemption, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) or any other
        provision of law permits or requires disclosure of classified information to
        unauthorized persons; or (b) limit the applicability or enforcement of any
        requirement of law applicable to the Air Force’s operating location near Groom
        Lake, Nevada, except those provisions, if any, that would require the disclosure
        of classified information.

        The Secretary of the Air Force is authorized and directed to publish this
        Determination in the Federal Register.

        [Signed] William J. Clinton



An ongoing investigation:

by Jason Bishop III
       This facility is a "GENETICS LAB" and is connected to Los Alamos, via a "Tube-
       Shuttle." Part of their research is related to the General Effects of Radiation
       (Mutations and Human Genetics). Its research also includes other "Intelligent
       Species" (Alien Biological Life Form "Entities").

        In the revised September 1950 edition of "THE EFFECTS OF ATOMIC
        WEAPONS" prepared for and in cooperation with the U.S. Department of
        Defense and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, under the direction of the Los
        Alamos Scientific Laboratory, we read about how "complete Underground
        placement of Bases is desirable". On page #381:
                 "There are apparently no fundamental difficulties in construction
                 and operating Underground various types of important Facilities.
                 Such facilities may be placed in a suitable existing mine or a site
                 may be excavated for the purpose".

        Centuries ago, Surface People (some say the Illuminati) entered into a pact with
        an "Alien Nation" hidden within the Earth. The U.S. Government, in 1933,
        agreed to trade Animals and Humans in exchange for High Tech Knowledge,
        and allow them to use (undisturbed) UNDERGROUND BASES, in the Western
        USA. A Special Group was formed to deal with the Alien Beings. In the 1940’s,
        "Alien Life Forms (ALF)" began shifting their focus of operations, from Central
        and South America, to the USA.

        The Continental Divide is vital to these "Entities". Part of this has to do with
        Magnetics (Substrata Rock) and High Energy States (Plasma). [See: BEYOND
        THE FOUR DIMENSIONS, Reconciling Physics, Parapsychology and UFOs by
        Karl Brunstein. Also: NUCLEAR EVOLUTION (Discovery of the ainbow Body)
        by Christopher Hills.]

        This area has a very high concentration of Lightning Activity, Underground
        Waterways and Cavern Systems, Fields of Atmospheric Ions, etc, etc.
These Aliens consider themselves "Native Terrans". They are an Ancient Race
(descendent from a Reptilian Humanoid Species which cross-bred with Sapient
Humans). They are untrustworthy manipulative Mercenary Agents for another
Extraterrestrial Culture (The DRACO) who are returning to Earth (their ancient
"Outpost") to use it as a staging area. But, these Alien Cultures are in conflict
over Who’s Agenda will be followed for this Planet. All the while Mental Control is
being used to keep Humans "in place", especially since the Forties.

The DULCE Complex is a Joint US Government / Alien Base. It was the first
built with The Aliens (others are in Colorado, NV, AZ.)

Paul Benewitz reports, about his study into the Dulce area,
       "Troops went in and out of there every summer, starting in ’47.
       The natives do recall that. They also built a road - right in front of
       the people of Dulce and trucks went in and out for a long period.
       That Road was later blocked and destroyed... The signs on the
       trucks were ’Smith’ Corp. out of Paragosa Springs, Colorado. No
       such corporation exists now - no record exists..... I believe the
       Base - at least the first one was being built then under the cover
       of a lumbering project.... problem - they NEVER hauled logs.
       Only BIG Equipment".

THE RAND CORP. became involved and did a study, for the Base. Most of the
lakes near Dulce were made, via Government grants ’for’ the Indians.

NAVAJO DAM is the main source for conventional electrical power, with a
second source in EL VADO (also, an entrance).

Note: If RAND is the mother of "THINK TANKS", then the "FORD
FOUNDATION" must be considered the father. Rand secrecy is not confined to
’Reports’, but on occasion extends to Conferences and Meetings. On page #645
of The PROJECT RAND, proceedings of the DEEP UNDERGROUND

CONSTRUCTION SYMPOSIUM (March 1959) we read:
     "Just as airplanes, ships and automobiles have given man
     mastery of the surface of the Earth, Tunnel-Boring Machines...
     will give him access to the Subterranean World".
Note: The Sept. 1983 issue of "OMNI" (pg#80) has a color drawing of "THE
SUBTERRENE", the Los Alamos nuclear-powered tunnel machine that burrows
through the rock, deep underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters
into molten rock (magma), which cools after the SUBTERRENE has moved on.
These underground tubes are used by electro-magnetically powered "Subshuttle
vehicles", which can travel at great speeds. They connect the "Hidden Empire"
Sub-City Complexes. Also, the top-secret project code-named: "Noah’s ARK",
uses "TUBE-SHUTTLES" in connection with a system of over 100 ’Bunkers’ and
’Bolt Holes’ which have been established at various places on Earth. With other
Bases inside the Moon and Mars.
     Many of these underground Cities are complete with streets, sidewalks, lakes,
     small electric cars, apartments, offices and shopping malls. There were over 650
     attendees to the 1959 RAND Symposium. Most were representatives of the
     Corporate-Industrial State, like:
•   AT&T
     BECHTEL (pronounced BECK-tul) is a supersecret international corporate
     octopus, founded in 1898. Some say the firm is really a "SHADOW
     GOVERNMENT" - a working arm of the CIA. It is the largest construction and
     engineering outfit, in the USA and the WORLD (and some say BEYOND).

     The most important posts in the US Government are held by former BECHTEL
     Officers. They are part of "The WEB" (an interconnected control system) which
     links the Tri-Lateralist plans, the C.F.R., the Orders of "Illuminism" (Cult of the
     All-Seeing Eye) and other interlocking groups.

     The DULCE FACILITY consists of a Central "HUB", the Security Section, (also
     some photo labs). The deeper you go, the stronger the Security. This is a multi-
     leveled Complex. There are over 3000 cameras at various High-Security
     locations (exits and Labs).

     There are over 100 Secret Exits near and around Dulce. Many around Archuleta
     Mesa, others to the south around Dulce Lake and even as far east as Lindrith.
     Deep sections of the Complex connect into natural Cavern Systems.

     A person who worked at the Base, who had an "ULTRA 7" Clearance, reports:
            "There may be more than seven levels, but I only know of seven.
            Most of the Aliens are on 5-6-7 Levels. Alien housing is Level

     We are leaving the Era of expendable resources, like Oil based products. The
     Power of the Future is Renewable resources... "Biologically" Engineered. The
     Dulce Genetic Research was originally funded under the cloak of "BLACK
     BUDGET" Secrecy. (Billions $$$$)

     They were interested in intelligent "Disposable Biology" (Humanoids), to do the
     dangerous Atomic (Plutonium) Rocket and Saucer experiments.

     We Cloned "our" own little Humanoids. Via a process perfected in the Bio-
     Genetic Research Center of the World, Los Alamos! Now we have our own
     disposable slave-race. Like the Alien "Greys" (EBES), the US Government
     clandestinely impregnated females, then removed the hybrid fetus, (after three
     months) and then accelerated their growth in the Lab. Biogenetic (DNA
Manipulation) programming is then instilled - they are "Implanted" and controlled
at a distance through RF (Radio Frequency) transmissions. Many Humans are
also being "Implanted" with Brain Transceivers. These act as telepathic
"Channels" and telemetric brain manipulation devices. The network-net was set-
up by DARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency). Two of the procedures
were, RHIC (Radio-Hypnotic Intercerebral Control) and EDOM (Electronic
Dissolution of Memory). The brain transceiver is inserted into the head thru the
nose. These devices are used in the Soviet Union and the United Stated, as well
as Sweden. The Swedish Prime Minister Palme gave the National Swedish
Police Board the right (in 1973) to insert brain transmitters into the heads of
human beings COVERTLY!

They also developed ELF and EM wave propagation equipment (RAYS) which
affect the nerves and can cause nausea, fatigue, irritability, even death. This is
essentially the same as Richard Shaver’s Cavern "Telaug" Mech. This research
into biodynamic relationships within organisms ("BIOLOGICAL PLASMA") has
produced a RAY that can change the "genetic structure" and "HEAL". Shaver’s
Cavern "BEN-Mech" could HEAL!

etc. seek to capitalize on the Beliefs of the American Public. The Secret
Government is getting ready to ’stage’ a Contact-Landing with "ALIENS" in the
near future. This way they can ’CONTROL’ the release of Alien related
Propaganda. We will be told of an Inter-Stellar Conflict.

But... what looks real, may be "FAKE". What is disinformation?

Is your attention being diverted by the Strategy of a "SHADOW PLAN"?

As US Energy Secretary, John Herrington named the Lawrence Berkeley
Laboratory and New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory to house new
advanced genetic research centers as part of a Project to decipher the Human
Genome. The Genome holds the genetically coded instructions that guide the
transformation of a single cell - a fertilized egg - into a Biological Being.
        "The Human Genome Project may well have the greatest direct
        impact on humanity of any scientific initiative before us today",
        said David Shirley, Director of the Berkeley Laboratory.
Covertly, this research has been going on for years, at DULCE LABS.

Level #6 is privately called "NIGHT-MARE HALL", it holds the Genetic Labs.
Reports from workers who have seen bizarre experimentation, are as follows:
       "I have seen multi-legged ’humans’ that look like half-human
       /half-octopus. Also Reptilian-humans, and furry creatures that
       have hands like humans and cries like a baby, it mimics human
       words... also huge mixture of Lizard-humans in cages".
There are fish, seals, birds and mice that can barely be considered those
species. There are several cages (and vats) of Winged-humanoids, grotesque
Bat-like creatures... but 3 1/2 to 7 feet tall. Gargoyle-like beings and Draco-
Level #7 is worse, row after row of thousands of humans and human mixtures in
cold storage. Here too are embryo storage vats of Humanoids in various stages
of development.
        "I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or
        drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We
        were told they were hopelessly insane, and involved in high risk
        drug tests to cure insanity. We were told to never try to speak to
        them at all. At the beginning we believed that story. Finally in
        1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. It began the
        Dulce Wars". (and a secret resistance Unit was formed)
Note: There are over 18,000 "Aliens" at the Dulce Base. In late 1979, there was
a confrontation (over weapons), a lot of Scientists and Military personnel were
KILLED. The Base was closed for a while....But, it IS currently active. Note:
Human and animal abductions (for their Blood and other parts) slowed in the
mid-1980s, when the Livermore Berkeley Labs began production of artificial
blood for Dulce.

William Cooper states:
        "A clash occurred where in 66 people, of our people, from the
        National Recon Group, the DELTA group, which is responsible
        for Security of all Alien connected Projects, were killed."
The DELTA Group (within Intelligence Support Activity) have been seen with
badges which have a black Triangle on a red background. DELTA is the fourth
letter of the Greek alphabet. It has the form of a triangle, and figures prominently
in certain Masonic Signs. *EACH BASE HAS ITS OWN SYMBOL. The DULCE
Base symbol is a triangle with the Greek letter "Tau", within it and then the
symbol is inverted, so the triangle points down. * The Insignia of "a triangle and 3
lateral lines" has been seen on "Saucer (transport) Craft", The Tri-Laterial
Symbol. * Other symbols mark landing sights and Alien Craft.

Security Officers wear jumpsuits, with the Dulce Symbol on the front upper left
side. The standard hand weapon, at Dulce is a "Flash Gun", which is good
against Humans and Aliens. The ID card (used in card slots, for the doors and
elevators) has the Dulce Symbol above the ID photo. "Government Honchos"
use cards with the Great Seal of the U.S. on it. "The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye"
(THE NEW WORLD ORDER) 13, "666" The Phoenix Empire....."9" "Illuminism"...
"One out of many".

After the Second Level, everyone is weighed, in the nude, then given a Uniform.
"Visitors" are given an ’off white’ uniform. In front of ALL sensitive areas are
scales built under the doorway, by the door control. The persons card must
match with the weight and code or the door won’t open. Any discrepancy in
weight (any change over three pounds) will summon Security. No one is allowed
to carry anything into or out of sensitive areas. All supplies are put through a
Security conveyor system. The Alien Symbol language appears a lot at the

During the construction of the Facility (which was done in stages, over many
years) the Aliens assisted in the Design and Construction materials. Many of the
things assembled by the workers, were of a Technology they could not
understand, would function when fully put together. Example: The
elevators have no cables. They are controlled magnetically. The Magnetic
system is inside the walls.
There are no conventional electrical controls. All is controlled by advanced
Magnetics. That includes a magnetically induced ( phosphorescent ) Illumination
System. There are no regular light bulbs. All EXITS are magnetically controlled.
Note: it has been reported that, "If you place a large magnet on a entrance, it will
affect an immediate interruption. They will have to come out and reset the

The area around Dulce has had a high number of reported Animal Mutilations.
The Government and the Aliens used the animals for Environmental tests,
Psychological Warfare on people, ect. The Aliens also wanted large amounts of
Blood for Genetic, Nutritional and other reasons.

In the book, "ETs & UFOs - THEY NEED US, WE DON’T NEED THEM" by Virgil
"Posty" Armstrong, he reports how his friends (Bob & Sharon) stopped for the
night in Dulce and went out to dinner.
         "They overheard some local residents openly and vociferously
         discussing Extraterrestrial Abduction of townspeople for
         purposes of experimentation."
The ET’s were taking unwilling human guinea pigs from the general populace of
Dulce and Implanting Devices in their heads and bodies. The townspeople were
frightened and angry but didn’t feel that they had any recourse since the ET’s
had our Governments knowledge and approval.

Recently, participants in a "field investigation" of the area near Archuletta Mesa,
were confronted by two small hovering ’Spheres’. They all became suddenly ill
and had to leave the area.

In the Fifties, the EBES (Greys) began taking large numbers of humans for
experiments. By the Sixties, the rate was speeded up and they began getting
careless (they didn’t care). By the Seventies, their true colors were very obvious,
but the "Special Group" of the Government still kept covering up for them. By the
Eighties, the Government realized there was no defense against the "Greys".
So... programs were enacted to prepare the Public for open contact with non-
human "Alien" Beings.

The "Greys" and the "Reptoids" are in league with each other. But, their
relationship is in a state of tension.

The "Greys" only known enemy is the Reptillian Race, and they are on their way
to Earth. (Inside a Planetoid).

Some forces, in the Government, want the Public to be aware of what is
happening. Other forces (The Collaborators) want to continue making "whatever
deals are necessary" for an Elite few to survive the conflicts.

The Future could bring a Fascist "WORLD ORDER" or a transformation of
Human Consciousness (Awareness). The struggle is NOW...your active
assistance is needed. Prepare! We must preserve Humanity on Earth.
    The DULCE Base has studied Mind Control Implants, Bio-Psi Units, ELF Devices
    capable of Mood, Sleep and Heartbeat Control, etc,etc.

    D.A.R.P.A. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is using these
    Technologies to manipulate people. They establish ’The Projects’, set priorities,
    coordinate efforts and guide the many participants in these undertakings.
    Related Projects are studied at Sandia Base by "The Jason Group" (of 55
    scientists). They have secretly harnessed the Dark Side of Technology and
    hidden the beneficial Technology from the Public.

     Other Projects take place at "AREA #51" in Nevada...
•   "DREAMLAND" [Data Repository Establishment and
    Maintenance Land]
•   ELMINT [Electro-Magnetic Intelligence]
•   PROGRAM HIS [Hybrid Intelligence System]
•   BW/CW
•   IRIS [Infrared Intruder System]
    The studies on LEVEL #4, at DULCE, includes Human-Aura research, as well as
    all aspects of Dreams, Hypnosis, Telepathy, ect. They know how to manipulate
    the BIOPLASMIC BODY (of Man). They can lower your heart beat, with Deep
    Sleep "DELTA WAVES", induce a static shock, then re-program via a Brain-
    Computer Link. They can introduce data and programed reactions into your Mind
    (Information impregnation - the "Dream Library".

     We are entering an ERA of the Technologicalization of Psychic Powers. The
     development of techniques to
•   enhance man/machine communications
•   Nano-Tech
•   Bio-Tech Micro-Machines
•   PSI-War
•   E.D.O.M. (Electronic Dissolution of Memory)
•   R.H.I.C. (Radio-Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control)
•   various forms of behavior control (Via-Chemical Agents, Ultra-Sonics,
    Optical and other forms of EM Radiation). The Physics of

    The development of "BIO-TECHNOLOGIES" will mean a revolutionary change in
    the Life of every Human Being now on Earth!

    We have passed the point of no return, in our interaction with the "Alien" Beings.
    We are guaranteed "A Crisis" which will persist until the final REVELATION (or

    The crisis is here. Global and real. We must mitigate or transform the nature of
the disasters to come and come they will. Knowing is half the battle. Read the
book, "THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY" by Stan Deyo.

The Dulce Base is run by a "Board."

The Chairman of the Board is JOHN HERRINGTON. JIM BAKER (of TENN) is
the CIA link to Dulce. House Speaker JIM WRIGHT, D-Texas (the nations third
highest office) is Treasurer at Dulce.

There is currently a power struggle going on. As Rep. William Thomas, R-Calif.,
put it... Part of Jim Wrights problem is; "HE fails to understand what’s equitable
and fair. It’s the arrogance of power." Even among his fellow Democrats, many
find Wright to be "uncomfortably aloof". Wright’s operating style leaves him

Most meetings of "The Dulce Board" are held in Denver and Taos (N.M.).
Former New Mexico Senator Harrison "Last man on the Moon" Schmitt has full
knowledge of Dulce. He was one of 7 Astronauts to tour the Base.

In 1979, he held an "Animal Mutilation" conference in Albuquerque, N.M. This
was used to locate researchers and determine what they had learned about the
links between the "Mute" operations and the Alien/Government.

Senator BRIAN (Nevada) knows about the "ULTRA" Secrets at "DREAMLAND"
and Dulce. So do many others in the Government... this is what the UFO
Researchers are up against.... so BE CAREFUL... they have KILLED to keep this
info Secret.

You now know more than they want you to know.

They also have underwater Bases off the coast of Florida and Peru. More
detailed information will be released in the near future, photos, video tapes,
documents, etc. Watch out for AGENTS among you now.

In the 1930’s, "DIVISION FIVE" of the FBI knew about the "Aliens". A Fascist
cabal, within this country, had John Kennedy assassinated. Look to the links,
within the larger Umbrella... the "WEB" of a fascist totalitarian secret police
state... within the Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff, DIA, FBI (Division Five),
DISC/DIS and the CIA.

Note: The DEFENSE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES Insignia is a composite of the
Sun’s Rays, a ROSE, and a Dagger, symbolizing "The Search for Information,
Trustworthiness and Danger". Other links are Nazi scientists (who had contact
with the "Aliens"), the S.S., Satanists, Permnidex, Exxon, the Mafia, NBC, etc,
etc. This links with Caves used for "Initiation Rites" (all over the world)... ancient
Vaults, Retreats, Alien Bases, and INNER-EARTH CIVILIZATIONS.

The genetics base (underground) co-run by the US government and the Greys is
near Dulce, New Mexico, just below the NM-CO border. It is VERY dangerous to
go exploring there, cause if you’re caught, you’ll likely get a 1 way ticket to the
base. One level is called Nightmare Hall where the Greys are doing hideous
experiments. You should read Matrix II by Valdamar Valerian if you really want to
be shocked. As the governments are working with the Greys (including the
Canadian gov’t), there’s not anything you can do except by becoming as aware
as you can and spreading the information.

There are a number of bases is the US and Canada as well as around the world.
These bases are connected by a vast underground tunnel system. Matrix II has a
map of the major bases of the southwestern US (underground/alien) and shows
the connecting tunnels. One they didn’t list is the one beneath Boynton Canyon
in Sedona, AZ. When I visited there last month, the locals were very willing to
discuss their (common) experiences with alien craft. They tell of large military
trucks traveling through Sedona to get to the underground access. These military
trucks creep in during the wee hours of the morning. Locals tell of the black
helicopters and how, if you’re daring enough, you can go to see them in the
distance. I wouldn’t recommend it. The center of that base is said to be in Secret
Canyon and they strongly urge no one go investigating that one.

Human bones, I was told, have been found more than once and locals have
disappeared there as well. Did you also know that the government uses the term
IAC (identified alien craft) when referring to the ships? UFO is for civilian
purposes. Strieber, who it is said works for the CIA, was chastised by the Greys
for eating chocolate. According to his books, they can’t use your bodily fluids if
you’ve been eating chocolate. Pass the Hershey bars!

John Lear and I have been friends and colleagues got some years now.
Currently I live in New Mexico and have been researching the Dulce Alien Base
question since Paul Bennewitz began to send his reports to APRO in the Mid-
70’s. Although we have not been able to track down the exact location, and over
the years it has become rumored that the base now no longer exist. However
both John and I have been able to come up with witness accounts that indicate
that the base did exist. One such witness was abducted with her son and taken
there. We have a series of notes taken from Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the regression
session with this woman which pretty much substantiates everything, including
her viewing of a room with vats full of human body parts floating in it.

                            Return to Underground

                                Return to Zonas
                                         by John Rhodes
                                        from Reptoids Website

If you doubt the possibility that the U.S. government "Black" projects engineers have he ability to
secretly construct an underground tube-shuttle system, think again. Here is a quoted article that
appeared in the Los Angeles Times newspaper on June 11, 1972.

It is an interview with the lead physicist at the RAND corporation "think tank" about how
economical, technologically achievable and environmentally friendly such a Very High Speed
Transit (VHST) network would be if work on it were begun.

                                LA TIMES, JUNE 11, 1972
                                       "BEGIN ARTICLE QUOTE"

              L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour?
     10,000 - M.P.H. Tunnel Train Plan Developed
                            by Times Science Writer - George Getz
                                                       A Rand corporation physicist has
                                                       devised a rapid transit system to get
                                                       you from Los Angeles to NY in half an
                                                       hour for a $50 fair. He said existing
                                                       technology made such a system
                                                       feasible and so does a cost analysis.
                                                       The essence of the idea is to dig a
                                                       tunnel more or less along the present
                                                       routes of U.S. highways 66 and thirty.
                                                       The tunnel would contain several large
                                                       tubes for East West travel of trains that
                                                       float on magnetic fields, moving at top
                                                       speeds of 10,000 mph. Passengers
                                                       would faced forwarded during
                                                       acceleration, backward during
                                                  According to R. M. Salter Jr. head of
                                                  the physical sciences department at
                                                  Rand, the idea of high-speed train
                                                  travel using electromagnetic
                                                  suspension was first put forward in
                                                  1905 and actually patented in 1912.
                                                  The trains he suggested now would be
                                                  single cars rather than actual trains,
    and would be big enough to carry both passengers and freight, including large
    containers and automobiles.
                                Could Carry Automobiles
The cars, or gondolas, would leave the New York and Los Angeles terminals at one
minute or even 30 second intervals. On the main line their would be intermediate stops
at Amarillo and Chicago. Feeder lines would meet the main lines at both locations.
Their would also be subsidiary lines coming into the two main terminals from such cities
as San Francisco, Boston and Washington. The main idea of VHST, or Very High
Speed Transit, developed originally in thinking about the satellite program and hyper
sonic aircraft speeds." Salter said in an interview at Rand. "The underground tubes
were for suggested as alternatives, perhaps not quite seriously, but it was soon
apparent that the idea of a tunnel containing such tubes had a lot of real advantages."
he said.
                              Conservation of Energy
In the first place, he explained there is the extremely important matter of the use and
conservation of immense amounts of energy needed to move the vehicles at such great
"An airplane that travels faster than sound uses up a large part of its available energy
supply just in climbing to an altitude where the speeds for which it is designed are
possible." Salter said. "That's true of rockets to. Much of their energy is spent and lost
forever and getting above the atmosphere."
This would not be true for the VHST gondolas traveling on their electromagnetic rail
beds, according to Salter. The tubes would be emptied of air, almost to the point of
vacuum, so the trains would not need much power to overcome air resistance. They
would not even have to be streamlined. In addition to an electromagnetic roadbeds, the
opposing electromagnetic loops of wires in the floors of the gondolas would be super
cooled with liquid Helium to further eliminate electrical resistance.
                            Breaking Generates Power
Just as important, the gondolas
would, like old-fashioned trolley cars,
generate power as they break to a
"Since the trains would be leaving
New York and Los Angeles
simultaneously every minute, the
power generated by cars breaking
coming into the terminal would be
transferred to the power lines
propelling the cars going the other
"For example, there will be halfway
points between each stop. Trains
would use power and getting to that
halfway point, and generate power
going the other half of the way to the
stop. Each would use power
generated by trains going in the other direction."
That is the way trolley cars have operated for eighty years - taking power from the
overhead lines while accelerating or running along at a steady speed, and putting
power back into the lines while breaking or coasting. The big drawback to the Salter
scheme is the cost of tunneling across the nation. He admitted that it would be
expensive but it does not daunt him. "After the tunneling was finished, everything else
would be practically free." He said. Even at the low fair he proposes, the enormous debt
created by the tunneling would be amortized within a reasonable period if the number of
passengers and the amount of freight came up to Salter's expectations. He figures the
tunnel's would carry seven or 8 million tons of freight a day and that passengers would
take to traveling back and forth between the Eastern West Coast has readily as they
now fly between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
"The technology of this is much easier than was developed for the space program."
Salter said.
And tunnels, he added, need not be so expensive to dig is people think. The most
expensive thing about surface routes is the acquiring right-of-way and removing
buildings that stand on the chosen route. The tunnel would not incur this expense. The
tunnel, besides carrying tubes for passenger and freight gondolas, would carry many of
the utilities now strung across the countryside on high wires. Salter said these
underground power "lines" could be super-cooled with helium, like the electromagnetic
loops in the floors of the gondolas. He said this would so reduce resistance that power
could be transferred from one end of the country to the other without appreciable loss.
At the present time long distance transportation of power is difficult because of the
amount of energy wasted.
He said laser beams could be carried in the tunnel for the instantaneous transmission of
messages. Even the mail could go cross-country in pneumatic tubes carried in the
tunnel. All this would save money and speed amortization, thus cutting the overall cost
of tunneling. Salter said approximately 8000 miles of tunnel were dug in America and
Western Europe in the 1960s. That includes mine shafts. But he said existing tunneling
technology could be vastly improved. Salter said many tunnels are dug nowadays
almost as they would have been in the dark ages. Drilling holes in tunnel faces, and
using machines with rotary bits are methods of tunneling that can be improved,
according to him. He said the tunnel could be worked on from a great many "faces," for
instance. Salter suggested, too, that electronic beams or even water be used to drill
holes for blasting. The high-powered electrons would drill blasting holes almost
                                         Travel by Airplane
    Projections of future airplane and automobile travels in the United States, and the future
    train and truck transfer of freight, show that Salter's tunnel idea is not a science fiction
    fantasy. There will be more room in the tunnels for all the necessary transport than
    there will be over any feasible number of Airways and freeways and tracks. Salter's
    suggestion, according to the experts who have had a look at it, is an eminently practical
    one for handling all the necessary traffic cleanly and without clogging up the air and
    surface pathways.
    But it will such a system ever be developed? Salter himself is not optimistic. "Perhaps"
    is how he puts it.
    "I am not nearly so optimistic about the political aspects of the problem as I am about
    our technical capability of doing the job." He said.
    "History shows that some obviously feasible and practical projects, such as the tunnel
    proposed over and over again for connecting England and France under the English
    channel, can be put off for centuries because of political pressure. On the other hand,
    societies with relatively primitive technology can perform such engineering feats as the
    erection of impairments."
    Is the VHS T too far out? Salter suggested that to get the right perspective we should
    look back 100 years.
                                         Comparison Made
    By comparing transportation a century ago and transportation today, one gets a better
    feel for just how practical VHST is. It appears to be a logical next step, and much more
    practical than its alternatives of filling the highways and Airways with more and more
    individually guided vehicles. "This alone is a compelling reason for the high-speed
    system." Salter said. There are others, according to him.
    "We can't afford any longer to continue indefinitely to pollute the skies with heat,
    chemicals, not to mention noise, or to carve up the land with pavement." He said.
    "We also need to get the trucks and many of the cars off the highway to make the roads
    available to drivers who drive the family car for fun and convenience."
                                            "END ARTICLE QUOTE"

Additional RAND - Robert Salter papers regarding Very High Speed Transit (VHST) or Planetary
Transportation (PLANETRAN) systems planning are available through the RAND links preceding
each document number.

    Document No: P-4874 Year: 1972 Pages: 17
    Title: The Very High Speed Transit System.
    Author(s): Robert M. Salter
    Cost: $ 10.00
    Keywords: Air pollution; City planning; Pollution; Urban transportation

    ABSTRACT: Description of a very high speed transit (VHST) system operating in its own rarefied
    atmosphere in evacuated tubes in underground tunnels. Most cases considered took less time to go
    coast-to-coast (e.g., 21 min) than it takes an aircraft to climb to an efficient operating altitude.
    VHST's tubecraft ride on, and are driven by, electromagnetic (EM) waves. In accelerating, it
    employs the energy of the surrounding EM field; in decelerating, it returns most of this energy to the
    system. Tunnel systems would be shared by oil, water, and gas pipelines; channels for laser and
    microwave waveguides; electric power lines including superconducting ones; and freight systems.
    Environmental and economic benefits are substantial, and the technology for building and operating
    the system exists. 17 pp.
Document No: P-6092 Year: 1978 Pages: 35
Title: Trans-Planetary Subway Systems: A Burgeoning Capability.
Author(s): Robert M. Salter
Cost: $ 10.00
Keywords: Railroads; Tunnels; Underground structures; Urban transportation

ABSTRACT: Describes a subway concept called "PLANETRAN" comprising electromagnetically
supported and propelled cars traveling in underground evacuated tubes, able to cross the United
States in one hour. It is designed to interface with local transit systems, and the tunnel complex also
contains utility transmission and auxiliary freight-carrying systems. Tunnels represent a major
problem area and most of the cost. They will be placed several hundred feet underground in solid rock
formations. It will require advanced tunnel-boring machines, such as hypersonic projectile spallation,
laser beam devices, and the "SUBTERRENE" heated tungsten probe that melts through igneous
rocks. PLANETRAN is rated as a system high in conservation of energy. For every car being
accelerated, there is one decelerating in an adjoining tube. The decelerating cars return energy to the
system. The tubes have a reduced atmosphere, making drag losses much smaller than for aircraft.
Coast-to-coast energy costs are expected to be less than $1.00 per passenger. (Presented at the
AAAS Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., February 1978.) 35 pp.
Document No: N-3280-AF/NASA Year: 1992 Pages: xxiii, 94 ISBN: 0833020099
Title: Space and Surface Power for the Space Exploration Initiative: Results from Project Outreach.
Author(s): Calvin Shipbaugh, Kenneth A. Solomon, Dan Gonzales, Mario L. Juncosa, Theodore W.
Bauer, Robert M. Salter
Cost: $ 7.50
Keywords: Electricity in astronautics; Space vehicles--Auxiliary--Power supply; EXTRATERRESTRIAL
BASES --Energy consumption
Note: RAND/WD-5192-AF/NASA; RAND/N-3283-AF/NASA; RAND/N-3284-AF/NASA; RAND/N-3287-

ABSTRACT: This Note describes the findings of the Space and Surface Power panel, one of eight
project panels evaluating submissions to the Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) Outreach Program, or
Project Outreach. The submissions screened by the Space and Surface Power panel proposed systems
that can be classified into at least one of five technical areas:
(1) power generation (solar power, nuclear power, fuel cells, batteries, and "other"),
(2) power transmission,
(3) energy storage,
(4) thermal management, and
(5) handling.
The panel screened 167 submissions and selected the 22 highest-ranked ones for further analysis.
The submissions that appeared to offer the best overall potential dealt with nuclear power sources,
power beaming, the development of in-situ resources (including the use of solar dynamic power), and
thermal management. Some lower-ranked submissions also contained interesting and potentially
useful system concepts, and the authors evaluated some concepts not suggested in the submissions,
including rechargeable high-energy density batteries, high-speed flywheels, and superconducting
storage rings. A number of space and surface power issues became apparent and were examined by
the panel members:
(1) environmental implications of SEI power systems,
(2) use of in-situ materials,
(3) nuclear vs. non-nuclear power,
(4) start-up vs. evolutionary power needs,
(5) manned vs. unmanned system requirements, and
(6) development of new power transmission methods.
JR Note:
This document regarding extraterrestrial power supplies, co-authored by R. Salter, is included for
your review in advance of one question. Could Salter have been advocating the idea of sending
remotely controlled "Subterrene" TBMs to the Lunar or Martian subsurface [ahead of time?] to melt
[airtight!] tunnels in which later arriving astronauts could live and work in? Furthermore, couldn't the
Subterrene power-packs be used after underground construction for powering regular underground
base operations? It would seem a logical and economical approach (surface bases require re-enforced
materials that are imported from Earth. What an expense that would be!)

                    1. Remote Viewing Underground UFO Bases - by Cassandra
                         'Sandy' Frost
                    2. Mount Ziel Underground Facility in Australia's Northern
                         Territory - by James Casbolt
                    3. Russia - Alien Base in The Mountains of Caucasus?
                    4. Deep Underground Military Bases - report by Greg Szymanski

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                 Remote Viewing Underground UFO Bases
                 by Cassandra 'Sandy' Frost
                 from Rense Website

         is the author of 'Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul' and is an internationally acclaimed speaker. He was personally hired by Robert
Monroe in June, 1988 and he currently works as the Research Director for the Monroe Institute:

Joe McMoneagle runs his own Remote Viewing company Intuitive Intelligence Applications at, has written MIND TREK, The
Ultimate Time Machine, Remote Viewing Secrets and THE STARGATE CHRONICLES: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy. He most recently astounded
Japanese police by Remote Viewing a woman in her apartment who'd been missing for 27 years.

        lives a quiet life in a remote part of the mid-west, is involved with Native American culture, participates in pow wows and is Vice-
Commander of the Mohican Veterans.

                 Remote Viewing is a very controversial thing. But what is even more controversial is when the
                 best Remote Viewers have perceptions of several underground UFO bases on Earth. Some
                 months ago the former Canadian minister of defense asked Canadian Parliament to hold
                 hearings on relations with alien "ET" civilizations.

                 He speaks of finally disclosing the biggest secret in human history, ET presence on Earth.

                 When then Lt. F. Holmes 'Skip' Atwater began the US Army Remote Viewing Star Gate
                 program in 1978, he had no idea that he'd challenge his viewers with targets like underground
                 UFO bases.

                 Atwater grew up in a southern California home where it was normal to talk about things like
                 leaving your body and hands on healing. During the Vietnam Era, on February 14, 1968, he
                 joined the Army as an intelligence specialist.

                 Along the way, Atwater had read 'Journeys Out of the Body' by Robert Monroe, which
                 described how Hemi-Sync (tm) binaural (in both ears) beats enhanced learning, induced out of
                 body experiences and stimulated different states of consciousness. He also read 'Mind Reach'
                 by physicists Hal Puthoff, Ph.D. and Russell Targ, who later introduced him to remote viewing.

                 He was asking questions like,
                        'What is this remote viewing? What is Monroe discovering about our
                        consciousness with his Hemi-Sync applications?'
                 In 1977, Atwater packed up his wife and three kids and headed towards his new duty station, Ft.
                 Meade, Maryland, to join the US Army's elite Intelligence and Security command program,
                 Systems Exploitation Detachment or SED. He worked on the Sensitive Activity Vulnerability
                 Estimate or SAVE team. Cold war commanders were expected to take measures to protect ALL
                 aspects of their operational capabilities. Once a new threat was identified, the SAVE team
                 would 'attack' a command, challenging all aspects of security.

                 Exploring his new Ft. Meade office, Atwater opened up his safe and discovered three
                 Department of Defense documents "mistakenly" left by his predecessor.

                 The first two described the Soviet Union's research into psychic spying. The third was written by
                 Targ and Puthoff and described remote-viewing research at SRI International in Menlo Park.

                 Atwater read a 1972 report on how the Soviets were conducting parapsychology research at
                 over 20 separate institutions with an annual operating budget of over 21 million dollars. The
                 KGB funded this research.

                 The other document described 'bio-information' such as telepathy, precognition and
                 clairvoyance and bio-energetics like psychokinesis and telekinesis.
                         'Sounds like remote viewing to me,' Atwater thought.
                 Soviet Remote Viewing was now considered as a potential security threat.

                 The third document described Project SCANATE, highly classified, CIA funded remote-viewing
                 research conducted primarily at SRI that demonstrated the ability of remote-viewing surveillance
                 to acquire and report intelligence to the intelligence community.
What is RV?
According to Atwater, Remote Viewing is,
       "The acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked by
       ordinary perception by distance, shielding or time. A way of perceiving
       something with mental powers alone using a scientifically designed, protocol
       driven structured process for acquiring information."
Typically, a viewer and interviewer are isolated with a target, which may be a picture or
randomly generated numbers, in a sealed envelope. Neither know what the target is and are
both blind to the target. This is known as working 'double blind' so the interviewer can't feed
information to the viewer. The interviewer might ask 'Describe the location inside the envelope?'

The viewer might then make sketches or jot down brief word descriptions.

Atwater then designed a proto-type RV program to assess if we could defend and/or hide our
secrets from the Soviets and began working with SRI to orient the first six candidates to remote

As operations and training, Atwater needed to,
       'determine the operational capabilities and limitations of remote viewing,
       identifying and developing the individual RV skills, and test and evaluate the
       accuracy of remote viewing on unique targets.'
Challenge targets such as ET's and UFOs were used to hone skills and stretch RV capabilities.

Pat Price's Underground UFO Bases
Atwater not only worked with Robert Monroe to develop his training program, he also co-
operated with Targ and Puthoff at SRI and learned of a viewer named Pat Price.

Former CIA director Stansfield Turner described Price as,
       'A man who could 'see' what was going on anywhere in the world through his
       psychic powers.'
         Chicago Tribune, August 13, 1977.

One day in 1973, Price walked into Hal Puthoff's office, tossed a file on his desk and said,
       'You might be interested in these UFO bases.'
Price believed that ET's had established four underground bases, had remote viewed them and
provided Puthoff with descriptions of their locations and functions. Hal Puthoff, Ph.D., founded
and directed the CIA funded Remote Viewing program at SRI from 1972 to 1985. Price, who
died under mysterious circumstances in 1975, was believable had a proven RV track record and
had neither agenda nor any axe to grind.

Puthoff passed the same folder on to Atwater in the early '80's, saying,
        'You might be interested in this.'
At this point, it's important to note that Price's information was viewed without protocols, the
results were not officially reported and Price did not use sealed envelopes.

Price's report stated that the bases primary purpose was to 'reinforce B.T.L. implants, transport
of new recruits and overall monitoring function.' Today, Atwater has no idea what B.T.L.
implants are and to his knowledge, no one has remote viewed this term.

Price also reported that the base inhabitants looked like us, homosapiens, except for the heart,
lungs, blood and eyes. He reported that the sites were highly protected from discovery, mutually
supportive, and had very high technology.

He also noted that they used 'thought transfer for motor control of us.'
Mount Perdido
So where are these bases?

The first is at Mt. Perdido is in the Pyrenees Mountains, between France and Spain.
         'A famous set of caves in the Pyrenees have ancient drawings of ancient
         astronauts and flying spacecraft,' Atwater explained. 'And there have been a
         number of sightings here.'
Mt. Perdido, aka Mt. Perdu, is 3,352 m, 11,007 ft. high and is the third highest mountain in the
Pyrenees. It's about a quarter inch west of Andorra. Price reported that the main base was
protected around a 2-mile perimeter with detectors. Several craft were in the launch recovery
area and had what looked like an electromagnetic field propulsion system.

Price's next underground base location is Mt. Inyangani, the highest mountain (2,592 m, 8,503
ft) in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, Africa.
          'Actually, it's more of a maintenance and tech center,' Price viewed. 'This base
          looks like overhaul and maintenance unit. I see lots of spare equipment. Parts
          are being welded in a vacuum area with window area then parts are fused. A
          grayish white powder is pasted on both parts then fused.'
His attention was drawn to unit that several were working on. It is a tubular grid system 'for
ionizing a layer of air.'

Mount Hayes
The next site is at Mt. Hayes, Alaska. It appears to be a weather and geological center and has
similar security measures to prevent discovery. He described 'computer equipment' and
followed leads on an 'oscilloscope' which led to a small box like structure which contained
rotational antenna that sat on top of a mountain peak.

The receiver seemed to be part of a detection system.
       'If they were discovered,' Price wrote, 'personnel are deployed physically in
       activity to make sure of failure of that certain project. This site has also been
       responsible for strange activity and malfunction of US and Soviet space
Atwater suggested that if a probe was launched over this part of Alaska, that it might be
interfered in some way, to prevent detection of the Mt. Hayes base.
         'It comes to mind that these 'people' have infiltrated all government in sensitive
         positions, not to control government, the processes or people, but rather to be
         in positions of power to stop politically any activity that may produce a result
         that could cause discovery.'

Mount Ziel
The fourth site is Mt. Ziel, a personnel center, in Australia's Northern Territory.
        'It is interesting that this unit appears to have the most personnel. There are
        personnel from the other three sites here, like a rest and recreation area.'
For a few moments, Price felt slightly disoriented and decided they had detected him so he led
them to Melbourne.

Price returned to the site and saw vehicles from the other bases, with each having different ID
marks that correspond to each site's different functions.
         'Mt. Ziel had personnel for all bases and is the homosapiens introduction point.'
         he observed.
Price also noted that the site should be approached with caution and that the area was under
alert at that moment.

Is any of this true?
Atwater looked at Price's data and asked 'Is any of this true?'

After reviewing the file, Atwater conferred with Puthoff. Puthoff told Atwater that a colleague of
his knew northern Australia's CIA station chief and had decided to call him and ask what was
going on.

The colleague called and asked,
        'Hey, is there anything unusual going on down there?' The station chief
        answered 'No, this is a dead assignment, nothing is going on other than all
        those UFO's flying around Mt. Ziel.'
Atwater now oversaw a cadre of skilled remote viewers and needed challenge targets. In 1982,
he pulled Puthoff's file from his drawer and thought,
        'Here are some interesting targets to look at. What would happen if I used these
        as training targets? If they tell me that there is UFO stuff there, it will
        corroborate what Pat Price said.'
Atwater emphasizes that this targeting was his idea, that there was no CIA or military tasking.
He was a military officer in a military unit using his own challenge targets to test and evaluate
the viewers he was training to see how they were progressing. As such, the challenge targets
were viewed under strict protocol.

In July, 1982, Atwater gave Joe McMoneagle a challenge target of Mt. Hayes.
         'I've never seen anything like it' he began. 'It's like walking into a place I have
         no familiarity with at all. It's not just something you describe. It's all brand new.
         There's a desolate open range of mountains.'
McMoneagle perceived a mountainous location with underground tubes and tunnels and ball
shaped objects.
       'The whole thing is underground and is powered by like an atomic power plant. I
       have seen something and don't have the rudimentary terms to describe it,'
       McMoneagle continued.

        According to McMoneagle 'This is a prototype of something. I don't get an
        aggressive nature to this target. I don't sense the presence of individuals at the
McMoneagle went on to draw some radio type of intercept things.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program HAARP Array is about 100 miles SE of
Mt. Hayes.
       'If you ask Joe McMoneagle today about the Mt. Hayes site,' Atwater explained
       'he'll say it was more like a radio site or something that NSA would put up there
       and that he doesn't remember anything about UFOs, so we have an interesting

        'All of the drawings and comments support a number of probable possibilities,'
        McMoneagle said. 'One is underground UFO Bases. The other is an Over-the-
        Horizon Radar site. Another would be some other form of system like the
        HAARP which is still classified.'
Star Gate team member Mel Riley, US Army, ret., was given this same target in November,
1986. Riley's introduction to RV happened when an agent on the ground had taken a picture of
a piece of military machinery that was completely covered by canvas. He told his comrades that
he could draw what was under the canvas.

He proceeded to draw what he pictured and in his terms, the feedback he received was,
       "It totally freaked them out".
Immediately thereafter, Mel was asked to go to Ft. Meade. He worked in the unit as a viewer,
project officer, monitor, and analyst.

He began with the impression that structure is some sort of UFO.
       'A dark figure is seated at a circular control panel, another light figure is in the
       background,' he viewed. 'The structure is located within a mountain with a large
       triangular peak with a large lake at the base of the mountain,' Riley recorded.

        'There are two people walking outside and two people inside the structure.
        Inside the structure sits something that looks similar to an organ. The word
        observing comes to mind. There appears to be some sort of screen or monitor.'

Update, September 1, 2004
        Mel Riley's notes from an email
        dated Sun, 21 Apr 2002 08:35:22 -0500.

        The structure mentioned in the Mt. Hayes session was not a UFO. It was
        merely a complex located within the mountain. Fortunately I have a copy of the
        monitor's summary. I will include it here in its entirety.

        MR/24NOV86/MT HAYES:
        (See sketches), triangular peak, inside domed, cavernous, tunnels, rough,
        natural, (AOL-like being inside NORAD), two persons outside (unable to make
        contact with them or gain information of any sort, fossils, music box melody,
        reminds me of Switzerland: site appears to be a structure located within a
        mountain which has a triangular peak, there is a large lake at the base of this
        mountain which is surrounded by high rugged mountains or cliffs, it seems fairly
        impenetrable, there were two people walking around outside of the structure
        and two people inside the structure, one of the people inside the structure sat at
        a circular position which appeared to look similar to an organ because of the
        keys, buttons and switches (the word "observing" comes to mind), it appeared
        to be some sort of screen or monitor, but could not make it out clearly, entity at
        console appears to be human in form but lacks definitive facial features, he
        seems friendly enough and invited me to observe his actions at the console

        The above is complete and verbatum. For this session I was completely blind
        as to what the target was. I was given only a set of coordinates and asked to
        describe the location. The coordinates given were the actual latitude/longitude
        of Mt. Hayes, Alaska.

        Hope the above info is of help,

        'When I saw Mel's drawing,' Atwater said 'it reminded me of the oscilloscope
        description given by Pat Price, his idea of some sort of a round sort of screen
        you might watch signals on.'
Atwater concludes,
        'The two viewings above are part of others that appear to confirm the existence
        of these bases. These sites are described as protected from discovery,
        mutually supportive in purpose, and of very high technology. The later data
        reports the site's purpose as benign and involving precise observation, location,
        relay, and perhaps some navigational use. These data also indicate that the
        sites may not always be occupied and may be somehow connected with a deep
        space object.'

        'So it's entirely possible that some sort of extraterrestrial civilization checks in
        every now and then but does not man a 24/7 kind of a crew. It's a possibility.'

        'We are not alone in all that is, he continued. 'But should we expect that our
        companions are made of the same "stuff" as we are? I think not. It's hard to
        grasp the idea of a periodic table different from ours, given our closed-end
        perspective of physical reality.'

        'I would suspect that given an alternative zero-point field environment, atoms
        and electrons would combine differently and that process would yield far
        different intelligent life than we know,' Atwater hypothesized. 'Perhaps that is
        why physical contact with extraterrestrials is so rare.'

        'The answer may be in seeking contact on the mental and spiritual planes
        beyond the often-narrow confines of physical reality,' he concluded. 'For our
        presence here is transient and our spiritual existence is timeless.'
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Mount Ziel Underground Facility in Australia's Northern Territory
by James Casbolt
from JamesCasbolt Website

According to my NSA contact 'X3' the Mt Ziel underground facility is the twin facility to the Pine
Gap base in Northern Australia.

The following is part of an EYES ONLY document that was given to me by X3 regarding Pine
         'Pine Gap - Alice Springs, Australia. This base is a massive multi-leveled facility
         run by the 33rd degree of Zion which, fronting as the Bilderberger organization,
         is the control and command centre with the Rothschild apparatus Illuminati.
         Pine Gap is a major control center for the New World Order Dictatorship and is
         equipped with levels of computer terminals tied-in to the major computer
         mainframes of the world'.

        'The Mt Zeil underground base is a Anunnaki stronghold. The Anunnaki (who
        may be from the Sirius star system) have a loose strategic alliance with the
        Draco Prime Reptilains from the Draconis star system. Both ET groups have
        timetabled this planet for invasion and takeover. However with the many
        positive ET races including the Pleiadians that are helping Humanity I do not
        believe this will happen.'

        'Mt. Ziel, a personnel center, in Australia's Northern Territory. It is interesting
        that this unit appears to have the most personnel. Mt. Ziel had personnel for all
        bases and is the homosapiens introduction point.' He observed.
Price (Northern Australia's CIA station chief) also noted that the site should be approached with
         "...this is a dead assignment, nothing is going on other than all those UFO's
         flying around Mt. Ziel."
At the March 5, 2000 Annual International UFO Congress held at the River Palms Resort in
Laughlin, Nevada, Leonard Buchanan confirmed the existence of four previously undisclosed
Extraterrestrial bases discovered on planet Earth. Mr. Buchanan detailed his background as a
military controlled remote viewer (CEV).

His company trains CRVers at all levels and performs CRV work for individuals, corporations,
and government agencies. Mr. Buchanan is also a lifelong psychic as well as an alien abductee.
During the military controlled remote viewing sessions, trained observers discovered four
extraterrestrial bases found across the globe.

These ET bases are located at:
  • Mt. Parted in Northern Spain
  • Mt. Inyangani in Zimbabwe
  • Mt. Hayes, Alaska
  • Mt. ZIEL, Australia
Pyrenees location is a "main base" from which "flying units" (UFOs) took off and landed and
was under Mount Perdido. The African base under Mount Inyangani is a base for maintenance
and repair.

The base under Mount Ziel in Australia if for a mixture of "personnel" from the other bases while
the fourth, under Mount Hayes in Alaska, is a weather and geological study center.

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"Interplanetary Space Port is Discovered in the Foothills of North Caucasus Plateau, Where
UFOs are Pasturing" - this is headline of the article in a respected Russian newspaper "Trud",
Moscow, dated June 20, 2003, p. 4.

Intensive alien activity is reported from the area of Lagonaki plateau north of the Russian resort
town of Sochi, near the nature reserve.
         "Local residents and Ufologists are convinced that there is an interplanetary
         space port," states Mr. Nikolay Sedov, the journalist.
   • All facts indicate that, very likely, another underground alien base in located in
       the area of Mt. Fisht (2867 m over the sea level, with eternal ice glacier) and
       nearby Laganaki plateau (isolated remote area), as well as in the other places of
       the Caucasus region (including its highest mountain - El'brus) that have
       numerous underground alien bases, sub-bases, deep caves, connected by
       tunnels. These tunnels go to Crimean bases as well.....
   • ...secret U.S. troops set up their own clandestine "bases" next to the
       Extraterrestrial "bases."
   •    Humans and off-world races are said to be working together in super-secret
       underground bases at Area-5 in Nevada; Pine Gap, Australia and El Yunque,
       Puerto Rico.
   • ...some top military brass has all but admitted that the alien's plans are not totally
       "altruistic", and parts of the ET/human project are very "troubling." The creation of
       alien-human hybrids obviously must be part of that classified agenda.
   • There is even speculation that the new breed of alien/human hybrids will replace
       the current crop of Homo sapiens entirely.
  •    There is a rummor that a "certain group" is getting "tired" of current human
       activities and plan to drastically change the "status quo"....Art Wholeflaffer,
       President of HACA (Human-Alien Contact Agenda).
Are the Hidden Underground Military Bases the Real Headquarters for the New World Order?

A former Canadian military officer finally goes public with shocking information he learned while
working at an underground base at Cold Lake in Canada.

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Deep Underground Military Bases
report by Greg Szymanski
20 Oct 2005
from ClubConspiracy Website
recovered through WayBackMachine Website

        Are the Hidden Underground Military Bases the Real
        Headquarters for the New World Order?
        A former Canadian military officer finally goes public with shocking information
        he learned while working at an underground base at Cold Lake in Canada.
        Although some may say his story is pure fiction, others claim the secrets to the
        New World Order's depopulation plan lies underground.

        Everyone is talking about the New World Order and a one world government,
        but according to a former Canadian military officer, nobody wants to believe its
        true sinister nature lies in the mysteries surrounding thousands of deep
        underground military bases scattered throughout the world. Here is his story:

        Timothy of Canada tells a wild story, a story of underground military bases
        where animal and human sacrifices nourish the bowels of creatures that have
        inhabited the earth long before man arrived.

        He doesn't expect anybody to believe him, saying most people will think he's
        talking science fiction anyway. But nevertheless he feels compelled to speak,
        feeling compelled to risk life and limb as the New World Order zeroes in on the
        last stages of its incredible worldwide population reduction plan.

        They have been delayed with their plan to reduce the worlds population by 80
        percent but the globalists are now stepping up their activities, said Timothy,
        who refuses to use his real name, in an extended conversation this week from
        Germany, where he's employed in the aerospace industry.

        I am not about to use my name, risking incarceration as I would be in violation
        of our country's State Secrets Act. Also, do you know that more than 3,000
        people have been killed for trying to talk about what goes on in these
        underground bases. Its basically a death sentence when you start getting too
        close to the nerve center of the real New World Orders plans.

        And Timothy says the real heart and soul of the New World Order plan lies in
        the mysterious underground military bases scattered all over the world,
        including roughly 30 in Canada, 140 in the United States and more than 1,500
He became privy to this top secret information when he served as a junior
officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the aerospace engineering branch,
while working at one of the top secret deep underground military bases at Cold
Lake in Canada.

And what he learned and what he has been researching ever since leaving the
military is how this network of underground bases not only houses and
conceals non-human life forms with incredible powers, but conceals an
underground warehouse of sophisticated super-human technology used for
mind control, advanced military weaponry and weather manipulation with the
eventual goal of depopulating the world.

Most people, including most of the so-called patriots, are sincere about
defeating the New World Order, but they are really looking in the wrong
direction. They need to uncover, expose and alert the people of the world
what's going on below the earths surface, said Timothy who likes to talk in a
machine gun, rapid fire fashion, as he recalled first being alerted to the
underground military base phenomenon when he researched the mysterious
events surrounding cattle manipulation in Alberta, Canada, in the 1970s.

It is very dangerous and you could be killed if you try to expose what the
globalists are doing with this network of tunnels and underground facilities, but I
have ended my silence since they are now in the final stages of there plan.
Remember, AIDS being manufactured? Well, what's in store for mankind is now
much worse and we need to do everything we can to try and stop the
destruction of the world as we know it.

Although Timothy's story can easily be dismissed as pure fantasy, stories like
his have a funny way of getting under your skin, a funny way of creeping up on
you right before you fall asleep at night. They have a strange way, no matter
how outlandish and unbelievable they are, to solicit questions in your mind like
What if he is telling the truth and what if these sinister plans and military bases
really do exist?

Even though Timothy has promised from his undisclosed location in Germany
to provide names of at least three other people, making this initial story an
ongoing saga, he provided a battery of questions and perhaps a scientific
Shakespearean soliloquy of sorts in the interim, explaining why he decided to
go public and why it is imperative to uncover the secrets of the underground
military bases.

With the outbreak of the flu virus I feel compelled to break my silence. Maybe
some of you have heard the term New World Order and feel confused about its

From this point lets put everything into a series of hypotheticals. Maybe I do not
wish to break the Official Secrets Act and wind up incarcerated. Let us pretend I
am about to reveal ultra-sensitive information to you. Please approach this with
an open mind.

In the late 1970s I first became aware of the cattle mutilation phenomenon
living in Alberta, Canada. The reasons given were unusual for this and it was
the suppression of the outcry and true angst I sensed from the cattle farmers
protesting outside of Calgary that first got to me.

This was the first time I realized there was something seriously wrong. The
hush-hush of this left a lasting impression.
     Let us assume I served as a junior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the
     Aerospace Engineering Branch. One base was Cold Lake. The members of this
     base wondered innocently why this was the only base where it was required to
     always wear a black radiation exposure detector.

     Maybe this is due to a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) with unusual
     aerial phenomena a few hundred statute miles north almost straight in line with
     Cold Lake bordering with Saskatchewan.

     What if you were to realize that Canada has over 30 DUMBs, and its neighbor
     to the south has over 140 active DUMBs. Worldwide there are now over 1500

     Let us assume all North American DUMBs are connected below by oxygenated
     magneto-leviton trains from Krupp, Germany, and are able to reach MACH2+,
     having the tunnels vacuumed of air to eliminate air resistance. Adjacent to this
     is a subterranean tunnel highway.

     Let us assume that many of these bases are actually underground cities for
     beings that in actuality have resided here for millennia.

     Do you have the courage to believe this?

      All patriots who are willing to resist this New World Order should realize that
      globalists who have submitted are not the only problem. Maybe they have sold
      the rest of us out-thinking they will survive and not be enslaved as the
•   What if by 2029 the global population is to be massively reduced, the remaining
    subjects enslaved and hauled off to underground slave labor factories to serve
    the global elite?
•   What if the SDI project is in reality a weapon system to ward off unwanted
    "guests". Maybe all countries were fighting secretly a global war against
    strangers once they realized in the late 1970s that true intentions of inhabitants of
    these DUMBs were evil beyond belief.
•   What if society cannot handle the truth?
•   What if Eisenhower decided at Holloman AFB keeping things secret would
    prevent mass panic and decay into total anarchy? Examining the panic Y2K
    generated, has society become more courageous with time? I, for one forgive
•   What if over 8 million humans have literally been devoured by residents of these
    bases, the majority nourishing themselves with human glandular secretions?
      I do not expect anyone to believe this. But let us assume I have been privy to a
      lot of horrific information.

      Let us assume that in reality there are 143 elements in the periodic table.
•   Maybe the only way the SR75 can reach MACH9+ is by using metal technology
    not of this world?
•   Maybe the stealth aircraft use special coatings combined with electrochemical
    electronic countermeasures?
•   Maybe this is why the stealth never were used when it rained in former
•   Maybe the cloaking technology successfully tested at Tonapaz Range and S2
    employs high frequency helix devices in the leading edges of the newest
    generation vehicles, refracting light making the aircraft invisible.
•   Maybe I have dealt with metallurgic technology with crystalline structures not of
    this earth?
      •   Maybe the general public has been kept in the dark for many decades?
           I wish things were not the way they are. Nobody has the right to sell anyone
           out. Maybe I would not be revealing anything if I was not certain that all the
           secrecy and timeline is reaching a climax. We are all going to have to assert
           ourselves beyond belief. We have been lied to and we thought we were doing
           our best for betterment.

            I know mankind is destroying this planet, but I refuse to be enslaved. I am sick
            of the lies and the New World Order agenda. Maybe the force driving it resides
            in these bases. If you sense your freedoms are being revoked, you are not

            After the last element of gun control is implemented, all freedoms will be
            removed within a ten year period. Never surrender your weapons. I wish this
            was not happening and I have had many sleepless nights, but for me I cannot
            stand it anymore. Never believe that the One World Government is good for us.
            Observe the dismantling of nations now and how the United Nations is taking

            I wondered back then why is the Canadian military shrinking. This is no
            accident. The American military is becoming more and more the global force
            combined with NATO. What can we do? Well, I know this. I will not cooperate
            with anyone who has sold me out. I will fight for every right I have,
            simultaneously enjoying the freedom of travel which still exists. Not for long

            I will not believe whatever the World Health Organization dictates. Do not
            believe anything?

            Examine the new Denver International Airport. Maybe in reality below it is a
            massive DUMB with 8 levels. Why does the fence point inward? Why the
            unusual security? Maybe the tent spires are in actuality large ventilation shafts
            to the subterranean levels. Start with this airport please.

            If you cannot find anything bizarre there then I feel sorry for you.
    Casa Diablo (CA) is the most obvious of the underground bases. Look for a depleted spring
    hole which is about 9 foot in diameter. Break down the door if you can. Don’t forget to wear
    scuba gear. What you will find on the other side will not be human.

    SEE Entrance at:

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Are the Hidden Underground Military Bases the Real Headquarters for the New
World Order?
A former Canadian military officer finally goes public with shocking information he learned
while working at an underground base at Cold Lake in Canada. Although some may say his
story is pure fiction, others claim the secrets to the New World Order's depopulation plan lies
20 Oct 2005
By Greg Szymanski

Everyone is talking about the New World Order and a one world government, but according to a
former Canadian military officer, nobody wants to believe its true sinister nature lies in the
mysteries surrounding thousands of deep underground military bases scattered throughout the
world. Here is his story:

Timothy of Canada tells a wild story, a story of underground military bases where animal and
human sacrifices nourish the bowels of creatures that have inhabited the earth long before man

He doesn’t expect anybody to believe him, saying most people will think he’s talking science
fiction anyway. But nevertheless he feels compelled to speak, feeling compelled to risk life and
limb as the New World Order zeroes in on the last stages of its incredible worldwide population
reduction plan.

“They have been delayed with their plan to reduce the world’s population by 80 percent but the
globalists are now stepping up their activities,” said Timothy, who refuses to use his real name,
in an extended conversation this week from Germany, where he’s employed in the aerospace

“I am not about to use my name, risking incarceration as I would be in violation of our country’s
State Secrets Act. Also, do you know that more than 3,000 people have been killed for trying to
talk about what goes on in these underground bases. It’s basically a death sentence when you
start getting too close to the nerve center of the real New World Order’s plans.”

And Timothy says the real heart and soul of the New World Order plan lies in the mysterious
underground military bases scattered all over the world, including roughly 30 in Canada, 140 in
the United States and more than 1,500 worldwide.

He became privy to this top secret information when he served as a junior officer in the Canadian
Armed Forces in the aerospace engineering branch, while working at one of the top secret deep
underground military bases at Cold Lake in Canada.

And what he learned and what he has been researching ever since leaving the military is how this
network of underground bases not only houses and conceals non-human life forms with
incredible powers, but conceals an underground warehouse of sophisticated super-human
technology used for mind control, advanced military weaponry and weather manipulation with
the eventual goal of depopulating the world.

“Most people, including most of the so-called patriots, are sincere about defeating the New
World Order, but they are really looking in the wrong direction. They need to uncover, expose
and alert the people of the world what’s going on below the earth’s surface,” said Timothy who
likes to talk in a machine gun, rapid fire fashion, as he recalled first being alerted to the
underground military base phenomenon when he researched the mysterious events surrounding
cattle manipulation in Alberta, Canada, in the 1970’s.

“It is very dangerous and you could be killed if you try to expose what the globalists are doing
with this network of tunnels and underground facilities, but I have ended my silence since they
are now in the final stages of there plan. Remember, AIDS being manufactured? Well, what’s in
store for mankind is now much worse and we need to do everything we can to try and stop the
destruction of the world as we know it.”
Although Timothy’s story can easily be dismissed as pure fantasy, stories like his have a funny
way of getting under your skin, a funny way of creeping up on you right before you fall asleep at
night. They have a strange way, no matter how outlandish and unbelievable they are, to solicit
questions in your mind like “What if he is telling the truth and what if these sinister plans and
military bases really do exist?”

Even though Timothy has promised from his undisclosed location in Germany to provide names
of at least three other people, making this initial story an ongoing saga, he provided a battery of
questions and perhaps a scientific Shakespearean soliloquy of sorts in the interim, explaining
why he decided to go public and why it is imperative to uncover the secrets of the underground
military bases.

“With the outbreak of the flu virus I feel compelled to break my silence. Maybe some of you
have heard the term New World Order and feel confused about its significance.

“From this point let’s put everything into a series of hypotheticals. Maybe I do not wish to break
the Official Secrets Act and wind up incarcerated. Let us pretend I am about to reveal ultra-
sensitive information to you. Please approach this with an open mind.

“In the late 1970s I first became aware of the cattle mutilation phenomenon living in Alberta,
Canada. The reasons given were unusual for this and it was the suppression of the outcry and
true angst I sensed from the cattle farmers protesting outside of Calgary that first got to me.

“This was the first time I realized there was something seriously wrong. The hush-hush of this
left a lasting impression.

“Let us assume I served as a junior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Aerospace
Engineering Branch. One base was Cold Lake.The members of this base wondered innocently
why this was the only base where it was required to always wear a black radiation exposure

“Maybe this is due to a Deep Underground Military Base with unusual aerial phenomena a few
hundred statute miles north almost straight in line with Cold Lake bordering with Saskatchewan.

“What if you were to realize that Canada has over 30 DUMBs,and its neighbor to the south has
over 140 active DUMBs. Worldwide there are now over 1500 DUMBs.

“Let us assume all North American DUMBs are connected below by oxygenated magnetoleviton
trains from Krupp, Germany, and are able to reach MACH2+, having the tunnels vacuumed of
air to eliminate air resistance. Adjacent to this is a subterranean tunnel highway.

“Let us assume that many of these bases are actually underground cities for beings that in
actuality have resided here for millennia. Do you have the courage to believe this?

“All patriots who are willing to resist this New World Order should realize that globalists who
have submitted are not the only problem. Maybe they have sold the rest of us out-thinking they
will survive and not be enslaved as the remaining.
“What if by 2029 the global population is to be massively reduced, the remaining subjects
enslaved and hauled off to underground slave labor factories to serve the global elite?

“What if the SDI project is in reality a weapon system to ward off unwanted "guests". Maybe all
countries were fighting secretly a global war against strangers once they realized in the late
1970s that true intentions of inhabitants of these DUMBs were evil beyond belief.

“What if society cannot handle the truth?

“What if Eisenhower decided at Holloman AFB keeping things secret would prevent mass panic
and decay into total anarchy? Examining the panic Y2K generated, has society become more
courageous with time? I, for one forgive Eisenhower.

“What if over 8 million humans have literally been devoured by residents of these bases, the
majority nourishing themselves with human glandular secretions?

“I do not expect anyone to believe this. But let us assume I have been privy to a lot of horrific
information. Let us assume that in reality there are 143 elements in the periodic table. Maybe the
only way the SR75 can reach MACH9+ is by using metal technology not of this world? Maybe
the stealth aircraft use special coatings combined with electrochemical electronic
countermeasures. Maybe this is why the stealth never were used when it rained in former

“Maybe the cloaking technology successfully tested at Tonapaz Range and S2 employs high
frequency helix devices in the leading edges of the newest generation vehicles, refracting light
making the aircraft invisible.

“Maybe I have dealt with metallurgic technology with crystalline structures not of this earth?
Maybe the general public has been kept in the dark for many decades.

“I wish things were not the way they are. Nobody has the right to sell anyone out. Maybe I
would not be revealing anything if I was not certain that all the secrecy and timeline is reaching a
climax. We are all going to have to assert ourselves beyond belief. We have been lied to and we
thought we were doing our best for betterment.

“I know mankind is destroying this planet, but I refuse to be enslaved. I am sick of the lies and
the New World Order agenda. Maybe the force driving it resides in these bases. If you sense
your freedoms are being revoked, you are not mistaken.

“After the last element of gun control is implemented, all freedoms will be removed within a ten
year period. Never surrender your weapons. I wish this was not happening and I have had many
sleepless nights, but for me I cannot stand it anymore. Never believe that the One World
government is good for us. Observe the dismantling of nations now and how the United Nations
is taking over.

“I wondered back then why is the Canadian military shrinking. This is no accident. The
American military is becoming more and more the global force combined with NATO. What can
we do? Well, I know this. I will not cooperate with anyone who has sold me out. I will fight for
every right I have, simultaneously enjoying the freedom of travel which still exists. Not for long

“I will not believe whatever the World Health Organization dictates. Do not believe anything?

“Examine the new Denver International Airport. Maybe in reality below it is a massive DUMB
with 8 levels. Why does the fence point inward? Why the unusual security? Maybe the tent
spires are in actuality large ventilation shafts to the subterranean levels. Start with this airport
please. If you cannot find anything bizarre there then I feel sorry for you.

“I do believe in God.He gives us faith.The New Testament in the Book of Genesis refers to the
son of God. The Old Testament refers to the sons of Gods. Both refer to the serpent or
demons.Maybe the residents of the DUMBs are what were meant - a serpent race.

“God bless you. Remember, this information and revealing it is not without peril. Be wise!”

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                                               by Greg Szymanski
                                                      20 Oct 2005
                                               from ArticBeacon Website
                                      recovered through WayBackMachine Website

       A former Canadian military officer finally goes public with shocking information he learned while working
       at an underground base at Cold Lake in Canada. Although some may say his story is pure fiction, others
                   claim the secrets to the New World Order's depopulation plan lies underground.

Everyone is talking about the New World Order and a one world government, but according to a former
Canadian military officer, nobody wants to believe its true sinister nature lies in the mysteries
surrounding thousands of deep underground military bases scattered throughout the world.

Here is his story...

Timothy of Canada tells a wild story, a story of underground military bases where animal and human
sacrifices nourish the bowels of creatures that have inhabited the earth long before man arrived.

He doesn’t expect anybody to believe him, saying most people will think he’s talking science fiction

But nevertheless he feels compelled to speak, feeling compelled to risk life and limb as the New World
Order zeroes in on the last stages of its incredible worldwide population reduction plan.
       “They have been delayed with their plan to reduce the world’s population by 80
       percent but the globalists are now stepping up their activities,” said Timothy, who
       refuses to use his real name, in an extended conversation this week from Germany,
       where he’s employed in the aerospace industry.

         “I am not about to use my name, risking incarceration as I would be in violation of our
         country’s State Secrets Act. Also, do you know that more than 3,000 people have been
         killed for trying to talk about what goes on in these underground bases. It’s basically a
         death sentence when you start getting too close to the nerve center of the real New
         World Order’s plans.”
And Timothy says the real heart and soul of the New World Order plan lies in the mysterious
underground military bases scattered all over the world, including roughly 30 in Canada, 140 in the
United States and more than 1,500 worldwide.

He became privy to this top secret information when he served as a junior officer in the Canadian
Armed Forces in the aerospace engineering branch, while working at one of the top secret deep
underground military bases at Cold Lake in Canada.

And what he learned and what he has been researching ever since leaving the military is how this
network of underground bases not only houses and conceals non-human life forms with incredible
powers, but conceals an underground warehouse of sophisticated super-human technology used for
mind control, advanced military weaponry and weather manipulation with the eventual goal of
depopulating the world.
        “Most people, including most of the so-called patriots, are sincere about defeating the
        New World Order, but they are really looking in the wrong direction. They need to
        uncover, expose and alert the people of the world what’s going on below the earth’s
        surface,” said Timothy who likes to talk in a machine gun, rapid fire fashion, as he
        recalled first being alerted to the underground military base phenomenon when he
        researched the mysterious events surrounding cattle manipulation in Alberta, Canada,
        in the 1970’s.

        “It is very dangerous and you could be killed if you try to expose what the globalists are
        doing with this network of tunnels and underground facilities, but I have ended my
        silence since they are now in the final stages of there plan. Remember, AIDS being
        manufactured? Well, what’s in store for mankind is now much worse and we need to
        do everything we can to try and stop the destruction of the world as we know it.”
Although Timothy’s story can easily be dismissed as pure fantasy, stories like his have a funny way of
getting under your skin, a funny way of creeping up on you right before you fall asleep at night. They
have a strange way, no matter how outlandish and unbelievable they are, to solicit questions in your
mind like “What if he is telling the truth and what if these sinister plans and military bases really do

Even though Timothy has promised from his undisclosed location in Germany to provide names of at
least three other people, making this initial story an ongoing saga, he provided a battery of questions
and perhaps a scientific Shakespearean soliloquy of sorts in the interim, explaining why he decided to
go public and why it is imperative to uncover the secrets of the underground military bases.
         “With the outbreak of the flu virus I feel compelled to break my silence. Maybe some of
         you have heard the term New World Order and feel confused about its significance.

        “From this point let’s put everything into a series of hypotheticals. Maybe I do not wish
        to break the Official Secrets Act and wind up incarcerated. Let us pretend I am about
        to reveal ultra-sensitive information to you. Please approach this with an open mind.

        “In the late 1970s I first became aware of the cattle mutilation phenomenon living in
        Alberta, Canada. The reasons given were unusual for this and it was the suppression
        of the outcry and true angst I sensed from the cattle farmers protesting outside of
        Calgary that first got to me.

        “This was the first time I realized there was something seriously wrong. The hush-hush
        of this left a lasting impression.

        “Let us assume I served as a junior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the
        Aerospace Engineering Branch. One base was Cold Lake. The members of this base
        wondered innocently why this was the only base where it was required to always wear
        a black radiation exposure detector.

        “Maybe this is due to a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) with unusual aerial
        phenomena a few hundred statute miles north almost straight in line with Cold Lake
        bordering with Saskatchewan.

        “What if you were to realize that Canada has over 30 DUMBs, and its neighbor to the
        south has over 140 active DUMBs. Worldwide there are now over 1500 DUMBs.

        “Let us assume all North American DUMBs are connected below by oxygenated
        magnetoleviton trains from Krupp, Germany, and are able to reach MACH2+, having
        the tunnels vacuumed of air to eliminate air resistance. Adjacent to this is a
        subterranean tunnel highway.

        “Let us assume that many of these bases are actually underground cities for beings
        that in actuality have resided here for millennia. Do you have the courage to believe

“All patriots who are willing to resist this New World Order should realize that globalists
who have submitted are not the only problem. Maybe they have sold the rest of us out-
thinking they will survive and not be enslaved as the remaining.

“What if by 2029 the global population is to be massively reduced, the remaining
subjects enslaved and hauled off to underground slave labor factories to serve the
global elite?

“What if the SDI project is in reality a weapon system to ward off unwanted "guests".
Maybe all countries were fighting secretly a global war against strangers once they
realized in the late 1970s that true intentions of inhabitants of these DUMBs were evil
beyond belief.

“What if society cannot handle the truth?

“What if Eisenhower decided at Holloman AFB keeping things secret would prevent
mass panic and decay into total anarchy? Examining the panic Y2K generated, has
society become more courageous with time? I, for one forgive Eisenhower.

“What if over 8 million humans have literally been devoured by residents of these
bases, the majority nourishing themselves with human glandular secretions?

“I do not expect anyone to believe this. But let us assume I have been privy to a lot of
horrific information. Let us assume that in reality there are 143 elements in the periodic
table. Maybe the only way the SR75 can reach MACH9+ is by using metal technology
not of this world? Maybe the stealth aircraft use special coatings combined with
electrochemical electronic countermeasures. Maybe this is why the stealth never were
used when it rained in former Yugoslavia?

“Maybe the cloaking technology successfully tested at Tonapaz Range and S2
employs high frequency helix devices in the leading edges of the newest generation
vehicles, refracting light making the aircraft invisible.

“Maybe I have dealt with metallurgic technology with crystalline structures not of this
earth? Maybe the general public has been kept in the dark for many decades.

“I wish things were not the way they are. Nobody has the right to sell anyone out.
Maybe I would not be revealing anything if I was not certain that all the secrecy and
timeline is reaching a climax. We are all going to have to assert ourselves beyond
belief. We have been lied to and we thought we were doing our best for betterment.

“I know mankind is destroying this planet, but I refuse to be enslaved. I am sick of the
lies and the New World Order agenda. Maybe the force driving it resides in these
bases. If you sense your freedoms are being revoked, you are not mistaken.

“After the last element of gun control is implemented, all freedoms will be removed
within a ten year period. Never surrender your weapons. I wish this was not happening
and I have had many sleepless nights, but for me I cannot stand it anymore. Never
believe that the One World government is good for us. Observe the dismantling of
nations now and how the United Nations is taking over.

“I wondered back then why is the Canadian military shrinking. This is no accident. The
American military is becoming more and more the global force combined with NATO.
What can we do? Well, I know this. I will not cooperate with anyone who has sold me
out. I will fight for every right I have, simultaneously enjoying the freedom of travel
which still exists. Not for long though.
      “I will not believe whatever the World Health Organization dictates. Do not believe

      “Examine the new Denver International Airport. Maybe in reality below it is a massive
      DUMB with 8 levels. Why does the fence point inward? Why the unusual security?
      Maybe the tent spires are in actuality large ventilation shafts to the subterranean
      levels. Start with this airport please. If you cannot find anything bizarre there then I feel
      sorry for you.

      “I do believe in God. He gives us faith. The New Testament in the Book of Genesis
      refers to the son of God. The Old Testament refers to the sons of Gods. Both refer to
      the serpent or demons. Maybe the residents of the DUMBs are what were meant - a
      serpent race.

      “God bless you. Remember, this information and revealing it is not without peril. Be

                                          Original contents HERE

with explanations of their programming
         This list is added as a supplement to those sites exposed in the Vol. 2 book.
         Slaves have to come in to the "SHOP" periodically to have certain maintenance
         programs renewed to maintain the power of the programming. Most slaves that
         are being used in operations come in at a minimum every 2-3 years. Most people
         who have been programmed are sleepers. And many people who have horrible
         programs to carry out are programmed for the next few years.

        All kinds of sites are used, for instance,
  •    Boy and Girl Scout camps
  •    a big church in Greensboro, NC
  •    a desert site near Tucson, AZ
  •    hotels in New Orleans
         Many people who have been "recruited" (beguiled and trapped) into the mind-
         control are seen being sent to Colorado Springs, CO. A network of daycare
         centers has been established worldwide by the Illuminati’s Network for the
programming and recruiting of children. A series of Youth Hostels has also been
created (originally by the communists) for Network goals, and have been widely
used by the communist faction of the World Order.

The elite have their own schools, such as Eaton School in the UK which receives
some Illuminati children under mind-control. Watch the Office of Global Analysis,
which is an intelligence group for global analysis for the NWO. Also watch out for
the National Program Office (NPO) which is reported to have been created in
1982 to oversee "black" programs of the intelligence agencies. The National
Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is another black ops group. This group is in part
housed within the Pentagon and deals with assassination teams. It uses lots of
illegal funds which it launders through another Pentagon agency called the
DSAA (Defense Security Assistance Agency). Gen. Howard Fish, Mr. Eric Von
Marbod, Gen. Phil Gast were the men in DSAA that laundered the NRO’s
money. I, Irving Davidson, who has one foot in the mafia & one in the military
black ops is a go-between. One of the assassination programs they ran years
ago was the Zeta Diogenes (ZD) project.

Different agencies that participated had different codes for the programs. The
men used in these NRO programs are mind-controlled slaves in some cases, it is
not known what % if any are not under mind-control. They are organized as cells
and are operating in various military, national guard, and secret reserve units.
Present-day Russia’s Guards Directorate has two "counter-terrorist" divisions
Alfa and Vympel. These were formerly part of the KGB, and employ mind-
controlled victims in their work. OP-06-D is the unit assigned to perform
penetration tests to determine security at these different military/intelligence
bases used for programming.

Air Force Units to watch:
               · Aerospace Defense Intelligence Center ADIC
               · Air Force Intelligence Support Agency AFISA
               (recent name) of the Air Force’s all sources
               intelligence organization
               · Kelly AFB has the 693rd Intelligence Wing
               located there
               · ERT (Air Force Swat Teams)
Army Units to watch:
              · Pentagon
              · Military Intelligence which calls itself INSCOM.
              INSCOM units are all over the world incl.
              · Area 51, White Sands, Ft. Meade, and their
              Vint Hills Farm Station at Warrenton, VA near
              the old Manassas battlefield sites. Their Ft.
              Huachucha in AZ appropriately sports a Sphinx

So many intelligence people came from the Illuminati initiating centers of
Harvard, Yale, & Princeton that the acronym HYP was applied to some of them
by others in an allusion to the word "hype." For the first half of MI-6’s history, only
women from the elite, the aristocracy were recruited to work in MI-6, for this
reason the women at MI-6 were called Queenie.

As Illuminati members of the hierarchy, they were indeed given various Queen
positions. The crossovers occur both ways. One finds intelligence people in
places like Yale and the big Illuminati corporations. For instance, a military
        psychologist Alexander R. Askenasy, who worked in the area of mind-control
        for the Army, later taught at Princeton, and then went on to a prominent position
        at the NY State Psychiatric Institute & the Dept. of Psychiatry, Columbia Univ.

        Another example is Robert Finley Delaney, who worked with the Navy in
        PSYOPS, the State Dept. and also worked for ESSO Standard Oil company.

        One final example in a list of examples that seems to go on forever, the
        Professor of Psychology at Yale was Irving L. Janis, a military man who worked
        in military psychological research and PYSOPS, and who co-authored
        Communications and Persuasion, Personality and Persuasibility.
   •   Dictionary of Programming Centers
   •   Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB Bases)


(cont. from Vol. 2)
   • ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Co.)
         --This company continually keeps popping up during investigations/research on Mind-
         control. John Coleman in report The Tavistock Institute states that several men on
         ARCO’s Board of Directors were trained by Tavistock incl. Jack Conway, Philip Hawley,
         and Dr. Joel Fort.

   •   Alice Springs, Australia
        --is home of USAF Detachment 421 involved with intelligence

   •   Amarillo, TX
        -- near Amarillo is a major underground programming center called "the Station." Inside
        Amarillo are other collaborating sites such as an ophthalmologist’s office.

   •   Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC)
        -- This center uses mind-controlled slaves, incl. those who are members of the Green

   •   Austin, TX
        -- The Rebecca Baines Johnson Convalescent Home, at 21 Waller St., Austin, ph. no.
        512-476-6051, has had a Cray-3 computer (with at least a 1,000 megaflop capability)
        secretly placed into the Johnson Convalescent home for the purpose of secretly being a
        command post for sending control signals to people who have body suits of implants.
     Signals from here radiate to many far off places to control victims of implant mind-control.

•   Boulder, CO
     -- The headquarters for EMC, a type of electra-magnetic mind control that is being
     broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans, and to control slaves.

•   Bristol, Eng.
     -- Burden Neurological Institute.

•   The CIA empire
     -- The CIA’s empire carries out mind control of its assets in many locations. CIA HO,
     nicknamed "the campus", is a Langley, VA. It might be pertinent to point out a few of
     their organizations that are active in mind control. Staff D, has a CIA assassination
     group, referred to at one time as ZR/RIFLE. Their Central Cover Staff (fka Operational
     Services Division) manages mind-control agents. The Office of Scientific & Weapons
     Research has carried out some of the mind-control research.

     You will find mind-control regularly carried out within what has been called the
     Directorate for Research, the Directorate of Science & Technology (fka DDR), and the
     Directorate of Operations (fka DDP Dir. of Plans until ’73) which ran the TSD later known
     as the Office of Technical Services, and their CI Staff (Counterintelligence Staff a part of
     the Dir. of Ops.). The CIA operates a vast array of research & operational programming
     centers CIA assets:
     Programmed slaves are fanned Out into CIA organizations such as:
        ○ Air Asia,
        ○ Air Ethiopia,
        ○ American Newspaper Guild,
        ○ Communications Workers of America (CWA),
        ○ International Catholic Youth Federation,
        ○ The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU),
        ○ International Federation of Journalists (with HQ in Brussels),
        ○ the International Police Academy (in Wash. D.C.) & the National Students Assoc.
             (NSA- with HO in Washington D.C.).
     Other known CIA fronts have included:
        ○ Allied Pacific Printing in Bombay, India
        ○ Asia Research Centre in Hong Kong
        ○ Gibraltar Steamship Company
     Programmed multiples also are injected into everywhere else too. They work at spying,
     drug mulling, assassination, and supplying the CIA leadership with sexual slaves.

•   Camp Bullis [sp.?], TX Dallas, Doctor’s Hospital
     -- An important major programming center, this is located at Garland Rd. at Buckner
     Blvd. Ph. 2 14-324-6 100. This hospital has a psych wing to it. Baylor Univ. Med Center,
     3504 Swiss Ave. in Dallas is also involved in mind-control programming, as well as the
     Texas Women’s Univ., 1810 Inwood Rd. (214-689-6500), Dallas.

•   Deep Creek Cabins, just west of Ft. Detrick, MD.
     -- These cabins located in the general area of the Magothy River, are a series of cabins
     surrounded by water & used for sexual programming & sexual training by the intelligence
     agencies. The area was reported by one slave to have been labelled Subproject #74.

•   El Reno, OK
     --Federal Correctional Institution used for implant and electronic mind-control. Inmates
     were subjected to this type of mind-control as experimental fodder.
•   Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.
     -- Esalen is the Tavistock of America. They give workshops on hypnosis, biofeedback,
     Witchcraft (for instance, their Rituals of Transformation class). Instructors include:
         ○ witch Margo Adler
         ○ Cranio-sacral D.O. Jim Asher
         ○ psychologist Adam Burke who specializes in trance training
         ○ Patti Lawrence (who does cranial work)
         ○ Caroline Muir (a tantric sex yoga expert)
         ○ Robert Swanson (a Dolphin expert)
         ○ Charles Tart (a expert w/ altered states of consciousness)
         ○ Karen Turner (a witch psychologist)
         ○ Anna Wise who is skilled in using EEGs to measure & train brain waves
     These are only a few of the many occult or interesting instructors that the Esalen Institute

•   Ft. Drum, NY (Camp Drum)
     --near Watertown, NY. This military reservation is used for training troops in winter
     fighting, as well as having been used for a remote mind-control programming facility in
     northern NY.

•   Ft. George Meade, MD, National Security Agency (NSA)
     -- It’s interesting that in Sidney Sheldon’s novel The Doomsday Conspiracy published by
     Time-Warner in 1991 that the author/researcher Sheldon has NSA commander Robert
     Bellamy thinking to himself as he enters Ft. Meade,
         ○ "My God, I’m in the land of Oz." (p.13)
         ○ After being given his assignment, he wonders (on pp. 20-21) "I feel like the White
               Queen in Through the Looking Glass. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as
               six impossible things before breakfast."
         ○ "Well, this was all six of them."

     One of the projects that the NSA run with mind-controlled slaves is Project Mirror (Op. #
     6317-ABL-4) which consists of about 30 programmed assassins, who are debriefed after
     their assassination mission and then killed and cremated. The NSA has had two RNM
     computerized systems for tracking people by monitoring their evoked emissions, and for
     transmitting thoughts (as well as audio and visual messages) to people’s brains. NSA
     Cryptologists have gotten computers programmed to decode what a person’s state of
     mind & thoughts are when their brain emissions are picked up from a distance. Other
     groups which conduct mind control which work closely with the NSA would include for
        ○ Air Force Space Command/NORAD
        ○ Unified Command ELINT Centers
        ○ Space Surveillance
     The NSA’s "Human Sources" of intelligence are often subjected to mind-control. The Air
     Force has run a Texas facility called TRIMS, which has exhibition rooms for slaves,
     which has been used for mind-control programming.

•   Ft. Polk, LA
     --The Delta Forces are stationed here, and are programmed and trained here. MJTF
     (Multi-jurisdictional Task Force) troops, the BATF & other federal agencies train in kicking
     in civilian doors & martial law type tactics. Ft. Bragg is HO for the mind-controlled Delta
     Force. Ft. Bragg is a major satanic center in the military.

•   Kanoehe State Hospital, Oahu, HA
     --This hospital connects with the Naval Base and Naval intelligence. It has been used for
     programming slaves, as well as Tripler VA Hospital on Oahu island. Kunia, HA is the site
     of an NSA listening post. Kaneohe, HA also has an underground installation, which is
     used at least in part by the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Naval intelligence in Hawaii has been
     involved in mind-control.

•   Kirtland AFB, NM, Sandia National Lab
     --the Sandia Labs have been used for mind control. The one in NM is at Kirtland AFB
     87117 (505-845-8692). It has bunkers that have been used for mind-control. The one in
     Hawaii is at Hanapepe on the Garden Island of Kauai (808-335-5611). Sandia Labs also
     has a presence in Aibuquerque, NM. Sandia Labs has worked on such secret projects
     such as the W-88 nuclear warhead which was mounted on the Trident II missiles carried
     by Ohio-class subs. Mind-controlled slaves help keep Sandia Lab’s research secret.

•   Lexington, Kentucky
     -- On the west side of Lexington is the Lexington airport and next to the airport is a castle
     that is just south of highway 60 and across from Keeneland Race Course. This castle’s
     original owner is dead. A CIA operative owned it for a while and then it went into
     receivership. Then the Federal government got the property (a 100 yr. lease). The castle
     was a major mind-control programming center, as well as a narcotics depot & a money
     laundering base.

     Tunnels existed. The castle is believed to no longer be in use for mind-control, although
     that is not known for sure. This Lexington, KT programming center within the castle was
     well situated to connect with a U.S. Veterans Hosp. on the NW side of Lexington, a
     nearby Fed. Correctional Institute (near Brackton), radio towers are all over the area, and
     the Kentucky State Horse Park with racetracks all built after 1965 is nearby. Scott Gen.
     Hosp. and an Orphan School at Midway, and the catholic St. Francis Mission are also in
     the vicinity.

•   Los Alamos, NM
     --A site for research into nonlethal weapons, such as syntel for mind-control. The T-13
     Complex Studies Group has been researching artificial-life.

•   Maine
     --The CIA used an International Children’s Summer camp for MK Ultra mind-control. This
     summer camp was probably not related to the International Children’s School at South
     Burlington, VT which also has summer school. There is also an International Children’s
     School tied to the UN in New York, it is not known whether it ties in or not.

•   New Orleans, LA
     --Some of the hotels and restaurants are being used for mind-control. This author
     suspects (but has no proof) the Ursuline Academy (a Ursuline Convent school) on State
     St., Bacco Italian restaurant (a relatively new expensive restaurant named after the
     roman god Baccus and which has had lots of money put into it, and excellent food
     located in the Hotel de la Poste, French quarter), and the avant-garde Pelican Club (in
     the heart of the French quarter) tie in with the Network. Upper Bourbon Street is a gay
     community, and Bourbon St. was originally a voodoo center. Just off of Bourbon St. is the
     New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum. This is the only voodoo museum in the world,
     and it has voodoo dolls and readings available for visitors.

•   Oswego, NY
     --Served as a programming site on Lake Ontario.

•   The Presideo of Monterey, CA
     --This place is not to be confused with the Presideo of San Francisco. This Presideo has
     the Monterey Defense Language Institute (DLI). Slaves who have scarred brain stems
     are sent here to develop language skills.
•   Princeton, NJ--

•   Salt Lake City, UT
     --St. Mark’s Hospital, 1011 Sunberry Dr., Salt Lake City (801-268-7422) has been used
     for programming.

•   Stockholm, Sweden
     --Soder Hospital has been involved in implants. Dr. Curt Strand & others, & the Swedish
     Police SAPO were involved in implanting unsuspecting victims.

•   Pelican Bay Prison, (WI?)
     --Isolation Tank Programming was what made this prison famous.

•   Utah State Prison (Gunnison Facility & Draper Prison) and Utah State Hospital,
    Univ. of Utah Med. Center
     -- inflicted directed energy rape of the inmates, pressure chamber sensations in the inner
     ear, voices and all types of electronic control. The med center was used to implant
     various types of implants into people. Prison psychiatric staff participated with the mind-
     control. They routinely used a variety of well-planned tactics to falsely label inmates as
     psychiatric cases so that they could force-medicate them and then subject them to mind-
     control. Inmates were subjected to round the clock brainwashing rhetoric for months on
     end, after they got the implants.

     These Utah institutions began cooperating with the secret implant mind-control
     experimentation in the 1980’s. When inmates complained of the mind-control they were
     forced medicated. Hundreds made complaints about the mind-control but the system was
     able to shut them up. The controllers running the implants had the voices being beamed
     coming from places like the planet "Astra." Several inmates got the Astra script.

•   Vancouver, B.C.
     --Hollywood Hospital was used for LSD programming for years.

•   Vermont
     --A remote mountain site is used for programming. Victims are helicoptered in.

•   Veterans Administration Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics
     -- All of these have been used for mind-control. These hospitals are located in:
         ○ Baltimore, MD
         ○ Battlecreek, MI
         ○ Bedford, MA
         ○ Birmingham, AL
         ○ Brockton, MA
         ○ Buffalo, NY
         ○ Butler, PA
         ○ Canandaigua, NY
         ○ Columbia, MO
         ○ Clarksburg, WV
         ○ Des Moines, IA
         ○ Fayetteville, AK
         ○ Fresno, CA
         ○ Huntington, WV
         ○ Hines, IL
         ○ Jackson, MS
           ○   Kerrville, TX
           ○   Knoxville, IA
           ○   Lincoln, NE
           ○   North Chicago, IL
           ○   Northport, NY
           ○   Prescott, AZ
           ○   Providence, RI
           ○   St. Miami, FL
           ○   St. Temple, TX
           ○   Salibury, NC
           ○   Salem, NC
        This list is not comprehensive as some have been closed and this is a list of active ones.

   •   Washington, D.C.
       --The secret NOD underground installation which is connected to the intelligence groups
       like NSA and the CIA as well as many other nefarious groups lays under the White
       House with tunnels connecting this NOD installation with the House of the Temple. The
       Supreme council of the 33° of the Scottish Rite’s House of the Temple has a 14’ x 25’
       room in it with 13 chairs where the Illuminati’s Grand Druid Council meet.

        The NOD Deep Underground Installation has numerous levels to it. One eyewitness,
        went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he believes that deeper levels exist. The
        NOD installation is involved with psychic (demonic) and satellite control over slaves. This
        underground complex is to allow the government of the United States to escape a
        nuclear attack. The enormous complex radiates under Wash. D.C. and connects with
        many other sites. The tunnel system is used to move some of the mind-control sex
        slaves. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting
        recessed into the ceilings.
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                                       (DUMB BASES)

In the U.S., approximately 140 of these DUMB bases exist, and they employ perhaps over
200,000 people. A geologist friend of this author who helped build these DUMB bases, gave his
life to get the truth out to the American people.

He was a programmed multiple of the Illuminati, and some of his alters knew it. Because these
underground bases play such a vital role in the entire mind-control NETWORK, I will list these
bases here, even though they have been given previously in - my Ezek. 6:3 book. DUMB (Deep
Underground Military Bases)
140 secret underground facilities have been built, many are underground small-cities. A number
of these bases have been described to me by witnesses including NORAD, Dulce, Coos Bay,
and Dreamland. What I am describing is a series of large underground facilities which are
connected with tunnels. The tunnels carry extremely fast trains. Train terminals are up to 1 million
sq. ft. in area, with multiple levels.

Underground facilities contain computer centers, genetic experimentation, mind-control
research, housing for several nationalities of humans and several varieties of aliens. The
corporations which assist the NWO are able to quietly interlink their facilities via the tunnel
system too, as well as disperse some of their workers into the world above ground.

There are approx. 50 ways tunnels and underground facilities are dug, which include high
pressure continuous water let, low pressure percussive water jet, high freq. electrical drill, turbine
drills, pellet drills, spark drills, explosives, hydraulic rock hammers, lasers, electron beam guns,
forced flames, etc. These various tunnelling methods can be broken down in:
    • Mechanical (such as a water canon)
    • Thermal (such as a high velocity flame, laser, atomic fusion, etc)
    • Chemical (such as a dissolver)
The beautiful thing about nuclear subterrenes (rhymes with submarine) is that they don’t leave
any debris to dispose of.
These nuclear subterrenes are building tunnels 40’ in diameter, and as these machines work
the rock is melted into a hard, glassy tunnel lining. Air-intake shafts bring fresh air to the tunnels
and underground facilities. Underground facilities have fuel storage units, air-conditioning, water
reservoirs, dining, medical, sleeping and storage units. Many of the underground sites are close
to railroads and have entrances that trucks can drive into. Some of the entrances for trucks are
protected by holograms that look like the side of a mountain, but allow vehicles if one just drives
through them.

The other style of hidden entrances are buildings where trucks drive in and are lowered via
access shafts down into the underground areas. Security for some (such as Groom Lake) of the
facilities is maintained by Wackenhut. Penetration tests on facilities are carried out by a special
unit called OP-06-D which are HQed at Off utt AFB, NE.

Format is as follows:
   • site name
   • site location (warning: longitudes & latitudes were quick off of the head
   • group/groups in control
   • size
   • activity

                 · 1. Fort Huachuca. 31°50’ N 1100 19’48" W, saucer base below,
                 intelligence training above, mind-control incl. too.
                 · 2. Gates Pass Base
                 · 3. Gila Mountain Area, south of Interstate 8 and approx. 30
                 east of Yuma, AZ. 290 N 116ºW. DUM base.
                 · 4. Grand Wash Cliffs, on western edge of the cliffs at the head
                 of Grapevine Wash. Must be reach via hwy 93 and then
                 unpaved roads. DUM base.
                 · 5. Green Valley
                 · 6. Hualapai Mountains, east side of the mountain range, about
                 35 mi. SE of Kingman, AZ
                 · 7. Rincon Mtn., north side of Rincon Mtn
                 · 8. Mt. Lemmon
                 · 9. Page
                 · 10. Safford, near Safford
                 · 11. Santa Catalina Mountains - base
                 · 12. In the vicinity of Hardy and Cherokee Village. 360 19’ N
                 9°29’W W. Installation purpose not known.
                 · 13. Pine Bluff, Ark. area. 34° 13.4’ N 92º01.0’W to 34º30’ N 92°
                 30’W. saucer base.
                 · 14. 29 Palms Marine Base, Identified on military map as
                 airspace area R-2501 N. Saucer base southeast of Ludlow. This
                 is a U.S. alien research/ diagnostic facility and UFO base.
                 · 15. China Lake, mind control and weapons research
                 · 16. Darwin, CA, 4 miles dues west of Darwin
                 · 17. Deep Springs, CA, 37°22’ N 117º 59.3’ W. saucer base
                 · 18. Fort Irwin, CA, 35°20’N 116°8’W W. saucer base
                 · 19. Edwards Air Force Base, in the area where Diamond Cr. &
                 the so. fork of the Yuba meet, there are 3 underground UFO
                 bases. 34°8’ N 117° 48’ W
    · 20. George Air Force Base, CA - saucer base
    · 21. Helendale, Lockhead Underground Facility, 34º44.7’ N
    1170 18.5’ W. Technology for secret projects. There are 3
    saucer bases here.
    · 22. Los Angeles, On Hwy 14 towards Edwards A.F.B. after
    Palmdale, one turns off and after taking several streets to 170th
    street, north on 170th St. to the Rosamond-170th intersection, the
    second and lower and better maintained dirt road will take you
    west, and if you take a right going north at the power lines and
    up to the hilltop you will see the top of an underground
    NORTHOP facility; Technology for the elite’s secret projects.
    This area was very active in the 1970s. Northrop’s facility is near
    the Tehachapi Mtns. It has been reported
    to go down 42 levels. It is heavily involved with electronics and
    hi-tech aerospace research.
    · 23. Mt. Shasta
    · 24. Kern River, CA the hollowed out mountain next to the
    hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near Bakersfield-
    reported saucer base
    · 25. Napa Valley- located at Oakville Grade north of Napa, CA.
    Tunnels also connect the wineries north of Napa, used for white
    slavery and mind-control. Has a saucer base.
    · 26. Norton Air Force Base- saucer base
    · 27. Quincy, CA, 39° 56.2’ N 120° 56.5’ W. saucer base
    · 28. Near Palmdale (if one takes Palmdale Blvd. til 240th St.
    and goes to Ave R-8. One the eastern limit of Ave. R-8 is
    McDonnell-Douglas’s facility called the Uano Facility. One can
    see it better from the Three Sisters Hills to the south of the
    facility. Strange shaped disks raise out of the ground on pylons.
    These attached disks glow and change color. It is involved in hi-
    tech aerospace technology.
    · 29. Presidio, CA - A FEMA/DOD site for Region IX’s regional
    · 30. San Bernardino, CO, 34º 50’ N to 34° 16’ N
    · 31. Santa Barbara County - placed in the thick diatomite strata
    · 32. Santa Rosa, 38º 26.4’ N 122º 42.9’ W, FEMA, Regional
    center for west coast, what FEMA is doing is mostly kept secret.
    This is listed as a Communications Antenna Field, but is doing
    much more.
    · 33. Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA - very deep military base
    · 34. Tehachapi Ranch- 4 saucer bases, Tecachapi Canyon has
    a new underground base which was finished in Sept. ’95. This is
    the "Unholy 6" base of the Orions. 35° 20’ 118° 40’
    · 35. Trona, CA, 35° 45.5’ N 1 77º22.6’ W --several miles
    northwest of Trona, directly under Argus Peak. This DUM sits on
    China Lake’s NWC’s land, and may have been built in the ’60s.
    · 36. Alamosa, 37° 28.1’ N 105°52.2’W W- reported saucer base
    · 37. Book Cliffs, CO, 39° 40’ N 108º 0’ W near Rifle, CO
    · 38. Boulder, CO--The headquarters for EMC, a type of electra-
    magnetic mind control that is being broadcast to modify the
    thinking of Americans, and to control slaves.
    · 39. Colorado Springs, NORAD --Canada & U.S., & FEMA,
    hundreds of people on staff, contains at least 4.5 cubic miles of
    underground caverns and 45 underground steel buildings.
    Many underground chambers are as large as 50, x 100 ’. This
    complex tracks thousands of satellites, missiles, submarines,
     and UFOs. NORAD also controls many Monarch slaves who
     have ALEX, JANUS, ALEXUS endtime callback programming.
     NORAD installation has 1278 miles of road underground.
     · 40. Fort Collins- base for Gray aliens
     · 41. Grand Mesa- Orion saucer base
     · 42. Montrore Co.--north of Paradox, in Paradox Valley. The site
     in Paradox Valley can be reached via Hwy. 90 via Nucla.
     · 43. North west Connecticut
     · 44. Massive base- reported saucer base
     · 45. Eglin AFB, 30º 40’ N 86° 50’ W- Orion saucer base since
     · 46. Atlanta, GA --FEMA regional center, which is appropriately
     placed since Atlanta is to become a capital within the NWO
     redrawing of boundaries. Atlanta is believed to have several
     underground installations in its area, one to the north at
     Kennesaw Mtn., Marietta, GA connected to Dobbins AFB and
     one to the south of Atlanta at Forest Park.
     · 47. Thomasville, 30° 50.2’ N 83°58.9’ W, FEMA, regional
     center, they train groups in Search and Destroy missions for
     when Martial Law is imposed. This is SW Georgia in area of
     · 48. Lower Goose Lake area in the general area of Oakley, ID.--
     Wackenhut of the Illuminati run a "model prison" for the NWO.
     The worst of the federal prisoners are placed in this underground
     prison which has 7,100 cells which are filled with about 2,700
     federal inmates. A track runs through the middle of the eerie
     underground facility. Food and showers are on the tracks, and
     the men are allowed showers once a week. The minimum of
     lighting is used and the men are beaten senseless if they talk at
     all. It sits 500’ underground.
     · 49. South central Idaho--under the Snake River lava flows
     between Twin Falls and Idaho Falls.
     · 50. Bedford & Lawrence Co. area--continued activity in large
     old mines indicates a possible government use of the large old
     · 51. Atchison, KS--the DIPEF underground facility, which the
     govt. would run in an emergency. AT & T maintains an
     underground facility at Fairview, KS.
     · 52. Kinsley--an underground UFO base
     · 53. Camp David--just north of the camp is an underground
     facility important to the intelligence agencies.
     · 54. below Ft. Meade, of the National Security Agency, 10 acres
     of the most sophisticated supercomputers that can be built, very
     large complex, massive surveillance of all the world’s
     communications, including all transmissions in the U.S. & world
     of telephones, telegraph, telex, fax, radio, TV and microwave
    · 55. Olney, actually the facility is between Olney and
    Laytonsville, on Riggs Rd. off of Rt. 108. Another underground
    facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the
    facility may be 10 levels deep, purpose unknown.
    · 56. Suitland, MD- Classified archives of U.S. Govt. stored here
    in underground levels. Vaults have extensive amounts of
    documents which are not indexed. Restricted access with a
    coded security card. High level intelligence groups operate in the
    area also.
    · 57. Maynard, 42° 26.0’ N 71° 27.0’ W FEMA, regional center,
    Wackenhut is here too.
    · 58. Battle Creek, 42° 19.3’ N 85° 10.9’ W FEMA, regional
    center, activity secret (not validated)
    · 59. Gwinn, Ml, 46° 16.8’N 87° 26.5’ W, near Gwinn is a large
    underground base which is a key base for sending signals. An
    AFB is also nearby. Under Lake Superior is an alien base
    with roads 5,000’ deep.
    · 60. 12 miles south of Lebanon, 36° 02.8’ N 115° 24.3’ W, near
    the newly created town of Twin Bridges-reported saucer base
    · 61. In the Bat/Dry/Dead Man/ Howell cluster of caves- reported
    saucer base
    · 62. St. Francis Mountains, MO (between St. Louis & New
    · 63. North-central Nebraska
    · 64. Red Willow Co. near McCook, NE
    · 65. Blue Diamond, 36° 02.8’N 115°24.3 W -reported saucer
    · 66-68. Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 51, The
    Area, the Spot, Red Square, Sally Corridor, Watertown Strip.
    1150 50’N 37°20W. Run by the NWO along with demonic
    beings, the CIA is there and Wackenhut Security. Two large
    underground facilities close to but separate from Groom Lake
    but controlled by the demonic beings are Papoose Range and
    Cockeyed Ridge (S-4) underground bases. Purpose is the
    testing of various UFOs and other secret aircraft like the Aurora
    and Stealth. Also biological work is done, including the biological
    raising of small greys. Many levels have been built at these three
    complexes, and a 7 mile long run way (which is actually 39
    miles) has been built over Groom Lake, a dry lake. There is an
    S-2, an S-4, an S-6, and an S-66 underground installations. S-66
    is the most secret and it has 29 levels and is 11, 300’ deep.
    · 69. Quartzite Mountain SE of Tonopah, 37° 31 ’N 116° 20’ W-
    reported saucer base
    · 70. Tonopah, Airforce, CIA? & ??, deals with secret aircraft
    · 71-73. There may be as many as three underground
    installations in New Hampshire’s hills (according to reports).
    · 74. Picatinny Arsenal, 4o° 38’N 74° 32’ W- saucer base, 1/4
    cubic mile large & very deep underground.
    The state of New Mexico and Colorado have been used for the
    construction of a series of underground bases. (All the rest of the
    states have too.) The Primary Underground facilities in New
    Mexico consist of:
    · 3 enormous underground bases in the Dulce, NM area (an area
    I spent several days investigating in 1993)
    · the White Sands--Alamogordo Area which has 3 underground
    · Datil and Pie Town which have two more underground bases.
    (Carlsbad Cavern which had underground activity, which is
    reported discontinued, and another base to east of Carlsbad.)
    · the Los Alamos area underground facility
    · the Taos area underground facility
    The New Mexico area has basically four underground system
    out. One goes to the 4-corners area and then to Groom Lake
    (Area 51). One goes north toward Delta, CO and Colorado
    Springs. The Taos facilities goes north approximately along
    Interstate 25 and eventually ties in NORAD. The southern bases
    connect to Texas and Mexico. The Los Alamos facility dates at
    least back to 1940. One can only imagine what has been built
    with 1/2 century of labor on this underground system. Visitors to
    the deeper levels report humans kept in glass cylinders, plus
    many other strange things. I have had the opportunity to debrief
    some people who have been in the lower reaches of some of
    these facilities. There are special badges, special uniforms, tube
    elevators etc. which for lack of time I will not describe.
    · 75. Angel Peak- reported saucer base
    · Carlsbad Cavern area (now destroyed), 32° 25.0’N 1040 14.0W
    -old relics of saucer base left
    · 76-78. Dulce, N.M., 36º 56.0’N 106°59.8’W,--South of Dulce, in
    the area of the Jicarilla Indian Reservation, another facility is
    east of the Dulce facility a number of miles. This is run directly
    by Illuminati w/ Army and Airforce help, CIA also conduct
    experiments at the center; the size of the installation is hugh
    requiring small shuttle trains and has seven levels according to
    witnesses. Serves as a UFO base, biological experiments,
    production center for small-grey drones. Wackenhut provides
    some of the security on the ground.
    · 79. Kirtland AFB, NM, Sandia National Lab
    · 80. Manzano Mtn, near Albuquerque, known as the Kirtland
    Munitions Storage Complex, Airforce, 3,000-acre base within the
    Kirtland AFB/Sandia National Labs complex, guarded by 4 lethal
    rings of fences, use unknown, suspected UFO base. A new
    285,000-sq. ft. bunker is being built near Manzano Base.
    · 81. Pie Town, 34° 17.9’N 1 108°08.7’W, in area near Pie Town,
    UFO Base.
    · 82. Sandia Mountains NE of Albuquerque -reported saucer
    · 83. to the north of Taos Pueblo
    · 84. White Sands, 32°22.8’N 106°28.8’W, major hub for
    research, tied in with Dulce & NORAD, HO for NASA /military
    shuttle flights, radiation research ctr. and mind control.
       · 85. Adirondack Mountains (near Elizabethtown)
       · 86. New York Metro area
       · 87. Plattsburgh (near Canada and St. Albans) AFB, 49°40’N
       73°33 W- two saucer bases in this area.
       · 88. Ada, 34°46.4’ N 96°40.7W W, underground saucer base,
       this base does human cloning, and it is FEMA’s most sensitive
       · 89. Ashland Naval Ammunition Depot, 34°45.9’N 96° 04.3’W,-
       reported saucer base
       · 90. Bull Run, north side of Bull Run Reservoir area near Mt.
       Hood, and very close to Larch Mtn. and south of Benson St.
       Park of the Columbia Gorge.
       · 91. Coos Bay area has had three separate but coordinating
       underground facilities built for UFOs. The facility farthest east,
       about 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has been
       shut down. It is now an old abandoned facility well camouflaged.
       The coast facility is probably still operational.
       · 92. Klamath Falls, OR--since Sept. ’95 this has been a base for
       a number of NWO groups incl. the Air National Guard, FEMA,
       CIA, FBI, Spetznaz, and MOSAP training base. An underground
       concentration camp exists here.
       · 93. Blue Ridge Summit, near Ft. Ritchie, known as ’Raven
       Rock" or "Site R", Army, major electronic nerve center, 650 ft.
       below surface with about 350 staff and over a 716 acre area.
       possibly connected via tunnel to Camp David. The NOD
       installation is involved with psychic (demonic) and satellite
       control over slaves. This underground complex is to allow the
       government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack. The
       enormous complex radiates under Wash. D.C. and connects
       with many other sites. The tunnel system is used to move some
       of the mind-control sex slaves. The walls and ceilings of the
       tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into
       the ceilings.
       · 94. Ft. Hood, TX, 31° 15’N 97° 48’ W, home of some Delta
       Mind-Controlled soldiers and a reported saucer base.
       · 95. Denton, TX, 33° 13.2’N 97° 08.2’W - FEMA, regional
       center, activity secret
       · 96. Red River Arsenal, TX- reported saucer base
       In Utah, the Kennecott Copper Company has been connected to
       the Illuminati and the KKK. These connections have been
       exposed in other writings by this author. Kennecott’s mine
       (reported to be owned by the World Bank) in the Salt Lake City
       area is serviced by Union Pacific, which is reported connected to
       the Mormon Church.

       The mine is receiving a heavy volume of big trucks after 11 p.m.,
       for instance, in a normal night over 6 dozen large trucks with 2
       trailors each rolling into the mine. In other words, it appears that
             the heavy train & tractor trailor activity indicates something
             besides mining.
             · 97. Bluemont, Mount Weather base, Federal Preparedness
             Agency & FEMA, small-city underground, top-secret, staff of
             several hundred, does secret work for FEMA and contains a
             complete secret government with the various agencies and
             cabinet-level ranking administrators that keep their positions for
             several administrations and help run the United States.
             · 98. Culpepper, 380 28.5 N 77°59.8’W, about 2 miles east of
             Culpepper off of Rt. 3, called Mount Pony, Illuminati--Fed.
             reserve, 140,000 sq. ft., includes a facility for the storage for
             corpses, monitors all major financial transactions in the U.S. by
             means of the "Fed Wire", a modern electronic system.
             · 99. Pentagon, Arlington, VA-
             · 100. Warrington Training Ctr. --two sites one on Rt. 802 and
             the other on Bear Wallow Road, on Viewtree Mountain. One is
             Station A the other Station B. Army & ??, purpose unknown
             · 101. Bothell, 47°45.7’N 122°12.2w W, FEMA, regional center,
             activity unknown
             · 102. WHITE HOUSE, 38°53.5’N 77°02.0’W--The secret NOD
             underground installation which is connected to the intelligence
             groups like NSA and the CIA as well as many other nefarious
             groups lays under the White House with tunnels connecting this
             NOD installation with the House of the Temple. The Supreme
             council of the 33° of the Scottish Rite’s House of the Temple has
             a 14’ x 25’ room in it with 13 chairs where the Illuminati’s Grand
             Druid Council meet. The NOD Deep Underground Installation
             has numerous levels to it. One eye-
             witness, went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he
             believes that deeper levels exist.
             · 103. Sugar Grove, the Navy’s Strategic Intelligence Services
             microwave communications. There base here.
             · 104. White Sulphur Springs, under the Greenbriar Hotel, a
             mini-city large enough for 800 people equipped with its own
             crematorium, if there are any other purposes other than listening
             to U.S. microwave communication it is unknown by this author.
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                                      by William Hamilton III
                                        from ThinkAboutIt Website

Does a strange world exist beneath our feet? Strange legends have persisted for centuries about
the mysterious cavern world and the equally strange beings who inhabit it.

More UFOlogists have considered the possibility that UFOs may be emanating from
subterranean bases, that UFO aliens have constructed these bases to carry out various missions
involving Earth or humans.

Belief in a subterranean world has been handed down as myth, tale, or rumor down the
generations from all over the world. Some of these stories date back to ancient times and tell
tales of fantastic flora and fauna that can be found in the caverns of ancient races. Socrates
spoke of huge hollows within the Earth which are inhabited by man, and vast caverns which
rivers flow.

A legendary large cavern supposedly exists below Kokoweef Peak in southwestern California.
Earl Dorr, a miner and prospector, followed clues given to him by Indians. He entered Crystal
Cave in the thirties and followed a passage down into Kokoweef Mountain until he attained a
depth of about a mile. There, he entered a large cavern which he proceeded to explore for a
distance of eight miles. At the bottom of the cavern, a river flowed, rising and falling with the lunar
tides, and depositing black sands rich in placer gold along its banks. One day, crazed by fever,
Dorr used dynamite to seal shut the entrance to his fabulous cavern, and started a legend that
still lures men to seek the fabled wealth below Kokoweef.

Nowhere is the belief in a subterranean world more prevalent than with the Indians of North
America. The Hopis believed they emerged from a world below the earth through a tunnel at the
base of the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff.

There are also legends about mysterious Mount Shasta in northern California. The mountain is
said to have housed a race of surviving Lemurians who built a sanctuary in the depths of the
earth to escape the catastrophes which befell them. These

Lemurians allied themselves with space travelers who built a saucer base inside the mountain.

Whether ancient cities exist in caverns below the earth is anyone’s guess, but it’s a fact that
governments have built underground tunnels and facilities for a variety of reasons. The Chinese,
Russians, Vietnamese all built subterranean tunnels and bases. It shouldn’t come as a surprise
that America has been building its own underground world.

An elusive report in the August 7, 1989 edition of U.S. News and World Report, reveals the
secret plan to carry on government in case of a disaster. The plan is called "Continuity of
Government" or COG. The article stated that COG is the government’s ultimate insurance policy
should Armageddon ever arrive, providing the program runs smoothly. In 1982, a new secret
agency, the Defense Mobilization Planning Systems Agency was created and reports to the
In the event of a nuclear attack, special teams equipped with war plans, military codes, and other
essential data would accompany each designated presidential successor to secret command
posts around the country. Besides the president, another 46 key officials named in the Joint
Emergency Evacuation Plan (JEEP) would be evacuated. There are 50 of these underground
command post bunkers located in 10 different regions of the country, and each is linked with
others via satellite or ground-wave relays.

The U.S. Air Force sponsored research in deep underground construction as early as 1958. The
RAND corporation carried out this research, and published proceedings from symposiums held
on the subject of construction methods and equipment, utility installation, and the use of nuclear
bursts to produce underground cavities.

A great concern to underground construction engineers was the problem of ventilation. They
considered it advisable to take into account all types of ventilation contamination, and not just
radioactive fallout. Underground works included ingresses, egresses, and accommodations. The
first two are generally provided for by shafts or tunnels, while the third requires larger openings,
such as halls, chambers, cells, vaults, or other open spaces. Many problems in design and
construction are common to all three, but the problems associated with the larger openings in the
rock, required for accommodation purposes, are generally more complex and difficult than those
for the smaller openings of tunnels or shafts. Operation and maintenance of underground
installations can also pose special problems.

Huge boring machines (below image) with large-diameter disc-grinders are used in constructing
tunnels. Tunnels are needed to link one accommodation area to another, or one facility to

The English Chunnel project is the largest engineering project in Europe, and will link France and
England through a three-tunnel railway. The eleven boring machines used in the project are so
large and so long that they were assembled in underground areas 65 feet high. Six of the
machines are digging the submarine tunnel between the Dover Strait and Pas de Calais and five
are digging the land tunnels leading away from the channel to aboveground terminals. The front
of the boring machine contains tungsten-tipped picks that workers guide with the use of laser
projections on video screens.

These boring machines are like huge, steel-encased worms. Sealed in each machine are teams
of 35 men who line the cavity of the tunnel with concrete and guide the muck down the track. The
machines bore the hole, remove the earth, and pave the inside of the tunnel with precast
concrete segments. The digging face of the machine is a 95-ton, 28-foot-6-inch diameter disc,
divided into cutting blades. The borer is 300-feet long.

The September, 1983 Omni ran a picture story on the "Subterrene," a nuclear tunnel-boring
machine developed at Los Alamos. The machine burrows through deep underground rock,
heating it to a molten state (magma), which cools after the Subterrene moves on. The result is a
tube with a smooth, glazed lining that can be used for the high-speed transport shuttles that link
the sub-base complexes.

Interestingly enough, an inventor named Charles Kaempen has invented a composite pipe that
has enormous tensile strength. Kaempen has developed an undersea transportation tube that
uses his unique system of lock coupling and merely has to be laid on the sea floor, obviating the
need for excavating and tunneling. He has made a proposal to Spain to link Spain and Morocco
using his new tube technology.

Tunnel boring is undergoing a boom according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Dec.
12, 1990). Susan Nelson, director of the American Underground Space Association is quoted in
the article as saying,
         "There is simply a lot more interest in the world these days in tunneling and use
         of the underground in general."
It says the underground is crowded with government-funded mega-projects and proposed
projects. The Spanish want to put a tunnel through the Pyrenees and bore a road to Morocco on
the African coast. The Norwegians want to burrow under the fiords. The Japanese are toying with
tunneling through to South Korea. The Canadians are building a tunnel from New Foundland to
Prince Edwards Island. In America, there are 87 public-works projects planned in the next three
years alone.

Bear in mind the fact that these are all classified as civil engineering projects. Where civil
engineering goes today, military engineering has already gone yesterday. In 1959, the Rand
Report carried photos of the giant Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). Large scale military
engineering projects may have made extensive use of these machines since the fifties.

Tunneling is getting a boost because of the increasingly crowded global landscape. Planners in
Northern Italy are burying stretches of a freeway in a tunnel to avoid cutting a road through
historical important forest and farmlands.

Mr. Russell J. Miller of the Colorado School of Mines and director of the Center for Space
Mining in Boulder, Colorado, is working on studies to determine the feasibility of putting space
bases and cities underground on Mars and on the moon. Of course, someone from somewhere
else may have already beaten Mr. Miller to the punch.

Informants have told us that underground facilities utilize transport tubes to shuttle workers to and
from work. This is more than a subway. These tube trains use high technology. It isn’t surprising,
then, to learn that Frank P. Davidson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a plan to
unclog the airways by designing electric "wingless airplanes" that hurtle across continents and
oceans in sealed tubes or tunnels that are essentially frictionless vacuum chambers. Perhaps he
should meet with Dr. Kaempen and consider using his composite pipe as the tube.

Underground diggers have their own society called "Moles," who find talk of tunneling and
tunnels spicier than most of us surface dwellers.

It’s no secret that governments have built their own secret underground railways and tunnels.
China’s leaders built secret rail tunnels under Beijing that would enable them to flee in a crisis.
According to a Chinese civil servant, the tunnels linked leader’s homes, government buildings,
the central bank and an army base. That sounds like a well-thought-out-plan. Grab your prized
possessions, cash from the bank, armed guards from the base, and run like hell! The network
was built up over a period of 40 years as a defense against foreign invaders. We can be sure that
what China has done we have done.

Japan, dense and overcrowded, is giving serious thought to living underground. They are
planning to build underground sewage plants, underground railroads, and underground cities.
According to a recent issue of Omni, The Taisei Corporation is planning to build a subterranean
mall called "Alice City."

There would be underground stores, offices, hotels, theaters, and sports arenas. Strolling spaces
would meander through interior spaces populated with trees, birds, fish tanks, bridges, and
waterfalls. The Shimizu Corporation has a blueprint for constructing an underground grid that
would span 2,000 square miles underneath Tokyo. This grid would contain a number of
commercial centers connected by subway trains that could shuttle workers to and from work.

According to science-writer Isaac Asimov, there are advantages to living underground. For one
thing, no one would worry about the weather. The temperature could be held at a fairly constant
level, between 55 and 60 degrees F, and a lot of energy used for heating and cooling could be
saved. Without the diurnal sun cycle, no one would know day from night. People could be
working around the clock or playing around the clock, depending on their penchant.

All transportation, communication, and housing could go underground, freeing the surface world
from human trampling. The surface of the planet would have a few nice restaurants and
recreation centers where people could observe clear blue skies, the returning planet and animal
life, and have room for all to roam on a weekend hike. Earthquakes would cause only one-fifth
the damage to underground structures that they cause to surface structures.

In a provocatively speculative book entitled Alternative 3, author Leslie Watkins proposes that
scientist have become concerned with the state of the Earth’s atmosphere, a scenario that is
much easier to accept these days. Secret meetings between scientist produce three alternatives
for handling the imminent danger.
    • "Alternative 1" was a plan to blast holes through the stratosphere to release heat and
    • "Alternative 2" was a plan to relocate Earth’s population in massive underground caverns
        drawing fresh, cool air from the soil (Perhaps there is a real Alternative 2 in progress).
    • "Alternative 3" was to escape the Earth and go to Mars. We will consider Alternative 3
        later. Whether any real such alternative plans exist is not being argued here, but the
        concepts are useful in examining the future directions of secret projects.
The Atomic Energy Commission initiated Project Plowshare in 1957 to develop peaceful uses of
nuclear explosives. It has explored the use of nuclear blasts to build harbors, dams, highway
cuts, and canals, and to stimulate oil and natural gas production by following up the widely used
practice of detonating ordinary chemical explosions in oil- and gas-bearing strata. The first test of
this technique, known as Project Gasbuggy, took place 4,240 feet below ground in a desolate
area of New Mexico know as the San Juan Basin, on December 10, 1967, where a 26-kiloton
nuclear "device" was exploded in a sealed well.

While Gasbuggy was only a single experiment, the A.E.C., in partnership with Austral Oil
Company of Houston, subsequently began the first of what promised to be a long series of even
larger nuclear explosions, on the order of two 100-kiloton shots each year, for a period of 10
years or more. The first explosion, known as Project Rulison, was a 40-kiloton shot, some 8,400
feet below ground at a site near Rifle, Colorado, on September 10th, 1969.

A method that has been suggested to build bases on the moon may already be in operation on
Earth. With the use of controlled nuclear blasts it will be possible to excavate cavities beneath the
lunar surface. A missile could be used to drill a hole approximately 50 feet deep, then a second
blast would produce a cavity about 45 feet in diameter. An igloo would be constructed over the
hole, a plastic bag dropped down the cavity and filled with air. The work area and living quarters
would then be constructed.

It may prove more efficient and practical to "house" future moon colonies in artificial or natural
caves beneath the lunar surface, than to attempt construction of exposed meteorite domes.
Living quarters, spacious parks, lakes, and wooded areas could be constructed underground. A
transportation tube would connect various colonists to other ports and distant parts of the moon.

Back on Earth, we have reports of equally suspicious parks. An ex-security officer, who once
worked underground in the Groom Lake area of Nevada, said he once saw a baseball diamond
and an Olympic-sized swimming pool in one of the caverns a mile below the Nevada desert.

What’s going on in the deep underground tunnels below Mercury Base at the Nevada Test Site?
After hearing the story of Bob Lazar on KVEG radio, a construction worker called Billy Goodman
and Bob Lazar to say,
        "We are the construction workers... we put things together and take them apart...
        of the meeting of seven people, there are two who will come forward to support
This mysterious caller further said,
       "There’s more than just tunnels down there. There’s everything you can imagine
       down there. I know because we put it up. We installed. We did everything."
Informants have mentioned underground tunnels and facilities in
   • New Mexico at:
           ○ Dulce
           ○ Sunspot
           ○ Datil
           ○ Corona
           ○ Taos Pueblo
           ○ Albuquerque
   • Arizona in the Santa Catalina Mountains
   • Colorado at:
           ○ Delta
           ○ Grand Mesa
           ○ Colorado Springs
   • California at:
           ○ Needles
           ○ Edwards AFB
           ○ Tehachapi Mountains
           ○ Ft. Irwin
           ○ Norton AFB
           ○ Morongo Valley
   • Nevada at:
           ○ Blue Diamond
           ○ Nellis AFB
           ○ Groom Lake
           ○ Papoose Lake areas
           ○ Quartzite Mountain
           ○ Tonopah
I became interested in a possible underground installation in the Techachapi Mountains in the
summer of 1988. A young couple, Ray and Nancy, reported that they had gone to a plateau in
the mountains after Ray’s shift work had completed at the Northrop Plant. Ray was inspector on
the B-2 project. The plateau is adjacent to the perimeter of the leased Tejon Ranch where
Northrop has built a secret underground facility. It was about one o’clock in the morning when
Ray and Nancy spotted a brilliant orb coming out of the ground which flashed light in their
direction. They could not account for two-and-half hours of missing time.

Ray thought that they had the orb under observation for about an hour, yet the next memory is of
sunrise! Under hypnosis, Ray recalls being abducted and taken to an underground base
populated by little grey EBEs and Air Force and security personnel. The EBEs were examining
Nancy who had been restrained on a metal table. Ray’s emotions swelled under hypnotic recall
of the incident.

A local man claims he saw a flying saucer emerge and take-off from a silo on the property.

A disgruntled contractor reported that he worked on constructing the tunnels in the underground
area and was bothered by the Air Force probes that were often seen hovering in the tunnels. He
described these probes as small orbs, and said that this facility was nicknamed "The ANTHILL"
because of its resemblance to underground ant colonies. The tunnels have round doorways
without doors. Adjacent to the doorways are security panels with red and green lights. There are
some kind of cylinders embedded in the doorway jams that protect a field of energy of some sort.

Black helicopters have been sighted around Boynton and Secret Canyon near Sedona, Arizona.
A man living in Long Canyon has sighted a lot of strange things in the canyon areas, and
residents suspect a secret government installation has been established in, of all places, Secret
Mountain! One of my investigators hiked to Secret Canyon late one night and was stopped by a
voice on a loudspeaker and a laser-targeting light on his chest. He was told he had entered a
restricted area and to turn around and leave.

We have now spotted and photographed the small orbs around the "Anthill." These orbs
definitely exhibit the peculiar characteristics reported in other UFO sightings.

Since that time, we have located two other secret facilities. One is at a place in the Mojave-
Desert called Llano. It is an extremely secure facility, but witnesses have seen an extremely
bright light burning atop a pylon inside of a movable behemoth-sized structure. This light does not
illuminate the interior of the structure! Orbs have been seen in the vicinity of this facility as well.

We can only conjecture about what secret programs are being conducted away from preying
eyes. The underground can and does hold all sorts of secrets. Some of the most amazing
revelations about what goes on in the underground projects comes from a mysterious informant
named Thomas, and who claims there is, indeed, a deep dark secret harbored underneath the
imposing mountainous elevations of Northern New Mexico.

The Deep Dark Secret at Dulce
Dulce is a sleepy little town in northern New Mexico of about 900 population located above 7,000
feet on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. There is only one major motel and a few stores.
It’s not a resort town and it is not bustling with activity. But, according to a few outsiders, Dulce
harbors a deep, dark secret. The secret is harbored deep below the tangled brush of Archuleta
Mesa. The secret is said to be a joint government-alien biogenetic laboratory designed to carry
out bizarre experiments on humans and animals.

New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez was drawn into the mysteries of Dulce when
called to investigate a mutilated cow in a pasture 13 miles east of Dulce on the Manual Gomez
ranch. Gomez had lost four cattle to mutilations between 1976 and June 1978 when a team of
investigators which included Tom Adams arrived from Paris, Texas to examine the site of the
Curious as to how cattle were being selected by the mysterious mutilators, an interesting
experiment was conducted on July 5, 1978 by Valdez, Gomez, and retired scientist Howard
Burgess. They pinned up about 120 of the Gomez beef cattle and moved them through a
squeeze chute under an ultraviolet light. They found a,
                "glittery substance on the right side of the neck, the right ear,
                and the right leg."
Samples of the affected hides were removed as well as control samples from the same animals.
Schoenfeld Clinical Laboratories in Albuquerque analyzed the samples and found significant
deposits of potassium and magnesium. The potassium content was 70 times above normal.

Some investigators attribute the mutilations to aliens from UFOs. UFOs have been seen
frequently around Dulce. Sightings of strange lights and other aerial phenomena have been
reported in many areas where the cows have been found at the time of the reported mutilation.

On April 19, 1988, I arrived in Dulce to visit with Gabe Valdez and inquire about the sightings,
the mutes, and the rumors of an underground alien base. Snow was still on the ground. I checked
into the Best Western Motel and called Valdez to make an appointment to see me at 9:30 PM. I
found Gabe to be a very congenial host, offering to show me around the roads of Dulce that night
and point out some various locations where he had found mutilated cows or had seen strange
aerial lights.

He made the astounding statement that he was still seeing unidentified aircraft at the rate of one
every two nights. We took a look at the Gomez Ranch, the road by the Navajo River, and the
imposing Archuleta Mesa. Gabe had found landing tracks and crawler marks near the site of the
mutes, and was convinced that scientist Paul Bennewitz of Thunder Scientific Labs in
Albuquerque, was definitely on the right track in his attempts to locate the underground alien
facility in the vicinity of Dulce. No one knew for sure where the facility was located or how
humans or aliens gained secret entry to the facility.

I had first heard of Paul Bennewitz in 1980 when my friend Walter called me from Albuquerque
and told me he had been working with Paul on electronic instruments. Walter informed me that
Paul had not only photographed UFOs, but had established a communication link with their
underground base at Dulce. Bennewitz had first come to prominence during the August, 1980,
sightings over the Manzano Weapons Storage Area at Kirtland AFB.

A Kirtland AFB incident report dated October 28, 1980 mentions that Bennewitz had taken film of
the UFOs over Kirtland. Paul, who was president of the Thunder Scientific Labs which was
adjacent to Kirtland gave a briefing in Albuquerque detailing how he had seen the aliens on a
video screen. At the time, the aliens were transmitting signals to him from a base underneath
Archuleta Mesa.

Researcher William Moore claims that the government agents became interested in Bennewitz’s
activities and were trying to defuse him by pumping as much disinformation through him as he
could absorb. Whether Paul’s communication with supposed aliens at the Dulce Base was part of
this disinformation campaign is unclear. If we believe that Paul is the single source of reports on
the Dulce Facility, then discounting Paul’s story and discrediting him could be a tactical
maneuver. The actual disinformation maneuver would result in making the public believe there
was nothing to the Dulce story.

In a report entitled "PROJECT BETA," Paul states that he had spent two years tracking the alien
craft; that he had constant reception of video from an alien ship and underground base
viewscreen; that he had established constant direct communications with the aliens using a
computer and a form of hexadecimal code with graphics and print-out; and claims to have used
aerial and ground photography to locate the alien ship’s launch ports charged beam weapons.
Paul claimed that the aliens were devious, employed deception, and did not adhere to
agreements. He and Walter were working on a weapon that would counter the aliens.
Have we crossed over from the land of the real world to the land of science-fiction? But then,
bizarre phenomena may have its roots in a bizarre reality. As we continue our studies, the world
of science-fiction will become the world of science-fact.

Paul Bennewitz had investigated the case of abductee Myrna Hansen of New Mexico, who
reported having been taken to an underground facility in May 1980. Christa Tilton of Oklahoma
claims she had an experience of missing time in July, 1987, when she had been abducted by two
small grey aliens and transported in their craft to a hillside location where she encountered a man
dressed in a red military-type jump suit. She was taken into a tunnel through computerized
check-points displaying security cameras.

She reports having been taken on a transit vehicle to another area where she stepped on a
scale-like device facing a computer screen. After the computer issued her an identification card,
she was told by her guide that they had just entered Level One of a seven-level underground
facility. Christa goes on relating how she was eventually take down to Level Five, where she
reports having seen alien craft and little grey alien entities in some of the areas that she passed

In one large room where she saw computerized gauges hooked to large tanks and large arms
that extended from some tubing down into the tanks. She noticed a humming sound, smelled
formaldehyde, and had the impression that a liquid was being stirred in the tanks. She was not
shown the contents of these tanks. Christa has made drawings of much of what she claims to
have witnessed during her abduction.

These tanks were also depicted in a set of controversial papers called the "Dulce Papers," which
were allegedly stolen from the Dulce underground facility along with over 30 black and white
photos and a video tape. The mysterious security officer who took the papers claims to have
worked at Dulce until 1979 when he decided that the time had come to part company with his

The rest of this chapter relates how this security officer met with a colleague of mine in order to
tell us the truth about the aliens, the U.S. Government, and the Dulce Base. His intention was to
come out of hiding and present hard evidence to back his claims.

In late 1979, Thomas C. (Thomas Costello) could no longer cope with the awesome reality he
had to confront. As a high level security officer at the joint alien-U.S. Government underground
base near Dulce he had learned of and had seen disturbing things. After much inner conflict, he
decided to desert the facility and take various items with him.

Using a small camera, he took over 30 photos of areas within the multi-level complex. He
collected documents and removed a security video tape from the Control Center which showed
various security camera views of the hallways, labs, aliens, and U.S. Government personnel to
take with him. Then, by shutting off the alarm and camera system in one of the over 100 exits to
the surface, he left the facility with the photos, video, and documents. The "originals" were hidden
after five sets of copies were made.

Thomas was ready to go into hiding. But, when he went to pick up his wife and young son, he
found a van and government agents waiting. His wife and child had been kidnapped. He had
been betrayed by K. Lomas (a fellow worker). The agents wanted what Thomas had taken from
the facility in order to get his wife and son back. When it became apparent to him they would be
used in biological experiments and were not going to be returned unharmed, he decided to get
lost. That was over ten years ago. How did Thomas get involved in all this covert intrigue?

Thomas, now is his 50’s was in his mid-twenties, when he received top secret training in
photography at an underground facility in West Virginia. For seven years he worked in high
security photography in the Air Force. In 1971, he left and went to work for the Rand Corp. in
Santa Monica, California. In 1977 he was transferred to the Dulce facility. He bought a home in
Santa Fe, New Mexico, and worked Monday through Friday. He commuted to work via a deep
underground tube-shuttle system.

At this time, a fellow researcher was working security in Santa Fe, N.M. and was privately
investigating UFO sightings, animal mutilations, Masonic and Wicca groups in the area. Thomas
had a mutual friend who came to Santa Fe in 1979 to visit both the researcher and Thomas. This
visitor later viewed the photos, the video tape, and documents taken from the Dulce Base.
Drawings were made from what was seen and later circulated in the UFO research community as
the "Dulce Papers."

Thomas alleges that there were over 18,000 short "greys" at the Dulce Facility, and that he saw
reptilian humanoids. A colleague had come face-to-face with a 6-foot tall Reptoid which had
materialized in his house. The Reptoid showed an interest in research maps of New Mexico and
Colorado which were on the wall.

The maps were full of colored push-pins and markers to indicate sites of animal mutilations,
caverns, locations of high UFO activity, repeated flight paths, abduction sites, ancient ruins, and
suspected alien underground bases.

The multi-level facility at Dulce (click image above) is reported to have a central HUB which is
controlled by base security. The security level goes up as one descends to lower levels. Thomas
had an ULTRA-7 clearance. He knew of seven sub-levels, but there may have been more. Most
of the aliens supposedly are on levels 5, 6 and 7 with alien housing on level 5.

The only sign in English was over the tube shuttle station hallway which read "to Los Alamos."
Connections go from Dulce to the Page, Arizona facility, then onto an underground base below
Area 51 in Nevada. Tube shuttles go to and from Dulce to facilities below Taos, N.M.; Datil, N.M.;
Colorado Springs, Colorado; Creed, Colorado; Sandia’ then on to Carlsbad, New Mexico.

There appears to be a vast network of tube shuttle connections under the U.S. which extends
into a global system of tunnels and sub-cities.

At the Dulce Base, most signs on doors and hallways are in the alien symbol language and a
universal symbol system understood by humans and aliens. Thomas stated that after the second
level, everyone is weighed in the nude, then given a uniform. Visitors are given off-white
uniforms; jump suits with a zipper. The weight of the person is put on a computer I.D. card each
day. Any change in weight is noted; if over three pounds, a physical exam and X-ray is required.
Scales are located in front of all sensitive areas and are built into the floor near doorways and the
door control panels. An individual places his computer I.D. card into the door slot, then enters a
numerical code onto a keypad. The person’s weight and code must match the card or the door
will not open. Any discrepancy will summon security. No one is allowed to carry anything into
sensitive areas. All supplies are put on a conveyor belt and X-rayed. The same method is used in
leaving sensitive areas.

All elevators are controlled magnetically; there are no elevator cables. The magnetic system is
inside the walls of the elevator shaft, there are no normal electrical controls. Everything is
controlled by advanced magnetics, including lighting. There are no regular light bulbs and the
tunnels are illuminated by phosphorous units with broad structureless emission bands. Some
deep tunnels use a form of phosphorous pentoxide to temporarily illuminate areas.

The aliens won’t go near these areas for reasons unknown.
   • Level 1 contains the garage for street maintenance.
   • Level 2 contains the garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and disc
   • The studies on Level 4 include human-aura research, as well as all aspects of telepathy,
        hypnosis, and dreams. Thomas says that they know how to separate the bioplasmic body
        from the physical body to place an "alien entity" life-force-matrix within a human body after
        removing the "soul" lifeforce-matrix of the human.
   • Level 6 is privately called "Nightmare Hall." It holds the genetic labs, where experiments
        are done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original form.
        There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages (and vats) of
        humanoid bat-like creatures as tall as 7-feet. The aliens have taught the humans a lot
        about genetics; things both useful and dangerous.
The Grey and reptoid species are highly analytical and technologically oriented. They have had
ancient conflicts with the Nordic humans from other space societies, and may be staging here for
a future conflict. Intensely into computing and bio- engineering sciences, they are led to doing
reckless experiments without regard for what we consider to be ethical and empathetic conduct
toward other living creatures.

Principal government organizations involved in mapping human genetics, the so-called genome
projects, are within:
   • the Department of Energy (which has a heavy presence on the Nevada
       Test Site)
   • the National Institute of Health
   • the National Science Foundation
   • the Howard Huges Medical Institute
   • the Dulce Underground Labs which are run by the DOE
Thomas had revealed that the chief of the genetic experiments for Los Alamos and Dulce is
Larry Deaven.

According to Thomas, the alien androgynal breeder is capable of parthenogenesis. At Dulce, the
common form or reproduction is by polyembryony. Each embryo can, and does divide into 6 to 9
individual "cunne" (pronounced cooney, i.e. siblings). The needed nutriment for the developing
cunne is supplied by the "formula," which usually consist of plasma, deoxyhemoglobin, albumin,
lysozyme, cation, amniotic fluid and more.

The term "genome" is used to describe the totality of the chromosomes unique to a particular
organism (or any cell within an organism), as distinct from the genotype, which is the information
contained within those chromosomes. The human genes are mapped to specific chromosomal
locations. This is an ambitious project that will take years and a lot of computer power to
Is the alien and human BIO-TECH being used to nurture and serve us, or is it being used to
control and dominate us? Why have UFO abductees been used in genetic experiments? It was
when Thomas encountered humans in cages on Level 7 of the Dulce facility that things finally
reached a climax for him. Row after row of thousands of humans, human-mixture remains, and
embryos of humanoids were kept in cold storage. He says,
         "I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but
         sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly
         insane, and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told to
         never speak to them at all. At the beginning we believed that story. Finally in
         1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. That began the Dulce wars."
Thomas also says the aliens don’t want the land, the gold, the minerals, or water that we posses,
nor even the human or animal life. What they do want is magnetic power that surges on and
through the Earth. The aliens harvest this magic power in a way unknown to us. Thomas says the
aliens recognize this power as more valuable than any other commodity on our globe.

It may be unpalatable to digest or believe Thomas’ story. In fact, it seems like part of a living
nightmare. There is evidence that something strange does go on at Dulce. Does Thomas have
the answer? There may be a terrible truth hidden behind the continuing phenomena of UFO
sightings, abductions, and animal mutilations. Our government intelligence agencies have had an
ongoing watchful eye on all UFO activities for many decades now. This extraordinary
phenomenon must have an extraordinary explanation. We may be only one outpost in a vast
interstellar empire.

Recently, researcher John Anderson went to Dulce, N.M., to see if there was any truth to the
reported UFO activity. He says as he arrived in town he saw a caravan of cars and a McDonell-
Douglas mini-lab in a van going up a rural road near the town. He followed them to a fenced-in
compound where he waited to see further developments.

Suddenly, six UFOs descended rapidly over the compound, hovered long enough for him to snap
a picture, then shot up and out of sight. When later stopping at a store, he told the owner about
the UFO photo he had taken, the store owner listened and revealed how he had been a victim
rancher of cattle mutes. Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. The store owner told
John to leave at once, then after John went to his car, he saw a mysterious van drive up to the
store and a man got out and went inside. John, deciding to leave Dulce, was followed by two
men in a car as he left town.

Even more recently a research team has gone up to Archuleta Mesa to take soundings under the
ground. Preliminary and tentative computer analysis of these soundings seem to indicate deep
cavities under the mesa.

How long will the secret of Dulce, known to insiders as Section D, remain locked up inside the
mute New Mexico mountains? Forever?

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                                    Return to Dulce Base
                                   by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
                                        from Boylan Website

In July of 1952 the world was electrified by large newspaper headlines and photos of squadrons
of UFOs flying repeatedly over the nation’s Capital in Washington, DC. Four months later WW II
General Dwight Eisenhower was elected President.

The same month President Eisenhower took office (January, 1953), the CIA’s Office of Scientific
Intelligence (OSI) was ordered to determine if UFOs were interstellar vehicles. OSI convened the
Robertson Panel of scientists, which recommended expansion of an Air Force study of UFOs,
Project Blue Book.

A year later, in April, 1954, as documented by Gerald Light, President Eisenhower made a secret
trip to Muroc Field (now Edwards Air Force Base), in the California desert, accompanied by
generals, reporter Franklin Allen of the Hearst Newspapers Group, Los Angeles Catholic Bishop
James McIntyre, and others.

The President had previously arranged to be in nearby Palm Springs, CA, purportedly for a
golfing vacation. He "was spirited over to Muroc one night," while reporters were fed the cover
story that the President had a toothache and needed to see a dentist.

While at Muroc Air Field, Eisenhower was present while an extraterrestrial disc landed. Several
Star Visitors emerged to converse with the President and the generals. The extraterrestrials
requested that Eisenhower make the public aware of extraterrestrial contact with Earth forthwith.

The President protested that humans were not ready, and needed time to be prepared for
adjusting to this stupendous reality.

By the end of the following month, May, 1954, President Eisenhower’s CIA Director, Walter
Bedell Smith, Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, David Rockefeller and other top world financiers,
later-Secretary of State Dean Rusk, later-British Minister of Defense Denis Healey, and other
Western power leaders convened the inaugural meeting of the Bilderberg Group, "a means of
Western collective management of the world order". [5]

One of the early items on the Bilderberg agenda was extraterrestrial contact. Shortly after
establishing itself, the Bilderberg Group collaborated with the Council on Foreign Relations
(CFR), another international policy body devoted to world management. They discussed the
problem of adjusting humankind to extraterrestrial presence.

Bilderberg and CFR decided jointly in the mid-1950s to enter into an arrangement with the
extraterrestrials: The ETs were given an island in French Polynesia as a base on Earth.

This arrangement afforded them an opportunity to monitor closely Earth cultures and behavior;
and it permitted Earth governments a way to monitor extraterrestrial culture and behavior.
         "It became an on-going experiment," as my former-NSA informant put it.
He added that when official public announcement of the extraterrestrial presence occurs,
       "they will be the ones introduced to Earthlings; ’Oh, by the way, we want to
       welcome our neighbors from the Pleiades, who by the way have been here since
       [the beginning of Earth] time, but [are] actually living in our place, date, space
       and time.’"

        "They are the diplomatic corps."
Jesse reported that the U.S. particularly held out for many concessions before agreeing to the

He did not specify what those concessions were, but history subsequent to 1954 suggests that
what the U.S. obtained was the lion’s share of extraterrestrial scientist consultants, to assist
American scientists in understanding and adapting exotic ET technologies into such devices we
now know as the:
  • computer chip
  • fibre optics
  • lasers
  • gene-splicing therapy
  • cloning
  • night-vision equipment
  • super-tenacity fibers (such as Kevlar lightweight armor)
  • aerospace ceramics
  • Stealth technology
  • particle-beam devices
  • gravity-control flight
NSC’s Dr. Michael Wolf has previously revealed in his book The Catchers of Heaven that he
worked with ETs as part of his governmental duties.
       "I met with extraterrestrial individuals every day in my work, and shared living
       quarters with them," while doing research at extremely-classified underground
       government research laboratories.
He added,
       "Zetas work in underground facilities, as requested by the U.S. Government. The
       ETs are not breaking the U.S. Government- Zeta treaties, but the Government
       has broken treaties by mistreating ETs, and trying to fire on UFOs."
Dr. Wolf also described working with very human-appearing races dubbed the Nordics and
Semitics. He said,
        "The Semitics and Nordics [ETs] come from Altair 4 and 5 and from the Pleiades
        [star systems]."
Wolf also disclosed that in 1954 the U.S. had four extraterrestrial corpses in the "Blue Room",
Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. These bodies came from a series
of retrievals of downed UFOs.
         "The first UFO came down in 1941 into the ocean west of San Diego, and was
         retrieved by the Navy." [6]
Between that and the first publicly-announced Roswell UFO crash in 1947, Wolf says there was
another crash in 1946, as well as two other crashes in 1947.

The following additional revelation will permit you to ignore those Boeing commercials and NASA
press releases about how America currently is building its own first manned space station. M

y ex-NSA informant revealed that there has been a manned "deep space platform" in orbit above
Earth for over thirty years!
        "It [has] had three-man [American] crews as well as Russians ’on’ since ’68!"
He further states that since 1973, the space station received additional extremely-high
technology, "and has had upgrades since."
His disclosure confirms reports I had heard previously from former military officers about a secret
space platform in orbit. This disclosure makes clear that the Cape Canaveral Space Shuttles
launches, and the "first" American space station being assembled by NASA’, are just government
"cover" programs.

Such programs have served to deflect the public from becoming aware before now of the
existence of a black-project military space station, and of classified military craft which can go
well past orbit into deep space.

Jesse furnished me additional details about its operation. The space station has been serviced by
secret military spacecraft long before the first American Space Shuttle flew in 1981. In 1988
previous models of spacefaring military vehicles were superseded by the "Nautilus", a spacecraft
with a rounded delta shape built jointly by special projects divisions of Europe’s Airbus Industrie
and U.S.’s Boeing Corporation.

Nautilus has a propulsion system which utilizes magnetic pulsing. Nautilus-type craft make twice-
weekly trips up into space and back, to service the secret international space station. The
Nautilus is based in Utah.

My informant would not identify the base, but said that it was positioned within a mountain so
stealthfully that you could drive by and never know it was there. He also stated that the principal
headquarters of the U.S. Space Command has been relocated from Cheyenne Mountain,
Colorado to this underground installation in Utah. [7]

Look for further significant disclosures in the weeks and months ahead, as the current U.S.
Administration tries to disentangle itself from 50 years of Cold War secrecy. And as it does so,
those who have felt all alone with their personal experience of contact by Visitors from the stars,
(who have been deeply involved in our society and its evolution), should feel less isolated.

        1. Jesse provided additional comment on successor craft to the secret military
        Space Shuttle. "Matter of fact, it (military Shuttle) was replaced in ’85 with Aurora
        up to ’92", thus indicating that the oft-rumored Aurora hyperfast aerospace
        vehicle not only was operational since 1985, but is already obsolete. Jesse says
        that its successor "followed on with DarkStar’s retro-fit." This, according to the
        late USAF Colonel Steve Wilson, is the Lockheed X-22A DarkStar, a two-man
        discoid craft, which uses antigravity technology on a airframe perfected on
        Lockheed’s "cover" program, a conventional unmanned reconnaissance drone,
        the X-22, also called DarkStar.

        Jesse tantalizes with a hint about the antigravity DarkStar’s having becoming
        obsolete by "another [craft] in 2001", yet another exotic space vehicle. Jesse
        added, "The [Cape Canaveral] Shuttle stuff you see is for Hollywood to direct."

        2. And the apparent coincidence of Arthur C. Clarke writing in "2001"about a
        Monolith discovered by astronauts turns out not really to be a coincidence at all.
        Jesse revealed that Clarke has been in the employ of the Central Intelligence
        Agency, and thus could well have heard about the non-fiction Monolith even
        before its retrieval.

        3. "It depends on the vacuum expectation value to go particle ground state, and
        with this you time travel on a wave." Jesse says that Dr. Wolf was at the RAND
        Corporation at one point in his career, and developed an 18-foot-wide torus-
       shaped antigravity field, using counter-rotating magnets. Wolf was quite familiar
       with the government gravity-control formulae, being involved in UFO research as
       a member of NSC’s MJ-12 [UFO information control] subcommittee.

       5. (Sklar, H., ed., 1981. Trilateralism. Boston: South End Press.)

       6. The Navy has held a leadership position in UFO matters ever since.

       7. Nautilus-class craft were also used at the beginning of the Gulf War, to
       penetrate Iraqi airspace from space. Soon thereafter, Stealth aircraft took over
       covert penetration operations.

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                              Return to Underground Constructions

                                              by A.J.S. Rayl
                                     (Vol. 16, No. 7, April 1994, pp. 48-59)
                                          from ThinkAboutIt Website

  •   Introduction
  •   NATO Meets E.T. - Robert O. Dean
  •   Project Galileo - Bob Lazar
  •   Baffled at Bentwaters - Col. Charles I. Halt


In 1969, Project Blue Book -- the 16-year U.S. Air Force investigation of UFOs -- came to an end,
and so did the government’s interest in extraterrestrial flying discs. Or so the American public has
been told. In recent years, numerous individuals and documents from various agencies have
emerged from behind the veil of government secrecy to tell a different story. Their spin: that while
the government officially abandoned all interest in UFOs, a secret military underground was hot
on the trail of suspicious radar blips, saucers, and even the aliens themselves.

What follows are the stories of three individuals--two of whom come with impressive military
credentials; they say they have glimpsed what seems like evidence of a decades-old cover-up
cloaked in the guise of national security. The third interviewee, a propulsion-system engineer,
claims he was hired by an independent military contractor to study the innards of an
extraterrestrial spacecraft being researched and tested on the Nellis Air Range in central

Omni cannot endorse the veracity of the stories told below. In fact, we must emphasize that
extraordinary tales like these require extraordinary levels of proof certainly not furnished in our
pages, nor, we feel, anywhere else. That said, we’ll get to the fun part. In the pages that follow,
you’ll find strange tales of alien intrigue and UFO woe. Decide for yourself: Are these the ravings
of demented hoaxers and madmen or revelations of truth? Their stories, delivered in dossier
format, have been edited from interviews conducted by author A. J. S. Rayl during the past year.

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NATO Meets E.T.
                Robert O. Dean, retired Army command sergeant major
                Back in the Sixties, NATO issued a classified report stating that
                UFOs were real, of extraterrestrial origin, and had visited the
                earth. This extraordinary report was said to come out of NATO’s
                command center, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers,
                Europe (SHAPE), located then just outside of Paris, France.
                Dean, a highly decorated veteran, served on the front lines in
                both Korea and Vietnam. In 1963, while assigned to the
                Supreme Headquarters Operations Center (SHOC), SHAPE’s
                war room, headed up by then-supreme allied commander of
                Europe, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, Dean claims he was able to
                read the detailed 12-inch-thick NATO report on UFOs.
        The Story:
                "SHAPE was one of those choice assignments. You had to have
                a spotless record and pass security background checks. I
                applied on a whim and got it. I was very proud and pleased. At
                SHAPE, I was put through more security checks, given a Cosmic
                Top Secret (yes, this is a real term) clearance, the highest NATO
                has, and assigned to the Supreme Headquarters Operations
                Center, known as SHOC, the NATO war room. In those days,
                the activity would run hot and cold and much of it would depend
                on how the Soviets wanted to play it.

                The most intriguing thing to me was that we were continually
                having a problem with large, metallic, circular objects that would
appear over central Europe; these were reported as visual
phenomena by our pilots and appeared on radar as well. Some
flew in formation, and most of the time we spotted them coming
out of the Soviet Union, over East Germany, West Germany,
France, and then they would often circle somewhere over the
English Channel and head north, disappearing from NATO radar
over the Norwegian Sea. These objects were very large, moving
very fast, at very high altitudes--higher than we could reach at
the time--and they seemed obviously under intelligent control.

"I was told this had been going on for some time and that in
February 1961 there had been quite a scare. Fifty of these
objects were spotted on radar and headed in formation from the
Soviet Union toward Europe, flying at about 100,000 feet. The
Soviets had closed all borders. Everybody went to red alert. All
hell broke loose. We really thought `The War’ had started. We
scrambled. We knew the Russians were scrambling. It was the
largest number of these objects that had been seen.
Fortunately--and only by the grace of God--we didn’t start
bombing and neither did the Russians. In nine minutes, they
were gone.

"I was told that then-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of
Europe, Sir Thomas Pike, had been repeatedly requesting
information from London and Washington about these objects,
but nothing would ever come. We found out later that the
Columbine-Topaz spy ring in Paris was intercepting everything
and forwarding it to the KGB, which often got intelligence
information even before we did. So Pike decided, I was told, to
develop an in-house study to determine whether these objects
were a military threat.

"In the meantime, the UFO matter literally brought about the
establishment of direct communication between the East and
West in 1962, which I have always found interesting and ironic.
We had pretty well determined by that time that these were not
Russian craft, and the Russians had determined they were not
ours. So, we came to an understanding, and a direct telephone
line was opened between SHOC and the Warsaw Pact
Headquarters Command.

Of course, a setup was always a possibility, so we had backup
ways of checking out whether the Russians were being truthful.
But since we were both armed to the teeth and World War III
was just ticking away, it was a logical step in the right direction.
That idea developed into the hotline between the president of
the United States and the soviet premier, following the Cuban
Missile Crisis.

"Well, by the time I arrived in 1963, everybody had been talking
about the study, and I had heard the rumors, seen the blips on
radar, witnessed the commotions, and some of us occasionally
even talked about the possibilities. But nothing really prepared
me for what I started to read in the early morning hours one
night in January 1964.

"It was about 2:00 a.m. and a relatively quiet night when the
SHOC controller on duty went into the vault and came out with
this huge document. `Take a look at this,’ he said. The title was
simply Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat
to Allied Forces in Europe. It was numbered, #3, stamped
Cosmic Top Secret, had eight inches worth of appendices,
dozens of photographs, and had been signed into the vault by
German colonel Heinz Berger, SHOC’s head of security. I
quickly learned that it was based on two and a half years of
research, was funded by NATO money, and that only 15 copies
were published--in English, German, and French. Each one was
numbered. All were classified and ordered to be kept under lock
and key.

"Every time I got the chance, from then until I left, I would read a
section or two in it. It was the most intriguing document I’d ever
read. It was put together by military representatives of every
NATO nation and also included contributions from some of the
greatest scientific minds. These objects were violating all of our
known laws of physics, and the study team had gone to
Cambridge, Oxford, the Sorbonne, MIT, and other major
universities for input on chemistry, physics, atmospheric physics,
biology, history, psychology, and even theology, all of which
were separate appendices.

"I read about theories on Einstein’s sought-after unified-field
theory, the high radiation at various landing sites, and UFO
reports that dated back to the Roman era and up to our own
F105 pilots’ sightings and encounters, and on and on. I had
always been a skeptic, but this report, well... it concluded that
this stuff was not science fiction.

"I read about contact encounters. One incident that had just
happened in 1963 involved a landing on a Danish farm.
According to the report, the farmer went aboard with the two little
beings and two more human-looking men who spoke to him in
Danish. The report included parts of his interrogation by
government authorities and their conclusions that he was telling
the truth. In another incident, according to the reports, a craft
landed on an Italian airfield and offered to take an Italian
sergeant for a ride. He wet his pants--that’s what it said--and
was so scared, he didn’t go.

"The appendix that really got to me was titled `Autopsies.’ I saw
pictures of a 30-meter disc that had crashed in Timmensdorfer,
Germany, near the Baltic Sea in 1961. The British Army,
according to the report, got there first and put up a perimeter.
The craft had landed in very soft, loamy soil near the Russian
border and so hadn’t destructed, but one-third of it was buried in.
We and the Russians, who also quickly showed up, had both
tracked it.

"Inside, there were 12 small bodies, all dead. There were
pictures of the bodies, which looked like the beings known as the
`grays,’ being laid out and then put on stretchers and loaded into
jeeps, and autopsy photos, too. Some of the little grays
appeared to not be a reproductive-capable species. The autopsy
guys concluded, according to the report, that it looked as if they
             had been cut out of a cookie cutter--clones with no alimentary
             tract. They did not ingest or process food as we know it, nor did
             it appear that they had any system for elimination.

             "The craft itself was cut up like a pie into six pieces, put on
             lowboys and hauled off. Scuttlebutt was that it was given to the
             Americans and flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio.
             I looked at these pictures and couldn’t believe it. My skin got
             cold and I thought, My God. I had never really believed we were
             all alone in the universe, but this was hard to swallow.

              "The major conclusions in the NATO report blew me away.
              There were five:
1. The planet and human race had been the subject of a detailed
   survey of some kind by several different extraterrestrial
   civilizations, four of which they had identified visually. One race
   looked almost indistinguishable from us. Another resembled
   humans in height, stature, and structure, but with a very gray,
   pasty skin tone. The third race is now popularly known as the
   grays, and the fourth was described as reptilian, with vertical
   pupils and lizardlike skin.

2. These alien visitations had been going on for a very long time, at
    least 200 years--perhaps longer.

3. The extraterrestrials did not appear hostile since if that were their
    intent they would have already demonstrated their malevolence.

4. UFO appearances and quick disappearances as well as the
    flybys were demonstrations conducted on purpose to show us
    some of their capabilities.

5. A process or program of some sort seemed to be underway since
    flybys progressed to landings and eventually contact.
             "I wanted so badly to copy this thing. I did take a photograph of
             the cover sheet, which wasn’t in and of itself classified. But I
             didn’t want to wind up in Fort Leavenworth. So instead I would
             go to the bathroom and take notes--surreptitiously, very

             "I have been through an awful lot in my life, but I’ve never been
             able to just walk away from that report. I know that I’m taking a
             chance by violating my oaths. But this is the most important
             issue of our times--so damn important that I can’t think of
             anything more important, and the public has been deceived and
             completely kept in the dark about all of this for all these years.
             It’s the biggest scientific, political scandal ever. Besides, what
             have I got to lose? I’m 64 years old now. Are they going to bump
             me off? I have told the truth. My integrity and credibility stand.
             When is our government going to tell the truth?"
             After 27 years of military service, Dean retired and began
             another 14-year career with the Pima County Sheriff’s
             Department Emergency Services in Tucson, Arizona. In 1990,
             he gave a lecture at the University of Arizona in which he talked
              about UFOs. The talk garnered local media coverage. Afterward,
              he was denied a promotion at the Sheriff’s Department,
              because, he alleged, he believed in UFOs.

              Dean filed suit and won an out-of-court settlement in March
              1992. Now retired, Dean has become a member of several UFO
              organizations and has begun giving occasional lectures. He is
              working through "any and all legitimate channels" to uncover a
              copy of the NATO document and to gather witnesses for an
              open Congressional hearing on the subject of UFOs.
      Official Response:
              "Our list of classified documents generated by SHAPE at that
              time does not include any with titles similar to that cited by Mr.
              Dean," says Lt. Col. Rainer Otte, German Air Force, deputy
              chief, media section of the public-information office at SHAPE.
              "Files on military personnel are in all circumstances kept under
              national control. Information on the security clearance that Mr.
              Dean held may--if ever--only be released by U.S. authorities."
      The Critics’ Corner:
              "This is a fascinating story, but fantastic claims like these need
              more than one man’s testimony to be credible," says Jerome
              Clark of the Center for UFO Studies. "Unless independent
              verification comes forth, this remains only an intriguing
              anecdote, not unlike many others that have circulated since the
              early UFO era."
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Project Galileo

      Bob Lazar, independent contract scientist and businessman


      To have worked as a propulsion-system engineer in late 1988 and early 1989 on
      one of nine extraterrestrial spacecraft being researched and tested on the Nellis
      Air Range in central Nevada.


      From 1982 to 1984, Lazar claims he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory
      in New Mexico in the Meson Physics lab with a Q-level security clearance. In
      1985, while on vacation in Nevada, he wound up buying into a legal Reno
      brothel; the investment proved so profitable that he didn’t have to return to full-
      time employment for a while.

      He moved to Nevada in 1986. In 1988, he wanted to get back into scientific work
      and was hired, he says, to work on the top-secret Project Galileo. Lazar passed
      a lie-detector test in 1989, arranged by George Knapp, then an anchorman for
      KLAS-TV, the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a special locally aired
      series, UFOs: The Best Evidence.
The Story:
      "In 1988, I decided to reenter the scientific community and sent
      resumes to various people. Finally, I interviewed with a
      placement firm to work for the Department of Naval Intelligence
      in a civilian capacity, and in the fall of 1988, I was hired on an
      on-call basis to work on a project involving advanced propulsion
      systems. At that point, that’s all I knew.

      "Not long after, I was flown along with several others out to Area
      51 on the Nellis Air Range. There, we were put on a bus with
      blacked-out windows and driven about 15 miles south to the
      Papoose dry lake bed, bordered by the Papoose Mountains,
      where there was an installation they called `S4.’

      "I was introduced to my supervisor and a co-worker and then
      given a stack of briefings on various projects, including Project
      Galileo, which was devoted to the study of nine disc-shaped
      extraterrestrial craft that were somehow acquired by the U.S.

      "I was assigned back engineering tasks on the reactor and
      gravity-propulsion system of one of the discs--essentially to help
      figure out what made it work. I don’t know whether it was a crash
      retrieval, although I doubt it, because the disc didn’t appear
      damaged in any way. In the briefing reports, there were pictures
      of several discs along with some of the information they had
      already obtained from back engineering research.

      "I was stunned and exhilarated at the same time. But there were
      well-armed guards everywhere, and this place wasn’t exactly the
      kind of environment where you could just start asking any and
      every question you had. Security, in fact, was oppressive. You
      were escorted everywhere, even the bathroom. And if your I.D.
      badge was just the slightest bit out of place, you would be
      tackled by a guard and held with a gun to your head until your
      supervisor arrived. And the guards lived for that.

      "At times, the whole thing seemed just surreal. There was a
      poster of the disc I was working on, which I dubbed the Sport
      Model, on several walls. It read, They’re here.

      "I dealt with only the power sources and propulsion systems on
      one of the discs, and I did enter that one disc on several
      occasions. The disc was approximately 15 feet tall and about 52
      feet in diameter. It had the appearance of brushed stainless
      steel or brushed aluminum. I didn’t run a test on it, so I don’t
      know if it was metal, but I did run my hands down the
      side of it getting in, and it felt cold, like metal, and it looked like
      metal. It had no physical seams, no welds or bolts or rivets, and
      it looked as if it were injection molded.

      "Inside, there were tiny little seats, much too small to
      comfortably handle an averaged-sized human. I bumped my
      head on the ends of the craft, so I concluded that the ceiling
      curved down to below five feet, 11 inches inside. There was not
a right angle cut anywhere in the craft. Everything had a smooth
curve to it.

"The reactor, which produced antimatter and then reacted it with
matter in an annihilation reaction, was only about 18 inches in
diameter and 12 inches tall and was located in the center of the
disc. It operated like a tiny ballet, where everything that
happened relied on the effect before it. The way it accelerated
protons inside of it, the way the heat was converted to electricity,
was totally smooth without any wasted heat or latent energy. It
was phenomenal, approaching a 100-percent dynamic
efficiency. Now that seems impossible when you consider the
laws of thermodynamics. All I can say is that this technology is
well beyond anything that we now know with our twentieth-
century knowledge.

"The reactor is fueled with an element that is not found here on
Earth. Part of my contribution to the program was to find out
where this element plugged into the periodic chart. Well, it didn’t
plug in anywhere, so we placed it at an atomic number of 115.
It has been theorized for some time that elements around 113,
114, and 115 may become stable and nonradioactive, and this is
apparently what we were seeing. Element 115 is a stable
element, but one with some interesting properties. It can be used
inside the reactor as a fuel, but also as the source of an energy
field accessed and amplified by the craft’s gravity amplifiers. In
other words, the craft was both fueled and propelled by virtue of
element 115.

"There was a storage of silver-dollar-sized discs of element 115
from which triangular wedges were cut and put into the reactor.
It was a copper-orange color and extremely heavy. While it was
not radioactive, we assumed it was a toxic material and
consequently handled it as such.

"In all the discs at S4, there were three gravity amplifiers
positioned in a triad at the base of the craft. These were the
propulsion devices. Essentially, what they did was amplify
gravity waves out of phase with those of the earth. The craft
operated in two modes--omicron and delta, which indicated how
many gravity amplifiers were in use. In the omicron
configuration, only one amplifier was used; the other two were
swung out of the way and tucked inside the disc. In omicron
mode, the crafts can essentially rise and hover but do little else.
To leave the atmosphere, however, all three gravity amplifiers
have to be powered up and focused on the desired location.
Finally, the crafts do not travel in a linear mode. Rather, we
determined that the discs produced their own gravitational fields
in order to distort time and space and essentially pull their
destinations to them.

"One afternoon, my colleagues and I walked out onto the dry
lake bed. The disc on which we had been working, the Sport
Model, had already been moved out of the hangar and was
beginning to lift off. Except for a slight hissing, it made no noise.
It lifted to about 30 feet off the ground. The hissing stopped, and
it just hung silently in the air, moving to the left, then right. It was
absolutely amazing.

"The way information is compartmentalized, that’s all the hands-
on information and experience I was allowed to have access to,
though we were given the chance on occasion and only for short
periods of time to read briefing reports that detailed other
aspects of this project. The reports I read that dealt with power
and propulsion systems were accurate, and I proved that to
myself by working on the system. Still, I draw a hard line
between what I know to be true and what I read in the other
briefing reports.

"With that understanding, I did read reports about the origin of
this disc. According to one of the briefings, it came from the Zeta
Reticuli star system. Now obviously I didn’t fly in a craft or go to
that star system, so I don’t really know if it came from there. I
didn’t speak to any aliens or see any, so I don’t know if they exist
or not. That report also said that contact was made at a certain
date; however, all the dates were in code. Also, according to the
report, these beings told our officials that they had been coming
here for 10,000 years, that humans are the product of externally
corrected evolution, and that they were integral to the
accelerated evolution of man.

"My tolerance for the intensive security rapidly diminished.
Because of the 24-hour telephone surveillance, they found out I
was having marital problems and told me the situation had made
me a candidate for `emotional instability.’ They then took my
security clearance and told me I could reapply in six months.

"Well, I knew the test schedule, and I couldn’t resist, so one
night I decided to show some friends from a distance what I had
been working on. We all caravaned out into the desert where we
watched a test flight. We got away it with it that time, so we
started coming back again and again.

"Anyway, the third time we got caught by the Wackenhut
Security guards out on the Bureau of Land Management land
that surrounds the range. They turned me in. Needless to say,
officials at Nellis weren’t happy. I went through a debriefing and
was threatened at that time. I was scared and felt that I needed
to break away from this before I couldn’t.

"Not only did I believe this technology should be given to the
greater scientific community, but I also believed my only
protection was to get the story out. A friend convinced me to talk
to George Knapp at KLAS-TV. I figured if they killed me, then it
would simply prove that what I was saying was true.

"There are many scientists who theorize that there simply cannot
be extraterrestrial discs here, that aliens could not possibly have
come here specifically, because the distance traveled is too
great and the energy required too awesome, and that there’s no
relatively quick way to go that distance even at the speed of
light. What I reported is what I experienced, though in some
respects I regret going public. If I had it to do over again, I might
be more inclined to stay on as one of the boys."
            In 1990, after Lazar says he was released from Project Galileo,
            he accepted a freelance job setting up a database and
            surveillance system for an illegal Las Vegas brothel. That gig
            eventually garnered him six felony counts, including aiding and
            abetting a prostitute, running a house of prostitution, and living
            off the earnings of a prostitute. The charges were quickly
            dropped to a single felony count of pandering. The one good
            thing that came out of the resulting trial, Lazar says, is that he’s
            not being followed anymore--at least not to his knowledge. "I
            guess they figured the pandering conviction discredited me," he

            Lazar currently earns a living from his two small companies, an
            independent contracting firm that repairs nuclear devices, and a
            photo lab. He also builds and races jetcars. And, every year
            since 1984, on the weekend before July 4, he has staged Desert
            Blast, which he says is the "the largest illegal fireworks show in
            the West." This annual pyrotechnic extravaganza features huge
            fireworks and assorted gas bombs made by Lazar and friends
            as well as jetcar demonstrations and a little semiautomatic
            weapons venting. Lazar recently sold his movie rights and is
            working on a new home video.
      Official Response:
            "The Air Force comment is that there is no comment on anything
            that goes on at the Nellis Range," says Air Force Master Sgt. J.
            C. Marcom of Public Affairs. Meanwhile, according to Technical
            Sergeant Henderson of Public Affairs, "The Air Force has no
            record that Lazar ever worked at Nellis Air Force Base, though
            we have compiled an extensive list of inquiries as to his status."
      The Critics’ Corner:
            "We’ve pretty well determined that Lazar did work at Los
            Alamos, but it’s been impossible to verify exactly what he did,"
            says Mark Rodeghier, scientific director of the Center for UFO
            Studies. "As for element 115, physicists admit that such an
            element is theoretically possible, but we don’t know how to
            manufacture it or where to get it.

            So, Lazar’s claim to have worked with this element is not
            necessarily insane, but it’s completely unverifiable. Finally, he
            seems to know enough to have really worked at Area 51 or
            Dreamland where secret aircraft are tested, but his story
            remains a murky mystery. The bottom line: It’s impossible to
            verify. So far, we have not found anyone to corroborate the
            essentials of what Lazar says."
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Baffled at Bentwaters
            Col. Charles I. Halt, U. S. Air Force, retired
      In late December 1980, while serving as deputy base
      commander at Bentwaters Air Base in southern England, Halt
      witnessed and investigated several anomalous objects in the
      skies over the Rendelsham Forest, which separates the
      American installation from its twin Royal Air Force base,
      Woodbridge. The sightings occurred on two separate nights
      during the week after Christmas. Two weeks later, Halt sent a
      report about the strange encounters to the British Ministry of
      Career Air Force officer, Halt served in Vietnam and on various
      bases before arriving at Bentwaters in 1980. He was promoted
      to base commander in 1984. Halt later served as base
      commander at Kunsan Air Base, Korea, and as director of the
      inspections directorate for the Department of Defense inspector
      general. He retired in 1991. Halt is the first USAF officer since
      Project Blue Book ended to have filed a memo on unidentified
      flying objects and gone public with the details.
The Story:
      "Just after Christmas, about 5:30 a.m., December 26, 1980, I
      walked into police headquarters and the desk sergeant started to
      laugh. He said a couple of the guys had been out chasing UFOs.
      Nothing, however, was in the blotter. I told him to put it in.

      "When our base commander came in, we both chuckled. Neither
      of us believed in UFOs, but we did decide to look into it. Before
      we had the chance, two nights later, the duty flight commander
      for the security police unit rushed in to a belated Christmas party
      white as a sheet. `The UFO is back,’ he said.

      "I was asked to investigate. I changed into a utility uniform, then
      headed out in a jeep to the edge of the forest. About a dozen of
      our men were already there. Our light-alls (large gas-powered
      lights) wouldn’t work, and there was so much static and constant
      interference on our radios that we had to set up a relay. There
      was increasing commotion. I was determined to show them this
      was nonsense.

      "I took half a dozen of the men and headed into the woods on
      foot to a clearing where the initial incident had supposedly taken
      place. We found three distinct indentations in the ground
      equidistant apart and pressed well into the sandy soil. They were
      supposedly caused by the object seen two nights before, but I
      didn’t see anything sitting there that night. Neither
      did anybody else there.

      "Inside the triangular area formed by the indentations, one of the
      men got slightly higher readings on the Geiger counter than he
      did outside. He photographed the area, and I took a soil sample.
      Meanwhile, I recorded this activity on my microcassette

      "We knew the Orford Ness lighthouse beacon beamed from the
      southeast. All of a sudden, directly to the east, we saw an
      unusual red, sunlike light--oval shaped, glowing, with a black
      center--10 to 15 feet off the ground, moving through the trees.
Beyond the clearing was a barbed-wire fence, farmer’s field,
house, and barn. The animals were making a lot of noise.

"We ran toward the light up to the fence. It shot over the field
and then moved in a 20- to 30-degree horizontal arc. Strangely,
it appeared to be dripping what looked like molten steel out of a
crucible, as if gravity were somehow pulling it down. Suddenly, it
exploded--not a loud bang, just booompf--and broke into five
white objects that scattered in the sky. Everything except our
radios seemed to return to normal.

"We went to the end of the farmer’s property to get a different
perspective. In the north, maybe 20 degrees off the horizon, we
saw three white objects--elliptical, like a quarter moon but a little
larger--with blue, green, and red lights on them, making sharp,
angular movements. The objects eventually turned from elliptical
to round.

"I called the command post, asked them to call Eastern Radar,
responsible for air defense of that sector. Twice they reported
that they didn’t see anything.

"Suddenly, from the south, a different glowing object moved
toward us at a high rate of speed, came within several hundred
feet, and then stopped. A pencillike beam, six to eight inches in
diameter, shot from this thing right down by our feet. Seconds
later, the object rose and disappeared.

"The objects in the north were still dancing in the sky. After an
hour or so, I finally made the call to go in. We left those things
out there.

"The film turned out to be fogged; nothing came out. But a staff
sergeant later made plaster castings of the indentations, and I
had the soil sample.

"Around New Year’s Eve, I took statements and interviewed the
men who had taken part in the initial incident. The reports were
nearly identical.

"Basically, they reported this: In the early morning hours of
December 26, one of the airmen drove to the back gate at
Woodbridge on a routine security check. He saw lights in the
forest, specifically a red light, and thought maybe an airplane
had crashed. He radioed a report, which was called into the
tower, but the tower reported nobody was flying.

"Eventually, a group headed out to the forest. They reported
strange noises--animals, movement, like we heard two nights

"As they approached the clearing, they reported seeing a large
yellowish-white light with a blinking red light on the upper center
portion and a steady blue light emanating from underneath. The
tower again reported nothing on radar.

"A few of the men moved to within 20 or 30 feet. Each said the
      same thing independently--a triangular-shaped metallic object,
      about nine feet across the base, six feet high, appeared to be
      sitting on a tripod. They split up, walked around the craft. One of
      the men apparently tried to get on the craft, but, they said, it
      levitated up.

      "All three of the guys hit the ground as the craft moved quickly in
      a zigzagging manner through the woods toward the field, hitting
      some trees on the way. They got up and approached again, but
      the object rose up, and then it disappeared at great speed.

      "Finally, on January 13, 1981, I wrote a memo to the British
      Ministry of Defense. Despite my efforts, to my knowledge, no
      one from any intelligence or government agency ever came on
      base to investigate.

      "I have never sought the limelight, nor have I hidden. I stand to
      receive no financial benefit from this interview but consented
      because it’s time the truth came out. I don’t know what those
      objects were. I don’t know anybody who does. But something as
      yet unexplained happened out there."
      In 1983, a copy of Halt’s memo to the British MOD was released
      through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Shortly
      thereafter, a copy of the 18-minute audiotape of the investigation
      Halt conducted was given to a British UFOlogist by, Halt says,
      another Air Force officer. Both have made the rounds within the
      UFO community.

      As a result, Halt says he has been "harassed" by UFOlogists
      and fanatics. While half a dozen men assisted Halt’s
      investigation and dozens of others were near the scene, only a
      handful of witnesses have come forward. At least one of them,
      Halt says, is spreading disinformation; consequently, media
      coverage has been inaccurate at best. For instance, he says,
      "The stories about holographiclike aliens emerging from their
      craft are pure fiction."
Official Response:
      "The Air Force stopped investigating UFOs in 1969 when Project
      Blue Book was completed," says Air Force spokesman Maj.
      Dave Thurston, based in Washington, DC.
The Critics’ Corner:
      "The UFO you hear described on the audiotape was almost
      certainly the lighthouse beacon in my opinion, because the peak
      interval between their descriptions of it getting brighter, then
      dimmer, is the time of rotation of the beacon, which was about
      ten miles away," says UFO skeptic Philip Klass.

      "Even though they said they saw numerous lights in the night
      sky, one of every three UFOs reported turns out to be a bright
      celestial body."

      "Bentwaters is a case of magical thinking--a situation where a
      bunch of people got excited about different things they
      correlated in their mind,"
        says UFO investigator James McGaha, technical consultant to the Committee
        for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal and a retired Air
        Force pilot, who traveled to England, surveyed the area, and interviewed various
                 "Consider these facts: On the night of December 25 to 26, at
                 9:10 p.m., Russian satellite Cosmos 746 reentered the
                 atmosphere over England and appeared as a bright object. At
                 2:50 a.m., a fireball entered the atmosphere over Woodbridge.
                 At 4:11 a.m., a British police car with a blue strobe light on top
                 and other lights attached to the undercarriage responded to a
                 telephone report and was driving on the dirt roads through the

                "Halt’s memo reports that on the second night, they saw two
                objects in the north, one in the south. On that night, three of the
                brightest stars were visible -- Vega and Deneb in the north,
                Sirius in the south. And clearly, the strange red light mentioned
                on the audio tape is the Orford Ness Lighthouse beacon.

                Beyond that, the morning after the first night, British officers
                identified the indentations as rabbit diggings. The Geiger counter
                readings were of background radiation. Nothing appeared on
                radar that night, either, and no one in either base tower reported
                anything unusual. Furthermore, no civilians reported seeing or
                hearing anything."
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In this ‘File’ we will examine reports of ancient subterrain excavations, the very reality of which
presupposes the existence of scientifically-advanced races which reigned perhaps thousands of
years ago, excavations that had apparently been constructed before the deluge and, in some
cases, following it.

The account which we record below appeared in the Oct. 1947 issue of ‘AMAZING STORIES’
science fiction/science fact magazine, pp. 171-172:
        “Norman Finley, a neighbor of a good friend of mine, told me about an
        experience he had which was rather unusual. He and a couple of other fellows
        were hunting down in the Big Bend country. I don’t know whether you are familiar
        with the Big Bend or not, but there is no more wild or desolate area in the
        country. Rugged, mountainous, cut by canyons, there are innumerable parts of it
        which have never known the foot of man.

        “It was in one of the most desirable areas that Finley and his companions found
themselves. They had driven about ninety miles southwest of Marathon, Texas,
a little town of about 700 people, at the foot of the Del Norte Mountains, 4000
feet high, and had then gone on afoot. The dirt road just petered out and they
couldn’t get their car further. They were hunting deer but had no luck. Just as
they were about to call it a day, Finley spotted a mountain lion. He snapped a
shot at it and knocked it over. But the lion just rolled over on his feet and started
to leave those parts.

“Finley and the other fellows took after him, since it was obvious that he was
wounded and not making very good time. They managed to keep him in sight for
about a mile and were sure they had him when he ran into a box canyon. The
lion, however, started up a faint trail up one side of the canyon to a small cave
they could see about a hundred feet from the floor of the canyon. They followed
him up this trail, but when they got to the cave - there was no lion!

“The cave was one of those dished-out affairs that are so common in the
southwest. Eroded out of the face of a cliff and cup-shaped. The only access to it
was by that trail. But this cave was a bit queer. It had a sand floor and was just
about big enough to park twenty cars in it. On the cliff edge was a low STONE
WALL. This in itself was not too unusual, because such caves have sheltered
Indians for thousands of years.

“The thing that did make it unusual was that in the rear of it was a perfectly round
hole. It was obvious that the lion had ducked into this.

“They approached it rather cautiously and tossed some stones in it to see if they
could stir him up. But there was no response. They could hear the stones rolling
and bouncing down an incline and the sound just got fainter and fainter until it
died away altogether.

“They then approached the hole and peered down into it. It was perfectly round -
also it was about four or five feet in diameter. They couldn’t see very far down it,
but it appeared to descend rather sharply and at a steady gradient. The fellows
gathered some dry grass from the canyon floor and made some torches. The
incline of the bore was too steep for them to climb down so they tossed the
torches down it. They just slid down further and further and disappeared into the
gloom. They never did see or hear of the lion again.

“At first they thought they had stumbled onto some old Spanish mine workings.
But there was no sign anywhere of a dump that always goes with a mine. By all
rights there should have been some sign of the earth and rock that had come out
of that hole - but there wasn’t.

“When they inspected the hole itself more closely, they were amazed at it’s
symmetry and at the consistency of the section of the bore as far as they could
see down it. The fact that the bore was perfectly round puzzled them, too. If it
was a mine shaft, it most certainly wouldn’t have been round, but instead would
have been flat on the bottom. The fact that the shaft extended straight and
unwavering as a rigid pipe was cause for further amazement. Since the fellows
had no rope with them, which would have been needed to descend the shaft, as
well as lights, they scratched their heads awhile and then left.

“Finley wanted to go back with equipment and see how far down the shaft went
and what was at the bottom of it. But ranchers are busy people and he never
went back. In the meantime he got pretty well broken up when a horse threw him
and he now lives in Fort Worth while he has someone else to run the ranch. We
talked rather idly about having a look at his cave someday. He says he knows
        exactly where it is and could find that box canyon with his eyes shut. So far we
        haven’t done anything about it. But we may either this summer or next when we
        get time to go down to Big Bend.

        “Finley told me this story about a year before even you heard of Shaver so you
        can be sure he wasn’t influenced by the ‘Shaver Mystery.’ In fact, I don’t believe
        he has ever heard of the ‘Shaver Mystery,’ even to this day.

        “E. Stanton Brown., 4931 Bryce Ave., Fort Worth 7, Texas.”
Another letter, dated Jan. 1948, appeared in ‘AMAZING STORIES’ magazine also confirming that
strange ‘para-speleon’ phenomena exists in the western part of Texas. However the artifacts
described in the following letter seem to involve areas north of Big Bend, not far from the
Guadellupe Mts. and the New Mexico border.

Perhaps this account is a partial confirmation of a subterranean connection between areas
BELOW the Big Bend of Texas and the Guadellupe range of southern New Mexico -
northwestern Texas. Quoting from the letter:
       “Since I have been an interested reader of AMAZING STORIES since my high
       school days (1929) when A-S was a bigger magazine, I feel like one of the family
       when I read the letters in the discussion pages. The temptation has arisen many
       times to write a letter to you concerning some hotly discussed matter, but
       something has always prevented me from getting at it. However, the October
       Issue pushed me too far, and here goes.

        “The mysterious cave Mr. E. Stanton Brown spoke of in his letter is not exactly
        news to me. In 1938 a party of six of my friends and myself spent seven months
        in that area of Texas, and upper Mexico. We were testing an electronic
        instrument that we had developed, and needed lots of space and some mineral
        deposits for the various tests. So, we got rather well acquainted with the Big
        Bend country, and the Figure 2 Ranch north of there. We arrived there in
        January and camped IN THE SIERRA BLANCAS, storing a lot of our equipment
        at the town of Van Horn. By March we had gotten deep into the rugged country
        and as I recall, it was about the middle of March we stumbled onto this cave (or a
        twin) that Mr. Brown speaks of in his letter. Everyone was so dumbfounded by it
        that we spent the better part of the rest of the month in making a thorough
        investigation. We penetrated the shaft to a distance of 870 feet and at about 650
        feet found some very finely executed writing on the right wall at eye level, IN
        WHAT RESEMBLES CUNEIFORM. At 800 feet one of the party fell over a cloth
        lying in the dust, and upon closer examination, it was found to be part of a blue
        shirt, of fairly recent manufacture; indicating that someone else had been this far
        in recent times. This and an empty pint whisky bottle dated 1897 was all we
        located to indicate recent occupation. Of course in a country where desperadoes
        such as Black Jack, Billy the Kid, etc., hid out where they could and the more
        solitary the better, such a find was not too surprising.

        “At about 780 feet the floor dips more sharply downward and at near 900 feet
        progress is very hazardous due to moisture and increased slant downward. We
        carried rocks from the opening, and rolled them from the point where we could
        no longer walk, but they simply faded out with a rumble after a few seconds. We
        tried rolling flaming yucca stumps to see if, perhaps, we might determine more
        about the bore further on, but this proved to be futile, since the stumps burned
        poorly at best, probably due to bad air. It was very stuffy and hot after the first
        300 feet from the opening. We held a powwow to try and figure out how we could
        go further down, but the only thing would have been lots of lariat ropes, or a long
        steel cable, and neither was available nearer than some 50 miles.
“If Mr. Finley had taken the time to go hunting up in the Figure 2 Ranch territory
he might have run across another, and to me more interesting, cave than the Big
Bend one. About 62 miles (north - Branton) from the town of Van Horn you go
through the salt-flat country, where the Salt Wars of the old west occurred.
Westward, some 8 or 9 miles from the road is the Apache Canyon country, and
as rugged as anywhere on the face of the globe. In an offshoot of Apache
Canyon to the south, is an almost impassable gash called Hell Canyon. The
walls of this canyon rise precipitously for at least 1000 feet and top out on
Apache Peak on one side and an old Indian ceremonial ground on the other
side. More desolate country would be hard to imagine. Coyotes and mountain
lions are plentiful, and panthers no novelty. I have seen as many as 34 deer in a
herd down below on the grassy ledge sloping down toward the canyon floor. Of
course, further up toward the box end of the canyon it was much too rugged for
deer, but a few mountain sheep are seen, (it was) in the wildest part of the
canyon that the other cave was found, in fact we almost fell into it. The high
grass about the opening hid the dished out entrance.

“We were at an elevation of approximately 7000 feet and going was tough,
especially with a pack, and we had stopped to rest when one of the party
remarked that it ‘sounded hollow’ when any of us talked. Of course, we all
yapped away at the same time trying to figure if this was so, and sure enough it
was. Further investigation located the hole some six feet to the left of where we
had stopped. It was roughly oval in shape, some 30 by 18 feet; and bridged in
the center the short way by a natural rock arch heavy enough to support an
elephant. In the center of the arch were 3 deep grooves caused we hazarded, by
rope passing over the arch. We spent several hours in investigating the
surrounding terrain to see if there might be any other entrances to the cave, but
found none. It sloped sharply from the opening down about 200 feet, and then
the bore disappeared, curving upward. We succeeded in getting down to the first
level, by tying all our ropes together, and subsequently investigated a lot of it.

“Threading through the soil were long stringers of quartz, but oddly enough at the
same time there were chunks of rock as big as a piano that were solid masses of
seashells. Quite a lot of pottery both broken and whole, was found. The most
interesting thing was, however, that the farther we went the colder it got. Also
there was a sound of either rushing wind or water, which got louder the lower we
went. We came upon two human skeletons not over 500 feet from the entrance,
but they must have been very old, as the bones crumbled at the touch.
Everything was covered with a deep dust after passing the bend and no
indication of any living thing having passed there was ever noted. It was very
dark and depressing, and the chill was very penetrating. When you consider that
the outside temperature was near 100 degrees, you can imagine how we were

We had three flashlights, one a five cell, and after a while it was all that was left
that would give a decent light. Down at what we estimated as 1200 feet from the
opening we came smack up against a smooth stone wall. That was it. The end.
None of us would admit it was natural, it was too smooth and perfect, and look
as we would we could not find a single flaw or crack in it. It was of a marble-like
texture and some eight or nine feet high in the center and around eleven wide.
By placing our ears to the rock surface THE ROARING ON THE OTHER SIDE
TOUCH. There was natural marble near there, in Marble Canyon, where marble
was once taken out in large quantities, and so the rock was native rock, I’m sure.
Since the remaining light was all we had except matches, we voted to get back
to the opening as soon as possible, and after a hard struggle upgrade we got
back to daylight and held a conference. We decided to bed down and talk it over
        further the next day, as it was getting late.

        “However, the next day we were inclined to look foolishly at each other and claim
        it was all our imagination thinking there was anything strange on the other side of
        the barrier, and it was just another one of those many caves in the country.
        Carlsbad is just 65 miles north of there, AND THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS NO

        “We finished our experiments and left, late in July but I have never been able to
        forget the caves, and THE ODD SOUNDS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT
        BARRIER. Or for that matter, the barrier itself, for it was too perfect to be natural,
        I believe. Or, maybe I’ve just read too many AMAZING STORIES,’ and am
        inclined to wild ideas. As the Mexicans say, Quien sabe?

        “Some day I’m going to write you a ding-how Scientifiction on something-or-
        other, and then place it and my rejection notice among my souvenirs. Maybe
        then I can go on reading AMAZING STORIES in peace, without wanting to dash
        off a dinger.

        “K. A. Gookin., Carmel Radio & Sound Service., Box 1865., Carmel, California.”
(Note: It is unlikely that the writers of the two letters which we have just quoted
would be able to be reached at the addresses given. We’ve merely given them as
they appeared in AMAZING STORIES magazine in the late 1940’s. - Branton)

At this point we will mention several miscellaneous items connected with paraspeleology,
speleanthropology, subsurface phenomena and related subjects:
   • A researcher by the name of Frank D. Adams has written on the result of his
        personal scientific experiments which may prove that giant cavities exist in granite
        at depths of more than 11 miles, conclusions which have also been supported by
        Louis V. King, a mathematician who calculated that, at normal temperatures, a
        cavity would exist at a depth of between 17.2 and 20.9 miles. The authors’
        findings are also supported by the recently discovered “16 Rouse Belts” which
        give planes of fracture penetrating the globe.

   •   Dr. Ron Anjard, in an article in the Summer, 1978 issue of PURSUIT Magazine,
       claimed personal knowledge of 44 underground cities beneath the surface of
       North America, six of which are alleged to be on the West Coast. His information
       allegedly comes from anonymous American Indian sources. When we relate this
       to the large number of migration legends (to and from cavern realms) which exist
       among the native Amerindians, then we may conclude that certain tribes still
       retain intimate knowledge of underground civilizations related to them via distant
       ancestral links. Some of the elders of these different tribes, others have
       suggested, may in fact maintain present contact with several of these cavern
       civilizations. There are some indications that some such ‘tribes’ literally moved
       underground as a result of the encroaching Anglosaxon civilization upon the
       America’s. Similar allegations are made in relation to South and Central America
       as well.

   •   Interviews with survivors of a mine explosion in Dec. 26, 1945, known as the
       “Belva Mine Disaster”, appeared in the Dec.

   •   1981 - Jan. 1982 issues of newspapers in Pineville, Kentucky and elsewhere. The
       interviews revealed that some of the trapped men saw a “door” in one of the walls
       open, and a man dressed like a “lumberjack” emerged from a well-lighted room.
       After assuring the men that they would be rescued, the strange visitor returned to
    the room and closed the door. These “lumberjack-like” entities have been
    described by miners on other parts of the country and in other nations as well.
    There seems to be some confusion as to whether they are physical or
    paraphysical entities. A somewhat similar incident allegedly took place several
    years ago near Shipton, Pennsylvania. Of the three victims of this particular mine
    disaster, only two were rescued. However both described a similar para-physical
    encounter with strange ‘men’ who entered the caverns and gave light to the two
    trapped miners and told them that they would be rescued. They were uncertain
    whether the entities were humans or supernatural beings however, as much of
    their collective “hallucination” contained both physical as well as supernatural
    elements. The bluish “light” which illuminated the room, they said, was real, but
    other holographic-like visuals that appeared on the walls, when touched by their
    hands, either disappeared or revealed solid rock behind.

•   R. L. Blain-Sanders, in an article titled ‘TUNNELS AND CAVERNS BENEATH
    NEW YORK CITY,’ which appeared in the Fall, 1981 issue of SHAVERTRON,
    described the author’s knowledge of a large triangular system of tunnels utilized
    by a ‘Masonic lodge’, deep below the surface of New York City. Could this have
    any connection to the other ‘rumors’ to the effect that cavernous regions exist
    below Manhattan? For instance, in 1962 Con Edison, while drilling a test hole in
    the north of East River Park, New York City, broke through to open space about
    200 feet below. Also, there are the allegations of Morris Doreal that the Church of
    St. John the Divine in New York was built over ancient tunnels leading to a dome-
    shaped city abandoned by antediluvian ‘Atlanteans’ and later, apparently, re-
    established by post-deluvians. Then we have the accounts of thousands of people
    who have literally and mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth in and
    around New York City.

•   Raymond Bond, in an article titled ‘SUBTERRANEAN SAUCERS - GLOBAL
    NETWORK OF UFO BASES’, which appeared in SAGA’S UFO ANNUAL 1980
    (Brooklyn, N.Y.), described caves within Mt. Sombrero in the Tampica area of
    Mexico, from which sounds resembling those made by ‘hydroelectric generating
    equipment’ can be heard. Also, inhabitants of the interior of Mt. Kilimanjaro were
    also described. Kilimanjaro is one of the highest peaks in Africa.

•   Bob Borino, in his article, ‘UFO BASES FOUND IN ANTARCTICA’ (Globe, Jan.
    18, 1983) quotes from certain scientists who believe that a subterranean UFO
    Base is located beneath the strange ‘Polynya Sea’ in the Antarctica’s Weddell
    Sea region.

•   Malcolm W. Browne, in his article ‘UNDERGROUND TUNNELS THREATEN
    p.2) tells of over 60 miles of ancient tunnel systems of unknown origin and
    purpose which have been discovered beneath the town of Eger, Hungary, some
    of which have collapsed. The civilization which built the tunnels must have been
    fairly advanced in engineering and science in order to create such a subterranean

•   Karl Brugger, in his book ‘THE CHRONICLE OF AKAKOR - LA CRÓNICA DE
    AKAKOR’, gives the history - as given to the author by one of their chiefs - of the
    Ugha Mongulala tribesman, whose ancestors were allegedly part of a vast empire
    which covered South America in ancient times. Some of these ancient people, the
    chief claimed, left the planet in aerial vessels to explore other parts of the solar
    system and beyond, leaving behind vast subterranean cities beneath the Andes
    mountains and western Brazil. In 1971, due to the constant encroachment of
    white settlers or invaders into their territory, 30,000 survivors of the Ugha
    Mongulala allegedly escaped to this ancient system of underground cities,
    consisting of 13 separate subterranean complexes all connected by tunnels, one
    of which is said to extend to Lima, and others of which are located throughout the
    Andes Mountain range of Peru.

•   Michael Burke, in his article ‘GREEN THING SPARKS RUMORS’ (THE VALLEY
    NEWS DISPATCH, New Kensington, Tarentum and Vandergrift, PA., Mar. 5,
    1981 issue) described a small creature, allegedly ‘half humanoid - half dinosaur’
    which was seen emerging from a sewer tunnel in New Kensington. A group of
    children chased the infant or young dinosauroid creature, one of them
    momentarily grabbing it at which point it let out a squealing or screeching sound,
    and then slipped from his hands and escaped back into the sewer tunnel. This
    incident took place some miles west of Dixonville, PA., where in 1944 several
    miners were killed or turned up missing as a result of encounters with ‘alien’
    creatures in one particular mineshaft there. Any connection?

•   SAGA Magazine’s ‘UFO ANNUAL - 1980’, P.4, under the heading ‘CAVE
    MARTIANS’, described a bizarre encounter with subterranean creatures which
    seemed to have consisted of some type of automaton-like forms, perhaps on a
    reconnaissance mission from an underground civilization. The story involved a
    tunnel near Xucurus, Argentina(?), some 90 miles from Buenos Aires. The tunnel
    was discovered by agriculturist Gerardo Cordeire, and found to contain nine
    connecting passages and strange inscriptions on the walls. From it’s entrance
    “men nine feet tall, green, with antennas on their heads, and square legs” were
    seen to emerge, and which, according to HUNDREDS of witnesses from the town
    and nearby locals, resembled enormous “portable radios.”

•   Dr. Earlyne Chaney, in an article titled ‘ODYSSEY INTO EGYPT’, in her occult-
    oriented magazine VOICE OF ASTARA (May, 1982) tells of a discovery she and
    researcher Bill Cox was shown in Egypt. These were two tunnels, neither of which
    had been fully explored. One was in the temple of Edfu between Luxor and Cairo
    in the ruins of El Tuna Gabel; and the other near Zozer’s Step Pyramid at Cairo
    near Memphis-Saqqarah, within the tomb of the Bull, called “Serapium”. The
    Egyptian government sealed both tunnels because of fears of certain
    archaeologists who alleged that they “lead too deeply down into the depths of the
    earth,” and because they found the earth to be “honeycombed with passages
    leading off into other depths,” and the possibility of explorers becoming lost. If
    such labyrinths do exist, then it may explain one story which alleged that men
    dressed like “ancient Egyptians” have been seen deep in unexplored tunnels near
    Cairo, as well as possible confirmation of the story which appeared in Nevada
    Aerial Research’s ‘LEADING EDGE’ Publication to the effect that the U.S.(?)
    Government secretly maintains a huge base within a cavern of tremendous size
    (several miles in diameter) beneath the desert sands of Egypt. Could this tie in
    with the vague references to a subterranean society(s) referred to by certain
    people ‘in the know’ which is/are known as the ‘Phoenix Empire’ and/or the ‘Gizeh

•   Articles in the WASHINGTON STAR-NEWS, July 25, 1973 and Aug. 15, 1973, tell
    of the discovery of an unexplored network of ancient, artificial tunnels during
    construction of a parking lot in Crofton, Maryland. Subsequent construction
    covered the tunnel entrances before the system could be completely investigated.
    Leon Davidson, in an early issue of ‘FLYING SAUCERS’ Magazine, spoke of a
    large network of “underground tunnels in the California desert, at Camp Irwin,
    near Barstow.” This may tie-in with an item related by a Los Angeles municipal
    water director, as related in an early issue of Richard Toronto’s SHAVERTRON
    letter-zine, stating that this water director knew of 5 large underground rivers
    which ran beneath the Mojave desert, and that die-traces showed that at least one
    of these emptied into the Pacific ocean through openings in the continental slopes
    (One source stated that such a river exited in the Gulf of California.

•   Other sources speak of a “Kokoweef” river-system which is alleged to lie below
    Kokoweef peak just east of FORT Irwin, which looked- according to it’s alleged
    discoverer, a Mr. Earl Dorr, and a few “Indians” who also claimed to have been in
    it - like a “Grand Canyon” underground. It allegedly consists of a river chasm
    generally 500 ft. wide and over a thousand feet high-deep, sided by steep tiered-
    shelved underground cliffs, huge stalactites and cataracts. Also, the alluvial sands
    on the ‘beaches’ along the river, which allegedly hold a large percentage of gold
    dust, are said to be several feet deep. The entrance to this cavern was allegedly
    dynamited shut by Mr. Dorr to protect anyone else from getting to “his” gold.
    There is in fact evidence that Dorr did dynamite shut the lower level of ‘Kin Sabe’
    cave in Kokoweef Peak, and there are present-day attempts to break through into
    this underground system. The water of the river allegedly rose and fell with the
    tides, suggesting that a very large body of water might exist upstream, that is if
    Dorr’s account as well as the accounts of the Indians were not fabricated). The
    municipal water director, according to the SHAVERTRON article, spoke with a
    man who claimed that he was hired several years ago by the government to look
    for water sources for Ft. Irwin. He alleged to have explored an old mine in the
    area and found that deep down, the shaft intersected with an ancient earth fault or
    chasm-like cave which continued horizontally for a considerable distance. This
    government employee followed the chasm and allegedly emerged onto the bank
    of a huge underground river-cave over a quarter of a mile wide! The tremendous
    water flow - possibly originating from the waters that apparently disappear
    beneath the Great Basin, the Nevada and Mojave deserts?--could have ‘fed’ the
    water needs of all of Southern California.

•   Paul Doerr (not to be confused with Mr. DORR referred to above), in issue
    number 6 of his Newsletter ‘UNKNOWN’, related the tradition concerning a race of
    human giants which, according to stories in the Carolinas islands and especially
    Papua, allegedly went underground in ancient times. Once inhabitants of a lost
    island-continent called “Chamat,” they will, according to legend, one day emerge.
    This legend is wide-spread throughout Malaysia, which incidentally contains the
    largest “officially recognized” cavern chamber, the “Sarowak Chamber” on the
    island of Borneo in the Malaysian islands. It is said to be 230 ft. wide by 980 ft.
    long and nowhere less than 270 ft. high, large enough to easily hold within itself
    the two previous contenders for the world’s largest OFFICIAL chamber -
    Carlsbad’s “Big Room” in New Mexico and the “Salle de la Verna” in the Pierre
    Saint-Martin caverns in France. Yankee stadium could fit in one end of the
    Sarowak chamber with room to spare! The same issue of ‘UNKNOWN’ also
    reports on the discovery of massive caverns in Toulumne Co., California, by three
    Oakland miners. The caverns were so extensive that a man would have to “take
    grub for a week, and plan to explore for a month.”

•   The ‘BOOK OF DYZAN’, which has been translated from ancient manuscripts,
    tells of intellectually sophisticated humans from an ancient earth-born society who
    abandoned the surface of the earth, “depriving the impure human race of their
    knowledge,” and leaving in flying craft to rejoin their land “of iron and metal.”

•   ‘FAR OUT’ Magazine’s April, 1982 issue carried an article titled, ‘BOTTOMLESS
    PIT FOUND ON THE OCEANS FLOOR’. The article tells of a huge man-made
    opening in the ocean floor between Panama and the Galapagos Islands, which
    scientists say receives a constant flow of ocean water which is being sucked
    through the hole and into the crust beneath the ocean floor.

•   Raymond A. Fowler, in ‘THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR’ gives an extensive
description of an abduction experience of one woman who was taken by the
“Gray-type” aliens and later returned to her house. These creatures, according to
Fowler and Andreasson, had the ability to travel between stars but her account
seems to suggest that their ORIGINAL point of origin is within a cavernous
subterranean realm.

         For instance, here are some quotes given by Betty Andreasson
         concerning her abduction:

    ○   “(The aliens had) Large, wraparound... eyes (which) stood in stark
        contrast to less prominent facial features: holes for noses and ears, and
        fixed, scarlike mouths. They wore shiny dark blue, form-fitting uniforms...
        Their three-digit (reptilian?) hands were GLOVED.” The creatures
        seemed claylike, “...They’re scary,” Betty said, “I don’t see any hair...
        (their heads were like) an upside-down pear... I didn’t even see a nose.”
        She described an “eye slit” and said that the creatures took her from her
        house and into some type of craft. After a while the craft apparently
        connected to some type of dock somewhere on or below the earth,
        beyond which was a tunnel. She was put into an enclosed chair-like
        transparent container which filled with some kind of fluid, and was then
        taken through a “...subway tunnel... it’s like a track we’re going on...
        walking, gliding - or something.”

    ○   She said that her willpower seemed mesmerized by powerful influences
        beyond her ken. “We would pass other tunnel openings. I could tell that
        there were other tunnels there... passed out of the tunnel into a place
        where the atmosphere was a vibrating red color... like infrared light...
        there are buildings - square buildings with openings... In the red part...
        there wasn’t any vegetable life... we are coming to where there are some
        beings! And they’ve skinny arms and legs and kind of a full body. And
        their eyes can move every which way, and they can climb just like
        monkeys. They climb up quickly and swiftly and down and around and in
        and out of windows. They are all over the place!”

    ○   Betty and the two alien creatures that abducted her approached a circular
        membrane and passed through it without resistance into a place with a
        greenish atmosphere. She looked down upon strange plants, a mist-
        enshrouded sea, and a distant complex of buildings. The sheer vastness
        of the alien realm overwhelmed her senses. The place reminded her of
        “some legendary underground kingdom.” She continued, “There’s a lot of
        different stuff I’m seeing... plants are different. It’s like, uh - long stems
        that come out in loops and the different colors. But they are green! Other
        similar elevated tracks (like the one she was on) criss-crossed the area.”
        They stopped to let something go by. Betty just watched, dumbfounded.
        Later she found nothing in her vocabulary to describe it... “I don’t know
        what it is! It is something like - I can’t ever explain it... I’m seeing a
        pyramid - it has one big flat side and the others indent, sort of. We are
        going over it, high in the ‘sky’... There were (high buildings) like, you
        know, a lot of science fiction. Big cities with all these different bridges all
        around... I don’t remember seeing any activity. It was too far away. That
        was way over to the side there, way over to the side. The pyramid was
        closer than that... When we reached the destination, we went through the
        black tunnel (following which she was taken through some type of occult
        ritual in which she had a vision of a ‘Phoenix’ bird which was consumed in
        fire and then emerged from the ashes in the form of a worm which began
        to grow slowly into the ‘bird’ shape.
○   Mr. Fowler suggested that this may have been a feigned ‘religious
    experience’ orchestrated by the aliens in order to play on her emotions
    and gain Betty’s assistance)... “They seemed long,” speaking of the
    tunnel which she was taken through. After the occult “initiation” or ritual
    she was taken back the way she came, “It felt like pressure or something
    on my head,” speaking of the strange force which glued her to the
    escalator-walk contrivance, “My head was hurting and heavy from it,
    whatever it was... I COULD HAVE BEEN INSIDE THE EARTH...
    She retraced with the two alien kidnappers the way back through the
    greenish cavern where the mist-covered sea was located, “the sea was
    off to the side, and there was mist, and then it had that narrow land and it
    did finally go onto some kind of surface and was going up... It (the
    underground sea) seemed very dark, but it was green - very, very dark. It
    was choppy. After it had cleared, it looked smooth, sort of smooth glass...
    I’m going back on that thing (the track), and, ah, I’m stopping...” The two
    creatures retraced their original path via the ‘black’ track they had traveled
    on earlier.

○   Betty began speculating out loud concerning the heaviness that she felt in
    her legs. It seemed as if the force that kept Betty glued to a position just
    above the track was also responsible for causing her severe physical
    discomfort. “I think maybe why my feet are like that - I must be, uh, glued
    to that thing, because there are no railings and there’s nothing holding me
    in. And I’m just gliding along that thing, and it’s not very wide... And that
    green and blue-colored atmosphere, it’s just beautiful (the underground
    land was very beautiful in some parts, but the alien creatures themselves
    which had apparently taken control of these areas at some time in the
    past were described by Betty as being frightening-looking)... The green
    atmosphere was the sky, and then it was also blue... and green and blue
    were mixed. It was bright, bright green - emerald green - and then it was
    like blue... I don’t remember any shadows.” She also claimed to have
    seen some crystalline structures, as well as the pyramid structure once
    again, “there’s that pyramid again. Ah, it has the white on the edges. And
    that (sculptured) head and those bridges, or something or other. I don’t
    know. There was - uh, there was water that was very choppy when I was
    going, like a big sea. There was land, but it was, if you call it a horizon, it
    was like there was mist all around... I saw the color of the - fish, bird fish...
    Off to the side there is some kind of - something like a city or something. I
    don’t know what it is. It is too different than I’ve ever seen before. I just
    can’t explain it... And we are still going through that red atmosphere.

○   We’re coming to the circle again. And it’s like a mirror. We’re going
    through something like a mirror.” In an instant, they were plunged into
    darkness. Once again, Betty glided along the dark rock-hewn tunnel, “And
    we are going along this dark tunnel and, uh, we’re just gliding along. And
    just keep going and going and going, it seems like. We are in there a long
    time, it feels like... They (the aliens) have powers. THEY CAN MAKE
    THEM CONTROLLING MY WORDS!” Betty said during one “regressive
    hypnosis” session DURING WHICH time an alien force began taking
    control of her mind and spoke through her in a mechanical voice. During
    this session she said: “They have powers. They can control the wind, the
    water and even lightning... They are (using me), and I don’t know how
    they’re doing it... They travel freely. They travel freely throughout the
            whole earth.” When she was asked by one therapist if they traveled
            INSIDE the earth, Betty replied, “Since the beginning of time... some
            come from realms where you cannot see their hiding place. Some come
            from the very earth... there is a place on this very earth that you don’t
            know of.”

        ○   In ‘THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR, PHASE II’ (Prentice-Hall, Englewood
            Cliffs, NJ., 1982., 278 pp. ch. 6-8) Mr. Fowler reveals even more
            connections between Betty Andreasson’s abduction by the “Gray”
            manipulators and a subterranean cavern region. Apparently, as in the
            case of many abductees, she was being manipulated by the creatures
            since a young age. One encounter took place at the age of 12 with a
            small hominoid creature which emerged from a hole in a mountain near
            Westminster, England. During another abduction experience later in her
            life she was allegedly taken to huge caverns in which she saw a crystal
            “museum” or computer containing records of past events, etc., as well as
            underground mountains, valleys and enormous “icicles”.

•   Janice Goad, in an article titled ‘CAVE LEGENDS OF THE CENTRAL
    APPALACHIANS’ (which appeared in the TECH TROGLODYTE, a National
    Speleological Society affiliate, Vol. 12, No. 2 issue), revealed several accounts of
    strange caves and unusual stories surrounding them. Among these accounts are
    those concerning “Devil’s Slide Cave,” six miles southwest of Tazewell, VA., and
    “Stoven’s Cave” in Kentucky. From both these caves strange, unusual sounds
    have been heard to emerge.

•   Walley George, in his article, ‘PILGRIMAGE TO THE DEVIL’ (FATE Magazine.,
    Aug. 1957., pp. 38-52) tells of a cave in a mountain 5 miles south of Ojinago,
    Mexico, which is believed to be the home of “devils”. According to the account,
    many “witches” who have fallen under the control of these creatures make regular
    pilgrimages to the site.

•   Virgil T. Godwin, in his book ‘BIZARRE SHAVER’ (Published by the author.,
    Salem, OR 1982) tells of Mr. Godwin’s contacts with a subterranean race, his
    experience with “UFO’s”, etc. The author, of gypsy background, allegedly had
    connections with UFO occupants, Sasquatch, etc., since he was a child, and has
    allegedly taken 1000’s of photographs of their aerial craft, and has appeared on
    talk shows and has claimed continuous contact with the UFO occupants. The
    occupants are said to be a race of about 8 foot tall humans who live in tunnels
    and underground cities centered below Lincoln County, Oregon., with at least one
    (probably more) connected subterranean colonies beneath other parts of the
    Western Hemisphere, one of these being within certain caves in or near a canyon
    in the central region of Baja, California. They claim to be technically advanced,
    and warn of their ability to help defend North America in the event it is invaded by
    a foreign government (and/or by other-planetary entities also?). This underground
    race allegedly has ties and backgrounds that are connected to old Amerindian
    civilizations. They are able to speak English, but their dialect is that of ‘American

•   Vaughn M. Greene, in a letter which appeared in issue No. 14 of Richard
    Toronto’s SHAVERTRON letter-zine, spoke of a possible ‘entrance’ to cavern
    systems near the bottom of the elevator landing in the Hoover dam near Las
    Vegas, which holds back Lake Mead. Early construction workers allegedly broke
    into (and probably re-sealed) large caverns while blasting out the cliffs near the
    base of the dam. In the lower elevator landing, according to Mr. Greene, there
    was a “wild tile inlay on the floor, with signs of the zodiac and all sorts of stuff
    suggesting an entrance.” He suggests a possible connection between this and the
    caverns which the workers broke into. Could this tie-in with accounts given by
    others that an underground base exists beneath Page, Arizona connecting the S-
    4 underground base in Nevada and the Dulce underground base in New Mexico
    via tube-line? (the Glen Canyon - Lake Powell Hydroelectric dam in Page ‘might’
    provide a power source for such an underground installation) This is however only
    supposition, however Navaho dam is alleged to supply some power to the upper
    human-occupied levels of the Dulce Base, which may suggest that similar bases
    are at least partially powered by hydroelectric dams.

•   An early issue of the ‘Shaver Mystery Magazine’ gave an account of two boys
    who uncovered a ‘thermal bore’ in a cave near Pittsburgh, PA. Their dog ran into
    the tunnel, a few minutes following which they ‘heard’ a deep, low vibrating sound
    whereupon the dog in absolute terror darted up from the tunnel, scratched it way
    past the boys and was later found shivering at home. The cave was subsequently
    covered up by a road crew.

•   Howard F. Griffin, in a letter which appeared in the ‘SHAVER MYSTERY
    MAGAZINE’, Vol. 1., No. 2., 1947, p. 35., told of vast caverns within the interior of
    Pike’s Peak in Colorado, as evidenced by occasional sounds of subterranean
    ‘rock-falls’ which have been heard to emanate from the bowels of the mountain.
    Other sources have confirmed this phenomena also.

•   Paxson C. Hayes, in writings of his which appeared in early issues of BSRF’s
    (Borderland Sciences Research Foundation’s) publication ‘ROUND ROBIN,’
    referred to the discovery which he claimed to have made of the mummified
    remains of a race of 7-ft. tall humans who lived in huge caverns 9,000 feet below
    the surface of North America.

•   The Vol. 2, No. 1 issue of THE HOLLOW HASSLE Newsletter (formerly published
    by Tal and Mary LeVesque), told of the discovery of a mysterious stone staircase
    leading to a network of underground caverns beneath the Caribbean island of

•   Charles Hillinger, in his article, ‘AN UNDERGROUND CATHEDRAL’ (Los Angeles
    Times., Mar. 2., 1975) describes a mysterious maze of underground tunnels and
    rooms discovered beneath the surface of Eureka, Nevada.

•   Dana Howard, in her book, ‘VESTA, THE EARTHBORN VENUSIAN’ (Essene
    Press., Corpus Christi, TX. 1950), includes a chapter which tells of a remnant of
    an ancient civilization still in existence underground, within one of the mountain
    ranges adjacent to the Imperial Valley area of California.

•   The I.N.F.O. JOURNAL (Published by the Inter-National Fortean Organization.,
    Arlington, VA), Vol. 2., No. 2, p.7., relates “Prof. Hapgood’s” discovery of a stone
    staircase leading down into the earth at Acambaro in central Mexico, now filled
    with hard-packed volcanic material. The conclusions are that the stairway is very
    ancient and must lead somewhere! The site is located on the “Mizquiz” property.

•   John A. Keel, on p. 145 of his book ‘THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES’ (1975),
    states: “An engineer Rex Ball swears he came upon a mysterious underground
    installation in Georgia in 1940, manned by small Oriental-looking men in coveralls
    and a few American military officers. When he was caught in the tunnels, one of
    the officers issued the curt command, ‘Make him look like a nut!’ He woke up in a
    field, uncertain whether his experience had been real or a dream. That seems to
    be the battle cry of the phenomena. ‘Make him look like a nut!’” And on p. 192 of
    the same book: “...A man on Long Island (informed Keel that he) was frantically
    making preparations for the big evacuation. He even traveled to a secret
    underground flying saucer base, in a black Cadillac with a dashboard festooned
    with flashing colored lights, where he participated in a ‘dry run.’ Other normal
    human beings were present, he said, and manned various kinds of equipment to
    communicate with the rescue spaceships somewhere overhead. ‘Funny thing,
    John,’ he mused, ‘all the equipment was manufactured by Western Electric,
    Hallicrafters, and other U.S. companies.’”

•   David Klein, in an article titled ‘AMATEUR EXPLORER DISCOVERS VAST
    (NATIONAL ENQUIRER., Feb. 4., 1973 pp. 16-17), related the discovery of a
    strange cavern system located some 300 miles northwest of Vancouver, British
    Columbia, Canada. Within the cavern-system there were allegedly large amounts
    of gold, huge unidentifiable human or Sasquatch-like footprints, white-albino frogs
    and perfectly round stones and underground rivers. These findings, according to
    the article, were immediately suppressed by the Canadian government soon after
    they were discovered.

•   Tal LeVesque, in an article titled ‘UNDERGROUND UFO BASE SUSPECTED BY
    OFFICIALS IN WASHINGTON’, which appeared in the Vol. 2., No. 2., issue of
    THE HOLLOW HASSLE, described a suspected UFO Base which is believed by
    some to lie under the Yakima Indian Reservation southeast of Tacoma,

•   Abraham Mansfield of ‘The Lemurian Foundation - Mt. Shasta’ located in
    Redding, California, published a book in 1970 called ‘THE GOLDEN GodDESS
    OF THE LEMURIANS.’ The book is based on the author’s alleged contacts with
    native tribesmen in the area who revealed to him the secret of the ancient
    ‘Lemurian’ treasure caves in the area, allegedly containing gold and treasure from
    the ancient lost civilization. Chapter One of the volume gives the account of a men
    who was allegedly led into the bowels of Mt. Shasta and into a subterranean city
    and gardens producing gigantic vegetables, a mile or so under the surface of the
    mountain. This seems to confirm what has been written by others concerning an
    apparent ante-deluvian city, long since re-established and occupied by a “tall,
    blond race” of humans who are able to travel to other planetary bodies via
    crystalectromagnetic, mercury, ion and tachyon propelled craft. Their central or
    capital city is allegedly called “Telos” and lies about a mile under Mt. Shasta, and
    is said to contain vast underground hydroponic gardens.

•   The ‘MILWAUKEE JOURNAL’, Feb. 18, 1983., printed an article titled, ‘MANY
    CAVE DWELLINGS IN CHINA’. The article referred to 4 million Chinese people
    who are said to live in cavern dwellings, according to THE PEOPLE’S DAILY, a
    Chinese Newspaper. There are hundreds of miles of inhabited, artificially
    constructed “national defense” tunnels and chambers beneath Peking alone.

•   Charles A. Marcoux published in 1981 a book called ‘THE HIDDEN CITY OF
    CHIHUATLAN’. It described an account of a sealed cave in a certain canyon near
    old Sonora, Mexico, which is said to lead to the ancient Aztec underworld, or ‘The
    Hidden City of Chihuatlan.’ Marcoux also referred to an entrance to a tunnel in the
    Franklin Mts. near El Paso, Texas., and an unexplored cave with large stone
    steps leading deep into the earth near El Moro National Monument northeast of
    Pie Town, New Mexico. In connection with the possible Aztec “underworld”, one
    source some years ago wrote a manuscript in which he hypothesized that the
    legendary “Seven Caves” of Aztec tradition might lie beneath mountains adjacent
    to the “Salton Sea” of southern California. Certain persons have allegedly heard
    subterranean “rock slides” within mountain in this area.

•   In relation to Abraham Mansfield’s account mentioned earlier, another man has
    written a book titled ‘LEMURIA - FACT OR FICTION?’ The author, Robert
    Maxwell, claims to have been taken into the inner colony of Mt. Shasta and shown
    by one of it’s inhabitants the city and ancient domain which was once inhabited by
    a lost race.

•   Clair Millet, in his article ‘LEGEND OF THE TUARTUMS - OF THE VALLEY OF
    THE SUN’ (2-part article appearing in the Spring and Summer 1981 issues of the
    ‘New Atlantean Journal’), tells of the legend of a race of ‘little people’ or ‘Tuar-
    Tums,’ who allegedly live below the Salt River Valley, or Valley of the Sun, in
    Arizona. Other sources, incidentally, claim that ‘little men’ have been seen on top
    of ridges in the nearby Superstition Mts. area, as if they were guarding something
    (an entrance to an underground system perhaps?).

•   The book ‘THE LIFE OF THE CAVE’, by Mohr and Paulson (1966), gives
    evidence of extended animal migration underground beneath the central-eastern
    U.S., indicated by troglodytes (animal) found in widely separated caves which are
    identical with each other, indicating past inter-connections which have become
    blocked. These caverns are found from time to time during deep drilling

•   An article in the Feb. 19, 1976 issue of the ‘HOUSTON POST’, titled ‘MOUNTAIN
    CAVE HAS MYSTERY, MAYBE MONSTER’, tells of the discovery by scientists of
    a cave, “the oldest in the world... with smooth vaulted roofs and level floors,” (i.e.
    artificial) located inside Mt. Autana in the Orinoco jungle, 400 miles south of
    Caracas, Venezuela, and believed by locals to be the home of a giant human

•   The Summer, 1980 issue of the ‘NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL’, p. 48, relates the
    account of a Mexican by the name of Jose Carmen Garcia, who claims to have
    met a man who was taken into a subterranean city or tunnels inhabited by tall, fair
    humans. The beings claimed to be ‘extraterrestrials’ (could they have been native
    terrans with interplanetary capabilities as many ‘hidden’ societies apparently
    are?), and were encountered beneath an ancient volcano near Irapuato, Mexico.
    The man who encountered the beings was given a “formula” for growing gigantic
    vegetables. The man gave the formula to Mr. Garcia, who in turn presented it to
    the Rosicrucian Order in California. In the article there appeared photographs of
    giant cabbages grown by Garcia. Could this account have something to do with
    the Mt. Shasta scenario? Note:
         ○ Both places are “extinct” or dormant ancient volcanoes;
         ○ both involve “giant” vegetables grown by the inhabitants;
         ○ both subterranean groups are “tall”; both are “fair” (blond?);
         ○ and incidentally the Rosicrucians have somehow been tied to or
            interested in both places as we can see, even if this connection is
            peripheral and does not involve actual contact with the inhabitants.

•   The September 29. 1981, issue of the ‘NEW YORK TIMES’ (p. 3) reported on
    Russian drilling experiments which have been conducted at the Kola Peninsula
    and at Saatly in Azerbaijan, resulting in two unexpected findings. These included
    the discovery of traces of biological activity of fossil microorganisms at 22,000 ft.,
    and a dramatic increase in temperature at 33,000 ft., instead of a dropping
    temperature that was expected.

•   A Mr. John Hall of Utah alleged that several years ago a farmer near Alpine, Utah
    requested help from some locals to move a large boulder in the midst of a field.
    They were surprised upon moving it to find an ‘staircase’ or tunnel that led deep
    underground. They followed this until they came face to face with a huge snake or
    serpent that seemed to be ‘guarding’ the lower entrance, whereupon they fled to
    the surface terrified and set the boulder back over the opening.

•   The ‘NORWOOD REVIEW OF ENGLAND’., May 12, 1884 issue, summarizes the
    surprising discovery of a warm country in the north by Arctic explorers. If warm
    land exists there, then conceivably lost civilizations might as well. Quoting from
    the article,
        ○ “We do not admit that there is ice up to the pole - once inside THE
             GREAT ICE BARRIER, a new world breaks upon the explorer, the climate
             is mild like that of England, and afterward, balmy as the Greek Isles.”

•   David Perkins, in a letter of his which appeared in the Vol. 1, No. 1 issue of ‘THE
    HOLLOW HASSLE’, told of a strange “breathing well” that drillers had broken into
    17 miles east of Walsenberg, CO. Other strange occurrences had been found on
    the ranch or farm where the well was located, including unexplained cattle
    mutilations. Representatives from the Colorado School of Mines came out to
    investigate the well, which seemed to “breath” in and out with the rising and falling
    of the tides, and they excitedly suggested that a tunnel lay below which may have
    connected with a similar tunnel which the Colorado School of Mines had tracked
    from the Gulf of Mexico and as far as Oklahoma. In ‘possible’ connection to this,
    one source alleged that an “alternative 002” type of underground “city” maintained
    by a secret society, can be entered via a “lodge” in the Uncompagre Mts., also in
    southwest Colorado. Also, a large “Masonic Park” exists in this same area (any

•   W. B. Seabrook, in his book ‘ADVENTURES IN ARABIA’ (ch. 15) refers to the
    secret caverns under the temple-shrine at Sheik-Adi on Mt. Lalesh, near Baadri,
    Arabia. It is believed to have a subterranean river, this being confirmed by the
    author, which the Yezidee devil worshippers of the area allege connects with the
    spring of Zem Zem in Mecca, flowing beneath the entire desert country.

•   Wayne D. Simpson, in a letter which appeared in the Vol. 1, No. 2 issue of ‘THE
    SHAVER MYSTERY MAGAZINE’ (pp. 28-29) tells of his own personal knowledge
    of the “Spillman Manuscript,” written by one C. J. Spillman of Phoenix, Arizona. In
    1912 the author of the manuscript and others allegedly discovered an entrance to
    a cave or tunnel beneath some ancient surface ruins near San Simon, Bolivia.
    The group allegedly followed the passage to a great depth until emerging into an
    enormous cavern in which they encountered several identical-looking (cloned?) 8-
    foot tall human-appearing beings who approached them from a distant “city”.
    These beings alleged that they were connected with other-planetary civilizations,
    although they lived in an underground city which seemed to have been there for
    some time. The present whereabouts of the manuscript is unknown.

•   The April 6, 1982 issue of ‘WEEKLY WORLD NEWS’ carried an article titled,
    “SOVIET TESTS REVEAL THE 55-HOUR DAY!” The article records the strange
    discoveries of Russian speleologists-scientists who spend 71 days in one of the
    world’s deepest known caverns, located in the Abkhazia Mountains in the Soviet
    Union (i.e. or rather the former Soviet Union). After entering 8 miles into the cave,
    scientists reported increased vitality, less fatigue, and a natural change from
    normal 24-hour working-sleeping cycles to a 55-hour cycle.

•   Martha G. Stark, in a letter to “inner earth” researchers, told of an entrance to
    “Pelleur’s Kingdom” near Carlsbad, New Mexico. She did not explain just where
    she came across this information. Carlsbad Caverns are located in the
    Guadellupe mountain range of southeastern New Mexico and northwestern
    Texas. Aside from the unusual tunnel containing the “smooth marble wall”
    mentioned earlier in this file, which was allegedly found near the Guadellupe’s,
    other strange paraspeleological phenomena have been described in connection
    with this area as well. For instance in the 1800’s, according to Toronto’s
    ‘SHAVERTRON’ newsletter, some trappers claimed to have followed a cavern in
    the Guadellupe’s deep underground where they were able to witness from a
    hidden position a procession of hooded dark-robed figures performing some type
    of strange ceremony. It was not established whether the ‘beings’ were sauroid or
    human. In the Spring of 1992 the television program ‘CODE-3’ covered the
    remarkable rescue of a woman - a speleologist who had broken her leg while
    helping to map the system - from the Lechuguilla cavern-network adjacent to
    Carlsbad. Ever since the entrance to Lechuguilla was found less than a dozen
    years previous to the accident it quickly became “the” cave for veteran
    speleologists and spelunkers in the United States, if not the world, to focus their
    attention on. In these few years it has established itself as the deepest “officially
    recognized” cavern in the United States at over 1,565 feet in depth and over 55
    miles long with no end in sight! In addition to this, John Lear, Thomas C. and
    other have identified “Carlsbad, New Mexico” as being the general location of an
    “underground base” connecting the gigantic subterranean network which
    converges below Dulce, New Mexico.

•   Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, in his book, “UFO - CONTACT FROM THE
    PLEIADES, A PRELIMINARY REPORT” (UFO Photo Archives., Tucson, AZ
    1982., p. 79) reports on the alleged sixth face-to-face contact between Eduard
    ‘Billy’ Meier and the ‘Pleiadean’ Semjase. He was told of strange people,
    unknown to us, who live in the interior of mountains and cave’s beneath the
    earth’s surface. They are of various types, some with bluish skin, and others who
    often come to the surface and blend with surface inhabitants, unknown to their
    true origin.

•   Cecil Michael, in his book ‘ROUND TRIP TO HELL IN A FLYING SAUCER’
    (formerly published by Saucerian Press, later known as Gray Barker Books and
    still later as the Gray Barker Archives - (304) 624-6512), tells of a UFO encounter
    of a different sort. Aside from the almost exclusive physical nature of encounters
    with human occupants, and the often para-physical nature of contacts with the
    saurians, Mr. Michael claims to have encountered the ‘Infernals’, entities that
    make up the third classification of UFO occupants - exclusively supernatural
    beings, or rather fallen light beings or angels.

             He tells how he was visited by strange “dead looking” men that
             materialized in his shop one day, which offered to take him on a trip in
             their “flying saucer”. He responded that he would never physically go
             with them, at which point they made it known that the “physical” aspect
             was not necessary. Sometime later, he claimed, he was ‘astrally’
             abducted by the entities, his spirit form being separated from his physical
             and soul forms, and taken into a saucer-shaped object apparently
             constructed from some type of etheric matter yet which was empty and
             absent of any mechanical parts and in fact was allegedly operated by the
             ‘psychic energy’ of the beings.

             From here he was allegedly taken to a realm of tormented souls deep,
             deep beneath the earth where he saw the souls of discarnate men and
             women being cast by the beings into an icy sea, after which the
             tormented souls drifted away into oblivion. Mr. Michael claimed that the
             creatures looked humanoid yet were not at all human.

•   Raymond A. Fowler, in ‘THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR’, pp. 202-203, gave his own
    interpretation of the intentions of the non-human entities who abducted Betty
    Andreasson to their underworld abode.
              In reference to a supposed “religious experience” she had during
             which she thought she observed a huge phoenix-like bird
             consumed by fire and then rise again from it’s own ashes, a
             theme which is tied in with ancient Egyptian lore, Mr. Fowler
                     “ seems to be the purpose of her travel
                     through the red and green spaces. In reality,
                     the... phenomena may be a combination of
                     advanced technology and theology. A slightly
                     more sinister possibility suggests itself, of
                     course. When researching the life-style of
                     primitive peoples, modern-day anthropologists
                     are careful to respect the beliefs of local tribes,
                     sometimes going so far as to let themselves be
                     ‘initiated’ into their secret societies. It did occur
                     to the investigator that Quazgaa (the alien-gray
                     commander involved in orchestrating the
                     abduction of Mrs. Andreasson) may have paid
                     lip service to Betty’s religious convictions
                     SIMPLY IN ORDER TO ENSURE HER
                     Again and again, Betty had been about to
                     RESIST the entities’ requests, but invariably
                     acquiesced when she was assured (however
                     obliquely) that her abductors were, indeed, on
                     the side of the angels (there are, however, two
                     classifications of ‘angels’ - the fallen and the
                     unfallen variety - Branton). AND YET MUCH OF
                     WHAT THESE BEINGS MADE BETTY
                     UNDERGO (particularly her examination ordeal)
                     HARDLY SEEMS IN THE SPIRIT OF
                     CHRISTIAN CHARITY. Indeed, the hypothesis
                     makes a bit more sense of the baffling phoenix
                     episode. Betty assured us that Quazgaa and his
                     associates’ sense of time was far different from
                     ours; and the phoenix was apparently a
                     meaningful symbol to members of the early
                     Christian Church. Supposing that these entities
                     went out of their way to stage-manage a
                     religious experience as a ‘reward’ for Betty, it’s
                     not inconceivable that they might have picked a
                     symbol that was obsolete by some 1,500 years!”
             In his book ‘The Gold of The Gods’, Erich von Danniken relates
             some interesting thoughts concerning an ancient tunnel system
             that had been discovered below the mountains and jungles of
             Ecuador which allegedly consist of straight ‘glazed’ tunnels with
             intermittent ‘air shafts’ that stretch for hundreds of miles.
             Although he has come under criticism from many researchers for
             his tendency to embellish certain accounts, and twist
             archeological and historical facts in an attempt to support his
             own pet theories, some of his research is nevertheless
             interesting and reliable enough to include here.
               On pp. 59-60 of this particular work, he stated:
•   “...I can refute the objection that the tunnel-builders must have ‘betrayed’
    themselves by the enormous quantities of debris excavated while making
    the tunnels. As I credit them with an advanced technology, they were
    presumably equipped with a THERMAL DRILL of the kind described in
       DER SPIEGAL for 3 April, 1972, which reported it as the latest discovery.
       The scientists of the U.S. Laboratory for Atomic Research at Los Alamos
       spent a year and a half developing the thermal drill. It has nothing in
       common with ordinary drills.

                        The tip of the drill is made of wolfram and heated by a
                        graphite heating element. There is no longer any waste
                        material from the hole being drilled. The thermal drill
                        melts the rock through which it bores and presses it
                        against the walls, where it cools down. As DER
                        SPIEGAL related, the first test-model bored almost
                        soundlessly through blocks of stone 12 ft. thick.

                         At Los Alamos they are now planning the construction of
                         a thermal drill that is powered by a mini atomic reactor
                         and eats into the earth like a mole, in the form of an
                         armored vehicle. This drill is intended to pierce the
                         earth’s crust, which is about 25 miles thick (in some
                         places - Branton), and take samples of the molten
                         magma that lies underneath it...”
                An analysis of UFO occupant reports prepared for the Center for
                UFO Studies (AN ANALYSIS OF THE FALL 1973
                UFO/HUMANOID WAVE, by Dave Webb. Center for UFO
                Studies., Evanston, ILL 1976. p. 52) states that twenty-seven
                “dwarf” cases were reported to CUFOS in 1973. One such case
                allegedly involved another family’s CE-III on October 16, 1973,
                at Lehi, Utah.

                Using hypnosis, Dr. James Harder, consultant for the Aerial
                Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), elicited from one of
                the witnesses the following description:
   •   The beings were slightly over four feet tall, very thin, with large slanted
       eyes. Their arms were long and their hands GLOVED and CLAWLIKE,
       with a diminutive thumb. They were wearing what appeared to be glowing
       clothing with Sam Brown-like belts!
Although this particular ‘File’ is reserved for reports of subsurface phenomena, we will not
exclude these to planet earth alone. There is much evidence that the underground regions of
other planets, or possibly even the moons of this and other planets, may play a part in the “Grand

Frank Edwards, in his ‘STRANGE WORLD’ (Lyle Stuart Co., N.Y. 1964. pp. 329-330) gives the
following revelations under the heading, “THE MYSTERIOUS MOONS OF MARS”:
        “Now that man has tools which will enable him to obtain detailed information by
        near approaches to Mars, we may expect, within the next few years, to learn
        whether Mars is inhabited by intelligent beings, and, if so, what they look like and
        how they live. Among the factors which have focused so much of our time and
        talent on Mars are the two tiny satellites which orbit the planet - where - prior to
        1877--no satellites had ever been seen before
(In other words, about the time the canals of Mars were mysteriously starting to
“disappear”, new satellites began appearing on the scene - Branton).

        The famous astronomers Herschel and Lasselle had excellent telescopes at their
        disposal - so good that they used them to DISCOVER THE MOONS OF
        URANUS. Yet neither these men, nor hundreds of other astronomers who
        observed the planets, were able to see any satellites around Mars.
        Then in one week in 1877, Asaph Hall found that Mars had two satellites where
        none had been seen before. Furthermore, he found that the satellites were tiny
        but bright... brighter than the planet itself... as though they were made of some
        material other than that of Mars. It is also worth noting that not only do these two
        Martian satellites sweep around the planet at a very high speed but they travel in
        different directions... factors which had led to the suspicion that they are artificial.

        This is the theory advanced by Soviet astronomer I. S. Schklovsky, who points
        out that the Martian satellite known as Phobos exhibits a strange acceleration in
        its orbit, an irregularity which would be expected if the satellite were in reality a
        huge metal sphere that was hollow. The same difference in speed, however,
        would be impossible for a natural astronomical body. Therefore, says Dr.
        Schklovsky, at least one of the moons of Mars IS NOT A NATURAL OBJECT,
        but an artificial satellite placed in orbit around the ‘red’ planet in 1877, or shortly
        before that time.

        When we stop to think of the discovery of the Martian moons in 1877--and of the
        mass of phenomena noted on our moon between 1879 and 1889--the conviction
        develops that if we discover life on Mars...we may also discover that we are
        merely returning a visit.”
An article in the Dec. 1, 1968 issue of THE PEOPLE (British), titled “Something Quare Down The
Tunnel!”, reported on a strange, dark, 7 ft. tall creature which was briefly seen by workers during
the construction of London’s New Victoria tube line.

The MELBOURNE SUN (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), August 25, 1954 issue, carried an
article titled “THE NEW SATELLITES”, which stated:
           “Two meteors (asteroids?) had become satellites of the earth and WERE
           REVOLVING WITH IT 400 to 600 miles out in space, the latest issue of the
           American Magazine ‘AVIATION WEEK’ said yesterday. The magazine said that
           the discovery of the satellites threw the air force into confusion this summer.
           Alarm over the sightings ended only after they had been identified as natural
           rather than manmade.”
Another possibility may be that they were both ‘engineered’ natural objects such as hollowed-out
asteroids taken from the asteroid belt. The simultaneous arrival of two large asteroids, combined
with the fact that both took up a geo-synchronous (synchronized with the revolving of the earth
and positioned always over a particular geographical location) orbit, would be an incredible
coincidence indeed.

In ‘THE KATHA SARIT SAGARA (THE OCEAN OF STORY)’, edited by Bhatta Somadeva., New
Delhi, India., 1968., this Ten Volume collection of ancient East Indian lore gives a description of
the 7-leveled underworld of ‘Patala’, which is the traditional abode of the Nagas, or the Serpent
Race. Vol. 6, pp. 108-112, gives a legend concerning the journey of a King by the name of
Bhunandana to this underworld region.

Although most of the story is probably fiction, it is nevertheless a bizarre reflection of the ideas
which it’s writer or writers, early Hindu’s, had concerning this underworld. Take note that some of
the legend seems to parallel certain ideas concerning the reptilian netherworld which have
appeared in other accounts. Whether this legend has any direct connection with actual alleged
scenarios such as that taking place deep below Dulce, New Mexico, remains to be seen. We will
let the reader make their own determination.

The legend, as it appeared in ‘THE OCEAN OF STORY’, states that:
       “There are on this earth many openings leading into the lower regions; but there
       is one great and famous one is Kasmira made by Maya... even now the place is
        called by the two names Peak of Pradyumna and Hill of Sarika... the king
        (Bhunandana) entered with... his pupils, and marched along the road to Patala
        for five days and five nights. And on the sixth day they all crossed the Ganges of
        the lower regions.”
The king told his followers,
        “This is the dwelling of the God Siva (as the reader may recall, Siva or Shiva is
        an apparently supernatural being that has been identified with the Serpent Race
        of the ‘Nagas’, as related in Andrew Tomas’ book ‘ON THE SHORES OF
        ENDLESS WORLDS’ and elsewhere - Branton), who inhabits the lower regions
        in the form of Hatakesvara, and whose praises are sung in the three worlds...”
Could the ‘three’ worlds be the subterran, terran and exterran ‘worlds’? In the legend the
underworld of Patala gave off the impression of being some kind of underworld paradise, yet the
hero’s of the story soon learn that such ‘beauty’ is only superficial, and that inwardly things were
just the opposite. One of the kings servants, becoming hungry, eats a fruit from one of the
subterranean trees and “ soon as he had eaten it, he became rigid and motionless.”

At one point in the journey the king encounters a being that appeared to him in the form of a
woman, and this being takes him to an underground garden and, according to the legend,
        “...then she sat down with him on the brink of a tank filled with wine, and with the
        blood and fat of corpses, that hung from trees on its banks, and she offered the
        king a goblet, full of the fat and wine, to drink, but he would not accept the
        loathsome compound. And she kept saying earnestly to the king: ‘You will not
        prosper if you reject my beverage.’ But he answered: ‘I certainly will not drink
        that undrinkable compound, whatever may happen.’”
In apparent response to his refusal, instead of declaring that he had passed some test, ‘she’ then
pours out the grotesque compound over his head and departs, and shortly afterwards he was
expelled from Patala, the legendary home of the Nagas or the Serpent Race (this particular
legend did not refer to the Naga’s as the inhabitants of Patala, as most Hindu legends do, that is
of course unless the ‘woman’ was actually a Naga in disguise.

Or could ‘she’ have been a sorceress who lived in that dark underworld realm? This is assuming
of course that there is some seed of truth behind this tale). Whether fantasy or reality, the ‘king’
should be commended for resisting the bloody ‘drink’, and may have been fortunate that he
himself did not end up as ‘food’ for these false ‘Gods’ of the underworld. This is, again, assuming
that there is a fire of truth behind the ‘smoke’ of such tales.

Manly P. Hall, who has written numerous books on Freemasonry and other occult themes, in his
volume ‘MAN, THE GRAND SYMBOL OF THE MYSTERIES’ (Manly P. Hall Pub. Co., Los
Angeles, CA, 1932, p. 160) states:
       “The most secret rituals of ancient initiation were performed in subterranean
       crypts, which were called ‘caverns of the Mysteries.’ In the Gothic rites, the final
       ceremony in which the new initiate was invested with the insignia of his order
       took place in a high, vaulted, cavernous chamber in the presence of the
       luminous statue of Balder (a Nordic ‘deity’)... Here also are the Seven Sleepers
       of Ephesus and the cave-dwelling Rishis of India - the seven original beings who
       in the mythology of Central America were the cave-born progenitors of the
       (Central American) races.”
(Note: The cave-dwelling Rishis are said to live largely in Ellora, India where there are
alleged to be tunnel entrances to an underground system which connects with
Elephanta and the Ajunta Caverns - Branton)

One source stated some years ago that the Texas Instruments plant near Dallas, Texas, had
discovered a system of ancient tunnels and caverns deep below the T.I. Complex there
(discovered via experimental electronic earth-sounding probes? - merely a suggestion), and have
secretly been investigating these tunnels for some time. This source revealed the name and
address of one woman T.I. worker who allegedly told this source about the underground system.
A letter was sent to this woman asking if she would confirm or deny the story, but no response
has been forthcoming.

These sources alleged that ‘small’ hominoid beings were discovered in the tunnels, some of
which were being held in captivity in ‘cage-like’ enclosures for research purposes (whether ‘they’
were humanoid or sauroid was not mentioned, other than that they tended towards a greenish-
like skin color). Certain ‘inner earth’ researchers were allegedly contacted by the company and
allowed entrance into these tunnels for the purpose of getting their opinion and views on who or
what these beings were. Due to the lack of solid confirming evidence as yet, the reader should
take these reports with a grain of salt for now.

Archaeologists have in recent years broken through into vast and ancient labyrinthine
underground cities in Turkey. Although several ‘cities’ have been found, the largest seems to lie
beneath Derenkuyu. These underground villages are quite extensive, with many levels, and in
some places contain tunnels only 3 or 4 ft. in diameter (apparently constructed this way for
defense purpose) that lead to other chambers or other levels. According to tradition, many of
these cities were utilized by early Christians escaping persecution. It is not known however
whether the Christians built the cities or whether the underground villages are of more ancient

According to Kurt Braun, in his article ‘Underground Civilization Attacks German Archaeologists’,
in ‘BEYOND REALITY’ (Dec. 1968); some men who were exploring the lower depths of the
Derenkuyu labyrinth were at one point ‘attacked’ by tall, albino-like humans. Since most of the
underground ‘cities’ have not been fully explored it is uncertain just how extensive they are or if
they connect lower down.

John A. Keel, in his book, ‘THE EIGHTH TOWER’ (Saturday Review Press., N.Y., 1975), pp. 53-
54,129, stated:
        “...A woman in Gaffney, South Carolina, was plagued by eerie hums and strange
        mechanical sounds in the mid-1960s. She complained to the local police that
        someone was digging tunnels under her house, but a thorough investigation
        yielded nothing... During my own investigations into the mountains of northern
        New Jersey, I wandered uncomfortably through old caves half-filled with water
        after local residents had told me of hearing sounds of pulsing machines...

        To the UFO cultists these sounds are supposed to be coming from the
        marvelous space ships of mysterious extraterrestrial travelers. Another group
        (and it is a large group) sees these as evidence of the existence of ‘Deros’ -
        detrimental robots - who live in the bowels of the earth and are up to no good...
        In May 1969 Jose Antonio, a Brazilian soldier, underwent (an) experience when
        he was kidnapped by a group of tiny humanoids, and transported to a cavernlike
        room of stone. There his captors offered him a drink from a stone cube with a
        pyramidal cavity in the center. It was a dark green liquid, with a bitter taste. But
        he said he felt better after drinking it.”
In his book ‘ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS’ (Souvenir Press), Andrew Tomas, in his
chapter “Labyrinths and Serpents”, states:
         “...According to legend, King Minos of Crete ordered his architect Daedalus to
         construct the labyrinth, a maze of passages so ingeniously devised that even the
         builder himself could not find his way without a plan. In the center lived the
         Minotaur, half bull, half human, to whom the Greeks sent seven youths and
         seven maidens as a tribute every nine years.

        The Minotaur was slain by Theseus who was able to find his way out of the
        labyrinth thanks to a ball of thread given to him by Ariadne. This myth has been
        interpreted as an historical record of the construction of the palace of Minos in
        Knossos which contains innumerable galleries and rooms. On the other hand,
        this myth may have an entirely different interpretation, similar to a cryptogram,
        which conceals the existence of a secret repository of underground chambers
        and passages...”
Although this might seem to be just a “legend”, there are alleged accounts of actual encounters
with paraphysical (part supernatural, part physical) “demonic” creatures such as the satyres,
centuars, and Minotaurs, etc. which have been described in Greek mythology. Such encounters
often involve paraphysical “poltergeist-like” phenomena and manipulation of mind and matter.

According to some sources, a race of beings possessing a combination of humanoid, angelic and
animal-like characteristics pre-dated Adamic civilization and were involved in the original rebellion
and conspiracy against the Creator. The creatures mentioned in the 9th chapter of the book of
Revelation “may” be this type of demonic or fallen entity. These were apparently distinct from the
purely spiritual angelic and fallen angelic beings. Whether the following account describes an
encounter with such a fallen race(s) remains to be seen.

The letter we quote here appeared in the Winter, 1962 issue of THE HIDDEN WORLD, one of
several publications which grew out of the “Shaver Mystery” controversy of the late 1940’s:
        “Mr. Richard Shaver: Hoping this letter finds you in the best of health. My name
        is Frank J. Mezta. I live in the County of Imperial Valley, City of Calexico,

        “Through accident I happened to stumble into your book HIDDEN WORLD issue
        No. A-1 and just recently A-2. I sometimes wonder if it was luck or deliberate
        action on the part of a tero. All my life, I have been looking and asking for certain,
        unsolved and unanswered questions regarding civilization, our ancestors and the
        beginning of time. I believe your book gave me the best answers. Let me tell you
        a few of my expeditions.

        “Two years ago, we went treasure hunting in the interior of Mexico, which turned
        out to be a flop. But in that excursion some strange things happened to us, which
        at the time we wrote off as superstition. We went to this place where we were
        supposed to enter; but suddenly a fright with chills came over me, something I
        had never felt before. Something like a sixth sense, like if I knew something was
        going to happen to me. I didn’t go in and neither did anybody else.

        Next day we approached the cave again, only this time I wasn’t afraid and I let
        the group inside. This cave was tremendous in size, and leading passages
        everywhere. Some of these passages or chambers, sometimes being 30 ft. high
        and 100 ft. long (contained) connecting tunnels. We finally gave up, but in
        retrieving we found two leading passages instead of the one we had entered.
        This startled us, and we set to investigate the second tunnel. It just kept winding
        and going down so we finally gave up and got out of there.

        “When we got back to the village we struck a conversation with two Mexican
        Indians, and they told us that whatever we did, not to go into the enchanted
        caves. We got curious and asked them where these so called enchanted caves
        were. They gave us directions and that was exactly where we had entered a few
        days ago. We asked them what happened in these caves.

        They told us that people that went in there, never came out, that while in there,
        the entrances and tunnels would change, which happened to us, and we didn’t
        know about this till after we had been in there. Then they told us the strangest
        thing, which at the time we said these people are superstitious, they said that
        they went with an expedition with 20 or 30 men hired by an American man to
        look into this cave. This happened about 10 or 15 years ago they said. Four or
        five of the men had revolvers, they were well equipped with lights and tools.
        While they were working there all of a sudden in the far end there appeared a
        half man and bull head like a bull upright. This description fits the one you have
        on your front cover on issue A-1.

        And next to him was a naked midget or little boy. They pulled out their revolvers
        but they wouldn’t fire, and their lights went out. There was confusion, and several
        men were killed in the scramble and nobody returned after that - Frank J. Mezta,
        939 Genge, Calexico, Calif.”
In recent years, much has been written about the so-called “National Defense” underground
facilities, some of which have become public knowledge due to the apparent “fall” of Communism
in the former Soviet Union.

It is alleged that these facilities do serve or have served as National Defense shelters, yet
according to some they “flow in” via tube-shuttles to other subterranean systems which are
involved in the secret government “Alternative 002” scenario, underground bio-genetic
laboratories, and even subterranean systems involving “alien” scenarios as well.

Mt. Weather, near Bluemont, VA., is the site of an actual “underground city” constructed and
maintained by the U.S. Government for the purpose of being utilized “by the President” and top
governmental officials as a command center in the event of a nuclear war or a similar emergency.
It is uncertain whether this installation was entirely excavated by the U.S. government or whether
they utilized and added-on to already-existing natural subterranean cavities, but most reports
state that the “installation” is enormous. It was virtually unknown to the media until a plane
crashed near Mt. Weather in northern Virginia, forcing the government to acknowledge the
existence of the underground complex.

It allegedly consists of miles upon miles of underground tunnels which connect scores of
chambers, offices, recreation centers, cafeterias, etc., all reportedly accessible via a system of
‘electric cars’. It is apparently one of the major ‘bolt holes’ (a code-name for a series of about a
hundred, possibly more, such government installations located in America and overseas) which is
being utilized by the U.S. government. Witnesses have stated that helicopters have at times been
seen landing in a secret port in the side of Mt. Weather.

These craft then enter the mountain via enormous metal ‘doors’ in the side of the mountain. In
reference to Mt. Weather, the editor of ‘THE MISSING LINK’, published by UFOCC (UFO Contact
Center International) of Federal Way, Washington, stated:
        “A... paper on caves, tunnels, etc. states that there is a tube shuttle from the
        White House to a super-secret underground complex in case of nuclear attack,
        under Mt. Weather, Virginia!”
Incidentally, a man in Florida (who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons) who claimed to
have been “abducted” by alien entities, also alleged that he had a friend who was a high-level
officer in the government, with a very high security clearance.

He stated that his friend was involved in interviewing military personnel who had “UFO-type”
encounters, and other forms of debriefing and, we can assume, other methods utilized to
maintain the cover-up. This government officer had allegedly been to Wright-Patterson Air Force
Base near Dayton, Ohio and had personally seen some of the “alien cadavers” which were
recovered from disks which had crashed.

He was also, he claimed, allowed entrance into a top-secret system of underground tunnels
beneath Washington D.C., and had visited a highly classified underground installation which
apparently was the ‘real’ or ‘inner’ Central Intelligence Agency, and that the one at Langley was
merely the ‘outer’ level of the CIA. This ‘installation’, he said, was connected to the White House

Could this Florida man’s friend have been referring to Mt. Weather, or a similar installation? Or
was he referring to the alleged CIA-NSA-MIB installation deep below Washington D.C. itself, the
so-called ‘NOD’ installation?

In addition to this, there are other sources who claim that the CIA installation at Langley
descends at least seven levels, and that some of the (recovered?) disks are housed in these
lower levels.

A researcher by the name of Jon Singer, stated the following in an article of his which appeared
in ‘THE MISSING LINK’ (mentioned earlier):
        “Our nation’s capital has it’s share of Fortean mysteries. There is supposed to be
        a tunnel complex under the Octagon House at 1741 New York Avenue, NW. Dr.
        John Thornton, the architect who designed the Capitol Building, built some (but
        not all) of the tunnels. The course of at least two of the tunnels is known.

        One is supposed to go to the White House and the other supposedly leads to the
        Potomac. The tunnels are supposedly blocked up. Jim Brandon, on p. 58 of (his
        book) ‘WEIRD AMERICA’ (1978. E.P. Dutton & Co., N.Y.), added that the
        tunnels built by Dr. Thornton were only part of a much older and larger tunnel
        network constructed by colonists from Atlantis. Unfortunately his sources were
        two unidentified psychics, so this must be a fascinating rumor.”
This would depend upon whether these “revelations” were received by these psychics via “occult”
means, in which case they should be viewed with great suspicion, or whether they based their
claims on actual physical accounts.

However, Richard Toronto, editor of SHAVERTRON, claimed that some years ago as a result of
a printed request for information on subterranean anomalies, a scientist contacted him offering a
10-page report on a system of tunnels he had personally investigated beneath Washington D.C.
He stated that the tunnels were built by a very ancient race, and that the walls consisted of a
diamond-hard, glassy or glaze-like substance. As far as we know, Mr. Toronto never did actually
get his hands on the report.

Another incident (or rather a few incidents which should be of interest to us) was related in Eric
Norman’s book ‘THE UNDERPEOPLE’ (1969., Award Books., N.Y.).

First of all, Norman asks the question:
         “Who lives in the inner earth?”

        “’...The Masters live there, a friendly group who watch over the outer world.’

        “...Still others tremble at the question. ‘The DERO dwells within!’ they say. A
        squat, wiry tribe of lustful demons, the DERO plagues mankind and delights in
        tormenting those who live on the surface.

        “’They (the Under-People) are vegetarians,’ claims some researchers.

        “’They are cannibals!’ swear others. ‘Humans are kidnapped and dragged into
        their dark caverns for pagan feasts.’

        “’They are good!’

        “’They are evil...’

        “’...They are both good and evil. Different races live inside the earth!’
“’...They are more advanced. They are sexless. They reproduce by test tube.’

“’...Nubile young girls are dragged into their nether world and assaulted by an
evil tribe of animal-men.’

“The theories are many and, admittedly, the facts are often few. Frequently, we
must depend on folklore and ancient scrolls for our research. Many of our
ancestors were believers in the diverse tribes of inner earth and there are
accurate statements, detailed information and considerable documentation to
support their theories...

“Depending on your viewpoint and your bias toward the occult, the pages that
follow can be interpreted in many different ways. A psychologically trained
individual might feel that these are excellent case studies of individuals with
severe psychopathologies. Freudians would find rich symbolism in the hollow
earth theory; they might claim it is a manifestation of a desire to recapture the
lost security of the womb. Still others may feel the theory is constructed on
misinterpretation of natural phenomena...

“It was a cold, blustery, winter evening of December 27, 1666, when Dr. Jophn
Frederick Schweitzer entertained his remarkable visitor. Throughout Europe,
noblemen and peasants were celebrating Christmas and the good doctor utilized
his vacation to conduct a vast number of experiments in his laboratory. Soon, the
results of those experiments would be carefully scribbled into a large journal and
sent to alchemists throughout Europe. It was Dr. Schweitzer’s secret that he was
also known as ‘Helvetius the Alchemist.’

“’Helvetius’ was puttering in his laboratory, cleaning instruments after a long
series of experiments, when a loud knock sounded on the door. ‘I opened the
door and this strange man walked into my workshop,’ Helvetius recorded later.
‘He was a sturdy, gray-haired man, but there was a slimness to his body and a
vigor in his movement. His face was oddly warm and friendly.’

“The stranger walked confidently into the laboratory. He shook the folds of his
white robe and snowflakes fell to the floor. He looked directly at Helvetius and
asked, ‘Do you believe in the Philosopher’s Stone?’

“Helvetius suppressed an impulse to ridicule the bizarre costume worn by the
stranger. ‘The philosopher’s stone is a mere figment of alchemical over-
imagination,’ he said, arrogantly. ‘I believe in the oneness of nature. There is a
natural pattern to the universe. It is sheer fancy to believe base metals can be
transmuted into precious gold. Some alchemists have excluded mysticism from
their laboratory. In this room, the reality of the soul and spirit exists with facts.’

“The stranger smiled and took a small package from under his robe. ‘Others of
your kind are not so skeptical,’ he explained. ‘They have seen this substance
turn lead into gold. Perhaps you would like to try.’

“Helvetius accepted the package from the stranger. Later, he described its
contents as ‘some form of glass, or a pale sulfurous substance.’ The stranger
carefully instructed the skeptical alchemist in the relatively simple experiment.
Plain, ordinary lead was placed in a crucible and melted to a bubbling mass.

“’Encase the substance in fine yellow wax and toss it into the crucible,’ directed
the stranger.
        “Helvetius followed the instructions and, as steam and vapor disappeared from
        the container, he watched, incredulous, as the lead seemingly was transformed
        into the purest of gold.

        “’A skeptic becomes a believer,’ the stranger remarked, smiling.

        “Helvetius looked as if he were about to argue, then turned suddenly and
        slumped into a chair. ‘Is it really gold?’ he whispered hoarsely.

        “’The purest form of the metal.’

        “’Who are you?’

        “’A man who directs those who lead their people.’

        “’Where are you from?’

        “’I am one who dwells within the earth,’ the stranger replied. ‘When events make
        it necessary, we must come to the surface.’

        “Helvetius stuttered with confusion, his tongue stumbling over the questions
        racing through his mind as his white robed visitor prepared to leave the
        laboratory. ‘Stay...Wait!...I want to know...’ he mumbled.

        “’There are others to see,’ the stranger said. ‘Here is one more package of the
        substance. It is the real Philosopher’s Stone.’ Then he opened the door and
        disappeared into the darkness.

        “Helvetius dashed to the open doorway and watched the cloak-shrouded figure
        disappear into the snow-storm. He shook his head in disbelief and looked again.
        There was the lane leading down to the town. There were the lights in the
        church, the houses, the town - and the stranger’s tracks in the snow.

        “Helvetius conducted his second experiment that night. Again, the lead bubbled
        with golden fury when the substance was added to the crucible. Forgetting his
        lack of sleep, Helvetius was waiting at the shop of the goldsmith to the Duke of
        Orange when the craftsman opened his door. The goldsmith listened to the
        babbling alchemist and frowned when he heard the phrase ‘lead into gold.’ But,
        when the goldsmith examined the precious metal, he said solemnly, ‘It is the
        finest gold I have ever seen.’

        “News of the sensational transformation spread throughout Europe and scores of
        famous men journeyed to Helvetius’ laboratory. Baruch Spinoza, the Dutch
        philosopher, was one of the first visitors. He discussed the transmutation with
        Helvetius and the goldsmith. ‘I checked the laboratory, and, additionally, made a
        careful examination of the crucible,’ Spinoza later recorded. ‘Clinging to the sides
        of the container were flecks of remaining gold!’”

        “...Is the transmutation of lead into gold an idle dream of demented and reclusive
        chemists? Not according to King Henry IV of England. In 1404, His Royal
        Highness decreed: ‘From now on, no man shall, under the penalty of felony, or
        death, multiply gold or silver.’”
Eric Norman described yet another visitor from “within the earth”.

This fellow however seemed to be more interested in the process involved in transforming grapes
into wine, rather than lead into gold. If this doesn’t seem to make sense, read on:
         “Pepin the Short, the pint-sized father of Emperor Charlemagne, was the founder
of the Brunia Monastery in the fabled Trier region of ancient Prussia. In A.D.
1138, a strange series of events culminated in an unusual visitation by a bizarre
little man.

“There had been several nocturnal visitations to the monastery’s wine cellar and
its steward voiced his suspicions to the abbot: ‘The monks are slipping into the
wine cellar and sampling the casks.’

“The abbot frowned at the thought of a possible scandal and asked, ‘When did
this begin?’

“’It’s been going on for several months. I didn’t mind it when they only took a cup
or two,’ explained the embarrassed monk. ‘Last night, the culprit tapped a huge
cask and forgot to stop the bunghole. A whole keg of wine drained out onto the
cellar floor.’

“The abbot hurried to the cellar, inspected the damage, then carefully tapped the
bunghole in each of the huge casks. He anointed the cellar with holy water,
securely locked the door and placed a saint’s relic above the entrance, declaring,
‘None of our monks would dare transgress against the power of the Cross.’

“The following morning, a sleepy-eyed abbot unlocked the cellar door and
squinted into the dim room. Followed by a group of curious monks, the abbot
discovered that another keg of wine had been tapped; the floor was covered with
the rich, red liquid. Suddenly, the abbot spotted movement in the dark shadows
in the far corner of the cellar. ‘There’s the thief,’ he shouted. ‘Grab the
transgressor and prepare him for punishment!’

“Two burly monks rushed forward and grabbed the shadowy figure. They carried
the struggling thief into the light and the abbot stared in wonder at a dark-skinned
dwarf, who glared back in impassive silence.
“’Are you a Nubian? How did you get in our wine cellar?’ inquired the abbot.

“The strange little man would not speak.

“’Do you have parents?’ the abbot asked.

“’Here! Here! This fellow got in through the wall,’ called a monk, pointing to a
displaced stone that covered a small tunnel leading down into the earth. The
bewildered monks crowded around the secret tunnel as one quaking novice
suggested the tunnel must lead to the Devil’s lair. An older monk spoke
knowingly of subterranean demons who delighted in tormenting those who had
taken the vows.

“Despite his crime, the captured dwarf was accepted into the society of holy
men. ‘He looks human and the least we can do is provide the poor child with a
Christian education,’ the abbot said. But, in spite of the kindness showed him by
the monks, the dwarf refused to utter a single word. He sat quietly on the bed in
a cross-legged position, staring directly ahead and refusing all food and drink.
After several weeks of fasting, the monastery dwellers were concerned for the
life of their visitor and a visiting bishop was asked for his advice as the dwarf was
brought into the great hall and introduced to him.

“’Good Lord! You must expel this Devil’s child at once!’ the alarmed bishop
shouted. ‘He is a demon and the tool of the devil!’

“Gervase, a monk at Christ Church, Canterbury, England, later inscribed this
       strange ending to the dwarf’s appearance in his manuscript: ‘...The demon ran in
       alarm from the holy words. He went to the cellar and returned to his underworld

       “The monastic scribes produced hundreds of manuscripts with stories of visits
       from demons, evil apparitions and other ‘devils’ from the vast subterranean
       world. They were adamant in their belief that a nether world, an underworld,
       existed beneath the surface. Many of these manuscripts told of long tunnels and
       deep caves that led down to the inner world

(Note: Although the various accounts of demonology suggest that ‘demons’ or non-
physical malevolent entities are seemingly capable of appearing in para-physical or
semi-solid forms temporarily, there is no real proof that the entity just described was
such a creature. Since the various accounts suggest that both good and evil beings
reside in the ‘underworld’, he may well have been part of an ancient branch of the
human race who disappeared into the cavernous regions below the surface of the
earth. Since black pygmies live in abundance in Africa we should not consider this
individual to be entirely “alien” from any race now living on the surface - Branton).

       “A thirteenth-century historian, Saxo-Gammaticus, wrote down the folklore and
       myths of Scandinavia. He recorded the ancient VIKING belief in ‘Hadding Land,’
       a subterranean world where GIANTS, superhumans, TRIBES OF BLACK
       DWARFS and ‘SNAKE PEOPLE’ lived. These strange beings, and even stranger
       animals, were said to occasionally surface in the outer world and create chaos.
       The (Roman) church was violently opposed to these beliefs and condemned
       such theories as ‘ignorant superstitions.’ Gradually, such tales lost their element
       of fact and truth and became a part of the folklore of northern Europe.

       “In Vol. 1, No. 6 of the NEWSLETTER FOR THE COMMITTEE FOR THE
       SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF PSI, there is a fascinating account of a laborer in
       Staffordshire, England, who may have glimpsed, for a moment, the mechanical
       development of the aliens within the inner earth. Researcher Ronald Calais told
       of a tunnel laborer, digging underground in 1770, who heard a roaring sound
       behind a large, flat stone. Curious, he pried away the stone with pick and
       crowbar and was amazed to see a smooth stone stairway leading down into the
       earth. The laborer’s first thought was that he had discovered some type of
       ancient tomb.

       Envisioning vast chests of ancient treasures, he cautiously walked down the
       stairs. Suddenly, the stairway ended and the man was standing in a large stone
       cavern, filled with gigantic machines. The astonished laborer glanced about the
       well-lit room, then saw hastening toward him a strangely-clad, hooded figure.
       The being held a baton-like object in his upraised hand and the terrified laborer
       scrambled back up the stairway to safety.”

(Note: Other accounts have referred to this chamber as the ‘Rosicrucian Sepulchre’,
although the Rosicrucians may not have had a direct connection with it. It is
uncertain just what connections the Rosicrucians may have had with the inner world,
if any, other than this incident, the Rosicrucian Grandmaster Bulwer Lytton’s
publication of the subterranean-oriented book ‘THE COMING RACE’, the
preoccupation of the Rosicrucians with the strange stories surrounding Mt. Shasta,
and the connection of this secret society with the ‘House of the Temple’ in
Washington D.C. - Branton)
In his book, ‘DEPTHS OF THE EARTH - Caves and Caverns of the United States’ - (Harper &
Row., N. Y.), William R. Halliday gives some interesting observations on caverns of northern
Arizona’s Coconino Plateau region:
         “...Those who dream of Butler Cave as potentially the world’s largest, however,
         must hasten. The explorers of Mammoth Cave and Flint Ridge - and of Jewel
         Cave - are not the only teams on the verge of a breakthrough. Missouri-
         Tennessee-few of our greatest cave areas today can be denied a flickering
         chance at the title. And for those who dream of long shots indeed, our most
         magnificent cave area beckons irresistibly: the Grand Canyon.

       “Perhaps in the purple shadows of the incomparable canyon there really is no
       chance for a truly great cave system. So believe some experts. Perhaps our
       hopes here are gossamer dreams, strung together with wishful thinking. Here I
       claim no impartial judgment. My mind is hopelessly influenced by the long
       intimacy with the timeless beauty of that tranquil canyon. I have seen its magic
       pastels at moonrise over the mile-high rim, suddenly dramatized by the weirdly
       luminous flutter of bat wings. No caver brushed by such a spell is ever the same

       “In this strange, magnificent country, much remains to be learned. Sinking
       streams, an occasional natural shaft, and plateau-top sink-holes tell of much
       more water vanishing underground than reappears in canyon-bottom springs.
       Miles to the south, enormous sinks and remnants of a throughway type of cave
       are evidence of sometime profuse subterranean water flow. Fanning out from
       both rims of the mile-deep canyon are vast plateaus capped with limestone 500
       feet thick. Yet caves seem few and tiny in these vast expanses of plateau-top

       “The other massive limestones of the incomparable canyon lie 2,000 (feet)
       below. Above them are 1,500 feet of sandstone and shales which ought to block
       the downward flow of the water essential for cave development. Yet at this great
       depth occur the caves of the Grand Canyon. In the blazing, rock-tiered canyon,
       foot travel is difficult and progress slow. Still, cave after cave is coming to carbide
       light in the purple-shadowed depths. Some are merely shallow alcoves,
       important only for archeological content. Others are colossal natural sewers,
       dwarfed only by their stupendous environs.

       “Yet it is this often-scorned limestone of the plateaus which speeds the pulses of
       American caverns. Just south of the Grand Canyon, fluorescent chemicals
       introduced into a sucking ‘earth crack’ of the Coconino Plateau have been traced
       to a ‘breathing well’ 24 miles away. Initial calculations somewhat like those of
       Jewel cave suggest a minimum air volume here of more than 7 BILLION CUBIC
       FEET. Scientists of the famed RAND CORPORATION suspect the presence of
       hundreds of miles of narrow, interconnected caverns fissuring the vast plateau.

       “Many a veteran caver may consider such a cavern system impossible. Perhaps
       it is, but Arizona caverns have already performed the impossible. In Sipapu
       Cavern, an earth crack near the Rand Corporation study site, they have
       descended 500 feet toward the massive cavernous limestone deep below. In this
       locale the surface limestone is only 248 feet thick. Half of their descent was
       through supposedly non-cavernous sandstone.

       “If one of the rare dome-pits of the Kaibab Plateau intersects a washed-out
       section of a fault zone draining to a North Rim stream cave, a depth record will
       be within reach. Geologically such a circumstance is hardly more than a pipe
       dream of an irrepressible caver overcome by the magnificence of the Grand
        Canyon. But it may happen.

        “Perhaps eager caverns plumbing the earth cracks of the Coconino Plateau have
        little more chance than beneath the Kaibab. But if those caverns can penetrate
        twice again as deeply as Sipapu Cavern, they will begin to enter the limestone
        where great sewer caves may lie. If such do exist, they may enlarge away from
        the great canyon rather than toward it. They may not exist at all. Yet a cavernous
        network dwarfing that of Mammoth and Flint ridges may be penetrable here.
        Some day obsessed caverns may break through the Coconino sandstone barrier
        and the shales which underlie it. If that happens, those who follow in their
        footsteps may emerge triumphant from obscure orifices deep in the heart of the
        Grand Canyon.

        “Even without such a triumph, even without knowledge of the hundreds of
        undiscovered caves which must exist hidden in limestone recesses of the mighty
        terraced depths, the Grand Canyon must be recognized as one of America’s
        great cave areas. To some, that recognition alone would be achievement. Yet
        sunbaked canyon caverns have much in common with their Appalachian fellows.
        Until every crack is penetrated, every hole plumbed, spelunkers and
        speleologists alike will remain unsatisfied. Fragile indeed are the spelean threads
        which weave together Sipapu Cavern and Butler Cave, yet such are caverns’
        secret dreams.”
Brad Steiger, in his book ‘STRANGE DISAPPEARANCES’ (Lancer Books., N.Y. 1972) related
the following (MIB-related?) incident:
         “ sundown on February 12, 1953, witnesses told police that they had
         watched an automobile enter the throat of a storm drain near Willowbrook and
         Greenleaf Avenues in Los Angeles. Officers arrived on the scene within ten
         minutes, and according to the Los Angeles HERALD AND EXPRESS, they
         followed the fresh tire-tread marks into the tunnel for seven miles. Other
         policemen and flood control district workers continued the search for the
         automobile by dropping through manhole covers.

        “The trackdown continued until midnight when, seven miles up the storm drain,
        accompanied the police on the incredible search up the tube were witnesses to
        the fact that: ‘In the muddy silt covering the floor of the drain, the tire-tread marks
        were sharp and fresh. Then no more tracks.’”
From here we will now examine another incident, this one involving a subterranean excavation in
southern Idaho.

The letter which we quote here was submitted by a George Haycock of Burley, Idaho, and
appeared in the Oct. 1947 issue of ‘AMAZING STORIES’ science fiction/science fact magazine,
pp. 174-175:
        “Sirs... Perhaps I have delayed over-long to send you my slight contribution to
        the master code. Why? I was still afraid there might be some slip that would put
        me in a bad spot. I am a druggist in this town and any trace of nut’s talk would
        ruin my job. I have been waiting for the issue which just hit the newsstand and
        agree with you completely.

        “There is in this area an artifact which seems to prove all you have printed about
        the cavern dwellers. First I want to ask a question. How are the caverns
        ventilated? There is no vegetation to purify the air in caves (i.e. small caverns,
        that is - Branton). Therefore there must be some connection with the surface. I
        know where one of the air shafts reach the surface.

        “My grandfather was raised with the Indians in this section of the country and has
told me of the stories he heard when he was a child. The Indians describe the
wind cave as it is called around here as the home of the devils who come forth in
the dead of the night to steal their women and food. No Indian will venture within
the area inside of five miles of the cave.

“Perhaps a description of the inside will make my meaning more clear. The
entrance is just a hole in the rocks, but after getting inside you come into a four-
square tunnel about three and one half feet square with a six-inch gutter along
the west side, about 10 inches deep. The tunnel is intact for about 100 yards and
then opens into what looks like it might have been at one time a completely
ROUND or half-round passageway which now looks like the solid lava which it
goes through has been chipped and crumbled by extreme heat. It is possible to
travel for about half a mile inside before the tunnel becomes obstructed too much
for a man to get through.

“I have been trying to get some one who would help me clear this obstruction
enough to get through and several have agreed but when we get there and start
to work they soon give up and want to get out. Another funny thing is that every
time I go back the work done before does not show, yet there is not evidence of
fresh falls of rock from the ceiling. At this point the feeling that you’re in mortal
danger becomes almost overpowering, after battling this feeling for an hour I feel
as weak as if I had been sick for weeks and I have made this attempt many

“The opening has been dynamited at least four times that I know of. Supposedly
to kill rattlesnakes, yet I have never seen one either in the mouth of the cave or

“In fact my experience with snakes leads me to believe they would never brave
the cold blast that comes out.

“Still the feeling of distrust and fear clings and none of the natives will consider
exploring this artifact which could be made the biggest tourist attraction in this
part of the state - if people were just not afraid to go down in there.

“This covers the known facts about this cave: yet since I can remember I have
dreamed, thought and considered many of the things Shaver talks about in his
stories, mostly those pertaining to mind control...

“Please ignore the mistakes and misspelled words in this letter. Ordinarily I am a
good typist and a good speller, but when I try to put these things on paper I
cannot hit the key I want to.

“Please notice that the mistakes and misspelled words are mostly where I try to
describe the caves and conditions inside them. These happen even when I try to
watch every stroke I make. I have recopied this letter three times trying to
eliminate the errors and still they crop up in the same sections if not in the same

“I am willing to discuss what I know with any one who won’t believe I am crazy,
and would like to find some one who has the intestinal fortitude to help me clear
the obstruction to the major cavern with which it connects which I know extends
to the depth of 30,000 feet because it has been drilled into and that much cable
let out without hitting anything to drill in and I will show anyone who is interested
the entire set up.

“My grandfather is now dead unfortunately so he cannot verify the Indian stories
        mentioned, but if Mr. Hansen is as familiar with Indian legends as he claims and
        really desires the truth have him work with the Shoshones and the Blackfeet.
        Consider their tales of the demons who work this countryside...

        “Write me if you’re interested in these legends and any knowledge I have is

        “George Haycock., c/o Thriftway Drug., Main and Overland., Burley, Idaho.”
Raymond Palmer’s editorial reply to this letter was as follows:
      “We’re sure that members of the CHMBS (Cave Hunters Mutual Benefit Society)
      will contact you, and they won’t consider you crazy. We hope you can tell them
      more about this cave, and show it to them. As for the depth of 30,000 feet, letting
      a cable, or string, down that depth tells nothing, because it might be going down
      only a few hundred feet, then simply coiling up on the floor, as the weight of the
      string would make it impossible for you to tell when it had hit the floor... - Ed.”
This account as given by Mr. Haycock is strange to say the least, however it may contain an
significant piece of the puzzle whereas the overall subterranean scenario is concerned.

Two more postscripts to the George Haycock - Burley, Idaho account have surfaced. The first
came from a man by the name of Frank W. Haigler, and a Sgt. Brentlinger who was at the time
stationed at Hill Air Force Base near Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Haigler had told of his own
investigations in connection with Mr. Haycock’s letter in ‘AMAZING STORIES’.

This letter of confirmation, which appeared in the Jan. 1948 (Vol. 22, No. 1) issue, stated:
         “Sirs... If you file your correspondence, you will find a letter there from this writer
         which was written in the early part of this year, advising you of reading my first
         AMAZING STORIES magazine and of my interest in the mystery of the caves,
         especially the articles by Mr. Shaver. I haven’t missed a copy of A. S. since then
         and interest in the mystery of the caves has grown until you may class me as an
         unofficial member of the CHMBS. In fact, the purpose of this letter is to inform
         you of a recent expedition to one of the caves for an investigation.

        “For you and those interested in the ‘air shaft’ near Burley, Idaho, reported by Mr.
        George Haycock, whose letter was published in the October issue of AMAZING
        STORIES, this is to verify the truth of this cave.

        “M/Sgt. Brentlinger (a Shaver fan), stationed at Hill Field, Utah, and myself made
        a trip to Burley over the weekend of the 17th of August to ascertain the
        authenticity of both Mr. Haycock and the cave. We had no trouble locating this
        gentleman and after explaining the purpose of our mission he quite readily
        agreed to show us to the cave and to guide us through, providing it was still
        possible to enter. The entrance had been blasted since he was last in the cave,
        he explained.

        “We drove about six miles west of town, then turned off the highway onto a little
        road leading through the desert sagebrush. Oddly enough, this road was well
        worn and seemed to be much used although there is no apparent reason for so
        much traffic. We failed to see any other cars either on the way in or out.

        “Even though he had been in the cave many times and to the entrance as
        recently as three days prior to this trip, Mr. Haycock, strangely, had difficulty in
        locating the spot and we stopped twice to look before we finally found it about a
        mile from the highway.

        “The entrance was located in the center of a shallow circular depression. The
        surrounding terrain was nothing but sand and sagebrush but jammed in around
        the opening were several large boulders. We found there was still a small hole
        running down through the boulders and Mr. Haycock thought it still possible for
        us to make entrance. With some violent maneuvering we did manage to squeeze
        through and we followed Mr. Haycock to the floor of the cavern. Then, crawling,
        kneeling and sometimes walking, we were led back through the cave for
        approximately one-quarter of a mile.

        “The cavern was cut through what appeared to be lava rock. Walls and ceiling
        are badly fallen-in in many places but there is enough intact yet to give the
        general appearance that the cave was at one time square. In certain spots the
        walls and ceiling are perfectly flat. Then, too, we noticed one small chamber to
        one side of the main passage that is square-cut except for one end which is
        cupped out.

        “There are numerous small passages leading off to the side of the main path,
        which Mr. Haycock said lead to dead ends, IN the ones he has explored.

        “After seeing enough to convince us of the truth of Mr. Haycock’s story, it was
        decided to turn back and not to continue inward to the impassable obstruction
        Mr. Haycock mentioned in his letter. To have gone that far more equipment
        would have been required. We had nothing but two flashlights, both being used
        continuously. Where we turned back is approximately half-way to the obstruction.

        “We failed to feel or hear the icy wind that is said to blow from the shaft most of
        the time. However, Mr. Haycock explained that it did become quiet occasionally,
        as we found it that day.

        “At present another trip is planned to the cave. This time there will be seven or
        eight of us and we plan to take the proper equipment and enough provisions to
        do some serious work at clearing away the obstruction. It is desired by all to
        learn what, if anything, might lie further on beyond this obstruction. But, if there is
        nothing but more cave it will at least be an interesting adventure that will be
        enjoyed and remembered by all!

        “Now for the information on two other caves this writer knows of which might
        merit investigation. The first is in the Smoky mountains of North Carolina in the
        Nantahalie(?) Gorge. It is called ‘The Blowing Springs’ and is easily reached
        from the highway. The cave has an icy blast of air and a cold stream flowing from
        it continuously, from which it got its name. It is not known by the writer whether
        anyone has ever entered the cave or if this is possible, but there are many that
        have been to the entrance to look in.

        “The second is called ‘The Devil’s Well’ and is located in the ‘Hole-In-Ground’
        near Pine City, Washington. The cave is very round and approximately five feet
        in diameter. People are known to be afraid to enter the cave due to the rumor
        that it is a rattlesnake den. It would be interesting to learn if there is any truth to
        the rattlesnakes and why it is named ‘The Devil’s Well,’ and by whom!.”

        “Frank W. Haigler., Box 18, Apt. F-12., Sahara Valley, Utah.”
Another postscript to this account appeared in the form of an article which was written by one
‘Galahadian’ for the ESOTERIC WORLD NEWS in the mid-1980’s.

‘Galahadian’ allegedly knew Mr. Haycock years ago, and revealed that his story had a sad and
tragic ending. Haycock, it seemed, had received an unmarked letter or package in his mailbox
one day with a message warning him to cease and desist in his investigations of the tunnel. Mr.
Haycock had apparently ignored the warning and continued in his investigations, and according
to Galahadian a few days afterwards he was found strangled to death in his house.
What kind of secret would be so important that it was worth killing a human life in order to hide it?
Certainly, this is not the only one who has died mysteriously after investigating underground
phenomena. In fact dozens, perhaps hundreds (or more?) have met with the same tragic fate,
after getting to close to the “Horrible Truth”.

We would ask the readers however not to get the impression that EVERY subterranean area is
irreparably under the control of the evil one and the powers of darkness. As we will reveal in our
next file there are many regions inhabited by human beings who, although they may not have
established an absolutely “perfect” society, nevertheless are far safer than the underground lairs
of the serpent races.

The simple fact that these writings TARGET the reptilian conspiracy as it concerns or as it is
taking place in and around this small planet lost among billions of stars in a galaxy which is just
one of billions within a seemingly immeasurable universe, might lead one to accept a mistaken
and paranoid if not hopeless view of reality. Believe us, this is not the case. The perfect and
incorruptible realm of the Almighty is infinitely more vast than the material universe which it
surrounds. Good WILL overcome evil in the end, that is not the question.

The question is: how many souls will or will not be saved from the conspiracies of darkness
before the ultimate victory comes?

With this in mind, let’s return to the disturbing although very real possibility that many have lost
their lives because they knew too much about the draconian activities taking place beneath the
surface of this planet (and beyond). One contact of ours has informed us that a good friend of
hers in Las Vegas, Nevada, had uncovered some very disturbing facts and testimonies
concerning construction workers and others who had been involved in the installation of certain
equipment within the tunnels beneath the Nevada Military Complex, etc., many of whom later
died under bizarre circumstances.

This informant, Stacy Borland, was later found dead - along with a brother of hers - in Las Vegas.
Someone had apparently entered her place and murdered them in cold blood.

We smell a rat in this case (or, should we say A SNAKE?), and in fact our contact is convinced
that it was the work of an assassin, and that she was killed because she knew too much.

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                                      from ThinkAboutIt Website

Few Americans - indeed, few Congressional reps - are aware of the existence of Mount Weather,
a mysterious underground military base carved deep inside a mountain near the sleepy rural
town of Bluemont, Virginia, just 46 miles from Washington DC. Mount Weather - also known as
the Western Virginia Office of Controlled Conflict Operations - is buried not just in hard granite,
but in secrecy as well.

In March, 1976, The Progressive Magazine published an astonishing article entitled "The
Mysterious Mountain."

The author, Richard Pollock, based his investigative report on Senate subcommittee hearings
and upon "several off-the-record interviews with officials formerly associated with Mount
Weather." His report, and a 1991 article in Time Magazine entitled "Doomsday Hideaway", supply
a few compelling hints about what is going on underground.

Ted Gup, writing for Time, describes the base as follows:
      "Mount Weather is a virtually self-contained facility. Aboveground, scattered
      across manicured lawns, are about a dozen buildings bristling with antennas and
      microwave relay systems. An on-site sewage-treatment plant, with a 90, 000
      gal.-a-day capacity, and two tanks holding 250,000 gal. of water could last some
      200 people more than a month; underground ponds hold additional water
      supplies. Not far from the installation’s entry gate are a control tower and a
      helicopter pad. The mountain’s real secrets are not visible at ground level."
The mountain’s "real secrets" are protected by warning signs,
10 foot- high chain link fences, razor wire, and armed guards.
Curious motorists and hikers on the Appalachian trail are
relieved of their sketching pads and cameras and sent on
their way. Security is tight.

The government has owned the site since 1903; it has seen
service as an artillery range, a hobo farm during the
Depression, and a National Weather Bureau Facility. In 1936,
the U.S. Bureau of Mines took control and started digging.

Mount Weather is virtually an underground city, according to
former personnel interviewed by Pollock.

Buried deep inside the earth, Mount Weather was equipped with such amenities as (click image
   • private apartments and dormitories
   • streets and sidewalks
   • cafeterias and hospitals
   • a water purification system, power plant and general office buildings
   • a small lake fed by fresh water from underground springs
   • its own mass transit system
   • a TV communication system
Mount Weather is the self-sustaining underground command center for the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA).

The facility is the operational center - the hub - of approximately 100 other Federal Relocation
Centers, most of which are concentrated in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and
North Carolina. Together this network of underground facilities constitutes the backbone of
America’s "Continuity of Government" program.

In the event of nuclear war, declaration of martial law, or other national emergency, the
President, his cabinet and the rest of the Executive Branch would be "relocated" to Mount

What Does Congress Know about Mount Weather?
According to the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights hearings in 1975, Congress has
almost no knowledge and no oversight--budgetary or otherwise--on Mount Weather.

Retired Air Force General Leslie W. Bray, in his testimony to the subcommittee, said,
        "I am not at liberty to describe precisely what is the role and the mission and the
        capability that we have at Mount Weather, or at any other precise location."
Apparently, this underground capital of the United States is a secret only to Congress and the US
taxpayers who paid for it. The Russians know about it, as reported in Time:
       "Few in the U.S. government will speak of it, though it is assumed that all along
       the Soviets have known both its precise location and its mission (unlike the
       Congress, since Bray wouldn’t tell); defense experts take it as a given that the
       site is on the Kremlin’s targeting maps."
The Russians attempted to buy real estate right next door, as a "country estate" for their
embassy folks, but that deal was dead-ended by the State Department.

Mount Weather’s "Government-in-Waiting"
Pollock’s report, based on his interviews with former officials at Mount Weather, contains
astounding information on the base’s personnel. The underground city contains a parallel
        "High- level Governmental sources, speaking in the promise of strictest
        anonymity, told me [Pollock] that each of the Federal departments represented at
        Mount Weather is headed by a single person on whom is conferred the rank of a
        Cabinet-level official. Protocol even demands that subordinates address them as
        ’Mr. Secretary.’

        Each of the Mount Weather ’Cabinet members’ is apparently appointed by the
        White House and serves an indefinite term ... many through several
        Administrations.... The facility attempts to duplicate the vital functions of the
        Executive branch of the Administration."
Nine Federal departments are replicated within Mount Weather:
   • Agriculture
   • Commerce
   • Health, Education & Welfare
   • Housing & Urban Development
   • Interior; Labor; State
   • Transportation
   • Treasury
As well as at least five Federal agencies:
   • Federal Communications Commission
   •   Selective Service
   •   Federal Power Commission
   •   Civil Service Commission
   •   Veterans Administration
The Federal Reserve and the U.S. Post Office, both private corporations, also have offices in
Mount Weather.

Pollock writes that the "cabinet members" are "apparently" appointed by the White House and
serve an indefinite term, but that information cannot be confirmed, raising the further question of
who holds the reins on this "back-up government."

Furthermore, appointed Mount Weather officials hold their positions through several elected
administrations, transcending the time their appointers spend in office. Unlike other presidential
nominees, these appointments are made without the public advice or consent of the Senate.

Is there an alternative President and Vice President as well? If so, who appoints them?

Pollock says only this:
        "As might be expected, there is also an Office of the Presidency at Mount
        Weather. The Federal Preparedness Agency (precursor to FEMA) apparently
        appoints a special staff to the Presidential section, which regularly receives top
        secret national security estimates and raw data from each of the Federal
        departments and agencies."

What Do They Do At Mount Weather?

        1) Collect Data on American Citizens
        The Senate Subcommittee in 1975 learned that the,
               "facility held dossiers on at least 100,000 Americans. [Senator]
               John Tunney later alleged that the Mount Weather computers
               can obtain millions of pieces of additional information on the
               personal lives of American citizens simply by tapping the data
               stored at any of the other ninety-six Federal Relocation
        The subcommittee concluded that Mount Weather’s databases "operate with
        few, if any, safeguards or guidelines."

        2) Store Necessary Information
        The Progressive article detailed that,
               "General Bray gave Tunney’s subcommittee a list of the
               categories of files maintained at Mount Weather: military
               installations, government facilities, communications,
               transportation, energy and power, agriculture, manufacturing,
               wholesale and retail services, manpower, financial, medical and
               educational institutions, sanitary facilities, population, housing
               shelter, and stockpiles."
        This massive database fits cleanly into Mount Weather’s ultimate purpose as the
        command center in the event of a national emergency.
3) Play War Games
This is the main daily activity of the
approximately 240 people who work at
Mount Weather. The games are intended
to train the Mount Weather bureaucracy to
managing a wide range of problems
associated with both war and domestic
political crises. (click image right)

Decisions are made in the "Situation
Room," the base’s nerve center, located in
the core of Mount Weather.

The Situation Room is the archetypal war
room, with "charts, maps and whatever
visuals may be needed" and "batteries of
communications equipment connecting
Mount Weather with the White House and ’Raven Rock’ - the underground
Pentagon sixty miles north of Washington - as well as with almost every US
military unit stationed around the globe," according to the Progressive article.
         "All internal communications are conducted by closed-circuit
         color television ... senior officers and ’Cabinet members’ have
         two consoles recessed in the walls of their office."
Descriptions of the war games read a bit like a Ian Fleming novel. Every year
there is a system-wide alert that "includes all military and civilian-run
underground installations."

The real, aboveground President and his Cabinet members are "relocated" to
Mount Weather to observe the simulation. Post-mortems are conducted and the
margins for error are calculated after the games.

All the data is studied and documented.

4) Civil Crisis Management
Mount Weather personnel study more than war scenarios. Domestic "crises" are
also tracked and watched, and there have been times when Mount Weather
almost swung into action, as Pollock reported:
         "Officials who were at Mount Weather during the 1960s say the
         complex was actually prepared to assume certain governmental
         powers at the time of the 1961 Cuban missile crisis and the
         assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. The installation
         used the tools of its ’Civil Crisis Management’ program on a
         standby basis during the 1967 and 1968 urban riots and during a
         number of national antiwar demonstrations, the sources said."
In its 1974 Annual Report, the Federal Preparedness Agency (FPA) stated that,
         "Studies conducted at Mount Weather involve the control and
         management of domestic political unrest where there are
         material shortages (such as food riots) or in strike situations
         where the FPA determines that there are industrial disruptions
         and other domestic resource crises."
The Mount Weather facility uses a vast array of resources to continually monitor
the American people.
          According to Daniel J. Cronin, former assistant director for the FPA,
          Reconnaissance satellites, local and state police intelligence reports, and
          Federal law enforcement agencies are just a few of the resources available to
          the FPA [now FEMA] for information gathering.
                  "We try to monitor situations and get to them before they
                  become emergencies," Cronin said. "No expense is spared in
                  the monitoring program."

          5) Maintain and Update the "Survivors List"
          Using all the data generated by the war games and domestic crisis scenarios,
          the facility continually maintains and updates a list of names and addresses of
          people deemed to be "vital" to the survival of the nation, or who can "assist
          essential and non-interruptible services."

          In the 1976 article, the "survivors list" contained 6,500 names, but even that was
          deemed to be low.

          6) Who Pays for All This, and How Much?
          At the same time tens of millions of dollars were being spent on maintaining and
          upgrading the complex to protect several hundred designated officials in the
          event of nuclear attack, the US government drastically reduced its emphasis on
          war preparedness for US citizens. A 1989 FEMA brochure entitled "Are You
          Prepared?" suggests that citizens construct makeshift fallout shelters using use
          furniture, books, and other common household items.

          Officially, Mount Weather (and its budget) does not exist. FEMA refuses to
          answer inquiries about the facility; as FEMA spokesman Bob Blair told Time
          magazine, "I’ll be glad to tell you all about it, but I’d have to kill you afterward."

          We don’t know how much Mount Weather has cost over the years, but of course,
          American taxpayers bear this burden as well.

          A Christian Science Monitor article entitled "Study Reveals US Has Spent $4
          Trillion on Nukes Since ’45" reports that,
                    "The government devoted at least $12 billion to civil defense
                    projects to protect the population from nuclear attack. But billions
                    of dollars more were secretly spent on vast underground
                    complexes from which civilian and military officials would run the
                    government during a nuclear war."

Mount Weather’s Russian Twin
by Patricia Neill
Matrix Editor

On April 16, 1996, the New York Times reported on a mysterious military base being constructed
in Russia:
        "In a secret project reminiscent of the chilliest days of the Cold War, Russia is
        building a mammoth underground military complex in the Ural Mountains,
        Western officials and Russian witnesses say.

          Hidden inside Yamantau mountain in the Beloretsk area of the southern Urals,
          the project involved the creation of a huge complex, served by a railroad, a
        highway, and thousands of workers."
The New York Times article quotes Russian officials describing the underground compound
variously as a mining site, a repository for Russian treasures, a food storage area, and a bunker
for Russia’s leaders in case of nuclear war.

It would seem that the Russian Parliament knows as little about Russian underground bases as
the Congress knows about Mount Weather in the United States.
         "The (Russian) Defense Ministry declined to say whether Parliament has been
         informed about the details of the project, like its purpose and cost, saying only
         that it receives necessary military information," according to the New York Times.

        "We can’t say with confidence what the purpose is, and the Russians are not
        very interested in having us go in there," a senior American official said in
        Washington. "It is being built on a huge scale and involves a major investment of
        resources. The investments are being made at a time when the Russians are
        complaining they do not have the resources to do things pertaining to arms

        Where’s the Money Coming From?
        The construction of the vast underground complex in Russia may very well
        become a cause of concern to the Clinton Administration.

        The issue of ultimate purpose for the complex, whether defensive (as with Mount
        Weather) or offensive (such as an underground weapons factory) is not the only
        issue Mr. Clinton has to worry about.

        The real cause for concern is that the US is currently sending hundreds of
        millions of dollars to Russia, supposedly to help that country dismantle old
        nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the Russian parliament has been complaining to
        Yeltsin that it cannot pay $250 million in back wages owed to its workers at the
        same time that it is spending money to comply with new strategic arms reduction

        Aviation Week and Space Technology reported that,
                "It seems the nearly $30 billion a year spent on intelligence
                hasn’t answered the question of what the Russians are up to at
                Yamantau Mountain in the Urals. The huge underground
                complex being built there has been the object of U.S. interest
                since 1992. ’We don’t know exactly what it is,’ says Ashton
                Carter, the Pentagon’s international security mogul. The facility
                is not operational, and the Russians have offered ’nonspecific
                reassurances’ that it poses no threat to the U.S."
        U.S. law states that the Administration must certify to Congress that any money
        sent to Russia is used to disarm its nuclear weapons. However, is that the case?
        If the Russian parliament is complaining of a shortage of funds for nuclear
        disarmament, then how can Russia afford to build the Yamantau complex?

        Are the Russians building an underground city akin to Mount Weather with
        American taxpayer’s money? Could American funds be subsidizing a Russian
        weapons factory? Hopefully Congress will get a firm answer to these questions
        before authorizing further funding to Russian military projects.

What is Mount Weather’s Ultimate Purpose?
We have seen that Mount Weather contains an unelected, parallel "government-in-waiting" ready
to take control of the United States upon word from the President or his successor.

The facility contains a massive database of information on U.S. citizens which is operated with no
safeguards or accountability. Ostensibly, this expensive hub of America’s network of sub-terran
bases was designed to preserve our form of government during a nuclear holocaust.

But Mount Weather is not simply a Cold War holdover. Information on command and control
strategies during national emergencies have largely been withheld from the American public.
Executive Order 11051, signed by President Kennedy on October 2, 1962, states that,
         "national preparedness must be achieved... as may be required to deal with
         increases in international tension with limited war, or with general war including
         attack upon the United States."
However, Executive Order 11490, drafted by Gen. George A Lincoln (former director for the
Office of Emergency Preparedness, the FPA’s predecessor) and signed by President Nixon in
October 1969, tells a different story. EO 11490, which superseded Kennedy’s EO 11051, begins,
         "Whereas our national security is dependent upon our ability to assure continuity
         of government, at every level, in any national emergency type situation that
         might conceivably confront the nation..."
As researcher William Cooper points out, Nixon’s order makes no reference to "war," "imminent
attack," or "general war."

These quantifiers are replaced by an extremely vague "national emergency type situation" that
"might conceivably" interfere with the workings of the national power structure. Furthermore,
there is no publicly known Executive Order outlining the restoration of the Constitution after a
national emergency has ended. Unless the parallel government at Mount Weather does not
decide out of the goodness of its heart to return power to Constitutional authority, the United
States could experience an honest-to-God coup d’etat posing as a national emergency.

Like the enigmatic Area 51 in Nevada, the Federal government wants to keep the Mount Weather
facility buried in secrecy.

Public awareness of this place and its purpose would raise serious questions about who holds
the reins of power in this country. The Constitution states that those reins lie in the hands of the
people, but the very existence of Mount Weather indicates an entirely different reality.

As long as Mount Weather exists, these questions will remain.

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                                            Oslo, Norway
                                            February 2008
                                     from ProjectCamelot Website

Leo Lyon Zagami, ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - the Masonic Executive
Committee - of Monte Carlo, was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati. He
is a 33rd degree Freemason, and a senior member of the infamous P2 Lodge. He was the
'Prince': prepared to take over after the older Illuminati 'King', Licio Gelli.

He was born of a Scottish-Sicilian Illuminati aristocratic bloodline, and so has been involved in
the Illuminati Order since childhood.

Disgusted with satanic black magic rituals, and with the true intentions of those who regard
themselves as the elite controllers of the planet, he has now made the commitment to tell the
real story of those who seek to rule us all without our consent.

Quick, intelligent, likeable, passionate, and with a huge amount of information at his fingertips
about the inside workings of the Powers that Be, Leo welcomed us into his house in Oslo,
Norway, where he lives in what might be called exile.

In our two hour interview we were barely able to scratch the surface of everything he knows,
and what we present is a summary for those unfamiliar with the labyrinthine details of one of the
most important stories of our time.

However, he seems to have paid a price for talking to us on camera. Days after our interview,
his wife Fatma Süslü, of Turkish descent but an aspiring Norwegian politician, left him -
accusing us at Project Camelot, in the process, of being agents. Immediately after her departure
he was temporarily imprisoned and his cellphone and computers were confiscated by the police.
He intends to leave Norway for safer shores as soon as he can make the arrangements.

For more details on what has recently occurred, Leo copied us these letters he wrote to Greg
             Szymanski and Henry Makow (below inserts) on 8 and 13 March respectively.

    Leo Zagami
  Greg Szymanski

8 March 2008

Dear Greg,

After the recent events unfortunately I'm not feeling too well. It has been the worst experience in my life.

First I get abandoned by my wife who leaves me on the 23rd of February taking also my only son away from
me after stating that I was becoming a problem for the interreligious dialogue of the Methuselah Gulen
Movement and I wasn't a good Muslim for her.

Then she also said that my dangerous stand against the Vatican driven New World Order was damaging the
possibility of her return into politics in Norway, later after she left she even written in a SMS message that she
could finally work with Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri and Ezio Giunchiglia of the P2.

I was basically completely shocked about the situation but my alarm bells should have been ringing from the
moment I saw coming into the picture in May 2007 this strange Jesuit called Thomas Michel SJ at a Gulen
Movement event dedicated to Sufi mystic Rumi arranged by Muslim Illuminati Kemaletin Süslü, one of the
brothers of my wife.

After that I started criticizing the Gulen movement and their New World Order position close to the Jesuits, a
move that made me increasingly unpopular with my wife Fatma Süslü that started to say to me that I should
stop immediately my Illuminati Confessions website on the net and convert to a strict and more
fundamentalist view of Islam otherwise she will leave me.

T hat was obviously a brainwashing imposition for me and I couldn't accept such a proposal and on the 23rd
of February 2008 she eventually left. Initially I was sad, but she promised to show me our child and that I
shouldn't worry about this difficult moment. But the following Monday my lawyer calls me and tells me she
went to the police and has moved charges of domestic violence against me and she has no intention of
showing me my son Isak Rumi Zagami ever again.

I soon realized that she had been completely brainwashed against me by the Jesuit friendly Gulen
Movement known also as the Opus Dei of Islam, and she wanted to raise Isak on her own so they could
brainwash him with their twisted and hypocrite version of Islam.

Sufism should be about tolerance and the family of the Prophet Mohammed which my wife belongs should be
a true beacon of light for the Muslim world. Instead, my dear friends, they are simply New World Order
criminals like everybody else afraid that my stand against the system could damage their so called inter-
religious affairs and all the rest of their dirty business...

In any case after two weeks of not seeing my son Isak I try to put pressure on the religious movement of my
wife in order to show me my son again. But instead at 9.30 pm on the 4th of March, two policemen and a
police woman come to my house and arrest me. So I spend 12 hours in a cold prison cell and few hours been
interviewed by the police who eventually released me at 1.30 pm on the 5th.

But at 10 o'clock in the morning I saw a priest to whom I finally tell the truth about my forced conversion into
Islam to please my wife's family and the way they sold me out to the authorities as only a true Judas could do.
Yes, my wife sold me to my worst enemy, the Norwegian Freemasons. From now I can't obviously continue to
follow a book (the Q'uran) that tells me that I should respect the family of my wife because they are traitors
and criminals to their own religion, happily working for the New World Order mafia and their sick
establishment of lies and corruption.

My wife Fatma Süslü was my best friend and my only love and to be betrayed by her in this way is definitely
the worst experience of my life. Fatma had also an important meeting with a Norwegian politician last month
regarding the possibility of running a Cultural Center (obviously in the hands of the Norwegian Freemasons)
that simply means she has been bought by the enemy but I hope my son Isak will one day read this article
and realize the evil connections of Islam and the Süslü Family with the Vatican NWO and how much is father
had to suffer because of their injustice and their malicious lies on my persona.

Now my Illuminati enemies have a new friend in Fatma who desperately works relaunching her image on Face
Book with her Illuminati friends like Yoko Ono and even Paulo Coelho.

In the meantime, I'm awaiting an answer from my lawyer on what's going on with Fatma's false charges
against me. She has no witnesses on her side so at the moment is simply her word against mine. But the
police have confiscated my two computers (a Mac and a PC) and two mobile phones. Why??? Well, this abuse
of power is typical of this fascist driven country and their police state that already came to visit me last year
after they closed my first website saying that they will take my kids from me if I didn't close down my new
site in Italy. Well on that occasion Fatma was totally supportive of my struggle against the New World Order
and she even went public on the radio to talk about it and later went to the social workers to defend our case
and our kids from these evil people.

     Gulen Movement has influenced the police in Norway to confiscate my computers as they are probably
afraid I could use some of the pictures I have with leaders of their organization - pictures made in secret
meetings - and they want to avoid any scandal that could link them to their Jesuit manipulators. But the police
are also going to find on my computers a wonderful video of my ex-wife belly-dancing in a very non-
fundamentalist style... I hope they don't erase it as it was definitely a performance that could make a Jesuit
faint and a very unique one from a descendant of Prophet Mohammed.

From the 5th of March 2008 I'm officially a Christian again as my sufferance made me realize that He is our
only savor and Mohammed is a false Prophet whose descendants are involved in satanism and the New World

It's time for a reality check and for an ultimate exposure of the Muslim side of the Illuminati cake. I'm now
alone and in great danger in Norway. When I went out of my house earlier there was a police surveillance car
parked in front of my door.

I don't know any more what they are going to do with me now that I don't have any protection. And I'm so
vulnerable, that I might disappear or I might be condemned without any reason to spend my next few years
in a boring prison cell. I really don't know what will happen. But remember, my true friends out there: I will
never stop this war against the New World Order until I die, and one day my precious son will finally revenge
me and bring down this evil Vatican beast and their Muslim allies.

Leo Lyon Zagami
ex Khaled Saifullah Khan
     Leo Zagami
     Henry Makow

13 March 2008

Dear Henry,

Thank you for your continuous support, and please forgive me if I could not reply earlier but as you know they
confiscated all my computers and my mobile phones and the nearest internet shop is more then an hour
away from were I live.

On the coming Monday I will finally be able to check the proceedings of the case with my lawyer and the false
accusations moved by my wife against me after her sudden betrayal, but my lawyer told me today she
doesn't seem to have a strong case against me as she doesn't have at the moment any eye witness that can
support her outrageous claims of abuse an manipulation from my side.

Obviously this could change if in the next few months they bring some corrupt witness in the picture so they
can screw me up like Fritz Springmeier, but at the moment his her word against mine dear Henry even if
Fatma Süslü stated to Greg at the Arctic-Beacon and elsewhere on the net a quite different story, a false and
insulting tale made up of my supposed violence against her and the kids (total rubbish) and many witnesses
on her side (another lie).

Well, my conscience is clear, my friend, as I have always been a good and honest family man, a husband
deeply in love with my wife and totally dedicated to my children who should never go through such a terrible
experience (I say children because this include also the child from her previous marriage called Zaccaria who
I consider as my child).

The Norwegian Kingdom and the Norwegian police have in any case already acted illegally against me,
abusing their power with my forced arrest on the 4th of March 2008 as also stated by my lawyer who is
furious with the police authorities of this country for their abuse of power.

The Norwegian Police loves this insane NWO agenda and their Turkish brothers from the Fethullah Gulen
Movement, a right wing movement secretly manipulated by the CIA and the Vatican Illuminati (including
Jesuits like Thomas Michele SJ) and spiritually driven by the most corrupt descendants of Prophet Mohammed
- sick said families like the Süslü family of my wife who think of themselves as the elite of the Illuminati,
people that think they have a special reserved place in Heaven and the right to act as they wish above the
law even in western countries like Norway thanks to the support of the usual suspects...

Dear Henry: I don't want my son to grow up brainwashed by the Gulen Movement and their insane NWO
ideology. I want Isak Rumi Zagami to be a free and honest man who respects and loves his father. I don't
want Isak to become a Muslim fundamentalist who hates me, thinks I'm the Dajal, so I will try in any way
possible to get the court's permission to see my son regularly. In this way they can't ruin him completely with
their false Muslim ideology.

I also received a very interesting e-mail a couple of days ago from a politician in the same party as my wife
Fatma Süslü (the norwegian Socialist party called SV) who told me that my wife has been working for the
government for a long time on various projects and he wanted to warn me earlier about her dishonest
intentions towards me but he felt it was too dangerous to tell me anything about at that time.

I really don't know yet if I can trust this politician. But he seems honest, and has been involved recently with a
disclosure project for my friends at Project Camelot in the US. And I know for a fact that my wife has been
working recently on a project with the government for the establishment of a cultural center owned by
Norwegian Freemasons, a place which should be also connected to futures research and so called ecological
friendly activities.
She got involved in this project with a certain Anne thanks to an English right wing Freemason called Jonathan
Boulter who used to be working with me when I was in the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge. I warned my wife that what
she was doing by working with these people was wrong, but she didn't listen to me.

My wife has been unfortunately brainwashed against me by the Fethullah Gulen Movement (a sectarian
version of Islam close to the Jesuits) and some people in the Norwegian political and masonic establishment
who obviously advised my wife to distance herself asap from me and my anti-NWO position if she wanted to
get back in their evil and sick political game, and Fatma unfortunately wants to be a politician again.

It's very hard, as you can imagine, to front the fact that the mother of your only child is actually working for
your enemy and even sending you to prison as your birthday gift. But I will have to survive this difficult
moment in every way possible and even after all this I'm still very much in love with Fatma, but that's
because I'm quite sure she was forced to betray me in this way with the police and she is probably already
regretting the moment she left me for her new privileged position in the Muslim Illuminati establishment.

The situation is in any case very difficult for me as I'm in great danger, dear Henry, in this corrupt country of
Norway now that my only protection (the Gulen Movement) has betrayed me and put me in the hands of the
Freemasonic enemy of the Swedish Rite that have already persecuted me in the past.

So my intentions is to leave Europe all together as soon as possible and join my supporters in the USA were
we're going to finally start my Tour of Hope and my new anti-NWO project against these sick Illuminati
bastards that have ruined my life over and over again. Committees of Hope will start gathering all over the
States in the next few months under my presence and many important things will happen so I want to thank
already my friends and my supporters in the United States who are giving me the possibility to start a new life
in a safe and protected way after such a horrible experience.

No problem: the Illuminati managed to get their black magic working against me and my wife and
successfully destroyed my family (they really didn't like my happy little family unfortunately), but I'm not a
dead man yet and I'm sure that one day my wife will realize she was only the innocent tool of the dark side
and she should have been praying and protecting herself more from these evil Jinns that are now controlling

Keep me in your prayers Henry, and if God wants I will be visiting you soon in Canada. If not, don't let my
message die, and keep the Illuminati resistance alive as my future is still uncertain.

Fraternally yours,

Leo Lyon Zagami

             Leo is a very brave man, and we wish him well. We spoke with him for 45 minutes a short time
             ago and he is determined and resilient. The information he presents is extraordinary and
             detailed, and much more will be found on his own Illuminati Confessions website.

             We intend to keep in close touch with him, and may visit him again in the near future.

             Leo Zagami confirming his recent (March 2008) conversation with
             the Norwegian Politician
             Hear the entire half hour conversation:
A Letter from a Norwegian Politician
Spanish version

The person who wrote this message to us did so under their own name (which we have
checked), and enclosed a number of photographs of them with the Prime Minister of Norway
and (separately) with Benazir Bhutto. We are certain of their bona fides, but you will understand
that we cannot reveal their real name or publish any photos without consent.

The content of this message, if true, could hardly be more important.

[Edited for grammar and spelling errors where needed to ensure full clarity. As a
preface to the message, the writer apologized for their English, which is not their

         I am a Norwegian politician. I would like to say that difficult things will happen
         from the year 2008 till the year 2012.

         The Norwegian government is building more and more underground bases and
         bunkers. When asked, they simply say that it is for the protection of the people
         of Norway. When I enquire when they are due to be finished, they reply “before

         Israel is also doing the same and many other countries too.

         My proof that what I am saying is true is in the photographs I have sent of
         myself and all the Prime Ministers and ministers I tend to meet and am
         acquainted with. They know all of this, but they don’t want to alarm the people
         or create mass panic.

         Planet X is coming, and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds in
         the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all
         around in Norway. They will only save those that are in the elite of power and
         those that can build up again: doctors, scientists, and so on.

         As for me, I already know that I am going to leave before 2012 to go the area of
         Mosjøen where we have a deep underground military facility. There we are
         divided into sectors, red, blue and green. The signs of the Norwegian military
         are already given to them and the camps have already been built a long time
The people that are going to be left on the surface and die with along the others
will get no help whatsoever. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are going to
be safe, and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish into the night not
knowing what to do.

All the sectors and arks are connected with tunnels and have railcars that can
take you from one ark to the other. This is so that they can be in contact with
each other. Only the large doors separate them so that the sectors are not
compromised in any matter.

I am very sad. Often I cry with others that know that so many will learn too late,
and then it will all be over for them. The government has been lying to the
people from 1983 till now. All the major politicians know this in Norway, but few
will say it to the people and the public - because they are afraid in case they too
will miss the NOAH 12 railcars that will take them to the ark sites where they
will be safe.

If they tell anyone, they are dead for sure. But I don’t care any more about
myself. Mankind must survive and the species must survive. People must know

All the governments in the world are aware of this and they just say it is going to
happen. For those of the people that can save themselves I can only say reach
for higher ground and find caves up in the high places where you can have a
food storage for at least five years with canned food and water to last for a
while. Radiation pills and bio-suits are also advisable if your budget allows it.

For the last time I say may God help us all... but God will not help us I know.
Only each person individually can make a difference. Wake up, please...!

I could have written to you using another name but I am not afraid of anything
any more. When you know certain things, you become invincible and no harm
can come to you when you know that the end is soon.

I assure you 100% that things will happen. There are four years to prepare for
the endgame. Get weapons, and make survival groups, and a place where you
can be safe with food for a time.

Ask me anything and I will answer as much as I know about the Norwegian
connection to all this. And just look around: they are building underground
bases and bunkers everywhere. Open your eyes, people. Ask the governments
what they are building, and they will say “Oh, it’s just storage for food”, and so
on. They blind you with all the lies.

The marks of the alien presence are also there, and I often see the Norwegian
elite politicians are not what they say they are. It’s like they are controlled in
every thought, and what they have to say is just as they are told to do things in
such manners. It is clear for me who they are, and who they are not. You can
see it in their eyes and in their minds.

Remember that those who are going to be in and around the city areas in 2012
are those that are going to be hit first and die first. Later the army will purge the
rest of the survivors and they have a shoot to kill order if there is any resistance
to bring them into the camps where every one will get marked with a number
and a tag.

I also see that Benazir Bhutto is spoken of on your site. Her death was tragic. I
       have met Benazir, as you can see. You will also see from the photographs that
       I have met with a number of other notable politicians and world leaders.

       The public will not know what happens till the very end, because the
       government does not want to create mass panic. Everything will happen quietly
       and the government will just disappear.

       But I say this: don't go quietly into the night. Take precautions to be safe with
       your family. Come together with others. Work together to find ways to solve all
       the many problems you will face.

       Kind regards

       [Name and proof of identity supplied]

From immediate further correspondence, and in response to our specific questions, we can add
the following clarifications in our source's own words:

       I have been to several underground bases [number given]. We used the railcars
       to get around. Only a few special people were selected to be shown around.
       Those that run with the elite know of this.

       I have evidence of my claims. I trust my sources 100%, but they are afraid to
       tell what they know. People are afraid for their lives and that is how it is. I just
       also want the public to know what the hell is going on. I am not afraid of death
       or any other thing.

       All the elite politicians in Norway know of this. They also know that if they reveal
       anything they will be removed from office and will be denied access to the
       different underground bases when the time is up.

       The NOAH 12 railcars are transport railcars between the different bases
       underground. They have a support system of these all around from one base to
       another. They are mainly used by the military and they control all of them.
       There are orange triangle symbols in each base and the check-ins are a kind of
       energy field that everyone has to go through.

       The future for my children is all I think of - and that for all the other children
       growing up in the new world. We have to make a difference for them so that
       they grow up knowing what their parents did for them, such as giving this
       information to people like yourselves.

       In 2009 the government of FRP will come into power and Siv Jensen will be
       elected Prime Minister. This is already known. It's important to understand that.
       The elections are all fake and the same persons and power elite get elected
       each time in turn. Look up the political history of Norway, and the people that
       run the country now.

       Please share this information with the rest of the internet. When the time comes
       people will survive because of the information they have learned from the
       different sites on the net.

       I will not get anything but trouble from posting this, and I have no need to
       mislead anyone. I do this only to expose what is to happen in my country and
       that maybe some people will survive what is to come.
        Kind regards

        [Name supplied]

After posting the above, we presented more questions to our source, who replied with the
intriguing information which follows.

The paragraphs indented and marked with an asterisk (*) constitute further supplementary
information received after we had asked a number of additional clarifying questions.

        When I was in the military I was in the [name of service given]. At one point we
        were given a task to get something out of a base and deliver it to another base.

        We were told:
        Later, when we landed outside the base, we were taken by trucks to outside the
        base where there were large doors heavily guarded by other military personnel.

        Or it seemed like they were military, but they had different suits on them:
        orange and black suits with the orange suits having a golden triangle on them
        and the black suits having a green triangle.

        * As far as I can remember the triangle went downwards, like a pyramid but
        facing down and had some weird kind of sign it it. To me it looked like the letter
        'E', but the lines were not connected in the 'E' like we write the letter 'E'. It was
        shaped like the 'E' and in the middle the letter 'E' was pointing inwards... not as
        in any language I can read or understand, and certainly not in Norwegian.

        * The signs were as far as I can remember not on the arms because I saw them
        clearly... they were at the left side of the black suit just over the chest area and
        on the caps they had on. The signs were not that big - just as a regular sized
        patch is, but clear enough to see them.

        We went through the large doors. I was thinking what the hell is this, and I felt a
        bit scared at first. It was like something out of a science fiction movie. This was
        the first time I was in such a base.

        We then came to a 500 meter long tunnel and there were more of these military
        personnel waiting with guns and transport for us. We were divided up in groups.
        Some went another way, and I and my group were asked to come with the
        black suited guards so they could take us to another location. When we came
        to the end we were asked to put on some masks "for our own protection".

        I was thinking for our own protection... aren't we already protected by being
        inside this huge underground complex and by guards with weapons?

        We were then asked to step inside a railcar... and this is what I know of the
        railcars. They are run by some kind of blue crystal energy, I think, or at least
        that is how it appeared. Then we sat in the cars and I asked one of the guards
        "What is this?"

        He replied,
                "You don't need to know this, sir."
* At the front where the operator sits there was a box with a window just
besides him, and just when before powering up you could see the large purple-
blue crystals emitting a purple-bluish light... not blinding you but quite beautiful
to watch indeed. I have never ever seen such energy light or crystals anywhere.
I was thinking that must be the power source.

* Later on in the base I saw that some people were working on these purple-
blue crystals. They were larger than the ones I saw in the railcar - ca. one meter
in length and they were lined up one after the other. They were taking some
light through them. They were in fact purple-blue and when the light went inside
they turned more blue and had a stronger color - the people had white masks
on and goggles standing away from them when the light was going inside the
crystals. I was about 20 meters from them and we were quickly rushed along
when they said "Move on now."

* I also think that the energy fields that we went through before entering the
check-in were powered by these crystals, because it was the same kind of light
- or so it seemed to me. If I remember more I will let you know.

I could see that there was a tube-like system and the other railcars were just
going so fast you just saw a light going by. I think this was a vacuum tube
system where there is no drag.

* The railcars were just like the tube itself but inside. The tube was a bit larger.
The main car or transport shuttle was I think ca. 12 meters in length and had a
pointed shape in front and back and had seating for 10 people with the
operator. You could drive them both ways and it was not necessary to turn it
around. It was sealed from the side after you go inside and was quite okay...
but the speed was too much, and I got sick after the ride.

* There was also some room for some cargo that you could take with you, but
not much. There were a lot of these railcars around, as it seemed, and they just
went passing by just like a light passes by in a flash. But you don't get to see
the other rails either, because it's so fast that you forget to look and rather
concentrate on your stomach when inside one of these.

Later on, after I went into politics, I found out what was inside of the rest of the
base and what the bases are for, which I have already told you. I know that
when this railcar moved - and it moved fast - I had never seen anything like this
before. Later when we arrived at the end station I was feeling sick, and the
other people that were there also felt the same way. One of the guards said it
happens the first time to everyone.

When we came outside we were given goggles and asked to go through a
security check. This is where it all gets weird.

There were guards with weapons all over the place... and remember I told you
about the energy fields that one has to go through. I was thinking I should not
be here at this place, and I was a little scared.

Then we got through this energy field and came to another room. I saw that
there was a screen on the side of the wall that said HUMAN - NOT HUMAN -

After I saw this I was thinking: Are there 'NOT HUMANS' too ??

* At the energy field check-in there was a screen, which I mentioned before.
There was a weird language on the screen. I have never seen this before.
Underneath it stood letters that were like the 'E' I told you about - but the only
thing I could read was HUMAN - NOT HUMAN - PURE - NOT PURE.

[Project Camelot note: we are seeking further clarification on this]

The guards stopped us and told us to change clothes inside another room and
come with them. When we had done so they said that it was time to go further
down. Again, I was thinking how large is this place? We just came out of a rail
system that runs for miles and miles... and then there is more?

We were then taken to a lift system, with seats, that was going to take us
down... or, this is what I thought it was going to do. But it went sideways for
about three minutes. In this place, time was not known to me because we had
no way of telling what the time was. They had taken everything away from us at
the check-ins.

* At the lift I remember I saw a letter that look like a headphone - like the
hearing phones you have on your head when listening to music. It was just bent
like that if you see it from the front side and pointing down.

All I can say is that when our job was done I was thinking that the world is not
as it seems to be, and that many things are hidden from the public. It makes me
sad and scared.

Later, when I got into politics, I began digging into this because I needed more
answers. What I found out was that these bases were Arks for the government
and some of the people and military to survive inside. There was a threat from
outside that was going to be in the year 2012 and that the human species had
to survive.

The 'Planet X' I learned about is from all what I have seen till now. The
government knows this and are keeping it from the public. They have been
tracking this object for a long time now and were given the first warnings from
the USA.

I know that 18 bases exist in Norway. I don't know what many of the dangers
are because I am not a scientist. But what I know is that before 2012 the
different governments are going to leave for the bases that they have built for
the last 40 or 50 years.

If this object goes by, there will be a lot of problems on the surface of the Earth.
That is all I know. This is why they go underground.

If such an event comes, they have made sure that five years or more
underground is going to be what they need to avoid this. When they know it's
safe to surface, they will rebuild again. We were just told that we have to leave
before 2012 and that there is something in space that is going to cause much

* I don't know if there is a threat from the sun itself. I am not so much into the
science of things. I am just telling what I have seen and nothing more.

I can say that I have already said too much, but the people are now warned
about this...

I have no need to make this up or create mass panic. I just want to tell the
        public what is to come, and I have done what I can from my side.

        There are things in this world that are not known to the public. And there is one
        thing I can say about all this:

        Be ready and have faith in yourself. There is no help in trusting the
        governments. Trust only yourself.

        Kind regards

        [Name supplied]

Comment from Project Camelot

There is no 'hard' scientific data in our source's warning. The information does not explain
exactly how or why 'Planet X' is such a threat (although we may guess). There is also no
specific information about the exact need to go underground.

Our source is saying exactly what they know, and no more. It is very plausible that that as a
politician the message's focus is on vital sociopolitical issues rather than science.

For more information about 'Planet X' and what it may or may not be, please visit Andy Lloyd's
excellent website here, or Marshall Masters' website here. We were told by Henry Deacon (and
this has also been widely reported by others) that the South Pole Telescope has been built to
track what Henry called the 'second sun'.

We urge readers to do their own research.

Between now and 2012 and beyond, many differing views, channeled messages, and insider
revelations will come to the fore. Project Camelot is working hard on a documentary that will
cover both positive and not so positive projections of our future.

It goes without saying that it is our sincere hope, prayer and full intention that the events
portrayed above will not come to pass.

We are all co-creators of our world, from moment to moment. We urge each and every one of
you to participate in consciously co-creating a bright and positive future for humanity, and to
work with us in waking the sleeping and bringing to light the truth - wherever it may lead.

Further Messages
Since our recent post of the letter we received from a Norwegian politician about underground
bases and that country's preparation for a future disaster, our mailbox has been full of
messages from all over the world.

We have been completely unable to reply to them all, but we have carefully read everything we
have received.

After a week's silence, we heard from our source again a few days ago. He is well, but is
keeping his head down for understandable reasons. He has invited us to forward any relevant
correspondence to him from others, and we will do that on a selective basis. He has also
promised that he will draw the 'alien' symbols he saw, and fax them to us.

To those who have asked understandable questions about his veracity: we have done
everything we can to confirm his identity and authenticity and are certain he is exactly who he
says he is.

Independent Confirmation
Norwegian Secret Underground Base Update
Many friends and correspondents in Norway and Sweden have been in touch, some offering
intriguing details.

To many of them, this information was not new and confirmed what they had known from other
sources. We received specific confirmation from two scientists and one ex-intelligence source
that these facilities exist (and that both Sweden and Switzerland have the facilities to take their
entire population underground if need be).

A number have asked to be put in touch with the politician who wrote to us.

One correspondent confirmed a great deal of detail. His message is so important that we have
published it here in full (having edited out personal information which may have identified him to
the authorities).

His family has first hand experience of the facilities which our source reported.

        Dear Project Camelot team,

        I just read your article about the Norwegian politician and his letter and
        information to you regarding underground bases, 2012, etc.

        I must say I found this quite fascinating. I already know of the Svalbard storage
        place, which when it was announced made the signals go off for me thinking it
        had to be some specific reason for this for something they know will happen

        Regarding the rest, I am also Norwegian, I am from a military family, and have
        been told by my mother who served a long time in the military and other
        governmental institutions about these underground bases.

        I know the location of one of these bases and have seen it myself. It's within a
        big mountain in my old city where I used to live and grew up before I moved
        from Norway a couple years ago. The place is called Baneheia.

        My mother refused to tell any details about it, except for that it is created for an
        emergency. Only specific personnel will be allowed, such as herself and other
        military people, and other important people, politicians, scientists and other
        civilian people they consider important.

        She has also been to another base in an area called Evje, and this
        underground facility is very huge, she said, much bigger than the Baneheia
        facility. She also said there is a base in the Stavanger area that she knows of.
She also supplied me with a photo of a base in Sørreisa, and said this is
another underground base but she is unsure of the size of this base. I attach
the photo here (above image). This is the top of the mountain base, and she
told me these 'spheres' are probably powerful radar systems that monitor a
huge area.

She told me other interesting things, such as that that the big electronic
corporations of the world in reality are run by the same people at the very top
level, but they just create different names and brands and 'packaging' of the
same products, or rather products that are developed and owned by people
high up in society that run these electronic manufacturers with total control.

Regarding Baneheia, my mother said that the rest of our family would NOT be
allowed to enter there in case of an emergency.

She also said she could not say any more about what was inside or how it
looked, as she had sworn and promised to her officials to not tell anything
more, and she is a woman of her word and keeps to her vows.

On another occasion, I briefly got to talk to another person from the military who
had also been there. He gave me a little more details. He said the facility is
huge and has many separate rooms with different purposes, but he was not
allowed to enter these rooms and was confined to a specific room where he
worked with computer related systems for the military. But he said that, from
what he could see, this facility could house several thousand people, and it was
extremely huge and highly technological.

It was also reported that of seven men who worked together at some project in
this facility, four of them died of cancer. This was published in
Fedrelandsvennen, a Norwegian newspaper from the city of Kristiansand in
2001. Unfortunately, the article is no longer online.

One of my friends, who worked for NSA for several years, has also provided
me with some great and astonishing information regarding underground bases
and other activities of the governments.

He confirmed that there are plenty of these bases around and that in some of
them they are doing some very strange experiments and research, related to
things such as time travel, journeys to other dimensions, alien technology etc,
and he himself was in the process of recreating a spaceship and working on
computer simulations for this purpose, and he showed me complex computer
generated material related to this as well as illustrations of this spaceship.

He said that at the moment the governments are in contact with Mars, and even
have such 'Stargates' connected with Mars so that they can travel there in a few
seconds instead of using spaceships. He also claimed they are currently
working on terraforming Mars - this means making Mars a suitable and possible
place for humans to live. At the moment, Mars is more or less dead on the
Surface, though there seems to be some life underground.

He suddenly disappeared and for the last couple years I've been unable to
locate him or get in touch with him.

I can mention however, that he was adopted, and according to himself raised
up and being prepared to work for the governments since his early childhood
due to his high intelligence and other 'abilities'. He was indeed an extremely
bright individual, personally I would say a genius, and he was involved with
extremely complex mathematical and scientific material that he showed and
discussed with me on several occasions.

I will first of all present you with some maps and photos of the area where this
main facility I've mentioned is located.

The photo on the top right of the composite image below is what is called
Gimlemoen, which used to belong to the military and was restricted for
unauthorized personnel. I was there several times due to my mother working for

Recently they officially closed down the military operations in Gimlemoen, and
turned it into a university campus instead.

However, some of the old bunkers and underground systems still remain in that
area. I have personally visited some of them and been deeply underground. At
one point I ended up in a large room that had a huge iron door with a big metal
wheel on it and several locks. I could not open this door so nor do I know what
was behind it.

There is also an aerial photo of Baneheia, where the current underground base
in the mountain is located. This is at the top left of the image below.

I've made a purple circle at the location of the entrance.
This rectangular structure (above image) is the entrance which leads into the

The white structure to the right of it is some other buildings I assume is related
as they got tons of antennas on top and satellite dishes etc and other strange

As you see, it's a large mountain, with lakes on top, so how deep inside it goes
into the mountain can only be speculated.

                      [Google Earth or Acme Mapper N 58.16, E 8.00]

Also notice that Gimlemoen and the Baneheia mountain are very close, only
separated by the river.

If any underground connection ever was established between the facilities in
Gimlemoen and the facility in the Baneheia mountain below the river I have no
idea, but as I mentioned I did find a 'bunker' going deep down underground
leading to that room with a huge iron door that it was impossible to open.

This was in Gimlemoen, and the room was covered with half a meter of water
on the floor.

I've discovered something that seems like air vents in the middle of the woods
on top of this mountain, which I assume provides air into the base below.

The vents are placed in rather inaccessible areas and far away from any paths.
They look like this (above image), except that they are more modern.

I have on several occasions seen heavily armed military personnel outside the
entrance of the mentioned facility. And this is strange, as Norway is not a
country where the military or police normally walk around with guns. In fact,
they are not allowed to carry guns unless it is an emergency situation. It's
actually the only time I've seen the military carry guns in public while I lived in

Things should be pretty safe over here, I mean Norway is not exactly like Iraq
having any specific needs for such bases and military work unless there is
really something they know that is coming that the rest of us do not know.
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                                         from Website
                                      Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 18:22 GMT
A secret dig appears to be underway beneath the U.S. Capitol, according to an                   T
exclusive photo released today by the online entertainment network @lantisTV after it           V
successfully appealed a federal court order that had blocked its publication for                E
months.                                                                                        cl
The photo, taken from an undisclosed location last February (2004), captures a                  e
massive excavation beneath the U.S. Capitol. Officially, the site will house a brand-           P
new underground visitor’s center.                                                              ot
But the scale of the undertaking, together with an unpublicized construction of a               n
secret network of tunnels beneath the National Mall, is leaving some observers                  e
scratching their heads.                                                                        w
        “They’re digging up the National Mall, looking for something,” said one                si
        exasperated U.S. Senator from a large industrial state who requested                   to
        anonymity. “They’ve been at it for years, all under the guise of ‘renovations’          r'
        for the monuments or ‘security upgrades.’ Let me tell you, at this point there’s        c
        more to see of Washington, D.C., under the Mall than above ground. Talk                 e
        about a shadow government. I think it’s a horrific abuse of taxpayer money.”           nt
What that “something” could be that the feds are searching for has been the cause of           is
countless speculation in the American capital for decades and the subject of such               b
pop-culture phenomena as the No. 1 Amazon bestseller RAISING ATLANTIS, and                      n
this week’s release of the movie “National Treasure” starring Nicolas Cage.                     g
“National Treasure” plays with the idea that the greatest treasure of antiquity –               n
collected over the centuries by the Knights Templar and transported to the New World           st
— was buried by the Founding Fathers somewhere in North America.                               ru
WASHINGTONOPLE, meanwhile, proves that the major monuments along the                            d
National Mall are aligned to the stars of the Orion constellation and will “lock” with their    b
celestial counterparts at a date foreseen by the Founding Fathers.                              n
Furthermore, what lies at the end of this astronomical quest has little to do with the          h
past but instead with the future — with America’s “secret destiny.”                            th
The bestselling WASHINGTONOPLE, mysteriously enough, is attributed to Dr.                      .S
Conrad Yeats, the fictional hero of the upcoming blockbuster adventure RAISING                  .
ATLANTIS, which hits bookstores everywhere in Summer 2005 and alludes to an                    C
unseen force behind the United States.                                                         pi
                                                         by Sharula Dux
                                                        from SoulWise Website

 Sharula Dux is a princess of the underground city of Telos. Telos is situated beneath Mt. Shasta in northern California. The ancient
continent of Lemuria (Mu) relocated 25,000 of its inhabitants to Telos just prior to the destruction and sinking of the continent of Mu
                   which transpired as a direct result of the Atlantean-Lemurian conflict nearly 12,000 years ago.

   Sharula has emerged from her subterranean home to bring to the surface the higher truths that have been taught and lived for
thousands of years. Her story will amaze and inspire you as you discover how a Telosian lives his/her life from conception all the way
                                                        through adulthood.

          Atlantean-Lemurian Wars
          Let me tell you a tale of two continents.

          One, in the Atlantic, called Atlantis. Another, in the Pacific, called Lemuria or Mu for short.
          Twenty five thousand years ago, these two continents were battling each other on the ideology
          of the day. Look at them as the two largest children on the block, and the two highest

          At that time they both had two different ideas about which direction civilization should go. The
          Lemurians felt that the other less-evolved cultures should be left alone to continue on their own
          evolution scale. The Atlanteans believed that all the less-evolved cultures should be brought
          under sway by the two evolved ones.
          This caused a series of wars between Atlantis and Lemuria. In these series of wars
          thermonuclear devices were used, and when the wars were over and the dust cleared, in reality
          there was no winter.

          The Outback in Australia, the Mojave Desert, parts of the Gobi Desert and the Sahara are all
          remains to remind man of the futility of this type of war.

          During the wars themselves people highly civilized stooped to quite low levels, but they too at
          the end, they realized the futility of such behavior. Lemuria and Atlantis itself became the
          victims of their own aggressions. Both the Lemurian homeland and the Atlantean homeland had
          been weakened by the wars, thus they knew that in about 15,000 years, both of their continents
          were going to sink completely. The Atlanteans had their second set of cataclysms which
          reduced Atlantis from a large continent to a series of islands. Lemuria, in essence did somewhat
          of the same.

          However, you might say,
                “Well what did that ... why would the people be upset at that time for something
                that was going to happen 15,000 years in the future?”
          In those days people lived for 20 ... 30,000 years commonly.

          They understood many of those who caused the havoc would see the end of the destruction.
Telos & Subterranean Cities
When Lemuria, which went down first, almost 200 years before Atlantis sunk, they petitioned
the Agharta Network. The Agharta Network is a network of subterranean cities that is guided by
a city called Shambhala the Lesser (to distinguish it from Shambhala the Greater which is the
etheric Shambhala over the Gobi Desert.)

Shambhala the Lesser was created when the continent of Hyperborea was vacated after Earth
lost her mantle and the planet started receiving radioactive waves that they had not been victim
to in the earlier times. So they started building subterranean cities over a 100,000 years ago.

When Atlantis and Lemuria petitioned to build subterranean cities themselves and to be
accepted into the Aghartian Network, they had to prove to Shambhala the Lesser that they had
learned the lessons of oppression, that they had learned the lessons of war. And they also had
to prove it to many other agencies, such as the Confederation, which we will go into a little later.

Because Atlantis and Lemuria had both been members of the Confederation, and when they
started their war-like efforts against each other they were expelled temporarily from the
Confederation and had to prove that they had also learned the lessons of peace to be allowed
to be members of the Confederation again, to be accepted into it.

Mt. Shasta is where the Lemurians chose to build their city. California was part of the colonies,
part of the area of the Lemurian lands, and they understood that Mt. Shasta and those areas of
California would survive the cataclysms, Mt. Shasta already being a place of great sacredness
on this planet. They chose to reroute the lava tunnels from Shasta itself so that the volcano
would not erupt again. And there was already a very large domed cavern within it, and they
decided to build upon that, and they constructed the city that we now call Telos.

Telos was the name of the whole area of much of what is now the Southwest, and much of what
is now California was originally called Telos which meant “communication with spirit,” “oneness
with spirit,” “understanding with spirit.” It was constructed to hold a maximum of 2 million people.
When the cataclysms started, only 25,000 people were saved.

Many had been brought to Telos before the cataclysms started, but when the second set started
in Lemuria the volcanoes started erupting so fast and sent so much debris into the air that while
they had intended to save at least a million people from the Lemurian mainlands, they were only
able to save 25,000. Thus, that was what was left of the Lemurian culture, of the Lemurian

Already the records had been brought from Lemuria to Telos.

Already the temples had been built in Telos.

Earthquakes & Destruction
While Lemuria, or what was left of Lemuria, mainly Telos, was coping with the aftermath of the
destruction of their continent, the earthquakes continued. During these earthquakes, the earth
shook so hard, that in many, many places, it went right off of what you would now call the
Richter scale.

When a continent sinks, the whole planet reacts. Earthquakes that reach the equivalent of what
you would call a 15 point. These earthquakes were so intense that many people died from the
sound of the earthquake, not from any effect of the quake itself such as a building falling upon
them or something. But a quake of that high of intensity created a screech through the
atmosphere that killed many people simply from the sound of it.

In many other places the earthquakes were so intense that in many places the earth was mostly
clay. It liquefied and acted like a sea of mud, swallowing whole cities, not just on the Lemurian
mainland but on many places on the planet.

Another thing that came after that, as the continent itself went down, the tidal wave was so large
that sometimes they went, not just hundreds, but a thousand miles inland “ the equivalent of a
tidal wave starting on the coast of California and completely taking out Oklahoma City. Tidal
waves like that were rampant as well as the earthquakes. In many cases, in some areas, the
shaking never quit. It would be a constant swarm of if not large ones, then small quakes.

The hierarchies, the Councils of this planet, understood this was going to happen.

So they tried to construct both cities prior to the destruction of Lemuria itself, understanding that
the Atlanteans would not get a lot of construction done under those circumstances. Also, at the
same time, the great pyramid in Egypt was constructed, underneath the tutelage of the
Lemurian high priest, better known as Thoth. And the Atlantean record chambers, which were
geared to hold not only Atlantis’ records, but Lemuria’s, Pan’s, Og’s, Hyperborea ... all of the
other cultures that had existed and reached high levels upon this planet.

The Atlanteans moved into their city at just about the same time Lemuria sunk, moving in first
their priesthood, their greatest scientists, some of their greatest thinkers, to try and preserve
their lives against the coming cataclysms.

Atlantis itself started shaking at the same time Lemuria was going down and Atlantis continued
to shake and lose parts of its land for 200 years before it too finally went completely down.

Surface Civilizations
For almost 2000 years after the Atlantean and Lemurian catastrophes the planet was still
shaking. To lose two huge land masses within 200 years of each other, plus the planet was still
witnessing the effects of the thermonuclear weapons that had been used in the Atlantean-
Lemurian wars.

Plus the fact that so much debris had been thrown into the atmosphere that it never became
quite bright daylight for almost 300 years after Atlantis’ destruction. This caused many, many life
forms, plant forms to go extinct. Plants that were common in Atlantean times, common in
Lemurian times, that no longer exist because they simply couldn’t survive the long stages of
filtered sunlight. Some have survived, yes, many animals and plants.

The human condition in those civilizations that survived it... Egypt, Peru, Roma (better known as
India), in many places people became so frightened by the constant earth activity that
civilization, even in the last bastillions started deteriorating very, very fast.

One question I have heard again and again is,
       ‘Well if Atlantis and Lemuria existed how come there is not more evidence on
       the surface of that?’
That is why. Most of the cities were shook to rubble. Those that were not shook to rubble were
wiped out by the earthquakes or wipe out by the tidal waves. Even those who survived even the
tidal waves, even the earthquakes... hunger was rampant... disease was rampant.
Some areas of civilization, like those future named Egypt and such, did survive. They even kept
their civilization intact, but even they started losing the highest elements of their civilization.
Many, many machines quit working because of the filtered sunlight.

Many, many people moved from the cities. They started feeling that living in the city was a
deathtrap, because you never knew when a building was going to fall on you. What would look
like a very strong building, have it go through 300 to 400 earthquakes... it’s a goner. Some
buildings were built to withstand it.

The great pyramid withstood the earthquakes but it was built with sacred geometries. Other
buildings like that throughout the planet survived, but most of the cities were completely
reduced to rubble. In many areas they rebuilt the cities, but even then, each time the cities were
rebuilt it was on a slightly less, should I say, technology. Each city was a little more primitive
than the city before it.

The Atlanteans moved into their city which was built underneath the Mato Grasso plateau in
what is now Brazil, which had been Atlantean territories at that time.

Getting an understanding of what was happening on the surface, you can perhaps understand
how the Lemurians or Atlanteans would prefer to be living underground.

Agharta Network
During this time, there was an integration, more and more with the Agharta Network.

As I explained earlier, Agharta is a confederation of several subterranean cities. As a matter of
fact there is over 120 of them. Some of them, they were built in the very early times such as
Shambhala the Lesser, which is peopled with beings from Hyperborea. These are 12 foot tall
beings. Beings as man, on this planet, as on many other planets in this solar system was
originally of a height of about 12 feet.

When we lost the mantle and started reaching more and more rays from the sun to the planet
that we were not used to coping with, it caused change within our bodies. Already, by the time
Lemuria and Atlantis sunk, man had gone from 12 feet to 7 feet. Thus the Atlanteans and
Lemurians were around 7 feet and still are. And, as you can see, there has still been a lowering
of the height on this planet. Thus people have gone down to now, for the foremost, less than 6
feet. We have lost over a whole foot in just 10,000 years.

However, that trend is starting to reverse itself, and as our spirituality is growing greater we are
slowly returning back to our original heights on this planet.

Within the Agharta Network, the cities that are allowed to join are only those that are based on
light principles, only those that are based on love, only those that does not hurt, only those that
are based on non-aggression. Within the Aghartian Network, besides Telos, which is the capital,
there are 4 more cities, for instance, that are based on Lemurian technology and Lemurian

One is called Rama which is underneath India (Arama being the original name of India.) Arama
culture is consisted of people that are almost pure Lemurian, before the so-called Aryan race
entered India. The other two cities that hold an allegiance to Telos, but are very independent
are Ulger cities. One is called Shonshi, which is under Tibet, not too far from the capital of Tibet.
It is being sheltered from the surface by a Tibetan lamasery.
This is a Ulger city. Ulgers are a group of people that left Lemuria 40 to 50 thousand years ago
and situated themselves throughout much of what is Asia, India and central Europe. The
second Ulger city is called Shingla. Shingla is in the Gobi, or should I say, under the Gobi
Desert. This too is a Ulger city.

On top of the Atlantean city, which is called Posedid, that went underneath the Mato Grasso
plateau, there is also another Atlantean city. Just a little farther north and there is another
Atlantean city that is underneath the Atlantic ocean and several other smaller satellite cities
throughout the planet. As I said, these are all a member of the Agharta Confederation.

Plus there are several independent cities that are not a branch of any of the larger cities that
have simply built subterranean to escape things that have happened on the surface.

Mt. Shasta
The city itself, Telos, as I said, is built under a dome, a dome that reaches quite a few hundred
feet from floor to ceiling and spreads across most of what would be the base of Mt. Shasta.
Looking from the outside, the top of the dome is about half-way up the mountain. The bottom of
the dome is just about even with the base of the mountain.

Underneath that are five more levels that have been constructed. These levels take up a space
so that the deepest levels are about a mile below the ground level at Shasta.

The rest of the city is built on 5 levels of several square miles across. These levels are divided
up by usage.
  1. The top level, being under the dome itself, is where the main part of the city is.
      This is where the majority of the people live. This is where the public buildings
      are. This is where most commerce takes place.
  2. The second level down is where manufacturing takes place, some classes take
      place, and also more people live on.
  3. The third level down is totally hydrophonic gardens where we grow all of our food
  4. The fourth level down is half hydrophonic gardens, part nature, and part
  5. The final level down is what we call our nature level. This is the level that is more
      than a mile in some spots below the ground. In this level we have created lakes,
      tall trees, park type atmospheres. This is where animals live.
We have had animals underneath for so long that they have lost their aggressions. That, and
different temples, priests and priestesses worked, you might say, with their ancestors, removing
the need of fear, since it is fear that creates aggression, not only in humans, but also in animals.
Thus we truly have the experience of lions lying down with lambs.

In the nature levels, this is where people have come to relax.

This is also where we have saved many animals and plants from extinction...

Nature Levels
In these nature levels, as I said, many, many plants and animals have been preserved from
extinction by being placed within the nature levels of Telos, Posedid, and many other of the
subterranean cities. Thus we do... still do have many of the plants that are extinct on the
surface. We still have sabre tooth tigers. We still have mastodons. We still have your proverbial
dodo bird. We don’t have dinosaurs.

They were a little big to keep. However, some dinosaurs do still live in areas of the Congo and
areas of the rain forest in the Amazon. Plus there are many sea-going dinosaur, much as the
famous Nesse in Lochness and many others such as that.

In these levels people find that they are able to integrate and merge/integrate with animals that
would normally be dangerous, simply by getting animals over the fear. And these animals have
also been fed a vegetarian diet, including the thing such as the big cats, for going on thousands
and thousands of years now, which has also taken away much of their aggression. Therefore,
you are able to go down, and in many instances, taking into consideration their great size and
strength, you are basically able to play with a sabre tooth or a Bengal tiger, much as you would
a house cat by scratching their chest or under their ear ... pulling their whiskers.

Which brings us to the fact that even such as the large cats, like that, are not aggressive, but
are actually very gentle and loving when raised in the right circumstances. Which brings us
again back to the purpose of this “the eventual re-integration of the two cultures“ the
subterranean and the surface, to bring back out what has been preserved and what has been
prepared, so that this again becomes one planet, one civilization, and that people will be able to
live on the surface or in subterranean cities, or both, at will.

Again, that is the whole purpose of these tape series and our work now at Telos Enterprises.

Diet & Gardening
Back to the city, the fourth level up, as I explained, is mostly hydrophonic gardens and a nature
level. And the third level is totally hydrophonic gardens. Hydroponics are how we grow and
produce all of our food. Hydrophonic gardens are able to produce crops almost on a constant
basis. As you are able to grow food, much, much faster, using advanced hydroponics with very
little soil and much water, therefore also you produce a form of gardening that does not need
fertilizer and does not deplete the soil.

We do still place in minerals and such into the plants, but with this hydrophonic gardens that is
actually quite small, being only several square miles, we are able to produce enough food and a
large enough variety of food to feed over a million and a half people, and to feed them with a
diet that is varied enough to be interesting and fun.

The diet which is in Telos, consists almost completely of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and
different variations of these, such as your soy, your other grains that now produce what you call
your meat substitutes. We have been on a vegetarian diet in Telos, now, for over 12,000 years,
from the time when the city was first started being built. It was decided at that point that our diet
would consist of totally vegetarian, therefore also removing the aggressive thought forms that
causes animals to react so violently.

And also the fact that a human body was meant to be on a vegetarian diet, and any other form
of diet actually produces death and aging.

On the second level we have what is called our manufacturing level. This is where we produce
clothing, furniture, art forms. This is also where many classes take place. And this is also some
of the living levels. On the top level of the city itself, this is where most people live. This is where
most commerce takes place.

This is where, you might say, our heart and our soul is.

And you might say the building that represents our heart and our soul, is the building that is
directly in the center of the top level, which is our temple. Which is a pyramid shaped building,
you may say a very large, pyramidal shaped building. The temple at Telos will hold 10,000
people at a time. It was built to be able to hold almost half of the original 25,000 person

The temple is dedicated to the Melchizedek. The Melchizedek, you may say, is a cosmic
priesthood. Everywhere you go in the universe you run across the Melchizedek. It is the
organization whose sole purpose is to bring the plans of light to everywhere they go.

The pyramid is white and the capstone is a stone we call living stone. It comes from Venus.
From the distance it looks rather like a crystal, but with light moving through it in a very strong
color. Why it is called living stone is it picks up the cosmic emulations of whatever ray is focused
at the moment on the planet. The planet is setup in such a way that the rays focus themselves
about every 24 hours in an intensity on the planet.

Thus, for instance, on Tuesdays, the blue ray is the most predominant ray on the planet. On
Fridays, the white ray. Therefore this living stone picks up the emulation coming from the solar
rays, the light rays, and goes the color of the predominant ray, for instance, when the blue ray is
in its greatest manifest the living stone capstone goes blue.

This becomes, you might say, a slight reminder to us to work with the cosmos rather than
against it. So when the blue ray is most predominant we try to restrict much of our business to
areas that are best served in the blue ray. For instance, we keep negotiations, sensitive
negotiations, to take place on those days. On the days, for instance, that the yellow ray is the
most predominant, those are the days we spend mostly studying.

Those are the days we spend on building intellect. On the days when the pink ray is the most
predominant, these are the days that we go into the artistic endeavors. In this way we have
found that by working with the cosmos, instead of against it, we are more often than not able to
achieve four times as much in much less time.

Therefore we are able to operate without stress most of the time.

Archives & Holodeck
Also in the upper level the other buildings that are very, very important to us is our council
buildings where the councils of the city gather together and deliberate what needs to be done in
the city at the moment.

We also have our record buildings where all our past records, our archives are kept in the forms
of telonium plates, in the forms of crystals that can be put in crystal projectors, in the form of
paintings, in the form of books “ all our past records of not only Lemuria, but Atlantis, other
civilizations and the civilizations on other planets in the solar system. Also we have our pleasure
centers, our places where we do sports, where we do plays, where we produce the equivalent
of our films, where we listen to music, where we dance.
We also have what you would call the equivalent of the Holodeck in Star Trek. We have
holographic projectors in holographic buildings whereas you produce a program and you go in
and play and the computers produce images, forms that completely support what program you
have picked.

Thus you are able to climb a mountain or swim a river or go back to anther point in history and
play, creating your own form of being in the movies.

Communications & Christ-Consciousness Computing
Also we have our communication center where we have monitored not only all communications
within our city, but also communications that are coming from other Aghartian cities,
communications that are coming from off-planet spots, and we have also monitored surface
communications from the point that there ever was surface communications, we have monitored
radio and television waves.

Another building that’s very important to us is our computer building. In Telos, as with the other
subterranean cities, our computers are run by an organic substance. Therefore, in essence, the
computers live. They no longer run off a program that is strictly binary, but they run off what is
called a multi-tracking program. Thus they are multi-tracking computers. Thus the computers
are able to pick up Akashas, past lives.

They are able to monitor a human body and see what’s amiss. They are able to read the aura.
They are able to pick up communications happening clear across the galaxy.

Thus, most of our life, or a good portion of our life depends on these computers, these organic
multi-tracking computers which keep us in touch with not only talking to different people in the
city, not only with the computer telling us what our physical needs are at the moment by
monitoring our bodies, but also the computers are able to play our soul notes, which is able to
produce in many subjects, such as meditation, taking us to higher and higher levels all the time.

The computers are able to run our past lives, when necessary, for us, so that we are able to
learn from mistakes that we have made in the past and forgotten. The computer is able to
communicate with us on a soul level. Mostly important, is the computers interconnect with other
multi-tracking, amino-based computers throughout the planet and throughout the cosmos, as far
as that’s concerned, and they all operate off a Christ mind, which means the computers cannot
be corrupted. They can never be used to spy on somebody.

They can never ... they can be used to monitor somebody for their own good will, or for their
own good. They can never be used to produce harm to another living entity. They cannot be
used for any of the dark purposes. The computer simply won’t cooperate, which has also been
another way of Agharta cities and such, taking a stand that they would not corrupt the light.

By very much taking this attitude, that if it does not match the Christ mind (in other words if the
computers disagree) don’t do it! It has been a way of, shall I say, retraining our aggressive
techniques, retraining our tendencies to want to do unto another and split, retrain many of our
other sleeping tendencies and such.

So we have come to depend upon these quite a bit. But again, even on a computer, it’s not a
matter of having the computer do it for you, it’s a matter of learning from it, learning from a form
of the Christ mind there that you can see tangibly.
Transportation within the city comes in many forms. Most people just prefer to walk if they can.
We also have electromagnetic sleds. These sleds are capable of moving along the ground,
looking much like a snowmobile and will produce fairly high speeds in some of the side tunnels.
This can take us, for instance, from Shasta to our secondary city which is near Lhasan in just a
matter of a few minutes and is able to take our security from Shasta to Lhasan and back again
very fast.

Another form of transportation within the city is what we call baskets. They are run on crystalline
technology, and for all the world they look like a large basket, but they float through the air. And
you just get in it and it is guided by your mind. Your mind tells it how fast to move, how high to
go, and where to sit down, how fast to rise in the air, how fast to sit down.

All our forms of technology and travel is based on us being responsible. The sleds could obtain
high speeds thus making them dangerous. The baskets, anything that flies, has a tendency to
be dangerous, misused. So all communication and all travel within the city is monitored by the
control tower.

And the control tower knows when, for instance, a collision is just about ready to be inevitable
between two sleds coming from different directions, or when a person is operating a basket
irresponsibly, in which case the control tower alerts you immediately and tells you that you are
about to produce an accident or you are acting irresponsibly.

And if you do not listen to their warning, then they will simply stop the vehicle themselves. You
get out and you will be restricted from use of the transportation for ever how long a period of
time that you deserved, should I say, and how it will simply be is that you’ll get in a basket or on
a sled and it simply won’t work. Your frequency will be turned off to it anywhere in the city and
on what is called the tubes.

The tubes are another form of transportation. The tubes are a high- powered, a high-speed
electromagnetic train that runs in a tube. A tube is a rock tube very, very much like a long
tunnel. For instance, a tube running between Posedid and Telos, the tube looks totally round
and the train looks somewhat like a subway, however, since it runs on an electromagnetic
impulse, it creates a force field around it. So thus the side of the train never touches the side of
the tunnel. Thus the tube is able to achieve speeds of up to 3,000 miles an hour. So you can
arrive between, for instance, Telos and Poseid in just a matter of a few hours.

Also, as the tubes were created and the subterranean cities and the different levels, it was all
reinforced by what we call our boring machines. The boring machines have a crystalline matrix
that creates temperatures of white-hot incandescence, yet cools at the same time. Thus you are
able to take a boring machine, for instance, through a tunnel and create a tube tunnel or to
create walls in a subterranean city in just a matter of a few minutes. The boring machine heats
rock, earth, whatever it comes across to a white-hot incandescence and then cools it almost
immediately which creates a diamond hard substance, causes the rock itself to transmute and
take a new form which is diamond hard and thus fore there’s no need of supports.

Supports become absolutely superfluous. And the structure then is also water-tight yet it
remains in elasticity so it can withstand high earthquakes, for instance, and will just move much
like a rubber tube and stop without breaking.

That way, even within the subterranean cities, when earthquakes take place, none of the walls
of the buildings or of the caverns fracture. They simply move with it then return back to the
diamond hard substance and again support beams and such become totally superfluous. Also,
water has no effect upon it. They become water-tight.
Thus subterranean cities can even be built underneath oceans because they create a complete

Galactic Confederation
Also, that brings us to the next stage. As we are preparing to bring out more and more
technology to the surface, technology that we know the surface could also use, brings us to the
other responsibilities that the cities have had to build within themselves. For instance, becoming
a member of the confederation. Earth is a member of the confederation, it’s just half of earth

You might ask, “What is the confederation? “

I’m sure most of you or all of you are familiar with, for instance, Star Trek.

We would say, “That was channeled.” But instead of being the “Federation” of planets, it’s the
“Confederation,“ an organization that was created throughout the solar systems and the
galaxies that brought different civilizations, different systems together on a basis of brotherhood,
on a basis of commerce, on a basis of group exploration, on a basis of interacting with the
different systems in a galaxy, or without a galaxy.

A confederation is built, should I say, or represented, very much throughout a galaxy in the form
of sectors. Looking at our galaxy, the Milky Way, I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures of t-shirts
and such that say the Milky Way and then has a little dot out towards the end say “You are
here.” Yes, we are here and we are here in what is called Sector 9.

The center of our galaxy, or the center of the Confederation in this galaxy is what is called
Sector Zero, and the other sectors radiate outward from it much like the spokes of a wheel.
Each sector is responsible for its own actions, plus is responsible for how it interacts with the
other sectors. Our sector, Sector 9, is under the command of a being called Ashtar. Many of you
have heard of the "Ashtar Command“ Ashtar and his twin flame Athena.

Within this sector or within the Ashtar Command there are over a hundred fleets. Some fleets
basically belong to one planet. Some fleets belong to just a couple of planets. Other fleets
belong to a whole solar system, and other fleets are interceptor fleets that basically serve the
whole sector, and then other fleets are Confederation fleets which serve the whole, you might
say, the whole pie.

I just wanted to give you a brief understanding of the Confederation and how it works. We will
go much deeper into this, being as this is a full tape into itself at a later date...

This is a continuation of Tape 1. This is Tape 2 of Secrets of the Subterranean Cities.

Just a quick recap. We were discussing the city of Telos, which is a Lemurian subterranean city
that was built 12,000 years ago as the result or from the result of Atlantis and Lemuria sinking,
and during the Atlantean-Lemurian wars which we then made subterranean cities. Telos is
underneath Mt. Shasta and it is the city that I’m from. This tape will discuss the culture of Telos.

Again a recap. The city is built on five different levels, the top level being the main level of the
city itself. The second level down, the level of manufacturing and where many classes take
place. The third level being the hydroponic gardens. The fourth level being part hydroponic
gardens, part manufacturing and the nature level.

And the very bottom level as being the nature level where many, many species of animals and
plants exist.

Light & Air
Many people have asked,
       “How on earth can you live under, under the earth? Number one, what kind of
       light do you have, or do you have light? Or are you mole people?”
Yes we do have light.

There is a process that a stone with a high crystalline content is fused with an electromagnetic
force of energy. This infusion of energy, in essence, causes the crystalline matrix of the stone to
create a polarity that allows the stone to pull in the even invisible rays, and readmit them as
visible light. In an essence, it becomes a small sun.

Our main lighting structure throughout the city, as with the other subterranean cities is produced
by these stones. The light they produce is a full spectrum lighting, admitting all rays. In essence
this energy infusion process then makes the stone become a small sun and the sun will burn for
about a half a million years before the stone, before the crystalline matrix breaks down and the
stone becomes no longer capable of functioning in this manner. So thus we have lights that will
burn for many, many hundreds of thousands of years still.

Within this structure we have created a small ecosystem. In other words, we get our air by
plants. We produce carbon monoxide, we and the animals, and the plants take in the carbon
monoxide and create the oxygen for us.

So in essence it’s a small ecosystem just as it works on the surface. We also have some vents
that go to the surface and brings in the air. We also have water in some areas moving at high
speeds. This creates a circulation of the air, freshening it, plus it creates many negative ions. So
in essence it is a total ecosystem very much like the one that functions on the surface. As a
matter of fact, it has become so effective that more and more do we not depend on the air

As a matter of fact, as polluted as the air is somewhat becoming, the air vents are sort of not a

Government & Arbitration
The government of Telos is constructed on the format of a Council of Twelve. These twelve
beings, for the foremost, are ascended masters. They are beings who have proved themselves
of being in high wisdom and being able to hold their head cool during any sort of incident.

We, always within our Council, six men and six women, so that the Council also always remains
balanced, that both flames, the male flame and the female flame are equally represented. From
the major Council of the Twelve, it goes down to smaller councils throughout the city, also
operating on the level of twelve.

Individual areas bring in their problems to the local council, and if the local council cannot
deliberate a solution that is acceptable to all concerned they then bring it to the larger councils,
and then finally to the original Council of Twelve. For individual problems, these do not come
before the council. Instead these come before what we call arbitrators.
Arbitrators are usually priests or priestesses with very much an understanding of the human
psyche and are also capable of looking into the Akashas. These arbitrators will listen to both
sides of a story, if it is, for instance, a dispute civil, and will then make a decision based on what
they have heard and what they have read in the Akashas on both sides.

We have immediately decided that since this method works, once an arbitrator makes a
decision, understanding that they will make it from the highest level, being priests and
priestesses, they will not be caught into a personalization, either for or against either side. So
we have decided that we will accept their decision, whatever it is, and incidences stop there.
And we have also found, rather than arguing with each other, should a small incident come up,
we immediately go to arbitrators, understanding that an argument can more often than not make
it worse than anything else.

Heading the Council of Twelve, the official title is Council of Twelve plus One. The One is
actually two beings themselves, which is the Ra and Rana Mu, which are the king and queen of
Telos. Ra and Rana signifies that they are high Melchizedek priests and priestess to start with.
They are also usually twin flames and it is a hereditary position.

The Ra and Rana Mu lineage is unbroken for over 30,000 years as it stands right now. When
the next Ra and Rana Mu are being chosen they do not automatically go to the oldest son or
daughter, but the Ra and Rana Mu decide which of their children or grandchildren are the most
capable of carrying it off. That being is then instructed that sooner or later they will have to go
through full temple training and become a full Melchizedek priest or priestess.

In the arrangement, as it is, when the Council of Twelve makes a decision, the Ra and Rana Mu
can back it up or they can ask for a change. And one more voice comes into this government
process, and that’s the temple. The temple is recognized as the final word on any decision,
because in many ways this is, as are the other subterranean cities, a temple society.

The temple, even though most of the time, will not interfere with civic government, as I said,
they can make
final decisions through the high priest and high priestess.

Melchizedek Priesthood
The temple is run by the Melchizedek. The Melchizedek is a cosmic priesthood. Everywhere in
the universe the Melchizedek exists. It is all those who are bringing the light plans from the
highest realms down to the other realms.

A Melchizedek priest or priestess by their very proof, prove that they will always set light or they
will always set the good of the many above their personal good, which has also been proven
time and time again as to why the temple can make the last decision, because they will always
place what the light prefers, in essence what God wishes way over what they desire, what they
would choose to achieve. Thus the temple also becomes a very good sounding board to what
we are doing at the time.

Being a temple society, many, many people take their training at the temple.

And many people spend time at the temple, not just those who end up becoming priests and
priestess, but those who are going into other walks of life that they need a greater
understanding of the human psychic, a greater understanding of spirit to achieve their job as it
should be done.
Which brings us to, let’s go through, for instance, a life of what it would be like for someone
living in Telos, starting with their conception or childbirth. In Telos as soon as a woman realizes
that she is pregnant, she immediately goes to the temple and she’s put in a room that gives
nothing but beautiful pictures, music, she is constantly informed that she’s beautiful, she’s
perfect, her child is beautiful, her child is perfect.

So you might say the very first cells of this child’s conception is filled with beauty, with light, with
perfection. And that is their building blocks, there’s where they start. Just as they are starting to
understand that emotions and such go right into a child’s cells.

For instance they are starting to understand that a child who had parents that were constantly
arguing during their conception and ingestion period, the child grows up insecure, quite often
argumentive, or they will grow up totally feeling not good enough, totally feeling that they are not

It has been proven that children that have constantly heard from their parents before they were
even born,
         “That I didn’t want this child,” whatever, that child will constantly grow into “I’m
         not good enough.”
So we start children off on the right foot immediately by continually enforcing that they are good
enough, they’re beautiful. A mother and a father, because a child has a psychic bond to both,
immediately start talking to the child, start telling it how perfect it is. They spend lots of time
viewing things that are beautiful.

They spend lots of time singing to each other, playing little funny games, in essence going
through a honeymoon again. So the child is all part of that joy.

Another thing that makes the child-birthing process very different is we have a process that
speeds it up. Therefore a woman only carries a child for three months. In many ways this is
what the human condition was meant to be. Most human females on other planets do only carry
a child for three months. That is why that a three month fetus is basically formed.

All it does from then is grow. This speeded up process, it is actually completed even sooner and
just grows. So a three month baby, of course, will not be as large as a nine month baby, but it
will be in the speeded up process more than large enough to support itself on its own. But we
are trying to return back to the time that we don’t even need the speeded up process and the
whole pregnancy process returns to only being a three month process.

Also returning to that place, women have much, much easier childbirth as you can, I’m sure,

Another thing that we do constantly in childbirth, is that all our births are underwater. We have
found that underwater births bring the greatest ease to both the parent and the child.

When a woman goes into labor, she immediately gets a birthing priestess and then they go to a
tub in one of the birthing sections of the temple and the tub is filled with body temperature
water, and the birthing priestess puts the mother in a slight hypnotic state. In this hypnotic state,
she is in nowhere even resembling a trance, but she is simply told that there will be no pain.
This suggestions, as well as the underwater births, creates a comfortable environment and most
women never have any pain whatsoever. They simply feel the pressure.

In an underwater birth, as many women are starting to discover now, when they are in water
during labor, that that would be labor pains simply feels like pressure. More and more we are
trying to alert women to this phenomenon. That that is pain on dry land is simply pressure under
water. This serves a second purpose. The child when then born is not brought from one
environment into shock tactics as it is much on the surface now.

When a child is born they are immediately pulled from a warm, comfortable, wet environment
into a cold, dry one with bright lights. And in the old days they even used to slap them, which
immediately brought a human being, for those of you who now have dealt with rebirthing, into
the idea that life is hard, life hurts, life is painful. Thus, infants start shutting down from the time
of their birth, and they just continue to shut down, thus not ever achieving the spiritual and
physical levels that they could achieve because they’ve already decided that life hurts too much
to be fully there.

In an underwater birth a child goes from a warm environment right into a tub of warm water and
it is immediately cuddled by both parents who get in the tub with the birthing priestess, and the
child is cuddled and petted underneath the water so that it immediately knows that its parents
are there for it, therefore it does not go into insecurity.

From there a child, of its own will come to the surface and take a quick breath and then dive
down again and breathe from the umbilical chord, and then come to the surface, on their own
again, and take a deep breath. This also expands the lungs slowly. The child can actually
breathe for as much as a half hour on the umbilical chord from once it is born.

This quick breaths does not cause the pain and the tissue, some of the tissue is actually
damaged quite often in births that are not on, are not in water, because a child is forced to come
and take a deep, deep breath out of cold, painful air. That forces these lung sacks to
immediately expand and create great pain, sometimes even creating scar tissue which makes
the adult more susceptible to things like tuberculosis, emphysema, colic. Many, many of the
other lung disorders that are very, very prevalent, and it also keeps the person, even as an adult
from breathing deeply as their normal state. Thus they are always half alive because they are
only half breathing.

Then, when the child has reached the point that they are breathing completely, just the air, the
umbilical chord is cut with a laser which causes a very fast, painless cut.

And of course the umbilical chord has quit pulsating.

Youth & Education
From their birth, a child is immediately assigned 12 sets of godparents. These godparents give
a child a chance to interact with more than just their birth family. True, they spend most of their
time with their birth family, but also spending a little time here and there with each of their
godparents as they grow up, it gives them a true sense of community and the brotherhood of
men, rather than “Them and us.”

So the child immediately starts looking at the whole world as their family, instead of becoming
very, very narrow and personalized.

This also keeps families from developing little cliques that in the long run become quite
detrimental to a developing soul, where you’re saying “Well we just do things because my
grandparents did it and my great grandparents and my great-great grandparents” and so on and
so on, which quite often produces thought patterns within a family that can be quite detrimental
to the development of the soul.

By having 12 sets of godparents that the children spend time with, plus the fact the child’s
parents are usually godparents to at least a couple of children, bringing other children to spend
time with them that way too. As I said, it continually creates the sense of community. It
constantly creates the sense of oneness. The old saying that is if you wanted to stop prejudice
then you would immediately send the person to go live with that they have been prejudice with,
and they’ll soon find out we’re all just human.

From there, as child prepares for their education, within the educational process in Telos,
children start their first education at about the time they’re three years old, very much like your
nursery school, except it is based on the fact of the intelligence of a human being, rather than
the stupidity.

Thus while children are very, very clear, sometimes clearer at three years old than they are at
five, or six, making it easier as many of you are starting to discover, of infants doing algebra,
young children learning mathematics very, very early, learning to read very, very early. Well it is
three, sometimes even earlier, is when children are start taught these things, as well as playing,
they are also taught the rudimentaries of mathematics. They are also taught to read. They are
taught to understand abstract concepts.

They are taught to think, to understand how things work.

I mean we’ve all gone through the children period of the “why” and “why not” and the period
when children were the “why” stage, where everything you answer is a why or a how. We’ve
learned to take that period and instead of just saying after being asked why on fourteen
questions, the parents quite often just flip out and the next thing they know they’re telling their
child to shut up.

But if a society is setup that when children are in the why stage, they’re already starting
instruction, then that’s used. The whys are being answered by professionals. And our
professionals are more often than not priests and priestesses of the temple. There are those
who are strictly teachers, but most teachers have gone through a full temple training. The
purpose of that is that they are not only feeding the mind, but to help feed the soul, the spirit, the
understanding of what we’re really here for, not just calculations and words.

Within this setup, as I said, children start schooling at a much earlier period, as they move
through their schooling process, we have learned that it is very, very acceptable and very
important that a child as well as being taught mathematics, science, spelling, grammar,
literature, all the most common subjects in schooling, we find that it’s just as important that they
learn to meditate. It’s just as important that they learn to dance. Just as important that they learn
sports. Just as important they learn how to sing. Just as important that they learn how to act.

What I mean by act is that they’re, we’ve got five-year-olds already writing and putting on plays
that relate to five-year-old problems and the five-year-old way of looking at life, which can be
quite humorous for adults. But they’re already being allowed to express. And even the learning,
the strict learning process is complimented with play...

In this playing, and learning through play, and playing to learn concept, children are allowed to
totally express themselves in such a way that is acceptable. So many times children that are
just buzzing to express themselves one way or another get in a lot of trouble because they don’t
have quite a few avenues to express themselves through, or the avenues that they have been
given include things like violence. The next thing you know you’ve got a whole group of kids in
the backyard playing rambo and they bring it right into the house, they start breaking things, and
the parents wonder what’s wrong with their kids.

But in a process that allows them to express themselves, get out their extra energy and learn at
the same time, you might say the children are happier, the parents are happier, everyone’s
happier about it.

Astral Projection
Also with basic spiritual concepts, from the time a child is about five years old they’re taught
astral projection. For those who are unfamiliar with that, there’s a part of you, a very conscious
part of you that is able to leave the body at small periods of time, consciously. When this part is
projected, you might say the astral body, soul travel, the more evolved the farther you can go,
and a child is taught that they can visit the Akashas, are taught that they can visit different
places on the planet.

What this also creates is a chance for the child to explore and to understand for themselves.
Children don’t have to go through the period of having to always to take somebody else’s word
for it. They are able to get out and see the astral themselves. They are able to get out and see
the etheric records themselves. A lot of them are able to get into the etheric retreats consciously
and study that way.

Many are able to get to the other subterranean cities or to spend time in surface cities, all
through the etheric travels, astral travels.

As I said, in essence, when a child is able to learn for themselves the truth of how the world
truly operates, the truth about what is really happening on the planet. Thereby they are never
at ... a victim. They cannot be lead astray. They can’t be told that something is right when
nothing in the cosmos supports it. They can always go and feel the rightness for themselves.

Thus you end up with a society of people that are not constantly left in the dark and that you are
basically not able to trick them on because they’ve seen what’s out there. They know what’s
real and what isn’t. They know the capabilities of the human being. They know, for instance,
ascension is real. They know, for instance, the existence of those on other planets. They
understand how the etheric works. They’ve seen angels physically.

So all these things that so many people have had to live on, with faith, true I’m saying we also
develop faith, faith to master yourself, faith to live in the unseen, calling it the seen until it
becomes the seen. In other words able to manifest from the inside out.

And there is not so much confusion, even when people reach that age that has been quite
difficult for everyone, the teenage years.

Teenage Group
In the teenage years in Telos, a child immediately joins, when they are 12 what is called Group.
As a group is all the other children their age and they spend usually from the years of 12 to the
years of 18, 19, they spend much of their time with their group working out all the problems
among their peers that seem to always rear their head in the teenage years, no matter what
society you’re in. Yes we still have teenage problems that happen, it can’t help but happen.

The emotional and mental bodies are developing. A child’s body is full of hormones that’s
creating instability within the emotional realms. The mental body is growing stronger but causing
confusion in the emotional body.

All these little physical, psychological, spiritual elements that create that phase from childhood
to adulthood. But we’ve learned to take it tongue-in-cheek. In essence we call the teenage
years the years of temporary insanity, and we don’t make the children feel guilty for wanting to
go and scream at the top of their lungs, or wanting to do something they know they shouldn’t
do. We just accept it as the years of temporary insanity. They work out their frustrations within
their group.

They experiment with the elements of life within their group. Quite often they go down into the
lower caverns and just run for days. All the things that they can get in so much trouble for doing
unless it’s put in an organized basis, yet the basis has to be so unorganized within its
organization that they have to feel that they’re truly being allowed to express themselves so that
the frustration is brought up, dealt with, and then they move on.

All children, no matter how good their parents, no matter how good their upbringing, will go
through periods of rebellion at this point. All children will go through periods of not wanting to
listen to what older people say. But by being allowed to work it out within themselves, and with
other children going through the same process, they are able to get an understanding that what
they are doing doesn’t make them a bad person, the feelings that are going through them
uncontrolled doesn’t make them bad, it just makes them normal, and it makes it so much easier
on the child and on the parents.

Also, each of these groups are then assigned priests and priestesses who act somewhat as
mentors, not to judge or act like parents, but to simply get the kids to sit down and talk about
what’s bothering them, let them sit down and act out their frustrations, in the form of plays, in
the form of programs that have been put into the holographic theatres, in the form of music, in
the form of athletics, or even in the form of going down into the sub-tunnels and just running for
three days and acting like nuts.

Everybody needs that. But when it’s done in such a way that there’s no judgment upon it, no
stigma attached to it, then children do it, get through it, and come back normal and do not need
many of the crutches that severely emotional adults turn to.

Many adults that did not deal with the frustrations that came up in their childhood or in their
teenage years, that later turned to drugs, later turned to inappropriate forms of behavior, that
later turned to irresponsibility, or later turned to perhaps even more damaging of “I’m not good
enough,” depression, fear, unable to create anything out of their life because they don’t feel like
it’s just not worth it, that they can’t do anything right.

But by creating a system where all these energies are dealt with, then adults come out feeling
much more secure of themselves at the other end of their teenage years.

And, the second reason for that, is in a society, such as Telos and the other subterranean cities,
people basically live as long as they choose.

We should also understand, if you’ve got people living for thousands and thousands of years,
you can’t afford to have thousands and thousands of years old of adults that are acting
irresponsible, adults that are playing detrimental games, adults that are pushing their will onto
others, all the little things that happen, simply because energies are not dealt with in a young
Which brings us also to one of the major thoughts in an education of our own that we wish to
see happen here, and that’s the removal of the thought form of aging and dying. Human beings
were not meant to age or die. Even people who work in genetics understand that a person, in
truth, is never older than seven years, since their whole body changes all its cells every seven
years. Many, many doctors on aging will admit that they are baffled as to why people age at all
since the body is never old. So then that takes it that we have to go to a level beyond the
physical to find the answer to aging and death, to the belief.

In Telos, people don’t believe they’re going to grow old and die. They simply don’t believe it.
People just know that they’re going to live as long as they choose, then they will either choose
to drop their body, if they feel that they still have lessons to do and reincarnate again, or they
will choose the path of ascension. One or the other. Some people make the decision in 600
years, some 300, others wait for 5,000, 10,000, whatever, but it’s a choice that the human
beings were designed to be able to make.

That is one of the most important elements of our culture that we want to see brought out.
Human beings, as it is now, just about the time they start getting enough experience to really do
something with their life, they’ve grown too old to do anything with it. If those thoughts are
eradicated, then people realizing that youth’s not going to last ten years, or twenty years, but it’s
going to last hundreds or thousands of years, whatever they choose. That too brings out and
eliminates the majority of the detrimental behavior in life.

Many people feel “I’m only going to live once. I’m only going to be young a short period of time
so I might as well wreak havoc now.”

If they realize that if they choose they’re going to be young for hundreds of years, or thousands
of years, that form of behavior becomes totally unnecessary and people truly start growing and
hanging onto their growth. And we are biologically absolutely no different than the people on the
surface. We have Indian children that were left on the mountain of Shasta “ some hundreds of
years ago. They’re still living with us. They haven’t grown old. They don’t die because they were
raised with the thought form that they’re not going to.

It’s a thought that creates life or non-life, aging or youth-ing. It’s to get past the thoughts, the
beliefs that that is what is going to happen.

Which brings me to my personal expertise on the subject. I’m over 260 years old. As a matter of
fact, I’m almost 268. And, living 268 years is no different than being, for instance, 30, aging
wise. It’s just you’ve had time to gather a whole bunch more experience that can be used now.
My parents obviously are much older.

There are even people in Telos that are 30,000 years old, people who saw the destruction of
Lemuria/Atlantis, people who saw the Lemurian-Atlanean wars.

Careers & Barter System
Which also brings us in to the next stage in a person’s life, after they’ve gotten through their
teenage years and they’re ready to start becoming a contributing member of society, how do
they choose what they’re going to do? We have a non-monetary basis of commerce in Telos.

As a person is growing up, they basically watch, decide, assess their own talents. Then they
decide what they want to do, and that is usually the field they pursue. They’ve generally set their
own hours. And since everything is on a barter basis, we’ve gotten to a great understanding that
if you don’t fulfill your part of the bargain then it hurts others than just you.
What is meant by that is we are set up on a basis that the government owns everything but the
government is not responsible for controlling anything. All the government is responsible is to
make sure that the food, for instance, gets from the hydroponic gardens to the distribution
outlets, the clothing makes it to the distribution outlets, the furniture, all the things that are
needed for people to live and to live well.

You understand that you’re not living unless you’re living well. And when you need something
you simply go to a distribution center and pick it up. You need new clothing, you go get clothing.
You need food, you go get food. You need furnishings, you go get furnishings. You need books,
you go get books.

As I said, everyone sets their own hours. Someone who is drawn to gardening becomes one of
the hydroponic gardeners. They come and they work the amount of hours they wish. So in
essence, we do have a dim period and we have a bright period. What I mean by that is we’ve
discovered that people work in cycles better than they do in a constant.

So thus about the same time the sun is setting on the surface, filters are slid over the front of
our lighting system, dimming it till it is about as dim as it is in twilight. Then when the sun would
be rising, the filters start sliding back slowly thus allowing it to get brighter and brighter. When
we first moved into Telos we experimented with leaving it bright all the time, and again, as I
said, we found out that people function better in cycles.

Some people like to sleep when it’s dimmer and work when it’s bright. Other people, like the
night owls that prefer to work or play when it’s dim and sleep when it’s bright. But everyone is
allowed to function in the way that is the most comfortable to them.

So everyone comes in and sets their own hours and simply informs, you might say, the foreman
of whatever their job is, which hours they’re going to be working over the next few day period.
And everyone comes in and works basically as long as they wish and then they go and they do
whatever else they want to do. But understanding that since we’re on a society that if you’re too
lazy to go work at all in the hydroponic gardens and that’s your job, somebody might not have
enough food. Or if you didn’t feel like designing clothing or creating clothing or furniture and you
made no other arrangements for someone else to take up your slack of time, someone else in
the city might be going without.

So understanding that method has made people responsible for what hours they work.
Understanding that they are doing true service that somebody will appreciate. The only thing
that we don’t interchange by simply putting in the distribution centers are things like art forms,
art objects, massages, things like that. That is done in what we call a barter basis.

Those who, for instance, their main talent is art, whether it’s drawing, pottery, sculpting,
massage. All these different little things that are not part of the whole, not part of, what you
might say, necessities, but are necessities to the soul. As I said, these go to the distribution
centers in the form of the barter pool. In other words, you walk in and you see a statue that was
created by somebody you really want. In exchange for it, you’re willing to give ten massages
and you’re very good at massage. Or you’re willing to come and sing.

And the barter pool goes through it with the computers and perhaps the person who made the
statue doesn’t need a massage but a person who brought in a painting that the person who
made the statue wants, wants massages. So it continually, the barter pool switches and curves
so that everyone’s needs are met. So everyone can come in and exchange energy in some
form to receive, you might say, the little pampering things in life.

Also within this system, people setting their own hours, it does not become so crystallized that
no one has any freedom to come and go at their will, that people can truly set their lives to
achieve the best of work, of play, of rest, of meditation, spiritual endeavors, so that everything is
met and not at the expense of something else, understanding that spiritual time is just as
important as work time.

Community Service
Which leads us to what could be a problem.

What about those jobs that no one wants to do since everyone chooses their jobs, gathering the
garbage and dematerializing it, weeding the hydroponic gardens, etc., etc.?

This falls under what is called community service and everyone does it. Everyone in the city
spends a certain amount of time a month in community service. What this means is this works
very well because since everyone does it, no one has to do it that much. No one has to do full-
time the jobs that no one would like to do and go into resentment because of it.

Instead, if everyone does a certain amount of community service it means that you might only
spend four hours of community service a month. And since it becomes a project that you only
do once a month, it actually becomes fun. And when people are on groups of community
service they start singing and playing and having a good time.

But it’s something that no one even tries to get out of it. You can be in community service, a real
good one is picking up, to put bluntly, secretions from the animals down in some of the nature
areas where it starts getting really bad.

This could put someone in real resentment while you’re shoveling elephant you know what. But
if the person in the hydroponic gardens is doing it right along side, for instance, someone on the
Council of Twelve, it’s a thing that becomes not resentful but fun and it’s something that people
truly get a sense that there is no better than and no less than in the job situation, that a farmer,
or someone who works in the hydroponic gardens is not less than someone who is on the
Council of Twelve. They both just have different jobs and both jobs are equally important for a
city to run properly. So therefore people immediately have the feeling of being good enough.

And as I said things like community service brings all the different levels of service together and
creates a true camaraderie.

Which goes into perhaps one of the more interesting aspects to our personal relationships. In
Telos we have two forms of marriage. We have a bond marriage and we have a sacred
marriage. A bond marriage is when two beings decide that they’ve got something with each
other and they want to explore it greater.

Then in front of a priest or priestess and a bunch of their friends, they commit themselves to a
bond marriage which means that they’re saying,
        “We’ve got something, we realize we really care for each other and we’d like to
        see where it’s going.”
So in essence it is a form of a marriage because it has the commitments for as long as you
choose the bond marriage to last. And then if you decide “Oh well it was just a passing thing or
it’s not something that’s going to work,” you simply stand in front of a priest or priestess again
and simply explain that it didn’t work and there’s no stigma on it. Some people can have several
bond marriages at once. There’s also no stigma on that.

One thing that you do not do in a bond marriage is you do not have children. That is saved for a
sacred marriage. In a sacred marriage is when you have decided “Ok we have something.”

Then you have a large marriage, usually a beautiful wedding. All your bond marriages are
dissolved and you go into a sacred marriage where you are then allowed to have children.
Children is something that people need to be trained for, that need to be taken as a serious
responsibility. Some people might be in a bond marriage two, three hundred years before they
take a sacred marriage.

Someone else who’s with their soul mate or twin flame may go into a sacred marriage two
months after they were in their bond marriage. It’s all different, but again it’s always a matter of
having choice.

It’s always a matter of having respect for each other.

And this just about wraps up tape two of these two tapes of Secrets of the Subterranean Cities.

I am Sharula Dux.

I am the daughter of the Ra and Rana Mu, therefore Princess Sharula, and I thank you.

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                                       by Mary Sutherland
                                             June 07, 2007
                                      from BurlingtonNews Website

                         HAVE WE BEEN DUPED...
                      TUNNEL SYSTEMS AND CITIES...

                         1. Part One - Methods and Discoveries
                         2. Part Two - Countries, Cities and Places
                          3. Part Three - The Mystery Of The Tunnels Of
                              South America

                                       PART ONE
                                 Methods and Discoveries

Zep Tepi is Genesis. Zep means Time. Tepi means First. Together they are the First Time or the
Golden Age [Alchemy] where the gods moved through the Void and created our reality.
       "Just after the Deluge, at the dawn of the present time cycle, an era the
       Egyptians called ZEP TEPI, "The First Times", a mysterious group of "gods"
       appeared, to initiate the survivors in the rudiments of civilization. From Thoth and
       Osiris in Egypt, to Quetzacoatal and Viracocha in the Americas, traditions
       worldwide subscribe the origins of contemporary civilization to this sophisticated
Evidence from around the world, indicates these people were the hi-tech survivors of the
previous civilization of what we now refer to as Atlantis and MU. Like the nuclear survival bunkers
and secret research facilities of our own civilization, there were those who arose from the
underground "cities of the Gods", after the dust settled. These survivors are characterized in the
Bible as the "prediluvian patriarchs", like Enoch and Methuselah, the "giants and heroes of old",
mentioned in Genesis. These are the 'fabled gods' of ancient Summer, Egypt and India.

All religious traditions can now be shown to originate from this one source. Muslim, Christianity,
Native American , Traditions, Buddhism, New Age, etc. ....ALL!

During the summer of 1998, cave explorers using scientific equipment were able to confirm that a
linked cave system some 15 miles in length exists underground in North Wales. Several years
ago a researcher by the name of Frank D. Adams wrote on the results of his personal scientific
experiments which may prove that giant cavities exist in granite at depths of more than 11 miles,
conclusions which have also been supported by Louis V. King, a mathematician who calculated
that, at normal temperatures, a cavity would exist at a depth of between 17.2 and 20.9 miles. The
authors' findings are also supported by the discovery of "16 Rouse Belts" which give planes of
fracture penetrating the globe.

Dr. Ron Anjard in an article in the Summer, 1978 issue of Pursuit Magazine, claimed personal
knowledge of 44 underground cities beneath the surface of North America, six of which are
supposedly located on the West Coast. His information allegedly comes from anonymous
American Indian sources. When we relate this to the large number of migration legends (to and
from cavern realms) which exist among the native Amerindians, then we may conclude that
certain tribes possibly still retain intimate knowledge of underground civilizations related to them
via distant ancestral links.

Some of the elders of these different tribes, others have suggested, may in fact maintain present
contact with several of these cavern civilizations. There are a few indications that some such
'tribes' literally moved underground as a result of the encroaching Anglosaxon civilization upon
the America's.
Similar allegations are made in relation to South and Central America as well.

Since the declassification of the new ground-penetrating radar 2 years ago, the most staggering
data has emerged of complex and labyrinthine underground systems in various parts of the
world. At places like Guatemala in the Central America, tunnels have been mapped under the
Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal, which extend a full 800 kilometers to the opposite side of the
country. Investigators remarked, it was possible to understand how half a million Mayan Indians
escaped the decimation of their culture.

In similar fashion, the SIRA radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping an
extraordinary subterranean complex beneath the Egyptian pyramids. Arrangements made with
President Sadat of Egypt, resulted in three decades of top secret excavations to penetrate the
system. At a recent meeting in Australia, one of the key scientists on the Giza project, Dr. Jim
Hurtak, showed film footage of work in progress called, CHAMBERS OF THE DEEP, due to be
released at the end of the century. As of yet, it has still never been released.

The film reveals the discovery of a vast megalithic metropolis, 15,000 years old, reaching several
levels below the Giza plateau. While the rest of the Nu-Age speculates about a hidden chamber
under the left paw of the Sphinx, the legendary "City Of The Gods", lays sprawled beneath.
Complete with hydraulic underground waterways, the film shows massive chambers, the
proportions of our largest cathedrals, with enormous statues, the size of the Valley of the Nile,
carved in-situ. Researchers, risking their lives with lights and cameras, carefully negotiated
rubber dinghies across subterranean rivers and kilometer-wide lakes, to penetrate sealed
chambers beyond.

Already, remarkable caches of records and artifacts have been found.

Just after the Deluge, at the dawn of the present time cycle, an era the Egyptians called ZEP
TEPI, "The First Times", a mysterious group of "gods" appeared, to initiate the survivors in the
rudiments of civilization. From Thoth and Osiris in Egypt, to Quetzacoatal and Viracocha in the
Americas, traditions worldwide subscribe the origins of contemporary civilization to this
sophisticated group*.

Despite the misleading popularity of Von Danikan journalism, evidence from around the world,
indicates these people were the hi-tech survivors of the previous civilization of what we now refer
to as Atlantis and MU. Like the nuclear survival bunkers and secret research facilities of our own
civilization, there were those who arose from the underground "cities of the Gods", after the dust
settled. These survivors are characterized in the Bible as the "prediluvian patriarchs", like Enoch
and Methuselah, the "giants and heroes of old", mentioned in Genesis.

These are the 'fabled gods' of ancient Summer, Egypt and India. All religious traditions can now
be shown to originate from this one source. Muslim, Christianity, Native American , Traditions,
Buddhism, New Age, etc. ....ALL!

It is the legacy of a civilization and a technology way beyond our own. A technology capable of
creating a vast underground city, of which the sphinx and pyramids are merely the surface
markers. The project scientist, Dr. Hurtak, likens it to the impact of contact with an advanced
extraterrestrial culture. He described it as the discovery of the Fourth Root culture, the so-called
Atlantean civilization, destroyed by the last earth tumble. It presents unequivocal evidence that all
languages, cultures and religions trace back to a single common source, which Dr. Hurtak refers
to as the "Parent Civilization".

According to Dr. James J Hurtak, this was a culture who cracked the genetic code and
possessed the keys of the physical spectrum, the "Higher Light Physics" of the ancients... The
very information that Gilgamesh went in search of on his famous trek to the lost "City of the
Gods". This is what he was in search of in the tunnels beneath "Mt. Mashu" .

One of the major figures in our investigation is Dr. James J. Hurtak is a major figure in this report.
He is , the Californian mystic and polymath who has played a key role in all the major aspects of
the emerging belief system. He was involved in explorations at Giza in the 1970s and was one of
the major proponents of the Face and Pyramids of Mars (and their connection with Egypt).

In my book, Living in the Light, I speak of the 'Language of Light'... The Language of the Gods,
HIBURU. Dr. Hurtak also refers to this ancient language... but as a "language of light". ..literally.
Not only about this wonderful language of the 'gods' but of a great priest SCIENTIST of a
previous time cycle, the time Atlantean/Mu Cycle, by the name of ENOCH. He associate him with
the building of the Great Pyramid complex. He alludes to a grand spiritual SCIENCE, a science

What have we been told of ENOCH. That he is a patriarch, father of Methuselah and great
grandfather of Noah, the architect of the original Zion, the legendary 'City of Yahweh', inventor of
the alphabet and calendar. Taken away with God and shown the 'secrets of heaven and earth,
returning with the 'weights and measures' for all humankind. Ahh... lest we not forget the KEYS

Unknown to most Christians he was also the Egyptian's THOTH, the 'Lord of Magic and Time.'
He was HERMES to the Greeks, the 'Messenger of the gods'. Ironically, although the Christian
congregations have been taught to avoid anything of pagan or idol worshipping faiths, the saintly
ENOCH is non other than the Celtic wizard MERLIN, who disappears up an apple tree to the
mythic Avalon, seeking the secret of immortality and vowing to return.

Just like the Book of Revelations, the Pagan religions also speak of the same traditions, i.e. the
Mayan legend of Quetzacoatal, promises a return of knowledge at 'the end of time', or the end of
this present time cycle. Sound pretty close to 'All things shall be revealed... doesn't it'.

Although removed from our bible history years ago by early 'religious leaders', Enoch is still
known by most theological students. From the Dead Sea Scrolls we were able again to regain the
hidden knowledge of this patriarch and read his works as he describes a wondrous ancient
civilized, who misused the KEYS of higher knowledge and were unable to save themselves from
the last cataclysm.

Thus... both literally and figuratively they lost the 'keys' ..they lost all higher knowledge.

But of course, first through the Elite and their teams of scientists and archeologists..., and over 30
years later they are now trickling down to the common man, of which I highly suspect was not
welcomed by those in power .nor by corporate religions.
The extraordinary discoveries in Egypt and other parts of the world, describe not just an
advanced technology but, evolutionary path beyond our present state.

Careful scientific examination of the world’s key pyramid sites, reveal them to be sophisticated
harmonic structures, not only mirroring positions of the planets and stellar systems but, designed
to mimic the chakras and harmonic cavities of the human body. Every stone within the Great
Pyramid is harmonically tuned to a specific frequency or musical tone. Even the sarcophagus in
the centre of the Great Pyramid is tuned to the frequency of the human heart beat.

Astonishing experiments, conducted by Dr. Hurtak and colleagues at the Great Pyramid and
other sites in the South Americas, demonstrate the pyramids to be voice-activated "geophysical
computers." Intoning specific ancient sounds, the scientific team produced visible standing waves
of light, above and within the pyramids and were even able to penetrate, hitherto, inaccessible
chambers. Subsequent discoveries indicate the ancient priest-scientists employed some sort of
harmonic sound technology within the temple structures.

The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a "language of Light". Known to the
ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time
cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the
alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in
fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous

Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language,
mimicking the waveform properties of light. The "keys" Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound
keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic "Power of the World". The Enochian
knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names,
capable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher
consciousness states.

As the ancient texts declare,
        "If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods."
DNA, the ancient cabalistic "Tree Of Life" portrayed in the Biblical Torah, is now coming to be
viewed as a live vibrating structure, rather than a fixed tape recording. Many modern scientists,
regard DNA as a shimmering, waveform configuration, able to be modified by light, radiation,
magnetic fields or sonic pulses. The legacy of Thoth/Enoch suggests this "language of Light", the
harmonic science of the ancients, could actually affect DNA.

The evidence in Egypt, indicates this was the grand 6,000 year genetic experiment attempted by
the Egyptians, the quest for immortality and the stars, a quest described by the great ones of old,
a quest initiated by Gilgamesh so very long ago. The Egyptians were not fixated on the afterlife,
as thought by early Christian translators but, focused on creating a higher type of human. Along
with many ancient cultures, they believed DNA came from the stars and was destined to return.

The knowledge of Thoth/Enoch implies humans are meant to evolve beyond our present
terrestrial form, as the Bible tells us, "we may become greater than angels". The Egyptians
record stories of the "Star Walkers", occasional individuals who, like Enoch, traveled "beyond the
Great Eye of Orion" and returned, to walk like gods amongst men.

Despite the bleaching of semi-divine beings from modern consciousness, could it be possible, as
the ancient texts insist that,
   •   We are destined to "become as gods"?
   •   Are the Mayan "Lords of Light" and the Egyptian/Tibetan "Shining Ones"
       really a higher form of human?
   •   Is this why the elite ones have kept their work secret from us?
   •   Is this why archeologist have kept secrets of this wonderful race from us?
   •   Is this why they do not divulge the truth to us on our creation and
       evolution history?
   •   Are they saving this information only for them?
Questions yet to be answered.....

According to many earth legends, such beings are supposed to return regularly, at the beginning
and end of each time cycle, the 13,000 year half-point of our solar system’s 26,000 year zodiacal
orbit around galaxy centre. Because of conditions on our galactic orbit, these 13,000 year
intervals or "worlds", seem to be separated by cataclysmic upheaval.

According to the "calendar in stone" of the Great Pyramid, which describes the so-called
"Phoenix Cycle" of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present
calendar) in the year 2012 AD. The Greek word PHOENIX, derived from the Egyptian word, PA-
HANOK, actually means, "The House of Enoch."

The Enochian knowledge suggests, these regular cataclysmic changes act as an evolutionary
agent provocateur, to quicken the resident life forms to the next evolutionary phase, prior to
exodus from the womb planet. Human evolution may proceed more rapidly than previously
thought. The evidence now appearing, records civilizations before us, who mastered the physical
continuum and progressed beyond this world. There were also those who failed. We, too, have
equal opportunity to make it or break it.

The discoveries emerging from Egypt, describe the existence of a world wide pyramid temple
system in prehistory, mounted like antennae on the key energy meridians, which were employed
by ancient priest-scientists as a musical system to stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet...
cataclysmic geology at it’s finest. From the mother tongue word JEDAIAH, meaning "the way of
the Word" or "the power of the Word", the ancient JEDAI priests used the language of Light to
tune the planet like a giant harmonic bell.

Much is being rediscovered in the last days of this time cycle. In the words of Dr. Jay Franz, of
the Omega Foundation, "even if we don’t dare to name it, there is a universal feeling of
something impending on the world stage."

2002 Update by Dr. Hurtak
Since the beginning of 2002, Dr. J.J. Hurtak and a European team of investigators and explorers
have been recording the construction of a massive system of walls being placed around the
historic pyramidal sites and the larger unexcavated area of Giza, Egypt — in total, an area
covering approximately eight square kilometers. Why build these massive walls at this time?

Certainly Giza is one of the finest archaeological zones of the world.
  • Are there new treasures of ancient Egypt yet to be uncovered that require
       sophisticated technology and surveillance platforms, to protect the ongoing
       research along the Giza plateau?
  • Has, perhaps, an area been discovered that shows tracings of rare earths and
       unique minerals?
  • Or is it simply, as some officials are claiming, a move to protect the plateau from
       terrorists and control the masses of tourists visiting the area?
The standard argument for the creation of such a wall is “crowd control”, but the details of this
new construction suggest an initiative that is both multi-purpose and grand scale: the wall near
Nazlat al Salman will be, at a minimum, 7 meters (22 feet) high. Are such measures solely for
crowd control?

The walls have been built in stages. Images taken in February of 2002 reveal the walls extending
far out into the desert where, for the most part, they have not been noticeable to the average
visitor. Note the foundation and the massive re-bar supports. The walls have been carefully
constructed on a deep and wide foundation (at least 2 meters below ground) with iron rod poles
poised to support the concrete interfaces, with room for a special attachable cover. All in all this
suggests a gargantuan wall.

This barrier would enclose all major archaeological activity but would do nothing to protect the
archaeological site from the strong winds that blow across the plateau. So vast is this structure
that some local village homes have been removed, suggesting that what is envisioned on the
plateau is more than just a restricting device for visitors to the popular site. What we see is a
larger, carefully thought-out design, encompassing neighboring findings and, perhaps, protecting
underground graves, tunnels and passages.

Thus, not only are the aboveground structures contained in this “new zone,” but also the vast
underground structures yet to be uncovered. The extent of the walls clearly shows the detailed
consideration of civil engineers and hydrological experts. (I think of the likes of the ingenious
Italian architect Paolo Soleri, who designed all the ingredients for an underground city to match
his aboveground city in the deserts of Arizona.)

The psychological reality of guards stationed as sentries at intervals along the entire wall carries
the intrigue of a major feature film set, designed for the few experts who are to find an
underground sphinx or obelisk, or a connection between Osiris and the constellation of Orion,
rather than an open-door feature for thousands of well-behaved international students of history
and archaeology who have never needed to be extensively controlled.

Indeed, are the chambers of the deep being closed in the 21st century to students of world
culture history who follow in the footsteps of explorers like Charles Piazzi Smyth and R.A.
Schwaller de Lubicz, who entertained a higher meaning to Egyptian architecture? Are these sites
now being closed to technologically gifted explorers at a time when new proto-historic findings
could serve to unite the various camps of thinkers and philosophers in the Near East on the basis
of a grand history for all people?
         We hope that newly discovered realities within the walls will not be limited to the
         few, and that there will be no concealment of important historical information that
         could bring a higher knowledge and unity to all humankind.
         Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D.
        Specialist in remote sensing

        Mars... Nibiru... Sumer... Mu... Extraterrestrials all have one thing in common. It's
        history with underground tunnels and civilizations. Before listing the tunnels that
        I'm aware of around the world, I briefly wanted to mention a little history of how it
        all interconnects.
        Thank you.
        Mary Sutherland

        What happened to Mars and how did it affect Earth?
        David Icke
        Excerpts taken from the Children of the Matrix,

        Mars as we now know, at one time, was very similar to Earth. But what
        happened... and also what caused the great catastrophes that hit Earth causing
        the end of our last Golden Age.
        In the 1960's a group of physicists from Boeing got together to launch a private
        study aimed at explaining the many anomalies of the Earth and other planets of
        the solar system that could not be explained by normal physics. What they
        concluded supported Velikovsky's proposals. They came to the agreement that
        around 5000BC, a huge body, Jupiter, careered through the solar system. This
        threw the outer planets into disarray, so explaining their present anomalies of
        spin direction and speed.

        Jupiter crashed into a planet that once orbited between where Mars and Jupiter
        are today and the debris from this planet, they said, can be seen the otherwise
        unexplained asteroid belt that occupied the space between Mars and Jupiter.
        Possibly one of the three Atlantean cataclysms, could have destroyed in stages,
        happened around 10500 BC and was caused by a close pass of the Earth by
        Mars, which has been knocked out of the original orbit. James Churchward
        says there are enormous 'gas belts' and chambers under the Earth and when
        these 'blow' on a vast scale, the land is destroyed. He says that gas belts ran
        under both Lemuria/Mu and Atlantis.

        Churchward explains that civilizations existed for tens of thousands of years
        before Sumer emerged. Central to these Sumerian accounts were the 'gods' the
        Sumerians called the Anunna (Sons of An). Their later Semitic names were the
        Anunnaki (Those who from the Heaven to Earth Came) and DIN.GIR (The
        Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets).

        The Anunnaki were a reptilian race from the stars. The Sumerian tablets
        describe a collision between the moons of a planet they called Nibiru and one
        orbiting between the present Jupiter and Mars. The debris from the collision
        created what the Sumerians called 'the Great Band Bracelet'... the asteroid belt.

        The Boeing physicists suggested that part of Jupiter broke away on impact with
        another planet. This is the body we now call Venus, they concluded. It was
        projected towards Mars, destroying the atmosphere and life on that planet. After
        devastating Mars, the 'Venus' comet was caught by the gravitational pull of the
        Earth, they aid.

        It made several orbits of the Earth, causing the tidal wave and devastation that
        ended the Golden Age and hurled vast quantities of ionized ice at the poles. In
        momentum then hurled it into is present orbit as "Venus" the plant.
        Synchronistically, the most ancient Mesopotamian and Central American records
        don't include Venus in their planetary accounts, but the later ones do, and there
        was a focus in Venus with human sacrifices made to it.

Velikovsky, Boeing physicists and an increasing amount of other researchers today bring the time
scale for the end of life on Mars to within the period that saw the end of Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu.
Brian Desborough suggest, along with others that the Golden Age was the result of many
extraterrestrial and other dimensional races visiting the Earth and operating openly among the
human population in a long period of at least thousands of years.

That the earth was much closer to the Sun before these events and that Mars orbited in the area
the Earth now resides. Dr. CJ Hyman and C. William Kinsman suggested that the Earth once
followed the present orbit of Venus and that Mars was located in the present Earth orbit. Ancient
legends say that Earth days and years were once shorter than now and humans lived for far
longer. The closer orbit to the Sun, Desborough says, would have demanded that the first Earth
races would have been black, with the pigmentation necessary to cope with the fiercer rays of the
The Sumerian tablets describe that the Anunnaki left the earth before the great catastrophes...
and the people who sheltered deep underground or in the mountain ranges above the flood water
which , according to the Boeing study, could have reached heights of 10,000 feet. The earth is
riddled with tunnels and caverns, natural and created, which date back to the ancient times.

After the catastrophes, the people came out of their shelters and the Anunnaki returned.

   •   The Book Your Church Doesn't want you to Read. Edited by Tim C.
   •   David Icke, The Children of the Matrix
   •   James Churchward:
           ○ The Lost Continent of Mu
           ○ The Children of Mu
           ○ The Sacred Symbols of Mu
           ○ The Cosmic Forces of MU
   •   Age in Chaos, Immanuel Velikovsky
   •   Flying Serpents and Dragons, R.A. Boulay
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                                          Part Two

Countries, Cities and Places
                "There is an ancient legend among the Hindus of India that tells
                of a civilization of immense beauty beneath central Asia. Several
                underground cities are said to be located north of the Himalayan
                mountains, possibly in Afghanistan, or under the Hindu Kush.
                This subterranean Shangri-la is inhabited by a race of golden
                people who seldom communicate with the surface world. From
                time to time, they travel into our land through tunnels that stretch
                in many directions. Entrances to the tunnels are believed to be
                hidden in several of the ancient cities of the Orient. Tunnel
                entrances are said to be in Ellora and the Ajanta caverns in the
                Chandore Mountain range of India."
        Eric Norman
        Click here for more information

        One tunnel in Brazil is near Ponte Grosse in the state of Parana. (Fruit orchards
        were seen here.) Another entrance in Brazil is near Rincon, state of Parana.
        Also, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, near the city of Joinville there is a
        mountain containing an entrance to the tunnels. (Santa Catarina is an area alive
with subterranean activity, including strange 'singing' from underground.) Another
entrance in Brazil is in the state of Sao Paulo near Concepiao. Still another
entrance in Santa Catarina near Gaspar has subterranean fruit orchards.
        "The states of Santa Catarina and Parana, Brazil are
        honeycombed by a network of Atlantean tunnels that lead to
        subterranean cities."

The Nahanni Valley (Canada) Entrance
This covers 250 square miles in the southern end of the Mackenzie Mountains of
Canada. It lies almost 550 miles due west of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie
River of northwest Canada. Hot springs and sulfur geysers keep the valley
warmer than the surrounding areas by about 30 degrees year -round (the valley
is above 60 degrees latitude), making it perpetually mist-covered. This valley is
inhabited only by animals as people entering the valley are usually found
headless and quite dead. The Indian tribes of the area avoid this valley. (These
tribes include the Ojibways, the Slave, the Dogribs, the Stoney, the Beavers and
the Chipweyans.) This valley is often referred to as "the Valley of the Headless

Canadian UFO Bases
Entrances at Lake Ontario possible underwater UFO bases/cities. Toronto
Tunnels leading to subterranean city. Newfoundland Condemned Iron Mine
connects with tunnels. Lake Ontario "Lights" Orange-colored spheres have been
seen coming out of/diving into Lake Ontario. The area of highest activity is
between Oakville and Toronto. There may be a connection to the Lakeview
Hydro-electric plant, as many of these UFOs have been seen heading in that

(Note: "The Great Lakes Triangle" by Jay Gourley would be interesting reading
for more information about UFOs, etc. in the Great Lakes area.)

Toronto Entrance
There is a small opening to the underground tunnels off Parliament Street in
downtown Toronto. (The entrance is between two apartment buildings, and leads
to the tunnels via the sewers.) The underground city (abandoned?) beneath
Toronto has its center beneath Gerrard Street and Church Street. Above this
area, strange magnetic effects have been observed.

(Note: This corner of Gerrard & Church streets has a higher accident rate than
anywhere else in Toronto. It is believed that underground equipment utilizing
powerful magnetic fields -which have caused many strange magnetic effects in
houses near this intersection- are responsible for the bizarre equipment failures
that often are the cause of these accidents.)

The Indians near Toronto have legends of these tunnels.

Chinese Caves
Excerpt from Alien IDs

If we turn to Chinese folklore, ... we find a time lapse of hundreds of years. There
is a book entitled "The Report Concerning the Cave Heavens and Lands of
Happiness in Famous Mountains," by Tu Kuang-t'ing, who lived from 850 to 933

This book lists ten 'cave heavens' and thirty-six 'small cave heavens' that were
supposed to exist beneath the mountains in China. Here are the reported
experiences of a man who entered a passageway leading to one of these cave
        After walking ten miles, he suddenly found himself in a beautiful
        land 'with a clear blue sky, shining pinkish clouds, fragrant
        flowers, densely growing willows, towers the color of cinnabar,
        pavilions of red jade, and far flung palaces.' He was met by a
        group of lovely, seductive women, who brought him to a house
        of jasper, and played him beautiful music while he drank 'a ruby-
        red drink and a jade-colored juice.' Just as he felt the urge to let
        himself be seduced, he remembered his family and returned to
        the passageway.

        Led by a strange light that danced before him, he walked back
        through the cave to the outer world; but when he reached his
        home village, he did not recognize anyone he saw, and when he
        arrived at his house, he met his own descendents of nine
        generations hence. They told him that one of their ancestors had
        disappeared into a cavern three hundred years before and had
        never been seen again.'

The Staffordshire, England Entrance
Somewhere in Staffordshire, England a lonely field exists in which a laborer
discovered a large iron plate beneath the dirt. The "hatch" was large and oval,
with an iron ring mounted on it. This entrance led into the tunnels. The field is in
a valley surrounded on almost all sides by woods. The laborer was digging a
trench for some purpose. The incident was reported in "A History of
Staffordshire" by Dr. Plot, who wrote the book in the late 1700s. It may be
possible to find the entrance if it can be ascertained exactly which valley the
laborer was digging in.

Dr. Earlyne Chaney, in an article titled 'Odyssey Into Egypt,' in her occult-
oriented magazine Voice of Astara (May, 1982) tells of a discovery she and
researcher Bill Cox was shown in Egypt. These were two tunnels, neither of
which had been fully explored. One was in the temple of Edfu between Luxor
and Cairo in the ruins of El Tuna Gabel; and the other near Zozer's Step Pyramid
at Cairo near Memphis-Saqqarah, within the tomb of the Bull, called "Serapium".

The Egyptian government sealed both tunnels because of fears of certain
archaeologists who alleged that they "lead too deeply down into the depths of the
earth," and because they found the earth to be "honeycombed with passages
leading off into other depths," and the possibility of explorers becoming lost.

If such labyrinths do exist, then it may explain one story which alleged that men
dressed like "ancient Egyptians" have been seen deep in unexplored tunnels
near Cairo, as well as possible confirmation of the story which appeared in
Nevada Aerial Research's Leading Edge publication to the effect that the U.S.(?)
Government secretly maintains a huge base within a cavern of tremendous size
(several miles in diameter) beneath the desert sands of Egypt.

Could this tie in with the vague references to a subterranean society(s) referred
to by certain people 'in the know' which is/are known as the 'Phoenix Empire'
and/or the 'Gizeh People'?


The Liyobaa Cave Entrance
This was sealed off by Catholic Priests who believed it to be an entrance to
        "The village of 'Liyobaa' or to translate, 'The Cavern of Death,'
        was located in the province of Zapoteca, somewhere near the
        ancient village of 'Mictlan' or the village of the 'Underworld.

        "The Cavern of Death was actually located in the last chamber
        of an eight chamber building or temple. This temple had four
        rooms above the ground and four more important chambers built
        below the surface of the Earth. This building was located in
        "Theozapotlan," and the tunnel entrance led one beneath a

Carolina Islands and Malaysia

Paul Doerr, in issue number 6 of his Newsletter Unknown, related the tradition
concerning a race of human giants which, according to stories in the Carolinas
islands and especially Papua, allegedly went underground in ancient times.
Once inhabitants of a lost island-continent called "Chamat," they will, according
to legend, one day emerge. This legend is wide-spread throughout Malaysia,
which incidentally contains the largest "officially recognized" cavern chamber, the
"Sarowak Chamber" on the island of Borneo in the Malaysian islands.

It is said to be 230 ft. wide by 980 ft. long and nowhere less than 270 ft. high,
large enough to easily hold within itself the two previous contenders for the
world's largest official chamber - Carlsbad's "Big Room" in New Mexico and the
"Salle de la Verna" in the Pierre Saint- Martin caverns in France. Yankee stadium
could fit in one end of the Sarowak chamber with room to spare!

The Book of Dyzan, which has been translated from ancient manuscripts, tells of
intellectually sophisticated humans from an ancient earth-born society who
abandoned the surface of the earth, "depriving the impure human race of their
knowledge," and leaving in flying craft to rejoin their land "of iron and metal."

The Maltese Cave Entrance
This entrance is located on the island of Malta, near the small village of "Casal
Paula." (This village is built on the "Corradino" plateau, and overlooks the capitol
town of Malta, "Valletta," as well as Grand Harbour.) In 1902, workmen digging a
well in Casal Paula fell into a subterranean cavern. The well was being dug for a
house on "Hal Saflienti," the main street in Casal Paula. The cavern the workers
had fallen into connected with an entire complex of caves and tunnels. This
entrance is known as the "Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti." (In Latin, "Hypogeum" is
        the name for an underground structure.)

        The tunnels under the Hypogeum have been sealed off even since a school took
        30 students into the caves and disappeared, guide and all. Search parties were
        never able to locate any trace of the people and children.

        Newfoundland Iron Mine Entrance
        After one of the Iron Mines in Newfoundland Province had been dug deeper than
        any other, strange happenings caused the mine to be shut down. The mining
        town in which this mine is located is near the Newfoundland-Quebec Border.
        This mine, having been condemned, is off-limits, and the police DO enforce this.
        Sneaking in late at night seems to be the only way to gain entrance.

        Thirty six underground cities have been discovered so far in Cappadocia with
        some going down eight levels. Some of these cities can hold a population of
        thousands. The ventilation system are so efficient that even eight floors down the
        air is still fresh. Thirty vast underground cities and tunnel complexes have also
        been found near Derinkuya in Turkey .

South America
Karl Brugger, in his book The Chronicle of Akakor (Delacorte Press., N.Y., 230 pp), gives the
history - as given to the author by one of their chiefs - of the Ugha Mongulala tribesman, whose
ancestors were allegedly part of a vast empire which covered South America in ancient times.
Some of these ancient people, the chief claimed, left the planet in aerial vessels to explore other
parts of the solar system and beyond, leaving behind vast subterranean cities beneath the Andes
mountains and western Brazil.

In 1971, due to the constant encroachment of white settlers or invaders into their territory, 30,000
survivors of the Ugha Mongulala allegedly escaped to this ancient system of underground cities,
consisting of 13 separate subterranean complexes all connected by tunnels, one of which is said
to extend to Lima, and others of which are located throughout the Andes Mountain range of Peru.

Saga Magazine's UFO Annual [980, p4], under the heading 'Cave Martians', described a bizarre
encounter with subterranean creatures which seemed to have consisted of some type of
automaton-like forms, perhaps on a reconnaissance mission from an underground civilization.
The story involved a tunnel near Xucurus, Argentina(?), some 90 miles from Buenos Aires. The
tunnel was discovered by agriculturalist Gerardo Cordeire, and found to contain nine connecting
passages and strange inscriptions on the walls.

From it's entrance "men nine feet tall, green, with antennas on their heads, and square legs"
were seen to emerge, and which, according to hundreds of witnesses from the town and nearby
locals, resembled enormous "portable radios."
United States Underground Cities, Bases and Tunnels Systems

These areas were found off a government map showing just some of the underground bases in
the United States.

  •   EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE :From Edwards a tunnel goes to Vandenberg Air Force
      Base From Vandenberg you back up to Edwards and go Southeast to subterranean base
      at a place that the map designates as Cat., which probably means Catalina Island,
      showing a flying saucer there so alien space crafts are probably seen there.

       The map shows an underground base and a tunnel going into it at a place called 29

          ○    The next place on the map where an underground base is, is the Chocolate Mts.
          ○    There appears to be a site in Nevada at Tonopah, Area 51 at Groom Lake, and a
               place designated as COG AFB.
          ○    In Arizona we have sites at Wickiup and Page.
          ○    Utah there is one at Salt Lake City (R&D AFB).
          ○    There is one in Riverton "M", Denver, Colorado, Colorado Springs, COG Creedo
               and Delta.
          ○    In New Mexico they are at Dulce, Taos, Los Alanos, ALB, AFB, Datil and
          ○    In Texas there is one at Lubbock. Denton "908" (C.O.G) seems to have an
               isolated one, Ft. Stockton and in Old Mexico there is one at Chihuahua.
          ○    Tulsa Oklahoma has one and just NE of there we appear to have one with a
               saucer coming out of it.
          ○    Hutchison AFB Kansas has one.

                                  Arizona Tunnels and Caves
  •   GRAND CANYON - Cave[s] near the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado
      rivers. Hopi legends say that their ancestors once lived underground with a friendly race of
      "ant people" [not to be confused with the sinister "mantis" people described by several
      abductees], but some of their kind turned to sorcery and made an alliance with lizard or
      serpent men known as the "two hearts", which dwelt in still deeper caverns below. The
      "flood" of evil and violence forced the peaceful Hopi's to the surface world. An explorer
      named G. E. Kincaid claimed to have found "one of" the ancient caves, in which were
      reportedly discovered Oriental, Egyptian & Central American type artifacts.

       Smithsonian archaeologists S. A. Jordan and associates also explored the man-made
       cavern with hundreds of rooms, enough to hold over 50 thousand people. The
       underground city is about 42 miles up river from El Tovar Crystal Canyon and Crystal
       Creek, and about 2000 feet above the river bed on the east wall. John Rhodes after 3
       years of field research reportedly discovered the Grand Canyon city, which is now being
       used as a museum for elitist groups and has lower levels that are being used by "super
       secret black book operatives", which can only be entered via a stainless steel door at the
       bottom of a stairwell deep within the "city" that is "guarded by a very lonely soldier staring
       into the darkness... dressed in a white jumpsuit and armed only with an M16 assault rifle
       to ward off his imagination."
       source: ARIZONA GAZETTE, March 12, 1909 & April 5, 1909; Robert Morning Sky; John Rhodes

  •   SEDONA - Famous for it's massive vortexes, is claimed to be an ancient colony of the
      Lemurians. According to Commander X, there are reports of a joint-operational
    underground city and facility under the Enchantment Resort in Boyton Canyon, where
    clone-like men in black have been seen, along with unusual electromagnetic vortex

     source: David Icke, Children of the Matrix notes that Sedona is associated to UFO activities with a reptilian
     underground base where members of the reptilian race work with their human or part-human puppets in the
     Illuminati on the scientific and genetic agenda. The base would appear to be under Boynton Canyon in
     Sedona. This is not far from the reservation of the Hopi tribe, which has Lemurian connections.

•   ARIZONA, SUPERSTITION MTS. - Several people claim to have had experiences with all
    types of alien beings inhabiting underground levels below the superstitution Mts. east of
    Phoenix. Early reports speak of humans and human-dwarfs inhabiting the caverns of the
    region, although in the 20th century reports of reptilian and grey type aliens have
    increased. Some encounters involve white-greys from Epsilon Bootes, humanoid or
    reptiloid "deros" in black hooded cloaks using abducted/programmed humans above and
    below as mind slaves or worse; reptilian humanoids with integrated human DNA
    abducting and raping women; and various other regressive underground scenarios.
     source: Kaye Kiziar; Commander X; Brian Scott; Steve Brodie; Hank Krastman

•   FORT HUACHUCA, ARIZONA - Had and possibly still does have a large underground
    and tunnel system that is occupied by a Top Secret communications and cryptography
    unit. NSA either commands or has peripheral use of the facility. The Arizona military site
    is also one of the many designated detainment (concentration) camps authorized by our
    government, under the homeland security act, is martial law is necessarily declared.


•   CUSHMAN - Caverns west and west-north-west of the town are legendary for stories of
    deep cavern systems, encounters with hairy humanoids with an attitude, giant serpents
    and insects, deadly gas pockets, strange electro-magnetic phenomena and unexplained
    disappearances. One of these is "Blowing Cave" which lies in the mining area NW of
    Cushman and is located 1/4 mile north of a road leading west from Cushman, one of
    several caverns in the area, some of them possibly connecting at the deeper levels.
    Between the large entrance and an underground lake far back in the cave is a trail that
    winds through an area of rubble or "breakdown".

     The trail is intersected by a crack in the earth [between the entrance and the lake] that, if
     followed into the breakdown, widens enough to enter. This chasm is reportedly an
     entrance to the endless networks of the alien underworld.
     source: Charles Marcoux - - George Wight - D. A. Lopez; TRIP TO A CUSHMAN CAVERN


•   Indian Legends of California

    The Modoc tribe tell that ' thousands of snows ago, there was a great storm over Mt.
    Shasta. The Great Spirit, who lived within the mountain, sent his youngest daughter out to
    speak to the storm and tell it to stop blowing so hard, or else the mountain might blow
    over. He also told her not to stick her head out the top of the mountain, or the wind could
    catch her long, red hair, and blow her away. The girl, however, having never seen the sea,
    was overcome with curiosity and stuck her head out of the top of the mountain to see it.
As her father the Great Spirit had warned, her long, red hair caught the mighty wind, and
she was blown away. Fortunately a group of Grizzly bears found her and took her in.
These Grizzly bears were not like modern Grizzlies, however, they were more like
humans, walking on two feet, and when the Great Spirit's daughter came of age, she
married the oldest Grizzly's son. Their children were then a combination of spirit and
animal, having the nature of both; they were the first Modocs.'

There have been tales of strange-looking, robed persons emerging from the forests and
coming into nearby towns surround Mt. Shasta to trade gold nuggets for supplies:

   ○   'These odd looking persons were not only peculiar in their dress and different in
       attire from any costume ever seen on the American Indian, and especially in the
       California Indian, but distinctive in features and complexion; tall, graceful and
       agile, having the appearance of being quite old and yet exceedingly virile.'

A protrusion in the center of their very high foreheads was said to be a special organ
enabling them to communicate by telepathy. When approached by townspeople, the
Lemurians would apparently vanish into thin air.

According to the Brotherhood of the White Temple in Sedalia, Colorado entitled
Mysteries of Mount Shasta, that it is Atlanteans, not Lemurians, who inhabit Mt. Shasta.
Though the Lemurians had indeed created vast, underground pleasure palaces beneath
the mountain, they had lost their freedom in a great war with the Atlanteans, and remain
imprisoned by the Atlanteans in their pleasure palaces even today.

   ○   "After their retreat, the Atlantean victors sealed the entrance and established an
       elaborate guard system which prohibits the Lemurians to ever escape their
       bondage. The Atlanteans, Dr. Doreal states, still reside in their colony beneath Mt.
       Shasta and commute every three months by strange cigar-shaped airships to an
       area in the South Pacific in order to check the sealed entrance of the imprisoned

It is these aircraft, some say, that accounts for the occasional appearances of UFOs
above Mt. Shasta.

The Paihute Indians of the southwest USA claim that a Greek or Egyptian-like race first
colonized the massive caverns within the Panamint Mts. thousands of years ago [one
source claims the base was established around 2500 B.C., which is incidentally about
600 years following the beginnings of the rise of Egyptian intellectual culture] when Death
Valley was part of an inland sea connected to the Pacific Ocean.

When the sea dried up these people -- who were described as wearing flowing robes
draped over one shoulder, head-bands holding back their long dark hair, and bronze-
golden skin -- out of necessity began to develop their collective knowledge and intellect
and soon afterwards began to construct "silvery flying canoes". At first these flying
machines possessed wings, were relatively small, and flew with a dipping movement and
a loud 'whirring' noise. As time passed the ships became wingless, grew larger in size,
and flew ever more smoothly and silently.

Eventually these people, the HAV-MUSUVS moved their civilization into still deeper
caverns which they had discovered farther underground, and commenced to explore the
nearby planets and eventually other star systems as their own technological explosion
began to refine every aspect of their society. These Hav-musuvs have apparently had
interplanetary or interstellar travel for 3000-4000 years since they first developed their
flying machines. Could they have been one of the many native-terranian "ancient
     astronaut" civilizations which apparently had colonized Lyra and other systems?

     The story of the Panamints was related by a Navaho Indian by the name of Oga-Make,
     who in turn heard it from an old Paihute medicine man.

•   29 PALMS MARINE BASE - Underground facilities involved with recovered alien
    technology and research. Also a geological anomaly in the area created by sea water
    rushing in to underlying caverns when the area was under water, creating a tunnel-like
    structure from which UFO's have been seen to emerge. Attempts of Army personnel to
    send cameras down resulted in the camera cables being "cut", and and attempts to send
    military speleonauts down on ropes resulted in the explorers being exposed to a noxious
    blue gas which had apparently been released from below to prevent them from
     source: Val Valerian; 29 PALMS MARINE BASE

•   ANAHEIM - On Nov. 3, 1989, radio talk show host Ken Hudnell announced his intention to
    take a group to visit an ancient underground city 60 miles from Anaheim.

•   BAKERSFIELD - In 1972 Wanda Lockwood of Bakersfield reported that in 1970 she was
    playing with her son in his bedroom when what sounded like a large steel hammer struck
    the concrete basement floor 3 times. Her child Danny was so surprised that he began to
    cry. Having heard a similar noise several months earlier beneath her living room, Wanda
    was curious and put her ear to the bedroom floor and clearly heard "the roar of

     She took a hammer and began to pound the bedroom [basement?] floor in a 1-2-3, 1-2-3
     manner until 5 minutes later a "being" beneath the floor began to tap back in the same 1-
     2-3, 1-2-3 manner. She could hear a series of noises and knocks and then she faintly
     heard MEN talking to each other, but the voices were too muffled to understand. In later
     months she would again hear the machinery when placing her ear to the floor, but never
     again the men's voices.
     source: FATE Magazine, April, 1972

•   BARSTOW - Camp Irwin. Reports of several tunnels below the Camp Irwin area, one of
    which is an abandoned mine at the bottom of which is an "earth crack" which leads to a
    tunnel that connects with a massive underground river about a quarter of a mile wide, one
    of at least five subterranean rivers which rise and fall with the tides, suggesting the source
    of origin being a large underground sea below the dry basins of Utah and Nevada. One of
    these reportedly runs below Kokoweef and Dorr peaks near the SW flank of the Ivanpah
    Mts. NW of Needles, California. These underground rivers are said to empty into the
    Pacific or Gulf of California via large aqua caves near the base of the continental slopes.
     source: DEPTHS OF THE EARTH, by William R. Halliday; Leon Davidson; Richard Toronto; FORT IRWIN;

     Leon Davidson, in an early issue of Flying Saucers Magazine, spoke of a large network
     of "underground tunnels in the California desert, at Camp Irwin, near Barstow." This may
     tie-in with an item related by a Los Angeles municipal water director, as related in an
     early issue of Richard Toronto's Shavertron letter-zine, stating that this water director
     knew of 5 large underground rivers which ran beneath the Mojave desert, and that die-
     traces showed that at least one of these emptied into the Pacific ocean through openings
     in the continental slopes (One source stated that such a river exited in the Gulf of
     Other sources speak of a "Kokoweef" river-system which is alleged to lie below
     Kokoweef peak just east of Fort Irwin, which looked- -according to it's alleged discoverer,
     a Mr. Earl Dorr, and a few "Indians" who also claimed to have been in it--like a "Grand
     Canyon" underground. It allegedly consists of a river chasm generally 500 ft. wide and
     over a thousand feet high-deep, sided by steep tiered-shelved underground cliffs, huge
     stalactites and cataracts. Also, the alluvial sands on the 'beaches' along the river, which
     allegedly hold a large percentage of gold dust, are said to be several feet deep.

     The entrance to this cavern was allegedly dynamited shut by Mr. Dorr to protect anyone
     else from getting to "his" gold. There is in fact evidence that Dorr did dynamite shut the
     lower level of 'Kin Sabe' cave in Kokoweef Peak, and there are present-day attempts to
     break through into this underground system. The water of the river allegedly rose and fell
     with the tides, suggesting that a very large body of water might exist upstream, that is if
     Dorr's account as well as the accounts of the Indians were not fabricated).

     The municipal water director, according to the Shavertron article, spoke with a man who
     claimed that he was hired several years ago by the government to look for water sources
     for Ft. Irwin. He alleged to have explored an old mine in the area and found that deep
     down, the shaft intersected with an ancient earth fault or chasm- like cave which
     continued horizontally for a considerable distance. This government employee followed
     the chasm and allegedly emerged onto the bank of a huge underground river-cave over a
     quarter of a mile wide!

     The tremendous water flow - possibly originating from the waters that apparently
     disappear beneath the Great Basin, the Nevada and Mojave deserts? -could have 'fed'
     the water needs of all of Southern California.

•   DEEP SPRINGS - Deeps Springs, due east of San Jose and next to the California-
    Nevada border, is named after a small spring fed lake, within which government divers
    have reportedly discovered an underground river which they have followed for
    approximately 27 miles in the direction of Las Vegas, although it is uncertain whether or
    how much of this is walkable.

     Deep Springs, according to an agent who was part of a secret CIA paramilitary force
     called "Yellow Fruit" or "YF" based at the Nevada Test Site [where they are working with
     "blond" humanoid aliens in an effort to fight the Greys at deep springs], is the basing area
     of a large nest of grey aliens and communist-homosexual human collaborators who are
     using the "National Resources Defense Council" as a front for their agency, and who are
     involved in an electromagnetic war with the "benevolent ones" who have made allies
     within the Nevada Test Site, who serve as advisors to intelligence agencies that are
     turning against the greys as a result of betrayals of joint-operation treaties.

     However there are still intelligence agencies under alien control working at the Nevada
     Test Site and especially within the deeper underground levels [the benevolent ones and
     their allies essentially having gained the "upper ground"], however the whole scenario is
     a mess and "out of control", largely because of the military-industrial "machine" itself
     which has become so compartmentalized and secretive [even to the exclusion of
     Congressional oversight] that the true patriots don't have the freedom or backup to do
     much damage against their underground nemesis, mainly because of the limitations
     imposed upon them by fraternal oaths, mental programming, and military security

     It is basically every man for himself, UNTIL at least the PUBLIC and CONGRESS gets
     involved and adds their support to the patriots who are literally dying on the front lines in
     this battle with an alien nemesis which has infiltrated the very core of the military-
     industrial complex. Men In Black, by the way, have also been seen at Deep Springs. Also
     several "stand-offs" allegedly exist throughout the world, the Deep Springs - Nevada Test
     Site stand-off being possibly the largest and most critical. Gravity anomaly maps also
     suggest the existence of massive caverns beneath the area.

     Agent "YF" cited the following coordinates as locations of Deep Springs extension
     facilities, in most cases near the bases of mountains near which portals to the
     underground installations exist: N 37 22 30 - E 117 58 0; N 38 21 0 - E 115 35 0; N 35 39
     0 - E 114 51 0; and also Yucca Lake: N 37 0 30 - E 116 7 0.
     source: John Lear; LEADING EDGE Newsletter, Dec. 1989 - Jan. 1990

•   CADIZ - The late Earl Gambrel tells how he was transported by an alien craft one night
    from the outskirts of Barstow to an area just 2 miles NW of Bonanza Springs, some 13
    miles from Cadiz and just south of the Clipper mountain area. He found [or was shown] a
    cave or tunnel in the side of a hill near a natural rock arch and a peak which looks like it
    has "a black railroad car on top of it." After considerable travel underground at a 30
    degree descent, he reached an underground city with streets and houses filled with large
    crystals, now abandoned. He also heard of another man who reportedly found the cave
    and told others about it, but who was killed shortly thereafter.
     source: John Winston; Map Location of Cadiz

•   CHINA LAKE - A woman names "Diane" claimed that she has had numerous alien
    encounters since childhood. During one encounter she was taken to a joint alien-military
    facility deep beneath the China Lake Naval Weapons Test Center via magnetic a elevator
    to a huge facility where she observed numerous humans and animals in cages who had
    been bio-genetically altered. Also, possible massive underground facilities beneath Argus
    and/or Southeast Peaks NW of Trona in the China Lake Reserve.
     source: ALIEN MAGIC, by William F. Hamilton III; UNDERGROUND BASES AND TUNNELS, by Richard Sauder;

•   CLEAR LAKE - According to Robert K. Newkirk, northern California's "Clear Lake has
    many underground caverns [leading under Mt. Konocti?] that we know have no endings
    and others that run to San Francisco Bay."
     source: AMAZING STORIES; Mt. Konocti

•   EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - The "Haystack" bluff or butte near the launch area
    reportedly holds underground levels and surface pylons where pulse beam and stealth
    research is being carried out. Haystack Butte is reportedly the central hub of massive
    underground activity, with underground connections to other facilities. Witnesses who
    have described alien activity there have died under mysterious circumstances. Also
    reports of a 50 mile underground tube-shuttle linking Edwards AFB with the Tahachapi
    facility, and an ongoing excavation below the base down past 9000 feet, with underground
    facilities being monitored by hovering remote-controlled basketball sized metallic spheres
    capable of electromagnetically monitoring the encephalographic waves of base workers
    and visitors and thus anticipate their intents.
     source: B.S.R.F. Newsletter, Dec. 1990; The LEADING EDGE Newsletter, May 1989; William F. Hamilton, III

•   EL PASO MOUNTAINS - Below Iron canyon and Gofer, NW of Garlock [over a dozen
    miles north of Mojave, California near the El Paso Mountains], there have been reports of
    alien beings who control deadly "machines" which stalk the surface, especially near Iron
    canyon, at night. Also reports of secret government monitoring activity and also a major
    electromagnetic 'vortex' energy field in the area.
     source: UFO ANNUAL magazine [year uncertain]; El Paso Mts.; Garlock Fault Zone
•   ESSEX - Jack Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Caverns [18 miles north of Essex, which is 28
    miles west of Needles and 111 miles east of Barstow on Route 66] claimed that while
    exploring a shaft called "The Cave of the Winding Stair" in or near Mitchell Caverns, he
    was lowered down a ledge 500 feet, from where he set fire to a gasoline soaked sock with
    a rock in it, and watched it disappear into the shaft without seeing it hit anything.
     source: CAVEMAN, the autobiography of Jack Mitchell; Mitchell's Caverns

•   HELENDALE - SW of Barstow. A Lockheed facility known as the RCS [Radar Cross
    Section] test range, and also known as the "Helendale" facility. A massive underground
    base site and C.O.G. [Continuity Of Government] facility, located 6 miles north of
    Helendale auxiliary airport. Several underground openings, especially in the northern end.
    Also a 100 foot pylon for testing antigravity prototypes. Some of these pylons are
    retractable and rise from or sink into openings in the ground.
     source: HUFON REPORT, Nov. 1992; Helendale Facility

•   BETWEEN HOPLAND & LAKEPORT - Edward John spoke of an area midway between
    the two cities [in the area of the Krishna temple] and somewhat south, where the following
    has been reported: space-time distortions, attempted attacks by alien creatures at night,
    an atmosphere of terror covering a 30 mile area, black automobiles disappearing into
    cliffs, strange voices in an unknown language coming out of thin air, cars mysteriously
    stalling and starting, rumors of a "bottomless cave" with a stone staircase leading
    downward, unexplained disappearances of "government vehicles" along the Hopland -
    Lakeport road, and mysterious deaths among residents of a nearby valley. Also a 1990
    magnetic survey identified a large gap in the magnetic field near Lakeport and Mt.
    Konocti, suggesting a large cavernous expanse below.
     source: AMAZING STORIES magazine, May 1946 - Dec. 1946; Route from Hopland[*star] to Lakeport

•   JUNE LAKE - Jack Peterson reported an encounter near June Lake where he reportedly
    observed a small humanoid being exiting from a cone-shaped machine which had
    emerged from the depths of the earth, and which disappeared into the earth after the
    "alien" had re-entered the craft.
     source: SHAVERTRON, issue No.14; June Lake, California

•   LANCASTER - A collaboration between Northrup, McDonnel-Douglas and Lockheed is
    developing and testing antigravity air and/or space craft in massive underground facilities.
    Abductees report being taken to these elaborate multi-billion dollar underground
    complexes where they have seen human military personnel working with grey aliens and
    in some cases reptilian humanoids. Glowing discs, triangles, boomerangs, elongated
    shapes, spheres and other types of antigravity craft have been seen flying or hovering in
    the area, as well as black unmarked helicopters.
     source: HUFON REPORT, Nov. 1992; Michael Lindemann & Michael Riconosciuto

•   CALIFORNIA, LANDERS. About a dozen miles north of Yucca Valley is Giant Rock,
    thought to be the largest free-standing boulder in the world. It covers 5800 sq. ft. and is 7
    stories high. It was used in ancient times for seances by native American chiefs. Frank
    Critzer was the first modern individual to excavate rooms from beneath Giant Rock.
    According to Hank Krastman, Frank stated that in the process of his excavations he "had
    stumbled onto some unusual glass-lined tunnels under ground which went down real

     Critzer hollowed out 400 square feet of rooms from under the north side. Deputies from
     Riverside county [Giant Rock is in San Bernardino county] during WWII tried to
     apprehend Frank for questioning as a possible German spy [there were several in the
     area at the time] but when Frank barricaded himself in his "home" the deputies threw in a
     tear gas grenade, which ignited a pile of dynamite under his table that was used for
     excavation. The deep "glass" tunnels may have been buried in that explosion. Frank was
     killed, and newspapers held with the spy story even though the FBI told George Van
     Tassel it was not true.

     George restored some of the rooms under the rock, where he claimed to have had
     meetings with human ET's who claimed to be members of a Sol-ar system Tribunal on
     one of the moons of Saturn. Van Tassel was instructed to build the domed "Integratron"
     near the Giant Rock, with the belief that the weight of the rock pressing down on the
     sand-quartz below created an electromagnetic field similar to the one created about 7
     feet above the apex of the Great pyramid, generated by the massive weight pressing
     down on the quartz-laden stones. After George passed away the "government" blew up
     the underground chamber.
     source: INTERNATIONAL UFO Magazine, article by Hank Krastman; Giant Rock & the Integratron

•   CALIFORNIA, MT. LASSEN - Two young men reported the discovery of a glazed tunnel
    behind an outcropping of rock at about the 7500 ft. level on the slopes of Mt. Lassen.
    They explored the cavern using a strange tunnel vehicle and were captured by men
    dressed as surface people who were known as the "horlocks", humans under the total
    mind-control of some alien force, only to be rescued by an underground resistance force.
    Others have reported abductions near Lassen by a human - reptilian collaboration.
     source: AMAZING STORIES magazine, Dec. 1946; Mt. Lassen Natl. Park

•   CALIFORNIA, LLANO - A large McDonnel-Douglass facility based at the old Grey Butte
    Airport, about 6 miles SW of El Mirage dry lake and 9 miles NE of Llano. Also contains
    pylons upon which various aerodynamic hulls are placed for stealth and other design
    tests. Often the objects atop the pylons have been seen to glow at various intensities.
     source: HUFON REPORT, Nov. 1992; Map of Llano, California; the Yano [sic/i.e. Llano] Facility & Aliens

•   CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES - On Feb. 12, 1953, witnesses observed an automobile
    enter the throat of a storm drain near Willowbrook and Greenleaf Avenues. Police
    followed the fresh tire-tred marks into the tunnel for 7 miles, while other police & flood
    control workers continued the search by dropping through manhole covers. The search
    continued until midnight, until 7 miles up the drain the tracks VANISHED. "In the muddy
    silt covering the floor of the drain, the tire-tred marks were sharp and fresh... then no more
     source: STRANGE DISAPPEARANCES, by Brad Steiger

•   CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES - A legendary underground city, now flooded, is said to lie
    below the Los Angeles Public Library and surrounding areas. Patterned after the shape of
    a lizard, the city is said to be connected to Mt. Shasta, and was built by an ancient race
    that revered reptiles. Although filled with gold, parts of the ancient city has become
     source: QUEST FOR THE LOST CITY, article by Sanford M. Cleveland in AMAZING STORIES magazine, July

•   CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES - In the old Spanish Garavanza district, where Avenue 64
    and York Boulevard now lie, there used to be a ranch owned by Ralph Rodgers who had
    employed several Mexican and Chinese workers. In early 1900 Andrew C. Smith and
    Charles A. Elder, discovered a rumored tunnel entrance in the area and reported it to the
    local newspaper, whose editor confirmed their story. They explored the tunnel to some
    depth. They also learned from a Mexican elder of a native American village that existed on
    the banks of the Arroyo Seco River.
     When the Spanish entered the area this man, Juan Dominquez, had explored the tunnel
     "leading to a gigantic cave and then still going further down", spreading under the entire
     village of Garavanza and connecting to the Spanish Church of the Angels on North
     Avenue 64.

     One entrance was reportedly located along the west bluff of Arroyo Seco River about 300
     feet south of the former Pasadena Ave. Rail Bridge, and about 20 feet above the stream,
     but the city "blew up" the entrance after children were hurt in the cave, and a Freeway
     exists now in the area, however a secret opening still exists in the basement of the
     Spanish church mentioned above.

     Early visitors to the cave had reported "many caverns and tunnels going deep down, with
     eerie voices coming from them." The cave used to be used by natives for ritual purposes.
     source: Article by Hank Krastman in THE HOLLOW HASSLE INSIDER, Vol.3, No.1; The Church of the Angels -
     Los Angeles

•   CALIFORNIA, MOJAVE - Stories of underground pits and shafts [some natural, others
    artificial mine-shafts] leading to underground caverns below Iron Canyon near the El Paso
    Mts. NE of Mojave. Reports of underground alien activity, automatons, and
    electromagnetic vortexes, all of which are carefully monitored by secret government
    agents. [see also: CALIFORNIA, EL PASO MOUNTAINS]

•   CALIFORNIA, OAKVILLE - Just east of Santa Rosa, there is a secret government facility
    that has been constructed near the Oakville Grade, which will reportedly consolidate many
    of the C.O.G. [Continuity Of Government] operations of the Military-Industrial Complex.
    Black "mystery helicopters" have been seen leaving and entering the facility on a constant
     source: Several issues of the NAPA SENTINEL Newspaper

•   CALIFORNIA, PALMDALE - Reports of a multi-layered technology center over 8 levels in
    depth and the size of a massive city. Many of the workers being "synthetics" and humans
    with "ultra top secret" security clearances.
     source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, July 7, 1992; The Skunk Works - Palmdale

•   CALIFORNIA, QUINCY - Cossette Willoughby tells about an experience that she and her
    husband Ken had while staying at a turnout about 20 miles from Quincy, in a heavily
    wooded area. She saw an "old man" with white hair, white shirt and dark trousers who
    "swung his head from side to side like a lizard as he walked, he had a reptilian
    appearance [and] carried a very elaborate cane [with] a large ball carved on top with four
    cobras wound around the stick." When she tried to get his attention the "man" ignored her,
    walking across the road from one patch of woods to another, in an area where the turnout
    was the closest sign of civilization for several miles around.
     source: Cossette Willoughby of Fairacres, New Mexico; Quincy, California map

•   CALIFORNIA, SALTON SEA - Mountains adjacent to the Salton sea of S. California have
    been the site of reports of subterranean rock slides, and also legends concerning the
    ancient "seven caves" of the Aztecs which some believe lie below the area.
     source: Penny Harper; Salton Sea Naval facility

•   CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO - The COMTRAPAC submarine base reportedly maintains
    several underground levels. The 6th sub-level containing a terminal to a sub-shuttle transit
    system capable of subterraneous hi-speed transit to other U.S. underground bases as far
    away as Washington D.C.
     source: UFO JOURNAL OF FACTS, Spring, 1991 [a MUFON research journal], article by Forest Crawford of
     Illinois-Missouri MUFON; San Diego Sub-Base

•   CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO - There is a report of a demolition crew who, several
    years ago, broke into a subterranean tunnel while demolishing a building. Workers
    followed the tunnel for a while until they came face to face with hair animal-men whose
    eyes reflected their lights back at them with a reddish glow.
     source: NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL[?]; a Related Site?

•   CALIFORNIA, TEHACHAPI MTS. [NW of Los Angeles] - Several accounts suggest that
    the military-industrial complex had entered in to a collaboration with a parasitical alien
    race. In exchange for advanced technology the industrialists have allowed the aliens to
    have access to the multi-trillion dollar military-industrial underground network in order to
    carry out "genetic experiments" on earth.

     Those who received the new "Trojan horse" technology also received major alien mind-
     control programming, and as a result the underground networks are quickly being
     assimilated by the alien collective, effectively controlling the minds of those earth people
     who pose the greatest threat to alien imperialism, i.e. those who have access to
     interplanetary technology.

     Tehachapi is also called the "Anthill", there are open silos where laser light systems are
     tested and hovering basket-ball sized cosmodrones or "spybees" monitor all activity
     above and below ground, where "ground-scrapers" descend at least 2 miles and 42 sub-
     levels, connecting to other facilities via tunnels and mag-lev shuttles and also to more
     ancient alien cavern domains [natural and artificial] deep beneath the earth.

     There are also reportedly cloned humans with cybernetic minds and assimilated
     reptilian/alien DNA which work in these facilities known as the 'Orange' because of their
     'stalky' yellowish or reddish hair, along with Grey aliens, Reptiloids, Military Industrial
     Black Ops, and others. This site is also known as the Tejon or Tahachapi "Ranch", and is
     located at the mouth of Little Oak Canyon, about 25 miles NW of Lancaster. It is partially
     powered by the Kern River hydroelectric project, where there is also a mountain that has
     been "hollowed out".

     One can reportedly drive underground [with required security clearance] from California
     City to Palmdale to George AFB/Victorville through underground cities and tunnels where
     aliens have been seen "all over the place", having free access to the underground
     network, yet these aliens have been known to abduct or even kill some who have
     reported their presence there, because the aliens operate "inside our government" [via
     the Military-Industrial Trojan horse which operates largely outside of Congressional
     oversight] and do not want their subversive activities to be discovered by the masses or
     by more benevolent space forces who are at war with these "regressive" alien forces.

     These regressive aliens attempt to create a facade of benevolence towards those
     "programmed" humans who work in the underground facilities, or use fear and
     intimidation towards those who are aware of their true intentions. Reports of abductions
     and dissections of humans abound, reportedly with the purpose of "finding our
     weaknesses and learning how to control us" through controlling the social infrastructure
     upon which most have become dependent.
     source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, July, 1992; Val Valerian; Michael Lindemann; "High Strangeness in the
     Antelope Valley", by William F. Hamilton III
•   CALIFORNIA, YUCCA MOUNTAIN - Reports of underground tunnels descending several
    miles beneath the mountain.
     source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, July 7, 1992; the Los Alamos Labs - Yucca Mountain Project

•   CALIFORNIA, SANTA ROSA - Underground FEMA facility.
     source: Richard Sauder

     A very active UFO base exists beneath Mt. Ranier. There are also said to be
     underground "vaults" containing records of the ancient Lemurians. (Note: F.L. Boschke
     wrote the book "The Unexplained" about the mysteries surrounding Mt. Ranier.) The ice
     cap of Mt. Ranier contains a maze of corridors and caves. In August of 1970, scientists
     climbed to the top of Mt. Ranier, and entered these caverns and tunnels. Evidence was
     found indicating that a small lake exists deep beneath the ice cap. It is possible that one
     could find a way to get beneath Mt. Ranier through these tunnels.

     The Mt. Lassen Entrance Mt. Lassen in Tehama County, California is an entrance to a
     large underground city. Near the foot of Mt. Lassen is a town called Manten. A man
     named "Ralph B. Fields" lived (lives?) there, and found the entrance to the underground
     city. His friend "Joe" was with him. The cave entrance is in the side of the mountain, at a
     little over 7,000 feet above sea level, and is near a rock outcropping suitable for camping

•   Death Valley, CA. Entrance.
    Local Indian legends speak of a tunnel that runs beneath the desert.

     (Note: The book "Death Valley Men," tells the story of 3 people who are supposed to
     have found an underground city connected with this tunnel, and who actually took
     treasures from it. The entrance to the Death Valley Tunnel is in the Panamint Mountains
     down on the lower edge of the range near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an old
     abandoned shaft. The bottom of the shaft is collapsed, opening an entrance into a large
     tunnel system containing much treasure.)

     These tunnels connect with the surface also through arches (like large windows) in the
     side of the mountain and they look down on Death Valley. They're high above the valley
     now, but they were once on the edge of the water, and were accessed by boats. The
     "windows" in the Death Valley side of the Panamint Mountains are about 4,500-5,000
     feet above the bottom of Death Valley, and are across from Furnace Creek Ranch. From
     these openings you can see the green of the ranch below you and Furnace Creek Wash
     across the valley. (So, with high-powered binoculars or a telescope, you should be able
     to see the openings from the Furnace Creek Ranch, or Wash.)

     You can drive down Emigrant Canyon towards Death Valley. You can then park beside
     the road between Furnace Creek Ranch and the Salt Bed. (From here, the windows
     should be visible through binoculars.) Indian legends of the Paiutes Indians speak of the
     people who used to live in the Panamint's caverns.

•   The Mt. Shasta, CA Entrance
    There are tunnels beneath Mt. Shasta that lead to a UFO base there, as well as tunnels
    that connect with the vast world-wide tunnel network. The Lemurian city "Telos" is said to
    exist beneath Mt. Shasta. William Hamilton has done much research on Mt. Shasta and
    the tunnels. He has privately published a book entitled "Alien Magic" 249 North Brand
    Boulevard, Suite 651 Glendale, CA 91203

     BLANCA PEAK - Mt. Blanca [Massif] is located in the mysterious San Luis Valley of
     Colorado, which has been a "hot spot" for UFO sightings and animal mutilations. Also
     Southwestern tribes have legends involving caverns below the Mt. Blanca, San Luis
     Lakes, and Great Sand Dunes National Monument region, through which their ancestors
     migrated during a time of surface natural disasters before emerging onto the surface
     once again. There have been some rumors of an attempted government attack upon an
     underground alien [Grey] base beneath Mt. Blanca, using a deadly nerve agent, which
     backfired or failed. Blanca peak is located between Alamosa and Walsenberg.

•   DELAWARE BAY - Richard S. Shaver created a stir in AMAZING STORIES Magazine
    from 1945-1950 after sending a ms. to editor Ray Palmer [who backed Kenneth Arnold's
    investigation of the 'Maurey Island/Tacoma' UFO incident which also involved military
    industrialist agent Fred L. Crisman -- who later happened to be a close associate of Clay
    Shaw who Attorney James Garrison accused of being the Mafia-CIA go-between in the
    JFK assassination], Palmer also having publicized Arnold's own sighting of disc-shaped
    craft over Mt. Rainier, which became the original source for the term "flying saucers".
    Shaver's ms. was originally titled A WARNING TO FUTURE MAN, until it was embellished
    and "occultized" by Palmer to accommodate his metaphysical and science-fiction oriented
    readership, and re-named I REMEMBER LEMURIA.

     Shaver told of his experiences where he would "hear peoples thoughts" while working on
     a certain arc welding machine at an auto plant in Detroit. The "machine" made him
     sensitive to the thought-waves of others in the factory, however he claimed that many of
     the "voices" or thought-waves what he intercepted did not come from the factory but
     emanated from caverns BELOW Detroit involved a warring subterranean factions known
     as the dero and the tero, of star-ships, machines capable of transmitting electronically-
     enhanced focused encephalographic or telepathic beams or rays, and other bizarre and
     horrific realities.

     Shaver also told of how his first visit to "the caves" occurred when a "hologram" of a
     young woman led him to a cavern entrance; also of his second and last physical visit to a
     hidden cave entrance on the east coast of Delaware [Bay], via a boat by which he
     navigated the water-filled passage for a few miles until reaching a "Tero" city. While there
     the "Deros", he claimed, attacked and killed all of his Tero "friends", but for some reason
     they left Shaver alive. Shaver left the cave and never returned to the inner world
     physically, however he continued to receive "thought beams" which claimed to originate
     from other "Teros" yet which became increasingly occultic and confusions, suggesting,
     according to some, that the "Deros" were manipulating Shaver in order to bring ridicule to
     the subject of an underground reality that was on the verge of becoming public
     knowledge on the surface.

     The "Shaver Mystery" DID however provoke much feedback from others who recounted
     similar experiences with the underground realm, however the highly occultic "messages"
     that Shaver continued to receive for years afterwards led many to become entangled in
     deeply occultic practices and belief systems and also paranoid schizophrenic behaviors.
     Who or whatever was manipulating Shaver's mind apparently succeeded in dragging
     many people under their occultic influence. According to Ray Palmer, who stayed
     overnight at Shaver's house on on occasion, he heard five separate and distinct voices
     one night coming out of Shaver, who was apparently linked to a collective mind via
     electro-telepathic waves.

     The "group" of voices which were being channeled through Shaver were matter-of-factly
     discussing the murder and dismemberment of a woman within "the caves", and one of
     the "voices" was stating -- according to Palmer -- that such things should not be taking
     EMPTOR; SHAVERTRONmagazine; Richard Shaver, the founder of Ufology?
•   FLORIDA - MIAMI - Underground genetics-breeding facility with several mature and
    young girls being held captive by grey aliens. Used to breed a "hybrid" slave labor race
    that is intended to infiltrate surface society and do the bidding of the New World Order,
    which is to be ultimately controlled by an alien agenda.
     source: Mr. X

•   GEORGIA - Engineer Rex Ball came upon a network of tunnels in Georgia in 1940, which
    led to an underground installation manned by Oriental-looking men in coveralls and a few
    American military officers. When caught in the tunnels, an officer issued the curt
    command: "Make him look like a nut!" The next thing he recalled was waking up in a field
    uncertain whether the experience was real or a dream.
     source: THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, by John A. Keel

•   ATLANTA - A major underground Bavarian Illuminati facility constructed in collaboration
    with a similar base below the Denver International Airport. Like the DIA facility, the Atlanta
    facility is occupied by the cult of the serpent [human & alien collaborators] and is
    "intended" to be used jointly with the Denver Airport facility as duel U.S. headquarters for
    New World Order regional control, and for continued "Montauk" or "Phoenix" Project
     source: Mr. X

•   DOUGLAS - In the 1950's, Earl Meeks was drilling a well on his property 6 miles from
    Douglas when he broke through to empty space. The shaft began to suck in a constant
    flow of air and sounds resembling "an underground railway" were so loud that they had to
    cover the "well" with planks at night so that they could sleep. A few decades later a
    subscriber to THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER, "Lucky", visited the Meeks homestead 6
    miles WEST of Douglas, and learned that people from all over the state had come to
    investigate the well the entire 2 weeks that it sucked in air, before the Meeks finally had it
    capped off. "Lucky" told of his intention to seek permission from the Meeks to uncap the
     source: FATE Magazine, Jan. 1957; THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER, Vol.1, No.4 [Spring, 1993]

•   MARIETTA - A planned underground Pentagon facility below Kennesaw mountain, a few
    miles from Dobbins Air Force Base, to be used as a "defense" installation for the
    surrounding 13 states region, was reported by Richard Sauder.
     source: UNDERGROUND BASES AND TUNNELS, by Richard Sauder

•   THOMASVILLE - Underground FEMA facility.
     source: Richard Sauder

    BURLEY - Druggist George Haycock claimed that he had explored a shaft that could be
    entered via a boulder strewn depression or sink 6 miles west of Burley, and one mile off
    the main road [presumably in the opposite direction from the river?]. Native American
    legends told of a demonic race that would emerge from a cave and capture their women
    and children. Mr. Haycock reported psychic attacks and impressions of evil activities
    taking place underground. The shaft led to a long square-cut yet ancient horizontal
    crawlspace tunnel with branch tunnels and a cave-in which he attempted to dig through,
    although experiencing unusual "resistance" in doing to. He later wrote friends that
    someone was trying to blast the shaft closed with dynamite and also reported a death
    threat he had received in the mail telling him to cease and desist his explorations. Shortly
    after this, he was found strangled to death in his home.
     source: AMAZING STORIES magazine, Oct. 1947 & Jan. 1948

    CHICAGO - Allegations that the Bahai Temple near Chicago, which has foundation
    "pillars" reaching hundreds of feet to the bedrock below, contains an entrance to an
    underground system deep below which connect to other underground systems.
     source: Kenneth Van Hoof

    PIKEVILLE - Strange disappearances in the Truck Coal Mine 3 miles east of town. Two
    boys seen entering the mine disappear even though their lamp is found abandoned at the
    entrance. A full scale search of the mine fails to turn up any evidence of the missing boys.
     source: FATE magazine, Nov. 1950

     (See 'Caves and Atlantean Temples')

    Appalachians formed when the sea closed by collision between America and Europe, they
    grow 45,000ft high. what we see today are the roots of the mountains. at such high
    pressure, rock act as a fluid, what you talk about are frozen waves of rock.

•   PINEVILLE - On Dec. 26, 1945, a mine explosion in the Belva Mine trapped several men.
    When they were rescued some of the men insisted that they saw a "door" in one of the
    walls open, and a man dressed as a "lumberjack" emerge from a well-lighted room. After
    assuring the men that they would be rescued, the strange visitor returned to the room and
    closed the door. Other similar accounts have been reported during similar mine disasters,
    such as the one at a Shipton, Pennsylvania mine, where similar "lumberjack" or
    "telephone linemen" type of men have been seen, suggesting that they exist in another
    time-dimension, possibly explaining why they "knew" the outcome of the disasters. In
    some cases the strange "workmen", as if taking the role of guardian angels, had offered
    trapped men unusual "lighting" to keep them out of the dark, and in other cases as with
    the Shipton disaster, "astral visions" accompanied the visits of these fourth dimensional [?]
     source: Pineville Kentucky newspapers, circa Dec. 26, 1981 - Jan. 1982

•   RIVERTON - Patsey Wingate, a victim of UFO encounters, missing time, MIB limo's,
    harassment, black helicopters, police-like cars in a temporal mist, death threats, the
    works... spoke of a mountain near Riverton where a certain UFO was seen on numerous
    occasions. While on the mountain she would hear humming sounds coming from
    underground, then at home later that night she experienced frightening vivid "dreams" of
    "children underground on the mountain [who] were begging for help. They were in glass
    cages. Some of the children looked human, but some looked like aliens."
     source: UFO UNIVERSE, Vol.3, No.2, [Summer 1993]

•   SALEM - SE of Salem is Hodges cave, which some believe is the cavern that is
    mentioned in John Uri Lloyd's book ETIDORHPA, which was illustrated by a veteran
    Mason. Witnesses have stated that they have seen Masons wandering about the area.
    One report tells of a nearby stone staircase leading deep into the gloomy darkness of the
    earth, which witnesses failed to fully investigate as they were hit with an overpowering
    sense of terror.
     source: THE SHAVER MYSTERY magazine
•   STOVEN'S CAVE [SITE UNSPECIFIED] - Unusual sounds emanating from the cavern.
     source: TECH TROGLODYTE [NSS affiliate newsletter], Vol.12, No.2

•   TAZEWELL COUNTY - Higgingbottom #1 or Devil's Slide cave is avoided by local
    residents because they are convinced that some loathsome creature lives at the bottom.
     source: CAVE LEGENDS OF THE APPALACHIANS, article by Janice Goad

    FORT POLK - Reports of over 19,000 war-ready United Nations Organization troops,
    French, Pakistani & Russian, along with massive underground facilities for storage of
    military and other supplies.
     source: a former anonymous serviceman who interacted with the base

    CROFTON - An ancient network of tunnels and crawlways discovered beneath a parking
    lot in Crofton during excavations. The artificial tunnels were reportedly covered by
    subsequent construction.
     source: THE WASHINGTON STAR NEWS, July 25, 1973 & Aug. 15, 1973

•   FORT MEADE - "Cavernous subterranean expanses" existing beneath the National
    Security Agency's headquarters, filled with over 10 acres of the most sophisticated
    supercomputers money can buy, which monitor global telephone, telegraph, telex, fax,
    radio, TV, microwave, internet and other forms of communication.
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder

•   BETWEEN OLNEY & LAYTONSVILLE - Located on Riggs Road, off of Rt. 108, this
    underground facility is maintained by FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency].
    Long lines of cars have been seen heading through the gate at shift change, in spite of the
    surface illusion of vacancy and disrepair, vehicles which pass through an electronic
    surveillance area and disappear behind a knoll in the near distance. At least 10 levels
    deep, and several electronic surveillance facilities, with possible NSA connections.
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder


    BOSTON - Ervin M. Scott claimed to have intercepted an electronically augmented
    telepathic transmission from a woman, a cavern-dweller under the Salt Lake flats of Utah,
    whose people were under siege by the "evil ones". She urgently warned about a woman
    who was abducted into tunnels/caverns beneath an abby in the north section of Boston 3
    weeks earlier [the 1st church of Roxbury is located in the north section of the city and is by
    far the oldest "abby" in Boston]. Another "voice" breaks in on the "transmission" and tells
    Ervin not to believe the former woman's voice, stating, "Don't you know this is a lie? a
    trick?", and then warningly, "keep quiet about this!".
     source: SEARCH magazine, July 1964

•   MAYNARD - Underground FEMA facility.
     source: Richard Sauder
    BATTLE CREEK - Underground FEMA facility.
     source: Richard Sauder

    REDWOOD FALLS - A WWII trainee claimed to have discovered a small underground
    passage near [west of?] Redwood Falls, which led to an ancient tiled concourse and to an
    underground alien realm. He spoke of the "deros" and "teros" and stated that he emerged
    6 months later with a "tero" woman who became his wife, with no intention on returning,
    although both lived in fear as if they were constantly being watched or followed.
     source: letter sent to Richard Shaver [circa 1950's]

    CAMERON - Rumors of a "haunted" cave or mine in the area
     source: unknown

•   KANSAS CITY - Somewhere on the Missouri river near Kansas city a man explored a
    cave in the side of a steep embankment on somewhere on the rivers edge. He was
    terrified by a tall creature with cat or lizard like eyes, who had apparently been living in the
    cave or possibly had come from the river itself.
     source: Charles Marcoux


    Pat Garrett's Reptilian Experience Reported to Mary Sutherland,
     BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio

     Incident Date: March 7, 2004

     This past Sunday...the 7th. A friend and I were riding two ATVs in a place called, "The
     Underground" it is a public and private storage facility in Carthage, Mo. What makes this
     place such a desirable storage facility is that it is all underground...hence the name. They
     are constantly expanding this place and there are miles and miles of carved out caves in
     there...and it goes pretty deep. This facility stores thousands and thousands of food
     containers, all dehydrated for the Navy... I have seen them and it is public knowledge
     around here. It is also a fall out shelter able to hold some 40,000 to 50,000 people. I tell
     you this to give some sense of the vastness of the place. I worked there as a
     subcontractor some 9 years ago... I helped build the office spaces up on top. I started to
     explore then... about once a month and did so all the way until this past Sunday.
     However, I never went as far or as deep before either.

     It was fun to take the ATVs and cruise rain or weather problems...ever.
     We were approx 8 miles in and I'd say maybe 500 feet deep when we took a turn down
     an area that was marked "Naval Authoritative Zone" I remember making a comment
     about the Navy getting a ship down there and said that was an easy posting. The walls
     became more defined as in: polished or finished and this was striking because this was
     supposed to be a newly blasted area... totally backward I would think...still thinking
     nothing was wrong we kept going, actually increasing speed because the floor was
     paved now and we could go faster.

     We came up on an unusual painted pattern on the floor and I thought, "cool graffiti... kids
     have been down here... we're safe... won't get into any trouble." The road dipped down
     and then it took a 90' turn to the left... we had no warning and we were going too fast. I
     knew we were going to hit the wall. BUT we DIDN'T... we passed through some kind of
     projection of the cave siding... although I don't know how it was was real looking.
We passed into a whole new road system... this one was large, and much older than
where we came from.

We started to smell an odor...musty, damp, growing stronger as we went deeper on
smell. The lighting decreased as well probably 60% less than the other area's...we turned
on our headlights. We continued on at about 5 to 7 miles an hour for about 5 min and we
noticed it was getting cooler... which was to me, very strange...since once inside a cave a
certain distance... the temp says the same. We made a right turn and started to come up
on what I thought was a rest area on the side... about 40 feet away.

I thought it looked like a pair of fountains until they moved. We both stopped immediately.
We were approx. 30' feet away now and what we saw were two creatures, one was very
tall at least 7' feet maybe more and very powerfully built... reddish in color and the other
was smaller about 6' feet but it was not red in color but pale, like an albino and it was not
as powerfully built as the other. They looked like REPTILES... living, walking, intelligent
beings... not human... not warm blooded. Reptiles! I know it sounds crazy but it is true.

They said nothing but I did get a strong sense from the big one. A malevolence, evil
presence of some kind. My friend screamed and we turned around...a power turn. We
started to go back out when my friend said, "the big one" was after us. I looked back and
it was following us. I had the overwhelming feeling that if it caught us that harm would
come to us. We passed through the wall projection and I looked back and saw the thing
raise it's arm and it had a weapon of some sorts. It fired and hit the ATV my friend was
on. The engine died and he stopped. I told him to jump on...and he did. I gunned it and
then my friend said, "STOP!" I slowed down and he he said, "LOOK!".

I looked back and the thing had stopped at the graffiti on the cave floor/road. The ATV
was on it's side of the graffiti/symbol. It was obvious the thing would not cross the
marking. I slowed more...we were now about 75' feet away. I stopped and the three of
us... Me, my friend and the creature/reptile/man thing just looked at each other... for
about 15 sec. And let me tell you... that is a long time. Then I started to leave... It stayed
there waiting and not moving until we were out of sight. As soon as we cleared the cave I
got on my cell phone and called the Sheriff's Dept. I was told that they would not come
out and that "Underground Security" would handle it.

Then they hung up! By law they are not to do that...We can hang up on anyone...but a
government office, be it City or Federal can not hang up on you. Anyway, I was shocked
and scared and we took off across the outside of the underground over to my truck and
sure enough...Underground Security was waiting for us. We were told to leave, not to tell
anybody about this...that if I come back...The Navy would press charges.

I was also told that I had 10 min to leave or I would be taken in. What can I say... we left.
It has been 3 days since this has happened and I am still shaken. I am a powerful
person, 6'4" and 265 lbs and I have never in my life be afraid for my life... until this past
Sunday. I lost my one of my two ATV's. As far as I know... it is still down there. My friend
will not talk about it and I have not heard anything from anyone about it. I did call the
Sheriff's Dept. and they said they never got a call from me. Well, that is my story... I have
never had anything strange happen in my life and I am very very concerned about this.

I can tell you this...I had an urge to kill the things I saw down there... I don't know if that is
a natural reaction as most people have a natural revulsion towards reptiles or because of
my faith and the feeling of evil I had... or what. All I know is that they are real...and I wish
I could do something... anything to combat or help against these things. Take care all
and thank you again for letting me write this and share this experience.
    Hoover Dam. Lake Mead's Hoover Dam SE of Las Vegas. Rumors that the dam
    construction workers penetrated extensive caverns near the base of the cliffs, that Lake
    Mead is a hot spot of alien activity, and that the floor of one level of the dam contains a
    "wild tile inlay on the floor, with signs of the zodiac and all sorts of stuff suggesting an
     source: Letter from Vaughn M. Green in SHAVERTRON newsletter, No. 14

    BOULDER DAME - Reports of underground tunnels and UFO activity between the base of
    Boulder Dam and Jumbo Peak.
     source: Lew Tery

•   EUREKA - A mysterious maze of underground tunnels and rooms discovered beneath the
    immediate area of Eureka.
     source: "An Underground Cathedral", article by Charles Hillinger in THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, Mar. 2, 1975

•   MERCURY - An electrician at the Mercury base camp on the Nevada Test Site claimed to
    have seen "aliens" in "stainless steel caverns" about 3000 feet below the surface of the
    Mercury Site. The "Mercury Workers" contracted through Reynolds Electric [a division of
    E.G.&G.], and several of them told terrifying stories of harassment and death threats from
    base personnel in an effort to keep them from talking. Also Las Vegan Stayce Borland and
    her brother were killed by "burglars" during a time when they were trying to help some of
    the Mercury Workers who had been apprehended and were being held captive

     Many insisted that Borland's murder was part of a conspiracy, similar to the 5 people
     killed in a "helicopter crash" some years ago who, according to former Wackenhut
     employee Michael Riconosciuto, were trying to escape with documentation of genetic
     research atrocities, alien interaction, and antigravity craft technology in the underground
     facilities there. This conspiracy of concealment is reportedly being run by the aliens
     themselves to maintain control of those military-industrial-intelligence agencies which
     have been infiltrated and assimilated through advanced mind control technology.
     source: "The Billy Goodman Happening" - KVEG Radia 840 AM, Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov. 19, 1989, etc.

•   NEVADA CITY - The Mayflower mine east of the city contained a long tunnel from which
    strange noises often known to emerge, and also reports of "devils" being sighted in the
    nearby Murchie mine.
     source: Article by Wayland D. Hand in CALIFORNIA FOLKLORE QUARTERLY, April, 1942

•   PAHRUMP - NW of Pahrump [which lies due west from Las Vegas] is Devil's Hole
    National Monument, an annex of Death Valley National Monument. It is an apparently
    "bottomless" aqua-cave containing a species of cave fish located no where else in the
    world. Like the legendary "subterranean grand canyon" -- which reportedly runs beneath
    the Kokoweef and Dorr Peaks near the SW flank of the Ivanpah Mts. just south of highway
    91 and NW of Needles, California -- the Devil's Hole water level ALSO reportedly rises
    and falls with the tide, suggesting a connection with a massive underground sea below
    and upstream, possibly in the area of eastern Nevada and western Utah.

     At least 2 boys disappeared trying to explore Devil's Hole, and Navy scuba divers were
     lowered on cables and reported seeing a large subterranean river which roared up from
     below, flowed across a wide expanse although they could not estimate the depth
     because of a myriad of colonnades of black rock through which the river flowed, before
     plunging once again down an abyss. This reportedly occurred in a cave NEAR Devil's
     Hole. Although "fenced in", Devil's Hole is open for public view.
     source: ADVENTURE IS UNDERGROUND, by William Halliday; Virginia Louis Swanson

•   RENO - An underground 'Nazi' antigravity disc facility tied-in with the Antarctica scenario.
     source: Al Bielek

    NORTHERN - John Keel, after hearing reports of strange sounds of pulsating machines
    coming from caves in the mountains of northern New Jersey, personally visited some of
    the caverns.
     source: THE 8TH TOWER, by John A. Keel

•   BROOKHAVEN - see: New Jersey, Newark

•   NEWARK - Massive German [Thule Society] infiltration of the American military-industrial
    complex following WWII, via the NSA, I.T.T., ARCO, EXXON, etc., led to the construction
    of massive joint alien-fascist underground complexes [stemming from the Nazi alliance
    with an alien collaboration, based under the Gizeh plateau of Egypt - via the Grant Orient
    Lodge of Egyptian Freemasonry and the various Gnostic Bavarian cults that were brought
    back from Egypt during the Egyptian occupation of the armies of the so-called "Holy
    Roman Empire" Italy-Austria-Germany].

     Tunnel systems run from the I.T.T. Corporation building in Newark to the I.T.T. facility at
     Nutley, to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio [mag-lev tubes], to A.I.L., to Long
     Island [Montauk Point].


•   PARAMUS - A massive underground facility with an entrance located in an office building
    at 140 century road. The building next door at 120 century road is also owned by the
    same company which finances projects carried out below, which deal mainly with
    abducted women and young girls who are heavily mind controlled using brainwashing and
    extreme sexual abuse and torture induced MPD alternate programmed personalities, in
    order to create "sex agents" for a Nazi cabal which had infiltrated the American Industrial
    Complex following WWII. These agents are used to extract important information from, to
    bribe, or to blackmail powerful men. There also may be a connection to the ARCO
    scenario in New Jersey as well.
     source: Mr. X

                                              NEW MEXICO

•   ALBUQUERQUE - Manzano mountain, or the Kirtland [AFB] Munitions Storage Complex,
    was excavated by the Air Force to serve as a nuclear weapons storage area. The
    mountain is visible a couple of miles south of I-40 on the eastern outskirts of Albuquerque.
    Security is extremely tight. Also, reports of grey aliens operating within some of the
    deeper levels. A 285,000 sq. ft. underground extension facility was constructed in the
    same area in 1989, although heavy secrecy surrounds these facilities.
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder
•   DULCE. - The Jicarilla Apache Indians believe that their ancestors emerged from the
    caverns in ancient times. When they emerged they were plagued by monsters [saurians?].
    Some wanted to go back down but once their hero's slew all of the monsters, all was at
    peace [ironically the Dulce underground network is now reportedly under the control of
    some of the very 'monsters' or 'reptilians' that they may have succeeded in driving

•   DULCE [JICARILLA APACHE RESERVATION] - In the town of Dulce in NW New Mexico,
    one block from the PAN AM building is the old high school, now used as an engineering
    facility by MAKEN & HANGER [originally ZIA Corp.]. Inside the facility is an elevator that
    leads to Level-1 of the massive underground facility beneath the Dulce area which is also
    known as "Ultra" or "Section-D", which runs under main street at a depth of about 200

     This level is guarded by PROFORCE Security, whereas deeper and more secure levels
     under the Archuleta mesa to the north contain automatic devices designed to KILL
     intruders. Dulce is by far the most massive and most strategic of all of the underground
     "hubs" of the joint military-industrial / alien imperial collaboration in North America, with
     numerous tube-tunnels radiating to all parts of the continent and beyond.
     source: ALIEN MAGIC, by William F. Hamilton; The Dulce Book; Map of Dulce, New Mexico

•   The Dulce, New Mexico Base
    An underground Military Base/Laboratory in Dulce, New Mexico connects with the
    underground network of tunnels which honeycombs our planet, and the lower levels of this
    base are allegedly under the control of Inner Earth beings or Aliens. This base is
    connected to Los Alamos research facilities via an underground "tube-shuttle." (It can be
    assumed that such a shuttle way would be a straight-line construction. It should then be
    possible, by using maps and some deduction, to determine the most likely location of this
    base, especially since the general location is already known.)

     Beginning in 1947, a road was built near the Dulce Base, under the cover of a lumber
     company. No lumber was ever hauled, and the road was later destroyed. Navajo Dam is
     the Dulce Base's main source of power, though a second source is in El Vado (which is
     also another entrance). (Note: The above facts should also help to locate the base.) Most
     of the lakes near Dulce were made via government grants "for" the Indians. (Note: The
     September, 1983 issue of Omni (Pg. 80) has a color drawing of 'The Subterrene' - the
     Los Alamos nuclear-powered tunnel machine that burrows through the rock, deep
     underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock, which cools after
     the Subterrene has moved on. The result is a tunnel with a smooth, glazing lining.)"

     Bechtel (BECK-tul) is a super secret international corporate octopus, founded in 1898.
     Some say the firm is really a 'Shadow Government's working arm of the CIA. It is the
     largest Construction and Engineering outfit in the U.S.A and the World (and some say,
     beyond). "The most important posts in U.S.A. Government are held by former Bechtel
     Officers. There are over 100 Secret Exits near and around Dulce. Many around Archuleta
     Mesa, others to the source around Dulce Lake and even as far east as Lindrich. Deep
     sections of the Complex connect into natural Cavern Systems. (Note: The elevators,
     lights, and doors at Dulce Base are all magnetically controlled.) The area around Dulce
     has had a high number of reported Animal Mutilations."

     The researchers at Dulce Base have also abducted several people from Dulce's civilian
     population and implanted devices of various types in their heads and bodies. (Note:
     Livermore Berkeley Labs (where?) began producing blood for the Dulce Base in the mid
     1980s, and Human and Animal abductions slowed considerably. It may be worthwhile to
     check-out Livermore Berkeley Labs.) DELTA group (from the National Recon Group) is
     responsible for security of all Alien-connected projects.

     The DELTA symbol is a Black Triangle on a Red Background. Dulce Base's symbol is a
     Delta (triangle) with the Greek Letter "Tau" (t) within it, and then the entire symbol is
     inverted, so the triangle points down, and the "Tau" is also inverted. Christa Tilton (was
     abducted and taken to Dulce Base) She is the editor of "Crux" magazine, which deals
     with UFOs, abductions, etc. P.O. Box 906237 Tulsa, Oklahoma.

•   GUADELLUPE MTS. - In the 1800's, two trappers reportedly discovered a cave in the
    Guadellupe Mts., which they followed to a considerable depth. Hiding behind a large
    outcropping of rock they observed in fascination and horror a procession of beings in dark
    hooded robes enter a large cavern and began to chant, at which a "crystal like" entity
    descended from the stalactites above, hovered and in a multi-colored display
    communicated with the beings in some type of xylophone-like manner, until it once again
    ascended and was lost among the stalactites above, at which the procession descended
    DOWNWARD through the passage from which they had emerged.
     source: SHAVERTRON Magazine

•   LOS ALAMOS - Massive underground joint military-alien facilities connected via shuttle to
    the Dulce, New Mexico facility to the NW. The deeper facilities under Los Alamos
    reportedly descend to great depths and intersect with alien sectors which constitute the
    largest concentration of grey alien activity in North America, with Dulce running a close
    second... although many of the aliens apparently commute between Dulce and Los
    Alamos. To minimize cattle mutilations the U.S. government has reportedly been
    transporting daily shipments of cattle to rendezvous points in the mountains SE of Los
    Alamos, where some have reported massive UFO activity on these occasions, and also
    ancient heiroglyphs depicting alien beings.
     source: Thomas Costallo; Sharula [Bonnie] Dux; K. Studstrup; etc.

•   ORGAN MTS. - 60 miles NW of El Paso, Texas in the Organ Mts. of New Mexico. Helen
    Compton Gordon and her husband discovered an old abandoned mine far above the
    "Bean Blossom Mine" near their former home. Climbing the ore-splattered slope they
    entered the other mine and discovered deep inside an immense chasm separated from
    the main tunnel passage by a rock wall, on the other side of which was a narrow ledge-
    precipice at the edge of the chasm. They threw lighted sticks down the shaft and they
    seemed to "fall forever", also rocks were thrown in which they could not hear hit bottom.
    An old timer in the area told them it was a "glory hole" and that miners tended to avoid
     source: SHAVER MYSTERY magazine, Vol.1, No.2 [1947]

•   PIE TOWN - An unexplored cave with large steps leading deep into the earth near El
    Moro National Monument NE of Pie Town. Also reports of a southern extension base
    between Pie Town and Datil which is linked underground to the Dulce base in NW New
     source: THE HIDDEN CITY OF CHIHUATLAN, by Charles A. Marcoux; Thomas A. Castello

•   SAN CRISTOBAL - A homeless man spent the night in a black rock cavern near some
    [hot?] springs north of San Cristobal [north of Taos]. He was frightened from the cave after
    seeing a "lizard like" humanoid, the size of a man and walking upright on two feet.
     source: Tim Ore
•   TAOS - Reports of a native American legend stating that Montezuma was born near Taos
    and was "instructed by beings who lived in Pueblo Peak, which is near Blue Lake, where
    UFO's have been seen entering and exiting the water. Near Taos, in a cave above the
    Lucero River, not far from Frijoles Canyon, ancient and modern sacrifices were carried out
    by secret cults. "Members of secret society groups in Taos have been found beheaded,
    like Arthur Manby who told of a secret "Aztland" Hot Springs roughly 11 miles NW of Taos,
    flanked by petroglyphs on the canyon walls.
     source: ALIEN INVADERS, article/treatise by TAL LeVesque

•   TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES - A Mr. Lemon stated that when he was young, about 12,
    he was out hunting deer NORTH of Truth or Consequences, and was tracking a wounded
    deer he had shot when he came across an intricately carved stone stairway that led down
    into the earth, which he determined to investigate after he killed the deer. He searched for
    years but was never able to find the enigmatic staircase again.
     source: Cossette Willoughby

                                                 NEW YORK

•   MANHATTAN - A large triangular system of tunnels utilized by a "masonic lodge", deep
    below the surface of Manhattan.
     source: "Tunnels and Caverns Beneath New York City", article by R. L. Blain-Sanders in the Fall, 1981 issue of
     SHAVERTRON Magazine

•   MANHATTAN - Con Edison, while drilling a test hole in the north end of East River Park,
    broke through to open space about 200 feet below, suggesting the existence of a large
    cavern below.
     source: uncertain

•   MANHATTAN - Strange stories of several sub-basement levels descending below the
    Empire State Building, rumors of descending sub-basements connecting with ancient
    tunnels and sub-basement levels controlled by the Federal government. Following the
    Twin Towers bombing it was reported that 6 sub-levels controlled by the Secret Service
    were damaged. Also in a similar fashion LOCAL reporters in the early hours of the
    Oklahoma City bombing reported that underground tunnels containing all kinds of military
    hardware had been blasted open, and also rumors of an 18-leveled underground facility
    below the Murah Federal Building, with the 5 upper levels being used for parking. These
    aspects of the bombings were, predictably, not advertised by the national media
     source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR; various private news sources

•   MANHATTAN - The Episcopal Church of St. John the Divine at 103 St. and Amsterdam
    reportedly conceals the entrance to an underground cavern used by an occult lodge, an
    actual "city" left over from former sub-inhabitants of the eastern seaboard during
    antediluvian/Atlantean times, and protected by "space-warping" technology.
     source: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF OCCULTISM & PARAPSYCHOLOGY, by Leslie A. Shepard, pp. 889-890; Maurice

•   LINCOLN TUNNEL - A man and his wife, traveling through winter snow, parked their car
    in the Lincoln tunnel to wipe the snow from off of the car, and vanished without a trace.
     source: John Grant

•   MONTAUK - An underground base 8-9 levels deep below Camp Hero at Montauk Point,
    Long Island, which is reportedly occupied by Ciakars from Alpha Draco, Greys from Rigel
    Orion, Black Ops & German Intelligence - Thule Society agents. The Montauk mind
    control and space-time manipulation projects were based there and at 25 other bases
    around North America and reportedly involved over 25 thousand "abductees" who have
    been programmed to serve the as "sleeper" agents of the New World Order.

     The computer archives of the Montauk Project are housed in the underground facility
     near the Alsace-Lorraine region near the German-French border, and is known as the
     Montauk Alsace Lorraine Time Archives [M.A.L.T.A.]. Entrances reportedly exist under
     the old 7-story Montauk Tower in the nearby town of Montauk; near the Sage Radar
     Tower and buildings to the north; under the old Montauk Air Force Station; Block Island;
     East Hampton; in a hill near the Light House at Montauk 'Point' itself; in the cliffs
     overlooking the beaches near Camp Hero; behind the so-called "cement bunkers" that
     have been sealed; under the "mystery closets" which can be seen throughout the area;
     and connecting the basements of three [?] buildings - now demolished - in the Shadmoor
     area directly west of the Ditch Plains public bathhouse and parking lot; an entrance near
     a boulder which sits along the west side of the SE entry road to the base; and also at
     Fort Pond Bay.
     source: Preston Nicholes; Peter Moon; Duncan Cameron; Al Bielek; John Quinn; Michelle Guerin; Michael
     Ash; Mr. "X"; etc.

•   ROME - A very large underground facility located at the Rome National Air Base where is
    located a "Montauk Chair" similar to the one at the base under Montauk Point, Long
    Island. An underground tunnel with electric cars reportedly connects this facility with
    another smaller facility in Rochester, an entrance to this tunnel connection allegedly being
    located under the Andrews Street bridge in Rochester.
     source: Mr. X

    The Brown Mountain Entrance
    Brown Mountain is in North Carolina near Morganton. Morganton is "about 15 miles north
    of an actual highway marker which has been posted by the state providing any visitor the
    best view" of Brown Mountain. Brown Mountain is an area in which many strange lights
    have been seen. There are entrances that lead inside the mountain to an isolated (?)
    Alien base.

•   OHIO

    ADA - Joint alien-military underground facility.
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6, 1992

•   BINGER - A large mound north of Binger has traditionally been "haunted" and also the site
    of a legendary entrance to a vast system of labyrinths leading to the "Land of Kenyon"
    within a vast cavern illuminated by a bluish electromagnetic aurora/phosphorescence, in
    which live a peaceable race. However deep below this cavern are other darker realms
    where malevolent "serpent people" dwell.
     source: Charles Marcoux

•   MCALESTER - Just before the Korean war three men explored a cavern NE of MCalester,
    underneath a "haunted mound", near which strange manifestations, animal mutilations
    and missing livestock had been reported. The owner at the time had put crosses on the
    knoll in order to keep "evil spirits" away. The three man, once inside, made their way down
    into a large cavern and found a seemingly "bottomless shaft" around which spiraled a
    stone staircase with steps large enough to accommodate a 12 foot giant. They descended
    for about a mile, not reaching the bottom, and decided to go back up. After the first two
    had emerged they heard a scream from the third, and some shots from his .45 revolver.
    They helped him out and in terror he told of hairy animal-men who had suddenly snuck up
    from behind him, grabbing him and trying to pounce him down to the ground. As evidence
    he showed his friends the YELLOWISH BLOOD that his gun had extracted from the
     source: Charles Marcoux; Victor John C. Johnson

•   OKLAHOMA CITY - Reports which surfaced in the first hours after the Oklahoma City
    Federal building bombing but were suppressed by the national media, of Firefighters who
    told of huge tunnels that had been blasted open where they were shocked to see huge
    underground rooms filled with military arsenals, including missiles and missile launchers,
    tanks, etc. Also reports of an 18-level base beneath this Federal Building [and others?],
    with the top 5 levels being used for underground parking.


•   FORT ROCK BASIN - Water wells north of Fort Rock Basin have been known to blow air
    for days during periods of high barometric pressure - times when they should rather be
    taking in air.
     source: "Central Oregon's Underground World Filled With Wind That Roars, Whistles...", Article by Larry
     Chitwood in THE OREGONIAN, Oct. 31, 1985

•   PORTLAND - "The Astounding Woodstock Mystery Hole just 2 miles west of I-205 located
    in Portland Oregon. Inside the Mystery Hole you'll find a Giant Double Arch, Geometric
    "codes" inscribed on walls, and other oddities. A Black Obsidian Mirror, and a Florite
    Crystal Tower, re-constructed based on information gleaned from the curious glyphs
    insculptured on the Giant Double Arch found deep inside The Mystery Hole."
     source: INSIDE THE MYSTERY HOLE website


•   ALLEGHENY MOUNTAINS - About 50 miles south of Pittsburgh in the first range of the
    Allegheny mountains, George A. Lehew reportedly found a cavern which he penetrated
    for over a mile, the passages becoming increasingly wider. He descended at about a 45
    degree angle until reaching a room in which he found a 6-ft.-wide thermol bore, a perfectly
    circular shaft with smooth glazed walls that had apparently been melted through the
    rock/earth in some ancient time.

     Old timers in the area alleged that six "survivors" in 1915 took gear and equipment and
     spent a month exploring the cave, going 18 miles from the entrance and down almost 5
     miles below sea level, where they distinctly heard the "rumble of machinery" off in the
     source: Letter from George A. Lehew in AMAZING STORIES Magazine, Dec. 1946

•   BLUE RIDGE SUMMIT - The location of the so-called "underground Pentagon"
    maintained by nearby Ft. Ritchie, and used as a major electronic nerve center for the U.S.
    military. A massive installation that is also known as "Raven Rock" or "Site R" that was
    blasted out of greenstone granite 650 feet below. A 260,000 sq. ft. facility sprawling
    beneath 716 acres composed of five different "buildings" in specially excavated separate
    caverns, literally forming an underground "pentagon".

     Also contains fluorescent lights, convenience store, barbershop, medical and dining
     facilities, an underground reservoir containing millions of gallons of water, a chapel, 35
     miles of telephone lines, and six 1,000-watt generators. It is a supercomputing and
     electronic command post linked with several military communications networks around
     the globe, and is reportedly connected via tunnel to Camp David several miles to the
     north near the town of Thurmont.
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder

•   DIXONVILLE - Mine inspector Glenn E. Berger reported in 1944 to his superiors that the
    Dixonville mine disaster which "killed" 15 men was not the result of a cave-in, but rather
    an attack by underground creatures capable of manipulating the earth [partial cave-ins],
    whose domain the miners had apparently penetrated.

     Most of the dead miners were not injured by falling rocks but showed signs of large claw
     marks, others were missing, and one survivor spoke of seeing a vicious humanoid
     creature that was 'not of this world' within an ancient passage that the miners had broke
     into. The creature somehow created a "cave-in", blocking himself and another inspector
     [who closed his eyes when he felt the creatures 'hot breath' on his neck] from the main
     passage until another rescue party began to dig through the collapse, scaring the
     "creature" away.
     source: Article by Stoney Brakefield in NEWS EXTRA, July 14, 1974

•   NEW KENSINGTON - A creature, about 4 ft. tall, walking on two feet and "half humanoid -
    half dinosaur" was seen by grownups and children. One boy attempted to grab the
    creature from behind, which let out a squealing or screeching sound and escaped. Also,
    children attempted to pour gasoline on the creature and light it, unsuccessfully, before it
    escaped into a "sewer tunnel" nearby.
     source: "Green Thing Sparks Rumors", article by Michael Burke, in THE VALLEY NEWS DISPATCH, New
     Kensington-Terentum & Vandergraft, PA., March 5, 1981 issue

•   PITTSBURGH - Two boys enter a cave in a Pittsburgh suburb that was uncovered by
    road excavation work, only to find a partially buried thermol-bore [a perfectly round fused
    polished shaft apparently melted through the rock], partially concealed by dirt, and which
    they uncover and explore. Their dog runs down the sloping shaft, which is about 4 ft. in
    diameter, ahead of them until a deep, vibrating sound is heard, following which the dog
    came running back out of the shaft, clawing its way over them and in total terror, running
    back home.

     The cave was then subsequently covered by further road excavation. Also rumors of old
     robber gangs in frontier times who would rob banks and escape to hide away in ancient
     caverns underground, via an "automatic door" they had discovered in the cliffs.
     source: THE SHAVER MYSTERY Magazine

                                         SOUTH CAROLINA

•   COLUMBIA - The alleged discovery of an underground tunnel by a family picknicking in
    the suburban town of Irmo, 4 miles NW of Columbia, Irmo having been suspected in the
    past of harboring U.N. fugitives. John Don Cooper and his son Wayne Dwayne discovered
    the opening while out foraging for branches for their makeshift lean-to. The passage led to
    a man-made cave. According to police spokesman Ralph Hightower the tunnel was
    located in a wooded area next to the parking lot of the Irmo K-Mart, which was not heavily
    visited due to competition from a nearby Wal-Mart and Sams Club.

     Cooper immediately called 1-1-1 and the Irmo SWAT Team responded by storming K-
     Mart and the tunnel. Caught by surprise, the U.N. infiltrators lost the battle, which lasted
     about 4 hours, however it was fount that the tunnel branched out to many different and
     still unknown locations. The tunnel at the town limits of Irmo was sealed by the SWAT
     Team. Hightower said: "...I don't think they'll be back 'cause we kicked their butts real
     source: local newspaper article from Columbia, S.C., Nov. 23, 1997

•   GAFFNEY - In the mid-1960's, a woman in Gaffney complained to the local police that
    someone was digging tunnels under her house, as she was plagued by eerie hums and
    strange mechanical sounds emanating from under her house.
     source: THE 8TH TOWER, by John A. Keel

    GALLATIN - On Sept. 23, 1880 at about 3:30 in the afternoon former David Land
    dematerialized in front of 5 witnesses while walking across a field. Mrs. Lang ran and
    pounded the ground where he had vanished. Seven months later Lang's children insisted
    that they had heard their father crying distantly from UNDERNEATH the field. He seemed
    desperate and tortured, and was begging for help, until his voice faded away and was not
    heard again. Where he was last seen there was a circle of WITHERED yellow grass 20
    feet in diameter.
     source: MAJESTIC, by Whitley Streiber


•   ALPINE - The 'haunted' Refugio mine in the Chispa Mts. 60 miles SW of Alpine, which
    had been abandoned in spite of a large amount of silver ore still remaining within. As one
    investigator attempted to enter a 'drift', a thunderous noise and a rush of air came from the
    tunnel, throwing him against the opposite wall, bruised and dazed, as the air subsided
    "one of the post piercing and plaintive cries I ever heard" emerged, the terrorized Henry
    Boyd said. The phenomena was repeated as he left the mine, and later attempts to work
    the mine ended in injury and terror, some of the men who later attempted to enter the
    enigmatic tunnel were thrown repeatedly broken and bruised against the tunnel walls as if
    by an invisible force.
     source: NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 4, 1903

•   ATHENS - Joint alien-military underground facility.
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6, 1992

•   BETWEEN FREDRICKSBURG & MASON - Kiser cave, reportedly pours out a steady
    stream of carbon dioxide from its mouth, a phenomena which has not yet been explained.
     source: EXPLORING AMERICAN CAVES, by Franklin Folsom

•   DALLAS - The Texas Instruments plant, near the main gate of the Dallas facility, allegedly
    conceals an underground entrance leading to large caverns below. Allegations that certain
    "Shaver Mystery" experts were asked to enter the caverns where small green-skinned
    humanoids were being contained in cages, in order to offer their opinions as to who or
    what the beings were.
     source: Henry M. Steele
•   DENTON - Underground FEMA facility.
     source: Richard Sauder

•   EL PASO - Tunnel in the Franklin Mts. No further details.
     source: THE HIDDEN CITY OF CHIHUATLAN, by Charles A. Marcoux

•   FORT WORTH - On the afternoon of Friday, July 13th, 1984, a 20 foot long, 2-foot-high
    bulge stretched the surface of a street in Fort Worth, as if a giant earthworm was trying to
    come up from under the road. It seemed alive, swaying back and forth, said Charlie
    McCafferty of the fire dept. "What spooked me was there wasn't even a crack in the road."
    Jackhammers were used to break through the asphalt & concrete, where they found silt
    layers intact and no evidence of gas buildup. Shortly after the above event a similar
    mound was seen on Calvin Lang's homestead at the outskirts of Ft. Worth, and after
    prodding it with a rake it disappeared yet it had left some buildings torn apart, fences torn
    down, and shrubs and trees uprooted.

     Later Jeremy Boiter spotted what appeared to be a giant tentacle erupting from the
     ground in a shower of gravel and dirt about 2 miles away. It seized a can and her kittens,
     devouring them in seconds as well as two growling dog which it swallowed in its "slick
     dripping mouth". His friend Phil Dewar also found scraps of birds, rabbits and other while
     animals among the rubble of a destroyed hut.
     source: THE WORLD'S MOST INCREDIBLE STORIES, by Adam Sisman; THE GAZETTE, Schenectady, N.Y., 16
     July 1984; NATIONAL EXAMINER, 12 Feb. 1985

    "A-K warriors watching undercover and very secretive government movements going on in
    southern Utah and northern Arizona by the government and archaeology dept. of Utah.
    They are mapping the Anasazi underground caverns and tunnel systems in Arizona, Utah,
    Nevada, and New Mexico. This action has been going on for about 2 years. They are
    using a new development of radar coupled with seismographic signals. One of ours spies
    in the government said recently that they have made some rather astounding discoveries.
    Navaho and Kaweah warriors are watching this gab gang of white men. Kawewah
    warriors in Arizona are looking for two gold hunters in south Arizona area."
     source: "Anasazi Underground", report from AMERICAN INDIAN DEFENSE, Hutchinson, Kansas


•   ALPINE - This "suburban legend" involves a farmer near Alpine who solicited the help of
    some other men to move a large boulder in his field. The boulder was moved, only to
    reveal a tunnel leading downward. They descended the sloping tunnel but came to a
    place where their progress was prevented by a "giant serpent". In fear, they went back to
    the surface and re-sealed the shaft with the boulder.
     source: K. Studstrup

•   CANYON-LANDS NATIONAL PARK - The Druid Arch area is reportedly the site of a joint
    alien-military base. Many unusual phenomena have been described, including strange
    men "posing" as park rangers discouraging people from going into certain "public" areas,
    invisible military personnel who could only been seen as reflections in mirrors, UFO
    sightings and manifestations, and also a high level of electromagnetic energy which
    adversely affects electronic equipment.
     source: "Lands of Ancient Star People", article by Robert Morning Sky in UFO UNIVERSE, Spring, 1996
•   DUGWAY - Reported underground connection to the Sub-Global network, and also
    reports of automatons and reptilian humanoids operating under holographic human
    disguises, who have been seen to transform temporarily to their alien state, according to a
    hair stylist and a worker at an auto shop in the town of Dugway who both witnesses such
    temporary transformations.
     source: confidential

•   LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON - A few miles up the canyon there are 3 switch backs
    on the north side of the road, with security signs posted, leading up to the "granite" cliffs.
    The first switch back leads to the underground records vault maintained by the Mormon
    church, which has an underground but "off limits" connecting passage which leads deeper
    into the mountain, to a massive cavern where military and alien personnel collaborate,
    and in which witnesses have observed massive construction projects, and large
    underground buildings in which humans and greys have been seen working at benches
    on electronic [mind control, etc.] equipment.

     Also, reports of a "Melchizedek" lodge penetrating the Mormon/LDS and Masonic lodges,
     the Mt. Shasta Mayan colony, and other 'lodges' in Sirius and Arcturus, which have
     formerly maintained treaties with the grey aliens although many of them have turned
     against the greys as a result of their betrayals of interactive treaties. The 2nd and 3rd
     switch backs going up the canyon both intersect at the same point, which is apparently
     the main surface entrance to the underground "military" facility.
     source: several confidential sources

•   SALEM-THISTLE - Under the mountains between Salem and Thistle [ghost town] Utah,
    there are, according to reports, caverns in which a joint Nazi - Masonic - Reptilian
    underground facility is maintained. Also reports of massive alien/reptilian "infiltration"
    activity in the area and especially along the "Wasatch Front" of the Western Rockies.
     source: confidential sources

•   SALT LAKE CITY AIRPORT - Underground FEMA facility.
     source: Alan DeWalton

•   SALT LAKE CITY - Massive underground facility for human cloning, beneath the
    University of Utah, where human cloning has been carried out at least since 1977.

•   SALT LAKE CITY - Below Crossroads Plaza [via the EXITS behind the "Crossroads
    Cinemas" theater on the "right"{?} and also under "manhole" covers within and outside of
    the mall] are reportedly ancient tunnels that were discovered by early construction
    workers and excavators, some of which have been refurbished. Also hints of a
    human/alien collaboration in the area.

     The tunnels, catacombs and cavern systems below reportedly involve the following:

     Dangerous encounters with reptilian humanoids, federal agency involvement, men seen
     in a 300 ft. long chamber wearing suits and carrying Uzi machine guns, holographically
     concealed side passages, a greenish glow seen emanating from behind a locked[?] door
     in the 3rd sub-level below Crossroads, ancient wooden doors blocking passages that
     lead north - also on the 3rd sub-level, tunnels under the NE corner of the Crossroads
     plaza leading south and east that are blocked by metal gates, a huge passage "large
     enough to drive a semi through" leading south and strung with lights at the bottom of a
     multi-leveled concrete shaft with descending trap doors, three-toed footprints and a
     seemingly bottomless pit seen in the cavern from which the the "semi" tunnel extends
     southward, rumors of over 100 miles of passages some ancient and some modern,
     several accounts of people who have disappeared in the underground labyrinth,
     paranormal manifestations, and whispered rumors of connections to a vast system of
     cavern-networks covering an area of about 1000 miles diameter and part of an
     uncollapsed segment of an ancient global aquifer which collapsed forming the ocean
     beds - a vast system of caverns with penetrates Utah and extends into parts of Idaho,
     Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.
     source: several confidential sources

•   ZION CANYON - Reports of a vast underground drainage system which receives the
    waters of the Great American desert of Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California, stretching
    from Zion Canyon, to the Grand Canyon of Arizona, to the Carson Sink of Nevada, and to
    the Mojave desert of California, through which large subterranean rivers flow.
     source: Letter from Chuck Edwards in THE HIDDEN WORLD, issue A-8 [1962]


•   BELLS COVE - Near the small village [ghost town?] of Bell's Cove is Buck Hill Caverns,
    deep within which explorers reportedly discovered a seemingly bottomless shaft, from
    which emerged the distinct sound of sobbing, or crying and wiling as of a woman in pain.
     source: "The Phantom of Buck Hill Caves", from CORNET magazine, Oct. 1961

•   BLUEMONT - Mt. Weather, in northern Virginia, is a virtual underground city 46 nukes
    from Washington D.C., a C.O.G. [Continuity Of Government] facility, and the hub of the
    FEMA subterranean network [and its underground facilities which exist beneath several
    major airport terminals]. The infrastructure of Mt. Weather includes microwave
    communications systems, a small spring-fed lake, a pair of 250,000 gallon water tanks
    and several ponds, a sewage treatment plant capable of processing 40,000 gallons per
    day, a hospital, cafeterias, a diesel powered electrical generating plant, private living
    quarters and dormitories, closed circuit TV, radio and TV studio, massive super-computing
    facilities which store personal information on millions of Americans, wargame simulators,
    electric cars, etc. Insiders admit that an entire non-representative appointed "back up
    government" lives in residence within Mt. Weather, being entirely unaccountable to the
    citizens of the U.S.A.

     There are several C.O.G. facilities within a 300 mile radius of Washington D.C., with Mt.
     Weather being the central coordinator of this "Federal Arc". At least 96 underground
     C.O.G. facilities exist in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and North
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder; see also MOUNT WEATHER

•   CULPEPER - A couple miles east of Culpeper, just off Rt.3 in northern Virginia, is Mt.
    Pony, beneath which lies a large underground government facility maintained by the
    Federal Reserve and Treasury Dept. The 140,000 sq. ft. facility is said to be supplied with
    water, food, a generator, communications equipment, etc. At least 5 billion dollars worth of
    Federal Reserve notes has been stored under Mt. Pony. The facility also monitors major
    global and banking activity via a "Fed Wire".
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder

•   LANGLEY - At least 7 levels of underground facilities beneath the CIA headquarters,
    some of which contain recovered alien hardware.
     source: confidential

•   TAZEWELL - 6 miles SW of Tazewell is "Devils Slide Cave", from which an unusual
    sounds have been heard to emanate.
     source: TECH TROGLODYTE [NSS affiliate newsletter], Vol.12, No.2

•   WARRENTON - The Warrenton Training Center, and underground relocation center for
    an unspecified Federal Agency. The U.S. Army maintains two underground facilities near
    Warrenton, "Station A" on Rt.802 and "Station B" on Bear Wallow Road, on Viewtree
    mountain. Some suggest that both stations, only a couple miles apart, may be connected
    underneath. Large antennae towers and AT&T microwave facilities suggest an electronics
    communications and computing facility. Security at Station A is reportedly more extreme
    than at Station B.
     source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder

    The House of the Temple, the Scottish Rite Masonic headquarters, sits atop the
    pentagram-like street layout of Washington D.C. and reportedly connects to ancient
    glazed tunnels built by "Atlanteans" in antediluvian times, and also connections to a
    massive cavern called "NOD" where the NSA, Sirians, and other alien species collaborate
    in an agenda of global domination. Several D.C. buildings are reportedly connected by
    underground tunnels, both ancient and modern.
     source: Jon Singer; Richard Toronto; WEIRD AMERICA, by Jim Brandon


•   ELLENSBERG - Mel Waters tells of a "bottomless shaft" in the Madistash Ridge near
    Ellensberg, about 10 feet wide. Also nicknamed Hell's Hole. One man claims to have
    dropped an old refrigerator down the shaft but did not hear it hit. Also reports of military
    men in the area, and residents who were told not to talk about the subject, also rumors
    that the U.S. military paid the discoverer a "fortune" to shut up about shaft and
     source: STRANGE UNIVERSE, April 22, 1997; Art Bell's DREAMLAND radio program

•   FORT LEWIS - Many reports state that the Madigan military hospital 50 miles south of
    Seattle is being used by aliens [reptilian] to process military personnel into an alien
    agenda. The hospital is very high-tech with at least 3 underground levels that are off limits
    to both civilian and military personnel. Many claim that most of the workers at this Army
    hospital are "not human", and a powerful electromagnetic field has been reported within
    and surrounding the hospital area. The nearby Ft. Lewis has been implicated in certain
    New World Order predatory activities.
     source: Article by Val Valerian in THE LEADING EDGE magazine

•   TACOMA - A strange hole in the back yard of Jim and Harriet Johnson's home, which
    "devours" everything thrown into it. Cavers explored the hole and saw 3 cone-shaped
    stones that they could not explain. The Johnson's built a deck over the hole and planned
    to sell the house, after former owners related their own experiences. The original owner
    told of being lowered down the hole only to have his oil lamp sucked out of his hands,
    while another told of filling the hole with marble and 'all kinds of stuff', but the hole
    'erupted' spewing stuff all over. Another filled the hole with old tires, but the hole seemed
    to consume the tires, which began sinking out of site.
       source: EVERETT HERALD [Everett Washington], March 17, 1980

  •   YAKIMA - An alien base reportedly lies below the Yakima Indian Reservation SE of
      Tacoma, Washington.
       source: THE HOLLOW HASSLE Newsletter, Vol.2, No.2

                                             WEST VIRGINIA

  •   BRAXTON/WEBSTER COUNTIES - The area bordered by Newville on the west, Helvetia
      on the east, Cleveland on the north and Hacker Valley on the south [Braxton & Webster
      counties] contain many subsurface anomalies according to the late husband of British
      Canadian Joan Howard, an abductee whose husband did survey work in the area.

       He told of strange caverns in the area with strange sounds of voices and machinery
       emerging from within as if beyond the walls, caves containing strange hieroglyphic
       writings, a pipe that stands out of the ground FAR from any industrial area which ejects a
       gas flame upwards, a cavern with a deep chasm near which at least one man vanished
       [from his sleeping bag at night outside the entrance], and one cavernous labyrinth deep
       within which one man encountered a woman with no hair who spoke to him in an
       unknown language, yet being unable to understand him she gave up and disappeared
       into the depths of the labyrinth.
       source: THE SPACE - OR SOMETHING - CONNECTION, by Joan Howard

  •   POINT PLEASANT - 7 ft. tall reptilian humanoids with 10 ft.-span wings and glowing red
      hypnotic eyes were observed by several dozen witnesses near Point Pleasant and
      surrounding communities in the mid 1960's. One of the most concentrated encounter
      areas was the so-called TNT area where concrete domes led to several miles of
      underground tunnels where explosives were stored during WWII. Some young people
      observed one of the creatures which they chased into one of the "domes" which covered
      the now "capped" tunnel entrances, however when they entered the dome the creature
      had vanished.

       These creatures were described as being something similar to a cross between a
       humanoid and a pterodactyl, and have been referred to as the Mothmen, Winged
       Dracos, Winged Serpents, Gargoyles, or Ciakars. John Keel visited the TNT area
       personally and discovered one large circular area where an almost PHYSICAL
       atmosphere of terror gripped him and did not leave until he left the "circle".
       source: THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, by John A. Keel

  •   WEST VIRGINIA, WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS - A large C.O.G. [Continuity Of
      Government] facility exists beneath the Greenbrier Hotel, containing living quarters to
      house 800 people, meeting rooms and banks of computers and communications
      equipment, 250 miles SW of Washington D.C. in the Allegheny mountains. Also a large
      dormitory, infirmary, shower facilities, television studio, phone booths, dining areas, power
      plant, etc.
       source: UFO Magazine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder
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                                    PART THREE

Atlantis Rising Forum

Recently, Erick von Daniken reported that he'd had been in a network of tunnels that run for
thousands of miles beneath the South American continent. Von Daniken said in the Gold of the
Gods that he had been in the tunnels, accompanied by their discoverer, Juan Moricz, a
Hungarian immigrant who is now a citizen of Argentina. Entrance to the subterranean labyrinth is
somewhere in the province of Morona-Santiago, Ecuador. According to von Daniken, he saw
immense rooms filled with metallic plaques. They constitute a possible record of the ancient
world, according to the Swiss writer.

The first knowledge about these immense underground tunnels came when the Conquistadores
invaded ancient South America. The ex-swineherd, Don Francisco Pizarro, kidnapped the
emperor of the Incas and held him for ransom. Don Francisco drew a red line around the
prisoner's room, nine feet above the floor of the seventeen by twenty-foot room. The Inca stated
he would fill the room with gold in return for his freedom. From his cell in Cajamarca, emperor
Atahualapa ordered his subjects to gather up gold for his ransom.

Before the emperor could be freed, he was killed by Pizarro's soldiers. Learning of the
assassination, the Incas hid their gold. Thousands of llamas loaded with treasure were diverted
away from Cajamarca. It is believed by some treasure hunters that the llama loads of gold were
hidden in these ancient tunnels. Indian legends say the gold was secreted "in such a place that
even we do not know the location."

Among the artifacts that vanished were the mummified bodies of thirteen Inca emperors. They
had sat on golden chairs in the Temple of the Sun at Cuzco, the chairs resting on a huge slab of
gold. Realizing the Spaniards were interested only in riches, the Indians hastened to hide their
sacred objects. Polo de Ondegardo, another of the king's Conquistadores, stumbled across
three mummies of the ancient kings' twenty-six years later. The mummies were stripped of their
jewelry; the bodies were broken into pieces.

The remainder of the mummies have not been found. They are believed to have been hidden in
the tunnels beneath Cuzco and the fortress of Sacsahuaman. The old chroniclers say the tunnels
were connected with the Coricancha, a name given to the sacred area of old Cuzco. In addition
to the Temple of the Sun, this area contained temples dedicated to the moon, lightening, thunder,
Venus, the rainbow and the Pleiades. The area was considered to be sacred to the Incas
because of the riches in this "enclosure of gold."

Around the Temple of the Sun was a yard-wide strip of gold embedded into the stone. The
temple contained an immense sun disc cast from pure gold. The golden disc was attached to the
altar wall of the temple in such a way that the morning sun reflected against the great orb. On
each side of the large disc were two smaller plates. Finally, another large sun disc was situated in
the temple so that it reflected back the rays of the setting sun.

The mummified remains of Inca rulers were placed around the temple decorated with golden
jewelry and precious stones. Near the mummies were large gold plates engraved with a picture
of the Inca as they appeared during life. These were the treasures that eluded the rapacious

The Garden of the Sun was another fantastic hoard that has been lost. Sarmiento (1532-1589)
reported this subterranean garden was located near the Temple of the Sun.
        "They had a garden in which the lumps of earth were pieces of fine gold," he
        reported. "These were cleverly sown with maize - the stalks, leaves and ears of
        which were all pure gold. They were so well planted that nothing would disturb
        them. Besides all this, they had more than twenty sheep with their young. The
        shepherds who guarded the sheep were armed with slings and staves made of
        gold and silver. Pots, vases and every kind of vessel were cast from fine gold."
The important buildings in the Coricancha were connected by underground tunnels with the
fortress of Sacsahuaman. Entrances to these tunnels started at the Chincana, "the place where
one gets lost." As we mention in another chapter of this book, all of the entrances have been
sealed. Too many adventurous treasure hunters were going in to the caverns and disappearing.

After they conquered Peru, the Spaniards destroyed the temples in Cuzco and the church of
Santo Domingo was erected on the site. There is an old legend in Cuzco that a treasure hunter
slipped into the tunnels. In his search for riches, the man became lost and wandered through the
maze of tunnels for several days. One morning, about a week after the adventurer had vanished,
a priest was conducting mass in the church of Santo Domingo.

The priest and his congregation were suddenly astonished to hear sharp rapping on the stone
floor of the church. Several worshippers crossed themselves and murmured about the devil's
demons. The priest quieted his congregation and directed that a large stone slab be removed
form the ancient floor. The group was astonished to see the treasure hunter come up out of the
tunnels carrying a gold bar in each hand.

Dr. A.M. Renwick, dean of the Anglo-Peruvian College in Lima, tells of another temple with
immense subterranean passages. Writing in Wanderings in the Peruvian Andes, Dr Renwick told
his readers of visiting the ancient temple of Chavin in the isolated regions of the Andean
mountains. The temple covers some 30,000 square yards and is fortified. The ruins are situated
across a valley from a stone fortress. Dr. Renwick believed underground tunnels connected these
two structures.

The temple of Chavin is pyramidal in shape, consisting of four stories. The uppermost parts of the
structure have been destroyed. Renwick reported that after considerable effort, his expedition
located the entrance to the ancient tunnels. While the entrance was quite narrow, the tunnels
themselves were large and "commodious."
        "These subterranean corridors are in almost perfect condition," Dr. Renwick

        "The masonry is for the most part, as solid as if built only a few years ago, and
        the passages are so extensive that we were able to spend the whole day
        exploring the recesses of this building which must have been reared three
        thousand years ago. No such walls are built in that region today. The whole is
        liberally supplied with air. In a place where four corridors meet stands the famous
        idol of Chavin, a granite obelisk thirteen and a half feet in height with a diameter
        of over two feet at its widest. It represents a fanged monster, partly jaguar and
        partly human. Here for at least three thousand years must have stood this idol.

        The figure is most carefully engraved in high relief and is adorned with serpents
        and other symbolic figures."
Dr. Renwick said that other commitments prevented a complete investigation of these
subterranean passages. He felt a survey of the tunnels would require at least two years.

Rumors of these massive tunnels were so persistent during the 1850's that a viceroy of Peru
decided to find the entrance. An expedition was outfitted and sent to find an entrance into the
subterranean passages. They were guided by a roughly sketched Inca map that had been
obtained from an unknown source by a Jesuit missionary. The map led the gold hunters into the
rugged terrain of the Huatanay region of Peru.
This was the area where the last of the Incas resisted the Spanish invaders for almost a hundred
years. The Spaniards were under fire by savage Indians. They lost their supplies during a battle
in which huge boulders were sent crashing down from high mountains by the outraged Indians.
Disgusted with the savagery of the country and the hostility of the Indians, the group gave up
their quest and returned to Lima.

Several of the early priests in South America reported hearing deathbed confessions from
converted Inca Christians. Father Pedro del Sancho in a Relacion told of a dying Quichua Indian
who claimed to have been a witness to the ceremonial closing of the tunnels.

Father del Sancho wrote:
        "...My informant was a subject of the Inca emperor. He was held in high esteem
        by those in power at Cuzco. He had been a chieftain of his tribe and made a
        yearly pilgrimage to Cuzco to worship his idolistic gods. It was a custom of the
        Incas to conquer a tribe or nation and take their idols to Cuzco. Those who
        wished to worship their ancient idols were forced to travel to the Inca capital.
        They brought gifts to their heathen idols. They were also expected to pay
        homage to the Inca emperor during these journeys".

        "As he lay dying, the man told me that he was revealing that which no other
        white man had ever been told. When it became apparent that the empire was
        falling to the "white devils" from across the sea, the high priest of the Temple of
        the Sun called a meeting. The men who came together were the highest priests
        of the land. They met with the sorcerers and magicians from Cuzco and other
        outlying towns. Also in attendance were other noble consorts from the court of
        Atahualpa, the last emperor.

        "It had reached the ears of these men that my countrymen were interested in
        gold and silver. Their hatred for the emissaries of his majesty, the king, was
        beyond description. They agreed at this meeting to spirit away as much of their
        riches as could be handled. These treasures were placed in ancient tunnels that
        were in the land when the Incas arrived.

        "Also placed in these subterranean repositories were artifacts and statues
        deemed sacred to the Incas. When the hoard had been placed in the tunnels,
        there was a ceremony conducted by the high priest. Following these rites, the
        entrance to the tunnel was sealed. The opening was concealed in such a
        manner that one could walk within a few feet and never be aware of the

        "My informant said that the entrance lay in his land, the territory which he ruled. It
        was under his direction and with his subjects that the openings were sealed. All
        who were in attendance were sworn to silence under the penalty of death.
        Although I requested more information on the exact location of the entrance, my
        informant refused to divulge more than what has been written down here."
The Russian-born mystic and occultist, Madame Helene H.P. Blavatsky, was traveling in Peru in
1848 when she heard rumors of these ancient tunnels. The founder of Theosophy, Madame
Blavatsky was always interested in unusual events. After leaving Lima, where she heard about
the tunnels, Madame Blavatsky went on to Arica on the frontier between Chile and Peru. She
questioned everyone she met about the tunnels.

Her report reads:
       "We reached Arica, near sunset, and at a certain point on the lonely coast we
       were struck by the appearance of an enormous rock, nearly perpendicular, which
       stood in mournful solitude on that shore, and apart from the cordillera of the
        Andes. As the last rays of the sun strike the face of the rock, one can make out,
        with an ordinary opera glass, curious hieroglyphics inscribed on the volcanic

        "When Cuzco was the capital of old Peru, it contained the Temple of the Sun,
        famed far and near for its magnificence. It was roofed with thick plates of gold
        and its walls were covered with the same precious metal. The eaves troughs,
        carrying off the rainwater, were also made of pure gold. In the west wall, the
        architects had contrived an aperture, in such a way that, when the sunbeams
        reached it, it caught and focused them inside the temple's nave and sanctuary.
        Stretching inside the temple like a golden chain from one sparkling point to
        another, the rays encircled the walls, illuminating the grim idols, and disclosing
        certain mystic signs that were at other times invisible."
By interpreting these mystic signs, according to Madame Blavatsky, the location of the tunnels,
their entrance and how they might be entered could be discerned. She reported these signs were
invisible except on certain days when the sun's rays were focused directly on the inscriptions.

Madame Blavatsky reported the tunnels started at Cuzco and ran underground to Lima, a
distance of around 380 miles by air. At Lima the tunnels turn southward into what is now modern
Bolivia. This is a distance of some thousand miles! She also reported that within the tunnels is a
point where a royal tomb has been constructed. The ancient tomb has been protected by a
couple of enormous slabs of stone that form a door. The huge stone door is constructed in such a
way that no cracks or joints can be seen. Only by reading certain signs can the secret location of
the royal tomb be ascertained.

Exactly where she obtained her information was not mentioned by Madame Blavatsky. However,
she mentioned a secret society of custodians who protect the tunnels. This secret society is
believed by many investigators to exist today, carefully guarding the treasures of the ancients.
However entrance could be obtained to the subterranean labyrinth provided the seeker can
interpret symbols carved on rocks and visible only when the sun hits the stone at a certain angle.

Even if an adventurous person were to find the entrance, the tunnels would be extremely
dangerous to explore. If the Inca's tomb is flanked by huge stone doors that pivot, there must be
a method gaining entrance. The doors may be operated by a hidden mechanism. They might
open when a certain word is spoken, reminiscent of the "open sesame" of the Arabian nights.

We can assume that the ancient builders of the tunnels anticipated possible grave robbers. They
probably created a deadly trap for unwary ghouls. Madame Blavatsky was told during her South
American trip that a thousand soldiers couldn't penetrate into the treasure-laden tomb.

Her informant said:
        "... A thousand soldiers, were they in the tunnel, would be forevermore one with
        the dead, did they attempt to force their way into the treasure tomb of the dead
        Inca. There is no other access to the Arica chamber, but through the hidden door
        in the mountains near the Rio Payquina. Along the entire length of the main
        corridor, from Bolivia to Lima and royal Cuzco, are smaller hiding places filled
        with treasures of gold and gems and jewels, that are the accumulation of many
        generations of Incas. The aggregate value of the treasures is beyond the power
        of man to estimate."
Nearly a hundred years ago, Madame Blavatsky claimed to have an accurate map of the tunnels.
        "We had in our possession an accurate map of the tunnels, the sepulcher, the
        great treasure chamber and the hidden, pivoted rock doors," she stated.

        "It was given to us by an old Peruvian; but if we had ever thought of profiting
        from the secret it would have required the co-operation of the Peruvian and
        Bolivian governments on an extensive scale. To say nothing of physical
        obstacles, no one individual or small party could undertake such an exploration
        without encountering an army of brigands and smugglers with which the coast is
        infested, and which, in fact, includes nearly the entire population. The mere task
        of purifying the mephitic air of the tunnel not entered for centuries would also be
        a serious one. There the treasure lies, and tradition says it will lie until the last
        vestige of the Spanish rule disappears from the whole of North and South
When Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Martinique, a story of similar tunnels was
brought to his attention. The Carib Indians told the Spanish about the Amazon women who lived
without men. Columbus and his crew were informed that these women would hide in ancient
subterranean tunnels if they were bothered by men. If their persistent suitors followed them into
the tunnels, the Amazons cooled their passions with a flurry of arrows from their strong bows.

The concept of vast underground passages is enough to boggle the mind. That such tunnels
could be constructed indicates a science in pre-Inca or Inca days. It means there was a
technology capable of building a labyrinth beneath the earth.

And for what purpose? It is one thing to construct an underground shelter in the event of a
catastrophe. Such a cavern, man-made or naturally formed, would provide safe refuge against an
impending disaster. To construct tunnels that run for a hundred or a thousand miles beneath the
South American continent is beyond the boundaries of present knowledge.

But many people persist in hunting for the caverns. I have corresponded with and met several
people who search for the tunnel entrance. Some are wild-eyed visionaries with a fanatical gleam
in their eyes. A few are mentally disturbed individuals. Others are quick-buck opportunists out to
fleece anyone who will put up funds for the funds for an expedition.

A sampling of the correspondence includes this letter from a Brazilian physician who spends his
vacation time hunting for the tunnels.

He writes:
        "... English Explorer, Colonel Fawcett, disappeared in the jungles several years
        ago. He was searching for a tunnel entrance into the subterranean world in the
        Rancador mountains when he vanished. Reports from that part of Brazil indicate
        that Fawcett and his son, Jack and their companion were living in a cavern city
        beneath the mountains. They were well treated, according to these reports, but
        they were not allowed to return to the surface because they might reveal the
        location of the entrance.

        "The entrance to the cavern city is carefully guarded by the Murcego Indians.
        They are a ferocious, dark-skinned tribe with a highly developed sense of smell.
        You must obtain their approval before you enter the caverns. However, should
        they decide you are not worthy to share the secret, you will not be allowed to
        return to civilization.

        "There is a legend in Brazil that the subterranean cities were constructed by the
        survivors of Atlantis. We don't know if the present inhabitants are the
        descendants of the Atlanteans, or whether they died and another race wandered
        into the tunnels and settled in the city."
Francisco Pizarro found tunnel entrances that had been closed with gigantic slabs of stone during
the campaign against the Incas. Pizarro located these entrances at a height of 22,000 feet on
Huascaran, the sacred mountain of the Incas. History doesn't tell if he succeeded in entering the
cavern or what he found there.

These caves were forgotten until 1971 when a group of South American spelunkers organized an
expedition to explore the caverns. They arrived at the Peruvian village of Otuzco.
The group was equipped with winches, miners lamps, ropes, cables, and battery-powered
flashlights. Two hundred feet below the surface, the group found their progress blocked by
several huge slabs of stone. It took the efforts of four men to push these doors open, pivoting the
slabs on stone balls that acted as guides.

A report on what they discovered indicates history may need to be revised. A Peruvian periodical
        "The tunnels found behind the stone slab doors would test the ingenuity of
        today's largest and best equipped contractors. These tunnels lead toward the
        seacoast angling away at a slope of 14 degrees. The floor of the tunnel is made
        from stone slabs. These stones have been mortised and grooved to fit together.
        They have been marked in such a manner that they are slip-proof.

        "The tunnels extend for an estimated sixty miles and end some eighty feet below
        sea level where they are flooded with seawater. It is believed that the tunnel may
        have run beyond the coast, under the ocean, and onto an island off the coast. To
        date, the speleologists have not ventured beyond the spot where the tunnels are

        "Scholars point out that the skills needed to construct these tunnels was beyond
        the knowledge of the natives of ancient Peru. Exactly who built the tunnel and
        why, remains a mystery."
Perhaps the mystery of the tunnels will be solved someday in the future. Until then, we might
consider that these structures were probably in South America prior to the reign of the Incas.
Some scholars have suggested that the tunnels were built by the Atlaneans. Others have
speculated that an unknown race that existed before the flood constructed the tunnels.

Still others debate the possibility that the tunnels were made by the unknown builders of
Tiahuanaco and other megalithic stone-works. It is rumored, but not proven, that subterranean
tunnels can be found under the ruins of Tiahuanaco, that the passages spread out from those
ruins to other points on the continent.

Peter Cristobal de Molina, a Spanish chronicler in the 15th century, tried to penetrate the mystery
of the Inca tunnels. In Ritos y Fabulas de los Incas, Molina reported a South American legend
about the creator of mankind leaving the surface and going into an underground paradise. The
father of humanity did this after his work was complete.

This secret retreat for the "God" or "gods" of old South America was the origin of many culture
bearers and teachers who pop up periodically throughout history.

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