Spokesperson Training by liamei12345


									                                                              Spokesperson Training
                                                                                 Will you be part of the story...
                                                                                       or will you be the story?

The interview is the heart and soul of news gathering and     Participants will train on- and off-camera with a skilled
dissemination. The exchange between a reporter and            team of media experts who know how the news business
spokesperson helps to shape a story, influence the public     works – from the inside out. It will be a challenging and
and provide important information to targeted audiences       rewarding experience.
– before, during and after an emergency.
                                                              This one-day workshop is designed for two distinct audi-
Argonne National Laboratory’s Spokesperson Training           ences: for policy makers, including military commanders,
helps to prepare policy makers and information profes-        elected officials and emergency management directors;
sionals by improving old skills and teaching new ones,        and for public information officers and public affairs
in a constructive environment that provides extensive         officers from federal, state and local levels. The course
hands-on practice.                                            is small, with no more than six participants to allow
                                                              maximum time to practice interview skills and media
In this workshop, you will learn to confidently work with
                                                              interaction exercises.
the news media and make your point more effectively,
when timeliness and accuracy count. You will learn about
the expectations of the news media, including the differing   This course developed and presented by
needs of television, print, radio and Internet media.         Argonne National Laboratory.
Some of the skills you will practice include:                 For more information, please contact:
                                                              Christopher J. Kramer
• Understand the media
                                                              Risk Communication and Management
• Understand what information the public wants and needs      Argonne National Laboratory
• Deliver a message with confidence                           (630) 252-7621
• Create quotable sound bites when you speak
• Take control of interviews
• Understand new communication technologies and how
  to use them
• Understand laws that govern public information
• Handle media at the scene and identify usable media
  staging areas
• Understand how to present and control a news briefing
  or conference
• Understand the role of a PIO/PAO
                                                                                                       A. U.S. Department of Energy
• Prepare yourself or others for an interview                                                          laboratory managed by
                                                                                                       UChicago Argonne, LLC

                                                                                                                 September 2007

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