The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

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					 The Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency
          DARPAS Mission
• Maintain the technological superiority of
  the U.S. military and prevent technological
  surprise from harming our national security
  by sponsoring revolutionary, high-payoff
  research that bridges the gap between
  fundamental discoveries and their military
    A DARPA Program Manager
•   An idea generator
•   A technical expert
•   An entrepreneur
•   A visionary
•   A patriot dedicated to National Service
    Who The Job Would Appeal To
•   Are you a scientist or engineer with a radical
    idea (or ideas) that you believe could provide
    disruptive change for the United States
•   Would you like to lead the country’s most
    capable academic and industrial experts to
    make that idea become reality in a period of
    just a few years?
•   If so, you should consider joining the Defense
    Advanced Research Projects Agency
    (DARPA) as a Program Manager.
         Employment Facts
• All DARPA Program Manager positions
  are located in Arlington, Virginia.
• Candidates must be U.S. citizens to meet
  the requirements for a Government
  Security Clearance.
• DARPA hires Program Managers for only
  four to six years because the best way to
  foster new ideas is to bring in new people
  with fresh outlooks
         Salary and Benefits
• Salaries for Program Manager positions depend
  on experience
• Immediate access to latest in technology
  (computers, blackberries, etc) to help you
  achieve your goals.
• Wide selection of health insurance plans at
  government rates;
• Low-cost basic life insurance coverage;
• Generous accrual of annual leave up to 5 weeks
  per year, (based on type of Federal
• “We have to replace 25-30 top-
  notch thinkers every year
  because they are term
  Dr. Tony Tether
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