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									                              The Mountain View News
                          Mountain View Elementary School
                          Happy Groundhog Day – Wednesday Feb 2, 2011

February 2011                                                           Volume 1, Number 6

Principal’s Message               everyday learning. You                    effort to get our children
                                  can help us at home by                    outside for a 20 minute
                                  always talking to your                  recess break at lunch time.
When will the snow end?
The month of January              child about their reading
has been full of snow,            and math computation.
snow and more snow –              When kids read,
February can only get             continually ask them
better…can’t it? Because          what they are thinking,
of that, we have run out          talk about their
                                  predictions, and have                   Tardy/Early
of places to push the
snow, thus making our             them jot down their                     Dismissals
                                  questions. When doing                       A student is tardy when
parking limited at school.                                                he/she is not in his/her
I am asking all families          math, have them explain
                                                                          classroom by 8:55AM.
to please fill all                their thinking so you can               Students who are tardy
available spots and to            see exactly what steps                  need to first report to the
slow down while in our            they are taking to solve                office to be signed in and
parking lot. Children             each problem. Together                  receive a pass to class. It is
are walking with their            we can grow great                       our policy to lock all doors
parents as cars are               thinkers who will be                    after 9:00 AM. If you are
quickly pulling out.              successful in whatever                  running late please walk
                                  educational task they will              your child to the office using
Visibility is greatly
                                  be presented. Thanks for                the front entrance.
reduced due to the huge
snow banks. Thank you             your continued help.
for your continued                                                      Month         # of
support with this.                Mr. David Huber
                                                                        September     96
                                                                        October       118
Outstanding learning
continues to fill the halls       REMINDER:                             November      140
of Mt. View School. As            February 21- 25 is                    December      131
                                  our winter break.                     January       120
you know, our Mastery
Test is just around the           There will be no
                                  school for students.                    Morning Drop-Off
corner for our students in                                                Parents dropping off
Grades 3-5. Our                                                           children in the morning are
emphasis is and will                                                      asked to please pull up to
continue to be on                 Winter is officially                    the far set of doors. Both
teaching strategies that                                                  sets of doors are open in the
all good thinkers need to                                                 morning. Please remember
                                     It is important that our
                                                                          to have your child quickly
know. There is nothing               children arrive to school
                                                                          exit the car so we can get
on the Mastery Test that             each day equipped with
                                                                          everyone inside and keep
we don’t want our kids to             warm coats, hats, and
                                                                          the traffic flow moving.
know how to do, but our             mittens.      Unfortunately,
                                                                          Stopping at the first set of
focus is on the strategies         we are still finding children
                                                                          doors only backs up traffic
to be successful for                arriving to school without
                                                                          and make it difficult for the
                                   winter coats. We make every
children to get to class on     Preschool 4 News:               their strategies to decode
time.                               January has been a very     unknown words is a great
                                snowy month for us!!            way to help your child.
Yearbooks Now on                Luckily, we had plenty of       Please remember to label
Sale!                           books about snow to read        coats and other outerwear
The 2010-11yearbook is          on the days we were here!       and continue practicing
now on sale. The cost for the   We enjoyed our visit from       zipping. We ask that
yearbook is $16.00. Checks      Daisy the pig and her friend,   whatever footwear you send
can be made payable to          Lillypug the dog. We all        your child to school
Mountain View PTO.              took the Daisy Pledge,          wearing, they continue to
                                agreeing to read books every    wear throughout the day.
                                day.                            Students are spending a
                                    In February we will be      great deal of time changing
                                reading books about             their footwear.
                                Groundhog Day and
                                Valentine’s Day. We will        1st Grade News…
                                have a Valentine’s Day              In the month of January,
                                celebration on Monday,          first graders have been
                                February 14th.                  learning all about fairytales.
                                    Our math lessons will       We have been studying the
                                focus on designs and            elements of a fairytale and
                                patterns, and the number 4.     we have started to develop
Preschool 3 News:               More at-home activities will    our own characters for our
February will be a busy time    be coming home for you to       very own fairytale.
in preschool. We will start     use with your child. Thank           In Math, we are working
the month by continuing to      you for trying these            with tens and ones and fact
sing, listen to, and learn      activities out at home to       families. Practice with fact
Nursery Rhymes. The             reinforce what we’re            families helps the children
second and third weeks we       learning at school.             with basic fact fluency. This
will be talking about               Please remember that if     is an easy skill to practice at
friendship. We will be doing    you send your child to          home. If you give your child
art projects with a special     school with snow boots on,      the numbers in a fact family
friend and getting ready for    they need to have a change      such as 2, 3, and 5, he or
our "Friendship Day"            of shoes to wear in the         she can tell you the two
celebration on Feb. 14th.       classroom.                      addition facts and the two
Remember, just sign your                                        subtraction facts that
child's name to their                                           correspond to those
Valentines. Do not address                                      numbers.
them to a specific                                                  We continue to practice
friend. The week of Feb. 21                                     all of our reading skills
- Feb. 25th is February                                         including retelling and
vacation. When we return                                        written response to a text.
to school we will begin                                         We are also practicing
learning about the zoo and                                      reading with fluency.
circus. The children are all                                    Remember to practice
making great progress                                           reading every night!
functioning independently
within the classroom!           News from
Please continue to
encourage them to try to do
                                This month we discussed
jobs by themselves and
                                the letter R, J, I and G. In
encourage any efforts they
                                math, we learned how to
make. After the vacation we
                                represent data through
will begin working on
                                creating a glyph. We
walking in line without our
                                practiced graphing and
rope, getting ready for next
                                adding numerals to 10. In
                                phonics, we learned how to
                                break words apart and
Mrs. Clute and Miss
                                blend them back together.
                                Reminding your child to use
News from Second                  complete Monday through         are becoming increasingly
Grade                             Thursday nights. Please be      challenging.
    Let’s hope the ground         sure that your child is using       This month, we are
hog doesn’t see his shadow        the new answer frames to        completing Developmental
this month!                       complete their questions        Reading Assessments
    In Reading, students          each night after they           (DRAs), which measure
have been working on              complete reading.               students’ reading fluency
making connections to                  Students should now        and comprehension.
character’s feelings. When        be reading for at least 30      Continue documenting
reading at home, ask your         minutes each night AND          minutes read each day
child how the character is        completing their book logs      using the revised monthly
feeling and why? Then ask         daily.                          reading log. Please
if they have ever felt the                                        remember to total the
same way.                                                         minutes read by week AND
    Students are learning                                         by month, and to sign the
how to write persuasive                                           log.
letters. In these letters, they                                        Students have been
are trying to change                                              assigned a science project
someone’s opinion by                                              that aligns with our study of
providing reasons.                                                habitats. For “Feature Your
    Students are learning                                         Creature”, they have been
how to count money up to                                          required to research the
$1.00 using quarters,                                             habitat of their choice and
dimes, pennies and nickels.       Don’t Forget to Sign            are designing a completely
In addition, they are             the Planner!                    original creature that could
learning about telling to                                         live in it. They will also
time to the quarter hour.                                         make a short oral
                                  Grade 4 News                    presentation introducing
We will also be learning how           Students just finished
to understand and organize                                        this original, never-before-
                                  designing a poster depicting    seen creature to the class.
data through various              important aspects of the
graphs. Please continue to                                        During the oral report, they
                                  southeast, including tourist    will:
practice fluency in addition      attractions,
and subtraction math facts                                                State the habitat in
                                  weather/climate, landforms,                 which their
up to 18.                         products, and resources,
    We have begun a science                                                   creature lives.
                                  etc. They will continue to
unit on Matter. Ask your                                                  Describe the
                                  explore the regions of the
child to name some solids,                                                    habitat,
                                  United States as they begin
liquids and gases at home!                                                    remembering to
                                  to examine the midwest. As
                                                                              include one fact
                                  they learn about products
                                                                              about the climate,
Third Grade News:                 grown and raised in the
                                                                              a landform, plant,
   Another month has gone         midwest, they will be given
                                                                              and an animal
by here in third grade! We        the opportunity to share
                                                                              that already lives
are revisiting the topics of      family recipes that contain
multiplication and division       those products. We will
                                                                          Describe each
in math and students will be      combine the recipes into a
                                                                              adaptation and
working on mastering their        book and from these we will
                                                                              explain how it
multiplication and division       make a grade-level recipe
                                                                              allows the
tables. It is very important      book.
                                                                              creature to survive
that students practice their          In math, students began
                                                                              in its habitat.
multiplication flashcards         learning about various types
                                  of graphs including bar,                Discuss what
each night to prepare for                                                     materials they
upcoming quizzes.                 line, and circle/pie graphs.
                                                                              used to create
   In the upcoming weeks          They will also begin a study
                                  of probability in the same                  their creature and
students will begin learning                                                  how they “built” it.
about regions of the United       unit. Please remind
                                  students that they should                   For example, “I
States in Social Studies.                                                     used a paint for its
   Students have weekly           continue learning their
                                  math facts in order to build                color, glue to hold
homework journals that                                                        the feathers on,
they are expected to              a solid foundation, as topics
                                   about and doing                  provided by their teacher.
     The focus for Writers’        experiments with light           We are constantly
Workshop this month is             during science, and we are       reinforcing the message to
realistic fiction. Students        wrapping up our unit on          students that “the more they
will use personal                  colonial America in social       read, the smarter they
experiences to gather ideas        studies.                         become”. Please help us by
in order to develop a                                               reinforcing this message at
fictional story with               Keep reading and thinking!       home as well. Signed
believable characters and a                                         reading logs for January,
realistic plot. This will                                           with minutes totaled, will be
enhance their                                                       due beginning Tuesday,
understanding of setting,                                           February 1st. They can also
problem, characters, and                                            be returned on Wednesday
problem resolution.                                                 or Thursday. In the event of
                                                                    a snow day next week,
One last thing….                                                    January reading logs will
P L E A S E stop doing the                                          also be accepted on Friday,
snow dance!                                                         February 4th.

                                                                    Let’s help our students
                                                                    REACH the MOON!
                                   Remember Science Fair
                                   Project Orientation
                                                                    Mrs. Rogan, Mrs. DeFeo,
                                   February 8th at 6:00 PM!
                                                                    Ms. Bolduc

The 4th Grade Team

                                   Literacy News…
5th Grade News                     In January, all students are
    What a crazy winter we         assessed with the
are having so far! Please          Developmental Reading            School Cancellations
remind students that when          Assessment (DRA). Each           and delays
they have a snow day they          student has an opportunity          Please make sure your
are still expected to read, fill   to read to their teacher and     family has a plan for when
in their book log, and do          respond, either verbally or      school is delayed or has an
their nightly journal              in writing, to the text. The     early release due to
question. They should also         results of this assessment       inclement weather
be thinking about what             helps teachers to know what         Announcements of no
science fair topic they would      students’ strengths are and      school due to inclement
like to research, as the first     what they need to work on        weather or other
phase of the project will be       to become better readers.        emergencies will be made on
starting soon.                     Due to the number of snow        local radio and television
    DRA testing is over! We        days we have recently had,       stations:
wish to thank all the              the timeframe to complete        WTIC
students for trying so hard        these assessments has been       Channel 3 WFSB
with their reading. I’m sure       extended, so testing will        Channel 30 WVIT
they can’t wait to be back to      continue into February. It       Channel 8 WTNH
their normal Reading               is especially important          This information is also
Workshop routine. In math          that your child is reading (or   available on the Board of
we will be starting a unit on      being read to) on a daily        Education Web Site:
volume, capacity, and              basis, even on days when
weight, and soon after that        school has been cancelled.
we’ll be focusing on               If your child brings home a
probability and statistics.        reading bag, please be sure
Students have been learning        they read the books
                                   Current cafeteria prices             students are forgetting to
                                   are as follows:                      bring their sneakers for P.E.
                                   Milk - $0.40                         time. Please help your child
                                   Hot lunch - $2.75                    remember to put their
                                                                        sneakers in a bag or
                                   Breakfast - $ 1.25
                                                                        backpack so they can
                                                                        participate. Boots are not
                                                                        safe to wear in the gym. As
                                                                        always try to help your child
                                        SAVE THE DATE:                  make healthy food choices
A Note From the                          READ ACROSS                    during the day. Thanks for
Cafeteria                              AMERICA TUESDAY                  your cooperation.
    Just a reminder for snow              MARCH 2ND!
days, the menu for a snow
day will be served on the                                               Music Notes
next day of school.                                                         Natalie Stypulkowski and
    NO BREAKFAST will be                                                Jacob Taillon will represent
served on days when school         P.E. News:                           Mountain View School in
is delayed.                        The month of February will           the CAS “Celebration of the
    Parents please try to          be the start of a new unit.          Arts” ceremony on February
keep track of the funds in         All the grades will be moving        7th at the Aqua Turf. They
your student’s lunch               onto the Rhythmic Unit.              will be recognized for
account. If you are unsure         That means we will be                outstanding citizenship,
please call Mrs. Saucier in        working on jump roping,              cooperation skills, and
the cafeteria. Her extension       musical /rhythmic games,             excellence in music and art.
is 174. If you would like to       dances, using the                    Congratulations on a great
prepay for your child’s            parachute, and using                 job Natalie and Jacob! We
lunch, checks may be made          aerobic steps. All activities        are proud of you.
payable to Bristol School          will be accompanied by
Food Service or online at          music.                  With all the snow we have
                                   been having, a lot of

Mountain View PTO Minutes –January 19, 2011

Meeting was run by Donna Pelletier due to Laura Carter not being able to attend the meeting.

     1. Mr. Huber spoke first –
          He first thanked Mrs. Desjardins for attending this month’s meeting.
          Discussed the new company that he met with regarding the yearbooks. We are
             currently paying $16.00 for a black and white yearbook. The new company will charge
             us under $11.00 / book for a black and white yearbook. The size would be 8 ½ x 11.
             This is bigger than we currently have. If we wanted to go with a year book in color, the
             cost would be under $16.00 / book. It is $.40 for a 4 page zoom and $.80 for an 8
             page zoom. Sample books are available if anyone would like to look at them.
          Planners – Mr. Huber announced that the cost of the daily planners for grades 2-5
             has been cut from $1800.00 down to $800.00 per year. The same company will be
             doing the work.
          After School Program – Mr. Huber talked about the after school program for grades 3,
             4, and 5 to assist those students that need extra help in Math and Reading. The
             program meets two days a week and teachers are helping with the tutoring. It appears
             to be a positive program.
          Read Across America – This event is on March 3, 2011; however, due to the CMT’s
             starting, Mr. Huber announced that Mountain View will be celebrating it on Tuesday,
             March 2, 2011. Each classroom will have a guest reader in their room. There will be
             an assembly held at 2:00 with Rocky the Rock Cat making an appearance. He is
             looking for volunteers to help with the greeting and the refreshments for the
         volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering for this event, please email Mr.
         Huber at
        Volunteers Needed – Mr. Huber will be sending out a letter to parents of students in
         Kindergarten through third grade to ask for their assistance in running some of the
         PTO events. Most of the officers will be leaving over the next year or two and
         volunteers will be needed.
        One School – One Book – Mr. Huber announced that this will be starting after April
         Vacation (if we have one). Teachers will be discussing it at parent-teacher
        Birth to Three – Mr. Huber wanted to thank Bill Fitzgerald for his help with the
         playgroups that have been set up for those families not yet attending Mountain View.
         We are also looking for donated books that will be placed in the office and library
         where students and parents can browse while waiting or where students can come
         and “swap” a book to read at home.
        Intern – Mr. Huber announced that Kirsten McKinney, a student from UNH will be
         our intern for the duration of the school year. She will be working primarily with the
         Reading teachers, but will assist other teachers if substitutes are not available. He is
         very happy with her work.

2. Secretary’s Report – Nothing to report this month.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Toosdi announced that the Holiday Boutique did make a profit of
   approximately $1600.00. The actual profit is hard to determine since some of the items
   sold this year were bought either last year or two years ago and the prices may have
   changed. However, a profit was made. The Holiday Bingo also made a profit of $85.00 and
   the wreath fundraiser made $439.00, which all of those proceeds went to Mrs. Stetson for
   the Giving Tree. This is where less fortunate families in our neighborhoods are provided
   with food, clothing and school supplies during the holiday season.

4. Year Book Report – Jennifer announced that the yearbook forms went out to all students
   and they are due back on March 18, 2011. Mr. Huber is to put information on the website
   regarding this.

5. President’s Report
      Rock Cats Game – Date has been tentatively set for Friday, June 10, 2011. There will
        be fireworks at the game for the kids. We are looking for volunteers to run this event.
        Heidi to call the contact for the Rock Cats to inform her of the date chosen. Updates
        to be sent out on this topic.
      Ruby Tuesday Fundraiser – Set for Saturday, February 5, 2011 from 8-10 am. Notices
        for this have already been sent out. Tickets to be given to students on February 3,
        2011. A basket will be set up for non-perishable donations that will be going to St.
        Vincent DePaul. The cost of the tickets is $6.00 per ticket, of which $2.00 will be
        going to Ruby Tuesday.
      Art Works Fundraiser – Mr. Filipiak is working with the students on their art work
        and the order packets will be going out shortly. The items ordered will be in on April
        27, 2011.
      Spring Book Fair / Raffles – Donna will be running this event. Kathie Kelher MAY be
        interested in taking over the event once Donna leaves. She has volunteered to work
        with Donna during the setup and taking down of the book fair this spring. The
        monetary donations to purchase the gift cards for raffles was discussed and all in
        attendance agreed on doing this again.
      Casino Night – Kathie Kelher will be checking on dates for a bus trip to the casino.
        Response seemed pretty good from those at the meeting tonight. More information to
      Science Fair /Graduation T-Shirts – PTO is to purchase t-shirts for the Science Fair.
        The 5th graders will design a t-shirt and then vote on the designs. The winner’s design
        will be printed on this year’s t-shirt. Graduation t-shirts will also be ordered. Students
        will be able to sign the t-shirts and the teachers usually sign the backs.
      5th Grade Fun Day – This year it will be held on June 3, 2011 at the YMCA in
        Plainville. It usually goes from 9-2 and lunch will be served. Students will be able to
               rock climb, swim, hike and participate in many other activities. The cost is $10.00 per
               student AND will be paid for in total by the PTO.
              VIP DAY – This is usually a three day event where students are allowed to bring in a
               “VIP” to eat lunch and spend recess time with them. A discussion was had regarding
               the chaos and the safety of the students during the recess part of the event. Several
               different ideas were brought up. Heidi and Donna will meet with Mr. Huber to discuss
               his suggestions on this event. The students enjoy the event and we would still like to
               have it. Updates will be sent out on this topic.
              Valentine’s Day Carnation Sale - Heidi is to call Shop Rite and see what the cost is
               and what the deadline would be to place the order. Flyers will be sent out to students
               shortly. Looking for volunteers to help sort out the flowers and distribute them to the
               students in the afternoon of February 14, 2011 (Monday). As of 1/24/2011 – I spoke
               with Mary Lou from Shop-Rite and she is to call me back by Wednesday with the
               information that we were requesting.
              Bingo Night – Donna thanked Kathie Kelher for a great job on her Holiday Bingo
               event. The cafeteria was packed and everyone had a great time. Donna also wanted to
               thank Kathryn DIckman, Carly Boladz and Holly Caruso for volunteering their time to
               help out. Kathie is in the process of setting a date for another Bingo night to be held
               in the spring.

     6. Enrichment – Bill announced that on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, a local author, Suzy
        Kline will be here for an assembly for the students. She'll be doing two
        interactive presentations, in order to cover all grades. He also has an assembly planned for
        3/1/2011 for Black History Month and another one on 4/5/2011, recognizing Earth Day.

     6. Bill Fitzgerald displayed a power point presentation from his meeting of the Parent Advisory
        Council. This is where one representative from each school goes to meet with the Board of
        Education to bring up their concerns. The topic of the new schools was discussed as well
        as the financial planning and the community survey.

     7. The PTO has a new email address that will be sent out to all parents so that they will be
        able to contact us and vice versa. Heidi will be checking the messages daily. The email
        address is

     8. The next PTO meeting will be on February 9, 2011. A reminder email will be sent out the
        Monday before the meeting.

We have a lot of great events planned for the second half of the school year and we are
looking for volunteers to help out. Even if it is for a little while, every bit helps. If there is an
event that you would like to chair, please contact us – we will guide you through the initial
set up and then it is your event to run!!

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