; U S Department of State Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
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U S Department of State Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts

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									                              U.S. Department of State
                         Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts

APIA (E) Address: U.S. Embassy, 5th Floor, ACB House, Matafele, Apia, Samoa; APO/FPO: American
Embassy, PSC 467 BOX 1, APO AP 96531-1034; Phone: (685) 21-631; Fax: (685) 22-030; Workweek: Monday
to Friday, 0800 - 1630

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Charles J. Swindells (Resident in Welllington)
DCM/CHG                   Timothy W. Harley
MGT                       Ronna Pazdral (Wellington)
CA                        Richard Adams (Auckland)
DAO                       Rick Martinez (Wellington)
FMO                       Vacant (Wellington)
GSO                       Frederick Olivo (Wellington)
ICASS Chair               Non-ICASS Post
ISSO                      See DCM/Charge
PAO                       Roy Glover (Wellington)
RSO                       William B. Leverett (Wellington)
State ICASS               Non-ICASS Post
Last Updated: 2/4/2005

FREETOWN (E) Address: Siaka Stevens St., Freetown; APO/FPO: 2160 Freetown Pl, Washington, DC 20521-
2160; Phone: 232-22-226481; Fax: 232-22-225471; Workweek: M-T 0745-1700, F 0745-1245; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Thomas N. Hull III
AMB OMS                   Mary Kay Beckwith
DCM                       James A. Stewart
DCM OMS                   Kathy Cavanagh
POL/ECO                   Rachael T. Doherty
CON                       Rachael T. Doherty
MGT                       Salvatore Piazza
AFSA                      Salvatore Piazza
AID                       Christine M. Sheckler
DAO                       Patricia Parris
ECO                       Rachael T. Doherty
FMO                       Salvatore Piazza
GSO                       James Stover
ICASS Chair               Brian J. Mckenna
IMO                       Vella G. Mbenna
ISSO                      Nicholas Brashich
PAO                       Brenda K Ruth
RSO                       Jean Richter
State ICASS               Rachael T. Doherty
Last Updated: 2/23/2005

KOLONIA (E) Address: Kolonia (E), P.O. Box 1286, Pohnpei; APO/FPO: No APO/FPO available at post.;
Phone: 691-320-2187; Fax: 691-320-2186; INMARSAT Tel: 011-872-383-132633; Workweek: Monday - Friday
8a.m. to 5 p.m.; Website: www.fm/usembassy

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Suzanne Hale
AMB OMS                   Doris McCourt
DCM                       Steve Druzak
PO/CON                    Steve Druzak
POL                       Steve Druzak
MGT                       Randy McCourt
APHIS                     Embassy Canberra
CUS                       Embassy Singapore
ECO                       Steve Druzak
EEO                       Randy McCourt
EST                       Steve Druzak
FAA                       Barry Brayer
FIN                       Marialice Eperiam
FMO                       Robert Ripley
GSO                       Scott Anderson
ICASS Chair               Phil Giles
IMO                       Bill Yarian
INS                       Guam/Honolulu
IRS                       Embassy Tokyo
ISSO                      Doris McCourt
RSO                       William Lamb
State ICASS               Marialice Eperiam
Last Updated: 10/5/2004

MAJURO (E) Address: PO BOX 1379, Majuro MH 96960; Phone: 692-247-4011; Fax: 011 (692) 247-
4012/5371; Workweek: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; Website: usembassy.state.gov/majuro/

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Greta N. Morris
AMB OMS                   Rebecca A. Praster
DCM                       Thomas A. Praster
CON                       Thomas A. Praster
MGT                       Thomas A. Praster
GSO                       Katrina Ford
IPO                       Katrina Ford
ISSO                      Katrina Ford
MLO                       Thomas Maus
RSO                       Embassy Manila
Last Updated: 10/3/2004

SKOPJE (E) Address: Bul Ilinden bb, 1000 Skopje; Phone: 389-2-311-6180; Fax: 389-2-311-7103; INMARSAT
Tel: 871-761-836-255; Workweek: Mon-Fri 0800-1700; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Lawrence E. Butler
AMB OMS                   Colleen Kozubek
DCM                       Paul Wohlers
POL/ECO                   Stephen Hubler
CON                       Julie Ruterbories
MGT                       Sarah Solberg
AFSA                      Victor Myev
AID                       Richard Goldman
CLO                       David Brown
CUS                       Mark Stomski
DAO                       Ulises Soto
ECO                       Victor Myev
EEO                       Lisa Gisvold
FMO                       Al Gorriaran
GSO                       Luisa Abbott
ICASS Chair               Christopher Benya
IMO                       Mark Wilson
IPO                       Sheik Huie
ISSO                      Scott Guilliatt
MLO                       Christopher Benya
PAO                       Michael Orlansky
RSO                       Seth Lindenfeld
State ICASS               Victor Myev
Last Updated: 11/4/2004

PONTA DELGADA (C) Address: Av. Principe do Monaco No 6-2 F; APO/FPO: PSC 83 Box PDL, APO AE
09726; Phone: 351 296-282-216; Fax: 351 296-287-216; Workweek: M-F, 0830-1230; 1330-1730; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Lisbon
AMB OMS                   Lisbon
DCM                       Lisbon
DCM/CHG                   Lisbon
DCM OMS                   Lisbon
CG                        Lisbon
CG OMS                    Lisbon
PO                        see next line below
PO/CON                    David L. Scott
DPO                       see KG Moore below
POL                       Lisbon
POL/ECO                   Lisbon
COM                       Lisbon
CON                       Kristian G. Moore
MGT                       Lisbon
AGR                       Madrid
CLO                       Lisbon
DAO                       Lisbon
EEO                       Kristian G. Moore
EST                       Lisbon
FCS                       Lisbon
FMO                       Lisbon
GSO                       Lisbon
ICASS Chair               Lisbon
IMO                       Lisbon
ISSO                      Lisbon
LAB                       Lisbon
PAO                       Lisbon
RSO                       Lisbon
State ICASS               Lisbon

Last Updated: 10/1/2004

KABUL (E) Address: Great Masoud Road, Kabul; Phone: (93)(20)230-0436; Fax: (93)(20)230-1364;
INMARSAT Tel: 00-873-761-837-725; Workweek: Saturday - Thursday 0800-1630

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Zalmay Khalilzad
AMB OMS                   Carolee A. Cooper
DCM                        Richard A. Christenson
DCM OMS                    Christina Mixson
POL                        M. Hanscom Smith
CON                        Russel J. Brown
AID                        Patrick Fine
DAO                        Ray Hodgkins
DEA                        John O'Rourke
ECO                        M. Hanscom Smith
FIN                        Vickie R. Lawrence
FMO                        Craig Flanagan
GSO                        Elizabeth Thompson
ICASS Chair                John O'Rourke
IPO                        Bradley Gabler
ISO                        Michael A. Reed
ISSO                       Christine (CJ) Johnson
PAO                        Michael Macy
RSO                        James McDermott
State ICASS                John O'Rourke
Last Updated: 1/17/2005

TIRANA (E) Address: 103 Rruga Elbasanit; APO/FPO: 9510 Tirana Place, Dulles Va 20189; Phone: 355-4-
247285; Fax: (355) (4) 232-222; Workweek: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm; Website: www.usemb-

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Marcie Ries
DCM/CHG                    Steven E. Zate
POL                        Todd Robinson
CON                        TDY CONS Jennifer Noronha
MGT                        Richard H. Morgan
AID                        Harry Birnholz
CLO                        Adrienne Scherger
DAO                        Gregory Crabtree Cdr. USN
ECO                        David Schroeder
FMO                        Donna Edmonds
GSO                        James K. Jenkins
IMO                        VACANT
IPO                        Michael Meaux
ISSO                       Michael Meaux
PAO                        Gregory Kay
RSO                        Stephen DeWitt
Last Updated: 10/28/2004

ALGIERS (E) Address: 4, Chemin Cheikh Bachir Ibrahimi; Phone: (213) (21) 69.12.55; Fax: 011 (213) 21-
69.39.79; Workweek: Sat-Wed 08:00-17:00; Website: http://algiers.usembassy.gov

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Richard W. Erdman
AMB OMS                    Nancy L. Graham
DCM                        Marc J. Sievers
POL                        Stephen B. Fox
CON                        Kristin Bongiovanni
MGT                        Hugues P. Ogier
DAO                        John Hannen
ECO                        Michael E. Pignatello
FMO                        Debra D. Taylor
GSO                        Kim Shaw
IMO                        Charles E. Fleenor
ISSO                       William K. Broughton
PAO                        Linda M. Cowher
RSO                        John C. Picardy
Last Updated: 10/16/2004

LUANDA (E) Address: Rua Houari Boumedienne #32; Phone: 011-244-2-445-481; Fax: 011-244-2-446-924;
INMARSAT Tel: 011-871-683-133-246; Workweek: Monday thru Thursday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm; Fridays 8:00 am
till 12 Noon; Website: http://www.usembassy.state.gov/angola

Officer                    Name
AMB                        CYNTHIA G. EFIRD
AMB OMS                    ROBIN WELKER
DCM                        JAMES A. KNIGHT
DCM OMS                    LORI ENDERS
POL                        JOEL R. WIEGERT
POL/ECO                    EDWARD G. STAFFORD
COM                        INGA HEEMINK
CON                        INGA HEEMINK
MGT                        MARK J. BIEDLINGMAIER
AFSA                       GAIL SPENCE
AID                        DIANA SWAIN
CLO                        VICKI HEARD
DAO                        LTC BERNARD SPARROW, USA
ECO/COM                    RUDDY K. WANG
EEO                        LORI ENDERS
FMO                        NEIL P. EYNON
GSO                        FRIEDA MARTIN
ICASS Chair                KIM F. DUBOIS
IMO                        HARVEY HEARD
IPO                        HARVEY HEARD
ISO                        ANNE GALCHUTT
ISSO                       HARVEY K. HEARD
PAO                        KIM F. DUBOIS
RSO                        W. GORDON HILLS
State ICASS                EDWARD G. STAFFORD
Last Updated: 1/30/2005

BUENOS AIRES (E) Address: Avda. Colombia 4300; APO/FPO: Unit 4334, APO aa 34034; Phone: 54-11-
5777-4533; Fax: 54-11-5777-4240; Workweek: 0845 AM - 0545 PM; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Gutierrez, Lino
DCM                        Llorens. Hugo
POL                        Egger, Philip H
COM                        Brisson, Brian
CON                        Frost, Gregory T.
MGT                        Mejía, Gustavo A.
AGR                        Hoff, Robert
APHIS                      Schissel, Thomas
CLO                        Inder, Heidi
DAO                        Dalson, William A.
DEA                        Greco, Anthony Jr.
ECO                        Ball, Perry
EST                        Barmon, Kathleen W.
FAA                        Ochoa, Jose
FMO                        Ball, David H
GSO                        Wisell, William R
IMO                        vacant
IPO                        Richardson, Allan E.
ISSO                       Torres, George
LEGATT                     Rodriguez, Augustine
MLO                        Borders, Michael R.
PAO                        Krischik, Mark B.
RAMC                       Charleston Finance Center
RSO                        Isaac, Paul C.
Last Updated: 9/22/2004

YEREVAN (E) Address: 18 Gen Baghramian Ave.; Phone: (3741) 52-46-61; Fax: (3741) 52-08-00; INMARSAT
Tel: Emer. Iridium 8816-314-58288; Workweek: Mon-Fri / 9:00am-6:00pm; Website: http://www.usa.am

Officer                    Name
AMB                        John Evans
AMB OMS                    Pauline Maurantonio
DCM                        Anthony Godfrey
DCM OMS                    Leslie David
POL                        Aaron Sherinian
POL/ECO                    Cynthia Doell
CON                        Mary Stickles
MGT                        Lawrence Richter
AGR                        Randall Hager (Moscow)
AID                        Robin Phillips
CLO                        Ilana Freeman/Mindy Covington
CUS                        William Mayer
DAO                        Jeffrey Predmore
ECO                        Traver Gudie
ECO/COM                    David Letteney
FMO                        Christiana Foreman
GSO                        Robert Ruehle
IMO                        Calvin McQueen
IPO                        Rodney Rodriguez
ISO                        Charles Van Sickle
ISSO                       Charles Van Sickle (unclass)/Rodney Rodriguez (class)
NAS                        Edward Schack
PAO                        Kimberly Hargan
RSO                        Justin Otto
State ICASS                Lawrence Richter
Last Updated: 12/30/2004

CANBERRA (E) Address: American Embassy Canberra, Moonah Place, Yarralumla ACT 2600 AUSTRALIA;
APO/FPO: PSC 277 APO AP 96549; Phone: 61-2-6214-5600; Fax: 61-2-6214-5970; Workweek: Mon - Fri /
8:00am to 5:00pm; Website: http://usembassy-australia.state.gov

Officer                   Name
AMB                       J. Thomas Schieffer
DCM                       Bill Stanton
POL                       Woo Lee
CON                       Brendan O'Brien
MGT                       Grace Stettenbauer
AGR                       Andrew Burst
APHIS                     Dennis Hannapel
CLO                       Laura Mancillas
DAO                       Michael Mahar
DEA                       Richard Joyce
ECO                       Matt Matthews
EEO                       Brett Mattei
EST                       John Warner
FMO                       Barry Haney
GSO                       Mike Bakalar
ICASS Chair               Neal Newman
IMO                       Roger Cohen
IPO                       Nicholas Adams
ISO                       Amanda Gilke
ISSO                      Amanda Gilke
LAB                       Brett Mattei
LEGATT                    Greg Groves
PAO                       Susan Crystal
RSO                       Steve Fakan
State ICASS               Grace Stettenbauer
Last Updated: 2/15/2005

MELBOURNE (CG) Address: 553 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 3004; APO/FPO: PSC 278, APO,
AP 96551; Phone: (61) (3) 9526 5900; Fax: (61) (3) 9510-4646; Workweek: M-F, 8:00 - 5:00; Website:

Officer                   Name
CG                        David Hopper
CG OMS                    Sally Cate
POL                       David Gehrenbeck
COM                       Nasir Abbasi
CON                       Karen Ogle
MGT                       Louise Veenstra (FSN)
DAO                       David Bethany
IMO                       Tony Weller
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

SYDNEY (CG) Address: 59th Floor, MLC Centre, 19-29 Martin Place; APO/FPO: PSC 280, Unit 11026, APO,
AP 96554-0002; Phone: (61)(2)9373-9200; Fax: (61) (2) 9373-9125; Workweek: M-F, 0815 - 1700; Website:

Officer                   Name
CG                        Steve Smith
CG OMS                    Ginger Richter
PO                        Steve Smith
POL                       Michael Belgrade
COM                       Beryl Blecher
CON                       Sylvia Johnson
MGT                       Eric Flohr
ECO                       Michael Belgrade
EEO                       J. Mark Chalkley
FAA/CASLO                 Scottie Laird
IPO                       J. Mark Chalkley
PAO                       Mary Scholl
Last Updated: 8/30/2004

PERTH (C) Address: Level 13, 16 St Georges Tce; APO/FPO: Unit 11021 APO AP96530; Phone: 61-8-9202-
1224; Fax: 61-8-9231-9444; Workweek: M - F; 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; Website: http://perth.usconsulate.gov

Officer                   Name
CG                        Robin McClellan
CG OMS                    Veronica Kerr
POL                       Veronica Kerr
CON                       Mark Prokop
MGT                       Tom Zeitler
ECO                       Gina Soos
GSO                       Debbie Crook
ISSO                      Mark McBurney
PAO/ADV                   Lisa Marino
Last Updated: 9/8/2004

VIENNA (E) Address: Boltzmanngasse 16, 1090 Wien; Phone: 011-43-1-31339-0; Fax: 011-43-1-31339-2510;
Workweek: M-F 0830 - 1700 local; Website: http://www.usembassy-vienna.at

Officer                   Name
AMB                       W. L. Lyons Brown, Jr.
DCM                       Carol van Voorst
CG                        Charisse Phillips
POL                       Gregory E. Phillips
COM                       Catherine Houghton
MGT                       W. Douglas Frank
AGR                       Quintin Gray
APHIS                     Karin S. Sliter
CLO                       Brigitte Salyers/Gillian Stubblefield
CUS                       Kenneth MacDonald
DAO                       Scott Salyers
DEA                       Kurt D. Coront
ECO                       Gregory E. Phillips
FMO                       Patrick D. Fenning
GSO                       Sandra J. Cecchini
ICASS Chair               Kenneth MacDonald/ Deborah Whitaker
IMO                       Raymond L. Norris
INS                       Gary L. Cote
IPO                       James A. Stofko
ISO                       Hanry J. Allison
LEGATT                    Neil E. Dietderich
PAO                       William H. Wanlund
RSO                       John J. Beaudry
State ICASS               Christine Dal Bello
Last Updated: 11/5/2004
UNVIE (VIENNA) (M) Address: Wagrammerstrasse 17-19 Vienna, Austria; APO/FPO: Unit 9900, Box 0102;
DPO AE 09701-0102; Phone: 43 1 31339 74 3501; Fax: 43 1 367 07 64; Workweek: 0830-1700; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       VACANT
AMB OMS                   Margie Jeanne Douglas
DCM                       George A. Glass
POL                       C. Scott Thompson
MGT                       Bruce Andrew
DIR                       David A. Noble (C/Nuclear Policy)
DEP DIR                   John Sequeira (Arms Control)
CLO                       Brigitte Salyers, Gillian Stubblefield
FMO                       Patrick Fenning
GSO                       Sandra Cecchini
IMO                       Raymond Norris
IPO                       James A. Stofko
ISO                       Henry Allison
ISSO                      Hassan Rahmanpanah
RSO                       John Beaudry
Last Updated: 2/9/2005

USOSCE (M) Address: Obersteinergasse 11 1190 Vienna, Austria; Phone: 011-43-1 31339-3141; Fax: 011-43-
1-369-1585; Workweek: M-F 0830-1700 local; Website: http://www.usembassy.at

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Stephan M. Minikes
DCM                       Paul W. Jones
POL                       Bruce Connuck
MGT                       Bruce Andrew
CLO                       Brigitte Salyers/Gillian Stubblefield
DAO                       David R. Nicholas
FMO                       Patrick Fenning
GSO                       Sandra Cecchini
ICASS Chair               Kenneth McDonald
IMO                       Raymond Norris
ISO                       Henry Allison
PAO                       Inmi Gosnell
RSO                       John Beoudry
Last Updated: 11/5/2004

BAKU (E) Address: 83 Azadlig Prospect, Aserbaijan, 37007; Phone: (9)(9412)4980335; Fax: (9)(9412)4656671;
Workweek: M-F, 9:00 - 18:00, variable; Website: USEMBASSYBAKU.ORG

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Reno L. Harnish III
AMB OMS                   Jamuna Harris
DCM                       Jason P. Hyland
POL/ECO                   Caryn McClelland
CON                       Tristram & Elizabeth Perry
MGT                       Robert Hensley
AFSA                      Tristram Perry
AID                       James Goggin
CLO                       Michelle McAloon
DAO                       Brendan McAloon
ECO                       Caryn McClelland
ECO/COM                   Robert Burgess
EEO                       Theresa Markiw
FMO                       Kit Junge
GSO                       Nancy Brannaman
IMO                       Don Greer
ISO                       Jonathan Kirkpatrick
ISSO                      Jonathan Kirkpatrick
PAO                       Theresa Markiw
RSO                       Fred Stolper
State ICASS               Theresa Markiw
Last Updated: 9/23/2004

NASSAU (E) Address: Queen Street; Phone: 242-322-1181; Fax: 242-328-7838; Workweek: Mon-Thurs
8:00am-5:30pm; Fri 8:00am-1:00pm; Website: USEmbassy.state.gov/Nassau

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John Darrell Rood
AMB OMS                   Madeleine Ioannou
DCM                       Robert M. Witajewski
DCM OMS                   Gloria Gutierrez
POL                       Michael Taylor
CON                       Abdelnour Zaiback
MGT                       Kay Crawford
CUS                       George Kimmel
DEA                       Thomas Hill
ECO                       Jeff Rotering
GSO                       Belgin J. Vanderploeg
ICASS Chair               Stacie Zerdecki
IMO                       Ronnie J. Fontenot
MLO                       Zane Thomas
NAS                       Myrna Ortiz-Kerr
RSO                       John V. Kane
Last Updated: 2/22/2005

MANAMA (E) Address: Building 979, Road 3119, Block 331, Zinj District; APO/FPO: PSC 451, FPO AE 09834;
Phone: 973-1724-2700; Fax: 973-1727-2594; Workweek: Sat to Wed, 0800-1700; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       William T. Monroe
AMB OMS                   Phyllis Williams
DCM                       Susan L. Ziadeh
DCM OMS                   Barbara Hayden
POL                       Steve Bondy
CON                       Larilyn Reffett
MGT                       Helen H. Hahn
ATO                       Mike Henney (res. Dubai)
CLO                       Joyce Haley
DEA                       Jeffery J. Fitzpatrick (res. Islamabad)
ECO                       Aimee Cutrona
FAA                       Paul H. Feldman (res. Brussels)
FAA/CASLO                  Karl R. Brown (res. Rome)
FMO                        Manilka Wijesooriya
GSO                        Peter Hayden
ICASS Chair                COL Dave Morte
IMO                        Carl Stefan
IRS                        Frederick Pablo (res. Rome)
ISSO                       Brian Ahern
LEGATT                     Fred Brink (res. Riyadh)
PAO                        Aleta Wenger
RSO                        Timothy G. Haley
Last Updated: 10/17/2004

DHAKA (E) Address: Madani Avenue, Baridhara; Phone: +880 885 5500; Fax: +880 882 3744; INMARSAT Tel:
+881 676 311 001; Workweek: 0800 to 1630 Sunto Thurs; Website: http://www.usembassy-dhaka.org/

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Harry K. Thomas, Jr.
AMB OMS                    Linda L. Romero
DCM                        Judith A.Chammas
DCM/CHG                    Martha K. Dunkley
POL                        Dundas McCullough
MGT                        Vincent P. Raimondi
AID                        Gene George
CLO                        Linda Dinkel
DAO                        Brian K Hedrick
ECO                        David Renz
EEO                        Nick Dinkel
FMO                        David H. Howard
GSO                        Nicholas Dinkel
IMO                        Mohammad Chaudhry
ISO                        Krishnan S. Sridhar
ISSO                       Krishnan S. Sridhar
PAO                        Jonathan D.Cebra
RSO                        David Zebley
Last Updated: 9/29/2004

BRIDGETOWN (E) Address: CIBC Building, Broad Street, Bridgetown; APO/FPO: APO AA 34055; Phone: 246-
436-4950; Fax: 246-429-5246; Workweek: Mon-Fri: 8.00 - 4.30

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Mary E. Kramer
AMB OMS                    Bonita Estes
DCM                        Mary Ellen T. Gilroy
DCM OMS                    Joann M. Liner-Collins
CG                         Robert L. Fretz
POL                        Paul T. Belmont
COM                        David Katz (res. Santo Domingo)
MGT                        Leo F. Voytko
AFSA                       Charles A. O'Malley
AID                        Rebecca J. Rohrer
CLO                        Georgetta M. Carroll
DAO                        LtCol Bill Delehunt; Cdr Matt Crawley (both res. Caracas)
DEA                       Hollis A. Williams
ECO                       John M. Ashworth
EEO                       Marilyn R. Gayton
FAA                       Dawn Flanagan (res. Washington)
FMO                       Vincent Wing
GSO                       Alison Shorter-Lawrence
ICASS Chair               Peter Kilfoyle
IMO                       Charles A. O'Malley
IRS                       Cheryl Kast
LAB                       Alfred Anzaldua
LEGATT                    Susan R. Chainer
MLO                       Peter Kilfoyle
NAS                       Patricia Aguilera
PAO                       Julie A. O'Reagan
RSO                       Daniel C. Becker
Last Updated: 1/27/2005

MINSK (E) Address: 46, Starovilenskaya St., Minsk Belarus 220002; APO/FPO: PSC 78 Box B Minsk, APO AE
09723; Phone: (375) (17) 210-1283; Fax: (375) (17) 234-7853; Workweek: M-F / 0830 - 1730; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       George A. Krol
AMB OMS                   Pat Youmans
DCM                       Connie Phlipot
DCM OMS                   Carol Jackson
POL                       Marc Nordberg
CON                       Sharon Umber
MGT                       Benjamin Dille
AFSA                      Thomas Tanner
AGR                       Allan Mustard (Res in Moscow)
AID                       VACANT TILL FALL 05
CLO                       Perlita D. Mastel
DAO                       John Pilloni - Army
DEA                       Tom Slovenkay (Res in Vienna)
ECO                       Marc Nordberg
FAA                       Dennis Cooper (res in Brussels)
FMO                       Robert Miller
GSO                       William Stevens
ICASS Chair               Vacant
IMO                       Harry Chamberlain
IRS                       Margaret J. Lullo (Res in Berlin)
ISO                       Robert Pennell
ISSO                      Harry Chamberlain
LEGATT                    John Boles (Res in Kiev)
PAO                       Dian McDonald
RSO                       Anthony Tortora
State ICASS               Robert Miller
Last Updated: 2/15/2005

BRUSSELS (E) Address: 27 Blvd. du Regent, 1000 Brussels; APO/FPO: APO AE 09710; Phone: (32-2) 508-
2111; Website: http://www.usembassy.be
Officer                   Name
AMB                       Tom Korologos
AMB OMS                   Sharifah Masten
DCM                       William Imbrie
DCM OMS                   Diane Mooney
CG                        Hale Van Koughnett
POL                       Ted Andrews
COM                       Camille E. Sailer
MGT                       Kathleen Austin-Ferguson
AGR                       resident in The Hague
CLO                       Sheila A. Richard/Suzanne McGuire
DAO                       COL John A. Gagnons
DEA                       James C. Kabel
ECO                       Terri L. Robl
FAA                       Paul H. Feldman
FMO                       Donna Spina-Helmholz
GSO                       Peter W. Drew
IMO                       Michael Cesena
IPO                       David Patterson
IRS                       resident in Paris
ISO                       Lynn E. Crammer
ISSO                      Dante J. Bostic
LEGATT                    Frederick Wong
PAO                       Mark C. Rochester
RSO                       Darwin Cadogan
Last Updated: 1/21/2005

USEU (M) Address: Rue Zinner 13, B-1000 Brussels; APO/FPO: APO AE 09710; Phone: (32)(2)508-2222;
Workweek: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Rockwell A. Schnabel
DCM                       Peter McKinley
CG                        Hale VanKoughnett
POL                       Kyle R. Scott
COM                       Charles Ford
CON                       Hale VanKoughnett
MGT                       Kathleen Austin-Ferguson
AGR                       Norval Francis
AID                       Patricia Lerner
APHIS                     Danny J.Sheesley
CLO                       Sheila Richard
CUS                       Audrey Adams
ECO                       John Sammis
GSO                       Peter Drew
IPO                       David Patterson
ISO                       Lynn E. Crammer
ISSO                      Carlos Zapata
NAS                       Frank J. Kerber
PAO                       Anne Barbaro
RSO                       Darwin Cadogan
Last Updated: 9/29/2004

USNATO Address: ; Phone: (32-2) 724-3111

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Nicholas R. Burns
DCM                       John M. Koenig
POL                       John Heffern
MGT                       Robert A. Glacel
IMO                       Kenneth Hoeft
IPO                       Susan Hullinger
ISO                       Dave Mango
PAO                       Barry Levin
Last Updated: 2/18/2004

BELIZE CITY (E) Address: 29 Gabourel Lane, Belize City; APO/FPO: Unit 7401, APO AA 34025; Phone: 011-
501-227-7161; Fax: 011-501-223-5321; INMARSAT Tel: Voice: 383-133-235; Data: 383-133-238; Workweek:
08:00 - 17:00, Mondays - Fridays; Website: www.usemb-belize.gov

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Russell F. Freeman
AMB OMS                   Mary Mertz
DCM                       Lloyd Moss
POL                       Tanya Ward
CON                       Cynthia Gregg
MGT                       D. Trent Dabney
CLO                       Tuya DaRin
DEA                       Raymond Kelly
ECO                       Edgar L. Embrey
FAA/CASLO                 Ms. Mayte Ashby (resident in Miami)
GSO                       Nenita Whitaker
ICASS Chair               William Barbieri
IMO                       Ronnie Rooker
INS                       Mr. Roy Hernandez (Resident in Guatemala)
IPO                       Frank E. Sauer
IRS                       Mr. Frederick Dulas (Resident in Mexico City)
NAS                       Kerry Osterhout
RSO                       Thad H. Osterhout
Last Updated: 2/7/2005

COTONOU (E) Address: Rue Caporal Bernard Anani; APO/FPO: 2120 Cotonou Place, Dulles, VA 20189-2120;
Phone: 229 30 06 50; Fax: 229 30 19 74; INMARSAT Tel: 762768573; Workweek: Mon-Thurs 7:30-6:00, Fri
7:30-1:00; Website: http://usembassy.state.gov/benin/

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Wayne E. Neill
AMB OMS                   Vacant
DCM                       Charles E. Luoma-Overstreet
POL/ECO                   Kristen Grauer
CON                       Lisa Ficek
MGT                       Ruth Wagoner
AID                       Rudolph Thomas
CLO                       Bryan Lunsford
GSO                       Mozella Brown
ICASS Chair               Anne Martin
IMO                       David Ifversen
ISSO                      David Ifversen
PAO                       John Cushing
RSO                       Tracey Lunsford
State ICASS               Carla Calhoun
Last Updated: 1/6/2005

HAMILTON (CG) Address: 16 Middle Road, Devonshire DV 03 Bermuda; Phone: 1-441-295-1342 x0; Fax: 1-
441-296-9233; Workweek: 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM, M-F

Officer                   Name
DCM                       Antoinette Boecker
CG                        Vacant
POL                       Antoinette Boecker
CON                       Jill Esposito
MGT                       Antoinette Boecker
APHIS                     Vince Priore
CLO                       Mary Burr
CUS                       Vince Priore
DAO                       DAO London
DEA                       Frank Carine (Res. in Newark, NJ)
ECO                       Antoinette Boecker
EEO                       Jill Esposito
FIN                       Antoinette Boecker
FMO                       Antoinette Boecker
ICASS Chair               Vince Priore
IMO                       Carrie Reichert
INS                       Vince Priore
ISO                       Carrie Reichert
ISSO                      Jill Esposito
LEGATT                    Susan Chainer (res. in Bridgetown)
RSO                       Jon Davidson (res. in London)
Last Updated: 10/5/2004

LA PAZ (E) Address: Av. Arce # 2780; APO/FPO: APO AA 34032; Phone: (591) (2) 216-8000; Fax: (591) (2)
216-8111; Workweek: Mon-Fri, 08:30 - 17:30; Website: www.megalink.com/usemblapaz

Officer                   Name
AMB                       David N. Greenlee
AMB OMS                   Anne Kirlian
DCM                       David M. Robinson
DCM OMS                   Althena Aikens
POL/ECO                   Todd C. Chapman
CON                       David R. Dreher
MGT                       Lawrence Hess (Acting Management Officer)
AID                       Liliana Ayalde
CLO                       M. Antonieta Romero
DAO                       William P. Rushing
DEA                       Alex Romero (Acting DEA Country Attaché)
EEO                       Barbara A. Cordano
FMO                       Tim A. Sears
GSO                       Lawrence L. Hess
IMO                       Kevin M. Byron
IPO                       William D. Griffin
ISSO                      Freddy R. Mendez
MLO                       Daniel Barreto
NAS                       Carol S. Fuller
PAO                       Thomas R. Genton
RSO                       John M. Eustace
Last Updated: 2/3/2005

SARAJEVO (E) Address: Alipasina 43; Phone: +387 33 445 700; Fax: +387 33 659 722; Workweek: Monday -
Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM; Website: www.usembassy.ba

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Douglas McElhaney
AMB OMS                   Judy Thiessen
DCM                       Tina S. Kaidanow
DCM OMS                   Linda Clark
POL                       Barbara Leaf
CON                       Kirk G. Smith
MGT                       David W. Ball
AFSA                      Edwina Sagitto
AGR                       Quintin Gray (resident in Vienna)
AID                       Howard Sumka
CLO                       Barbara Shedd
CUS                       Kenneth J. MacDonald (resident in Vienna)
DAO                       Paul Flynn
ECO                       Chever X. Voltmer
EST                       Karyn, Posenr (resident in Budapest)
FAA                       Gregory Joyner (resident in Rome)
FMO                       Joel Pasowicz
GSO                       William D. Speidel
ICASS Chair               James Tillman
IMO                       Michael F. Ingram
IRS                       Frederick D. Pablo (resident in Rome)
ISO                       Hall Barry
ISSO                      Hall Barry
PAO                       Gerald McLoughlin
RSO                       George Goldstein
State ICASS               Joel Pasowicz
Last Updated: 2/14/2005

BANJA LUKA (BO) Address: Jovana Ducica 5, Banja Luka; Phone: +387-51-211-500; Fax: +387-51-218-291;
Workweek: Monday - Friday; Website: www.usembassy.ba

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Douglas McElhaney
AMB OMS                   Judy Thiessen
DCM                       Tina Kaidanow
DCM OMS                   Linda Clark
POL                       Brown Diana
CON                       Kirk Smith
MGT                       David W. Ball
AFSA                      Edwina Sagitto
AGR                       Quintin Gray (resident in Vienna)
CLO                       Barbara Shedd
Last Updated: 2/14/2005
MOSTAR (BO) Address: Mostarskog Bataljona bb. 88000, Mostar; Phone: +387 36 580 580; Fax: +387 36 580
790; Workweek: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Website: www.usembassy.ba

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Douglas McElhaney
AMB OMS                    Judy Thiessen
DCM                        Tina Kaidanow
DCM OMS                    Linda Clark
POL                        Barbara Leaf
CON                        Kirk G. Smith
MGT                        David W. Ball
AFSA                       Edwina Sagitto
AGR                        Quintin Gray (Resident in Vienna)
AID                        Howard Sumka
FMO                        Joel Pasowicz
Last Updated: 2/14/2005

GABORONE (E) Address: P.O. Box 90, Gaborone, Botswana; Phone: (267) 395-3982; Fax: (267) 395-6947;
Workweek: M-Th 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Fri 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM; Website: http://gaborone.usembassy.gov/

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Joseph Huggins
AMB OMS                    Elizabeth Marker
DCM                        Lois Aroian
DCM OMS                    EFM
POL                        Judith Butterman
POL/ECO                    Aaron Cope
COM                        Hagen Maroney
CON                        Michael Margolies
MGT                        Jackie Holland-Craig
AFSA                       Judith Butterman
AID                        Gerald Cashion
CLO                        Sherry Knutelski
DAO                        Davis Butler
EEO                        Ted Pierce
EST                        Ted Pierce
FMO                        Maureen Danzot
GSO                        Harvey Weschler
IBB                        William Martin
ICASS Chair                Eileen Devitt
IMO                        Marv Adams
IRS                        Kay Griggs-Wright
ISSO                       Marv Adams
MLO                        Andrew Overfield
PAO                        Karen Morrissey
RSO                        Douglas Marvin
Last Updated: 12/30/2004

BRASILIA (E) Address: SES Av. das Nações Qd. 801 - Lt. 03 - 70403-900 - Brasilia, DF - Brasil; APO/FPO:
Unit 3500; Phone: 5561-312-7000; Fax: 55-61-312-7676; Workweek: M-F/8:00-5:00; Website:
Officer                   Name
AMB                       John Danilovich
AMB OMS                   Laura Bailey
DCM                       Phillip Chicola
DCM OMS                   Rosalyn Weise
POL                       Dennis Hearne
CON                       Simon Henshaw
MGT                       Frank Manganiello
AID                       Richard Goughnour
APHIS                     Allan Terrell
CLO                       Larry Pete Davis
CUS                       Julio Velez
DEA                       Mark K. Edmondson
ECO                       Bruce Williamson
FCS                       Janice Corbett
ICASS Chair               Janice Corbett
IMO                       Fred Sadler
ISO                       Karl Jarvis
ISSO                      Kevin R. Lee
LEGATT                    Daniel Clegg
MLO                       Col. Antonio H. Rebelo
NAS                       Mark Hoffman
PAO                       Patrick Linehan
RSO                       Tom Stocking
Last Updated: 1/6/2005

RIO DE JANEIRO (CG) Address: Avenida Presidente Wilson, 147. Rio de Janeiro. RJ 20030-020; APO/FPO:
Unit 3501 APO AA 34030; Phone: 55-21-2292-7117; Fax: 55-21-2220-0439; INMARSAT Tel: 683-142-238;
Workweek: Mon - Fri / 08:00 - 16:45 hrs

Officer                   Name
PO                        Edmund Atkins
POL                       Kathleen List
COM                       James Cunningham
CON                       Anthony Benesch
MGT                       Christopher Del Corso
APHIS                     Dr. Alan Terrel
CLO                       Michelle Flannigan
DAO                       Glenn Rosen
ECO                       Erin C. MCConaha
EEO                       M. Suzanne Archuleta
GSO                       Timothy Hanway
IPO                       Gerald Lutz
ISSO                      Aaron Wilson
PAO                       Catharine Jarvis
RSO                       Lance Root
Last Updated: 10/8/2004

SAO PAULO (CG) Address: Rua Henri Dunant, 700, Chacara Santo Antonio, Sao Paulo/SP, 04709-110;
APO/FPO: Unit 3502, APO AA 34030; Phone: (55-11) 5186-7000; Fax: (55-11) 5186-7099; (55-11) 5186-7350
(Mgmt); Workweek: Mon-Fri, 8 AM to 5 PM; Website: www.consuladoamericano.org.br

Officer                   Name
CG                        Patrick D. Duddy
POL                       David C. Wolfe
CON                       Dennis W. Imwold
MGT                       Dorothy Ann S. Imwold
CA                         Debra Tabusa de Godoy
AFSA                       Genevieve Libonati
APHIS                      Jeffrey Willnow
ATO                        Ronald P. Verdonk
CLO                        Sally L. Gonzalez
DEA                        Joseph Leszczynski
ECO                        David C. Wolfe
EEO                        Susan P. Garro
FCS                        John A. Harris
GSO                        Scott A. Blomquist
IPO                        Art Mendez
ISSO                       Arthur J. Balek
LAB                        Patrick L. Del Vecchio
PAO                        Michael N. Greenwald
RSO                        Arthur J. Balek
State ICASS                Dorothy Ann S. Imwold
Last Updated: 2/1/2005

RECIFE (C) Address: Rua Goncalves Maia, 163, Boa Vista, Recife,PE; APO/FPO: Unit 3503 APO AA 34030;
Phone: 011-55-81-3421-2441; Fax: 011-55-81-3231-1906; Workweek: M-F 8:00 am -4:30 pm; Website:

Officer                    Name
PO                         Swavely, Peter
Last Updated: 8/27/2004

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (E) Address: Teck Guan Plaza, Jln Sultan; APO/FPO: PSC 470 (BSB), FPO AP
96507; Phone: (673) (2) 229-670 X 119/150; Fax: (673)(2) 225-293; Workweek: 7:45am-4:30pm; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Gene Christy
DCM                        Jeff Hawkins
CON                        Christa Dupuis
MGT                        Christa Dupuis
DAO                        Col. John Bordwell (Singapore)
EEO                        Judy Clark
FMO                        Robert Wert (Singapore)
GSO                        Harry Clark
IMO                        Harry L. Clark
INS                        (Singapore)
IRS                        (Singapore)
ISSO                       Harry L. Clark
RSO                        Judy Clark
Last Updated: 12/12/2004

SOFIA (E) Address: 16 Kozyak Street, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria; Phone: (359)(2) 937-5100; Fax: (359)(2)937-5320;
939-5790/GSO; 937-5231/HR; INMARSAT Tel: 683-13-1345;683-13-1346; Workweek: M-F 08:00 - 19:00;
Website: http://www.usembassy.bg

Officer                    Name
AMB                        James W. Pardew
DCM                       Jeffrey D. Levine
POL                       Bradley Freden
COM                       James Rigassio
CON                       Michael Barkin
MGT                       Warren Hadley
AGR                       Brian Goggin
AID                       Debra McFarland
CLO                       Kate Goggin/Kerrie Shannon
CUS                       Peter Liston (res. Vienna0
DAO                       Col Carla Bass
DEA                       James Soiles (res. Athens)
FAA                       Vacant (res. Rome)
FMO                       Anne Wennerstrom
GSO                       Debra Benavidez / Janine Young
ICASS Chair               Michael Barkin
IMO                       Sheridan (Dane) Howard
INS                       William Griffen (res. Vienna)
IRS                       Frederick Pablo (res. Rome)
ISO                       Amy Canon
ISSO                      David Haydter
LEGATT                    Robert Clifford (res. Athens)
PAO                       Matthew Lussenhop
RSO                       Paul D. Brown
Last Updated: 2/1/2005

                                              Burkina Faso
OUAGADOUGOU (E) Address: 602 Avenue Raoul Follereau, 01 B.P. 35; Phone: (226) 5030-6723; 5031-2660
(after hours); Fax: (226) 5030-3890; Workweek: M-Th 07:30-17:00, F 07:30 - 12:30; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       J. Anthony Holmes
AMB OMS                   Irvina Wallace
DCM                       Eric Benjaminson
DCM OMS                   Catherine Lawton
POL                       Vacant
CON                       Jonathan Habjan
MGT                       Jennifer Haskell
AFSA                      Ali Nikooazm
CLO                       Chris Mullen
ECO/COM                   vacant
EEO                       Irvina Wallace
GSO                       Nancy McCarthy
IMO                       Reginald Hopson
ISSO                      Reginald Hopson
PAO                       Todd Haskell
RSO                       Brandon Lee
State ICASS               Todd Haskell
Last Updated: 2/17/2005

RANGOON (E) Address: Rangoon, 581 Merchant St. (GPO 521); APO/FPO: Box B, APO AP 96546; Phone:
(95)(1) 379880; Fax: 95-1-256-018; INMARSAT Tel: 383131573 or 383131574; Workweek: M-T 0800 - 1700 F:
0800 - 1200
Officer                   Name
AMB                       Carmen Martinez
AMB OMS                   Judy Groves
DCM                       Ron McMullen
DCM OMS                   Karen Heinrich
POL                       Patrick Murphy
CON                       Kerry Brougham
MGT                       Laura Eppers
AFSA                      William Brown III
CLO                       Angela Shepherd
DAO                       Mike Norton
DEA                       Joseph Shepherd
ECO                       Ben Wohlaeur
EEO                       Judith Groves
FMO                       James Wickersham
GSO                       Thomas Favret
ICASS Chair               Deanna Merriman
IMO                       Monte Marchant
IPO                       Monte Marchant
ISO                       James H. Johnson
ISSO                      James H. Johnson
PAO                       Mary Ellen Countryman
RSO                       Alfred Vincent
State ICASS               Ben Wohlaeur
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

BUJUMBURA (E) Address: Avenue des Etats-Unis; Phone: 257-22 34 54; Fax: 257-22 29 26; INMARSAT Tel:
iridium: 8816-3148-8141/7138; Workweek: 5 days - Mon - Thu 7:30-5:30 - Fri - 7:30 - 12:30

Officer                   Name
AMB                       James Yellin
AMB OMS                   Brenda Moos
DCM                       Alexander Laskaris
POL                       Christopher Leslie
CON                       Robert Marks
MGT                       Judes E. Stellingwerf
AFSA                      Judes E. Stellingwerf
AID                       Cyndi Scarlett(OTI);Denise Gordon(OFDA);Robert Luneberg (REDSO)
DAO                       Darren Pettis, OPSCO
ECO                       Robert Marks
EEO                       Judes E. Stellingwerf
FIN                       Judes E. Stellingwerf
FMO                       Judes E. Stellingwerf
GSO                       Matthew Blong
ICASS Chair               Robert Marks
IMO                       Harold Griffin
IPO                       Donald Snead
PAO                       Christopher Leslie
RSO                       Dan Mahanty
State ICASS               Robert Marks
Last Updated: 1/19/2005

PHNOM PENH Address: #16-18, St. 228; APO/FPO: Unit 8166, Box P, APO AP 96546; Phone: (855) 23 216
436; Fax: (855) 23 216 437; Workweek: 8AM - 5PM; Website: http://cambodia.usembassy.gov/

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Charles A. Ray
DCM                       Mark C. Storella
POL                       Donald B. Coleman
CON                       Terrence West
MGT                       Jennifer A. McIntyre
AID                       Jonathan S. Addleton
CLO                       Hoang Oanh
DAO                       Steven L. Rundle
ECO                       Michael R. Keller
FMO                       Pericles M. Hernandez
GSO                       Dana R. Williams
IMO                       Robert R. Popchak
IPO                       Craig A. Bowman
PAO                       Heide M. Bronke
RSO                       John P. Davis
Last Updated: 1/26/2005

YAOUNDE (E) Address: Rue Natchigale , BP 817; Phone: (237) 223-0512; Fax: (237) 222-5517; Workweek:
Monday - Thursday: 0730 - 1700; Friday: 0730 - 1230; Website: Under Construction

Officer                   Name
AMB                       R. Niels Marquardt
AMB OMS                   Julie Harrison
DCM/CHG                   Steven P. Coffman
DCM OMS                   Monica Rancher
POL                       Pauline Borderies (Acting Chief)
CON                       vacant
MGT                       Jeffrey A. Spence
CLO                       Martine McKinnie
DAO                       Ross Clemons
ECO                       Pauline Borderies (Acting Chief)
FMO                       Robert J. Gresbrink
GSO                       Jadine R. Hill
ICASS Chair               vacant
IMO                       Leslie D. Oly
ISO                       Sherri D. Jackson
ISSO                      Leslie D. Oly
PAO                       Aric Schwan
RSO                       Wade Boston
State ICASS               Waran Ravindranath
Last Updated: 1/27/2005

OTTAWA (E) Address: 490 Sussex Drive; APO/FPO: P.O. Box 5000, Ogdensburg, NY 13669; Phone: (613)
688-5335; Fax: (613) 688-3080; Workweek: M-F 08:30-17:00; Website: WWW.USEMBASSYCANADA.GOV

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Paul Cellucci
AMB OMS                    Karen Heide
DCM                        John Dickson
DCM OMS                    Barbara Rangel
CG                         Keith Powell
POL                        Brian M. Flora
COM                        Thomas L. Boam
CON                        Sheila G. Berry
MGT                        Timothy E. Roddy
AFSA                       Joshua Rubin
AGR                        Gary C. Groves
APHIS                      Peter M. Grosser
ATF                        Mark W. Curtin
CLO                        Donna Groves
CUS                        Tom Rowe
DAO                        David S. Brackett
DEA                        Anthony P. Pratapas
ECO                        Michael F. Gallagher
EEO                        Pamela Brogden
EST                        Curtis A. Stone
FMO                        Patricia Leiberman
GSO                        Michael St. Clair
ICASS Chair                Kay Kuhlman
IMO                        Edmund J. Gagliardi
INS                        John Considine
IPO                        Harry M. Rivers
IRS                        Calvin E. Puryear
ISO                        Pamela D. Brogden
ISSO                       Anup Shah (unclass)
LAB                        Mary H. Witt
LEGATT                     William Lynn
PAO                        James H. Williams
RSO                        Thomas F. Grey
State ICASS                Curtis Stone
Last Updated: 11/16/2004

CALGARY (CG) Address: 10th floor 615 Macleod Trail SE; APO/FPO: 20521-5490; Phone: (403) 266-8962;
Fax: (403) 264-6630; Workweek: (Mon-Fri ) 0800-1630

Officer                    Name
PO                         Naim Ahmed
COM                        Terry J. Sorgi
CON                        Doron D. Bard
MGT                        William J. Pidgeon
Last Updated: 9/8/2004

HALIFAX (CG) Address: 1969 Upper Water St., Ste 904, Halifax, NS B3J 3R7; Phone: (902) 429-2480/422-
5034; Fax: (902) 423-6861; Workweek: Mon-Fri, Office Hours-8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Public Hours-8:30 a.m.-
11:30 a.m./2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.; Website: www.usembassycanada.gov

Officer                    Name
PO                         Leonard A. Hill
CON                        William S. Rowland
Last Updated: 9/16/2004

MONTREAL (CG) Address: 1155 St. Alexandre, Montreal, Qc, Canada, H3B 3Z1; APO/FPO: P.O. Box 847,
Champlain, NY, 12919-0847; Phone: 514-398-9695; Fax: 514-398-0973; Workweek: 8:15AM to 5:00PM, Mon-
Officer                   Name
CG                        Bernadette M. Allen
CG OMS                    Yolanda Norvell
PO                        Bernadette M. Allen
POL/ECO                   VACANT
COM                       Richard Kanter
CON                       Gary L. Sheaffer
MGT                       Leslie S. Bowser
APHIS                     Bruce Lewke
CLO                       Megan L. Lambert (to Dec. 03)
CUS                       Joseph Kupsche
IPO                       Jeffrey C. Flynn
ISO                       Jeffrey C. Flynn
ISSO                      Jeffrey C. Flynn
PAO                       Alyson Grunder
RSO                       Robert A. Rentz
Last Updated: 7/29/2004

QUEBEC (CG) Address: 2, place Terrasse Dufferin, Quebec (Quebec) Canada; APO/FPO: P.O. Box 1547,
Champlain, NY 12919-1547; Phone: 1-418-692-2096; Fax: 1-418-692-4640; Workweek: Monday thru Friday,
0830 to 1700

Officer                   Name
PO                        Abigail Friedman
CON                       James Strudwick
Last Updated: 2/7/2005

TORONTO (CG) Address: 360 University Avenue, Toronto M5G 1S4; APO/FPO: P.O. Box 135 Lewiston, NY
14092; Phone: 416-595-1700; Fax: 416-595-5250; Workweek: M-F, 8:15-5:00; Website: See Embassy Ottawa

Officer                   Name
PO                        Jessica LeCroy
POL                       Janice Weiner
CON                       Hugh Williams
MGT                       Kevin C. Blackstone
AFSA                      Janice Weiner
APHIS                     Kelan Evans
CUS                       Craig Healy
EEO                       Hugh Williams
GSO                       Michael Warren
INS                       John Smarsh
IPO                       Gilbert Furtado
ISSO                      Shane Child
PAO                       Giacobbe Jr.Nicholas J.
RSO                       Stephen Sexton
Last Updated: 2/22/2005

VANCOUVER (CG) Address: 1095 W. Pender St., 21st Fl, Vancouver, B.C., V6E 2M6; APO/FPO: P.O. Box
5002, Point Roberts, WA 98281-5002; Phone: (604) 685-4311; Fax: (604) 685-5285/685-7304; Workweek:
Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Website: www.usembassycanada.gov

Officer                   Name
CG OMS                    Erlinda V. Ramos
PO                        Luis E. Arreaga-Rodas
POL                       Henry K. Kim
COM                       Robert O. Jones
CON                       Bradford Johnson
MGT                       Dwayne L. Cline
APHIS                     Thomas Billak
ATF                       Terry F. Alverson
CUS                       Michael P. Flanagan
DEA                       Kenneth B. Peterson
ECO                       JoAnn (Joni) Scandola
IPO                       Jarrod M. Frahm
LEGATT                    Ramon E. Garcia
PAO                       Ian T. Hillman
RSO                       Scott F. Collins
Last Updated: 1/25/2005

US ICAO (MONTREAL) (M) Address: 999 University Street, Suite 1410 Montreal, Quebec, H3C-5J9, Canada;
APO/FPO: P.O. Box 847, Champlain, NY, 12919-0847; Phone: 9-1-514-954-8304; Fax: 9-1-514-954-8021;
Workweek: 8:30 - 5 PM M-F

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Edward W. Stimpson
AMB OMS                   Linda Roberts
DCM                       W. Frank Price
MGT                       Claudia Serwer
ALT US REP                Claudia Serwer
FMO                       Deborah Kokotailo
ICASS Chair               vacant
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

WINNIPEG (BO) Address: 201201 Portage Ave., Suite 860 Winnipeg, MB R3B 3K6; Phone: (204) 940-1800;
Fax: (204) 940-1809; Workweek: M-F, 8 AM - 5 PM; Website: www.usembassycanada.gov

Officer                   Name
PO                        Todd Schwartz
Last Updated: 2/1/2005

                                                  Cape Verde
PRAIA (E) Address: Rua Abilio Macedo, No. 81, Plateau; Phone: (238) 2 61 56 16; Fax: (238) 2 61 13 55;
INMARSAT Tel: 683-135898/9; Workweek: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-12:30p.m./1:30 - 5:00 p.m.; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Donald C. Johnson
AMB OMS                   Wendy F. Pelaez
DCM                       Paul P. Pometto II
POL                       vacant
CON                       Frank DeParis
CLO                       Karyn DeParis
State ICASS               Matthew Breman
Last Updated: 2/17/2005

                                       Central African Republic
BANGUI (E) Address: ; Phone: (236) 61-02-00; Fax: (236) 61-44-94

Officer                   Name
DCM/CHG                   A.J. Panos
Last Updated: 1/27/2005

NDJAMENA (E) Address: Ave. Felix Eboue; Phone: (235) 516-211; Fax: (235) 515-654; INMARSAT Tel: 76-
364-4730; Workweek: Mon-Thu 0730-1700; Fri. 0730-1230; Website: usembassy.state.gov/chad/index.html

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Marc Wall
AMB OMS                   Audrey Ley
DCM                       Cheryl Casebeer
POL                       Kathleen FitzGibbon
AFSA                      Vacant
CLO                       Julie McClanahan
DAO                       Col. Tim Mitchell
ECO                       Vincent D. Spera
EEO                       Matt Simiskey
FMO                       Matt Simiskey
GSO                       Keiji Turner
ICASS Chair               William Dorrier
IPO                       Glenn Shellahammer
ISSO                      Patrick Leonard
RSO                       Patrick Leonard
Last Updated: 2/18/2005

SANTIAGO (E) Address: 2800 Av. Andrés Bello; APO/FPO: APO AA 34033; Phone: 56-2-232-2600; Fax: 56-2-
330-3710; Workweek: Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00; Website: www.usembassy.cl

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Craig A. Kelly
AMB OMS                   Linda Hartsock
DCM                       Emi L. Yamauchi
DCM OMS                   Melissa Magaña
CG                        Sean Murphy
CG OMS                    Jackie Michell
PO                        John Vance
POL                       Andrew Chritton
COM                       Americo Tadeu
CON                       Paul M. Fermoile
MGT                       Floyd S. Cable
AFSA                      Ana Servent
AGR                       Christine Sloop
APHIS                     Eric Hoffman
CLO                       Beverly Tadeu
DEA                       James Kuykendall
ECO                       Kevin Sullivan
FMO                       Angela Sharpe
GSO                       Robert Frazier
ICASS Chair               Christine Sloop
IMO                       Brian W. Powers
ISO                       Robin Byrd
LAB                       Harry R. Kamian
LEGATT                    Joseph Tipton
PAO                       Judi Baroody
RSO                        Joseph Castro
Last Updated: 12/16/2004

BEIJING (E) Address: No. 3 Xiu Shui Bei Jie; APO/FPO: PSC 461 Box 50 FPO,AP 96521; Phone: 8610-6532-
3831; Fax: 8610-6532-6929; Workweek: 0800-1700; Website: http://www.usembassy-china.org.cn/

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Clark T. Randt, Jr.
AMB OMS                    Patricia Rhodes
DCM                        David S. Sedney
DCM OMS                    Joan Bower
CG                         John Daniel Morris
CG OMS                     Bernardo Navarrro
POL                        Daniel L. Shields
MGT                        James R. VanLaningham
AGR                        Maurice W. House
APHIS                      Eloisa Jones
ATO                        Laverne Brabant
CLO                        Pamela T. Ayoung
COM/ADB                    Craig Allen
CUS                        Andy Yu
DAO                        Richard J. Mauldin
DEA                        James Tse
ECO                        Robert S. Wang
EEO                        William S. Laidlaw
EST                        Deborah J. Seligsohn
FAA                        Joseph P. Tymczyszyn
FMO                        Mazhar Ahson
GSO                        Charles G. Krips
ICASS Chair                Brad Fribley
IMO                        Heywood Miller
INS                        Jeanette Chu
IPO                        Jim Wojciechowski
ISO                        Thomas Martin
ISSO                       David Foster
LAB                        Helen C. Hudson
LEGATT                     William Liu
PAO                        Donald M. Bishop
RSO                        Bob Eckert
Last Updated: 9/21/2004

CHENGDU (CG) Address: No. 4 Lingshiguan Lu, Chengdu, Sichuan 610041, PRC; APO/FPO: PSC 461 Box 85,
FPO AP 96521; Phone: 86-28-8558-3992; Fax: 86-28-8558-3520; Workweek: 8:30 - 5:30

Officer                    Name
CG                         Jeffrey A. Moon
CG OMS                     Deborah Vaughn
PO                         Jeffrey A. Moon
POL                        Brook Hefright
CON                        Benjamin Chiang
MGT                        Maureen L. Gabbard
AFSA                       Maureen L. Gabbard
CLO                        vacant
ECO                        G.A. Donovan
EEO                        Brook Hefright
GSO                       William Coleman
IMO                       David W. Gabbard
IPO                       David Gabbard
ISO                       CJ Baltz
ISSO                      David Gabbard
PAO                       John Louton
RSO                       Anne Brunn
State ICASS               Maureen Gabbard
Last Updated: 8/24/2004

GUANGZHOU (CG) Address: #1 Shamian South Road, Guangzhou CHINA 510133; APO/FPO: PSC 461, Box
100. FPO AP 96521-0002; Phone: (86)(20) 8121-8000; Fax: (86) (20) 8184-6296; Workweek: 8:30 AM - 5:30

Officer                   Name
CG                        Edward K.H. Dong
COM                       Robert Murphy
CON                       William J. Martin
MGT                       Jeffrey Rock
AGR                       Keith Schneller
ECO                       Harvey A. Somers
GSO                       Kenneth L. Meyer
INS                       Thomas Wong
IPO                       Frank Landymore
PAO                       Wendy Lyle
RSO                       Michael Brenn
Last Updated: 2/17/2005

SHANGHAI (CG) Address: 1469 Huai Hai Zhong Lu, Shanghai 200031 PRC; APO/FPO: PSC 461, Box 200,
FPO AP 96521-0200; Phone: 86-21-6433-3936; Fax: 86-21-6433-4122; Workweek: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm;
Website: www.usembassy-china.org.cn/shanghai/

Officer                   Name
CG                        Douglas Spelman
PO                        Douglas Spelman, CG
POL                       Mary Tarnowka
COM                       Catherine Houghton
CON                       George Hogeman
MGT                       Andrea Baker
AFSA                      Paul Thomas
ATO                       Ross Kreamer
CLO                       Richard Romero
ECO                       Mary Tarnowka
EEO                       Jean-Pierre Louis
EST                       Richard Lilly
FIN                       Andrea Baker
GSO                       Jean Pierre-Louis
ICASS Chair               Sub Group Only
IPO                       John Janssen
ISO                       Thomas Lacy
ISSO                      Troy Jackson
PAO                       Jenifer Galt
RSO                       Brendan Murray
State ICASS               Andrea Baker
Last Updated: 6/27/2004

SHENYANG (CG) Address: US CONSULATE-SHENYANG; APO/FPO: PSC 461, Box 45; FPO AP 96521-0002;
Phone: 86-24-2322-0848; Fax: 86-24-2322-1733; Workweek: 0830-1730; Website: http://www.usembassy-

Officer                   Name
CG                        David A. Kornbluth
CG OMS                    Kathryn L. Ramsay
COM                       Soching Tsai
CON                       Douglas Kelly
MGT                       Joseph E. Zadrozny
CLO                       CLO
ECO                       Bruce Hudspeth
EEO                       Kathryn Ramsay
GSO                       Colleen E. Altstock
IPO                       John Meradith
ISO                       Ronnie Duggers
ISSO                      John Meradith
PAO                       Cynthia Caples
Last Updated: 2/17/2005

BOGOTA (E) Address: Cra. 45 No. 22D-45; APO/FPO: APO AA 34038; Phone: (571) 315-0811; Fax: (571)
315-2197; INMARSAT Tel: 683131545/46; Workweek: 0800-1700; Website: http://bogota.state.gov

Officer                   Name
AMB                       William B. Wood
AMB OMS                   Cherryl D. Busch
DCM                       Milton K. Drucker
CG                        Raymond G. McGrath
POL                       Jeffrey Delaurentis
COM                       Robert L. Farris
CON                       Clarence Hudson
MGT                       Paul E. Rowe
AFSA                      Craig Conway
AGR                       David Mergen
AID                       Michael J. Deal
APHIS                     John L. Shaw
ATF                       Kenneth G. Engstrom
CLO                       Jacqueline U. Keenan
CUS                       Stephen Hayward
DAO                       William Graves
DEA                       David Gaddis
ECO                       Francisco Fernandez
EEO                       Elizabeth Mihm
FMO                       Thomas Doherty
GSO                       Mason S. Green
ICASS Chair               Phyllis M. Powers
IMO                       Byron Leo Hudkins
IPO                       Gregory S. Lee
IRS                       Vacant
ISO                       Timothy J. McNamara
LEGATT                    Wilfrid W. Meyer
MLO                       Simeon Trombitas
NAS                       Phyllis M. Powers
PAO                       Anne T. Callaghan
RSO                       Mark J. Hunter
Last Updated: 2/9/2005
                     Congo, Democratic Republic Of The (Formerly Zaire)
APO AE 09828; Phone: 011-243-81-225-5872; Fax: 243-81-3010531; INMARSAT Tel: 873-151-7345;
Workweek: MO.-FRI, 7:30 - 16:30

Officer                   Name
AMB                       ROGER A MEECE
AMB OMS                   WANDA WOOD
DCM                       J.THOMAS DOUGHERTY
DCM OMS                   PATTI HAGOPIAN
POL                       MELISSA M. SANDERSON
CON                       LAURIE J. MEININGER
MGT                       MAUREEN E. PARK
AID                       ROBERT HELLYER
CLO                       DAWN E. HOWES
DAO                       THOMAS J. FOSTER
ECO                       CHRISTINA DOUGHERTY
EEO                       WANDA L. WOOD
FMO                       THOMAS L. SCHMITZ
GSO                       BARRY F. COPENHAVER
ICASS Chair               KAREN HAWKINS REED
IMO                       FLOYD L. WILSON
ISSO                      CHRISTOPHER A. BAKKEN
PAO                       PHILLIP E. WRIGHT
RSO                       JEFFREY D. LISCHKE
State ICASS               MELISSA M. SANDERSON
Last Updated: 1/24/2005

                                       Congo, Republic Of The
BRAZZAVILLE (E) Address: Rue Leon Jacob, Brazzaville; APO/FPO: AmEmbassy Kinshasa, Unit 31550, APO
AE 09828; Phone: 243-81-225-5872 (Kin); Fax: 243-88-40524; Workweek: M-F /0730-1630

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Robin Renee Sanders
AMB OMS                   Judy Copenhaver
DCM                       George Indyke
CON                       James Roseli (See ECO)
MGT                       vacant
DAO                       Tom Foster (based in Kinshasa)
ECO                       James Roseli
EEO                       Eva L. Robinson (Embassy Kinshasa)
ICASS Chair               vacant (see MGT)
LAB                       James Roseli (see ECO)
PAO                       George Indyke (see DCM)
RSO                       Christopher A. Bakken (Embassy Kinshas)
Last Updated: 1/17/2005

                                               Costa Rica
SAN JOSE (E) Address: Pavas, San Jose; APO/FPO: Unit 2501 APO AA34020; Phone: (506) 519-2000; Fax:
(506) 519-2305; Workweek: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Website: usembassy.or.cr

Officer                   Name
DCM                        Douglas Barnes
CG                         Robin J. Morritz
POL                        Frederick Kaplan
MGT                        Scott D. McAdoo
AGR                        Katherine Nishura
APHIS                      John Stewart
CLO                        Gwendolynne Simmons
DEA                        Stephen Gunzenhauser
ECO                        Whitney J. Witteman
FCS                        James McCarthy
FMO                        Carmen Castro
GSO                        Panfilo Marquez
IMO                        Jasper R. Daniels
IPO                        Richard Johnson
PAO                        Laurie Weitzenkorn
RSO                        Michael E. Wilkins
Last Updated: 2/15/2005

                                                Cote D'Ivoire
ABIDJAN (E) Address: 5 rue Jesse Owens, Plateau, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire; APO/FPO: 2010 Abidjan Place,
Dulles, VA 20189-2010; Phone: (225); Fax: (225); INMARSAT Tel: 8816-3145-4594
(Iridium); Workweek: 8:00 - 17:00; Website: http://usembassy.state.gov/abidjan/

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Aubrey Hooks
AMB OMS                    Carole Manley
DCM                        Vicente Valle
DCM OMS                    Wendy Bieber
POL                        James Bigus
CON                        Lisa Conner
MGT                        Robert Yamate
AGR                        Susan Reid
CLO                        Erin Kowalevicz
DAO                        Peter Aubrey
ECO                        Andrea Lewis
FMO                        Brian Bishop
GSO                        Ayemere Okojie
ICASS Chair                WO1 Thom Kowalevicz
IMO                        Jon Woodley
IPO                        Donna Chick-Bowers
ISO                        Joan Hutfles
ISSO                       Donna Chick-Bowers
PAO                        Ergibe Boyd
RSO                        Patrick Moore
Last Updated: 10/15/2004

ZAGREB (E) Address: Thomasa Jeffersona 2, Zagreb 10010; Phone: 385-1-661-2200; Fax: 385-1-661-2373;
Workweek: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 16:30pm; Website: www.usembassy.hr

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Ralph Frank
DCM                        Gregory T. Delawie
POL                        Vonda K. Delawie
CON                        Carolyn Gorman
MGT                        Dorothy K. Sarro
AID                        William Jeffers
CLO                        Inna Moody & Marlene Nice
CUS                        Donald Russel
DAO                        Kenneth Stolworthy
ECO                        Isabella Detwiler
FCS                        Thomas Kelsey
FMO                        Mark Moody
GSO                        Greg MacDonald
ICASS Chair                William Jeffers
IMO                        Richard T. Bowen III
ISO                        Gordon E. McAloney III
ISSO                       Gordon E. McAloney III
MLO                        Ron Stephens
PAO                        Janet L. Edmonson
RSO                        George Gaines
Last Updated: 12/21/2004

HAVANA (USINT) Address: Calzada between L & M Streets; Phone: 011-537-833-3551/9; Fax: 011-537-833-
2095; Workweek: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Officer                    Name
AMB                        James C. Cason
DCM                        Edward Alexander Lee
CG                         Richard C. Beer
POL                        Francisco D. Sainz
MGT                        David S. Elmo
AFSA                       Geoff Schradrack
CLO                        Peggy Heffern
ECO                        Francisco D. Sainz
FMO                        Richard Heffern
GSO                        Charles Sewall
ICASS Chair                Kelly Keiderling
IMO                        Marc Beroud
INS                        John Wallace Bird
IPO                        Fred Reichard
PAO                        Kelly Keiderling-Franz
RSO                        Thomas Borisch
Last Updated: 10/5/2004

NICOSIA (E) Address: Metochiou & Ploutarchou PO Box 24536 Engomi 2407 Nicosia Cyprus; APO/FPO: US
Embassy Nicosia PSC 815 FPO AE 09836; Phone: 357-22-393-939; Fax: 357-22-780-944; INMARSAT Tel:
683-13-2645/6; fax: 683-13-2647; Workweek: M-F, 08:00 - 17:00; Website: americanembassy.org.cy

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Michael Klosson
AMB OMS                    Ginny Phillips
DCM                        Edwin R. Nolan
DCM OMS                    Carol Hazzard
POL                        Matthew A. Palmer
CON                        Henry H. Hand
MGT                        Katherine A. Munchmeyer
CLO                        Audrey Moyer/April Day
DAO                        Steve G. Boukedes
DEA                        Micahel Haakon (Acting)
ECO                        Michael S. Dixon
EEO                        Jill E. Perry
FAA                        Vacant
GSO                        Kurt J. Hoyer
ICASS Chair                Douglas Peek
IMO                        Robert P. McCumber
IPO                        James Rezek
IRS                        Fred Pablo (resident in Rome)
ISSO                       James Rezek
PAO                        Craig L. Kuehl
RSO                        Christian J. Schurman
State ICASS                Matthew Palmer
Last Updated: 12/30/2004

                                                Czech Republic
PRAGUE (M) Address: Trziste 15, 11801 Praha 1, CR; APO/FPO: Unit 5630 Box 1000, DPO AE 09727-1000;
Phone: (420) 257 530 663; Fax: [420] 257 530 920; Workweek: 8:00 - 4:30 Monday-Friday; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        William J. Cabaniss Jr.
DCM                        Kenneth M. Hillas
CG                         Richard Appleton
POL                        Michael Dodman
COM                        Richard Steffens
CON                        Richard Appleton
MGT                        Amy J. Hyatt
AFSA                       Lisa Helling
AGR                        Quintin Gray (resident in Vienna)
CLO                        Brooke Learmonth, Rosie Cullins
DAO                        Col. Edward Gallagher
ECO                        Michael Dodman
EEO                        Robert Kiene
EST                        Mark Canning
FMO                        Robert Bare
GSO                        John Dockery
ICASS Chair                Richard Steffens, FCS
IMO                        David Rowles
INS                        (resident in Berlin)
IRS                        Margaret Lullo (resident in Berlin)
LEGATT                     Eliska Tretera
PAO                        Michael Hahn
RSO                        John Walker
Last Updated: 8/10/2004

COPENHAGEN (E) Address: Dag Hammerskjolds Allé 24, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark; APO/FPO: PSC 73,
APO AE 09716; Phone: +45 3341 7100; Fax: +45 3543 0223; INMARSAT Tel: +1 8816-314-39096; Workweek:
8:30 am until 5:00 pm; Website: www.usembassy.dk
Officer                  Name
DCM                      Sally Light
DCM OMS                  Judy Brooks
CG                       Rekha Arness
PO                       Marine Security Guard x400
POL                      Blair Hall
CON                      Rekha Arness
MGT                      Robert Needham
AFSA                     Dan Lawton
AGR                      Roger Wentzel (res. The Hague) x 482
CLO                      Jennifer Medeiros
DAO                      Geoffery Pack
DEA                      Tom Bigoness
ECO                      Greg Burton
EEO                      Blair Hall
EST                      Lori Dando
ICASS Chair              Gilbert Jacobs
IMO                      Dustin Lumley x 388
INS                      Gilbert Jacobs x381
IPO                      Ron Yonashiro x358
ISSO                     Ted Collins
LAB                      Dan Lawton
LEGATT                   Christopher Woiwode
PAO                      Christopher Fitzgerald
RSO                      Ted Collins
State ICASS              Dan Lawton
Last Updated: 2/1/2005

                                        Djioubiti, Republic of
DJIBOUTI (E) Address: Plateau du Serpent, Blvd Marechal Joffre, P.O. Box 185; Phone: (253) 35-39-95; Fax:
(253) 35-39-40; INMARSAT Tel: 68-313-4545/68-313-4546; Workweek: Sunday-Thursday, 0700-1530;
Website: In Process

Officer                  Name
AMB                      Marguerita D. Ragsdale
AMB OMS                  Diane Manago
DCM                      VACANT
POL/ECO                  Erinn Reed Stott
CON                      Andrea K. Lewis
MGT                      VACANT
AFSA                     Robert A. Nicholas
AID                      Janet Schulman
CLO                      Miriam S. Anderson
EEO                      Sweetie P. Lee Jones
GSO                      Marissa D. Scott
ICASS Chair              Bryan Boyd
IMO                      Sweetie P. Lee Jones
IPO                      Robert A. Nicholas
MLO                      Patrick Anderson
PAO                      Tiffany M Bartish
RSO                      Marc A. Ramos
State ICASS              Tiffany M Bartish
Last Updated: 2/2/2005

                                         Dominican Republic
SANTO DOMINGO (E) Address: Cesar Nicolas Penson esq. Leopoldo Navarro; APO/FPO: APO AA 34041;
Phone: 809 221-2171; Fax: 809 686-7437; INMARSAT Tel: 683 142-873; Workweek: 0800-1645; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Amb Hans H. Hertell
DCM                        Lisa J. Kubiske
DCM OMS                    Holly Hubler
CG                         Mary B. Marshall
POL                        Michael Meigs
COM                        David Katz
MGT                        Roland G. Estrada
AFSA                       Jay Raman
AGR                        David Salmon
AID                        Elena Brineman
APHIS                      Carolyn Cohen
CLO                        Carmen Toca
DAO                        Acting DAO LTC Glenn R Huber
DEA                        Elias Lopez
ECO                        Michael Meigs
EEO                        Angela Kerwin
FMO                        John Bredin
GSO                        Robyn Hooker
ICASS Chair                Mary B. Marshall
IMO                        Kenneth Hooks
INS                        Bartolome Rodriguez
IPO                        David Gilmore
ISSO                       David Gilmore
LEGATT                     Andrew Diaz
NAS                        Richard S. Hawkins
PAO                        Patricia Hawkins
RSO                        Joseph Hooten
State ICASS                Mary B. Marshall
Last Updated: 12/21/2004

                                                     East Timor
DILI (E) Address: Pantai Kelapa, Dili, Timor Leste; APO/FPO: American Embassy-Jakarta, Unit 8129, Box D,
APO AP 96520; Official pouch: 8250 Dili Place, Washington, D.C. 20521-8250; Phone: (670) 332-4684; Fax:
(670) 331-3206; Workweek: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Grover Joseph Rees, III
AMB OMS                    Myrna F. Farmer
DCM                        Sean B. Stein
DCM OMS                    Myrna F. Farmer
ECO/COM                    Curtis Ried
GSO                        Daniel Reagan
ICASS Chair                Sean Stein
IMO                        Daniel Reagan
POL/ADV                    Curtis Ried
RSO                        Kevin T. Whitson
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

QUITO (E) Address: Avs. 12 de Octubre & Patria; APO/FPO: APO AA 34039; Phone: 011-593-2-2562-890;
Fax: 011-593-2-2502-052; INMARSAT Tel: 871-154-2377; Workweek: M-F / 08:00 - 17:00; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Kristie A. Kenney
AMB OMS                   Maria Beck
DCM                       Arnold A. Chacon
DCM OMS                   Ingeborg Steinmetz
POL                       Erik Hall
COM                       Jim Sullivan
CON                       Patricia Johnson
MGT                       Frank J. Ledahawsky
AGR                       Melinda Sallyards
AID                       Lars J. Klassen
CLO                       A.J. Ketchem
DAO                       Anita Domingo
DEA                       William Hudson
ECO                       Larry Memmott
EEO                       Jim Sullivan
FMO                       Pat Hamilton
GSO                       Sarah Hall
ICASS Chair               Anita Domingo
IMO                       James B. Davidson
IPO                       Gordon E. Ward
ISSO                      James B. Davidson
MLO                       Kevin Saderup
NAS                       Brian Doherty
PAO                       Martha Estell
RSO                       Frederick J. Ketchem
Last Updated: 2/17/2005

GUAYAQUIL (CG) Address: 9 de Octubre y Garcia Moreno; APO/FPO: Unit 5350, APO AA 34039; Phone: 593-
4-232-3570; Fax: 593-4-232-5286; Workweek: 8:00 - 5:00; Website: www.usembassy.org.ec

Officer                   Name
CG                        Kevin Herbert
PO                        Kevin Herbert
CON                       Jill Johnson
MGT                       Gayle C. Hamilton
DEA                       Tony Petrino
IPO                       Jerry Ford
ISSO                      Jerry Ford
NAS                       Frank Castillo
RSO                       Anthony G. Smith
Last Updated: 2/17/2005

CAIRO (E) Address: 8 Kamal El Din Salah St., Garden City, Cairo; APO/FPO: Unit 64900, Box ??, APO, AE
09839; Phone: (20) (2) 797-3300; Fax: (20) (2) 797-3200; INMARSAT Tel: (683) 142-919; Workweek: SUN-
THU -- 0800-1630; Website: www.usembassy.egnet.net

Officer                   Name
AMB                       C. David Welch
AMB OMS                   Anissa A. Hanson
DCM                       Gordon Gray
CG                        Peter Kaestner
POL/ECO                   Michael Corbin
COM                       James Joy
CON                       Stephanie Kronenburg
MGT                       Steven J. White
AFSA                      Dawn Leavitt
AGR                       Asif Chaudhry
AID                       Kenneth Ellis
CLO                       Kathryn Ramirez
DAO                       Ted Seel
DEA                       Donald Barnes
ECO                       Michael Corbin
EEO                       Colin Bucknor
EST                       Daniel Hastings
FCS                       James Joy
FMO                       Marilyn Ferdinand
GSO                       Terry Leech
ICASS Chair               Trueman Sharp
IMO                       James Vanderpool
IPO                       James Williams
ISO                       Kimberly Kaestner
ISSO                      Colin Bucknor
LEGATT                    Joseph Brent
PAO                       James L. Bullock
RSO                       Douglas Rosenstein
Last Updated: 9/15/2004

ALEXANDRIA (BO) Address: 3 Pharaana Street,; APO/FPO: Unit 64900, Box X, APO, AE 09839-4900; Phone:
(20) (3) 486-1009; Fax: (20) (3) 487-3811; Workweek: SUN-THU, 8:00am-4:30pm; Website:

Officer                   Name
PAO                       James Geoghegan
Last Updated: 9/27/2004

                                                 El Salvador
SAN SALVADOR (E) Address: Blvd. Santa Elena, Antiguo Cuscatlan; APO/FPO: APO AA 34023; Phone:
(503)278-4444; Fax: (503)278-6011; INMARSAT Tel: 683-130-825; Workweek: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.;
Website: www.elsalvador.usembassy.gov

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Hugh Douglas Barclay
AMB OMS                   Sharon Propst
DCM                       Philip C. French
DCM OMS                   Debra Grau
CG                        James W. Herman
POL                       Annie E. Pforzheimer
CON                       James W. Herman
MGT                       Andrew Oltyan
AGR                       Stephen Huete (Guatemala)
AID                       Mark Silverman
APHIS                     Elizabeth Davis (Guatemala)
CLO                       Tina Pennel
DAO                       Jerry Zayas
DEA                       James Rose
ECO                        Jessica Webster
EST                        Jessica Webster
FAA                        Ruben D. Quiñones (Miami)
FAA/CASLO                  Victor Guardia (Miami)
FCS                        Daniel Thompson
FMO                        Philip Anstead
GSO                        Michael Barrow
ICASS Chair                James Herman
IMO                        Dale Rice
INS                        Edward Sotomayor
IPO                        Ron Dick
IRS                        Frederick Dulas (Mexico, D.F.)
LAB                        Philip Thompson
LEGATT                     David Wattley (Panama)
MLO                        Felix Santiago
PAO                        Donna J. Roginski
RSO                        John Root
State ICASS                Andrew W. Oltyan
Last Updated: 12/16/2004

                                                Equatorial Guinea
MALABO (E) Address: Carretera de Aeropuerto, Restaurante El Paraiso; Phone: (240) 093-457; Fax: (240) 09-

Officer                    Name
AMB                        R. Niels Marquardt
DCM/CHG                    Sarah Morrison
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

ASMARA (E) Address: 179 Alaa Street. P.O.Box 211, Asmara; Phone: 291-1-120004; Fax: 291-1-127584;
INMARSAT Tel: 00-871-683-142-188; Workweek: Mon-Thu 0800-1800; Fri 0800-1200

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Scott H. Delisi
AMB OMS                    Ann E. Rehme
DCM                        Sue K. Brown
DCM OMS                    vacant
MGT                        Michael A. McCarthy
AFSA                       Daniel J. Cook
AID                        Jatinder K. Cheema
CLO                        Melissa Ann Sheperd
CON/POL/ECO                Joey R. Hood
DAO                        LTC Thomas E. Sheperd
EEO                        vacant
GSO                        vacant
IPO                        Roland D. Neiss
ISSO                       Roland D. Neiss
MLO                        MAJ Tony B. Curtis
PAO                        George W. Colvin
RSO                        K. Andrew Wroblewski
SPSH                       E. Holly O'Brien
State ICASS                Joey R. Hood
Last Updated: 12/22/2004
TALLINN (E) Address: Kentmanni 20, Tallinn 15099, Estonia; APO/FPO: PSC 78, Box T, APO AE 09723;
Phone: (372) 668-8100; Fax: (372) 668-8266; Workweek: 8:30 - 17:30; Website: http://www.usemb.ee/

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Wos, Aldona Z.
AMB OMS                   Ansah-Twum, Ellen Y.
DCM                       Pekala, Mark A.
DCM OMS                   Trimble, Karen B.
POL                       Dwyer, Stuart A.
CON                       Mayer, Paul O.
MGT                       Scharpf, Norman
AFSA                      Trimble, Karen
CLO                       Smith, Natalya
DAO                       Olson, Eric
ECO                       Adams-Smith, Kelly
EEO                       Mayer, Paul O.
GSO                       Adams-Smith, Steve
ICASS Chair               Wyrick, Ken (DAO)
IMO                       Martin, Wade C.
ISO                       McFall, Steven
LEGATT                    Nixon, James
PAO                       Hodges, Thomas
RSO                       Whitehead, David
State ICASS               Adams-Smith, Kelly
Last Updated: 9/27/2004

ADDIS ABABA (E) Address: 14 Entoto Rd, Addis Ababa; Phone: (251-1) 17-40-00; Fax: (251-1) 24-24-01;
INMARSAT Tel: 00871761258488; Workweek: Mon-Th 0745-1715, Fri 0745-1245; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Aurelia E. Brazeal
AMB OMS                   Debra R. DeBose
DCM                       Janet E. Wilgus
DCM OMS                   Rosita M. Strand
POL                       Brian L. Goldbeck
COM                       Elizabeth E. Jaffee
CON                       Santiago Busa
MGT                       Brian R. Moran
AFSA                      Daniel K. Balzer
AID                       William Hammink
CLO                       Ceres C. Busa
DAO                       Lee J. Whiteside LTC
ECO                       Brian L. Goldbeck
EEO                       Debra R. DeBose
EST                       Daniel K. Balzer
FMO                       Peggy D. Guttierrez
GSO                       Ellen M. Rose
ICASS Chair               R. Douglass Arbuckle
IMO                       Charles A. Stephens, Acting
LAB                       TBD
PAO                        Samuel S. Westgate III
RSO                        Robert R. Hornbeck
State ICASS                Charles B. Gurney
Last Updated: 10/11/2004

SUVA (E) Address: 31 Loftus Street, Suva; Phone: 00679-331-4466; Fax: 00679-330-5106; INMARSAT Tel:
00679-330-1064; Workweek: 0800 - 1700; Website: www.Amembassy-Fiji.gov

Officer                    Name
AMB                        David L. Lyon
AMB OMS                    Rosmary M. Patterson
DCM                        Vacant
POL                        Edmond E. Seay
COM                        John B. Emery
CON                        Kirk D. Lindly
MGT                        Jeffrey J. Robertson
AFSA                       Ryan C. Rhea
CLO                        Kelli Lewis
DAO                        Vacant
ECO                        Edmond E. Seay
EEO                        John B. Emery
FMO                        Jeffrey J. Robertson
GSO                        Vacant
ICASS Chair                Kirk D. Lindly
IMO                        Ryan C. Rhea
ISO                        Ryan C. Rhea
ISSO                       Ryan C. Rhea
PAO                        John B. Emery
RSO                        Wade W. Burton
Last Updated: 8/17/2004

HELSINKI (E) Address: Itainen Puistotie 14, Helsinki; APO/FPO: PSC 78, Box H, APO AE 09723; Phone: 358-
9-616-250; Fax: +358-9-6162-5135; Workweek: Monday-Friday 0830-1700; Website: www.usembassy.fi

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Earle I. Mack
DCM                        Robert Weisberg
POL                        John Hall
CON                        Edward Birsner
MGT                        Charles Werderman
AGR                        Lana Bennett - resident in Stockholm
CLO                        Gianna Schlaefer
DAO                        Col. Robert Byrd, DATT
ECO                        John Clarkson
FAA/CASLO                  Joseph Teixera, res. London
FCS                        Robert Peaslee
GSO                        Richard Johnson
ICASS Chair                John Clarkson
IMO                        Marcia Henke
IPO                        Maurio Lopez
IRS                        James Beene, London
ISO                        Marcia Henke
ISSO                       Marcia Henke
LAB                        David Schlaefer
PAO                        Victoria Middleton
RSO                        Gerry Oman
Last Updated: 11/15/2004

PARIS (E) Address: 2, avenue Gabriel, 75382 Paris Cedex 08; APO/FPO: PSC 116 Box A M-26, APO AE
09777; Phone: (33) (1) 4312-2222; Fax: 33-1-42 66 97 83; INMARSAT Tel: 011-8816-3145-8172; Workweek:
Mon--Fri 9 a.m - 6 p.m.; Website: www.amb-usa.fr

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Howard H. Leach
DCM                        Alejandro Wolff
DCM OMS                    Sophie Jorgensen
CG                         Donald E. Wells
CG OMS                     Terri Lindsey
POL                        Josiah B. Rosenblatt
MGT                        Elizabeth J. Agnew
AFSA                       Valerie Belon
AGR                        Besa Kotati
AID                        George Carner
APHIS                      Alejandro Thiermann
CLO                        Natalie Wells
CUS                        Deirdre Mahon
DAO                        COL Ralph Steinke
DEA                        Eugene Habib
ECO                        Thomas White
EEO                        Colombia Barrosse
EPA                        Sarita Hoyt
EST                        Robert Dry
FAA                        Lirio Liu Nelson
FAA/CASLO                  Nouri Larbi
FCS                        Robert Connan
FMO                        Robert A. Riley
GSO                        John Lamson
ICASS Chair                Angeir Peavy
IMO                        Richard Gunn
IPO                        Donald Clayton
IRS                        Kathy Beck
ISO                        Wilson Estell
ISSO                       Linda Safta
LAB                        William Owen
LEGATT                     Lauren Anderson
PAO                        Renee Earle
RAMC                       Mark Young
RSO                        Kevin Bauer
State ICASS                Donald E. Wells
Last Updated: 9/22/2004

MARSEILLE (CG) Address: Place Varian Fry, 13286 Marseille France; APO/FPO: PSC 116 MARS APO AE
09777; Phone: 33 491 54 9200; Fax: 33 491 55 09 47; Workweek: Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5:00

Officer                    Name
PO                         Leslie W. McBee
CON                        Ellen B. Thorburn
CLO                       Leslie W. McBee
Last Updated: 10/4/2003

LYON (C) Address: 1, quai Jules Courmont, 69289 Lyon cedex 02; APO/FPO: PSC 116 Box L, APO AE 09777;
Phone: 33 4 78 38 36 88; Fax: 33 4 72 41 71 81; Workweek: Mon--Fri 9a.m - 5 p.m; Website: www.amb-

Officer                   Name
PO                        Angie Bryan
Last Updated: 9/28/2004

TOULOUSE (C) Address: 25 allees Jean Jaures, 3100 Toulouse; APO/FPO: PSC 116--Toulouse, APO AE
09777; Phone: 33 5 34 41 36 50; Fax: 33 5 34 41 16 19; Workweek: Mon--Fri 9a.m - 5 p.m; Website:

Officer                   Name
PO                        Jennifer Bachus Carleton
Last Updated: 2/9/2005

US UNESCO (PARIS) (M) Address: 12 Avenue Raphael, Paris 75116; APO/FPO: PSC 116, USUNESCO, APO
AE 09777; Phone: 9-011-33-1-45 24 74 56; Fax: 9-011-33-1-45 24 74 58; Workweek: 900-1800; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Louise V. Oliver
AMB OMS                   Becky Young
DCM                       Andrew Koss
DCM OMS                   Maria Valdivieso
POL                       Anne Carson
MGT                       Matt Dever- OECD
AFSA                      Valerie Belon EMB
CLO                       Natalie Wells
FMO                       Robert Riley EMB
GSO                       John Lamson
IMO                       Richard Daher
ISSO                      Richard Daher
PAO                       Raymond F. Tripp
RSO                       Kevin Bauer EMB
State ICASS               Donald Wells EMB
Last Updated: 11/4/2004

USOECD (M) Address: 12, ave Raphael Paris 75016; APO/FPO: PSC 116 (USOECD), APO AE 09777; Phone:
(33)(1)4524.7477; Fax: (33)(1) 4524.7497; Workweek: M-F; 9-6

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Constance A. Morella
AMB OMS                   Myra Howerton Dunn
DCM                       Robert Smolik
DCM OMS                   James Bryant
PO                        Peter Barlerin Economic Policy Advisor
PO/CON                    David Mosby SecDel
POL/ECO                   Melissa Horwitz Energy Advisor for State
COM                       Steve Morrison
MGT                       Matthew B. Dever
US REP                    Beth Lisann DOE Attache
AFSA                      John Robinson
AGR                       Helen Recinos
AID                        George Carner
APHIS                      Alejandro Thiermann
ECO                        John Weeks
EPA                        Sarita Hoyt
EST                        Morton Holbrook
FIN                        Kamal Latham Finance and Investment Advisor
IMO                        Richard Daher
ISSO                       Richard Daher
LAB                        John Robinson
PAO                        David Mosby
Last Updated: 10/16/2004

LIBREVILLE (E) Address: Boulevard du Bord de Mer; Phone: [241] 76-20-03/04; Fax: [241] 74-55-07;
Workweek: M-Th 8-17:15 - Fr 8-14:00

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Walkley, Barrie R
AMB OMS                    Keller, Patti
DCM                        Laeuchli, Samuel
POL                        Fedzer, Glenn
MGT                        Martin, Barbara J.
AFSA                       Matthew Cassetta
CLO                        Codispoti, Gabriella
DAO                        Kringel, Neal
ECO                        Sullivan, Lashandra
FIN                        Martin, Barbara J.
GSO                        Lipscomb,Alexander
ICASS Chair                Swedberg, Dale
IMO                        Swedberg, Dale
ISSO                       Codispoti, Aaron M.
RSO                        Codispoti, Aaron M.
State ICASS                Swedberg, Dale
Last Updated: 2/15/2005

                                                  Gambia, The
BANJUL (E) Address: Kairaba Avenue, Fajara; APO/FPO: 2070 Banjul Pl, Dulles VA 20189-2070; Phone: 220
439-2856; Fax: 220 439-2475; Workweek: Monday-Thursday 0800-1700, Friday 0800-1200

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Joseph D. Stafford, III
AMB OMS                    Kevin M. Phillips
DCM                        Vangala Ram
POL/ECO                    Daniel M. Renna
CON                        Elizabeth N. Schwefler
MGT                        Vacant
CLO                        Adela Renna
ECO                        Daniel M. Renna
EEO                        Matthew Austin
GSO                        Matthew C. Austin
ICASS Chair                Vangala S. Ram
IPO                        Ross Klinger
RSO                        Robert B. Kimbrough
State ICASS                Kevin M. Phillips
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

TBILISI (E) Address: 25 Atoneli; Phone: 995 32 989967; Fax: 995 32 938951; Workweek: M-F; 0900-1800;
Website: //www.usembassy.ge

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Richard Miles
AMB OMS                   Linda Price
DCM                       Patricia N Moller
DCM OMS                   Jessica Haynie
POL                       Elisabeth Brocking
COM                       Elisabeth Brocking
CON                       Kim Richter
MGT                       Carol Stricker
AID                       Denny Robertson
CLO                       Claudia Ostrowski/Suzanne English
CUS                       Jon Trumble
DAO                       LTC Alan Hester
ECO                       Elisabeth Brocking
FIN                       Paul Roberti
FMO                       Louis Nelli
GSO                       Deane Parker
ICASS Chair               Rowena Cross-Najafi
IMO                       Robert Lynn
ISO                       Mahmood Khattak
PAO                       Rowena Cross-Najafi
RSO                       Ronnie Catipon
State ICASS               Rowena Cross-Najafi
Last Updated: 1/26/2005

                                   Germany, Federal Republic Of
BERLIN (E) Address: Neustaedtische Kirchstrasse 4-5; APO/FPO: PSC 120, Box 1000, APO AE 09265; Phone:
[49] (30) 238-5174; Fax: [49] (30) 238-6290; Workweek: Monday-Friday, 0830-1730; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Daniel Coats
DCM                       John Cloud
POL                       John Bauman
COM                       John Fogarasi
CON                       Stephen Pattison
MGT                       Ray Boneski
AFSA                      Matthew Victor
AGR                       Richard Petges
CLO                       Marga Taylor
DAO                       Col. Donald Zedler
DEA                       Charles Tomaszewski
ECO                       Robert Cekuta
FIN                       Gary Herbst
FMO                       Merle Taylor
GSO                       Patricia Quinn
ICASS Chair               Richard Petges
IMO                       Anthony Muse
IPO                        Hector F. Torres
IRS                        Susan Stanley
ISO                        Jeffrey R. Hill
ISSO                       Jeffrey R. Hill
LAB                        David Wagner
LEGATT                     Frank Goetz
PAO                        Ann Chermak
RSO                        Charlene Lamb
State ICASS                Matthew Victor
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

DUSSELDORF (CG) Address: Willi Becker Allee 10; APO/FPO: Unit 2215, APO AE 09103; Phone: +49-211-
4706-130; Fax: +49-211-788-8936; Workweek: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00; Website: www.usembassy.de

Officer                    Name
PO                         George W. Knowles
POL                        Eric J. Rueter
COM                        Edward Fantasia
CON                        Marion H. Ram
MGT                        Marion H. Ram
ISSO                       Danny Weisbaum
PAO                        Carolyn R. Johnson
RSO                        Jeff Horkey (Berlin)/Eric Rueter (PSO)
Last Updated: 10/19/2004

FRANKFURT (CG) Address: Siesmayer Strasse 21, Frankfurt 60323; APO/FPO: PSC 115, APO AE 09213-
0115; Phone: 49-69-75350; Fax: 49-69-7535-5410 (Admin); INMARSAT Tel: 683-142-089; Workweek: 8:00
a.m. -4:30 p.m. M-F; Website:

Officer                    Name
PO                         Peter W. Bodde
DPO                        Geeta Pasi
POL/ECO                    Daniel Froats
COM                        Todd Thurwachter
CON                        Richard C. Hermann
MGT                        Robert C. Bryson
AFSA                       Tracy Hailey
CLO                        Pam Jenkins/Gale Waller
CUS                        Michael Feinberg
DEA                        James Farnesworth
EEO                        Stephen Frahm
FAA                        Susan Ward
FAA/CASLO                  Carlos De La Torre
FMO                        Billy J. Hill
GSO                        Dean B. Wooden
ICASS Chair                Dennis Peruzzini, INS
IMO                        Kibby Jorgensen
INS                        Dennis Peruzzini
IPO                        Christopher Pinzino
IRS                        Peggy Mullins
LEGATT                     Robert Fricke
PAO                        Charles Walsh
RSO                        Claude J. Nebel
Last Updated: 10/19/2004

HAMBURG (CG) Address: Alsterufer 27/28, 20354 Hamburg; Phone: 049-40-411-71300; Fax: 049-40-411-
71222; 049-40-417-665; Workweek: M - F; 0800 - 1700 local; Website: www.usembassy.de
Officer                   Name
CG                        Duane C. Butcher
POL                       Robert K. Scott
POL/ECO                   Robert K. Scott
CON                       Anne Bennett
MGT                       Mark S. Johnsen
AFSA                      vacant
EEO                       Mark Johnsen
FCS                       James Finlay
ICASS Chair               Am Emb Berlin
ISSO                      Robert K. Scott
PAO                       Michael G. Stevens
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

LEIPZIG (CG) Address: ; Website: www.embassy.de

Officer                   Name
PO                        Tim Savage
POL                       Philipp Linderman
ISSO                      Elizabeth Bonkowsky, William N McDonald
PAO                       John Quintus

MUNICH (CG) Address: Koeniginstrasse 5; APO/FPO: Unit 24520, APO AE 09053-4520; Phone: 49-89-2888-
745; Fax: 49-89-283-047; INMARSAT Tel: Iridium: 8816-7631-0884; Workweek: 0830-1230, 1330-1730 M-F
Local Time; Website: www.usembassy.de/munich

Officer                   Name
CG                        Matthew M. Rooney
POL                       Daniel E. Turnbull
CON                       Lisa L. Washburn
MGT                       John H. Griffith
CLO                       Inseon Turnbull
FCS                       William Bryan Smith
GSO                       Dieter Hackl
IBB                       James Lambert
IPO                       Scott Ternus
MLO                       Gerhard Rueckert
PAO                       Patricia Guy
RSO                       Hoyd J. Alexander
State ICASS               John H. Griffith
Last Updated: 9/28/2004

ACCRA (E) Address: Ring Road East; Phone: (233)(21) 775-347/8/9; Fax: (233)(21) 776-008; INMARSAT Tel:
683-135-735; Workweek: M-Thurs 0730-1700 Fri 0730-1230 Lunch 1200-1245; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Mary C. Yates
AMB OMS                   Carol V. Oakley
DCM                       Jerry P. Lanier
DCM OMS                   Mary Ann Durham
POL                       Scott Ticknor
CON                       Nan Stewart
MGT                       Judith Francis
AGR                       Jamie Rothschild
AID                       Sharon Cromer
CLO                       Betsy Wagenhauser
DAO                       Thomas Bruce
ECO                       Chris Landberg
EEO                       Judith Francis
FAA                       Edward X. Jones
FCS                       Angela Dawkins
FMO                       Kevin Doyle
GSO                       William Rada
ICASS Chair               Vacant
IMO                       A. Bryan Thibodeau
INS                       Michael Wing
IPO                       A. Bryan Thibodeau
ISO                       Kathleen Shahid
ISSO                      A. Bryan Thibodeau
PAO                       David Queen
RSO                       C. Kevin Scott
State ICASS               Vacant
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

ATHENS (E) Address: 91 Vasillissis Sophias Ave; APO/FPO: PSC 108, APO AE 09842; Phone: 30 210 721-
2951; Fax: 30 210 645 6282; INMARSAT Tel: (EATL) 871 683 131 245; Workweek: M-F, 8:30-5:00; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Charles P. Ries
AMB OMS                   Roberta Ross-Ackermann
DCM                       Jacob Walles
DCM OMS                   Angie Smith
CG                        Ann Sides
POL                       Karen Decker
MGT                       Jeffrey Olesen
AFSA                      Kathryn Berck
CLO                       Linda Olesen & Samantha Drogo
DAO                       Captain Sam Tangredi
DEA                       Perry Felecos
ECO                       John Stepanchuk
FAA                       Ray Montgomery
FCS                       Walter Hage
FMO                       Joseph Johnson
GSO                       Dennis McCann
ICASS Chair               Mike Colvin
IMO                       Durwood Franke
INS                       Jacob Antoninis
IPO                       Harold McKeever
ISO                       Harry H. Moore
ISSO                      Harold McKeever
PAO                       Sandra Kaiser
RSO                       Michael Darmiento
State ICASS               Sandra Kaiser
Last Updated: 2/14/2005

THESSALONIKI (CG) Address: Tsimiski 43, Thessaloniki 546 23; APO/FPO: PSC 108, APO A.E. 09842;
Phone: 0030-2310-242-905; Fax: 0030-2310-242 924; Workweek: Mon - Fri 08:30 - 17:00; Website:

Officer                   Name
CG                        vacant
POL                       Demitra Pappas
MGT                       Demitra Pappas
ICASS Chair               vacant
IMO                       Harry Moore (Athens)
IPO                       Harold McKeever (Athens)
ISO                       Harry Moore (Athens)
ISSO                      Demitra Pappas (Thessaloniki)
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

ST. GEORGE’S (E) Address: Lance Aux Epines; Phone: 1-473-444-1173/7; Fax: 1-473-444-4820; Workweek:
Mon. thru Fri., 8AM-4:30 PM

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Mary E. Kramer (Bridgetown, Barbados)
DCM                       Mary E. Gilroy(Bridgetown, Barbados)
CG                        Robert L. Fretz (Bridgetown)
PO                        Wayne Lodgson (WAE)
MGT                       Leo F. Voytko (Bridgetown)
AID                       Rebecca Rohrer (Bridgetown)
DEA                       Hollis Williams (Bridgetown)
FMO                       Vincent Wing (Bridgetown)
GSO                       Alison Shorter-Lawrence (Bridgetown)
IMO                       Manuel Dipre (Bridgetown)
LAB                       Alfred Anzaldua
MLO                       Cdr. Peter Kilfoyle (Bridgetown)
NAS                       Patricia Aguilera (Bridgetown)
PAO                       Julie O'Reagan (Bridgetown)
RSO                       Daniel C. Becker (Bridgetown)
Last Updated: 1/27/2005

GUATEMALA (E) Address: Ave. Reforma 7-01, Zona 10; APO/FPO: APO AA 34024; Phone: (502) 2326-4000;
Fax: (502) 2331-6660; INMARSAT Tel: 683133345; Workweek: Mon-Thu: 7:30 to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 7:30 to
12:30; Website: usembassy.state.gov/guatemala

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John R. Hamilton
AMB OMS                   Dolores Appel
DCM                       Bruce Wharton
DCM OMS                   Maryann Hughes
CG                        Michael Jacobsen
POL                       Alexander Featherstone
COM                       Mitchell G. Larsen
CON                       Michael Jacobsen
MGT                       Scott Heckman
AGR                       Huete, Stephen
AID                       Glenn Anders
APHIS                     Gordon Tween
CLO                       Tracy Schmidt / Melissa Stoddard
DAO                       Richard Nazario
DEA                       Michael O'Brien
ECO                       Steven S. Olson
EEO                       Diane Corbin / Michael Rinker
FMO                       Tor Petersen
GSO                       Daniel Hamilton
ICASS Chair               Robert Schmidt
IMO                       Michael Rinker
INS                       Roy Hernandez
IPO                       Stephen Wheelock
ISO                       Linda Howard
LAB                       Troy D. Fitrell
MLO                       Mark S. Wilkins
NAS                       Daniel P. Bellegarde
PAO                       Mary Thompson-Jones
RSO                       Michael Foster
State ICASS               Mary Thompson-Jones
Last Updated: 2/3/2005

CONAKRY (E) Address: ; Phone: 224-41-15-20/21/23; Fax: 224-41-15-22; Workweek: M-Th, 7:30-16:30; F,
7:30-13:30; Website: www.usembassy.state.gov/conakry

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Jackson McDonald
AMB OMS                   Judyann H. Dye
DCM                       Frankie A. Reed
DCM OMS                   Vacant
POL/ECO                   Vacant
COM                       Bruce Wilkinson
CON                       Barbara Bartsch-Allen
MGT                       Christopher D. Dye
AFSA                      Aaron Sampson
AID                       Annette Adams
CLO                       Applicant Selected
DAO                       Maj. Christian Ramthun
ECO                       Kathleen Peoples
EEO                       Louise Bedichek
FIN                       Sharon Yang
FMO                       Gary Rose
GSO                       Aaron Sampson
ICASS Chair               Carrie Dailey
IPO                       Dwayne Taylor
ISSO                      Dwayne Taylor
PAO                       Louise Bedichek
RAMC                      FSC Charleston
RSO                       John Aybar
State ICASS               Barabara Bartsch-Allen
Last Updated: 12/5/2004

BISSAU (BO) Address: P.O. Box 297 Bissau Codex, Bairro de Penha, Rua Ulysses Grant; APO/FPO: 2130
Dakar Place, Dulles, VA 20189-2130; Phone: 00-245-252-282; Fax: 00-245-222-273; Workweek: M-F, 0800-
1700; Website: http://dakar.usembassy.gov/wwwhguineabissau.html
Officer                    Name
AMB                        Richard Alan Roth
DCM                        Robert Jackson
POL                        Seiji T Shiratori
MGT                        Gary Mignano
DAO                        Scott Womack
GSO                        Frank Shields
Last Updated: 12/9/2004

GEORGETOWN (E) Address: 100 Young & Duke Sts; APO/FPO: American Embassy, Department of State,
Washington, D.C. 20521-3170; Phone: (592) 225-4900-09; Fax: (592) 225-8497/ 747-0303; Workweek: 07:30-
16:00; Website: http://georgetown.usembassy.gov

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Roland W. Bullen
AMB OMS                    Bermadine B. Phillips
DCM                        Anthony J. Intelandi
DCM OMS                    Spivey, Mary K
POL                        Tiantawach, Yodchiwan D
CON                        Sandra J. Ingram
MGT                        Ola B. Criss
AID                        Mike Sarhan
ECO/COM                    Timothy D. Birner
EEO                        Sandra J. Ingram
FMO                        (VACANT)
ICASS Chair                Susan M. Tuller
IMO                        William C. Bridgeland
ISSO                       William C. Bridgeland
MLO                        Kip Chojnacki
RSO                        Joel Henderson
Last Updated: 12/21/2004

PORT AU PRINCE (E) Address: 5, Harry Truman Blvd.; Phone: (509) 222-0200; Fax: (509) 223-1641;
Workweek: 0700 - 1530

Officer                    Name
AMB                        James B. Foley
DCM                        Douglas Griffiths
CG                         Jay Smith
POL                        Conrad Tribble
MGT                        Paul A. Folmsbee
AFSA                       Elizabeth Gourlay
AID                        David Adams
APHIS                      Christopher Cobbs
CLO                        Laura Hahn
DAO                        Christopher Grieg
DEA                        Alvin Rollins
ECO                        David Reimer
EEO                        Leslie Imes
FMO                        Morgan Byrnes
GSO                        Robert Heater
ICASS Chair               Matthew Brown
IMO                       Howard Sparks
IPO                       Howard Sparks
ISO                       Meredith Strong
ISSO                      Steve Baldwin
MLO                       Larry Jones
PAO                       Mara Tekach-Ball
State ICASS               David Reimer
Last Updated: 8/2/2004

                                               Holy See, The
VATICAN CITY (E) Address: Via delle Terme Deciane, 26; APO/FPO: PSC 59, Box 66, APO AE 09624; Phone:
(+39) 06-4674-3428; Fax: (0039) 06-575-8346; Workweek: Mon - Fri / 8:30am - 5:30pm; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Jim Nicholson
AMB OMS                   Darlene Namahoe
DCM                       Brent Hardt
POL                       Peter Martin
MGT                       Fleur Cowan
PAO                       Amy Roth Turnley
Last Updated: 8/17/2004

TEGUCIGALPA (E) Address: Avenida La Paz, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; APO/FPO: American Embassy, APO AA
34022; Phone: (504) 236-9320; Fax: (504) 236-9037; Workweek: M-F, 8 - 5 local time; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Larry Palmer
AMB OMS                   Linda Lopez
DCM                       Roger Pierce
DCM OMS                   Peggy Laurance
CG                        Ian Brownlee
POL                       Francisco Palmieri
COM                       Mitch Larsen (resident in Guatemala)
MGT                       Jesse I. Coronado
AFSA                      Derrick Olsen
AGR                       Steve Huete (resident in Guatemala)
AID                       Paul Tuebner
CLO                       Sigret Sanes
DAO                       Derek R. Dickey, USAF
DEA                       John Mark Discenza
ECO                       Patrick Dunn
EEO                       Calvin T. Watlington
FMO                       Calvin Watlington
GSO                       Ana P. Baide
ICASS Chair               Chief Fred Kerzic
IMO                       Mari Jain Womack
INS                       Luis Figueroa (acting)
IPO                       Monica Barreto
LAB                       Derrick Olsen
LEGATT                    David Wattley (resident in Panama)
MLO                       Mario Mastrandrea
PAO                       Melissa Cooper
RSO                       Bruce Lizzi
State ICASS               Francisco Palmieri
Last Updated: 1/21/2005

                                                  Hong Kong
HONG KONG (M) Address: 26 Garden Road, Central; APO/FPO: AmConGen Hong Kong, PSC 461, Box 1,
FPO AP 96521; Phone: (852) 2523-9011; Fax: (852) 2845-1598; Workweek: 0830-1730; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       James R. Keith
AMB OMS                   Josephine M. Schaefer
DCM                       Marlene J. Sakaue
DCM OMS                   Linda M. Mason-Witt
POL                       Simon J. Schuchat
CON                       Richard F. Gonzalez
MGT                       Lewis R. Atherton
AFSA                      Nathaniel S. Turner
ATO                       Lloyd S. Harbert
CLO                       Jennifer A. Eckert
CUS                       Thomas J. Howe
DAO                       George T. Foster
DEA                       Thomas Ma
ECO                       Simon J. Schuchat
EEO                       Michael Pascual
FCS                       Stewart J. Ballard
FMO                       Laurence A. Rigg
GSO                       Raymond J. Kengott
ICASS Chair               Lloyd S. Harbert
IMO                       Janifer K. Sulaiman
IPO                       Elaine S. Tiang-Chu
ISO                       Wenyi Shu
LEGATT                    Kingman K. Wong
PAO                       Richard W. Stites
RSO                       Martin Chu
Last Updated: 1/4/2005

BUDAPEST Address: 1054 Budapest Szabadsag Ter 12 Hungary; Phone: 36-1-475-4400; Fax: 36-1-475-4520
(ADMIN); Workweek: Mon - Fri; 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Officer                   Name
AMB                       George H. Walker
DCM                       Philip T. Reeker
POL                       Robert Patterson
COM                       Patricia Gonzalez
CON                       Philip Skotte
MGT                       John Kuschner
AFSA                      Phillip J. Skotte
AGR                       Robert H. Curtis (Vienna)
CLO                       Deborah Bernlohr
CUS                       Robin Avers (Vienna)
DAO                       Kevin McGrath
DEA                       Thomas Slovenkay (Vienna)
ECO                       Gary Larson
EEO                       Karen Schaefer
EST                       Karyn Posner-Mullen
FAA                       Amy Becke (Vienna)
FMO                       Marie Bohlmann
GSO                       John Bernlohr
IMO                       Tim I McCann
INS                       William Gilligan (Vienna)
IPO                       Scott Hewitt
ISO                       Tim I McCann
ISSO                      Tim I McCann
LEGATT                    Joseph Ladd
PAO                       Cesar Beltran
RSO                       Karen Schaefer
State ICASS               Phillip J. Skotte
Last Updated: 9/15/2004

REYKJAVIK (E) Address: 21 Laufasvegur, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland; APO/FPO: PSC 1003, Box 40, FPO AE
09728; Phone: (354) 562-9100; Fax: (354) 562-9118; Workweek: Monday to Friday/0800-1700; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       James I. Gadsden
AMB OMS                   Marie R. Garcia
DCM                       Philip S. Kosnett
DCM OMS                   Terri R. Gilbert
POL                       Lisa S. Kierans
CON                       Danielle A. Harms
MGT                       Robert W. Dreesen
ECO/COM                   David Jaberg
EST                       (David Jaberg)
GSO                       (Robert Dreesen)
IMO                       Ryan Boera
IPO                       Vacant
ISSO                      Ryan Boera
PAO                       Linda J. Hartley
RSO                       Michael J. Stutzman
State ICASS               Ryan Boera
Last Updated: 2/11/2005

NEW DELHI (E) Address: Shanti Path, Chanakaya Puri New Delhi - 110021, India; Phone: 91-11-24198000;
Fax: 91-11-24190017; Workweek: Monday thru Friday; 0830 hrs to 1730 hrs; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       David C. Mulford
DCM                       Robert O. Blake
CG                        William Bartlett
POL                       Geoffrey Pyatt
COM                       John Peters
CON                       William Bartlett
MGT                       James Forbes
AGR                       Chad Russell
APHIS                     Marvin Felder
CLO                       Dumi Nxumalo Martin
CUS                       James Dozier
DAO                       Steven Sboto
DEA                       Alan Santos
ECO                       Lee A. Brudvig
EST                       Marco DiCapua
FIN                       David Sarisky
FMO                       William Hedges
GSO                       Stephen Ames
ICASS Chair               Ron Olsen
IMO                       James L. Cleveland
INS                       Joseph Galoski
IPO                       Robert Hall
IRS                       Laura Livingston
ISO                       Sherril Pavin
ISSO                      Sherril Pavin
LAB                       Loren Holt-Hansen
LEGATT                    David Ford
MLO                       Mark Ericson
PAO                       Michael Anderson
RSO                       Nace Crawford
State ICASS               Michael Anderson
Last Updated: 2/1/2005

MUMBAI (CG) Address: 78, Bhulabhai Desai Rd., Mumbai, India; Phone: 91-22-2363-3611; Fax: 91-22-2363-
0350; Workweek: Mon-Fri 8:15 am - 5:00 pm; Website: http://usembassy.state.gov/mumbai

Officer                   Name
CG                        Angus T. Simmons
CG OMS                    Mirtea Starkey
PO                        Angus T. Simmons
POL                       William Klein
COM                       Richard Rothman
CON                       Joseph Pomper
MGT                       James Leaf
CLO                       Joan Luethi
ECO                       Rebecca Frerichs
GSO                       Phyllis DeSmet-Howard
ISO                       Bill Mains
PAO                       Linda Cheatham
RSO                       Scott Messick
Last Updated: 1/11/2005

CHENNAI (C) Address: 220 Anna Salai Rd, Chennai 600 006, India; Phone: 91-44-2811-2000; Fax: 91-44-
2811-2020; INMARSAT Tel: 00-873-383133034#; Workweek: Mon - Fri 0830 - 1700; Website:

Officer                   Name
CG                        Richard Haynes
CG OMS                    Sumita Gupta
PO                        Richard Haynes
POL                       Robert King
COM                       Bruce Quinn
CON                       Michael D Thomas
MGT                       Kelly Buenrostro
CLO                       Nina Robinson
GSO                       Mary Lou Gonzales
IPO                       James J Foster
ISO                       James J Foster
ISSO                      James J Foster
PAO                       Ravi Candidai
RSO                       Dominick Sabruno
Last Updated: 1/29/2005

KOLKATA (C) Address: 5/1 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Calcutta 700071; Phone: 91-33-2282-3611; Fax: 91-33-2282-
2335; Workweek: Mon-Fri, 0800 hours-1700 hours; Website: http://calcutta.usconsulate.gov

Officer                   Name
CG                        George N. Sibley
CON                       Sarah A. Nelson
MGT                       William L. Smith
IMO                       James L. Cleveland
IPO                       Robert A. Hall (New Delhi)
ISO                       Sherril L. Pavin (New Delhi)
PAO                       Susan M. Shultz
RSO                       Dominic A. Sabruno (Chennai)
Last Updated: 9/24/2004

JAKARTA (E) Address: Medan Merdeka Selatan 5; APO/FPO: Box 8129, FPO, AP 96520-8129; Phone: (62-
21) 3435-9000; Fax: (62) (21) 386-2259; INMARSAT Tel: 683-142-927; Workweek: M-F 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.;
Website: www.usembassyjakarta.org

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Ambassador B. Lynn Pascoe
DCM                       W. Lewis Amselem
CG                        Mary Grandfield
POL                       Marc Desjardins
COM                       Margaret Keshishian
CON                       Mary Grandfield
MGT                       J. Patrick Truhn
AGR                       Fred Kessel
AID                       William Frej
CLO                       Carol Stephens
DAO                       Col. Joseph Judge (USA)
ECO                       William Heidt
EEO                       Max Kwak
EST                       Anthony Woods
FCS                       Margaret Keshishian
FMO                       Ralph Hamilton
GSO                       Wade Leahy
ICASS Chair               Margaret Keshishian
IMO                       David Yeutter
IPO                       Timmie Chatelain
ISO                       Ron Lay
ISSO                      Ron Lay
LAB                       Mark D. Clark
PAO                       Charles Silver
RSO                       Earl R. Miller
State ICASS                William Heidt
Last Updated: 10/27/2004

SURABAYA (CG) Address: Jl. Dr. Soetomo 33, Surabaya 60264; APO/FPO: Unit 8131, FPO, AP 96520;
Phone: 62-31-295-6400; Fax: (62-31) 567-4492; INMARSAT Tel: 383-134-370; Workweek: M-F 7:30 a.m to
4:00 p.m.; Website: www.usconsulatesurabaya.us

Officer                    Name
PO                         Phillip L. Antweiler
POL                        Steven J. Whitaker
POL/ECO                    Mara A. Kaplan
CON                        Antone C. Greubel
MGT                        Susan Cheatham
ECO                        vacant
GSO                        Cheryl Hepburn
PAO                        vacant
Last Updated: 10/26/2004

BAGHDAD (E) Address: ; APO/FPO: APO AE 09316; Workweek: Sunday - Thursday 0800-1830; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        John Negroponte
AMB OMS                    Dona Richard
DCM                        James Jeffrey
DCM OMS                    Antonette Schroeder
POL                        Robert Ford
CON                        Marie Damour
MGT                        Steve Browning
AGR                        James Smith
AID                        Spike Stephenson
ECO                        Anne Derse
EEO                        Kurt Luertzing
FAA                        Marcos Costilla
FCS                        Greg Wong
FIN                        Philip DuBois
FMO                        Steven Montgomery
GSO                        Alison Barkley
IMO                        Steve Taylor
IPO                        Marlene Wurdeman
ISO                        Roger Johnson
LAB                        Craig Davis
NAS                        William Francisco
PAO                        Richard Schmierer
RSO                        John Frese
Last Updated: 9/26/2004

DUBLIN (E) Address: 41 Elgin Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4; APO/FPO: 5290 Dublin Pl, Dulles, VA 20189-5290;
Phone: 353 1 668-7122; Fax: 353 1 668-9946; INMARSAT Tel: 881631438814 (Iridium); Workweek: 8:30 am -
5:00 pm; Website: www.usembassy.ie

Officer                    Name
AMB                      James C. Kenny
AMB OMS                  Sharon Reilly
DCM                      Jonathan Benton
DCM OMS                  Nemesia Macabio
CG                       Daniel Toma
CG OMS                   Brenda Daly
POL                      Mary Daly
POL/ECO                  Joe Young
COM                      Dale Tasharski
CON                      Andrew Hoye
MGT                      Michael Scanlon
AGR                      Peter Kurz/London
CLO                      Noelle Rush
CUS                      Edward Logan/London
DAO                      Col. John O'Sullivan
DEA                      Michael McManamon/London
FAA                      Joseph Teixeira/London
GSO                      Lloyd Champ
ICASS Chair              Dale Tasharski
INS                      Barbara McCall
IPO                      Jack Gilmere
IRS                      Paul Beene/London
ISO                      CM Michael Thomas (FSN)
ISSO                     RSO, IPO is back-up
LEGATT                   Lance Emory/London
RSO                      Paul W. Kennedy
Last Updated: 2/8/2005

TEL AVIV (E) Address: 71 Hayarkon; APO/FPO: APO AE 09830; Phone: 972-3-519-7575; Fax: 972-3-517-
3227; INMARSAT Tel: 683133445, 683133446; Workweek: M-F / 0800 - 1630; Website:

Officer                  Name
AMB                      Daniel C. Kurtzer
AMB OMS                  Deborah M. Burns
DCM                      Gene A. Cretz
DCM OMS                  Dahlene C. Sprague
CG OMS                   Nancy M. Rasari
POL                      Norman H. Olsen
COM                      Michael Richardson
CON                      Philip S. Covington
MGT                      Martin P. Hohe
AFSA                     Clark W. Price
AID                      James Bever
CLO                      Kristi Lund/D'Anna Hohe
DAO                      Timothy G. Murphy
ECO                      William Weinstein
EEO                      Tom Robilotta
EST                      Robert Tansey
FMO                      John Gieseke
GSO                      Mark R. Brandt
ICASS Chair              Vacant
IMO                      James C. Norton
IPO                      Tom Robilotta
ISO                      Vacant
ISSO                     Laura Leinow
LEGATT                    Cary Gleicher
PAO                       Helena K. Finn
RSO                       Mark J. Hipp
Last Updated: 1/10/2005

ROME (E) Address: 119/a Via Vittorio Veneto; APO/FPO: PSC 59 APO AE 09624; Phone: (+39) 06-4674-1;
Fax: (+39) 06-488-2672; Workweek: Mon-Fri from 08:30 to 17:30; Website: http://www.usembassy.it

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Mel Sembler
AMB OMS                   Dianne Wampler
DCM                       Emil M. Skodon
DCM OMS                   Cheryl Helm
CG                        Carolyn Huggins
POL                       Tom Countryman
CON                       Peggy Gennatiempo
MGT                       William Haugh
AFSA                      Mark Schapiro
AGR                       Geoffrey Wiggin
CLO                       Amy Freeman/Julie Mendez
CUS                       Robert S. Stiriti
DAO                       Rolf A. Yngve
DEA                       Richard Fiano
ECO                       Scott Kilner
EEO                       Vacant
EST                       Jill Byrnes
FAA                       John Halinski
FCS                       Karen Ware
FMO                       Jamie Seale
GSO                       Dan Cushman
ICASS Chair               Karen Ware
IMO                       John Boulanger
INS                       Anne Aries Corsano
IPO                       Michael Chiaventone
ISO                       Susan Lee
ISSO                      Laura Williams(Unclas); Francisco Cordero (Classnet)
LAB                       Candace Putman
LEGATT                    Angelus Lagomarsino (Acting)
MLO                       Adam Dottle
PAO                       John P. Dwyer
RSO                       Nancy Rolph-O'Donnell
State ICASS               John P. Dwyer
Last Updated: 1/28/2005

MILAN (CG) Address: Via Principe Amedeo 2/10, 20121 Milano; APO/FPO: PSC 59 BOX 60 (MI) APO AE
09624; Phone: +39-02-29035-1; Fax: +39-02-29035.440; Workweek: 8:30-12:30 13:30-17:30; Website:

Officer                   Name
CG                        Deborah E. Graze
CG OMS                    Debra L. Filipp
POL                       Kirkby Ressler
COM                       Hans Amrhein
CON                       Donald Moore
MGT                       G. Kathleen Hill
CLO                        Karen Bustamante
DEA                        James Di Caprio
ECO                        Lisa D. Miller
GSO                        Matthew E. Sandelands
IPO                        Mark Nichols
ISO                        Mark Nichols
ISSO                       Mark Nichols
LEGATT                     Chris Graham
PAO                        David A. Bustamante
PAO/ADV                    Ralph W. Falzone
RSO                        Ted Fisch
Last Updated: 12/2/2004

FLORENCE (C) Address: Lungarno A. Vespucci, 38; APO/FPO: PSC 59 Box 100 (f) APO AE 09624; Phone:
+39-055-266-951; Fax: 39-055-284088; INMARSAT Tel: Iridium 881631458976; Workweek: 8:30 - 5:30 Mon to

Officer                    Name
CG                         William W. McIlhenny
PO                         William W. McIlhenny
CON                        Steven F. Harper
MGT                        Steven F. Harper
ISSO                       Steven F. Harper
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

NAPLES (C) Address: Piazza della Repubblica; APO/FPO: PSC 813 Box 18 FPO AE 09620; Phone: ++39-081-
583-8111; Fax: ++39-081-761-1869; Workweek: Mon-Fri 08:00 - 17:00; Website:

Officer                    Name
CG                         Suneta L. Halliburton
PO                         Suneta L. Halliburton
POL                        Paul J. Martin
CON                        Richard L. Adams
MGT                        Kelly Hapka
ECO                        Paul J. Martin
ICASS Chair                Kelly Hapka
PAO                        Bennett Y. Lowenthal
State ICASS                Kelly Hapka
Last Updated: 1/12/2005

FODAG (ROME) (M) Address: Piazza del Popolo 18, 4th Floor, 00187 Roma; APO/FPO: PSC 59, Box 31, APO,
AE 09624; Phone: 39-06-4674-3500; Fax: 39-06-4674-3535; Workweek: 8:30M to 5:30 PM; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Ambassador Tony P. Hall
DCM                        J. Michael Cleverley
POL                        Willem Brakel
MGT                        Bruce Berton
AGR                        David Hegwood
AID                        Earl Gast
PAO                        Carla Benini
Last Updated: 10/20/2004

KINGSTON (E) Address: NCB Towers, South Tower, Third Floor, 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.;
Phone: 876-935-6000; Fax: 876-935-6001; Workweek: M-F; 07:15 to 16:00; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Sue M. Cobb
DCM                       Thomas C. Tighe
CG                        Ronald S. Robinson
POL                       Mark Powell
COM                       David Katz
MGT                       Steven J. Valdez
AFSA                      Alexandra Z. Tenny
AGR                       David Salmon
AID                       Karen Turner
APHIS                     Alester Simmons
CLO                       Eva Crawford
DAO                       Martin Hundley
DEA                       Ranaldo Ollie
ECO                       Mark Powell
EEO                       John Benton
FAA                       Allan B. Hurr
FMO                       Natalie Cropper
GSO                       Steven Goertz
ICASS Chair               Peter Klosky
IMO                       John M. Benton
INS                       Charles W. Jean
IPO                       John M. Benton
ISSO                      John M. Benton
MLO                       Vincent J. Moynihan
NAS                       Garace Reynard
PAO                       Glenn Guimond
RSO                       Michael Limpantsis
Last Updated: 11/2/2004

TOKYO (E) Address: 10-5 Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8420; APO/FPO: Unit 45004 Box 258 APO
AP 96337-5004; Phone: 81-3-3224-5000; Fax: 81-3-3505-1862; Workweek: 0830am - 1730pm; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Howard H. Baker, Jr.
DCM                       Michael W. Michalak
CG                        Edward McKeon
POL                       David B. Shear
CON                       Patty L. Hill
MGT                       James Van Derhoff
AFSA                      to be filled
AGR                       Daniel Berman
AID                       Charles R. Aanenson
APHIS                     Robert Tanaka
ATO                       Mark A. Dries
CLO                       Maria T. Flatt/Eun Young Summe
CUS                       Cox, Michael R.
DAO                       Mark Welch
DEA                       Peter M. Shigeta
ECO                       James P. Zumwalt
EEO                        Mary F. Martinez
EST                        Kevin K. Maher
FAA                        Christopher S. Metts
FAA/CASLO                  Cornell Russell
FCS                        Samuel H. Kidder
FIN                        Richard Johnston
FMO                        Francis M. Conte
GSO                        Mary F. Martinez
ICASS Chair                Christopher S. Metts
IMO                        Kay E. Gotoh
INS                        Kathy Glenn
IPO                        Robert L. Adams
ISO                        James F. Ryan
ISSO                       James F. Ryan
LAB                        Ann M. Kambara
LEGATT                     Lawrence J. Futa
MLO                        John V. Robson
PAO                        William M. Morgan
RSO                        Gentry Smith
Last Updated: 11/23/2004

NAHA (CG) Address: 2564 Nishihara, Urasoe City, Okinawa 901-2101; APO/FPO: PSC 556 BOX 840 FPO-AP
96386-0840; Phone: (81) (98) 876-4211; Fax: (81) (98) 876-4243; INMARSAT Tel: 872-76-344-9547;
Workweek: 08:00 ~ 17:00; Website: www.usembassy.state.gov/naha

Officer                    Name
PO                         Thomas G. Reich
POL                        Patricia M. Stigliani
CON                        Jason McInerney
MGT                        Dan O. Fulwiler
EEO                        Patricia M. Stigliani
ISSO                       Susan L. Reinert
PAO                        Bruce R. Nelson
Last Updated: 2/16/2005

OSAKA KOBE (CG) Address: Ameican Consulate General, 11-5, Nishitenma 2-Chome, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-
8543, Japan; APO/FPO: AmConGen Osaka-Kobe, Unit 45004 Box 239, APO AP 96337-5004; Phone: 81-6-
6315 5900; Fax: 81- 6 6315 5915; INMARSAT Tel: 76 344 9547; Workweek: Mon-Fri/0830-1730; Website:

Officer                    Name
PO                         Alexander Almasov
POL                        Patrick L. Chow
COM                        Alan Long
CON                        Paul J. Howard
MGT                        Robert J. Dupalo
ATO                        Emiko Purdy
ECO                        Patrick L. Chow
IPO                        Peter A Steitz
ISSO                       Peter A Steitz/Stephen S Wheeler
PAO                        John (Chris) Laycock
Last Updated: 7/21/2003

SAPPORO (CG) Address: Kita 1-Jo Nishi 28-Chome, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo 064-0821; APO/FPO: Unit 45004, Box
276, APO AP 96337-0003; Phone: 81-11-641-1115; Fax: 81-11-643-1283; Workweek: 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
except designated holidays; Website: usembassy.state.gov/sapporo
Officer                   Name
CG                        Marrie Y. Schaefer
CON                       Elise J. Fox
MGT                       Elise J. Fox
IMO                       Shinji Hosokawa (FSN)
ISO                       Elise J. Fox
PAO                       Marrie Y. Schaefer
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

FUKUOKA (C) Address: 5-26 Ohori 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0052; APO/FPO: Unit 45004 Box 242,
APO AP 96337-5004; Phone: 81-92-751-9331; Fax: 81-92-713-9222; INMARSAT Tel: 38 313 2643;
Workweek: 8:45 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Mon - Friday; Website: usembassy.state.gov/fukuoka

Officer                   Name
PO                        Joyce S. Wong
CON                       Eric R. Kettner
MGT                       Eric R. Kettner
ECO                       Blair L. Labarge
FMO                       Eric R. Kettner
GSO                       Eric R. Kettner
IMO                       Eric R. Kettner
ISSO                      Eric R. Kettner
PAO                       John A. Dyson
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

NAGOYA (C) Address: Nishiki SIS Bldg. 6F, 10-33 Nishiki 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0003; APO/FPO:
Embassy Tokyo (for Nagoya), Unit 45004, Box 280, APO, AP 96337-5004; Phone: 81-52-203-4011; Fax: 81-
52-201-4612; INMARSAT Tel: 00763449534; Workweek: 8:30 - 17:30

Officer                   Name
PO                        Gary G. Oba
CUS                       George Wakayama
FCS                       Stephen J. Anderson
PAO                       Michael R. Turner
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

YOKOHAMA Address: 152-3 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan 231-0862; APO/FPO: PSC 472 Box 2,
FPO, AP 96348; Phone: (81)(45) 622-6514; Fax: (81)(45) 622-6516; INMARSAT Tel: 8816 7631 0819 (iridium);
Workweek: 08:30-17:30

Officer                   Name
PO                        Lawrence J. Mire
Last Updated: 1/15/2003

JERUSALEM (CG) Address: 18 Agron Rd., Jerusalem 91002; 27 Nablus Rd., Jerusalem 97200 (Consular/PD
Sections); APO/FPO: PSC 98, Box 0039, APO AE 09830; Phone: +972-2-622-7230; Fax: +972-2-625-9270;
Workweek: Mon-Fri. 0800-1630; Website: http://jerusalem.usconsulate.gov

Officer                   Name
CM OMS                    D. Jean Atkinson
PO                        David D. Pearce
DPO                       Maura Connelly
POL                       John C. Stevens
CON                       Stuart E. Patt
MGT                       Sylvie L. Martinez
AFSA                       Timothy Eydelnant
AID                        Barbara Belding
CLO                        Judith L Bryant & Elizabeth Patt
ECO                        Amy Schedlbauer
EEO                        Pamela Mills & John C. Stevens
FMO                        Yolanda A. Parra
GSO                        Elias A. Parra & Erick Tyndal
IBB                        Sonja James
ICASS Chair                Charles F. Hunter
IMO                        Stephen P Provencal
ISO                        Billy D. Feely
ISSO                       Stephen P. Provencal
PAO                        Charles F. Hunter
RSO                        Keith A. Swinehart
State ICASS                Charles F. Hunter
Last Updated: 11/30/2004

AMMAN (E) Address: P.O. Box 354, Amman 11118; APO/FPO: APO AE 09892; Phone: +(962) 6 590-6000;
Fax: 962-6-592-0163 (Admin); Workweek: Sun-Thurs 0800-1700; Website: http://www.usembassy-amman.og.jo

Officer                    Name
DCM                        David Hale
DCM OMS                    Virginia Baldwin
CG                         Daniel Goodspeed
POL                        Christopher Henzel
COM                        Laurie Farris
CON                        Dan Goodspeed
MGT                        Perry Adair
AGR                        Hala Khoury
AID                        Anne Aarnes
APHIS                      Hala Khoury
ATF                        Robert Goodrich
ATO                        Hala Khoury
CLO                        Kathy M. Djahanbani & Gina MacLean
CUS                        Greg Lawless
DAO                        David MacLean
DEA                        Robert Goodrich
ECO                        Richard Eason
EEO                        David Barth
EPA                        John Whittlesey
EST                        John Whittlesey
FAA                        James Flowers
FAA/CASLO                  James Flowers
FMO                        Richard Boohaker
GSO                        Victor E. Manley
ICASS Chair                Anne Aarnes
IMO                        Ernest R. Olivarez
IPO                        Howard Copeland
ISO                        Bryan R. Stahl
ISSO                       William Densmore
LEGATT                     Andre Khoury
NAS                        John Whittlesey
PAO                        Haynes R. Mahoney
RSO                        Robert Goodrich
State ICASS                Haynes R. Mahoney
Last Updated: 9/21/2004

ALMATY (E) Address: 99/97A Furmanov Street; Phone: 7-3272-50-48-02; Fax: 7-3272-50-24-77; Workweek:
9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Website: Almaty.state.gov

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John M. Ordway
AMB OMS                   Janet Van Der Zalm
DCM                       Mark L. Asquino
DCM OMS                   Diane Rogers
POL                       Karen Kitsman
POL/ECO                   Deborah Mennuti
CON                       Jeffrey Lodinsky
MGT                       Russell W. Jones, Jr
AFSA                      Ramon Best
AGR                       James J. Higgiston (Turkey)
AID                       George Deikun
CLO                       Scott Browder
CUS                       Richard Morrissey
DAO                       Matthew Brand
DEA                       Steven Monaco (Resident Tashkent)
EEO                       Angela Lord
FAA                       Sandi Rohrbach (Resident Brussels)
FCS                       Mitchel Auerbach
FMO                       Frederick J. Miller
GSO                       Ramon E. Best
ICASS Chair               Margaret McCarthy
IMO                       Gregory E. Davis
IRS                       Margaret Lullo (Resident in Berlin)
ISO                       Joshua Walde
ISSO                      Joshua Walde
LEGATT                    Jeffrey Iverson
NAS                       Clifford Sorensen
PAO                       Ann Welden
RSO                       Elizabeth Murphy
Last Updated: 10/2/2004

ASTANA (BO) Address: 62 Kosmonavtov Street; Phone: 7 (3172) 58-08-90; Fax: 7 (3172) 58-08-99;
Workweek: 9:00 - 18:00

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John M. Ordway
AMB OMS                   Janet Van Der Zalm
DCM                       Mark L. Asquino
DCM OMS                   Diane Rogers
PO                        Lynne Tracy
POL                       Elizabeth Webster
POL/ECO                   Peter Andreoli
ECO                       Peter Andreoli
EEO                       Suzanne Bodoin
GSO                       Suzanne Bodoin
PAO                       Suzanne Bodoin
RSO                       Elizabeth Murphy
Last Updated: 10/2/2004
NAIROBI (E) Address: United Nations Avenue, Gigiri , Nairobi; APO/FPO: Unit 64100, APO AE 09831; Phone:
254-20-363-6000; Fax: 254-20-363-6157; INMARSAT Tel: 683-142-148; Workweek: Monday-Thursday, 0715-
1630; Friday, 0715-1215; Website: www.usembassy.state.gov

Officer                    Name
AMB                        William Bellamy
AMB OMS                    Suzanne Lemandri
DCM                        Leslie Rowe
DCM OMS                    Evelyn Polidoro
CG                         David Stone
CG OMS                     Lynnette Jackson
POL                        Michael Fitzpatrick
CON                        Djenaba Kendrick
MGT                        Acting MGT/C: Russell G. Le Clair Jr.
US PERM REP                Karen T. Levine
DEP PERM REP               Maya Han
AFSA                       Mary Jo Rasing
AGR                        Kevin Smith
AID                        Kiert Toh
CLO                        Lori Garrison
DAO                        Michael Garrison
ECO                        John Hoover
EEO                        Jeff Smith
FCS                        Edward Yagi
FMO                        Mary Jo Rasing
GSO                        Melissa Coskuner
ICASS Chair                Tom Ray
IMO                        Russell G. Le Clair Jr.
INS                        Michael Webster
IPO                        Jack Busbee
ISO                        Mark McCloy
ISSO                       Zekarias Gebeyehou
LAB                        Holly Waeger
LEGATT                     Michael Forsee
PAO                        Peter Claussen
RSO                        Jeffrey Culver
State ICASS                Peter Claussen
Last Updated: 10/21/2004

US UNEP (NAIROBI) (M) Address: U.N. Avenue, Gigiri; APO/FPO: Unit 64111 APO AE 09831-4111; Phone:
254-20-363-6305; Fax: 254-20-363-6427; INMARSAT Tel: 881-631-437-281; Workweek: M-Th: 7.15-16.30; F
7.15-12.30; Website: www.usembassy.state.gov

Officer                    Name
US PERM REP                Karen T. Levine
DEP PERM REP               Maya Han
OMS                        Carmen L. Lopez
Last Updated: 10/5/2004

SEOUL (E) Address: 32 Sejongno, Jongno-gu; APO/FPO: U.S. Embassy Seoul, Unit 15550, APO AP 96205-
5550; Phone: (82-2) 397-4000; Fax: (82) (2) 738-8845; Workweek: 8:30 - 5:00; Website:
Officer                   Name
AMB                       Christopher R. Hill
DCM                       Mark C. Minton
CG                        Michael D. Kirby
POL                       Eric G. John
COM                       Carmine D'Aloisio
MGT                       An T. Le
AGR                       Stanley B. Phillips
APHIS                     Marvin Felder
ATO                       Marcus E. Lower
CLO                       Paul F. Mazeika
CUS                       Barry Tang
DAO                       Steven F. Beal
DEA                       Christopher Browning
ECO                       Kurt W. Tong
EEO                       Michael J. Browning
FAA                       Joseph Tymczyszyn
FMO                       Michael J. Browning
GSO                       George T. Novinger
ICASS Chair               Thomas J. Castle
IMO                       Timothy C. Lawson
INS                       Jose R. Olivares
IPO                       Rudolph R. Garcia
IRS                       Stanley Beesley
ISO                       Michael A. Bricker
ISSO                      Glenn W. Miller
LAB                       Michael F. Kleine
LEGATT                    J. Sung Maeng
PAO                       Don Q. Washington
RSO                       David J. Schnorbus
State ICASS               Paul G. Gilmer
Last Updated: 1/21/2005

PRISTINA (M) Address: Nazim Hikmet St. No. 30; Phone: 381-38-549516; Fax: 381-38-549890; INMARSAT
Tel: 873-762-029-495; Workweek: M-F, 8:00-17:00; Website: www.usofficpristina.usia.co.at

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Philip S. Goldberg
AMB OMS                   Penelope A. Tavernier
DCM                       Marilynn Gurian
POL                       Thomas K. McBride
CON                       Donald E. Locke
MGT                       Christopher E. Wittmann
AFSA                      Penelope A. Tavernier
AID                       Ken Yamashita
CLO                       Viviana Yamashita
DAO                       Barbara J. Kuennecke
ECO                       Bradley R. Evans
EEO                       James A. Marek
FMO                       John W. Mcintyre
GSO                       Theresa A. Renner Smith
ICASS Chair               David A. Holmes
IMO                       Leigh A. Kidd
ISO                       Jack D. West
ISSO                       James A. Marek
PAO                        Lawrence N. Corwin
RSO                        James A. Marek
State ICASS                David A. Holmes
Last Updated: 10/25/2004

KUWAIT (E) Address: Al-Masjed Al-Aqsa Street, Bayan, Plot 14; APO/FPO: PSC 1280, Box #, APO AE 09880;
Phone: 965-539-5307/5308; Fax: 965-538-0282; Workweek: Sat-Wed./0800-1600; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Richard B. LeBaron
AMB OMS                    Janice G. Smith
DCM                        Matthew H. Tueller
DCM OMS                    Malgorzata Lamot
POL                        Natalie E. Brown
CON                        Charles L. Glatz Jr.
MGT                        Marjorie R. Phillips
AFSA                       Robin C. Cooke
CLO                        Beth U. Alois
CUS                        James C. Piatt
DAO                        Lt. Colonel Ivar Tait
DEA                        Amembassy Cairo
ECO                        Stephen J. Carrig
EEO                        Natalie E Brown
FAA/CASLO                  FAA-Amemb Manama
FCS                        Peter B. Alois
FMO                        James C. Maher
GSO                        Beverly Rochester-Johnson
IBB                        Walter Patterson
ICASS Chair                Daniel Robers
IMO                        Timothy S. Williams
IPO                        Christopher Hickey
ISO                        Herman A. Llorin
ISSO                       Herman A. Llorin
LAB                        Joseph Porto
MLO                        Brig General John Mullholland
RSO                        Gregary J. Levin
State ICASS                Vicki L. Adair
Last Updated: 2/21/2005

                                              Kyrgyz Republic
BISHKEK (E) Address: 171 Prospekt Mira, Bishkek Kyrgyz Republic 720016; APO/FPO: APO AE 09807;
Phone: [996] {312} 551-241; Fax: [996] {312} 551-264; Workweek: 8:00 - 1700

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Stephen M. Young
AMB OMS                    Kyla Seals
DCM                        Donald Lu
DCM OMS                    Niceta L. Redd
POL/ECO                    Salvatore Amodeo
CON                        John Gimbel
MGT                        Mona Kuntz
AFSA                       John Gimbel
AGR                        James Higgiston (Ankara)
AID                        Clifford Brown
CLO                        Mary Spatz
CUS                        John Krob
DAO                        Mark Hallisey
DEA                        Steven Monaco (Tashkent)
EEO                        Niceta L Redd
FAA                        James Nasiatka (Moscow)
FMO                        Patrick Spatz
GSO                        Stan Parmentier
ICASS Chair                Johnn Gimbel
IMO                        Joel Wisner
IPO                        Ralph T. Pollard
IRS                        Susan Stanley (Berlin)
ISSO                       Ralph T. Pollard
LEGATT                     Jeffrey Iverson (Almaty)
NAS                        J. Michael Stiers
PAO                        William James
RSO                        David Eberhardt
State ICASS                John Gimbel
Last Updated: 12/24/2004

VIENTIANE (E) Address: Rue Bartholonie, B.P. 114; APO/FPO: Unit 8165, Box V, APO AP 96546; Phone:
(856) (21) 21-2581; Fax: (856) (21) 21-2584; INMARSAT Tel: 683-132825/826/827; Workweek: Monday-Friday,
8:00am-5:00pm; Website: usembassy.state.gov/laos

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Patricia M. Haslach
AMB OMS                    Linda Wood
DCM                        Kristen F. Bauer
POL                        Gregory D. Chapman (Pol/Econ)
CON                        Gregory J. Adamson
MGT                        Marilyn R. Mattke
CLO                        Susan M. Ritter (Admin. Assistant)
DEA                        Joseph Remenar
ECO                        Scott L. Rolston (Pol/Econ)
GSO                        Erin A. Sawyer
ICASS Chair                David K. Frazee
IMO                        David K. Frazee
ISSO                       David K. Frazee
NAS                        David Wise
PAO                        James A. Warren
RSO                        Bryce A. Miles
State ICASS                David K. Frazee
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

RIGA (E) Address: 7 Raina Blvd., Riga LV-1510 Latvia; APO/FPO: PSC 78 Box R, APO AE 09723; Phone:
+371-703-6200; Fax: +371-782-0047; Workweek: M-F/0830-1700; Website: http://www.usembassy.lv

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Catherine Todd Bailey
DCM                       Richard Norland
DCM OMS                   Patricia Lara
POL                       Frank Collins
CON                       Landon Taylor
MGT                       Mary Teirlynck
AFSA                      Alan Knabe
CLO                       Elizabeth Smith
CUS                       Dale Wisely
DAO                       Dianne Leigh Sumner
ECO                       Mark Draper
GSO                       Harold E. Zappia
ICASS Chair               Michael Brogan
IMO                       Alan J. Knabe
ISSO                      Alan Knabe
MLO                       Michael Brogan
PAO                       Victoria Sloan
RSO                       Michael Brown
State ICASS               Mark Draper
Last Updated: 2/22/2005

BEIRUT (E) Address: P.O.Box70-840 Antelias-Beirut; Phone: 961-4-542600; Fax: 961-4-544136; INMARSAT
Tel: Primary:873-683-825 unsecure: 873-683-131-826 secure/alternate 761-258-233; Workweek: Monday-
Friday/0800-1630; Website: www.usembassy.gov.lb

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Jeffrey Feltman
AMB OMS                   Anna Bustamante
DCM                       Chistopher Murray
DCM OMS                   Georgeanne Ranzino
POL                       Greg Marchese
POL/ECO                   George Fredrick
CON                       Amber Basquette
MGT                       Barbara McCarthy
AID                       Raouf Youssef
DAO                       Robert Carnahan
DEA                       Tom Varvitsiotis
ECO/COM                   Jennifer Sublett
GSO                       Edward Quinn
IMO                       Celestine Quinn
ISSO                      Celestine Quinn
LEGATT                    Andre Khoury
MLO                       Benjamin Crockett
PAO                       Juliet Wurr
RSO                       John Schilling
Last Updated: 9/24/2004

MASERU (E) Address: 254 Kingsway Avenue; Phone: 266 (22) 312-666; Fax: 266 (22) 310-116; Workweek: M-
TH 0730-1700, F 0730-1330

Officer                   Name
AMB                       June Carter Perry
AMB OMS                   Derlene Mazyck
DCM                       Karl P. Albrecht
POL                       Karl Albrecht
CON                       Jed Dornburg
MGT                       Erica Renew
AFSA                      Sharon E. Gordon
AGR                       Richard Helm (Pretoria)
DAO                       (Pretoria)
DEA                       Larry W. Frye (Pretoria)
ECO                       Karl Albrecht
FAA                       Edward Jones (Dakar)
FMO                       Erica Renew
GSO                       Alison Blosser
IMO                       Daniel Siebert
IRS                       James P. Beene (London)
ISSO                      Daniel Siebert
LAB                       Frederick J. Kaplan (Pretoria)
LEGATT                    Gregory Groves (Pretoria)
PAO                       Jed Dornburg
RSO                       Doug Marvin (Gaborone)
State ICASS               Derlene Mazyck
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

MONROVIA (E) Address: 111 United Nations Drive; Phone: 011-231 226-370; Fax: 011-231 226-148/226-827;
Workweek: M-F, 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John W. Blaney
AMB OMS                   Susan Hamric
DCM                       Duane E. Sams
POL                       Douglas Kent
COM                       Rebecca Balogh (resident in Abidjan)
CON                       William D. Douglass
MGT                       John L. Thomas
AGR                       Bruce Zanin (resident in Abidjan)
AID                       Edward W. Birgells
DAO                       Rayan E. McMullen
DEA                       Andre Kellum (resident in Lagos)
ECO/COM                   Vacant
FAA                       Ronald L. Montgemery (res. in Dakar)
FIN                       Vacant
FMO                       Vacant
GSO                       vacant
ICASS Chair               Edward W. Birgells
IMO                       Anbes Keffelew
IRS                       Marlene Sartipi (resident in Paris)
PAO                       Christina A. Porche
RSO                       Norman C. Lisenbee
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

VILNIUS (E) Address: Akmenu 6, Vilnius; APO/FPO: PSC 78 BOX V; Phone: 370-5-2665500; Fax: 370-5-
2665510; Workweek: M-F/8-5; Website: WWW.USEMBASSY.LT
Officer                   Name
AMB                       Stephen D. Mull
AMB OMS                   Theresa Girone
DCM                       Thomas Kelly
POL                       Nancy Cohen
COM                       Karen Pilmanis - Riga
CON                       Ruta Elvikis
MGT                       Cheryl Johnson
AFSA                      Vacant
AGR                       Wayne Molstaqd - Warsaw
CLO                       Amy Mcdonough
CUS                       James Taman - Frankfurt
DAO                       Lawrence Beisel
DEA                       Tom Bigoness - Copenhagen
ECO                       Miguel Kamat
EEO                       Ruta Elvikis
FAA                       Paul Feldman - Brussels
GSO                       Matthew Singer
ICASS Chair               Anthony Pahigian
IMO                       David McCrane
INS                       Gilbert L. Jacobs - Copenhagen
IPO                       Eqbal Hakim
IRS                       Peggy Mullins - Frankfurt
ISO                       Christopher Gilberson
ISSO                      David McCrane
LEGATT                    James Nixon - Tallinn
PAO                       Anthony Pahigian
RSO                       Brent Barker
State ICASS               Miguel Kamat
Last Updated: 11/4/2004

LUXEMBOURG (E) Address: 22 Blvd. Emmanuel Servais; APO/FPO: Unit 1410, APO, AE 09126-1410; Phone:
(352) 460-123; Fax: +352-461-401; INMARSAT Tel: 881631437351 (Iridium); Workweek: M-F 0830 - 1730;
Website: http://www.amembassy.lu

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Peter Terpeluk, Jr.
DCM                       Daniel Piccuta
PO/CON                    Caroline Savage
POL                       Sara Rosenberry
MGT                       Daniel Foote
ECO                       Lorelei G. Snyder
FMO                       Daniel Foote
GSO                       Christopher Brown
IMO                       Raymond H. Harger
ISO                       Raymond H. Harger
ISSO                      Raymond H. Harger
PAO                       Matthew W. Long
RSO                       A. Kent Trogdon
Last Updated: 1/14/2005

ANTANANARIVO (E) Address: 14-16 Rue Rainitovo; APO/FPO: Antsahavola B.P. 620; Phone: (261) (20) 22-
21257 or 261-33-442-2000; Fax: (261) (20) 22-34539 or 261-33-442-2261; INMARSAT Tel: 38-31-32673;
Workweek: M-T 7:30AM - 5:00PM/ F - 7:30 AM - 1:30 PM; Website: http://WWW.USMISSION.MG

Officer                   Name
AMB                       James D. McGee
AMB OMS                   Dorothy Dorsey
DCM                       Zachary Z. Teich
DCM OMS                   Carolyn D. Wachter
POL                       Sarah O. Takats
CON                       David J. Jea
MGT                       Vera Pauli-Widenhouse
AID                       Stephen M. Haykin, Acting
CLO                       vacant
DAO                       Catherine D. Ripley
DEA                       Jeffrey Wagner (Pretoria)
ECO                       Robert E. Gianfranceschi
ECO/COM                   Robert E. Gianfranceschi
EEO                       Jose Savinon
FAA                       Edward Jones (Dakar)
FMO                       Victor Carbonell
GSO                       David J. Jea
IMO                       James F. Lyne
IPO                       James F. Lyne
ISO                       Jose Savinon, Acting
ISSO                      Vera Pauli-Widenhouse
PAO                       William H. Cook
RSO                       Christopher J. Gillis
State ICASS               Paul Cunningham
Last Updated: 1/11/2005

LILONGWE (E) Address: Area 40, Plot No.24, Kenyatta Road, Lilongwe 3, Malawi; Phone: 265-1-773-166; Fax:
265-1-772-316; Workweek: 0730-1700 Mon-Thurs.; 0730-1330 Fri/no lunch; Website:

Officer                   Name
CM                        Vacant
CM OMS                    Sandra Slaughter
DCM/CHG                   David R. Gilmour
DCM OMS                   Vacant
POL                       Siri Sitton
CON                       Kiera Emmons
MGT                       Craig L. Cloud
AFSA                      William R. Taliaferro
AGR                       Kevin N. Smith
AID                       Roger Yochelson
CLO                       Cathy Baxter
DAO                       Dan Hampton (Harare)
ECO/COM                   William R. Taliaferro
EEO                       Kiera L. Emmons
FMO                       Darcy M. Mercadante
GSO                       Sharon A. Rutherford
ICASS Chair               Karen Klimowski
IMO                       Gerald W. Bochart
ISO                       Danial M. Thompson
ISSO                      Joe A. Dogonniuck
PAO                       Mitchell R. Moss
RSO                       Joe A. Dogonniuck
State ICASS               Mitchell R. Moss
Last Updated: 1/18/2005

KUALA LUMPUR (E) Address: 376 Jalan Tun Razak; APO/FPO: American Embassy - KL, APO AP 96535-
8152; Phone: [6] (03) 2168-5000; Fax: [6] (03) 2142-2207; Workweek: 7:45am - 4:30pm; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Christopher J. LaFleur
AMB OMS                   Wendy R. Gralnek
DCM                       Robert A. Pollard
DCM OMS                   Shirley J. Crowley
POL                       Thomas F. Daughton
CON                       Colwell C. Whitney
MGT                       Francisca T. Helmer
AFSA                      William H. Lanzet
AGR                       Jonathan P. Gressel
CLO                       Shantaria Richardson
DAO                       Mark A. Swaringen
DEA                       Arthur E. Richards
ECO                       Colin S. Helmer
EEO                       Virginia E. Murray
FCS                       William M. Zarit
FMO                       Dianne M. Hand
GSO                       Scott D. McDonald
ICASS Chair               William M. Zarit
IMO                       Meredith B. Donaway
IPO                       William H. Lanzet
ISSO                      Jeffrey A. Yacobucci
LEGATT                    Timothy C. Haught
PAO                       Karl E. Stoltz
RSO                       Brian F. Duffy
State ICASS               Virginia E. Murray
Last Updated: 1/27/2005

BAMAKO (E) Address: Rue De Rochester NY and Rue Mohamed V, B.P. 34, Bamako, Mali; Phone: (223) 222-
54-70; Fax: [223] 222-37-12; INMARSAT Tel: 8816-763-11300; 8816-763-11504; Workweek: Mon. - Thur. 7:30
a.m. - 5:00 p.m. , Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.; Website: www.usa.org.ml/index.html

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Vicki Huddleston
AMB OMS                   Sharron Amis
DCM                       Steve Kraft
DCM OMS                   Pamela Houx-Gilligan
PO/CON                    Dorothy Ngutter
POL                       Gregory Larson
CON                       Mary Beth Goodman
MGT                       Dwight Rhoades
AFSA                      Latanya Mapp
AID                       Pamela White
CLO                       Rosemary Mullally
DAO                       Argyrios Haritos
ECO                       Matthew Miller
EEO                       Laura Danylin
FMO                       Laura Danylin
GSO                       Daniel White
ICASS Chair               Gregory K. Larson
IMO                       Kenneth Zincke
IPO                       David Conn
ISSO                      Ken Zincke
PAO                       Mary Speer
RSO                       Kevin Gilligan
State ICASS               Gregory Larson
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

VALLETTA (E) Address: 3F St. Anne's Street, Floriana; Phone: [356] 2561-4000; Fax: [356] 2124-3229;
Workweek: 8:00-4:30

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Vacant
CM OMS                    Vacant
DCM                       Bill Grant
DCM OMS                   Deborah Klopp
POL                       Matthew Kurlinski
CON                       Michael Troje
MGT                       Jonathan Schools
CLO                       Cyndi Belnomi
CUS                       Leonard Freedman
DAO                       Philip Munaco
ECO                       Timothy Brisco
GSO                       Isobel Miller
ICASS Chair               Donna Pelletier
IMO                       Vacant
IPO                       Kelley Razer
ISSO                      Kelley Razer
PAO                       Erik Holm-Olsen
RSO                       Rich Ober
Last Updated: 1/14/2005

NOUAKCHOTT (E) Address: Rue Abdallaye; Phone: 222-525-2660; Fax: 222-525-1592; INMARSAT Tel: 874-
7612-49155; Workweek: Sun-Thu, 8:00a-4:30p; Website: http://www.state.gov/mauritania

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Joseph LeBaron
AMB OMS                   Kathleen Donahue
DCM                       David E. Brown
POL                       Justin Crevier
CON                       Kay Moseley
MGT                       John K. Madden
CLO                       vacant
DAO                       CW3 Rachael Smith
ECO/COM                   Kay Moseley
FIN                       Magida Safaoui
GSO                       Michael Lampel
ICASS Chair               Christine Campbell
IMO                       vacant
RSO                       David Groccia
State ICASS               Christine Campbell
Last Updated: 9/15/2004

PORT LOUIS (E) Address: Rogers House, Port Louis, Mauritius; Phone: (230) 202-4400; Fax: (230) 208-9534;
INMARSAT Tel: 881631439038/881631439039; Workweek: Monday-Friday, 0730-1600; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John Price
AMB OMS                   Kelly Hopkins
DCM                       Stephen Schwartz
DCM OMS                   vacant
POL                       James Liddle
COM                       Dewitt Conklin
CON                       Dewitt Conklin
MGT                       Judith Semilota
CLO                       Vacant
CUS                       E.J. Chong
DAO                       Cathy Ripley
DEA                       Jeff Wagner
ECO/COM                   DeWitt Conklin
EEO                       Marjorie Harrison
EST                       Unknown
FAA                       Ed Jones
FCS                       Johnnie Brown
FMO                       Victor Carbonell
ICASS Chair               Stephen Schwartz
IMO                       Hava Hegenbarth
INS                       Robert Ballow
ISSO                      Daniel Norman
LAB                       Unknown
LEGATT                    Mike Bonner
PAO                       Marjorie Harrison
RSO                       David Walsh
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

MEXICO CITY (E) Address: Paseo de la Reforma 305, Col. Cuauhtemoc, 06500; APO/FPO: (Full Name), U.S.
Embassy (office), PO Box 9000, Brownsville, TX 78520-0900; Phone: 011-52-55-5080-2000; Fax: 011-52-55-
5080-2005; INMARSAT Tel: 683-142-218-172; Workweek: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Antonio O. Garza, Jr.
AMB OMS                   Antoinette D. Wilson
CM                        Antonio O. Garza
CM OMS                    Antoinette D. Wilson
DCM                       Stephen R. Kelly
DCM OMS                   Linda R. Ren
CG                        Laura A. Clerici
CG OMS                    Reyna M. Ramirez
POL                       Leslie Ann Bassett
CON                       Robyn M. Bishop
MGT                       James Robertson
AFSA                      Ali Jalili
AGR                       Suzanne E. Heinen
AID                       Edward L. Kadunc, Jr.
APHIS                     Dale Maki
ATF                       Eugenio A. Marquez
ATO                       Bruce Zanin
CLO                       Dora Cuartas-Nazario
CUS                       Luis M. Alvarez
DAO                       Leocadio Muniz
DEA                       Larry Holifield
ECO                       James Heg
EEO                       Ragini Gupta
EPA                       Matthew Witosky
EST                       Dana M. Weant
FCS                       John Breidenstine
FIN                       Theo Van Lingen
FMO                       Stephen Garrett
GSO                       Patricia Lacina
ICASS Chair               Oscar E. Lujan
IMO                       Michael J. Kovich
INS                       Oscar E. Lujan
IPO                       Joe L. DeRoche
IRS                       Angel G. Arroyo
ISO                       Jerry A. Lopez (Acting ISO)
LAB                       Alyce J. Tidball
LEGATT                    Luis Vega (Acting until Mar 2005)
MLO                       Michael Rhea
NAS                       James McAnulty
PAO                       Jeff Brown
RSO                       Patricia Hartnett-Kelly
State ICASS               Dana Weant
Last Updated: 1/18/2005

79995; Phone: 011-52-656-611-3000; Fax: 011-52-656-616-90-56; Workweek: MON-FRI 8A.M.-4:45P.M.;

Officer                   Name
CG                        Donna M. Blair
CON                       Jane Gray
MGT                       Damien Hinckley
DEA                       Larry Roberts
FMO                       James E. Moreth
GSO                       Rita Bopp
INS                       Benny Aguirre
IPO                       David Jefferson
ISO                       Hershel Jackson
PAO                       Joanne Joria
RSO                       James E. Heim
Last Updated: 1/12/2005
GUADALAJARA (CG) Address: 175 Progreso Street; Phone: 52 (33) 3268-2100; Fax: 52 (33) 3826-6549;
INMARSAT Tel: 8816-7-631-1222 & 88; Workweek: Mon-Fri 0800 - 1630; Website: www.usembassy-

Officer                    Name
PO                         Sandra J. Salmon
CON                        Kevin Richardson
MGT                        Joanne Edwards
APHIS                      Lizandro Gonzalez
CUS                        Richard P Cramer
DEA                        Michael Chavarria
FCS                        Isabella Cascarano
GSO                        Sirley B White
IPO                        James Whalen
ISO                        James F Whalen
LEGATT                     Julio Quiñones
MLO                        Sergio Porres
PAO                        Lynn W Roche
RSO                        Peter Velazquez
Last Updated: 12/13/2004

MONTERREY (CG) Address: Av. Constitucion # 411 Pte., Monterrey, Mexico; Phone: (81)8345-2120; Fax:
(81)8343-7283; Workweek: Monday - Friday/8:00 to 5:00; Website: www.usembassy-mexico.gov/Monterrey.html

Officer                    Name
CG                         Moreno, Luis G.
POL/ECO                    Johnson, Daniel B.
COM                        Pessagno, Ellen Lenny
CON                        Cozzens, Peter
MGT                        Ferenc, Lynn
APHIS                      Gomez, Helena
ATO                        Martinez, Daniel
CLO                        Kopp, Virginia R.
CUS                        Murphy, Laura
DEA                        Garcia, Rafael
GSO                        Ford, Jamie F.
INS                        Pardo, Esmerehildo
IPO                        Darnielle, Barbara
LEGATT                     Vazquez, Luis
PAO                        Amirthanayagam, Indran
RSO                        Wohlman, Merrill C.
Last Updated: 2/18/2005

TIJUANA (CG) Address: Tapachula #96, Tijuana BC Mexico; Phone: 52-664-622-7400; Fax: 52-664-622-7417;
Workweek: M-F 8:00-4:45; Website:

Officer                    Name
CG                         SEE P.O.
PO                         David Stewart
COM                        Valdes, Judith
CON                        Deshazo, Joyce
MGT                        Page, Susan
AFSA                       Bronk, Chris
CUS                        Dania, Juan
DEA                        Toth, Alex
EEO                        Felix-Gray, Maria
GSO                        Norton, Bradley
IMO                       Acosta, Carlos
INS                       Hatfield, Scott
ISSO                      Acosta, Carlos
LEGATT                    Speth, Lee
PAO                       Davis, Elizabeth
RSO                       Brennan, Edward
Last Updated: 9/22/2004

HERMOSILLO (C) Address: Monterrey 141 Pte., Rosales y Galeana, CP83260 Hermosillo, Son., Mexico;
APO/FPO: P.O. Box 1689, Nogales AZ 85628-1689; Phone: (662)289-3500; Fax: (662) 217-1890; Workweek:
Mon-Fri, 0800 - 1630; Website: usembassy-mexico.gov/hermosillo.htm

Officer                   Name
PO                        Marvin S. Brown
DPO                       Christian D. Bendsen
MGT                       Michael A. Via
CUS                       Tom Bowles
DEA                       Eduardo Martinez
Last Updated: 8/3/2004

MATAMOROS (C) Address: Calle Primera #2002, Col. Jardin; APO/FPO: P.O. Box 9004, Brownsville, TX
78520-0904; Phone: 011 (52 )(868) 812-4402; Fax: 011 (52)(868) 812-2517 (PO)/ 812-2171 (NIV)/ 816-2127
(Admin)/816-0883 (ACS); Workweek: Monday to Friday / 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Website: mexicocity.state.gov

Officer                   Name
PO                        John K. Naland
CON                       Robert B. Waldrop
MGT                       Susan M. Walsh
APHIS                     Ramon Ochoa
ISSO                      Susan M.Walsh
Last Updated: 2/13/2005

MERIDA (C) Address: Paseo de Montejo No. 453 x Av. Colon; Phone: (52) (999) 925-5011; Fax: (52) (999)
925-6219; Workweek: Monday Thru Friday 7:30 to 4:30; Website: www.usembassy-mexico.gov/merida.htm

Officer                   Name
PO                        Lisa A. Vickers
CON                       Maurice F. Glorioso
MGT                       Jeannette M. Juricic
AFSA                      Jeannette M. Juricic
DEA                       Peter Janer
EEO                       Maureen Smith
GSO                       Jeannette M. Juricic
ISO                       Maurice F. Glorioso
ISSO                      Maurice F. Glorioso
Last Updated: 1/27/2005

NOGALES (C) Address: P.O. Box 1729 Nogales, AZ 85628; Phone: 011-52-631-313-4820; Fax: 011-52-631-
313-4652; Workweek: M-F, 8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.; Website: http://www.usembassy-

Officer                   Name
PO                        Kristin Hagerstrom
CON                       Benjamin Ousley
MGT                       Jeannette Fogarty
AFSA                      Benjamin Ousley
EEO                       Benjamin Ousley
FMO                       Robert Krage res in Mexico City
GSO                       Jeannette Fogarty
ISSO                      Jeannette Fogarty
RSO                       James Heim, res in CJ
Last Updated: 7/8/2004

NUEVO LAREDO (C) Address: Calle Allende 3330, Col. Jardin, Nuevo Laredo, Tamps, MX 88260; APO/FPO:
PO Box 3089, Laredo, TX 78044-3089; Phone: (52) 867-714-0512; Fax: (52) 867-714-7984; INMARSAT Tel:
881631439782; Workweek: 0800 - 1700, M-F

Officer                   Name
PO                        Michael Yoder
CON                       Martha J. Haas
MGT                       Juan Aguero
FIN                       Alejandra Martinez
FMO                       Juan Aguero
GSO                       Juan Aguero
IMO                       Jesus Alejandro
ISSO                      Juan Aguero
Last Updated: 7/22/2004

CHISINAU (E) Address: 103 Str. A. Mateevici; Phone: 373-22-40-8300; Fax: 373-22-23-3044; INMARSAT Tel:
6-831-32845; Workweek: M-F 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.; Website: www.usembassy.md

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Heather M. Hodges
AMB OMS                   Josephine O'Neill
DCM                       John H. Winant
DCM OMS                   Janice Foreman
POL/ECO                   H. Martin McDowell
COM                       H. Martin McDowell
CON                       Andrew Paul
MGT                       Charles Eaton
AFSA                      Vacant
AID                       John Starnes
CLO                       Ewa Paul
CUS                       Tony Karb
DAO                       Richard Reyno
ECO                       H. Martin McDowell
EEO                       H. Martin McDowell
FMO                       Charles Eaton
GSO                       Greg Gerou
ICASS Chair               John Starnes
IMO                       Randal Meyers
ISO                       Samuel Berardi
ISSO                      Samuel Berardi
PAO                       Aleisha Woodward
RSO                       Greg A. Sherman
State ICASS               Aleisha Woodward
Last Updated: 9/12/2004

ULAANBAATAR (E) Address: Micro District 11, Big Ring Road, C.P.O. 1021, Ulaan; APO/FPO: PSC 461, Box
300, FPO, AP 96521-0002; Phone: (976-11) 329-095; Fax: (976-11) 320-776; INMARSAT Tel: 383130947;
Workweek: M-F/0830-1230, 1300-1700; Website: www.us-mongolia.com

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Pamela J.H. Slutz
AMB OMS                    Jane Lopez
DCM                        Mark A. Tokola
POL                        Rex-Marc Patterson
COM                        Megan Myers
CON                        Joan Kane
MGT                        J. Denver Herren
AFSA                       Scott Weinhold
AGR                        (Beijing)
AID                        Leon Waskin
APHIS                      (Beijing)
ATF                        (Beijing)
ATO                        (Beijing)
CLO                        Jamie Weinhold
CUS                        (Beijing)
DAO                        Mark Gillette
DEA                        (Beijing)
ECO                        Megan Myers
EEO                        Megan Myers
EPA                        (Beijing)
EST                        (Beijing)
FAA                        (Beijing)
FAA/CASLO                  (Beijing)
FMO                        David Bodycoat
GSO                        Danielle Wood
ICASS Chair                Leon Waskin
IMO                        Leo Parpart
INS                        (Beijing)
IPO                        Leo Parpart
IRS                        (Toyko)
ISO                        Leo Parpart
ISSO                       Leo Parpart
LAB                        (Beijing)
LEGATT                     (Beijing)
MLO                        Mark Gillette
NAS                        (Beijing)
PAO                        Scott Weinhold
RAMC                       (Bangkok)
RSO                        Craig Reistad
State ICASS                Rex Patterson
Last Updated: 11/15/2004

RABAT (E) Address: 2 Avenue Mohamed El Fassi, 10 000 Rabat, Morocco; APO/FPO: PSC 074, APO AE
09718; Phone: 212-3-776-2265; Fax: 212-3-776-5661; Workweek: Mon-Fri 0800/1700; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Thomas T. Riley
AMB OMS                    Rachida El Alouani
DCM                        Wayne J. Bush
DCM OMS                    Ellen Hamblett
CG                        Roberto Powers
CG OMS                    Debra Tekin
POL                       Timothy A. Lenderking
MGT                       James M. Alderman
AFSA                      Teresa Yata
AGR                       Michael Fay
AID                       Monica Stein-Olson
CLO                       Catherine Lincoln and Beth Koplovsky
DAO                       John Chere
ECO                       Michael Koplovsky
EEO                       Kerry Schnier
FMO                       Linda K. Adams
GSO                       Charles J. Hamblett
IBB                       David Strawman
ICASS Chair               John Chere
IMO                       Kevin N. Bradshaw
IPO                       Clinton Frith
ISO                       Dennis Severns
ISSO                      Dennis Severns
LEGATT                    Denise Minor
PAO                       Rick Roberts
RSO                       Todd Brown
State ICASS               Timothy A. Lenderking
Last Updated: 12/8/2004

CASABLANCA (CG) Address: 8 Moulay Youssef, Casablanca, Morocco 20000; APO/FPO: PSC 74 BOX 24,
APO AE 09718; Phone: 212-2-226-4550; Fax: 212-2-220-8097; INMARSAT Tel: 383133250/1; Workweek:
Mon-Fri/0800-1700; Website: www.usembassy.ma

Officer                   Name
CG                        Roberto Powers
PO                        Roberto Powers
COM                       Gail Del Rosal
CON                       Matt McKeever
MGT                       Charles A. Wintermeyer Jr.
CLO                       Patricia Dlia
ECO                       George W. Aldridge
IPO                       Marcellus D. Davis
ISSO                      Kevin J. Britto
LAB                       George W. Aldridge
PAO                       Tanya C. Anderson
RSO                       Janet Fitzgerald
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

MAPUTO (E) Address: 193 Kenneth Kaunda; APO/FPO: Caixa Postal 783. Maputo, Mozambique 2330, Maputo
Place, WashDC 20521-2330; Phone: 258-1- 49 27 97; Fax: 258-1- 49 01 14; Workweek: 0730-1730 Monday-
Thursday - 0730-1130 Friday

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Helen R. Meagher La Lime
AMB OMS                   Kathryn M. Coster
DCM                       James L. Dudley
DCM OMS                   Sanya L. Hunsucker
POL                       Cynthia Brown
POL/ECO                   John A. Wysham
CON                       Leyla L. Ones
MGT                       John M. Kowalski
AFSA                      Loren Dent
AID                       Jay Knott
CLO                       Julie Stephenson
DAO                       Michael E. Evancho
ECO                       Loren N. Dent
FMO                       Veronica Hons-Olivier
GSO                       Malia V. Heroux
ICASS Chair               John L. Grabowski
IMO                       Guadalupe Pinon
PAO                       Gregory L. Garland
PAO/ADV                   David J. Stephenson
RSO                       Howard A. Hicks
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

WINDHOEK (E) Address: 14 Lossen Str; Phone: 264-61-221-601; Fax: 264-61-229-792; INMARSAT Tel: 011-
871-383-132-065; Workweek: M-Th(7:15-5:00)F(7:15-12:15); Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Joyce A. Barr
AMB OMS                   Patricia C. Quinn
DCM                       Jonathan M. Moore
POL                       Darragh T. Jones
CON                       Kent (Sam) C. Healy
MGT                       Arnoldo Vela
AFSA                      vacant
AGR                       Scott Reynolds(Resident in Pretoria)
AID                       Gary Newton
CLO                       Maria A. Peterson
DAO                       Donna L. Kennedy
DEA                       Jeffrey W. Wagner (Resident in Pretoria)
ECO                       David McCawley
EEO                       Kent (Sam) C. Healy
FAA                       Edward Jones (Resident in Dakar)
FMO                       Brian J. Peterson
GSO                       McClure, William J.
ICASS Chair               Harsha, Stanley
IMO                       Christopher House
IRS                       Linda M. Garrard(Resident in London)
ISSO                      Christopher House
LAB                       Bruce Neuling (Resident in Johannesburg)
PAO                       Stanley Harsha
RSO                       Daniel Chase
State ICASS               Stanley Harsha
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

KATHMANDU (E) Address: Panipokhari, Kathmandu; Phone: (977) 1-441-1179; Fax: (977) 1-441-9963;
INMARSAT Tel: 808-559-1213 and 808-659-0920; Workweek: Mon-Fri/0800-1700; Website: www.south-

Officer                   Name
AMB                        James F. Moriarty
DCM                        Elisabeth I. Millard
POL                        Grace W. Shelton
CON                        Robert N. Farquhar
MGT                        Michelle M. Esperdy
AID                        Donald Clark
CLO                        David Stum
DAO                        James E. Oxley
FIN                        Patricia Miller
FMO                        David Wall
GSO                        Alan Monetta
IMO                        Everett A. Copher
ISO                        Mohammad Tahir
ISSO                       E. Alex Copher
MLO                        Randall L. Koehlmoos
PAO                        Constance C. Jones
RSO                        James W. Gayhart
Last Updated: 11/25/2004

THE HAGUE (E) Address: Lange Voorhout 102, 2514 EJ Den Haag; APO/FPO: PSC 71; APO AE 09715;
Phone: +31-70-310-9209; Fax: +31-70-361-4688; INMARSAT Tel: 8876-3143-7463 (Iridium); Workweek: Mon-
Fri 08:15-17:00; Website: usembassy.nl

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Clifford M. Sobel
AMB OMS                    Melissa L. McCreery
DCM                        Daniel R. Russel
DCM/CHG                    Donna J. Scott
CG                         see Amsterdam
POL                        Andrew J. Schofer
CON                        see Amsterdam
MGT                        Clyde L. Jardine Jr.
AGR                        Roger A. Wentzel
APHIS                      Christopher Cobbs, Jr.
CLO                        Ron Plowman/Laurie Flood
CUS                        Raymond Parmer Jr.
DAO                        Frank Buerger
DEA                        Jeffrey R. Boobar
ECO                        Richard Huff
EEO                        Brenda Rollison
FCS                        August Maffry
FMO                        Clyde L. Jardine, Jr.
GSO                        Joseph G. Sharp
ICASS Chair                Mark Rumohr
IMO                        Timothy J. Cook
IPO                        James Harrison
ISSO                       James Harrison
LAB                        Andrew Mann
LEGATT                     James A. Morris
MLO                        Mark Rumohr
PAO                        Jess Baily
RSO                        Roberto Bernardo
Last Updated: 1/10/2005

AMSTERDAM (CG) Address: Museumplein 19, 1071 DJ Amsterdam; APO/FPO: PSC 71, Box 60; APO AE
09715; Phone: 31-20-575-5338; Fax: 31-20-575-5310; INMARSAT Tel: 8816-7631-0791; Workweek: M-F
0815-1700; Website: www.usemb.nl/consul.htm

Officer                    Name
CG                         Michele T.Bond
CON                        James B.Gray
IMO                        Cook, T(The Hague)
IPO                        Harrison, J (The Hague)
ISSO                       Lewis, J(The Hague)
Last Updated: 12/1/2004

                                           Netherlands Antilles
CURACAO (CG) Address: J.B. Gorsiraweg #1; Phone: 599-9-461-3066; Fax: 599-9-461-6489; INMARSAT Tel:
00-874-383-133-190; Workweek: M-F 8AM - 5 PM AST; Website: http://curacao.usconsulate.gov

Officer                    Name
CG                         Robert E. Sorenson
POL                        Robert E. Sorenson
COM                        Robert E. Sorenson
CON                        Jean E. Akers
AFSA                       Christopher Degnan
DEA                        Gary Tennant
ECO                        Robert E. Sorenson
FMO                        Christopher Degnan
GSO                        Jean E. Akers
ICASS Chair                Gary Tennant
IMO                        Christopher Degnan
ISSO                       Christopher Degnan
PAO                        Christopher Degnan
RSO                        Daniel Garner
Last Updated: 12/10/2004

                                                New Zealand
WELLINGTON (E) Address: 29 Fitzherbert Terrace, PO Box 1190, Thorndon, Wellington; APO/FPO: PSC 467
Box 1, APO AP 96531-1034; Phone: (64)(4)462-6000; Fax: (64)(4)472-3478; Workweek: 0815 - 1700 Monday
to Friday

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Charles J. Swindells
DCM                        David R. Burnett
POL                        Katherine Hadda
COM                        Beryl Blecher (Resident in Sydney)
MGT                        Landon Carter (TDY)
AGR                        David I. Rosenbloom
DAO                        CAPT. R. Martinez
ECO                        Joy Yamamoto
GSO                        Frederick Olivo
ICASS Chair                Katherine Hadda
IMO                        Steven Derrick
ISSO                       William Haynes
PAO                        Roy Glover
RSO                        William B. Leverett
Last Updated: 9/16/2004
AUCKLAND (CG) Address: Level 3 Citibank Building, 23 Customs St East, Private Bag 92022, Auckland;
APO/FPO: PSC 467 Box 1, APO AP 96531-1034; Phone: (64)(9)303-2724; Fax: (64)(9)366-0870; Workweek:
0730 - 1630 Monday to Friday

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Charles J. Swindells (Resident in Welllington)
DCM                        David R. Burnett (Resident in Wellington)
CG                         Siria Lopez
COM                        Beryl Blecher (Resident in Sydney)
CON                        Richard Adams
MGT                        Chahrazed Sioud
GSO                        Frederick Olivo (Resident in Wellington)
IMO                        Steven Derrick (Resident in Wellington)
ISSO                       Chahrazed Sioud
PAO                        Roy Glover (Resident in Wellington)
RSO                        William B. Leverett (Resident in Wellington)
Last Updated: 9/16/2004

MANAGUA (E) Address: Carretera Sur KM 4.5; APO/FPO: APO AA 34021; Phone: 011-505-266-6010; Fax:
001-505-266-3865; Workweek: 7:30AM - 4:15 PM; Website: webmanagua.managua.state.gov

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Barbara C. Moore
AMB OMS                    Patricia Brania
DCM                        Peter M. Brennan
DCM OMS                    Diana McGee
CG                         Luis Espada-Platet
POL                        Carlos Garcia
MGT                        Paula M. Bravo
AFSA                       Rafael Foley
AGR                        Katherine Nishiura (San Jose)
AID                        James Vermillion
APHIS                      Steve Smith
CLO                        Jan Von Schleh
DAO                        Jorge Madera
DEA                        Phillip Welcome
ECO                        Janet R. Potash
EEO                        Lillian Nigaglioni
FAA                        Ruben Quinones (Miami)
FMO                        W. Lee Thompson
GSO                        Jill J. Thompson
IMO                        Jose M. Ortiz
IPO                        Greg Von Schleh
IRS                        Frederick Dulas (Mexico City)
ISO                        Warren C. Talley
ISSO                       Greg Von Schleh
MLO                        Hector Salinas
NAS                        Eigil Hansen
PAO                        Marcia Bosshardt
RSO                        Michael Poehlitz
State ICASS                Marcia Bosshardt
Last Updated: 12/27/2004

NIAMEY (E) Address: B.P. 11201 Rue Des Ambassades; APO/FPO: 2420 Niamey Place, Dulles, VA 20189-
2420; Phone: +227 72-26-61/62/63/64; Fax: +227 73-31-67; INMARSAT Tel: 874 154 1474; Workweek: M-F
0800-1630; Website: http://niamey.usembassy.gov/

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Mathieu, G Dennise
AMB OMS                   Rogers, Sharon
DCM                       Davison, John
DCM OMS                   Singleton, Marcella
POL                       Swart, Richard E
COM                       Gage, Daniel L
CON                       Gage, Daniel L
MGT                       McLaurin, William
AFSA                      Peterson, Eric S
CLO                       McCarthy, Susan E
DAO                       Fontes, Roman J
ECO                       Gage, Daniel L
EEO                       Singleton, Marcella
FMO                       Bohne, Kevin
GSO                       Johnson, Alma M
ICASS Chair               Forde, Sharon L
IPO                       Nakpil, Josetito
PAO                       Chakrawarti, Sita
RSO                       McCarthy, William
State ICASS               Swart, Richard E
Last Updated: 9/22/2004

ABUJA (E) Address: 9 Mambilla St. Off Aso Drive, Maitama District; Phone: 011-234-09-523-0916; Fax: 234-
09-523-0353; Workweek: Monday-Thursday 7:30am - 4:30pm, Friday 7:30am - 1:30pm; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John Campbell
AMB OMS                   Diana Kniazuk
DCM                       Thomas P. Furey
DCM OMS                   Karen D. Miles
POL                       James Maxstadt
CON                       Cristina Marko
MGT                       Warrington E. Brown
AFSA                      Russell Hanks
AGR                       Jamie Rothschild (resident in Lagos)
AID                       Dawn M Liberi
CLO                       Deborah George-Barnes
DAO                       Sue Ann Sandusky
DEA                       Jeffrey Shoen (resident in Lagos)
ECO                       Joseph Gregoire
EEO                       Cristina Marko
FCS                       Micheal McGee (resident in Lagos)
FMO                       Tedla Yitna
GSO                       Edward Burkhalter
ICASS Chair               Dawn Liberi
IMO                       Todd Roe
IPO                       Glenwood R. Jarman
ISSO                      Juan Brooks
LEGATT                    Kevin Peterson (resident in Lagos)
PAO                       Claudia E Anyaso
RSO                       Jerald H. Barnes
SPSH                      Angela Jarman
State ICASS               Claudia Anyaso
Last Updated: 1/11/2005

LAGOS (CG) Address: 2 Walter Carrington Crescent; Phone: 011-234-1-261-0050/0078; Fax: 234-1-261-1863;
INMARSAT Tel: 00-8816-763-10796; Workweek: M-F/0730-1600; Website: usembassy.state.gov/nigeria

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John F. Campbell
DCM                       Rick L. Roberts
CG                        Brian L. Browne
CG OMS                    Carolyn O. Brooks
PO                        Brian L. Browne
POL                       Position moved to Abuja
POL/ECO                   Vacant
COM                       John F. Campbell
CON                       Ronald J. Kramer
MGT                       Irvin Hicks, Jr.
AFSA                      Jessica L. DavisBa
AGR                       Jamie Rothschild
AID                       Dawn Liberi
CLO                       Felicia Wheeler
DAO                       Timothy L. Lohof
DEA                       Jeffrey A. Schoen
ECO                       Vacant
EEO                       Carolyn O. Brooks
FCS                       Michael L. McGee
FMO                       Thea M. Wargowsky
GSO                       Ayemere E. Okojie
ICASS Chair               AE Abuja
IMO                       James H. Porter
IPO                       Griffith C. Murray
ISO                       Dwayne E. Singleton
ISSO                      Vacant
LAB                       Vacant
LEGATT                    Kevin C. Peterson
NAS                       Garace A. Reynard
PAO                       Atim E. George
RAMC                      AE Pretoria
RSO                       Kevin A. Maloy
State ICASS               AE Abuja
Last Updated: 7/25/2004

OSLO (E) Address: Drammensveien 18, 0244 OSLO; APO/FPO: AmEmbassy Oslo, PSC 69 Box 1000, APO AE
09707; Phone: [47]2130-8550; Fax: +47-2243-0777; Workweek: 0800 - 1630; Website: www.usa.no

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John Doyle Ong
DCM                       Christopher W. Webster
POL                       Michael A. Hammer
CON                       Ellen Conway
MGT                       J. Kent Stiegler
AGR                       Margaret E Thursland (Stockholm)
CLO                       Laura Pageau
DAO                       James G. Stevens
ECO/COM                   Douglas J. Apostol
EEO                       Ned Nyman
FAA                       Joseph Teixera (London)
FMO                       J. Kent Stiegler
GSO                       Andrew B. Graves
ICASS Chair               Kenneth D. Enzor
IMO                       David A. Douthit
IRS                       RESIDENT LONDON
ISSO                      Mohamed B. Farah
PAO                       Andrew Schilling
RSO                       Roy B.Stillman
State ICASS               Andrew Schilling
Last Updated: 12/1/2004

MUSCAT (E) Address: ; APO/FPO: APO AE 09890-3000; Phone: [968] 698-989; Fax: [968] 696-928;
Workweek: SAT-WED/0800-1630; Website: www.usa.gov.om

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Richard L. Baltimore III
AMB OMS                   Jennifer Schaaf
DCM                       William R. Stewart
POL                       Michael G. Snowden
POL/ECO                   Kevin D. SKillin
CON                       Wesley W. Robertson
MGT                       Vivian M. Lesh
DAO                       Col. Mark Avery
ECO                       Kevin D. Skillin
EEO                       Kevin D. Skillin
FMO                       Javier A. Araujo
GSO                       Alex Fleming
ICASS Chair               Dennis Long
IMO                       Karen A Finer
ISO                       Kevin L Rubesh
ISSO                      Timothy Hinman
LEGATT                    Martin Reardon (res. Riyadh)
MLO                       James Piner
PAO                       Charles G. Cole
RAMC                      FSC Bangkok
RSO                       Peter M. Riva
Last Updated: 9/20/2004

ISLAMABAD (E) Address: Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5; APO/FPO: Unit 62200 APO AE 09812-2200; Phone:
92-51-2080-0000; Fax: 92-51-227-6427; Workweek: M-F 0200-1030Zulu; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Nancy J. Powell
AMB OMS                   Karen Davis
DCM                       Patricia A. Butenis
DCM OMS                   Suzann Reynolds
CG                        Kenneth Sackett
POL                       Lawrence K. Robinson
MGT                       Adam Namm
AID                       Lisa Chiles
DAO                       Cheryl Morgan
DEA                       Thomas Nuse
ECO                       Joel Reifman
FIN                       Lois E. Simms
FMO                       Morris Williams
GSO                       Gary D. Anderson
IMO                       Mel Rollins
IPO                       Art Hermanson
ISO                       Keith Houk
ISSO                      Lynne Hermanson
LEGATT                    Ralph Horton
MLO                       Craig McDonald
NAS                       Melanie Brooke Darby
PAO                       Andrew W. Steinfeld
RSO                       Kenneth E. Sykes
Last Updated: 10/7/2004

KARACHI (CG) Address: 8 Abdullah Haroon Rd, Karachi, Pakistan; APO/FPO: Unit 62400 APO AE 09814-
2400; Phone: 92-21-568-5170/79; Fax: 92-21-568-0496; Workweek: M-F: 0800 - 1630; Website:

Officer                   Name
CG                        Douglas C. Rohn
CON                       Fredric W. Stern
MGT                       David Herbert
FMO                       Dennis J. Springhetti
GSO                       Rekha N. Stern
IPO                       Douglas E. Towns
RSO                       Thomas V. Gallagher
Last Updated: 9/26/2004

LAHORE (C) Address: 50 Empress Road, Lahore Pakistan 54000; APO/FPO: Unit 62216 APO AE 09812-2216;
Phone: +92 42 636-5530; Fax: +92 42 636-5177; Workweek: M-F 0800-1630; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Nancy J. Powell (Islamabad)
DCM                       Pat A. Butenis (Islamabad)
PO                        Brian G. Heath
MGT                       Matthew K. Asada
CON/POL/ECO               Brian J. George
ICASS Chair               Tom Nuse (Islamabad)
PAO                       Rex Moser
RSO                       Wayne T. Mastriano
Last Updated: 10/6/2004

PESHAWAR (C) Address: 11 Hospital Rd Peshawar Cantt; APO/FPO: Unit 62217 APO AE 09812-2217; Phone:
92 - 91 - 279-801; Fax: 92 - 91 - 284 - 171; Workweek: M - FR, 0800-1630;; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Ryan Crocker (Islamabad)
DCM                       Patricia Butenis (Islamabad)
PO                        Michael A. Spangler
POL                       Partha Mazumdar
CON                       Partha Mazumdar
MGT                       Mary Elizabeth Madden
AFSA                      Partha Mazumdar
DAO                       Lloyd Somers (Islamabad)
DEA                       Ramon Vasquez
ECO                       Allison D. Dyess
FMO                       Michael Berryman (Islamabad)
IMO                       Mel Rollins (Islamabad)
INS                       Karlee Arey (Islamabad)
ISO                       Pic Jordan (Islamabad)
ISSO                      Keith Houk (Islamabad)
LEGATT                    Chuck Finley (Islamabad)
NAS                       Robert Traister
PAO                       Allison D. Dyess
RSO                       Kristen Sivertson
Last Updated: 1/25/2005

KOROR (E) Address: P.O. Box 6028, Koror, PW 96940; Phone: (680)488-2920/2990; Fax: (680)488-2911;
INMARSAT Tel: 383/32623/24; Workweek: 07:30-11:30 12:30-4:30

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Francis Ricciardone
DCM                       Deborah L. Kingsland
POL                       FSN Mona Carlson
MGT                       PSA Plus Valerie L. Polloi
ECO                       FSN Mona Carlson
ISSO                      PSA Plus Valerie L. Polloi
OMS                       FSN Marjorie Towai
RSO                       William Lamb
State ICASS               non-ICASS Post
Last Updated: 9/13/2004

PANAMA (E) Address: Apartado 0816-02561 Zona 5; APO/FPO: APO AA 34002; Phone: 011-507-207-7000;
Fax: (507)225-0949 - Exec Office, (507)207-7143 - HRO, (507)207-1964 - Mailroom; Workweek: 8am to 5pm
with flex hours.; Website: orbi.net/usispan/

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Linda Watt
AMB OMS                   Elizabeth Selva
DCM                       Christopher Mc Mullen
DCM OMS                   Rachel Landgraff
CG                        Cmdr. Charles A. Richards
PO                        Guillermo Soriano
POL                       Richard Sacks
COM                       Karla King
CON                       Danny Root/A
MGT                       Russell King
AID                       Kermit Moh
APHIS                     Angel Cielo
CUS                       Cristopher Martinez
DAO                       Ronald MCCammon
DEA                       William Snyder
ECO                       Andrew Bowen
EEO                       Joseph Ortiz
FAA                       Victor Tamariz (Miami)
FMO                       Kati Osborne
GSO                       James Gearhart
IMO                       Robert Knott
INS                       George Suhr
IPO                       Joseph Ortiz
IRS                       Frederick Dulas (Mexico City)
ISO                       Bethany Mc Dow
ISSO                      Robert J. Knott
LEGATT                    David Wattley
MLO                       Cmdr. Ernest Hugh
NAS                       Jon Danilowicz
PAO                       Eugene Santoro
RSO                       Timothy O'Brien
Last Updated: 2/23/2005

                                           Papua New Guinea
PORT MORESBY (E) Address: Douglas Street, P.O. Box 1492, NCD Port Moresby; Phone: 675-321-1455; Fax:
675-320-0637; INMARSAT Tel: 011-872-1534721; Workweek: 7:45am -4:30pm

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Robert Fitts
AMB OMS                   VACANT
DCM                       Thomas Niblock
MGT                       Margaret L. Genco
AFSA                      Guy Margalith
CLO                       Angela M. Niblock
ECO/COM                   Eric Catalfamo
GSO                       Guy Margalith
IPO                       Ken Kobilarcik
ISSO                      Ken Kobilarcik
RSO                       A.D. Aderinto
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

ASUNCION (E) Address: 1776 Avda. Mcal. Lopez; APO/FPO: AA 34036; Phone: 595-21-213715; Fax: 595-21-
213728; INMARSAT Tel: 8816-76311050; Workweek: Mon-Thur:0730-1730; Fri: 0730-1130; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John F. Keane
DCM                       Kevin M. Johnson
POL                       James P. Merz
CON                       Sonya M. Tsiros
MGT                       A. Daniel Hernandez
AFSA                      Linda B. Lee
AID                       Wayne R. Nilsestuen
CLO                       Lucita W. Daley
DAO                        Frank P. Wagdalt
DEA                        Gregory Beloney
ECO/COM                    Patrick R. O'Reilly
EEO                        Karen L. Williams
FMO                        Harold E. Hodges
GSO                        Graham L. Webster
ICASS Chair                Sonya Tsiros
IMO                        Thomas W. Daley
LEGATT                     Scott Thorley
PAO                        Karen L. Williams
RSO                        Theodore R. Carpenter
State ICASS                Sonya M. Tsiros
Last Updated: 11/18/2004

LIMA (E) Address: Avenida La Encalada Cdra 17- Monterrico, Lima; APO/FPO: APO AA 34031; Phone: 511-
618-3000; Fax: 618-2397; INMARSAT Tel: Iridium# 8816-7631-1064; Workweek: Monday - Friday, from 8a.m.
to 5 p.m., except U.S. and some Peruvian holidays; Website: usembassy.state.gov/lima

Officer                    Name
AMB                        J. Curtis Struble
AMB OMS                    Maria Huscilowitc
DCM                        John Caulfield
DCM OMS                    Sarah Madrid
POL                        Alex Margulies
COM                        Margaret Hanson-Muse
CON                        David Buentello
MGT                        Robert Davis
AFSA                       Kay Barton
AGR                        Melinda Sallyards
AID                        Hilda Arellano
APHIS                      Gladys Solano
CLO                        Tina Cruz-Hubbard & Co.Clo Nicole McWhirrter
DAO                        Raymond Anderson
DEA                        Terry Parham
ECO                        Timothy Stater
EEO                        Janice Green
FMO                        Roger (Chance)Sullivan
GSO                        Wesley Green
ICASS Chair                Co-Chairs Raymond Andersonand Melinda Sallyards
IMO                        Mark Abbey
INS                        Alonso Gonzalez
IPO                        Dennis Coriell
NAS                        Susan Keogh
OMS                        Ana Watts
PAO                        Josie Shumake
RSO                        Richard Watts
Last Updated: 12/1/2004

MANILA (E) Address: 1201 Roxas Road, P.O. Box 151, Manila; APO/FPO: PSC 500, APO, AP 96515-1000;
Phone: 632-5286300; Fax: 63-2-522-4361; Workweek: Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm; Website:
Officer                   Name
AMB                       FRANCIS J. RICCIARDONE
AMB OMS                   SHEILA K. DONAHUE
DCM                       JOSEPH A. MUSSOMELI, CDA
DCM OMS                   MARIA T. DE VEYRA
CG                        DAVID T. DONAHUE
POL                       SCOTT D. BELLARD
MGT                       ROBERT L. LANE
US EXEC DIR               PAUL W. SPELTZ
AFSA                      MISTY S. KNOTTS
AGR                       DAVID C. MILLER
AID                       MICHAEL J. YATES
APHIS                     LEONIDES L. CARDENAS
ATO                       DENNIS B. VOBORIL
CLO                       BARBARA YATES
COM/ADB                   C. FRANKLIN FOSTER, JR.
CUS                       KEVIN R. PETERS
DAO                       TERRY P. COOK
DEA                       TIMOTHY C. TEAL
ECO                       ROBERT P. LUDAN
EEO                       CARL S. COCKBURN; MARIA DE VEYRA
FAA                       BERT WILLIAMS
FCS                       DAVID W. FULTON
FIN                       ROBERT J. RIPLEY
FMO                       WILLIAM E. BARNHART
GSO                       STEPHEN B. HOGARD
IBB                       DENNIS G. BREWER
ICASS Chair               STEPHEN P. CUTLER
IMO                       STEVEN G. ACKERMAN, Acting
INS                       CORAZON LICERIO, Acting
IPO                       STEVEN G. ACKERMAN
ISO                       BRADLEY L. SUMMERS
LAB                       JOSEPH L. NOVAK
LEGATT                    STEPHEN P. CUTLER
PAO                       RONALD J. POST
RAMC                      JOHN G. MURPHY
RSO                       WILLIAM H. LAMB
Last Updated: 1/23/2005

WARSAW (E) Address: Al. Ujazdowskie 29/31; Phone: 48-22-504-2000; Fax: (48)(22)504-2231; INMARSAT
Tel: Planet1 voice 761-245-812, fax 761-245-813, data 761-245-814; Workweek: M-F, 8:30 - 5:00; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Victor Ashe
DCM                       Cameron Munter
CG                        Lisa Piascik
POL                       Mary Curtin
COM                       Edgar Fulton
MGT                       Richard Jaworski
AFSA                      George Ward
AGR                       Wayne Molstad
CLO                       Adrianne Treiber
DAO                        Col. Henry Nowak
ECO                        Richard Rorvig
EEO                        Sally Ironfield
FMO                        Sarah Drew
GSO                        Marcia Cole
ICASS Chair                Edward Kulakowski
IMO                        Clifford Brzozowski
IPO                        Kathleen Lively
ISO                        RuthAnn Kleinfelt
ISSO                       Chuck Eckert
LAB                        John Armstrong
LEGATT                     Joel Irvin
PAO                        Edward Kulakowski
RAMC                       Charleston
RSO                        Dean Devilla
State ICASS                Lisa Piascik
Last Updated: 11/16/2004

KRAKOW (CG) Address: ul. Stolarska 9; APO/FPO: Unit 5010/ box 0950, DPO AE 09730-0950; Phone: +48-
12-424-5100; Fax: +48-12-424-5103; INMARSAT Tel: 38-313-2944; Workweek: M-F, 8:00 - 17:00; Website:

Officer                    Name
CG                         Ken Fairfax
POL/ECO                    Alex Traatensek
CON                        Patrick Walsh
MGT                        Jack Anderson
GSO                        Jack Anderson
IPO                        Jack Anderson
ISO                        Jack Anderson
ISSO                       Jack Anderson
PAO                        Bill Bellis
RSO                        Irena Kondrak
Last Updated: 2/18/2005

LISBON (E) Address: Ave. Forças Armadas 1600-081 Lisboa; APO/FPO: PSC 83 APO AE 09726; Phone: IVG:
884-3300 comm 351 21 727-3300; Fax: 011-351 21 727-2354; Workweek: Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        John N. Palmer
DCM                        Adrienne O'Neal
CG                         Brian Oberle
POL                        Robert Blau
COM                        Greg Taevs
MGT                        John Olson
AFSA                       Carol Bryan
AGR                        Steven Hammond (resident in Madrid)
CLO                        Olga Alt
DAO                        Col. Rick Villalobos
DEA                        Alfredo Christlieb(resident in Madrid)
ECO                        Robert Blau
EEO                        Audrey Huon-Dumentat &
FAA                        Anthony F. Fazio (resident in Paris)
FAA/CASLO                  Mike Galvan (resident in Madrid)
FMO                      Christopher O'Connor
GSO                      Chris Karber
IMO                      Chris Gustavus
IRS                      Frederick D. Pablo (resident in Paris)
LEGATT                   Ed Sanchez (resident in Madrid)
MLO                      Frank Winkle
PAO                      Joao Ecsodi
RSO                      Carol E. Gallo
Last Updated: 9/9/2004

DOHA (E) Address: 22 February Street; APO/FPO: ARCENT -QA, Box 520, APO AE 09898; Phone: (974) 488-
4101; Fax: (974) 488-4298; Workweek: Sunday -Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Officer                  Name
AMB                      Chase Untermeyer
DCM                      Scott McGehee
POL                      Farah Chery-Medor
POL/ECO                  Albert R. Pyott
CON                      Larry Mitchell
MGT                      Anne G. Molyneaux
CLO                      Ricky Dabbs
DAO                      John Arnold
ECO                      Shante Moore
FMO                      Robert Kingman
GSO                      Chris Volciak
IMO                      Frederick Ogg
IPO                      Frederick Ogg
PAO                      Patricia Kabra
RSO                      Pat Capriglione
Last Updated: 9/7/2004

BUCHAREST (E) Address: 7-9 Tudor Arghezi; APO/FPO: 5260 Bucharest Place (Pouch); Phone: (40)(21) 210-
4042; Fax: (40) 21-210-0395; Workweek: Mon-Fri 0800-1700; Website: www.usembassy.ro

Officer                  Name
AMB                      J.D. Crouch
AMB OMS                  Karen Baker
DCM                      Thomas Delare
DCM OMS                  Dal Asher
CG                       Bryan Dalton
POL                      Robert Gilchrist
COM                      Jonathan Marks
CON                      Bryan Dalton
MGT                      Joyce Currie
AGR                      Holly Higgins (res. in Sofia)
AID                      Rodger Garner
CLO                      Wenda Schmelebeck
DAO                      Richard G. McClellan
ECO                      John Rodgers
FMO                      Margaret Sula
GSO                      Jeff Biron
ICASS Chair              Jonathan Marks
IMO                       Harvey Vazquez
IPO                       Bryan Martin
ISO                       John Yeager
LEGATT                    Gabrielle Burger
PAO                       Mark Wentworth
RSO                       Robert W. Hanni
Last Updated: 11/9/2004

MOSCOW (E) Address: 8 Bolshoy Devyatinskiy Pereulok Moscow 121099 Russian Federation; APO/FPO:
Name PSC-77, (Name of Section) APO AE 09721; Phone: +7 (095) 728-5000; Fax: +7 (095) 728-5090;
INMARSAT Tel: 76-322-2891; Workweek: MON-FRI 9:00 am - 6:00 pm; Website: http://www.usembassy.ru/

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Alexander R. Vershbow
AMB OMS                   Karen Pennington
DCM                       John R. Beyrle
DCM OMS                   Joan Odean
CG                        James Pettit
DPO/PAO                   James Kenney
POL                       Bruce Donahue (acting)
MGT                       Edward Alford
AFSA                      Randy Kreft
AGR                       Allan Mustard
AID                       Terry Myers
ATO                       Jeffrey Hesse
CLO                       Joy Salpini
CUS                       Edgar Lacy (Dept. of Homeland Security)
DAO                       Miles B. Wachendorf
DEA                       Christopher Ogilvie
ECO                       Pamela Quanrud
EEO                       Jenny O'Connor and Naomi Lyew
EST                       Sandra Dembski
FAA                       James Nasiatka
FCS                       Dorothy Lutter
FMO                       Dirk Richards
GSO                       Naomi Lyew
ICASS Chair               Kelsey Harris-Smith
IMO                       William Curry
INS                       Karen Landsness
IPO                       Bryan Martin
ISO                       William Mains
ISSO                      Egan Wang
LAB                       Nathan Lane
LEGATT                    John DiStasio
NAS                       Philip Cleary
OMS                       Olga Pavlova
PAO                       Laurence Wohlers
RSO                       Robert Barton
State ICASS               Steven Rider
Last Updated: 11/2/2004

ST. PETERSBURG (CG) Address: Furshtadskaya Ulitsa 15, 191028 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation;
APO/FPO: AmConGen, St. Petersburg, PSC 78, Box L, APO AE 09723; Phone: 7(812) 331-2600; Fax: 7(812)
331-2852; Workweek: 9:00 - 5:30 Mon.-Fri.; Website: www.stpetersburg-usconsulate.ru
Officer                   Name
CG                        Morris Hughes
PO                        Karen Malzahn
POL/ECO                   Rafik Mansour
COM                       William Czajkowski
CON                       Jeff Vick
CLO                       Laura Perry
GSO                       Bill Hunt
ISO                       Arthur Hutchinson
PAO                       Jeff Murray
RSO                       Noelle Licari
Last Updated: 8/20/2004

VLADIVOSTOK (CG) Address: 32 Pushkinskaya; Phone: 7-4232-30-00-70; Fax: 7 4232 49-93-72/71;
INMARSAT Tel: Dial 9-810-873-683-142-222; Workweek: Monday-Friday 0900 to 1800; Website:

Officer                   Name
CG                        John Mark Pommersheim
PO                        John Mark Pommersheim
POL/ECO                   Randall Houston
COM                       VACANT
CON                       Ken Zurcher
MGT                       Matthew E. Johnson
AGR                       Svetlana Ily'ina
AID                       Irina Isaeva
ECO                       Randall Houston
EEO                       VACANT
FMO                       Matthew E. Johnson
GSO                       VACANT
ISO                       Stansbury, David
ISSO                      Stansbury, David
PAO                       Tara Rougle
RSO                       PSO/Matthew E. Johnson
State ICASS               Matthew E. Johnson
Last Updated: 10/5/2004

YEKATERINBURG (CG) Address: Gogolya, 15 Yekaterinburg 620151 Russian Federation; APO/FPO: 5890
Yekaterinburg Pl Washington, DC 20521-5890; Phone: 7 (343) 379-3001; Fax: 7 (343) 379-4515; INMARSAT
Tel: 76-322-2891; Workweek: MON-FRI 8:30 am - 5:30 pm; Website: http://www.uscgyekat.ur.ru/

Officer                   Name
CG                        Scott Rauland
PO                        Scott Rauland
POL/ECO                   Matt Purl
CON                       Chris Beard
MGT                       David Shao
ISO                       Scott McKnight
ISSO                      David Shao
PAO                       Brad Hurst
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

KIGALI (E) Address: Blvd. de la Revolution; Phone: (250) 505-601/2/3; Fax: MAILROOM-(250)572-128,
ADM(250)501-207, PD(250)507-143, USAID(250)573-950 & 574-735, CDC(250)502-679; INMARSAT Tel: 873-
150-7504; Workweek: M-T 0800-1730, Fri 0800-1300; Website: http://kigali.usembassy.gov AND

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Charge Henderson Patrick
AMB OMS                   Mary E. Parks
DCM                       Ken Miller
DCM OMS                   Vacant EFM position
POL                       Eric M. Wong
POL/ECO                   Maya Dietz
COM                       James Kay
CON                       James Kay
MGT                       Sally M. Walker
AFSA                      John M. Jackson
AID                       Andrew Karas, Acting Director USAID
CLO                       Konah Karas (10 hours per week)
DAO                       John D. Ruffing
ECO/COM                   James David Kay
EEO                       Nan Mattingly
FMO                       Margarita Halle
GSO                       Christopher Newton
ICASS Chair               Richard Warin
IMO                       Kim M. Long
IPO                       Kim M. Long
ISSO                      Kim M. Long
PAO                       Grace M. Brunton
RAMC                      Charleston
RSO                       Gregory Anderson, RSO; Robert K. Karpowski A/RSO
State ICASS               Eric Wong
Last Updated: 10/5/2004

                                             Saudi Arabia
RIYADH (E) Address: Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; APO/FPO: AMEMBASSY UNIT 61307 APO,
AE 09803-1307; Phone: 966-1-488-3800; Fax: 966-1-488-7360; INMARSAT Tel: 383-160-337; Workweek: Sat
- Wed, 0800-1700; Website: usembassy.riyadh.state.gov

Officer                   Name
AMB                       James C. Oberwetter
AMB OMS                   Nancy Carpenter
DCM                       Gary Grappo
DCM OMS                   Lucia Keegan
POL                       Michael Gfoeller
CON                       Dennis Hankins
MGT                       Alberta G. J. Mayberry
AFSA                      Vacant
CLO                       VACANT
DAO                       Kenneth D. Shive
ECO                       David Rundell
EEO                       Victor Hurtado
FCS                       Nancy Charles Parker
FMO                       William Laristen
GSO                       Tom Gray, ACTING SGSO
ICASS Chair               David Slyman
IMO                       Howard Keegan
IPO                       James McRea
ISO                       Vacant
LEGATT                    Fred Brink
PAO                        Carol Kalin
State ICASS                Victor Hurtado
Last Updated: 9/16/2004

DHAHR (CG) Address: PO Box 38955, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 31942; APO/FPO: Your Name, PSC 1258, Box
2000, APO AE 09858; Phone: 966 3 330-3200; Fax: 966 3 330-2123; INMARSAT Tel: 683-142-955;
Workweek: Sat - Wed 08:00-17:00; Website: usembassy.state.gov/riyadh

Officer                    Name
CG                         Alfred F. Fonteneau
CG OMS                     Mary Clark
PO                         Alfred F. Fonteneau
POL                        Bryan Koontz
CON                        Carolina Melara
MGT                        Jonathan B. Korach
ECO                        John Miner
ISSO                       James Reynolds
PAO                        Erin Eddy
RSO                        James Reynolds
Last Updated: 9/29/2004

JEDDAH (CG) Address: PALESTINE ST/UNIT 62112; APO/FPO: APO AE 09811; Phone: 966-2-667-0080;
Fax: 966-2-669-3074; INMARSAT Tel: 011-871-683-135-935; Workweek: SAT-WED 0800-1700

Officer                    Name
CG                         ABERCROMBI-WINSTANLEY, GINA
PO                         ABERCROMBIE-WINSTANLEY, GINA
POL                        LEMIEUX, MONICA
POL/ECO                    ISMAIL, JERRY
CON                        SHELBY, DIANE
MGT                        SANGBONG, MONICA
ATO                        WILLIAMS, JAMES
GSO                        PUCKETT, ANISE
IMO                        BRAYSHAW, LES
IPO                        BRAYSHAW, LES
ISO                        ISLAM, TARIQ
ISSO                       LES BRAYSHAW
PAO                        VACANT
RSO                        LEVEQUE, LANCE
Last Updated: 10/12/2004

DAKAR (E) Address: Ave. Jean XXIII, P.O. Box 49; APO/FPO: 2130 Dakar Place, Dulles, VA 20189-2130;
Phone: 221-823-4296; Fax: 221-822-2991; INMARSAT Tel: 761-359-425; Workweek: M-Th, 0800-1730 F
0800-1300; Website: usembassy.state.gov/dakar/

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Richard Alan Roth
AMB OMS                    D. DaSilva
DCM                        Robert P. Jackson
DCM OMS                    B. Jensen
POL                        Roy L. Whitaker
CON                        Beth Payne
MGT                        Gary S. Mignano
AFSA                       Frank Shields
AID                        Olivier C. Carduner
APHIS                      Dr. Cheryl French
CLO                        Sylvia Mathews
DAO                        Scott Womack
ECO                        Douglas Meurs
EEO                        Barbara Jensen
FAA                        Edward Jones
FCS                        Cynthia A. Griffin-Greene
FMO                        Reginald Whatley
GSO                        Chanh T. Nguyen
ICASS Chair                Lee Jewell
IMO                        David Fleming
IPO                        James D. Matthews
IRS                        Marlene M. Sartipi
ISO                        Joel R. Rigby
ISSO                       Jeffrey S. Rusinek
LAB                        Douglas Meurs
PAO                        Claud R. Young
RSO                        F. John Bray
State ICASS                Douglas Meurs
Last Updated: 12/29/2004

BELGRADE (E) Address: Kneza Milosa 50; Phone: 381-11-361-9344; Fax: 381-11-361-8230; Workweek: 8:30
to 5:00 GMT+1; Website: belgrade.usembassy.gov

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Michael C. Polt
AMB OMS                    Augustine Peterson-Becker
DCM                        Roderick W. Moore
DCM OMS                    Megan Gallardo
CG                         Karen E. Martin
POL                        Gustavo Delgado
COM                        Maria Andrews
MGT                        Kathleen D. Hanson
AFSA                       Neil MacNeal
AGR                        Hassan Ahmed
CLO                        Mihaela Docal
CUS                        Wilbur Smith
DAO                        Col. Gordon Drake
ECO                        Chris Dunnett
EEO                        Patricia Perrin
FMO                        Jonathan Post
GSO                        Patricia Perrin
ICASS Chair                David Salazar
IMO                        Warren Gilsdorf
IPO                        John Miller
ISO                        Timothy DeMerse
ISSO                       Peter Thiede
PAO                        Abelardo (Allen) Docal
RSO                        Neil Macneil
State ICASS                Cris Dunnett
Last Updated: 2/3/2005

PODGORICA (C) Address: Krusevac 66 81000 Podgorica, Serbia-Montenegro; Phone: +381-81-225-417; Fax:
+381-81-241-358; Workweek: Monday to Friday (0830-1700); Website: www.podgorica.usconsulate.gov
Officer                    Name
PO                         Hoyt Yee
POL                        Alan Carlson
CON                        Aaron Olsa
MGT                        Aaron Olsa
AID                        Howard Handler
CLO                        Victoria Ryabova
EEO                        Aaron Olsa
ISO                        Momcilo Vukovic
ISSO                       Max Walton
PAO                        T.J. Grubisha
Last Updated: 12/14/2004

SINGAPORE (E) Address: 27 Napier Road, Singapore 258508; APO/FPO: FPO AP 96507; Phone: [65] 6476-
9100; Fax: [65] 6476-9340; Workweek: 8:30 am - 5:15 p.m. (Mondays to Fridays); Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Franklin L. Lavin
AMB OMS                    Cheryl C. Cruise
DCM                        Judith R. Fergin
DCM OMS                    Roxie O. Gilmore
POL/ECO                    Laurent D. Charbonnet
CON                        Lynn D. Gutensohn
MGT                        Karen C. Stanton
AFSA                       Susan W. Wong
ATO                        Jonathan Gressel
CLO                        Leah B. Keene
CUS                        Matthew H. King
DAO                        C. Rivers Cleveland
DEA                        Stephen T. Marchini
EEO                        L. Gabrielle Cowan
FAA                        Elizabeth Erickson
FCS                        George Ruffner
FMO                        Robert A. Wert
GSO                        Michelle A. Burton
ICASS Chair                Stephen T. Marchini
IMO                        Thomas C. Proctor
IPO                        Arthur T. Day
ISO                        Robert S. Blankenship
ISSO                       Thomas C. Proctor
LEGATT                     Christopher Reimann
PAO                        David R. Andresen
RSO                        Aurelia L. Fedenisn
State ICASS                Thomas Yun
Last Updated: 11/23/2004

                                              Slovak Republic
BRATISLAVA (E) Address: 4 Hviezdoslavovo Namestie; Phone: +421-2-5443-3338; Fax: +421-2-5441-5148;
INMARSAT Tel: Unclass 683-142-116; Stu III, 683-142-117; Workweek: M-F, 8:00-16:30; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Ronald Weiser
DCM                        Scott Thayer
POL                        Debra Hevia
COM                        Sanford Owens
CON                        Daria Darnell
MGT                        Robert E. Hurlbert
AFSA                       Jorge Lopez
CLO                        Kellan Owens
DAO                        John Wallace
ECO                        David Nobles
EEO                        Lora Berg
FMO                        Robert E. Hurlbert
GSO                        Samuel Dykema
ICASS Chair                Sanford Owens
IMO                        Marcia Dougherty
ISO                        Jorge Lopez
ISSO                       Jorge Lopez
LEGATT                     Eliska Tretera (res. in Prague)
PAO                        Barbara Zigli
RSO                        William Reiser
State ICASS                Daria Darnell
Last Updated: 12/3/2004

LJUBLJANA (E) Address: Presernova 31; Phone: +386-(0)1-200 5500; Fax: +386-(0)1-200 5555; Workweek:
Mon.-Fri. / 08:00-17:00; Website: www.usembassy.si

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Robertson, Thomas B.
AMB OMS                    Garrity, Mary Kay
DCM                        Haas, Dean J.
DCM OMS                    Tunba, Victoria R.
POL                        Hyland, Colleen E.
CON                        Cantrell, Paul M.
MGT                        Mangelsdorf, Caroline B.
AFSA                       Edwards, Cuba L.
CLO                        Robinson, Amy E.
CUS                        Parker, Steven W.
DAO                        LTC. Runner, Richard C. USA
ECO                        Nylin, John D.
EEO                        Post, Robert J.
FMO                        Mangelsdorf, Caroline B.
GSO                        Lamoreaux, Adam D.
ICASS Chair                Cantrell, Paul M.
IPO                        Combs, John E.
ISSO                       Drobot, Mark D.
PAO                        Post, Robert J.
RSO                        Drobot, Mark D.
State ICASS                Cantrell, Paul M.
Last Updated: 11/18/2004

                                                  South Africa
PRETORIA (E) Address: 877 Pretorius Street, Arcadia; APO/FPO: 9300 Pretoria PL, Washington DC 20521-
9300; Phone: (27) (12) 431-4000; Fax: (27) (12) 342-2299; Workweek: Flex with 8-5 standard; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Jendayi Frazer
AMB OMS                   Natasha Greer
DCM                       Gillian Milovanovic
POL                       Gayleatha Brown
CON                       Cecilia Mulligan
MGT                       Elizabeth Hinson
AFSA                      William Walls
AGR                       Scott Reynolds
AID                       Carole Palma, Acting
APHIS                     vacant
CLO                       Lucy Neher/Linda Lockwood
CUS                       William Thomas
DAO                       COL Michael Muolo
DEA                       Jeff Wagner
ECO                       Jeff Hartley
EEO                       Jill Derderian/Daniel Stewart
EST                       Jill Derderian
FMO                       James Inder
GSO                       Gerald Hanisch
IBB                       Paula Caffey
ICASS Chair               Alan Tousignant
IMO                       Danny Lockwood
IPO                       Keller, James
ISO                       William Walls
ISSO                      Lloyd Cammel
LEGATT                    Michael Bonner
PAO                       Virginia Farris
RSO                       Marilyn Wanner
State ICASS               Alan Tousignant
Last Updated: 2/14/2005

CAPE TOWN (CG) Address: Broadway Industries Center, 4th Floor, Foreshore, Cape Town; APO/FPO: (NO
APO AT POST) 2480 Cape Town Place, Washington DC 20521-2480; Phone: 27-21-421-4280; Fax: 27-21-
418-1989; Workweek: M-F 8am to 5pm

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Jendayi E. Frazer
DCM                       Gillian Milovanovich
CG                        Moosa Valli
CG OMS                    Phyllis M. Jones
PO                        Moosa Valli
DPO/PAO                   Lou Mazel
POL                       Randy Berry
CON                       William D. Howard
MGT                       Matthew A. Spivak
APHIS                     Ken Nagata
ECO                       John R. Walser
FCS                       Tyrena Holley
GSO                       Michael Toyryla
IPO                       John Adams
PAO                       Lou Mazel
RSO                       Patrick J. Keegan
SPSH                      Kim Spivak
Last Updated: 1/23/2005
DURBAN (CG) Address: 303 West Street, 31st floor., Durban 4001; APO/FPO: 2490 Durban Place, Dulles, VA
20189-2490; Phone: (27)(31) 305-7600; Fax: 27 31 305-7650; Workweek: M-F 0800-1700; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Jendayi Frazer
DCM                       Gillian Milovanovic
PO                        Michael E. Thurston
POL/ECO                   ohn J. Hillmeyer
COM                       Jon L. Kuehner
CON                       Thomas Wise
MGT                       Jeremey M Neitzke
GSO                       Jeremey M Neitzke
ICASS Chair               Alan Tousignant
IPO                       Kenneth W. Mack
ISSO                      Kenneth W. Mack
PAO                       Liam J. Humphreys
RSO                       Jeremey M Neitzke
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

JOHANNESBURG (CG) Address: 1 River Street, Killarney 2193, Johannesburg, South Africa; APO/FPO: 2500
Johannesburg Place, Dulles, VA 20189-2500; Phone: 27-11-644-8000; Fax: 27-11-646-6913; INMARSAT Tel:
383132596 and 383152597; Workweek: M - F / 0800 - 1700

Officer                   Name
CG                        David B. Dunn
PO                        David B. Dunn
COM                       Johnny Brown
CON                       Raymond Baca
MGT                       Matthew Cook
CLO                       Virginia Merideth
EEO                       Donald F. Mulligan
GSO                       Charles Clegg
IBB                       Paula Caffey
INS                       Robert Ballow
IPO                       Bruce MacEwan
ISO                       Tom Richardson
ISSO                      Bruce MacEwan
LAB                       Bruce Neuling
PAO                       Mary Jeffers
RSO                       Tom Richardson
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

MADRID (E) Address: C/ Serrano 75; APO/FPO: PSC 61 Box, APO AE 09642; Phone: (34) 91-587-2200; Fax:
(34) 91-587-2303; INMARSAT Tel: 8816-763-10973; Workweek: 09:00 to 18:00; Website: www.embusa.es

Officer                   Name
DCM                       J. Robert Manzanares
DCM/CHG                   J. Robert Manzanares
DCM OMS                   Sally Camp
CG                        Alcy Frelick
POL                       Kathleen Fitzpatrick
MGT                       Michael S. Hoza
AFSA                      Robert Riley
AGR                       Stephen Hammond
DAO                       Capt. Daniel Wenceslao
DEA                       Alfredo Christlieb
ECO                       Whitney Baird
FAA/CASLO                 Stephen Perez
FMO                       Leticia Macapinlac
GSO                       Margaret Kurtz-Randall
ICASS Chair               James Nealon
IMO                       Stephen M Widenhouse
INS                       Dan Cadman
IPO                       William T. Bonnett, II
ISO                       Jerry W. Robertson
ISSO                      Jerry W. Robertson
LEGATT                    Eduardo Sanchez
PAO                       James Nealon
RSO                       Randall Bennett
Last Updated: 1/25/2005

BARCELONA (CG) Address: Reina Elisenda de Montcada 23; APO/FPO: PSC 61, Box 5, APO AE 09642;
Phone: 34 93 280 2227; Fax: (34) (93) 205 5206; Workweek: Mon to Fri, 08:30 - 17:30

Officer                   Name
CG                        Juan Alsace
COM                       James Fluker
CON                       Linda Eichblatt
MGT                       David Cummings
CLO                       Embassy Madrid
IMO                       Embassy Madrid
PAO                       Vacant
Last Updated: 9/3/2004

                                                   Sri Lanka
COLOMBO (E) Address: 210 Galle Road, Colombo 3; Phone: 94-11-244-8007; Fax: 94-11-243-7345;
Workweek: M-Th:0800-1730, F:0800-12:00; Website: http://usembassy.state.gov/srilanka/

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Jeffrey J. Lunstead
DCM                       James F. Entwistle
PO                        Patricia A. Mahoney
COM                       Teresa L. Manlowe
CON                       Marc H. Williams
MGT                       Jane Ross
AFSA                      Chris J. Long
AID                       Carol Becker
CLO                       Elizabeth Sugermeyer
DAO                       Richard S. Girven, LTC
ECO                       Dean R. Thompson
EEO                       Teresa L. Manlowe
FMO                       James E. Hostetler
GSO                       James P. Stover
ICASS Chair               Richard S. Girven
IMO                       Craig A. Zimmerman
ISSO                      Craig A. Zimmerman
PAO                       Philip A. Frayne
RSO                       Alex Moore
State ICASS               Alex Moore
Last Updated: 8/26/2004

KHARTOUM (E) Address: Ali Abdel Latif St; APO/FPO: 2200 Khartoum Place, Dulles VA 20189-2200; Phone:
(249)(183)774701/4; Fax: (249)(183)774137 / 775680; Workweek: Sun-Thur 0800-1630

Officer                   Name
AMB                       CDA Robert Whitehead
AMB OMS                   Sandra McInturff
CM OMS                    Nancy Strachan
POL                       Janice L. Elmore
MGT                       Michelle L. Stefanick
AID                       Kate Farnsworth
DAO                       William Godbout
GSO                       Martin Nolan
ICASS Chair               WilliamGodbout
IMO                       Richard McInturff
ISO                       Joseph Dalrymple
PAO                       Elizabeth Colton
RSO                       Richard Ingram
Last Updated: 2/21/2005

PARAMARIBO (E) Address: Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat 129; Phone: (597) 472900; Fax: (597) 410972;
INMARSAT Tel: 011-871-1531423; Workweek: Mon-Fri, 0730-1600; Website: State.gov

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Marsha E. Barnes
AMB OMS                   Debra Clark-Ware
DCM                       Mary Beth Leonard
POL                       Douglas O'Neill
POL/ECO                   Thomas J. Walsh
CON                       Nataliya Ioffe
MGT                       David LaMontagne
AGR                       Leanne Hogie (res. Caracas)
CLO                       Xiomara Rooks
DAO                       Francis D. Grimm
DEA                       Daniel Lakin and Darion Eshmon(res. Curacao)
EEO                       Thomas J. Walsh
FAA                       Mayte Ashby (res. Miami)
GSO                       Pamela G. Magnant
IPO                       Eley M. Johnson
IRS                       Frederick Dulas (res. Mexico City)
ISSO                      Stevie Cook
LEGATT                    Dennis Pierce(res. Caracas)
RSO                       Christopher R. Rooks
Last Updated: 2/4/2005

MBABANE (E) Address: 2350 Mbabane Place, Dulles, VA 20189-2350; Phone: 268-404-6441/2/3/3/4/5; Fax:
268-404-5959; Workweek: M-Th, 07:30-17:00; F, 07:30-13:30

Officer                   Name
AMB                        Lewis W. Lucke
AMB OMS                    Nelda Villines
DCM                        Lynn A. Allison
MGT                        Lynn A. Allison
CLO                        Sarah Oddo
CON/POL/ECO                Dion S. Dorsey
EEO                        Peter Piness
FIN                        Lynn A. Allison
GSO                        Peter N. Van Eck
IMO                        Michael McCowan
ISSO                       Gaspar Guzman
PAO                        Peter Piness
RSO                        Jeffery M. Roberts
SPSH                       Robin Allison
State ICASS                Peter N. Van Eck
Last Updated: 10/27/2004

STOCKHOLM (E) Address: Dag Hammarskjolds Vag 31; Phone: 46-8-783-5300; Fax: +46-8-661-1964;
Workweek: 0800-1630; Website: usemb.se

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Teel Bivins
AMB OMS                    Jan Wheeler
DCM                        Betsy Anderson
DCM OMS                    Jill Hinson
POL                        Casey Christensen
CON                        Debra Towry
MGT                        Edward Malcik
AFSA                       John Taylor
AGR                        Peg Thursland
CLO                        Chris Veale and Mi Young Coomes
DAO                        Robert Veale, USAF
ECO                        Ingrid Kollist
EEO                        John Taylor
FCS                        Keith Curtis
FMO                        Edward Malcik
GSO                        Robert Pons
ICASS Chair                Greg Elftmann
IMO                        Kevin Wagganer
IPO                        Paul Echaniz
ISSO                       Kevin Wagganer
PAO                        Greg Elftmann
RSO                        John Mims
Last Updated: 1/18/2005

BERN (E) Address: Jubilaeumsstr. 93, 3005 Bern; APO/FPO: No APO; Phone: 41-31-357-7011; Fax: 41 - 31 -
357-7344; Workweek: Mon. - Fri., 8:30 - 5:30; Website: http:\\www.usembassy.ch

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Pamela P. Willeford
DCM                        Carol Urban
CG                         Doria Rosen
POL                        Eric Sandberg (Pol/Econ Chief)
COM                        Julie Snyder
MGT                        Stephen Dodson
AFSA                       Diana Clayton
CLO                        Les Rhoades
CUS                        David Marwell
DAO                        COL Dorothea Cypher-Erickson
DEA                        Joseph Reagan
GSO                        Diana Clayton
ICASS Chair                Ron Brickerd
IPO                        Ricardo Cabrera
ISO                        Novaro Casci (FSN)
ISSO                       Laura Williams
LEGATT                     Richard Tamplin
PAO                        Daniel Wendell
RSO                        Kerry Crockett
State ICASS                Eric Sandberg
Last Updated: 11/30/2004

GENEVA (M) Address: 11 Rte de Pregny, 1292 Chambesy, Geneva, Switzerland; Phone: 41-22-749-4111; Fax:
41-22-749-4892; Workweek: M-F 8:30-5:30; Website: usmission.ch

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Kevin E. Moley
AMB OMS                    Bonnie A. Angelov
DCM                        Lynn L. Cassel
DCM OMS                    Patricia Reber
POL                        Joel Danies
MGT                        Stanton R. Bigelow
AID                        Nance Kyloh (RMA)
CLO                        Jackie Graves/Adriana Birdsall
ECO                        Lisa Carle
EST                        Chuck Ashley
FMO                        Thomas Lyman
GSO                        Earl Graves
ICASS Chair                Randall Hyer
IMO                        Loren (Fred) File
IPO                        Janice Metzger
ISO                        Alan Knabe
ISSO                       Nijay Saini
LAB                        John Chamberlin
LEGATT                     T. Michael Peay
PAO                        Brooks Robinson
RSO                        Don Weinberg
State ICASS                Charles Stonecipher
Last Updated: 9/23/2004

DAMASCUS (E) Address: 2, Al-Mansour Street, PO Box 29; APO/FPO: AMEMB, Unit 70200, Box (D), APO AE
09892-0200; Phone: (963-11)333-1342; Fax: (963-11)224-7938; Workweek: Sunday-Thursday, 8:00-4:30;
Website: usembassy.state.gov/damascus

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Margaret Scobey
AMB OMS                    Mika McBride
DCM                        Steve Seche
DCM OMS                   Joyce Cobb
POL                       William Roebuck
CON                       Steven C. Koutsis
MGT                       Kathy Johnson-Casares
AFSA                      Mark Erickson
CLO                       Maude Koutsis
DAO                       David G. Jesmer
ECO                       Stephen O'Dowd
FMO                       Jeffrey Perkinson
GSO                       Carol Trimble
ICASS Chair               Stephen O'Dowd
IMO                       Dominick Logalbo
IPO                       Ray Ahring
ISO                       Nancy Chaudhry
ISSO                      Nancy Chaudhry
PAO                       Arthur C. Eccel
RSO                       Michael Mack
State ICASS               Stephen O'Dowd
Last Updated: 12/8/2004

KAOHSIUNG (C) Address: 5F, #2 Chung Cheng 3rd Road; Phone: 886-7-238-7744; Fax: 886-7-238-5237;
Workweek: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; Website: HTTP://WWW.AIT.ORG.TW/en/ait_kaohsiung/

Officer                   Name
PO                        Robert W. Forden
POL                       Robert W. Forden
COM                       Christina Harbaugh
CON                       Bill Johnson
ECO                       Bill Johnson
Last Updated: 10/4/2004

TAIPEI Address: 7, Lane 134, Hsin Yi Road, Sec 3, Taipei 106, Taiwan; Phone: [886] (2) 2162-2000; Fax:
[886] (2) 2162-2251; Workweek: 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.; Website: http://ait.org.tw

Officer                   Name
AMB OMS                   DIR OMS- Peter Wei
DCM OMS                   DDIR OMS - Louise C. Ramirez
POL                       James L. Huskey
COM                       Gregory Loose
CON                       Charles E. Bennett
MGT                       David F. Davison
DIR                       Douglas H. Paal
DEP DIR                   David J. Keegan
AFSA                      Mark S. Copeland
AGR                       Scott S. Sindelar
ATO                       Huynh Hoa
CLO                       Cheryl A. DuPree
DAO                       Laurence W. Mitchell
ECO                       Daniel K. Moore
EEO                       Forest Yang & Erica Thomas
FMO                       Sandy Robinson
GSO                       John T. Stremel
ICASS Chair               IDC Chairperson- Dana S. Smith
IMO                       Ernest R. Olivarez
IPO                       Michael R. Wheeler
ISSO                       Daniel E. Aguayo
PAO                        Dana S. Smith
RSO                        Harry R. Smith
State ICASS                David F. Davison
Last Updated: 2/13/2005

DUSHANBE (E) Address: 10 Pavlova Street, Dushanbe; APO/FPO: 7090 Dushanbe Place; Phone: (992-372)
21-03-48; Fax: (992-732) 21-03-62; Workweek: M-F, 8 am - 5 pm

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Richard E. Hoagland
AMB OMS                    Helena Reca
DCM                        Thomas Armbruster
POL                        Amanda Cranmer (resident in Almaty)
POL/ECO                    Joseph Chamberlain
CON                        Jeni Washeleski (resident in Almaty)
MGT                        Bruce Wilson
AID                        Peter Argo
DAO                        Taft Blackburn (resident in Almaty)
DEA                        Steve Monaco (Embassy Tashkent)
EEO                        Amanda Cranmer
FMO                        Michael Berryman
GSO                        Marissa Martin (resident in Almaty)
ICASS Chair                CMsgt Paul Shott
IMO                        David Wills
IPO                        Hamer William
LEGATT                     regional coverage from Almaty
PAO                        Jeni Washeleski (resident in Almaty)
RSO                        James Rowe
Last Updated: 10/29/2004

DAR ES SALAAM (E) Address: 686 Old Bagamoyo Road; Phone: 255-22-2668001; Fax: 255-22-2668373;
Workweek: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m, Monday to Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Friday; Website:

Officer                    Name
DCM                        Michael S. Owen
POL                        Judith Buelow
COM                        Jefferson Smith
CON                        Elizabeth Jordan
MGT                        Christopher L. Stillman
AFSA                       John Haynes
AGR                        Kevin Smith (NRB)
CLO                        Susie Brown & Candy Calvert
DAO                        Michael Phillips
ECO                        Brendan Salmon
EEO                        Elizabeth Jordan
FAA                        Edward Jones (Dakar)
FMO                        Charles McShane
GSO                        Daniel Brown
ICASS Chair                Marily Knieriemen
IPO                        Don IJames
LAB                       Holly Waeger (Nairobi)
PAO                       John Haynes
RSO                       Pittman Orr
State ICASS               Jefferson Smith
Last Updated: 1/24/2005

BANGKOK (E) Address: 120/122 Wireless Road, Bangkok; APO/FPO: APO AP 96546; Phone: 66-2-205-4000;
Fax: 66-2-205-4306; Workweek: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; Website: www.usa.or.th

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Darryl N. Johnson
AMB OMS                   Virginia Phillips
CM                        Vacant
CM OMS                    Vacant
DCM                       Alex A. Arvizu
DCM/CHG                   Vacant
DCM OMS                   Lavay Miller
CG                        Edward J. Wehrli
CG OMS                    Michelle A. Perrin
PO                        Beatrice A. Camp
PO/CON                    Vacant
DPO                       Vacant
DPO/PAO                   Vacant
POL                       Robert J. Clarke
POL/ECO                   Vacant
COM                       Vacant
CON                       Edward J. Wehrli
MGT                       Cornelis M. Keur
CA                        Vacant
US REP                    Vacant
ALT US REP                Vacant
REP/DCM                   Vacant
US REP OMS                Vacant
DEP US REP                Vacant
US PERM REP               Vacant
DEP PERM REP              Vacant
US EXEC DIR               Vacant
US ALT EXEC DIR           Vacant
DIR                       Vacant
DEP DIR                   Vacant
ALT DIR                   Vacant
Port DIR                  Vacant
AFSA                      Roy A. Perrin
AGR                       S. Rodrick McSherry
AID                       Skip Kissinger
APHIS                     Vacant
ATF                       Vacant
ATO                       Mark T. Corcoran
CLO                       Marilyn Tarter/Catherine McSherry
COM/ADB                   Vacant
COM/CON                   Vacant
CON/POL/ECO               Scott Hansen
CUS                       Mark Robinson
DAO                       Scott W. Page
DEA                       William Snipes
ECO                        Michael Delaney
ECO/COM                    Vacant
EEO                        Rafael Rodriguez
EPA                        Vacant
EST                        Vacant
FAA                        Vacant
FAA/CASLO                  Sharon Wallooppillai
FIN                        George F Khelfa
FMO                        Michael C Mullins
GSO                        Dennis A. Droney
IBB                        Jack A. Fisher
ICASS Chair                Rod S. McSherry
IMO                        Patrick Meagher
INS                        Jean M. Christiansen
IPO                        Eric Milstead
IRS                        Vacant
ISO                        Mike Bretz
ISSO                       Mike Bretz
LAB                        Vacant
LEGATT                     Robert H. Cahill, Jr.
MLO                        Jack Dibrell
NAS                        Douglas Rasmussen
OMS                        Vacant
PAO                        Mark Larsen
PAO/ADV                    Vacant
POL/ADV                    Vacant
RAMC                       Thomas J. Quinzio
RSO                        Larry Salmon
SPSH                       Vacant
State ICASS                Edward J. Wehrli
USCS OIC                   Vacant
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

CHIANG MAI (CG) Address: 387 Wichayanond Road, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300; APO/FPO:
AmEmbassy Bankok, Box C, APO AP 96546; Phone: 66 53 252 629; Fax: 66 53 252 633; Workweek: M-F,
07:30 - 16:30; Website: http://web.bangkok.state.gov/PDweb/consulem/consulem.html

Officer                    Name
CG                         Beatrice A. Camp
CON                        John Aloia
MGT                        Henry V. Jardine
CLO                        Margaret Flynn
CON/POL/ECO                Scott W. Hansen
DEA                        Richard D. Gommert
Last Updated: 10/18/2004

LOME (E) Address: Rue Kouenou and Beniglato Rue 15, BP 852, Lome, Togo; APO/FPO: 2300 Lome Place,
Washington, DC 20521-2300; Phone: (228) 221-2991; Fax: (228) 221-7952/5391; Workweek: 0730-1700 (M-
TH), 0730-1230 (F)

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Gregory W. Engle
AMB OMS                    Robyn Davis
DCM                        Matthew Harrington
POL/ECO                    Lucia Verrier
CON                        Rona Rathod
MGT                        Martina Flintrop
CLO                        Ethel Okorie
DAO                        COL Sue Anne Sandusky (Abidjan)
GSO                        Michelle N. Ward
ICASS Chair                VACANT
IPO                        Joellis Smith
PAO                        Ellen Irvine
RSO                        Richard Verrier
Last Updated: 9/30/2004

                                           Trinidad And Tobago
PORT OF SPAIN (E) Address: 15 Queen's Park West; Phone: (868) 622-6371-6; Fax: (868) 628-5462;
INMARSAT Tel: (8816) 3143 9021; Workweek: Mon-Fri, 7:30 am-4:30 pm; Website:

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Roy L. Austin
AMB OMS                    Barbara Harris
DCM                        Albert G. Nahas
DCM OMS                    Virginia Rodriguez
POL                        Shawn P. Crowley
COM                        David Katz (res. Santo Domingo)
CON                        Eugene Sweeney
MGT                        Cassie L. Ghee
AFSA                       T. Barry Fullerton
AGR                        Margie Bauer (res. Miami)
CLO                        Sandee Robinson
CUS                        Glenn Washington
DAO                        Lee Bauer (res. in Caracas)
DEA                        Gary Davis
ECO                        A. David Miller
FAA                        Mayte Ashby (res. Miami)
FMO                        Vacant
GSO                        Luberta Abraham
ICASS Chair                Glenn Washington
IMO                        Peter Crowther
IPO                        Richard Fasciglione
IRS                        Earnell Brown
ISSO                       Manuel Dipre (res. in Bridgetown)
LAB                        Jason Khile
MLO                        LCdr. Steve Custer
PAO                        Robert Skinner
RSO                        Thomas Dagon
State ICASS                Shawn P. Crowley
Last Updated: 10/20/2004

TUNIS (E) Address: Les Berges du Lac - 1053 Tunis; Phone: 216-71-107-000; Fax: 216-71-107-090;
Workweek: M-F 0800-1645; Website: usembassy.state.gov/posts/ts1

Officer                    Name
AMB                        William J. Hudson
AMB OMS                    Karen Schoppl
DCM                       David Ballard
DCM OMS                   Paula J. Hart
POL                       Elizabeth Hopkins
COM                       Clark Ledger (ad interim)
CON                       Nora Dempsey
MGT                       Alan E. Greenfield
AFSA                      D. Ashley Bagwell
AGR                       Michael J. Fay (res. Rabat)
CLO                       Brigitte Campbell/Paul Bergen
DAO                       Bradley Anderson
ECO                       Elizabeth Hopkins
EEO                       Stephanie Syptak
FAA                       Lirio Liu (res. Paris)
FMO                       Catherine Lienhart
GSO                       Theodore Lienhart
ICASS Chair               Bradley Anderson
IMO                       Ross Campbell
IPO                       Gerard Breton
IRS                       Kathy J. Beck (res. Paris)
ISO                       M. Anne Borst
ISSO                      Christina Bergen
LAB                       Lowry Taylor
LEGATT                    Denise Minor (res. Rabat)
MLO                       Elspeth Mitchell
PAO                       Philip Breeden
RSO                       Francis Bires
State ICASS               Nora Dempsey
Last Updated: 1/26/2005

ANKARA (E) Address: Ataturk Bulvari 110, Kavaklidere; APO/FPO: PSC 93 Box 5000, APO, AE 09823-5000;
Phone: 90 312 455-5555; Fax: AMB: 467-2532, ADMIN: 468-6138; Workweek: Mon-Fri 0830 to 1730; Website:

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Eric S. EDELMAN
AMB OMS                   Karen STARR
DCM                       Robert DEUTSCH
DCM OMS                   Pat ABLE
POL                       John KUNSTADTER
COM                       Amer KAYANI
CON                       Laura DOGU
MGT                       Gerri O'BRIEN
AFSA                      David McFARLAND
AGR                       James HIGGISTON
CLO                       Terri LAWLER-SMITH
DAO                       Roman HRYCAJ
DEA                       James CLOONAN
ECO                       Thomas GOLDBERGER
EST                       Kurt DONNELLY
FAA                       Gregory JOYNER (res. Rome)
FMO                       Georgienne BEDNAR
GSO                       Melvern FAVORS
ICASS Chair               James HIGGISTON
IMO                       Alan ROECKS
IPO                       William McMANUS
ISO                       Stephen McCAIN
ISSO                      Stephen McCAIN
LAB                       Mary Jane BUSHNAQ
PAO                       James MOORE
RSO                       Stephen SMITH
State ICASS               Andrew SNOW
Last Updated: 9/22/2004

ISTANBUL (CG) Address: Kaplicalar Mevkii Sokak No. 2, Istinye Istanbul, 34460, TURKEY; APO/FPO: PSC 97
Box 0002, APO, AE 09827-0002; Phone: (90) 212-335-9000; Fax: 90-212-335-9107 (Mgmt Office); Workweek:
M-F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Website: http://www.usconsulate-istanbul.org.tr

Officer                   Name
CG                        David L. Arnett
POL                       Stuart M. Smith
CON                       John A. Lowell
MGT                       Lewis K. Elbinger
AGR                       James Higgiston-Ankara
CLO                       Maria Lowell
DEA                       James V. Allen
FMO                       Richard W. Boera
GSO                       Vanessa Brooks
IMO                       Alan Roecks - Ankara
IPO                       VACANT
ISO                       John Fellingham
LEGATT                    E. Keith Owens
PAO                       Walter Douglas
RSO                       Thomas A. Huey
Last Updated: 10/7/2004

ADANA (C) Address: Girne Bulvari No. 212 Guzelevler Mahallesi Yuregir, Adana, Turkey; APO/FPO: American
Consulate, PSC 94, APO AE 09824; Phone: 90-322-346-6262; Fax: 90-322-346-7916; INMARSAT Tel: 38-
313-3245; Workweek: M-F 8 am - 5 pm; Website: http://www.usconadana.org.tr

Officer                   Name
PO                        Walter S. Reid III
POL/ECO                   Alicia Allison
CON                       Telside Manson
MGT                       Telside Manson
EEO                       Telside Manson
GSO                       Telside Manson
Last Updated: 9/29/2004

ASHGABAT (E) Address: No. 9 Pushkin Street, Ashgabat; Phone: 99312-350045; Fax: 99312-392614;
Workweek: Monday thru Friday, 9:00-18:00; Website: www.usemb-ashgabat.rpo.at

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Tracey Jacobson
AMB OMS                   Carole Akgun
DCM                       Jennifer Brush
DCM OMS                   Jacqueline Justin
POL                       Jason Wemhoener-Cuite
CON                       Ian Turner
MGT                       Gary Anderson
AID                       Bradford Camp
CLO                        Amanda Blodgett
CUS                        Michael Kirk
DAO                        Padraig Clark
ECO                        Marlin Hardinger
FMO                        Fred Mauren
GSO                        Joshua Baker
ICASS Chair                Bradford Camp
IMO                        Jon Akin
ISSO                       Matt Michaud
PAO                        Ilya Levin
RSO                        Edward Blodgett
Last Updated: 1/18/2005

KAMPALA (E) Address: 1577 Ggaba Road, Kampala, Uganda; Phone: 256-41-259791/2/3/5, 234142; Fax:
256-41-259794; Workweek: 7:30-4:45 M-Th; 7:30-12:30 Friday; Website: usembassy.state.gov/Kampala/

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Jimmy Kolker
AMB OMS                    Pearl Drew
DCM                        William Fitzgerald
DCM OMS                    Michelle Stokes
PO                         Post One
POL                        Nathan Holt
POL/ECO                    Andrew Herrup
CON                        Peter Hancon
MGT                        John Lipinski
AFSA                       Michael Gonzales
AID                        Vicki Moore
CLO                        Linda Lipinski
DAO                        Rick Orth
ECO                        Andrew Herrup
EEO                        Mark Nichols
FMO                        Kevin Crews
GSO                        Jan Sittel
ICASS Chair                Vacant
IMO                        Stella Bulimo-Crews
ISO                        Stella Bulimo-CrewsKevin Inglis
ISSO                       Shawn Franz
PAO                        Mark Schlachter
RSO                        Bruce Warren
State ICASS                Andrew Herrup
Last Updated: 10/28/2004

KIEV (E) Address: 4 Hlybochtska; Phone: +(380) (44) 490-4000; Fax: + (380) (44) 490-4085; Workweek: M-F
0900-1800; Website: www.usinfo.usemb.kiev.ua

Officer                    Name
AMB                        John Herbst
AMB OMS                    Mary Cross
DCM                        Sheila Gwaltney
DCM OMS                    Daryl Hegendorfer
POL                        Aubrey Carlson
CON                       MaryKay Carlson
MGT                       Jennifer Bonner
AGR                       Garth Thorburn
AID                       Chris Crowley
CLO                       Rifat Awan
CUS                       Robert Tine
DAO                       Terron Nelson
ECO                       Necia Quast
EEO                       Lisa Heller
FCS                       Robert Shipley
FMO                       Joyce Coates
GSO                       E. Parks Olmon
IMO                       Rob Jennings
ISO                       Curtis Presson
ISSO                      TBD
MLO                       Lee Gabel
PAO                       Janet Demiray
RSO                       George Nutwell
Last Updated: 11/4/2004

                                         United Arab Emirates
ABU DHABI (E) Address: P.O. Box 4009; Phone: +971-2-414-2200; Fax: + 971-2-414-2469; Workweek: 0830
- 1700; Website: usembassy.state.gov/uae

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Michele J. Sison
AMB OMS                   Kam Wong
DCM                       Richard Albright
DCM OMS                   Carol Bourne
CG                        Jason Davis
CG OMS                    Rebecca Robinson
POL                       Joel Maybury
CON                       Robert Dolce
MGT                       Debra Smoker-Ali
AGR                       Mike Henney
ATO                       Mike Henney
CLO                       Nejla Zary
DAO                       Brian Kerins
ECO                       Oliver John
FCS                       Christian Reed
FMO                       David Thomas
GSO                       Marika Zadva
IMO                       Bruce Chaplin
IPO                       Mahmud Khan
ISO                       James Rafferty
ISSO                      Mahmud Khan
LEGATT                    Daniel Roggenbuck
PAO                       Hilary Olsin-Windecker
RSO                       Thomas Barnard
Last Updated: 9/7/2004

DUBAI (CG) Address: ; Phone: 971-4-311-6000; Fax: 971-4-311-6166; Workweek: Sat-Wed, 0830-1700;
Website: usembabu.gov.ae

Officer                   Name
PO                        Jason Davis
POL                        Alan Eyre
COM                        Patrick Wall
CON                        Cynthia Ebeid
MGT                        Johanna Schoeppl
AGR                        Mike Henney
CLO                        vacant
ECO                        Michael Carver
GSO                        Jennifer Johnson
PAO                        Peter Neisuler
RSO                        Frank Theus
Last Updated: 12/30/2004

                                              United Kingdom
LONDON (E) Address: 24 Grosvenor Square, London, W1A 1AE United Kingdom; APO/FPO: PSC 801, BoX
21, FPO AE 09498-4040; Phone: [44] (20) 7499-9000; Fax: +44-20-7629-9124 (ADMIN); INMARSAT Tel:
881631438965 (Iridium); Workweek: 8:30 AM- 5:30 PM, M-F; Website: http://www.usembassy.org.uk/index.html

Officer                    Name
AMB                        (Vacant)
AMB OMS                    (Vacant)
DCM                        (Acting) Rabens, Joyce B.
DCM/CHG                    Johnson, David T.
DCM OMS                    Chupp, Teresa
CG                         (Acting) Brennan, John B.
CG OMS                     Harris, Veronica T.
POL                        Perlow, Howard
MGT                        Lane, James B.
AFSA                       Brennan, John
AGR                        Kurz, Peter O.
CLO                        Wasylko, Carol
CUS                        (Acting) Halverson, Richard H.
DAO                        Wirt, David L.
DEA                        McManamon, Michael J.
ECO                        (Acting) Bonilla, Jean A.
EEO                        TBA
EST                        Evans, Trevor J.
FAA                        (Vacant)
FCS                        Wasylko, Stephan
FMO                        Benedict, Gloria K.
GSO                        Hoff, Michael
ICASS Chair                TBA
IMO                        Sullivan, Barbara
INS                        Plunges, William H.
IPO                        Spaulding, Ken
IRS                        Garrard, Linda M.
ISO                        Endresen, Patricia L.
ISSO                       Bunch, Phillip
LAB                        Bonilla, Jean A.
LEGATT                     Hunt, Lynne A.
OMS                        Semere, Linda M.
PAO                        Sreebny, Daniel
RSO                        Reed, Robert G.
Last Updated: 12/8/2004

BELFAST (CG) Address: Danesfort House, 223 Stranmillis Road. BT95GR; APO/FPO: US Consulate - Belfast,
PSC 801 Box 40, FPO AE 09498-4040; Phone: +44-28-90386100; Fax: +44-2890682219; Workweek: M-F,

Officer                   Name
AMB                       VACANT
DCM                       David T Johnson
CG                        Howard Dean Pittman
POL                       John Carwile
CON                       Rebecca Pasini
MGT                       Leah Pease
ECO                       John Carwile
IMO                       Barbara Sullivan- London
IPO                       K Spaulding - London
ISO                       Gordon Cuthbert
ISSO                      Gordon Cuthbert
PAO                       Cathy Hurst
Last Updated: 10/1/2004

EDINBURGH (CG) Address: 3 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5BW; APO/FPO: PSC 801 Box E,
FPO AE 09498; Phone: +44-131-556-8315; Fax: +44-131-557-6023; Workweek: M,W,R 0830-1700; T 0830-
1800; F 0830-1600; Website: http://www.usembassy.org.uk/scotland

Officer                   Name
PO                        Cecile Shea
IMO                       Fred File- London
IPO                       K Spaulding - London
ISO                       L File - London
ISSO                      L File - London
Last Updated: 10/7/2004

                                                 United States
USUN (NEW YORK) (M) Address: 799 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017-3505; Phone: 212-415-
4000; Fax: 212-415-4443; Workweek: M-F 8:30-5:30; Website: www.un.int/usa/

Officer                   Name
DCM                       Amb. James B. Cunningham
POL                       Josiah Rosenblatt
POL/ECO                   Madelyn E. Spirnak
CON                       Robert C. Moller
MGT                       David Buss
DAO                       Joseph Contarino III
ECO                       John W. Davison
FMO                       John E. Singler
GSO                       David Schafer
IMO                       Michael A. Bricker
IPO                       Michael B. LoMonaco
ISO                       Warren A. Forrest
PAO                       Richard A. Grenell
RSO                       Lance Root
Last Updated: 7/2/2004

MONTEVIDEO (E) Address: Lauro Muller 1776; APO/FPO: APO AA 34035; Phone: (598) (2) 418-7777; Fax:
598-2-418 8611; Workweek: 8:45 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; Website: http://uruguay.usembassy.gov
Officer                   Name
AMB                       Martin J. Silverstein
AMB OMS                   Tift, Graciela L.
DCM                       James G. Williard
DCM OMS                   Ruthe L. Fonfrias
POL                       Oliver P. Griffith
CON                       Stephen A. Barneby
MGT                       David J. Savastuk
APHIS                     Theresa L. Boyle
CLO                       Renee Savastuk
CUS                       Carlos M. Maza
DAO                       Brian J. Butcher
ECO                       James M Perez
EEO                       Cheryl L. Payne
FMO                       Douglas L. DeMaggio
GSO                       M. Katherine Stana
ICASS Chair               Stephen Barneby
IMO                       Mark A. Hodgson
ISSO                      Andrius F. Ciziunas
PAO                       Vacant
RSO                       M. Jeremy Yamin
State ICASS               Stephen Barneby
Last Updated: 9/21/2004

TASHKENT (E) Address: 82 Chilanzarskaya St., Tashkent, 700115 Uzbekistan; APO/FPO: 7110 Tashkent
Place, Washington, D.C. 20521-7110; Phone: 998-71-120-5450; Fax: 998-71-120-6335; Workweek: M-F,
0900-1800; Website: www.USEmbassy.Uz

Officer                   Name
AMB                       John Purnell
AMB OMS                   Penny O' Brien
DCM                       David Appleton
DCM OMS                   Karen Landherr
POL                       Sylvia Curran
POL/ECO                   Erika Olson
COM                       Gary Harral
CON                       John Ballard
MGT                       Brent Bohne
AFSA                      Linda Recht
AID                       James Bonner
CLO                       Donna Lupton/ Michael Goddard
DAO                       Todd Brown
DEA                       Steve Monaco
ECO                       Sylvia Curran
EEO                       Tracy Newell
EST                       Evelyn Putnam
FMO                       Cathie Roberts
GSO                       Juliana Ballard/ Cathie Roberts
ICASS Chair               James Bonner
IMO                       Gary Harral
IPO                       Scott Branks
PAO                       D. Michael Reinert
RSO                       Ivan Wray
State ICASS               D. Michael Reinert
Last Updated: 1/25/2005
CARACAS (E) Address: Calle F con Calle Suapure, Colinas de Valle Arriba; APO/FPO: APO AA 34037; Phone:
[58](212)975-6411; Fax: [58](212)907-2016; INMARSAT Tel: 683-133-645; Workweek: Monday-Friday 8 a.m - 5
p.m.; Website: http://venezuela.usembassy.gov

Officer                   Name
AMB                       William R. Brownfield
AMB OMS                   Celestina M. Renteria
DCM                       Stephen G. McFarland
DCM OMS                   Michelle Nichols
POL                       Abelardo A. Arias
COM                       Sean Kelley
CON                       Daniel F. Keller
MGT                       Sandra M. Muench
AFSA                      Harry B. Meyer
AGR                       Bernardette Borris
AID                       Miguel J. Reabold
CLO                       Gail S. Arias
CUS                       Gerardo Chavez
DAO                       Lee C. Bauer
DEA                       Paul Abosamra
ECO                       Richard M. Sanders
EEO                       Carlos I. Figueroa
FMO                       Thomas N. Johnson
GSO                       Joseph E. Davenport
ICASS Chair               Terry DeRouchey
IMO                       George Escobedo
IPO                       Roger Bjorkdahl
ISO                       Barbara C. Kuehn
ISSO                      Barbara C. Kuehn
LEGATT                    Dennis C. Pierce
NAS                       Alfred A. Smiley
PAO                       Salome Hernandez
RSO                       Daniel R. Garner
Last Updated: 1/24/2005

HANOI (E) Address: 7 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh District; APO/FPO: PSC 461 Box 400, FPO, AP 96521-0002; Phone:
(84) (4) 772-1500; Fax: (84) (4) 772-1510; INMARSAT Tel: Located off-site - contact IPC to coordinate call;
Workweek: M-F, 0800 - 1700; Website: http://www.usembassy.state.gov/vietnam

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Michael W. Marine
AMB OMS                   Victoria Q. Spiers
DCM                       John S. Boardman
DCM OMS                   Sharon S. Rault
CG                        Seth D. Winnick
POL                       Marc E. Knapper
CON                       Jennifer L. Savage
MGT                       Gregory S. Stanford
AFSA                      Marilou B. Endermuhle
AGR                       John H. Wilson
AID                       Dennis Zvinakis
APHIS                     Dale Maki
CLO                       Michelle M. Quick
CUS                       Mark Robinson
DAO                       Col. Stephen C. Ball
DEA                       Neil E. Rubin
ECO                       Samuel R. Watson
EST                       Vacant
FAA                       Elizabeth Erickons
FIN                       Charles E. Bullington
FMO                       Dario Mann
GSO                       Lilian R. Murphy
ICASS Chair               David T. Rockey
IMO                       Joseph Smith
INS                       Rick P. Sell
ISO                       William Jamerson
ISSO                      William Jamerson
LAB                       TBD
PAO                       Louis P. Lantner
RSO                       Christopher J. Amyes
State ICASS               TBD
Last Updated: 10/5/2004

HO CHI MINH CITY (CG) Address: 4 Le Duan St. District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; APO/FPO: PSC 461,
Box 500, APO, AP 96521-0002; Phone: (84-8) 822-9433; Fax: (84-8) 822-9434; Workweek: M-F, 8 am - 5 pm

Officer                   Name
CG                        Seth D. Winnick
CG OMS                    Karie L. Ennis
PO                        Seth D. Winnick
DPO                       Kenneth S. Chern
POL                       Robert Silberstein
COM                       Robert D. Bannerman
CON                       Jeff C. Schwenk
MGT                       Lonnie Kelley
AFSA                      Rodrigo Garza
AGR                       John Wilson (Res. in Hanoi)
CLO                       Uyen Nguyen
ECO                       Heather C. Variava
EEO                       Yan Li
FCS                       Robert Bannerman
GSO                       Rodrigo Garza
ICASS Chair               John Wilson
INS                       Rick P. Sell
IPO                       Christopher C. Lawson
ISSO                      Christopher C. Lawson
PAO                       Robert Ogburn
RSO                       John M. Milkiewixz
State ICASS               Kenneth S. Chern, DPO
Last Updated: 10/5/2004

SANAA (E) Address: Sa'awan Street; Phone: (967) (1) 303-155; Fax: (967) (1) 303-182; Workweek: Sat - Wed
0800-1630; Website: USEMBASSY.YE

Officer                   Name
AMB                       Thomas C. Krajeski
DCM                        Nabeel Khoury
DCM OMS                    Mariam Abdulle
POL                        Shayna Steinger
CON                        William Lesh
MGT                        Thomas Weinz
AFSA                       Christian Charette
AGR                        Ali Abdi (Cairo)
AID                        Doug Heisler
CLO                        Kate Griffin
DAO                        (Acting) Maj. David Alley
DEA                        Robert Shannon (res. Cairo)
ECO                        Shayna Steinger
EEO                        Susan Alexander
FAA                        Lynn Osmus (res. Brussels)
FMO                        Christian Charette
GSO                        Mary Oliver
ICASS Chair                Col. Mark Devlin
IMO                        Joseph Rizcallah
IRS                        Margaret Lullo (res. Berlin)
ISSO                       Joseph Rizcallah
LEGATT                     Stephen Gaudin
PAO                        John Balian
RSO                        Tim Laas
Last Updated: 11/28/2004

LUSAKA (E) Address: Crn of Independence and United Nations Ave; Phone: 260-1-250-955, After hours (Post
1 260-1-252305); Fax: 260-1-252-225/Management Office - 253-951, Executive Office - 251 865; INMARSAT
Tel: Inbound - XXX-870-762637588 (use code req. fm USA or Outside USA); Workweek: Mon - Thu - 07:30 -
17:00, Fri - 07:00 - 12:30; Website: http://zambia.usembassy.gov

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Martin G.Brennan
AMB OMS                    Maria Schamber
DCM                        Andrew Passen
DCM OMS                    Cynthia Hoof
POL/ECO                    Katherine S. Dhanani
CON                        Joshua Fischel
MGT                        Ted D. Plosser
AFSA                       Katherine S. Dhanani
AGR                        Kevin N. Smith
AID                        Jim Bednar
CLO                        Judith Morris
DAO                        Leslie M. Bryant
ECO                        James Garry
EEO                        Michelle Fulcher/Chris Gomes
FMO                        Carmen P. Catala
GSO                        Craig Anderson
ICASS Chair                Allen Fulcher
IMO                        Wayne Payton
ISSO                       Robert Sadousky
LAB                        Virginia Palmer
PAO                        Dehab Ghebreab
RSO                        Frank De Michele
SPSH                       Natalie Messelt
State ICASS                Katherine S. Dhanani
Last Updated: 2/23/2005

HARARE (E) Address: 172 Herbert Chitepo Ave., Harare, Zimbabwe; APO/FPO: No APO/FPO; Phone: 263-4-
250593/4/5; Fax: 263-4-796488; INMARSAT Tel: 011-881631437730; Workweek: Mo-Th:8:-5:30;Fri:8:00-13:00;
Website: usembassy.state.gov/zimbabwe

Officer                    Name
AMB                        Christopher W. Dell
AMB OMS                    Donna Mmoh
DCM                        Eric T. Schultz
DCM OMS                    Anne Marie Witkowski
POL                        Win Dayton
CON                        Lauren Marcus
MGT                        Michael A. Rynor
AFSA                       Aziz Ahmed
AGR                        Scott Reynolds (resident in Pretoria)
AID                        Paul Weisenfeld
CLO                        Victoria Hougaard
DAO                        COL Dan Hampton
ECO                        William Weissman
EEO                        Win Dayton
FIN                        Kevin Morgan
FMO                        Curtis Hoyle
GSO                        Dennie Ege
ICASS Chair                William Weissman
IMO                        Aziz Ahmed
ISSO                       Aziz Ahmed
LAB                        Manav Jain
PAO/ADV                    Amy Moser
RSO                        Raymond Yates
Last Updated: 2/10/2005

* Information courtesy of Post Profiles

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