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  Pace University On Line “White
 Pages” Directory with Voice XML
Frank J. Monaco, CIO/VP, I.T., Pace University,

 8/24/2007                                                      1
               Speech Tek 2002
 Wednesday, October 30
 1:45PM - 2:15PM EST

 Ascent Computing Group

 Frank J. Monaco, CIO/VP, I.T., Pace University

 During the normal workday, a staff of telephone attendants handles
 directory-assistance requests in the University’s information center. A
 computer accessible, web based, 24x7 on-line directory application called
 “White Pages” is available. These services are available to students, faculty,
 and outside callers. We’ve added a Voice-XML extension to the White
 Pages, and plan on enhancing it as well as adding additional applications.

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           Discussion Areas –
        Pace Voice XML Initiatives
     University’s Expertise with Voice Before V-
     Description of Web Based “White Pages”.
      Voice XML Addition
            System Software
            Application Software
      Future Enhancements
      Other Pace Voice-XML Initiatives

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  University Expertise With Voice
         Before V-XML
  Periphonics (now NorTel) voice response system
  Hardware: VPS/is 7500 (Voice Processing Series with
  integrity and scalability).
  The 7500 is equipped with 48 ports providing 48
  simultaneous connections to the mainframe CICS based
  Integrated Student Information System (ISIS).
  The software is an integrated suite of tools called
  PeriWORKS and includes:
      PeriProducer- application development;
      PeriStudio – speech digitizer;
      PeriView – system administration, operation and control.
  Provides students with “touch tone” voice prompted
  registration/student information (in addition to web
  based and “snail” mail.
  Still extensively utilized!
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Description of Web Based “White Pages”
     Description of Web Based “White
     Live feeds from HR System into White Pages
     Allows users to add fields NOT in HR System
     (personal email, personal Webpage,
     Nickname, etc.)
     Written in Cold Fusion and uses MS-SQL
     Voice XML Version (subset of Web Version
     1.0) is at 914-944-2960

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              Voice XML Addition
     HP LPR 2xPIII/500 with Win 2000 Server
     Intel Dial Logic Board (4 line analog hunt
     group with automatic rollover)
     Phillips Voice Recognition Software (SDK)
     Ascentel Voice XML V2.5 Application that
     reads XML extracts created from CF 5.0/MS
            Created by Ascent Computing Group
            Modifications by Pace DoIT, School of Computer
            Science and Information Systems, and Students

8/24/2007                                            Slide 7
 Search Instructions – Web
Version – Will Be Emulated by
    Voice XML Extension
  Search by Name: To search by name, enter the first or last name that you are searching for and press the
  Search button at the bottom of the form. If you do not know the full name, you may enter the first few
  letters to find all similar names. For example, entering FR in the last name box will return the names of
  all employees whose name begins with or contains FR.

  Search by Campus: To search by Campus, choose a campus and press enter. This search will return all
  employees on a particular campus if no other search criteria are entered.

  Search by Division: Search by Division will return all employees in the selected Division.

  Search by Division and Department:
       Search by Division and Department will return all employees in a specific department at Pace. To search by
       Division and Department, first select a division. The department drop down will then contain all departments within
       that division. You may then select a department and press search. Note: You must select a division first, and then
       'drill down' to a department. The department drop down box will be empty if no division has been selected.

  Full Text Search: - The full text search searches the name and notes fields. Pace faculty and staff may
  enter additional information about themselves in the notes field so that they can be more easily found in a
  search. For example, a faculty member might wish to enter the courses that they are currently teaching in
  the notes field. If this is done, a search for that course might return this faculty member in a White Pages

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Future Voice XML Enhancements
        to “White Pages”

     Add nickname searches and eventually
     Dept, Div, Campus searches
     Improve phonetic grammars – make
     application more robust
     Add “Yellow Pages” Search
     Add outgoing call to person searched
     Integrate Email, Fax Messaging

8/24/2007                             Slide 9
Future V-XML Projects at Pace
     Student Absentee System
            Students call in, say their name, select their class,
            and report reason for absence
            Report generated and emailed to instructor before
     Staff/Faculty Absentee System
            Employees call in, say their name, select their
            department, and report reason for absence
            Report generated and emailed to supervisors

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       Considerations for V-XML
Have good “web” or C-S application already in heavy
use and working!
Design voice application with a lot of user input (e.g.,
our telephone operators were involved!)
Involve users. Test, refine phonetic grammar, test,
refine phonetic grammar. Involve users. Start over.
Voice XML projects are different from web or C-S
ROI easy to justify – position savings!
Much better than Proprietary Voice technologies of
the past!
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Pace University On Line “White Pages”
      Directory with Voice XML
   Frank J. Monaco, CIO/VP, I.T., Pace University,

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