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Paul Foley


									               CURRICULUM VITAE
                      (Updated March 2011)

Personal Information:
Name: Abdullahi Osman El-Tom
Date and Place of Birth:01-01-1954, El Fasher, Sudan.
Nationality: Irish/Sudanese.
Languages: Arabic, English, some Irish and some German.

Educational Qualifications:
1983 Ph.D. Social Anthropology, University of St.
Andrews. UK. Thesis: Religious men and literacy in Berti
1980 M.A. Social Anthropology, Queen's University of
Belfast.UK. Thesis: Conceptualization, aetiology and
treatment of illness among the Berti people of northern
1978 B.Sc. Hon. in Sociology and Social Anthropology,
University of Khartoum, Sudan.

Employment History:
2007-Date Head of Department of Anthropology, NUIM.

2003/2004:   Acting    Head   of   Department   of   Anthropology,

2001/2002:   Acting    Head   of   Department   of   Anthropology,

1999-Date: Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology.
NUIM, Maynooth.

1990-1999: Lecturer, Department of Anthropology.                 St.
Patrick's College (later NUIM), Maynooth.

1998/1999:   Visiting   Professor,     University     of   Bayreuth.

1996:   Visiting      Professor,     University      of    Bayreuth,

1990-1991:Visiting Professor, Department of Anthropology,
St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, National University of
1989-1991: Associate Professor of Social Anthropology,
Department of Rural Development.   Faculty of Economics
and Rural Development (FERD).    University of Gezira,

1986-1987- Acting Dean, Faculty of Economics and Rural
Development. University of Gezira. Wad Medani, Sudan.

1987- Deputy Head and Head of Research Unit of
Traditional Medicine Research Institute (TMRI), Khartoum.

1987-1988: Fulbright Visiting Researcher at Case Western
Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA and Visiting
lecturer, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth.

1983-1991:Lecturer    in   the    Department    of      Rural
Development, FERD, University of Gezira.

Previous Administrative Experience:
1995/1996: Acting Head, Department of Anthropology,
National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Ireland.

1988-1990,   1984-1987:vHead  of   Department      of   Rural
Development, University of Gezira.

1989-1990: Coordinator of Socioeconomic Research, TMRI.

1986-1987:vActing Dean of Faculty of Economics and Rural
Development, University of Gezira.

1989-1990, 1983-1985:Staff Research Coordinator, FERD.

1989:Deputy Director of Traditional     Medicine     Research
Institute (TMRI), Khartoum.

Other professional duties:
- Member of Executive Board of EASA (Elected January
- Served as Board Member of Irish Council of Immigrants
- Served Member of the Advisory Board for Irish Aid
- Member of the JEM’s Negotiating Team at the Inter-
Sudanese Peace Talks on Darfur (Rounds 3rd,4th, 5th, 6th
October 2004-Ocotaber 2005).
- Head of Strategic Planning and Training of the Justice
and Equality Movement of Darfur
- President of Darfur Solidarity, Ireland Till 2010.
- Member of the Board of Irish Council of Immigrants
- Served as Chairperson, Association of Anthropology
-Member of the Governing Authority of the National
University of Ireland, Maynooth (1997-2002).

-1997-Date: Member of the Editorial Board of Anthropology
and Medicine. UK.
-1999-Date Review Panel Member of The Reviewer (an
Internet Organization).
-Chairperson of the African Cultural Project.      Dublin

-Chief Editor of the Irish Journal of Anthropology (IJA).
Ireland (1999-1998).

- External Examiner to 1994/1995-2000:
a) B.A, Anthropology, LSB. Dublin
b) B.A. Degree in Theology and Anthropology, Institute of
Theological and Missionary Formation.     Kimmage Manor,


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Publications 4:Internet Political campaign
All carried at least in three websites:
Expert De Waal Continues Misleading the World on Darfur. May 19th 08, (3 pages).

1. US must regain the lead in Darfur. September 5th 06, (3p ages).

2. An Open Letter to the US President, George W. Bush. September 15th, 06 (2 pages).

3. Darfur-Darfur Dialogue, the litany of AU deceit. November 14th, (3 pages).

4. USA Administration and its JEM Phobia. April 25th, 07, (4 pages).

5. Alfashir is nearer than Kampala: JEM/NRF Commends New SPLM Stance on Darfur,

June 11th 07, (4 pages).

6. JEM Welcomes Albashir‟s Positive Move on Darfur Compensation Fund. October 5th,
07, (3 pages).

7. Breaking a Taboo: Darfur SLM Office in Israel. March 5th. 08, (4 pages).

8. Sudan‟s Defence Minister: How Racist Can He Be? March 19th 08 (3 pages).

9. Towards a Sudan without a Government Army. May 1st 08, (3 pages).

10. Sudan ‟s Defence Minster: How Racist Can He Be?
May 2nd 08, (3 pages)

11. Waging Peace: A Credible NGO? . August 3rd, 2008, (6 pages).

12. Exterminating Darfur People by Evicting their NGO Feeders. March
7th 09 (2 pages).
13. Abdul Rasoul’s Personal Vendetta against President of JEM. June
10th 09, (3 pages).

14. US Envoy Gration and his „Cookies and honey‟ Strategy for Sudan, October 26th 09,
(4 pages).

15. Khartoum‟s Minister Threatens Reprisal following January Referendum
28th September 10, (3 pages).

16. The Black Book Haunts Al Bashir‟s New Cabinet. June 28th 2010, (4 pages).

17. Transferred to Darfur: The notorious judge in the case of the flogged woman. 23rd
Dec 2010, (3 pages).

18. Towards A United North Sudan under Darfur Presidency. January 11, 2011, (3

Research Interests:
Recent research interests focus on globalization, and peace and conflicts and milk
Current funded Research:
“Psychosocial and cultural interventions to reduce alcohol consumption during

lactation.” A Cochrane fellowship for the years 2010 to 2012. Value €63,838. Joint with

Dr. Tanya Cassidy.

   - Over the years, I have organized several conference
     in Maynooth and other venues.        Last conference
     organised was EASA gathering, Summer 2010 which
     attracted 1200 delegates and over 100 workshops.
Teaching Experience:
National University of Ireland, Maynooth:

Courses taught (1990-Date)
-Social Anthropology
- Anthropological Research
- Anthropology and Development
-Practising Anthropology
-political Anthropology
-Medical Anthropology.
-Ethnography of Africa
-Food and culture
- Africa, culture and ethnography
- Peace and violence

University of Gezira, Department of Rural Development,
Introductory through Honours level undergraduate and
post-graduate courses which include the following:
-Social Anthropology,
-Peasant Studies,
-Rural Sociology;
-Methods of Social Research;
-Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment;
-Issues in Development and Underdevelopment;
-Rural Development Planning;
-Peasant Economy;
-Sudanese Social Studies;
-Advanced Theories and Methods of Social Research; and
-Socio-economic Aspects of Famine.

Community Service Activities:
1989- A weekly series of discussion programmes on Radio
Medani entitled Changing customs of the Sudanese people
(11 series).

1985-1989- Occasional panel member on television health
forums, Sudan.

1990-Date:   Numerous TV and Radio appearances. Ireland.

2003-2011- Interviews on numerous Radio        programmes-
Egypt, USA, France, Slovenia and others.

Work phone: 353-1-7083668
Fax: 353-1-708-3570

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