West Haven Dentist, Dr. George Discher, Helps Alleviate TMJ Pain

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					West Haven Dentist, Dr. George Discher, Helps Alleviate TMJ Pain

West Haven, CT, 18-OCT-2011: Savin Dental Care is pleased to announce
that Dr. George Discher provides people who are suffering from West Haven
migraines and TMJ pain the relief they seek quickly and effectively. The
doctor offers the long-term solutions and options that will help an
individual to begin functioning without pain through a series of
procedures designed to address the specific issues.

When interviewed recently Dr. Discher stated, "Many people who suffer
from migraines do not realize that this condition may be triggered by TMJ
and the pain associated with it. When the jaw is misaligned, an
individual puts pressure on the joints and nerves in the jaw each time
they move their mouth. When left unaddressed, the condition can become
debilitating and an individual may experience severe pain on a continual
basis. I have focused on providing relief to these individuals and
created techniques and procedures that will relieve my patients of this
pain quickly and effectively."

When an individual meets with Dr. Discher, he will ask about the history
of the pain and the triggers for the headaches. He will conduct a
thorough examination and take x-rays to determine the extent of the
damage that has occurred as a result of the TMJ. He will also conduct
tests to identify any other issues that may be present in the teeth and

After the examination, the doctor will discuss the procedures that are
required to relieve the pain and provide the patient with options for
resolving the issues and conditions. He will also make recommendations
for changes that may be required to reduce recurrence of the pain.

To find more information about how Dr. George Discher addresses West
Haven migraines and TMJ pain visit http://www.SavinDentalCare.com today.
Individuals wishing to get more details about this press release will
find contact information below.

Dr. George Discher, DDS

Savin Dental Care

654 Savin Avenue

West Haven, CT. 06516

Telephone: (203)-933-7135

Website: http://www.SavinDentalCare.com

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Description: Dr. George Discher provides individuals suffering from West Haven migraines or TMJ pain, the options that will help them to begin functioning without pain quickly and easily. The doctor has developed methods and techniques that address the condition effectively.