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									December 7, 2004
SIM Philly Workshop

              “PBX IN THE CLOUD”
          The GMACCH VoIP Experience

                      Niraj Patel, CIO and EVP
                      GMAC Commercial Holding Corp.
  Technology: A Strong Force at GMACCH

“GMACCH success in financial services has been facilitated by
 three core IT principles:

     -   business innovation drives business success
     -   technology changes all the time
     -   IT brand supports the business brand”

                                                 The Yankee Group

                        Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
          Technology Value Creation at GMACCH

 Initiation by industry
 pivot point, GMACCH                Business
 pain point, and/or                innovation
 business process

                                         Global IT
                            business     Leadership                   Technology
                                                                      innovation /


Strong business-IT alignment, strategic governance, IT brand are central to sustaining success

                                    Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
    Validating the “INTRA-PRENEURSHIP”
                Two Data Points

•    The “paperless initiative” – Epitome

•    Speech enablement

                        Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
      VoIP Consumer and Corporate
           Acceptance Rising

“VOIP has very much been in the „Dilbert‟ stage in the past,
  but now it‟s moving to the „Dagwood‟ stage”

                                                              CTO, Cisco

                     Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
           GMACCM Service Delivery Vision

                   Third Party Applications and Portals

                           GMACCM Applications
                              Unified           Audio / Web               Call
                             Messaging          Conferencing          Distribution

                Speech        Instant            Hosted PBX           Voice VPN
 Access                      Messaging
  Side                                                                                 Side
Elements                                                                             Elements
                               GMACCM Platform
              Regulatory         Web                 Voice
               Services         Portal               Portal

              Accounting       Element               Media            Translations
               & Billing     Management              Server            & Routing

                Back End and Operational Support Systems
                             Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
           Hosted Communications 101

        Like IP PBX                                          Like Centrex
    IP-based software model                               Scale, reliability
Rich PBX + multimedia functions                       Purchase incrementally
   Web-based control, MACs                           Centralized control, mgmt.

                       Open, standards-based

                              Best of
                            both worlds

                          Consistent Global
                           Service Delivery

                                  Enterprise Sites

                             Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
           Why Hosted PBX at GMACCH?

• Industry lacked true enterprise value
    LD bypass only one factor
    No comprehensive offerings available

• Natural extension to technology needed, along with operational
  consolidation strategies
    Physical equipment had to be removed to achieve centralized

• Risk needed lowering
    Regulatory
    Operational
    Capital expenditure
    Consistent platform

                           Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
    GMACCH “VoIP-Enabled” For Some Time

• International MPLS Network deployed
    Global network covers 90% offices
    Next generation network infrastructure delivers the efficiency
      and cost savings inherent with IP architecture

• Operational convergence realized
    Centralized processes to manage large volumes of traffic at
     significantly lower costs in place
    “Data” has met “telecommunications”

                           Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
                 GMACCH Hosted Voice Platform

                                                                                     Enhanced LEC
   Enhanced LEC                                                                     Point of Presence
 Point of Presence                        GMACCM                               Softswitches
                                  Network Operations Center
                                          Broadsoft                                   Media
                                      Class 5 Softswitch                           Gateways

           PRI                                                                            IMT
   Local                                     Masergy
                                      IP MPLS Network

                     Analog                              KTS                                  IP Phones
                     Phones                              PBX                                  PC Clients

    Broadband User Access
                                    GMACCH Branch                                  GMACCH Branch
                                    with Key System

                                          Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
             VoIP Milestones at GMACCH

• Localized Speech Auto Attendant – May 2000

• Global MPLS network implemented – January 2002
    Foundation for converged communication platform

• Voice Trunking – January 2002
    International and Domestic

• IP PBX Deployment – March 2002
    Limited soft phone/IP phone deployment
       o Lacked geographical virtualization

• International VoIP termination – January 2003

• Global Speech Auto Attendant – March 2004
    Ensures leverage of VOIP
    Centralized infrastructure

                          Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
            VoIP Milestones at GMACCH

• Softswitch Implemented – July 2004
    Full feature hosted solution
    Geographical virtualization
    Next Generation Trunking
     - SIP Origination

• Direct Outward Dial – September 2004

                         Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
              QOS: At the core of the Network

Wide Area

       Bridged DLC
       Routed IPX         Routed IPX                                      Pure IP with
       Routed IP          Routed IP                          IP only      QoS

       Frame Relay       Frame Relay                Int’l Frame Relay    Int’l MPLS(1)
       56KB              Fractional T1              Fractional T1/E1     T1/DS3/E1/E3
       Spoke & Hub       Spoke & Hub                Spoke & Hub          Fully Meshed

 (1)   MLPS = Multiprotocol Label Switching

                                Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
      VoIP Technology Evolution at GMACCH


Router-based   PBX & ITG VOIP cards            VOIP PBX                Softswitch
VOIP modules   (homogenous

                 OffNet                 SIP Origination              DoD (Direct
 Trunking        Termination            and Termination              Outward Dial

VoIP Deliverables

                            Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
                      VoIP Value Proposition
•   Enterprise wide “standard” communications platform
     Single system for communication
     Links all employees and locations without geographic

•   Improved service assurance
      Carrier-grade performance, survivability, business continuity,
        risk management

•   More effective employees
     Speedier project execution, reduced travel, enhanced collaboration
     Tele-worker/mobile support “find-me, follow-me”

•   Improved total cost of ownership (TCO), ROI
      Converged access = aggregation savings
      Open standards = lower cost equipment
      Web-based self-service management
      On-net voice calling = lower long distance
                                Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
                   Speech: An Early Application

Speech Technology

  Call Center
  “Screen Pops”,        AutoAttendant
  Dealer Loans          x3200                               Olive            Olive.NET

VRU/IVR – Voice         Telephonic Speech           Telephonic Speech       Speech.NET –
Response/ Interactive   Recognition                 Reco                    Multimodal
Voice                   (SpeechWorks)               (SpeechWorks) with      Multianswer Speech
                                                    Natural Text to         Reco/Natural Text to
                                                    Speech (Speechify)      Speech

                                   Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH
           Monetizing the VoIP Opportunity

• Special Servicing
    Increase property revenue with hosted VoIP offering
    Return property to performing state

• Asset Backed Lending
    Replace telecommunications capital expense at loan funding
    Accelerate franchise expansion

                          Confidential and Proprietary to GMACCH

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