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                                                                    Summer 2 0 0 1

                The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition
STRONG!                                                               Cyc
                                                   A member of the BC Cycling Coalition

Stickers, stickers, we got stickers!

                         NEWS   FLASH!
    The board has changed the meeting plan: General Meetings     I NSIDE ...
 will be fewer but more interesting (more Guest Speakers, and
 less business than previously); Board Meetings will be at the
 same time and place, during those months which don’t have a
                                                                   URBAN GEURILLA....................P4
                                                                     RBAN       EURILLA
 General Meeting.
                                                                   CYCLING THE LAND OF THE KIWI....P5
    All meetings will (still be) the third Wednesdays of the
                                                                   BODY MECHANICS: “GETTING FIT” P6
 month, and still at Bowen Park in Activity Room 1.
                                                                   CLEAN AIR CHALLENGE STORIES P7
    The next General Meeting is the AGM, on October 17th.
2                                                                                                               SpokeLore v5 i9

      F            r            e            e          W              h           e             e         l
                                         O p i n i o n s         &   L e t t e r s

      ELLO                                         ALL BUT ONE PRIZE HAS BEEN AWARDED
                                                   RAFFLE TICKETS PURCHASED DURING BIKE MONTH
                                                                  PURCHASED                                    PAID OFF BIG FOR A
                                                   NUMBER OF AREA RESIDENTS
A new outdoor, multi-sport event will take
place in Yellowpoint, on Sunday, Septem-           Six great cycling clothing items were raf-    stairs.
ber 23, 2001, from 9:30 am to 2:30 PM.             fled off during Bike Month, and all have          The one remaining item, a black “Core
     Called the Yellowpoint Pant & Paddle, it      been claimed...except for one.                Rat” mesh jersey, was won by the holder
is a team relay race on a varied course in             Donated by Pacific Rim Bicycle, two                             666334.
                                                                                                 of ticket number 666334 It can be
this scenic rural area. Beginning and ending       pairs of cycling shoes (valued at over $100   claimed by calling 756-3803, or emailing
at the renowned Crow and Gate Pub, there           each) and four jerseys were up for grabs.     dunlopallan@home. com.
are six race legs: an 8 kilometer run, 5               All but one of these items were handed        Funds from the raffle draw will be
kilometers by canoe across Quennel Lake (2         over to excited ticket holders present at     used by the Greater Nanaimo Cycling
contestants), 26 kilometers on road bike, 5        the second annual Bike Film Festival at       Coalition for carrying out its many cycling
kilometers by ocean kayak, 11 kilometers by        Global Connections/The Gallery Down-          advocacy projects and community events.
mountain bike, and finally, a 9 kilometer run
to the finish line.
     The Yellowpoint Pant and Paddle is open
to teams of seven, and all entrants must be        BOARD MEETING MINUTES SUMMARY
over age 19. The race entry fee is $175 per
team.                                              June 27, 2001 at Windward Pub,                in January, April and June. We will have
     The event is being organized by a volun-      Meeting convened at 7:10 pm                   the exec board meetings in the months
teer group of community members, outdoor                                                         we don’t have general meetings. All the
sports enthusiasts, and area businesses            Present: Don Oliver, Keith Brown, Allan       meetings will be in Activity room 1, at
that have been planning since 2000. The            Dunlop, Debby Keith, David Grey, Odette       Bowen Park, 3rd. Wednesday of the
group have participated in many similar            Moreau, Chris Hofstrand, Gay Cunning-         month at 7:00.
events, and really wanted to do one locally.       ham                   Guest: Luc Begin        6. Tools: We can afford to buy bike tools
All are very much committed to ensuring it
                                                   NEW BUSINESS                                  for tuneups. Odette will shop for the tools,
is well organized. It is also a non-profit event
                                                                                                 Keith will store them. Moved that we
with any net income from registrations to          1. Policies and Procedures Manual - We
                                                                                                 spend up to $625.00 on bike tools and a
be donated to the marine conservation char-        need one. If the board is in agreement,
ity, Georgia Strait Alliance.                                                                    stand. Carried.
                                                   Allan will feel out “Go Green” coordinator
     The event will be physically challenging,     Kathy to see if we could use the remain-      7. Correspondence
but we are hoping that there will be teams         ing Bike Month money for the manual. If       OLD BUSINESS
with varied fitness levels. We are promoting       she says yes we will draw up a contract       1. Bike Route Map: Richard Harding at
health, exercise and the beautiful                 with Allan.
Yellowpoint and Cedar areas of the island,
                                                                                                 Parks and Rec. will pay for graphics and
explains Peter Bowen-Roberts, a doctor in
                                                   Moved, seconded and carried.                  printing in black and white. GNCC group
Ladysmith, and one of the event s key or-          2. Next year’s speakers: Suggestions          should ride routes and critique.
ganizers. It s a beautiful course, and there is    were made for speakers at the meetings.       2. Bike Week/Month Manual: Needs to
no doubt that having the post-race activities      Debate on doing business at general           be finished by Allan.
and awards at the Crow & Gate Pub will be          meetings. ACTION: Debby will line up          3. Tourism Nanaimo: Bike Tour won’t go
an added bonus.                                    speaker for the October AGM.                  until Spring 2002.
     All participants will also be invited to      3. Spokelore: Keith is stepping down. Gay     4. Membership Committee: Brochures
earn team pledges for donating to Georgia          may take over.
Strait Alliance. There will be fabulous prizes                                                   draft done and needs reviewing. Did re-
awarded to teams and individuals that earn         4. Emergency Preparedness - Luc Be-           newal letters get sent by Greg?
the most pledges.                                  gin: Luc is willing to be a contact person    ACTION: Don will email Chris updated
     The event will have a 30 team limit this      between Jim Kipp and the GNCC. We will        membership list.
year, so all teams are encouraged to regis-        invite Jim to next Board meeting.
                                                                                                 NEXT BOARD MEETING:
ter as soon as possible. A brochure with           5. Monthly meetings: Let’s cut down on
                                                                                                 Wednesday, Aug. 15 at the Windward Pub
entry form and event details will be mailed        the general meetings: from now on we will
upon request (enclose a stamped self-ad-                                                         at 7:00 pm
                                                   have the Oct. AGM, and general meetings
dressed envelope), or check to see if Pant &
Paddle brochures are available at your lo-
cal sports/outdoor stores.
     To obtain an entry form, contact Peter        CAUGHT       ON THE      CBC:
Bowen-Roberts: primula@islandnet; fax:             While watching a bit on bicycle helmet            “Only retards fall; we’re not re-
(250) 245-3094; (snail mail) Finchingfield,        wear by the Ottawa CBC on Newsworld, I
13344 Doole Road, Ladysmith, BC, V9G               caught this gem from a young lad who
1G6.                                               looked to be in his mid to late teens:              Ah the immortality of youth!
Summer ‘01
                                      S CIENTISTS I SSUE D IRE                     SpokeLore3
                                      PREDICTION O N W ARMING .                   is published nine times a year by the
                                      FASTER CLIMATE SHIFT PORTENDS
                                              LIMATE        ORTENDS               Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition
                                                                                  Unit 130, #34-1150 N. Terminal Ave.
b     A low registration fee of $5    GLOBAL CALAMITY THIS CENTURY
                                        OBAL  ALAMITY        ENTURY
                                                                                  Nanaimo, BC V9S 5L6
b     $1.00 of the registration fee
                                      By Philip P. Pan                            phone: (250) 722-4665
will be donated to the District 69
                                      Washington Post Foreign Service             emails:
Stroke recovery club                  Tuesday, January 23, 2001; Page A01
b     Each participant will receive                                          
a commemorative medal and a           BEIJING, Jan. 22 — In the most forceful
                                      warning yet on the threat of global    
pancake breakfast
                                      warming, an international panel of
b     Refreshments will be                                                        web:
                                      hundreds of scientists issued a report
provided at each checkpoint and       today predicting brutal droughts, floods
ice cream at the finish line.         and violent storms across the planet over   The purpose of the GNCC is to pro-
                                                                                  mote and improve conditions for
b 15/35/70/90 & 100 km                the next century because air pollution is
                                                                                  cycling in the Nanaimo area, by:
                                      causing surface temperatures to rise
cycling routes                        faster than anticipated.                    l providing a unified voice for all
                                           The report, approved unanimously at       cycling interests in the area
                                      a U.N. conference in Shanghai and           l operating as a citizens’ advocacy
                                      described as the most comprehensive            group in cycling-related matters
                                      study on the subject to date, says that     l promoting more cycle-friendly
 Contacts:                            Earth’s average temperature could rise by      roads and recreational riding op-
 Ocean Cycle (250)248-0200;           as much as 10.4 degrees over the next          portunities
 Lotar Maurer (evenings) (250)752-    100 years — the most rapid change in 10
 1604;                                millennia and more than 60 percent          GNCC Board of Directors
 RDN Recreation (250)248-3252 or      higher than the same group predicted less    Keith Brown, Gay Cunningham, David
 (250)752-5014;                       than six years ago.
                                                                                   Grey, Chris Hofstrand, Barbara
 email:;          ..................................           Hourston, Debby Keith, Aaron
 web:       Ride your bike.                              McKean, Odette Moreau, Don Oliver.

                                                                                  Questions regarding content or adver-
                                                                                  tising may be directed to the publisher,
                                                                                  Keith Brown, at the above address.
                                                                                  If you would like to contribute to
                                                                                  SpokeLore , please call Keith Brown at 390-
                                                                                  4005, or email

                                                                                   Views expressed in SpokeLore are
                                                                                      not necessarily those of the
4                                                                                                              SpokeLore v5 i9
           Y E S!                                                           The                  dollars in order to create a new natural
                                                                                                 park for Nanaimo. This is appropriate,

 I WANNABEE                                                                Urban
                                                                                                 with the area already on the City’s prior-
                                                                                                 ity list for park acquisition.
                                                                                                     NALT felt the project was timely, since

par t of the GNCC!
part of the GNCC!                                                          Guerilla              the owners had said their option for rais-
                                                                                                 ing money immediately would be to log
Your contribution will help us (and you) take                                                    the property this summer (as has been
a pro-active approach to creating a more                                                         done on a nearby section). There is also a
hospitable cycling environment in Nanaimo.                                                       chance that acquisition of Section 13 will
                                                                                                 provide leverage for the City to acquire
As a member, you will get:                                                                       adjacent DL 56 (about 260 acres) from
                                                                                                 the province, thus creating a 400 acre
SpokeLore newsletter nine times a year.           CYCLISTS CAN HELP
                                                  CYCLISTS                                       green space in the midst of suburban
    Find out what’s going on and who’s
    involved.                                     CREATE MAJOR PARK
                                                  CREATE         PARK                            development.
                                                                                                     As cyclists, it will be important to have
Better cycling facilities.
    Get involved or support those who are
                                                  IN LINLEY VALLEY                               a representative on a management com-
    working to make our region more               There is an amazing area of Nanaimo that       mittee once the property has been ac-
    cyclist-friendly.                             is a secret, even from many people who         quired, in order to see that there is de-
$15 per member, $10 for students &                live in developments surrounding it.           velopment of bike trails consistent with
    seniors and $5 for the unemployed.            Linley Valley in total is about 1,100 acres,   protection of sensitive ecosystems and
    25% off the total price for two or more       much of which is still relatively undis-       wildlife habitat. BUT…….before we can
    members in the same household.                turbed. It is roughly bounded by               manage this park-in-the-making we have
                                                  Hammond Bay, Rutherford, Uplands and           to acquire it. This is where Urban Gue-
Make cheque or money order payable to the         Lost Lake Roads. Conservation-minded           rilla activity is needed by all those who
Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition and mail        people have had discussions with some          think the goal is important.
to:                                               of the owners over the years about land        To help move this project along, cy-
  GNCC Membership                                 acquisition. The City of Nanaimo made an
                                                  offer on a 145 acre parcel, Section 13,        clists can do any or all of the follow-
  Unit 130, #34-1150 N. Terminal Ave.
                                                  about a year ago, which was rejected.          ing:
  Nanaimo, BC V9S 5L6
                                                      This parcel contains a mix of mature       · Sign the endorsement sheet re-
                                                  Douglas fir forest with many old growth
Name____________________________________          trees, open meadows and woodlands,                 questing that the City of Nanaimo
                                                  sun-drenched bluffs, and hidden                    support the acquisition of this
Address_________________________________          wetlands. At the centre of the property            property for a park
                                                  lies tranquil Cottle Lake – home to cut-
City __________ Postal Code _______________       throat trout and waterfowl. The valley         · Make a tax-deductible pledge of
                                                  supports an abundance of wildlife, includ-         dollars (called in by June, 2002)
Phone (h) ________________________________        ing deer, beavers, frogs and other am-             towards the fundraising campaign
                                                  phibians, bald eagles, hawks, and some
         (w) ______________________________       of the rarest songbirds in the Nanaimo         · Give financial support now to help
                                                  region. Several kilometres of trails have          with campaign costs
email:     ________________________________       long been used by those familiar with the      · Take an endorsement sheet to your
                                                  area as walking, cycling and horseback
Waiver                                            riding routes.                                     workplace
During GNCC activities, I will be responsi-           After much negotiating, Nanaimo Area       · Volunteer your time to help with
ble for my own safety and, if cycling, will       Land Trust has a contract with the own-            the campaign
obey all the rules of the road.                   ers of this 145 acre property. The price is
I will participate only in those activities for   $2.5 million. NALT has commitments to          For more information or to volunteer
which I am physically fit enough and for          collect 5,000 signatures from residents        for any of the above, GNCC members
which I have suitable equipment.                  and $500,000 over the next 10 months.
I release the GNCC from all claims made by
                                                                                                 could phone the NALT office at 714-
                                                  NALT is further committed to approach
me or my successors regarding death, in-
                                                  Nanaimo City Council for the remaining         1990 or email
jury, or loss or damage to my property dur-
ing any event or activity for which I was a
participant or a volunteer.

Signed:__________________________________         CLASSIFIEDS
                                                  FOR SALE - Rear Mount Bike and Ski             a Swagman type 3- bike rack (used once
Signature of parent or guardian if 18 or under:
                                                  Racks.                                         only): $45
                                                     1) Rhode Gear multi-position trunk          My car now has roof racks; the items are
                                                  rack (holds two bikes with ease): $30          no longer used and are in good condition.
Contact name/phone in case of emergency:
                                                     2) Swagman 3-bike rack with attach-         Prices are firm. Cash preferred. Phone
                                                  ment to SUV rear spare wheel: $35              John Shelbourn at 758-7232 (there is
                                                     3) Vertical, lockable ski/board rack for    voice mail if I’m away from the phone).
Summer ‘01                                                                                                                       5
CYCLING THE LAND OF THE KIWI                    b The East Coast is beautiful and         Although I ride a mountain bike at home
                                            many tourists visit Kaikoura to swim with     this was my first touring experience and
                        Penny Robertshaw
                                            the dolphins. I also cycled past several      it was a fantastic one.
I flew half way around the world to cycle   seal and gannett colo-
New Zealand this winter. The stunning       nies, riding only feet
scenery made biking a joy and my biggest    from undisturbed sea
challenge was remembering to ride on the    life. Lonely Planet Cy-
left! This small country has immense vari-  cling Guide awards this
ety in terms of geography, vegetation and   ride the ‘Best Wildlife
climate. It is green and beautiful with the Spotting for marine
proportion of land protected in wilderness  mammals in NZ’.
areas one of the highest in the world. These
areas are easily accessed by bike.
                                                b The NZ Out-
                                            back, featuring long
     On the North Island, I cycled through
                                            distances between tiny
lush, semi-tropical forests, past geysers
                                            towns, is dotted with
and thermal pools, over rugged moun-
                                            huge lakes and is
tains, along stunning coastlines with de-
                                            populated mostly by
serted 5 km sand beaches and alongside
                                            sheep. The roads are
kiwi fruit orchards. There are so many
                                            shadeless      and      I
opossums in NZ they are squished all over
                                            traveled the only
the roads making riding an aromatic ex-                                     Beach near the entrance to the Able Tasman
                                            straight roads in NZ
perience in the hot weather.
                                            here. The distances are     National Park on the north tip of the south island.
     The New Zealand Outback and the
                                            long and I stayed sev-
Southern Alps dominate the cooler South
                                            eral nights on sheep stations where I fed
Island making cycling most challenging.
                                            the chickens and rode on the tractor. I
               Spectacular         scenery
                                            loved meeting the real Kiwis (not the fruit,
                      abounds in temper-
                                            not the bird, but the people).
                              ate rainfor-
                                       ests,    b I should have known this would be
                                            a tough day when Lonely Planet gave this
                                                  description of my ride from
                                                         Queenstown to Wanaka:
                                                                  “Best Ascent”- New
                                                                        highest high-      The wild and wet west coast north
                                                                        way features a
                                                                                                         of Westport
                                                                        solid 3.7 km
                                                                        ascent remi-          b I learned how to pack my panniers
                                                                        niscent of the
                                                                                          just so and how important sunscreen,
                                                                        classic hairpin
                                                                                          insect repellent and rain gear can be.
                                                                        climb in the
                                                                                          Through this trip I came to experience the
                                                                        French Alps,
                                                                                          strength of my body, joy in my heart and
                                                                        the       Alpe
                                                                                          awe in my spirit. I am really quite proud
                                                                        d’Huez, fol-
                                                                                          of myself for doing this ride. I did decide
  My favourite place was Punikaki and this is a photo of the lowed by an-
                                                                                          however, that you can’t just like cycling
  Pancake Rocks. At high tide there are roaring sounds and other 9 km to do a trip like this- you need to love cy-
                 blowholes of water. very exciting.                     stretch to the
                                                                                          cling. And I do.
                                                                        crest at 1100
snow-capped mountains, glaciers, a wild     meters. Did I mention that I still
and wet West Coast (sound familiar?),       had another 67 km to pedal that
huge sheep stations and glorious            day? And I did it all!
beaches, vineyards and orchards.                b I absolutely loved cycling the
    I had a fabulous trip with a wide vari- West Coast. Riding the battered
ety of experiences. My total distance cy-   coastline along the restless Tasman
cled was 1500 km completed in 19 days       Sea was a fabulous experience for
on the bike. I actually hung out on the     me. My riding partner of 5 weeks
beaches and toured for a total of 9 weeks.  gave up in the wind and rain,
I hope that you enjoy some of my high-      rented a car and offered me a way
lights cycling the South Island:            out. What was it that kept me on
    b In my first few days cycling I me- the bike for another 500 km cycling
andered along the East Coast to             on my own?
Christchurch. The Canterbury Plains are         b New Zealand is beautiful, Packing my bike to head home. Trying to
rolling hills with countless sheep farms    clean, green, friendly and afford-        figure out how to get it back into that
interspersed by picturesque orchards,       able. There is not much traffic on         neat little package I flew there with.
emu and deer farms and cheese facto-        the South Island and hostels
                                                                                                        all photos Penny Robertshaw
ries.                                       abound for travelers of every kind.
6                                                                                                                 SpokeLore v5 i9
                Taryn Langford (B.Sc.P.T)
               Registered Physiotherapist
Adjusting your bicycle to fit you correctly
not only is more comfortable, but will also
prevent injuries.
    There are many methods used to de-
termine fit. Here is the easiest method for
the average recreational cyclist. The idea
is to have a nice balance of weight be-
tween the hands, feet, and seat.

    To determine the correct frame size
stand over the top tube of the bike with
your shoes on and your feet shoulder
width apart. Lift the bike up off the ground
until it contacts
your crotch. On a                                  stroke and your pelvis should not rock                                   handlebar on a
road bike there                                    side to side while pedaling.                                             road bike should
should be 1-2” of                                                                                                           be equal to the
clearance. On a                                                                                                             width of your
mountain bike the                                  STEP 3 – ADJUST SADDLE POSITION                                          shoulders.       A
clearance should                                                                                                            mountain bike will
                                                       The next
be 2-4”. If the                                                                                                             have a slightly
                                                   step is to ad-
frame is a “wom-                                                                                                            wider bar for in-
                                                   just the fore
an’s” frame or if the                                                                                                       creased control.
                                                   and aft posi-
top tube is sloped                                 tion of the
like most mountain bikes, estimate the im-         saddle. Sit
aginary horizontal line where the top tube         on the bike
would be.                                          in       your
                                                   usual riding
              EAT                                  position.                                       STEP 5 –EXCHANGE HARDWARE
    The height of the saddle is the most           Turn      the                                       If after completing the above sequence
critical adjustment for preventing knee in-        pedal so that                                   your bicycle still doesn’t fit, you may need
juries. If you do nothing else, adjust your        the crank                                       to exchange the stem or cranks. With your
seat height. Sit                                   arm is at the                                   hands on the brake hoods or grips look
on the saddle in                                   3 o’clock horizontal position on the right      down. The handlebar should obscure the
a normal riding                                    foot. Now have a friend drop a plumb line       hub of the front wheel. If you are reach-
position. Place                                                       from the bony knob           ing too far to the handlebars, you may
your heel on the                                                      just below your knee         need to try a shorter stem. The standard
pedal in the 6                                                        cap. The plumb line          size crank is 170 mm, however shorter
o’clock position.                                                     should bisect the            and longer ones are available if your
Adjust the saddle                                                     center of the pedal axle.    knees can not be accommodated for by
height until your                                                     Adjust the saddle for-       adjusting the fore and aft position of the
leg is straight in                                                    ward or back until it        saddle.
this position*. To                                                    lines up. The tilt of the
confirm       this,                                                   saddle should sit level,
                                                                                                   STEP 6 –NEW BIKE
pedal backwards                                                       neither nose up nor
                                                                                                       If all else fails, this is a great excuse
with the ball of                                                      nose down causing you
                                                                                                   to shop for a new bicycle. Consult your
your foot on the pedal. Your knee should                              the slide off the front or
                                                                                                   local bike shop for advice.
be slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal        the back of the saddle.

*This is a good guideline for riding on pave-
                                                                                                       There is a wide range of comfortable
ment or easy trails on any type of bicycle. Rid-   STEP 4 – ADJUST       THE   HANDLEBAR
                                                                                ANDLEBAR           positions. The above guidelines are a good
ers who tackle more technical off road terrain
will want to lower the saddle a few inches. This
                                                   HEIGHT:                                         place to start for the average recreational
is why many mountain bikes come with a quick          For balanced weight through the              rider (98% of people). If you are planning
release seat post. Mark the two different set-     hands, the top of the handlebar should          to race, ride difficult off-road terrain, or if
tings on your seat post so adjusting the height    be at the same height or 1” lower than          you have any physical limitations these
back can be done more easily.                      the top of the saddle. The width of the         guidelines may not be appropriate for you.
Summer ‘01                                                                                                                                7
CLEAN AIR COMMUTER                              at Cambie, he skated to the central bus        changes in the way they get to and from
                STORIES                         depot, taking the bus to Horseshoe Bay
                                                and onto the ferry. From there, he made
                                                                                               work, as well as how they travel in their
                                                                                               off time. The enjoyment of Challenge par-
         STOR                                   his way up Brechin Road to the BCBC            ticipants was obvious, and many stories
                              Allan Dunlop      offices on Barons Road. It should be noted     were passed on. The following tale by an
                                                that he did this with a 14 kilogram pack       anonymous entrant is by far the most
The Clean Air Commuter Challenge has
                                                on his back.                                   humourous one received:
come and gone, but the effects remain.
Many of the 530 Nanaimo residents who                Gordon Curry, an employee at Fish-            “This would not have happened if I had
took part have developed new habits. By         eries & Oceans Canada, cycled 64 kilo-         not been participating with my company in
taking part in the Challenge, they made         metres each day. Said Curry with an ob-        the Clean Air Commuter Challenge.
significant inroads into reducing pollu-        vious smile, “It was my ass that paid for
                                                                                                   “Normally I drive my car and sometimes
tion. They also discovered (or reintro-         it, ‘cuz I haven’t been on my bike for a
                                                                                               bike to work but have never walked to work
duced themselves to) fun, inexpensive           while. I think I need a new saddle….”
                                                                                               before. However, seeing that I could earn my
and healthy ways to get to and from work        Gordon was glad to have taken part, hav-
                                                                                               company more points by walking to work I
or wherever else they need to take them-        ing been reunited with his favourite
                                                                                               decided that I would get up earlier and make
selves. Organised by the Greater Nanaimo        means of transportation—his bike. For a
                                                                                               the 40-minute trek.
Cycling Coalition, this annual event has        number of years, cycling was his means
become a prime impetus for people to re-        of entertainment, fitness and transpor-              “Monday, I was able to get up early
duce their dependence on the single oc-         tation. It was the Commuter Challenge          enough, pack my clothes in my backpack and
cupant vehicle.                                 that got him back in the saddle.               get to work on time. Tuesday, I was running a
    Why take part in this event, and why             Others combined walking, cycling,         little late and ended up jogging the last half.
continue the new habits formed? There           public transit and carpooling in the same      Not long after I had started to jog, I noticed
are many reasons. Fitness, cost savings,        week. Mike Guther from the former Min-         my white shirt flapping in the wind as it hung
stress reduction, enjoyment, and cru-           istry of Environment, Lands & Parks            from my backpack. My pack had come un-
cially, reduction in the rate of climate        walked an impressive 32 kilometres each        zipped! I packed the clothes back in and
change. Indeed, unless all of us take im-       day for his commute. There were others         looked up the street to see my belt on the
mediate and significant steps, the latter       who rode in from Duncan on their bikes—        road. I continued onto work after running back
issue will soon impact all aspects of our       a 60 km trip one way.                          to get the belt.
lives.                                               It’s not only the big numbers that            “Once at work I discovered that I had also
    Still, we have time to make changes,        make a contribution worthwhile. Many           lost my panties and pantyhose on my com-
don’t we? After all, surely it’s not too late   people in Nanaimo have chosen to live          mute. Thank goodness I did have spares in
to prevent drastic climate change. Sadly        near to where they work, avoiding the          my locker.
that’s not the case. We have already be-        need for a lengthy commute. Fne exam-
                                                ples of this is the employees of Lanarc            “I thought that no one would pick these
gun the damage, and only widespread
                                                Consultants on Franklyn Street. Most of        items up off the street and I would find them
changes will bring about a slowing in the
                                                the staff there live and work in the down-     on my way home. Not true. They were my
rate of change to our environment. We
                                                town area, allowing them to easily walk        loss and someone’s gain, the day I lost my
all have heard the facts. We are not look-
                                                or bike to work. Others regularly ride their   panties on the streets of Nanaimo.”
ing at a fifty-year time frame for the
changes to begin to show. They are hap-         bikes to the office in any weather. Actions       Name withheld to protect the innocent.
pening now. Within ten to twenty years,         such as this make a huge difference to
each of our lives will be directly impacted     our community, through developing con-
by the choices we are making today.             nections with our surroundings and by          JUST ONE MORE GOOD REASON
                                                minimising our demand on resources.
Quick fact: By the year 2020, Montana’s                                                        TO CYCLE: CHOCOLATE!
                                                                                                  CYCLE   HOCOLA
Glacier National Park will be virtually de-          Still others walked, biked, carpooled
void of glaciers. That’s the rate of change     or rode the bus a small distance, but it
we are faced with.                              was a major change in their lifestyle.
    Fortunately, there are many things we       Small changes, after all, are the best for
can do. Pollution from transportation           developing a long-lasting new habit. To
sources is a major contributor to the           all who made this effort and reaped the
greenhouse effect. This is an area in           rewards, congratulations and thank you
which we can all make changes. The              for making a difference. Remember, it’s
Clean Air Commuter Challenge demon-             not just one week a year that we need to
strated to many of us that these changes        make these changes. It’s daily. By doing
are not only possible and incredibly ef-        this, the air will be cleaner, our environ-
fective, but they can be fun, as well.          ment will remain liveable, we will save
                                                money, get fitter, and have more sociable
    Many stories emerged from this year’s
                                                lives. For real.
Challenge, indicating the commitment
that people in Nanaimo made to our en-               Allan Dunlop, Bike Month Coordina-
vironment and to their well being.              tor and organiser of the Challenge, was
                                                very pleased with the outcome. In com-
    Mike Muir, a participant with the
                                                piling the results for the Challenge and
champion BC Buildings Corporation
                                                talking to participants, Dunlop found that
(BCBC), rollerbladed in to work starting
                                                a considerable number of those who took
at 5:00 a.m. on a Monday…beginning
                                                part in last year’s Challenge have made
from Vancouver. Leaving from West 10th
8                                                                                                             SpokeLore v5 i9
A rhetorical question—you know the an-           burning, too. That, and the fact that I have   the bus driver. Of course, having saved
swer: What can get you to your appoint-          to eat anyway, so the actual additional        several hundred dollars in any one
ments and meetings, carry a week’s worth         expense is minimal.                            month, I can easily afford to call a cab on
of groceries, pull a double mattress and             My bike doesn’t need a $30 fill-up         these days. Would I want to buy a car
boxspring and all your other household           every week. Taking some of those savings       again? Not a chance, for a lot of reasons.
items during a move, roll leisurely with         and putting it into food results in some       I get exercise every day, and feel alive. I
you to the café, and thrash down fright-         pretty decadent treats. No $28 oil             don’t have the responsibility of a main-
ening 70° rock-strewn slopes out on the          changes, no replacing the water pump or        taining something that can cost $800 to
trails—all without any real adjustments?         spark plugs, and I’ve never once had to        repair at the drop of a hat. Any road rage
Yep. Pretty damn versatile, aren’t they?         vacuum my current transportation. No           I might accumulate is invariably burned
    If you’ve never stretched your idea of       guilt over hastening global warming just       off by the time I get home. I can eat more
what you can accomplish on your bike,            to go for coffee. I see the places I ride      ice cream. I know that my choice makes
try it some time. You’ll be amazed. Au-          through, up close, and I smell the sea air     a calculable difference in terms of the
gust 10th marks carless month sixteen.           when I ride past Departure Bay every day.      environment. I like to ride my bike.
Last April I got rid of that particular thorn.   How many times do we say hello to some-            And any time I want, I can (and do)
This was just after some friends in the          one when we’re driving? On a bike, it          take my trusty daily commuter vehicle out
GNCC helped me move my entire apart-             happens all the time. Average number of        and launch it off five foot drops in the
ment by bike—bed, desk, and all the rest.        times for me from Departure Bay into           bush. My Honda Civic wouldn’t have liked
I started saving myself about $300 a             downtown: 5. I’ve met some truly inter-        that.
month and a lot of headaches. Let’s see—         esting people on my bike (interesting in a         Allan Dunlop
that adds up to about $4800 less that I          good way, I mean).                       
needed to earn to enjoy the same (in my              I figure it’s about $100 a month to            P.S. I’m hearing of more and more
opinion, much better) lifestyle. Worked          maintain the Hammer, including the re-         break-ins to vehicles up at Doumont.
out to be an incredible deal.                    cent replacement of the drivetrain (total      Some riders are trying to reduce their
    Last summer I laughed when I caught          cost: $300). An incredibly low cost for full   chances of being thieved, so they’ve come
myself riding past a gas station, looking        transportation and all the off-roading I       up with a completely novel idea. They’re
at the increasing prices and thinking            want to throw at it. Last time I replaced a    all going to the same destination, so they
quite casually “hmmm, that’s expensive!”         transmission in my car, it was $2200—          take turns driving, with one person be-
I realised that I had no direct way of in-       the price of an amazing Rocky Mountain         ing the designated car-sitter. Strange, but
terpreting that cost, as it wasn’t some-         Edge with full-suspension and front &          this sounds a lot like something that peo-
thing that affected me up front. Sure, I         rear disc brakes. I won’t ever make that       ple have been laughed at for suggesting—
still pay for those costs in the fuel to bring   mistake again. Think about this the next       carpooling. Still, some poor sap has to
things to the stores, and in other goods         time the ‘absolutely necessary’ vehicle is     stay behind and babysit a 1500 kilogram
that I pay for, but I haven’t filled a gas       up for a huge repair bill.                     dead weight instead of riding. Of course,
tank for a very long time now. Now, pass-            Do I ever miss my car? In some ways,       you could always just ride to the trail.
ing a gas station and seeing prices of over      at some times, yes. Maybe twice a month,       Take five minutes today and find out
70 cents a litre, I realise that my fuel is a    after riding 50 km in a day and still want-    something about climate change. You can
lot more tasty. Sure, a litre of spaghetti       ing to go out in the evening, it would be      contribute to it, or you can get fit, save
sauce costs three times that, but I can go       nice to be able to slide behind the wheel      cash, reduce your headaches and ride
about eight times further with it. Cleaner       and just drive. But I can leave that up to     your bike.

                                                 For Wheely Good Food
                                                 wheel into the Windward
                                                 Neighbourhood Pub

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