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 Volume # 8 - ISSUE #5 - May 2010
                  NOTES FROM THE FRONT SEAT                                                             MUSINGS FROM THE HOUSE OF
                  Claude “No-chrome” & Deloris Mitchell                                                 CHROME
                                                                                                        Ed (Mo-chrome)& B.J. Raiford, A.C.Ds.
                                                                                                         Hello Winter Escapees,
                Spring has Sprung, and despite the chilly                                                Time to finally say hello to some "nice" weather. Thanks to
weather I would say that most of you have had your bikes out                       those who were able to do their bike inspection, and thanks to Charles for the
riding. With that I will say the following, it early in the season                 garage space. To those unable to make it, hope you can find the time do the
and there have been too many funerals this month. So keep                          same before taking to the highways. It was very good to see Earl up and about at
                                                                                   breakfast, and recovering well. It was also good to see "Brother" up and out.
your head in a swivel, and ride like EVERYONE, EVERY                               Everyone, let's try to remember to check on one another whenever possible.
CAR, or truck is trying to get you.
                                                                                   Hope we are able to do some visiting to functions of other chapter's this year as
The first ride of the year got off successfully, if rather chilly.                 a group. The call people will keep us all informed in advance. Thanks also to the
                                                                                   call people for doing a good job.
Leroy and I drive (he got cold, not me) to the Iron Pony Store in                  RIDE SAFELY, RIDE OFTEN, RIDE WITH H2.
Columbus Ohio. If you couldn't go you missed a great shopping
trip. Iron Pony has LOTS of stuff, more than I can describe in                     Ed & B.J. Raiford, A.C.D.s
this article. Leave it to say I would strongly advise you to go on
Conrad's trip this month.                                                          MEDIC FIRST-AID
                                                                                   Bj Raiford
Speaking of Columbus, while your there BE
SURE and stop at the AMA Motorcycle mu-
seum, the admission is 9 bucks if you’re a mem-                                    Greetings        Spring Chickens,
ber of a National organization. And it is WELL                                     Time to take several deep breaths, fill those lungs
worth it. This months display is “Moto-Stars”.                                     with fresh air, take in a large glass of water and get ready to
It was a real kick to see the Police bike ridden in
                                                                                   stretch. Due to the fact most of us are over 25       we should, as
the Terminator2 , and the Bike Will Smith rode
                                                                                   in regular exercise routines, do some stretching before we begin
in I, Robot. (PS the Chopper bike from Easy
                                                                                   to ride. We can all probably use a little time, to ask our bodies to
Rider is there also). This exhibit closes at the end of this month,
                                                                                   do something it hasn't done for a while.
so get a move on. Second on display were the bikes of Arlen
Ness, King of choppers. With his one of a kind Aston-Martin
                                                                                   It would also be a good time to check whatever meds you may
bike that was built for the Bond movie “Quantum of Solace”
                                                                                   have in your travel gear, whether over the counter, or Rx for
starring Daniel
                                                                                   expiration dates. This also includes toothpaste. Make sure you
                                                                                   repack with new sunscreen,and any special bug bite antidote
                                                                                   you may carry. Here's to a good kickoff to riding season. Stay
I regret to inform
                                                                                   safe, stay healthy.
you that James Ban-
nerman, had a
                                                                                   B.J. Raiford, Medic First-Aid
stroke. He's doing
better, but give him
a call. Jamie is un-
der the weather, and                                                                                AROUND THE GARAGE WITH VERN
last week went under                                                                                Vernon Henderson
the knife we all wish
her well. His wife,                                                                                 If it ain’t broke…
                                                                                                    Don’t Fix it….
                                                        (Continued on page 8)

                                                                 GWRRA NATIONAL OFFICERS
  GWRRA National Exec. Dir.: ..... Melissa Eason .................. 21423 N. 11th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85027 ........... 623-581-2500......
      Region “D” Directors: ..... Ron and Dianna Miller ..... 847 S. CLINTON ST,STOCKBRIDGE, MI 49285 ... 517-851-7276......
          District Directors: ..... Linda & John Frank ......... 5256 Victoria St. Groveport, Ohio 43125 ......... 614-409-9178 .....
    North East Assistant DD: ..... Mike & Lisa Ashcraft ...... 444 Forest St. N. E. Warren, Ohio 44483.......... 330-399-5350......

                                                                                       H2 OFFICERS
               Chapter Director: ... Claude “No-chrome” & Deloris Mitchell .... 216-223-8384 ...
               Assistant Director: ... Ed “Mo-chrome” & Bj Raiford..................... 216-533-9840 ...
                       Treasurer: ... Lamoyne Porter
              Chapter Educators: ... Vern & Winnie Henderson ........................... 216-571-4310 ...
                     M.A. / M.E.: ... Leroy & Rochelle Brown ............................. 330-388-0029
                       Historian: ... John Robinson .............................................. 216-752-4383
             MEETING LOCATION:                                                                                     AFFILLIATED WEB SITES
             Every 4th Sunday @ 1:00pm (date: Sunday May 23rd, 2010)                                                  Chapter:
             Location: Beachwood Public Library25501 Shaker Blvd, Beachwood, Ohio                                        Ohio:
             BREAKFAST GET TOGETHER: Every 2nd Sunday—See website for time & location                              Region “D”:
 2                                                                                                                   National:
                                                                           FROM YOUR CHAPTER
                                                                           Vernon & Winnie Henderson - Rider Educators

                                                                           I know some of you are taking advantage of this great weather.
                                                                           Just reminding you to be aware of following too close, and stay
                                                                           off the cell phone. I hope if you weren’t able to attend the mo-
                                                                           torcycle check, that you will do it with a friend, or just yourself.
                                                                           This is good practice. This is also good prac-
          Only 1 Month Left to Pre-Register and Save $$$!                  tice to check your motorcycle as you wash it.
                   Early registration ends May 17th!                       You will be surprise how many things that can
                     Register today to save money!                         be caught doing this. Safety is to be taken seri-
•       Prices will go up so don't wait, take advantage of the early-      ously.
        bird discounts; register online today and prepare to Meet in
        the Middle!                                                      After saying all of this, it would be nice if more of us would
•       Your Wing Ding 32 Souvenir T-shirts are                          sign up for the Ohio GWRRA Rider Course being offer. They
        ready to order! Register online today and                        begin at 8:45 a.m. and end approximately at 5:00 p.m., and in-
        save even more!                                                  clude classroom as well actually riding on a motorcycle. To
•       We have already had over 900 people                              take the class you must me a current member, wear full protec-
        register for the BBQ dinner prior to the                         tive gear, valid operator’s license with motorcycle endorsement,
        J&M Evening Entertainment on Wednes-                             proof of insurance, cost is $30.00 per bike, (non-refundable
        day, June 30th! J&M will again be raffling off some great        unless cancelled by GWRRA), or trike, and will not be can-
        prizes to benefit the Children & Families of Iowa. The eve-      celled because of rain.
        nings entertainment, renowned comedian Kermet Apio, will
        have you laughing out of your seat! The entertainment,           As soon as I get a new directory, I will be calling for you to sign
        sponsored by J&M Corporation, is FREE to all registered          up for the Level program. It cost nothing to join unless you
        attendees but priority seating will AMERICAN                                                 want a patch. It would be nice if I
        go to those who join in the BBQ MOTORCYCLIST                                                 could get our group to be a 100 percent
        dinner beforehand so don't wait, ASSOCIATION                                                 at least for level one. Level one is just
        register today! (Tickets for the     Vern & Winnie Henderson                                 a commitment to ride safe. This is
        dinner portion sold through pre- Field Representative # 909                                  something I believe we do already.
        registration only)
                                             4640 E. 153rd Street,                                   If you know of a traffic signal that is
•       With a great Welcome Party, 500 Cleveland, OH 44128
        booth indoor trade show, live        216-571-4310 (H)
                                                                                                     not triggered by your motorcycle, call
        stunt shows by Guinness World
                                                                                                     614-387-0722 to report this to DOT,
        Record Holder Clint Ewing, great                                       they are becoming friendlier to motor-
        prizes and giveaways including                                                               cycle riders, especially since some of
        $10,000 cash, manufacturer                                                                   them ride motorcycles.
        demo's, an indoor bike show*, parades, great food, free          .
        entertainment, fun, friends and much more, you won't want        Be safe and have fun!!
        to miss out!
•       Your numbered armband with your full registration also           Vernon and Winifred Henderson
        gives you a chance at great prizes such as:                      Chapter Educator
        • Roadsmith Trike Conversion kit from the Trike Shop
        • GLT Trailer by Thoroughbred Motorsports and Motor
        • Set of Arai helmets with integrated headsets by J&M
        • and more!                                                      Northshore wings
        • You must be a full-registered attendee and must be pre-        2010
            sent to win! Don't miss out!
        • * Bike Show is                                                 Couple of the
           limited to 98
           entries total -                                                 year
           see below for
           more info                                                       Dennis & Kendra
                                                   (Continued on page 4)

(Continued from page 3)                                                cost you a pretty penny at $490.00, but that could potentially
•    Rider Safety Courses Still Available! The GWRRA Rider             save your life on the road. Comprising a carbon-fiber lid, the
     Education Program (REP) is intended to make the motorcy-          lining contains two lightweight chemical packs--one water, the
     cle riding environment safer by reducing injuries and fa-         other ammonium nitrate--which mix together on impact, acting
     talities and increasing motorcyclist skills and aware-            like an instant ice pack. This cools the brain, reducing the risk of
     ness. The REP does not propose to have all the an-                brain trauma and saving the lives of road warriors who commute
     swers. However, our close-working relationship with the           on two wheels.
     Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), as well as additional                   Inventor Jullian Pre-
     GWRRA programs and studies, has provided a wealth of              ston-Powers is already working
     information for use in establishing a comprehensive Rider         on a more sophisticated edition.
     Education Program.                                                Costing $815.00, this version
     Options are still available if you would like to sign-up for      will come with a video camera,
     the Rider Safety Course of your choice taught by a Certified      GPS, and Bluetooth, and be out
     Instructor during Wing Ding. Register for Wing Ding               in the U.K. come July.
     online and you can choose the class, time and day of your
                                                                       Motorcycle Packing Tips:
                                                                       It isn't just what you take on that motorcycle
                                                                       road trip, it's how you pack it.
Mottorcycle helmet                                                     By Art Friedman.
It is a revolutionary brain cooling helmet                             From the April 1999 & February 2009 issue of Motorcycle
technology that could save your life. Riding                           Cruiser
without ThermaHelm™ technology is like
driving without an airbag.                                             As you prepare to head out for a week on the road, you will
Head injuries occur in 80% of all motorcy-                             probably discover very quickly that a pair of saddlebags isn't
clist fatalities. A key factor in these injuries                       going to be enough, especially if you are traveling with a pas-
is brain swelling inside the helmet and the                            senger. The average saddlebag will absorb a change of under-
response time to address the issue. ThermaHelm™ technology             wear and socks, a few shirts, a pair or maybe two of clean jeans,
helps to mitigate this problem by cooling the rider's head post-       toiletries, medications, a sweatshirt for cold mornings, a heavier
accident.                                                              set of gloves for the same, a compact rain suit and a few maps.
           A standard helmet acts like an insulator. The polysty-      A few hundred other things might fit your definition of necessi-
rene foam found in ALL motorcycle helmets is the same white            ties: cell phone, camping gear, first-aid kit, electric clothing, a
foam that in installed in the walls of ALL refrigerators and port-     change of shoes, sunglasses, cap, hair dryer, additional over-
able coolers. It's the perfect energy absorber...and insulator. The    clothes, camera, other tools and supplies for bike maintenance
helmet acts like an oven to an already hot, sweaty head causing        and repair, personal organizer, water bottles, snacks, other ap-
post accident brain temperatures to potentially reach a fatal          parel to resist weather changes (rain covers for you or luggage,
threshold.                                                             long underwear, neck covers), travel guides—the list may seem
           This is how motor-                                          endless.
cycle riders can die. Ther-
maHelm™ technology works                                               A wise motorcyclist selects his or her significant other by his or
by triggering an endothermic                                           her ability to pack lightly, but even that quality won't be enough
chemical reaction inside the                                           to solve the packing dilemma if you are camping out for 10
helmet lining at the moment                                            days. And there is no way a set of golf clubs is going to slip
of impact. The helmet imme-                                            gracefully into your luggage.
diately cools the motorcy-                                             You will start looking around the bike for places to strap stuff
clists head, keeping it cold                                           on. I can tell you there are quite a few. I once made a three-
even before the emergency services could have been called.             week camping trip with a girlfriend during the winter on a
           The technology is fitted to the very best existing motor-   smallish bike with
cycle helmets that have passed stringent safety tests. By com-         no saddlebags or
bining these quality helmets with this revolutionary brain cool-       luggage rack. One
ing device, ThermaHelm™ can give a much needed lifeline to             sleeping bag went
victims of motorcycle accidents.                                       in front of the in-
It's Eureka moments like these that make for great stories. Two        struments. The
Brit pals play basketball. Elbow of friend meets head of buddy.        other, along with
Ice packs get handed out for injuries. Friend dumps pack in            most our clothes,
buddy's motorcycle helmet to relieve chilled fingers. Buddy            got strapped on the
accidentally dons helmet with ice pack inside. And instead of          seat rail behind her. The heavy stuff went on the gas tank,
bobbing (hitting) friend one on chin, exclaims how good it feels.      though I didn't have an actual tank bag (which were virtually
Light bulb goes off as friend conceives of brain-cooling helmet        unheard of in those days). Of course, I was thinner then, and we
that could save biker lives.                                           had to wash clothes frequently.
  4        So there we have it, one ThermaHelm helmet that will
                                                                                                                        (Continued on page 5)
(Continued from page 4)                                                                           Spring 2010 Rider Education offerings
Packing up the touring cruis-
ers for our trip to Arizona                                                                       24-Apr          ERC .......... Fremont
reminded us of some of the                                                                        25-Apr          ERC .......... Fremont
challenges of packing a mo-
torcycle. Here are a few                                                                          MAY
                                                                                                  1-May          ARC .......... Marietta
points to consider when you                                                                       1-May          TRC .......... Marietta
are trying to figure out how
to take it all with you.                                                                          2-May          ARC .......... Marietta
                                                                                                  2-May          TRC .......... Marietta
Making room:                                                                                      15-May         ARC .......... Streetsboro
When you are traveling two-                                                                       15-May         TRC .......... Streetsboro
up, a luggage rack is almost essential. On bikes with hard sad-
                                                                                                  16-May         ARC .......... Streetsboro
dlebags, top racks for the bags may be another option, particu-
                                                                                                  16-May        Trailer .......... Streetsboro
larly if—as on the Nomad—the closure is on the side of the
bags.                                                                                             22-May         ARC .......... Mansfield
Don't block airflow to the engine: I am amazed by people who                                      22-May         TRC .......... Mansfield
bungee a sleeping bag to their front fender or hang a large fork
                                                                                                  23-May         ARC .......... Mansfield
bag under the headlight. The engine relies on cooling air that                                    23-May         TRC .......... Mansfield
comes across the top of the fender and down past the headlight.
This is especially true on bikes with fat front tires and fenders.         MAY - JUNE
That sleeping bag may keep your engine even warmer than it
keeps you.                                                                 Birthdays
                                                                           Leroy Brpwn - 5/30
Remember mass-centralization:                                              Deloris Mitchell - 6/13
Mass centralization simply means that keeping the mass as close            Jamie Plicka - 6/14
to the motorcycle's center of gravity (CG) as possible. The CG             Vern Henderson - 6/27
is usually somewhere near the top of the transmission case.
When you start placing weight far from that point, you will feel
repercussions in the handling response of the bike. A heavy tool                                Anniversaries
bag strapped atop a sissy bar will screw things up. A light sleep-                              Jesse & Joan Smith - 5/25
ing bag, though it may be bulkier, will have a lesser effect. The                               Claude & Deloris Mitchell - 6/24
ideal places to put heavy items so that their weight doesn't de-
grade handling are on top of the fuel tank or in a saddlebag
(preferably low and toward the front). The next best location is
on the seat close behind you. Racks, trunks and the area up by
                                                                           MOTORTRIKE BY BLACKBURN’S INC.
the headlight are best reserved for lighter items, though a light
                                                                           The OHIO home of
but bulky object like a sleeping bag can make a good windbreak
                                                                           The Stallion By Thoroughbred motors
up front. Tank bags are not really suitable for cruisers with tank-
                                                                            1410 Medina Rd., Medina, Ohio
top instruments. Even if you are riding with people you trust and
don't need to consult your speedometer, you still need to see the
                                                                           800-424-0008 or 330-239-1926
warning lights. Limit your tank-top luggage on such bikes to
                                                                           Fax 330-239-1665
mini tank bags or a tank-divider strip with a pocket.
                                                                           HONDA / HARLEY / NEW 750
                                                                           SHADOW - ORDER OR READY TO
Observe load limits:
You will find many load limits for your bike and gear. These
reflect the concern of motorcycle and luggage makers about the
potential dangers of overloading or incorrect load placement.
Your owner's manual and the VIN plate both list GVWR (gross
vehicle weight rating), the maximum total weight of bike, fluids,
                                                   (Continued on page 6)

                King’s Car Wash and Detail
                at the Hampton
                27040 Cedar Road
                Beachwood, Ohio 44122                                        41997 Irwin - Harrison Twp, MI 48045
                                                Phone (216) 595-1165         ph: (586) 291 - 9188 -
                                                 Fax (216) 595-1166
                     Hours: Weekdays 9am - 7pm / Saturday 9am – 5pm
 5                   Let Us Keep Your Vehicle Looking Like New
(Continued from page 5)                                                                                    bags, you might set the contents
riders and luggage that the                                                                                on fire. On cruisers with the
manufacturer recommends.                                                                                   exhaust system on one side, you
There is also a GAWR (the A                                                                                may have to hang the bags un-
stands for axle) for front and                                                                             evenly to keep the right one out
rear wheels. Our spec charts can                                                                           of harm's way.
help you determine if you are                                                                              Drive chains are another possi-
close to these. We list total ve-                                                                          ble danger point. Remember that
hicle wet weight and the percent                                                                           the bag comes closer to a chain
of that figure that rests on the rear wheel. Although anything            or belt as the suspension compresses. Be sure there's still some
you add will fall on both axles, more will rest on the axle it is         space between the bag and the chain, even with the rear suspen-
closer to. A passenger sitting well back on the seat will be car-         sion fully compressed. If there are straps or fringe on your bags,
ried almost entirely by the rear suspension. A tank bag will be           make sure they can't possibly get into the chain or belt, which
split pretty evenly.                                                      could cause a very sudden and unexpected stop when the bag
Will your bike self-destruct if you overload it? No, but braking          gets pulled into the works.
distances will increase, handling will become awkward, suspen-
sion and wheels will be overworked and may wear, and tires                Use extra straps:
will get hot—which at the least means greater wear and at the             Speaking as someone who has crashed when a tail bag slipped
worst could cause a blowout.                                              into his rear wheel, I can assure you that an extra bit of security
                                                                          is worth the small inconvenience. In my case, a built-in bungee
Tires also have maximum load ratings. Most saddle, tail and               cord pulled free from the tail bag, causing the bungees on the
tank bags (standard or aftermarket) list a maximum load. Yes,             other side to pull it toward them, off the seat and into the tire.
these figures are probably created with a lot of consideration for        The bike stopped like someone had put a tire iron in the rear
liability. But if you never exceed them, you'll probably never            wheel. Now my entire luggage gets more straps than it seems to
suffer consequences that will make think about liability.                 require. This includes soft saddlebags, which I will secure with
                                                                          a bungee around them or between the tops. And, after losing a
Increase tire pressure to compensate:                                     bag on each of our last two test bikes, nobody here would think
It's the air in the tire, not the tire itself, that supports the weight   of riding a Harley Convertible without an extra strap or bungee
of the bike and its cargo. As a result, you need to increase air          anchoring the saddlebags. For extra security, run the bungee
pressure to the upper limit when you put a lot of load on the             through the handle or other loop on a bag you are tying down.
bike. Pressures should be checked when the tires are stone cold,          This helps to keep the bag from sliding around or even out from
even if you have to ride somewhere to add air. Riding with an             under the bungee. It also provides extra retention if the other
under-inflated tire causes it to heat up rapidly, which can cause         cord(s) holding the bag down go AWOL.
the tire to come apart, especially when it is overloaded.                 I learned to avoid tired or cheap bungee cords long ago (I buy
                                                                          them in the economy pack at Costco now), and I always bring a
Add-on saddlebags might require bag guards: I have seen                   few extras for unexpected acquisitions or problems. Bungee nets
plenty of saddlebags that arrived at their destination                    are also extremely versatile and offer excellent security.
ns with tire burns even though they seemed to hang well clear of
the tire. Wind pressure, forces applied by the rider or passenger,        Ready for rain:
or shifting during the ride can move bags against or into the             If your luggage isn't waterproof, lining it with a large trash bag
wheel. The latter can be disastrous.                                      will keep everything dry. This is even useful on some over-
Almost every cruiser on the market can be fitted with accessory           packed hard bags where the top bulges enough to admit water.
bag guards—thin loops of (usually chromed) tubing that drop                                                                (Continued on page 7)
down below the rear fender to keep the bags from swinging into
the tire. These also provide additional mounting points to help
anchor your bags. Unless your bags ride high right next to the
saddle, these guards are a good investment.

Avoid exhaust pipes and chains:
During one comparison test I was involved in a number of years
ago, a manufacturer-installed accessory hard saddlebag on one
of the bikes caught fire because it was installed too close to the                                     7580 Northfield Rd.
muffler. One rider lost all his clean clothing and some other                                         Walton Hills, Ohio 44146
possessions as well. This is more likely to be a problem with                                              Phone:440-439-7911
                                                                                                            Fax: 440-439-7913
soft saddlebags. Soft bags often shift or sag and touch the pipe                                         Hours: Weekdays 7:30-5:30
even though they seem to be safely above the pipe when they                                                 Saturdays 9:00-1:30
are originally installed. Besides the fire danger, it will destroy
the bag and—if you are using synthetic bags leave an almost
impervious blob of melted plastic on the pipe. Even with leather

(Continued from page 6)
Keep rain gear where you can get to it quickly if there is any
chance of precipitation.

The right saddlebag is more accessible:
Getting into your left saddlebag on the roadside may put you too
close to passing traffic. Put your nighttime needs in the left bag
and put the things (especially emergency items) you could need
while riding in the right bag or an equally accessible bag on the
seat or tank. Since it's on the high side when the bike is on the
side stand, the right bag is usually easier to reach.

Protect paint:
Any point where the luggage or its straps touches a painted sur-
face should be protected. You can use duct tape, masking tape
or clear contact paper to prevent scuffing the paint or other
coated surface. If you wax the area before applying the protec-
tive layer, the tape or contact paper will peel off easily later.
Since so few cruisers have bungee-cord anchor points, you may
find that you have to hook them around the rear fender. Even
though they are plastic coated, bungee hooks can still scratch the
paint. Some riders take a section of small plastic or rubber tub-
ing, slit it along its length and slip it over the edge of the rear   Upcoming Events for ...
fender to buffer the hooks that hold the bungee cord in place.
Backpacks and waist packs:                                            Advance Rider class       5/1/2010    Marietta, Oh
If you have some lightweight items that you want with you             Trike class               5/1/2010    Marietta, Oh
when you get off the bike, this is a good way to tote them. On
rides where we are swapping bikes, we also like to carry on our       Advance Rider class       5/2/2010    Marietta, Oh
persons any necessities like cell phones, maps, rain gear, and        Breakfast meeting         5/2/2010    To be determined
anything we might need if we get separated from the group. Soft       Trike class               5/2/2010    Marietta, Oh
items might also function as padding in a fall, but something big
and hard could be an injury mechanism. Of course, carrying            Advance Rider class       5/15/2010   Streetsboro, Oh
something heavy in a backpack can fatigue you, unless it rests        Trike class               5/15/2010   Streetsboro, Oh
on the seat or luggage behind you while riding.
                                                                      Advance Rider class       5/16/2010   Streetsboro, Oh
Trailers:                                                             Trailer class             5/16/2010   Streetsboro, Oh
I have never experienced a bike-trailer combination that I en-
joyed. If you need to tote that much, it may be time to consider a    Advance Rider class       5/22/2010   Mansfield, Oh
car. Although trailer enthusiasts say you never know they are         Trike class               5/22/2010   Mansfield, Oh
there, I certainly do and I don't like it. Attempting a hard stop
with a trailer, particularly in a turn or the rain, would give new    Advance Rider class       5/23/2010   Mansfield, Oh
meaning to the term "panic stop."                                     Monthly Meetings          5/23/2010   Beachwood Library
                                                                      Trike class               5/23/2010   Mansfield, Oh
Adjust to the handling of the changed bike:
Your motorcycle's handling and braking will be changed for the        Ride to Rolling Thunder
worse with the extra weight aboard. Be sure to stiffen suspen-        Washington D.C.           5/27/2010   Washington D.C.
sion settings to accommodate it. Before you head out, take a few      Spring Wing Warm Up       5/27/2010   Greensburg, IN
minutes, preferably in a vacant parking lot, to get a feel for the
changes. Low-speed handling may be the most noticeable differ-
ence, but your braking distance will increase and you will lose a
measure of your maximum acceleration. If you are using a tank
bag, it may interfere with the handlebar at full-lock. Find out
what has changed before you have to respond to it in traffic.

(Continued from page 2)
is asking for help in selling his Bikes (yes the 1100 with the
Gold plating) I will keep you informed when the details become
available. (Give him a call)                                         GOOD TURN TRIKE PROGRAM
                                                                     Over the years, Lehman Trikes has donated many Trikes to indi-
Winnie will be calling everyone for their 2010 starting mileage,     viduals under the name of
AND bugging (with love) you to                                       “Good Turn Trike”.
join the Levels program. As CD it                                    At Lehman Trikes USA, Inc., we
behooves me to lead, so I joined up.                                 understand the passion for the
It don’t cost you NUTHIN… unless                                     open road, and as the Leader of
you want the patches.                                                the Three World, we know how
So please, make us all proud!!!! Join                                important that feeling of freedom is and what it can bring to a
up!!!!                                                               person’s life.

ANNOUNCING our NEW 2010                                              PROGRAM OVERVIEW
and 4 wheel ride coordinators…                                       Good Turn Trike has been established as a yearly program
Charles & Karen King.                                                where Lehman Trikes USA, Inc., with the help of its dealer
They have GRACIOUSLY taken the load off me in keeping                principles, will donate a trike conversion to an individual per-
track of the chapter rides and events. If you have a ride coming     son, organization, or company for the purpose of goodwill and
up, of ANY type, CALL them first with the details, such as des-      promotion. The trike conversion is generously installed on
tination, departure time / date, departure location. IF YOU          the recipient’s personal motorcycle. The purpose of Good Turn
CALL ME I will just tell you to call Charles. If you are driving     Trike is to allow anyone with a love for motorcycles to keep
then let him know so he can tell Karen. I will take all ride no-     riding despite physical or financial means and to pay recogni-
tices through HIM. This is important especially for the H2 bucks     tion to the people who go above and beyond, who overcome
and mileage awards.                                                  adversity, and who strive to make a difference in this world.
We started a 4 wheel ride coordinator to encourage some of the       CANDIDATE QUALIFICATIONS
spouses that may want to attend our trips, but do not wish to ride   • Candidates must be at least 21 years of age.
the bikes, They should be able to enjoy the trip and fun also.
So involvement is the word!!!                                        APPLICATION/SUBMISSION PROCESS
                                                                     1. - All potential candidates must:
Are there any suggestions for the Christmas party locations,              2. Complete an application form
please let Ed or Bj know, and we will see what we can do (no              3. Be willing to sign a release of liability waiver
promises).                                                                4. Be willing to volunteer any and all information needed
                                                                               for Lehman Trikes to conduct a personal background
Bike night has started up and Quaker Steak and Lube…                           check
I will be there EVERY week weather permitting hope to see you             5. Complete an essay addressing the following topics:
all there sometime during the summer months.                                        A) Who they are and their accomplishments
                                                                                    B) Why they want/need a Lehman Trike
Well it 11:00pm, and as usual I am sitting up doing the newslet-                    C) What the trike would bring to their life
ter on the night before the meeting. This has got to stop!!!!!       - All information must be fully completed and submitted in writ-
I'm going to bed…                                                    ing to Lehman Trikes USA, Inc.
See ya all tomorrow morning!!!!                                      postmarked no later than the 30th of April for each fiscal year.
                                                                     - Applications received after the deadline will be carried over
PS I know this isn't a GoldWing, but put this under the “we all      for consideration for the next fiscal
ride together “ category. Has anyone seen the NEW Victory            year.
Vision trike from Lehman….                                           SELECTION PROCESS
All I can say is                                                     - All complete applications received by the deadline will be
                                                                     reviewed by an anonymous panel.
WOW!!!!!!                                                            - The candidate will be chosen on the basis of need and potential
                                                                     - Candidate selection will be decided by the 31st of May for
                                                                     each fiscal year.
                                                                              QUESTIONS/APPLICATION SUBMISSIONS
                                                                                         Lehman Trikes USA, Inc.
                                                                                       c/o Good Turn Trike Program
                                                                                             125 Industrial Dr.
                                                                                            Spearfish, SD 57783
                                                                                           Phone: (605) 642-2111
                                                                                            Fax: (605) 642-1184

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