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Store4living Black Activated Carbon Carving by ateliving


Store4living Black Activated Carbon Carving

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               Black Activated Carbon Carving
                                                      -- Healthcare & Ornamental Items

Activated carbon Carving is a high grade of modern art crafts, but also people's health defender. It is set
interior decoration and environmental protection in one of modern high-tech products.

Description: Black Activated carbon Carving to overcome the practical application of activated carbon
powder in the short life and the shortcomings of secondary pollution, the activated carbon molding difficult
to overcome this technical problem so that the product purity higher than 99%, even adsorption value
More than military standards.

Product features:
Black Activated carbon Carving could absorb substantially toxic gases in the air, (formaldehyde, benzene
and its compounds, carbon monoxide, ammonia, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, etc.), smoke, smell, etc. It can
effectively clean up the air, eliminate pollution, effectively adjust the indoor Humidity, and safeguard
human health, landscaping space.

Black Activated carbon Carving is made from high quality, with traditional hand-carving process and
silicon precious natural coloring pigments, color ancient natural, given the quaint appearance of high-tech
products and a strong culture is the activated carbon molding technology with traditional carving the
perfect combination.

It’s a multi-functional green product with clean air and beautifies the environment, Concerning about
public health in both the decorative features at the same time.

Product structure characteristics:
Black Activated carbon Carving is with well-developed pore structure.
Black Activated carbon from outside to in the absorption structure can be divided into three-tiers: The first
level for the spread of the big hole in the surface, the second-level largest ground-level branches of the
transition hole, the third ground-level branches of the micro-hole transition Hole.

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Products adsorption principle:
Mainly physical adsorption, and relying on carbon molecules are adsorbed with the molecular material at
the time of the collision Van der Waals force (gravity) and the combination of both the outer surface (large
hole) in the absorption of toxic gases or substances, the first secondary transition pore is continuously
macroporous outer surface of the absorption of harmful substances in the third class there can be
microporous transition pore adsorption of toxic substances into its internal, and so achieve the
classification absorption, the control of toxic gases in its internal (not released), so that the surface of
activated carbon to absorb toxic substances.

Instructions for use:
1. After purchase the products, should remove product inner packing in order to achieve the effect of
   absorption of harmful gases.
2. The product should not be placed on the density of pollution particles the region, such as construction
   sites, industrial factories.
3. Can not use any of the cleaning liquid, while paying attention to water.
4. Should not put Activated carbon Carving too high.
5. Use a cloth to wipe carbon dust clean.

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