Looking Ahead

					S-kehg Si’alim!                                                              The newsletter of Southside
(Good Morning in the O’odham Language)                                          Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                        May 2011

                                 Looking Ahead...                                                       Volume 5, Issue 2

                                                                                                            Inside this
         About a                                                           *Finding common ground           issue:
month ago, the Elders                                                      with one another in          Volunteer           2
and Deacons                                                                making a difference in       Opportunities
gathered on a                                                              our community.               Financial Update    2
Friday evening for a                                                       *That we all might have      CSM Needs           2
joint retreat to get to                                                    a deeper sense of            Young Adult Event 2
know one another                                                           discipleship to Christ       Meetings List       2
better, to think about                                                     *Solar panels and water
                                                                                                        Children, Youth &   3
what it means to be                                                        harvesting.                  Family Events
leaders at Southside, to play a Southside trivia      *To know each other on a more personal level.     VBS 2011            3
game aptly named “Who Wants to Be A South-          *Outreach to neighborhood.                          Youth Mission Trip 3
sider,” to set goals for 2011, and to express our   *To increase our youth group in numbers and in      Sunday School       4
hopes and dreams for Southside. We wanted to        spiritual growth.                                   Teachers
share our thoughts with you as we all contribute to *Continued growth and positive impact in the        Tween & Youth       4
the ministry here at Southside. If you have any     community and ongoing service to God.               pictures
thoughts or feedback feel free to let your Deacon   *To have more ethnically diverse peo-               Congrats Grads!     5
or one of the Elders know.                          ple/families join.
                                                                                                        Congrats Retirees   6
                   Our 2011 Goals                   *Growth in outreach to neighborhood.
                                                    *Gain a better understanding of the difference      Library News        6
1. Strengthen the Southside Community                                                                   Borderlands         6
        *through pastoral care                      between stewardship and finance as it relates
                                                                                                        Theatre Event for
        *through equipping and enabling Deacons to Southside.                                           Coalition of
and Elders for their tasks within the church and    *Joyful spaces and joyful intergenerational         Arizonan to
                                                    community.                                          Abolish the Death
their mission in the world                                                                              Penalty
        *through expanding our inclusiveness        *My wish for Southside in this year is to
                                                    expand its ministry and partnerships with the       Kathy Jackson       6
particularly in regards to the LGBTQ community                                                          Fund
2. Develop and Implement an eco-friendly plan to local community.
improve and maintain the church facility.           *My wish for Southside is to continue caring        Presbytery          7
                                                                                                        divided on
3. Strengthen and grow our children and youth       and enjoying each other. Continue nurturing the
                                                                                                        Amendment 10a
program                                             community. Overall giving quality, the best to it
                                                                                                        Michael Adee to     7
4. Strengthen our relationship with the community all.                                                  speak at St.
                                                    *I would hope that we could develop the             Mark’s
                 Our Hopes for 2011                 beginning of strong neighborhood connections-
                                                                                                        Elders & Deacons    7
*Discernment of God’s wishes for our ministry at    we could be seen as a part of it but at the
                                                                                                        Samaritans &        8
Southside.                                          same time separate.                                 Witness
*I hope that Southside, as a community, can help *A wish that Southside continue to water the           Operation
build solutions, not band-aids for our church life, seeds of joy and peace in each member and in        Streamline
community support and care with each other.         the world around us.                                May Day March       8
*Unity.                                             *Goal for the coming year- Strengthen and           ECO Update          9
*More variety in worship with emphasis on quiet     grow the children and youth program,                Our Name            9
and solitude.                                       activities, connections.                            Community Notes     9
*I would like to see the church and its leadership *Have a healing and spiritual                        & PCM Event
improve on the way in which we include all          congregation-wide process that leads us to a
members into our community (planning, worship,      more full inclusion of LGBT people in our church.
celebration, recognition).
                                                             In Faith, Pastor Alison
                                                    Volunteer Opportunities @ Southside
                                   *Cross Street Ministries (Formerly Showers Program): Mondays & Fridays from
                                   6:00am to 10:00am: There are a variety of jobs that you can help. Call Doug
                                   Larson (241-3174).
                                           *Food Preparation & Serving on Mondays and Fridays: We invite anyone
                                   to bring a dish or two in the morning around 6:30 or 7:00am. If you are able to
                                   stay and help serve food, we start serving at 7:00am. On Wednesdays, there is a
                                   group that meets to prepare food at church around 11:00am.
                                           *Clean-up/Dish washing: As we get food ready in the morning and as we
                                   run out of food in the serving line, the dirty dishes are brought to the kitchen.
                                   Volunteers start around 7:00am and leave by 9:00 or 9:30am.
                                   Day Labor Center Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are always needed at our
Day Labor Center. Contrary to popular belief, no Spanish is required! Come and stand in solidarity with our workers.
Volunteers are needed to help negotiate employment with employers and the workers, as well as a variety of other
tasks. Please contact Kristina Beckman-Brito (kbeckman@pima.edu) if you are interested. The Day Labor Center runs
Monday-Saturday from 7:00-11:00am. Help is especially needed on Saturday.

 Cross Street Ministries                                           Financial Update
         Needs                           In the spirit of disclosure of our financial circumstances, here are figures for
Men’s Jeans                                                      March and for the year to date:
Toothbrushes & Toothpaste                                        March 2011                  Year to Date 2011
Paper bowls, plates, spoons & forks   Income                      $14, 833                        $63, 541
Combs                                 Expenses                    $16, 668                        $48, 894
Razors                                Totals                      ($1, 835)                       $14, 646
Foot spray/powder
                                       By Susan P. Halversen, Elder for Stewardship & Fi-
Peanut Butter & Jelly                 nance
Socks                                         May is upon us, and that means summer is
Coffee, Creamer & Sugar            just around the corner. Moms will be celebrated on the
 Plastic bags
                                    second Sunday of the month. Most of our snowbird
                                    friends have gone home for the season, to be missed
Women’s Underwear
                                    by all. School will be out soon, giving kids and teach-
Empty water bottles                ers a break. Students will be graduating from college and entering the job mar-
 Hangers                           ket; other adults may be taking the step of retirement, looking forward to new
                                    pursuits. The writer of Ecclesiastes put it thusly: “To everything there is a season,
             June 12: Young Adult and a time to every purpose under heaven.” As we go forward into a new month
               Outing to Tucson and a new season in the church year, let us find ways to discover and fulfill the
                     Padres         purpose Christ has for each of us, in the Southside community and in the larger
Join other young adults (those in
their 20-30s) from the Presbytery                                      Meetings in May:
for an evening at the Tucson
                                    Adult Ed Committee                       Monday, May 2 @ 6pm, Library
Padres game on June 12. Tickets
                                    Congregational Nurture                   Tuesday, May 24 @ 6pm, Library
are $6.50 per person. All young
                                    ECO Committee                            Sunday, May 15 after worship, Library
adults are welcome, including
                                    Deacons                                  Tuesday, May 17 @ 6pm, Library
families with children! Join us for
                                    Facilities & Maintenance                 Thursday, May 19 @ 6pm, Library
dinner at 5:00pm at Kino Park.
                                    Personnel Committee                      Tuesday, May 3 @ 7:45am, Bentley’s
The game starts at 7:00pm. To
                                    Samaritans                               Every Tuesday @ 7pm, Kiva
RSVP, contact Rachael in the
                                    Session Reports Deadline                 Thursday, May 5 @ 5pm
church office. This event is
                                    Session Meeting                          Tuesday, May 10 @ 6pm, Library
sponsored by the Presbyterian
                                    Stewardship & Finance                    Tuesday, May 3 @ 5:00pm, Pastor’s Office
Campus Ministry.
              Upcoming Children, Youth & Family Events
 Sunday, May 1 @ 5:30pm:Youth and their Parents Potluck Dinner at 5:30pm at Southside to discuss Mission.
                   Saturday, May 14 from 10:00am - 1:00pm: Lunch and VBS planning: Vacation Bible School
                   is back and we need your help! Volunteers of all ages, gifts, and talents are welcome,
                   whether you can help for a couple hours or all week, we are happy to have you! Come
                   learn what this year's VBS is all about and how you can be one of our amazing helpers.
                   Sunday, May 8, 15, 22 after worship: Youth sell T-shirts and
                   Bracelets for Mission Trip Fundraiser
                   Sunday, May 22 after worship: Youth and Parents lunch and
                   meeting after church in the Library to discuss mission
                   June 18 from 8:30-11:00am: Invite the neighborhood to VBS day.
                   Volunteers are needed!
 June 20-24: VBS setup week: Many hands make for lighter work. See Tyler to
                            June 27 – July 1: Vacation Bible School is for all kids age 4 (by
                            June 1, 2010) through age 12. No fee is charged for the
                            program. We will go to Hometown Nazareth, where Jesus was a
                            kid and play games, sing songs, makes crafts, watch dramas and
                            eat yummy snacks in this exciting, challenging, super-fun VBS
 Our Tween Group, the Jesus Champs will resume with a pool party in July, date to be announced!

                                                                              June 3-7: Youth Mission
                                                                                    Trip to LA
                               Information about the Youth Mission Trip to LA Mission Trip: We will leave
                               Friday, June 3 at noon and will return on the night of Tuesday, June 7. We will
                               visit Homegirl Cafe, learn about Homeboy Industries, and get to know a "homie"
                               (Homeboy Industries assists at-risk, formerly gang-involved youth and the recently
                               incarcerated to become contributing members of the community). We will also
Summer Fun Coming              work with The Door Hollywood (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and
                               Reflection) on a service projects with various organizations, visit a church, and
       Soon!                   have fun in LA.
Vacation Bible School          Group Goals for LA Mission trip:
                                       -Learn how people are bettering their communities in LA
        2011                           -Learn different ways God is working in the city
   June 27-July 1                      -See and help in different parts of the city
   9:00 am- noon                       -Learn about racial and economic diversity in LA
                                       -Understand what Homeboy Industries does, what it’s all about
Hometown Nazareth:             Our Group Covenant for the Mission Trip: We will …
 Where Jesus was a             -Be enthusiastic and understanding            -Be active participants
                               -Be willing to step out of our comfort zones and open up
         kid!                  -Be respectful, caring, and kind               -Not shun people and not pull pranks
Registration forms will be     -Have fun, laugh, and enjoy our time together
      mailed soon.             Thank you for your generous support of our mission trip through donations made
   See Tyler for more          at the Easter Sunrise Breakfast! Please continue to support the trip through the T-
       information.            shirt and bracelet sales!
                                Thank you to Our                       Tween Game Night & Service
                             Dedicated Sunday School                    Opportunity at the Ronald
                                    Teachers!                               McDonald House
                             A huge thank you to our amazing
                             volunteer Sunday School teachers this
year: Dave Gooden, Mary and Rene Fernandez, Margaret
Slaughter, and Holly Thomas-Hilburn. Their love and dedication are
a wonderful gift to the church and to the children! Our dear Holly
will be having her baby and going off the Sunday School rotation in
June, so we are seeking another caring individual or pair to teach
Sunday School once a month! Please consider this stepping into this
important role. Serving the church by teaching the children's Sunday
School is a fun and rewarding experience! Please contact Tyler Le
Peau if you are interested.

           Youth Serving at the Easter Breakfast
Thank you for your generous support of our mission trip through
donations made at the Easter Sunrise Breakfast!

       For more
    information on
       the youth
     mission trip to
    LA, see page 3.
                                        Congratulations Graduates!
             Preschool:                                                      8th grade: Jordan Claussen, daughter
             Eric Andrew Le Peau, son of Phil and Tyler                      of Wayne and Sarah Claussen and
             Le Peau, graduated from The International                       granddaughter of Linda Ray, graduated
             School for Peace. Future plans include                          from Emily Gray Junior High School. She
             learning guitar, going to Davis Elementary                      plans to attend Tanque Verde High
             School, and becoming a race car driver!                         School in the fall.
                High School:                                   Amanda Wright,                         Darik
                Marissa Owens,                                 granddaughter of                       Melvin,
                daughter of Tracy Owens                        Mary Ellen & Ken                       grandson
                and granddaughter of Bill                      Kennon,                                of Mary
                and Pearlene Captain,                          graduated from                         Ellen & Ken
                graduated from Rincon High                     Palo Verde High                        Kennon,
                School. She plans to attend                    School, Tucson.                        graduated
                the University of Arizona to                   She plans to     from Coconino High School,
                study psychology.                              attend Pima      Flagstaff. He plans to attend
                                             Community College.                 Northern Arizona University.
               Vincent Ernest Grossi,                                     College & Graduate School:
               friend of Mariah Smith,                    Isaac Backus, son of Rob Backus, graduated from the
               graduated from Desert                      University of Vermont School of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
               Christian High School,                     Future Plans: Spend the summer researching pulsars in India
               Tucson. His future plans                   and begin graduate work at the University of Washington,
               include pursuing an                        Fall 2011.
               agricultural adventure
               where he will be living on                 Dyan Melvin, grandson of Mary Ellen & Ken Kennon,
a farm as apart of the WWOOF                              graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(World Wide Opportunities on                              (MIT), BS in Engineering. He has employment in Santa
Organic Farms) program. His goal is to                    Barbara, CA for an international company.
learn more about sustainable
agriculture through hands-on                              Karan Stewart graduated from the University of Arizona in
experiences in other cultures.                            December with a Master of Arts degree in Language,
                  Mariah Breann Smith                     Reading, and Culture. Future plans include catching up with
                  graduated from                          family, friends, and sleep.
                  Desert Christian High
                  School, Tucson. Her
                  future plans include
                  pursuing ministry                       Hale Thomas-Hilburn graduated from the University of
                  work in orphanages in                   Arizona with a Master of Arts degree in Educational
                  Russia. She plans on                    Psychology from the College of Education in December 2010.
                  returning to the United                 Future plans include welcoming a new addition to their family
States to become more active in the                       in the coming months.
deaf community, while pursuing a
career working with children and
families as a counselor.
                                                          Rachael Eggebeen graduated from the University of Arizona
                                                          with a Master of Arts degree in Near Eastern Studies and
                                                          from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts
                                                          degree in Biblical Studies and Theology. Future plans include
                                                          exploring opportunities to use her degrees.
                                           Congratulations Retirees!
Teena Cross retired (at least for the present) from Healthsouth Rehab Institute of Tucson. Her last day was April 29
after a 44 year nursing career. Her future plans include taking a time of rest.

                                                                Library News:
                       Available from the Public Library: Gregory Boyle. Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless
                       Compassion. New York: Free Press, 2010: In this artful, disquieting, yet surprisingly jubilant
                       memoir, Jesuit priest Boyle recounts his two decades of working with homies in Los Angeles
                       County. “An astonishing book . . . about suffering and dignity, death and resurrection, one of
                       my favorite books in years. It is lovely and tough and tender beyond my ability to describe and
                       left me in tears of both sorrow and laughter."—ANNE LAMOTT, AUTHOR OF GRACE
                       (EVENTUALLY) (From Amazon.com)

  Borderlands Theater Fundraiser for
 the Coalition of Arizonans to Abolish
          the Death Penalty
Space may be reserved for any of these dates for the
play White Tie Ball as a fund raiser for the Coalition
of Arizonans to Abolish the Death Penalty: May 5, 6,
7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, and 21 at 7:30 pm and May 8,
15, and 22 at 2:00 pm. The play will be performed
at Cabaret Theater, Temple of Music and Art (330 S.
Scott). Kathy Norgard needs a check for each space
for $20 made out to CAADP (checks can be sent to
4133 E. Roberts Pl., Tucson 85711) and include a note
saying which date the buyer plans to attend. Then the
purchaser needs to call the Borderlands Theater Box
Office (882-7406), which is open from noon to 5:00
pm daily to reserve their date. The buyer needs to tell
the person at the box office "I just purchased the
number of tickets from CAADP for White Tie Ball,"
and their name(s) will be put on a will call list. For
more information about White Tie Ball, see Borderlands
Theater’s website

Support the Kathy Jackson Memorial Fund
By Connie Trecartin, Financial Secretary
In addition to regular giving to Mission and Ministry, there are several
funds to which you can give. One of these is the Kathy Jackson
Memorial Fund, which was established by Bernice and George
Jackson in memory of their daughter Kathy. Contributions to this fund
are used for camping scholarships, so that our youth can enjoy going
to Montlure Camp or other church camps. Current Camp Registration
fees for Summer 2011 per child: Senior High Camps ($425), Junior
High and Niners Camps ($400), and Juniors Camps ($375).
                          Presbytery de Cristo Divided on Book of Order
                         Amendment that Would Open Ordination to LGBT
                  By Josefina Ahumada
                          Presbytery de Cristo voted on Amendment 10A at its April meeting conducted at
St. Andrew’s Church in northwest Tucson. Commissioners from Southside Pastor Alison, Jason Chavez, Lupe Chavez, and
Josefina Ahumada joined with pastors and Elders across the presbytery to consider amendment 10A that would
replace the Book of Order language that articulates standards for ordination. The presbytery members divided on
their vote 62 Yes to 62 No; resulting in a negative vote.
         Amendment 10A was approved by the 219 General Assembly. In accordance with church governance, the
amendment is to be ratified by a majority of the U. S. presbyteries.
         Proposed replacement language for G-6.0106b, approved by 219th GA:
         Standards for ordained service reflect the church’s desire to submit joyfully to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all
         aspects of life (G-1.0000). The governing body responsible for ordination and/or installation (G.14.0240; G-
         14.0450) shall examine each candidate’s calling, gifts, preparation, and suitability for the responsibilities of
         office. The examination shall include, but not be limited to, a determination of the candidate’s ability and
         commitment to fulfill all requirements as expressed in the constitutional questions for ordination and installation
         W-4.4003). Governing bodies shall be guided by Scripture and the confessions in applying standards to
         individual candidates.
         As of May 6, 85 of 147 presbyteries have voted yes, with 87 votes needed to ratify Amendment 10a. With
two votes to go, our Church is close to becoming a Church of "full inclusion." The change in the standards for ordination
would open ordination to all members of the church and place the responsibility for determining fitness for ordination
on the local examining governing body.
         Southside has a long history of practicing full inclusion in its ordination of Elders and Deacons called to serve.
The congregation is currently engaged in an ongoing conversation on how best to deepen our commitment to the full
inclusion of LGBT members in the life of the congregation and its witness to the greater community.

                                          June 19: Michael Adee to speak at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church
                    Michael Adee, M.Div., Ph.D. will preach at the 9:30 am service at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church on
                    June 19. Michael is the Executive Director and Field Organizer for More Light Presbyterians. He is also
                    an Elder at First Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe New Mexico. Michael has spoken at hundreds of
                    national, regional, and local conferences and meetings, on college and seminary campuses, and in
                    communities of faith across the country. He weaves insight, compassion and humor into his presentations.

                 Elder Responsibilities                                               Deacons
Kristina Beckman-Brito           Social Justice        Josefina Ahumada       85713, 85732, 85714, 85733
Debbie Bergman                       Clerk             Sally Curd             85716
Leslie Carlson                  Communications         Tom Strong             85710, 85718, 85750
Lupe Chavez                    Children & Youth
                                                       Marlene Jose           85701, 85702, 85706
Dorsett Edmunds                     Worship
                                                       Wayne Claussen         85641, 85711, 85730, 85747
Rene Fernandez                 Children & Youth
                                                       Nancy Murphy           85705, 85740, 85715
Anne Gooden                           ECO
                                                       Karen Pust             85719, 85712
Susan Halversen             Stewardship & Finance
                                                       Holly Thomas-Hilburn 85745, 85749
Doug Larson                      Social Justice
                                                       Kim Brown              85614, 85746, 85757, 85735
Kevin Moore                Facilities & Maintenance
Treena Parvello            Congregational Nurture      Alyce Sadongei         85652, 85704, 85737
Suzanne Rabe                       Personnel           Sterling Vinson        85653, 85654, 85741, 85742, 85743, 85755
Hale Thomas-Hilburn             Adult Education            **To determine your Deacon, find the zip code in which you live.
         Volunteer with Samaritans                            Bear Witness at Operation Streamline
By Leslie Carlson                                                                             Operation Streamline
         Since 1 July 2002, Tucson Samaritans have                                            continues every day--year
been rendering humanitarian aid to migrants in                                                after year--in the Tucson
distress in the Tucson sector of the borderlands,                                             Federal Courthouse.
providing medical care, food and water.                                                       Around 70 migrants, picked
Samaritans is a ministry of Southside. Volunteers                                             up in the desert, usually on
are needed who can help in a variety of ways:                                                 their way to specific jobs in
         *Desert patrols to provide aid                                                       the USA, enter the
         *Search and rescue efforts                                                           courtroom in shackles and
         *Desert cleanup days                                                                 handcuffs to appear
         *Help supply aid centers on both sides of                                            before a federal judge
         the border                                                                           Monday through Friday at
         *Contribute money and supplies                                                       1:30 p.m. They are then
         *Assemble food packs for migrant aid                                                 sentenced or returned to
         *Attend Operation Streamline (more                                                   Mexico. It is important to
         information on the right)                                                            attend these court sessions
         *Provide information to others                                                       to be with the migrants in
         Samaritans volunteer trainings are held on                                           solidarity and to bear
the first Sunday of each month from 1:30 – 5:00                                               witness to this kind of
pm at Southside in the Kiva. Weekly meetings are                                              "justice" in the borderlands.
held at 7:00 pm each Tuesday at Southside in the                                              All Southsiders are invited
Kiva. Please consider volunteering for this important work. For to come and to bring others too. Bring personal ID, and
more information go to: www.tucsonsamaritans.org.               do not wear t-shirts or other clothing with slogans.

                 May Day March
        On Sunday, May 1, members of the
Southside Worker Center and members of Southside
marched for workers rights in Tucson. Photos
submitted by Sandra Anderson and Leslie Carlson.
                                                                          ECO Update
                                             By Anne Gooden
                                                      With more oil washing up on the Gulf Coast in this country, the threat
                                             of nuclear disaster along with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the
                                             attacks on the EPA by our Congress, it seems as if Mother Earth is trying to
                                             tell us something. We explored the humble steps we can start in our own
                                             lives and in the life of the church to take a little better care of Mother at the
                                             presentation Gardening, Food, and Sustainability by the Community Food
                                             Bank on March 26.
                                                      At this meeting, Alison revealed the plans donated by the Drachman
                                             Group for a garden in our empty, dusty lot on the south side of the church. A
                                             couple of weeks later, a kind and generous donor from our congregation
                                             gave $25,000 to help make this garden a reality. The plan is to create a
                                             children’s garden with a shady arbor at one end where children can play
and an active vegetable garden at the other end. The vegetable garden is already started and looking good due to
a drip watering system installed by the day laborers as part of a training by the Food Bank.
         Not only will this garden provide the children with some safe, shady outdoor space, it will provide an outdoor
area where small groups of adults can meet in comfort during much of the year. It will also provide much needed
shade for the south side of the church to cut down our electric bill. We are exploring grey water systems and water
harvesting systems to help sustain the garden and to conserve our most precious desert resource, water.
         In April, some of the ECO group attended a meeting of the new Tucson chapter of the Interfaith Power and
Light group (an interfaith group working to combat climate change) at St. Frances Methodist Church on Saturday, April
9. I am very excited at the opportunity to interact with other faith groups in Tucson (rather than having to drive to
Phoenix). By working with other groups in our own neighborhood, we can share ideas for projects and can support
and inspire each other. If all the congregations in Tucson began encouraging their members to embrace a greener
lifestyle, think of the possible impact!
         This Earth Day, even with all the environmental problems we are facing in our world, I think there is renewed
hope at Southside that we can make a difference and that we can use our resources to teach our children reverence for
the beautiful earth which is our Mother.
         ECO’s next meeting is planned for May 15 after church in the Library to discuss the plans for the garden and
what our next steps should be.

                            Our newsletter name is S-kehg Si’alim, which means “Good Morning” in the Tohono
What’s In a Name?           O’odham language. The Southside worship service always includes a prayer in O’odham,
and several years ago Alice Paul began a tradition of wishing us Good Morning, and taught the congregation how to
say: S-kehg Si’alim! Corinne Chavez and Corinne Redhorn continue this tradition, and we are blessed to be able to
hear the O’odham language in prayer every Sunday. Here is a phonetic spelling to help you pronounce the greeting:
Skūg See-áhleem.

                  Community Notes                                                          June 5: PCM Fundraiser:
Samaritans/NMD Trainings: Samaritan trainings will be held                              Join us at the Gaslight Theatre on
on the first Sunday afternoon of each month in the Kiva.                                 Sunday, June 5 for the production
Complete information about Samaritans may be found at                                    of The Curse of the Pirate’s Gold.
ww.samaritanpatrol.org.                                                                  Tickets are $20 each with
                                                                                         proceeds to benefit Presbyterian
Weekly Protests: Thursdays, 5:00-6:00pm in front of the
                                                                                         Campus Ministry (PCM). The show
Federal Building (300 W. Congress Ave): This time, place,
                                                                    begins at 7 PM, doors open at 6:15 PM. This is a
and purpose was established in the early 1980s by Father
                                                                    Presbytery wide event so get your tickets early.
Ricardo to protest the government's position against the Civil
                                                                    Please contact Sue Samoy at 721-2372 if you are
Wars in Central America. Fridays, 5:00-6:00pm, corner of
                                                                    interested in obtaining tickets.
Euclid & Speedway: Women in Black.

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