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                                Organic Trade Association
                                Expo East Buyer’s Mission
                                 Participants List -, 2011


NAME:                Agnes NG
COMPANY:             Classic Fine Foods Sdn Bhd
ADDRESS:             No: 13, Jalan BK 1/13, Taman Peridustrian Bandar Kinrara , KM
                     10 1/2 , 47100 Puchong, Selangor, MALAYSIA
TEL:                 60-3 8073 4207
FAX:                 60-3 8073 4288
Description of Company Business:           Importer and Distributor of Fine Foods
Company type:                       Distributor
Company size:                       Medium size with a total of 25 employees
Annual Sales 2010:                  Approximately US $8.5 Millon
Total value of imports 2010:        Approximately US $8 Millon
Total value of US imports 2010: Negligible

Retail products of interest:
Miscellaneous spices
Meat Products: High value/Speciality

Food Ingredients of interest:
fragrance ingredients
herbs, culinary


NAME:               Reem Albaharna
COMPANY:            Live Well Food
ADDRESS:            Manama, Bahrain
TEL:                973 17246463, 973 17246468
FAX:                973 17240106
Company Type:       Distributor, Retailer
Company Size:       Small
Total Value of imports (2010): $850,000
Total value of US imports (2010): $250,000

Retail products of interest:
Breads/bread mixes                              Nuts
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Canned or Dried Beans/Peas/Legumes             Prepared Meals/Canned ready to serve
Aromatic rice                                  Chips
Rice cakes                                     Granola bars
Health Foods/Natural Products                  Tea Drinks
Vinegar                                        Water

Other: Baby Food/Care Products


NAME:                Andrea Corado
COMPANY:             Silur SA
ADDRESS:             Ave. Las Americas 18-62 zona 13 Guatemala, Guatemala 01013
TEL:                 + 502 2334-3421
WEB SITE:   (under construction)
Description of Company Business: We are fairly new distributor that specializes in
importing gourmet food products from the US and is in a growing state, looking for new
import opportunities
Company type:        Distributor
Company size: Composed of 6 people covering sales, marketing and distribution
channels. Customers are specialized gourmet stores and main supermarket chains like
Walmart and 2nd largest supermarket chain in Guatemala
Annual Sales 2010:                  US$ 60,000
Total value of imports 2010:        US$40,000
Total value of US imports 2010: US$40,000

Retail products of interest:
Breads/Bread mixes                             Mustards
Cakes/cake mixes                               Salad Dressings
Dips                                           Salsas
Dry Mix Sauces                                 Frozen Entrees
Ethnic spices (Cajun, Creole, Tex-Mex)         Tea

Other: Baby Food/Care Products

Ingredients of Interest:
Cheese analogs


NAME:                Takanobu Enomoto
COMPANY:             Daimarukogyo, LTD.
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ADDRESS:                 Daimaru Core BLDG, 18-11, Kiba 2-Chome Koto-ku, Tokyo,
TEL:                     81-3-3820-9609
FAX:                     81-3-3820-7088
WEB SITE:      
Description of Company Business: J.Front Retailing Group’s Trading Company deals
with chemical products, packaging materials, metal parts, building materials, electronic
parts, foods, textile products etc
Company type:            Retailer, Trading Company
Company size:                           $1.8 Billion JP Yen (capital)
Annual Sales (2011):                    $54,445,555 thousand JP Yen (2011.Feb)
Total value of imports (2011):          $35,000,000 thousand JP Yen (2011.Feb)
Total value of US imports (2011): $11,000,000 thousand JP Yen (2011, Feb)

Retail products of interest:
Canned Beans/Peas/Legumes
Pasta                                              Canned and Frozen Fruit
Ketchup                                            Alcohol
Mayonnaise                                         Wine
Beef                                               Sparkling water
Frozen Entrees
Canned and Frozen Vegetables


NAME:                  Jeannie E. Javelosa
COMPANY:               Earth Life Store Supply Inc DBA ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle
ADDRESS:               (Offices) 9th Floor, NDC Building, 116 Tordesillas Street, Salcedo
                       Village, Makati City, Metro Manila.
                       (Flagship Store) Ground Floor Serendra Mall, Fort Bonifacio
                       Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
TEL:                    +632-468.03.97 / mobile: +63917-819.4395
FAX:                    +632.519-1216

Description of Company Business: ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle, the pioneer
specialty store focused on eco-friendly and fair trade community made products. ECHO
is the acronym for Environment & Community Hope Organization. ECHOstore is the
first concept store of its kind in the Philippines that after its third month into operation,
won the 2009 Best Concept in the country from the Business in Development BID
Challenge sponsored by the PBSP and foreign partners. ECHOstore was also winner of
the first Ayala Green Merchants Award given in 2009 by Ayala Malls. This store brand
offers everything that can make customers begin a green sustainable lifestyle, while
challenging them to be more conscious and caring consumers.
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All the products sold at ECHOstore are any or all of the ff: natural, organic,
environmently-friendly and fair trade. All customers assume a socially and
environmentally responsible mindset when they step into ECHOstore. ECHOstore
presently has ECHOworld Sustainable Planet section that sells imported green items from
all over the world. This section was just launched a month ago.

Store branches and distribution outlets are:
       Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (Flagship branch of ECHOstore and
       Podium, Ground Floor Level, Ortigas Center
       Shangri-la Hotel Makati’s Travel Box
       Shangri-la Hotel Mactan’s Private Collection
       Shangri-la EDA Hotel’s Lobby Shop
       Marriott Hotel Cebu City
       Terminal 3 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport
       ADB Multi-Purpose Coop, Asian Development Bank in Ortigas
       Certified Calm, 4th floor, Shangrila EDSA Mall, Mandaluyong
       Selected Travel Club branches in major malls

Company type:                       Retailer
Company size:                       SME
Annual Sales (2010):                US $ 400,000.
Total value of imports (2011):      US $ 15,000 (ECHO world recently launched)
Total value of US imports (2011):   US $ 15,000

Retail products of interest:
Nuts                                           Granola
Rice Cakes                                     Crackers/biscuits
Aloe Vera Products                             Granola bars
Health/Natural Products                        Nuts
Dry mix sauces                                 Popcorn
Ethnic spices (Cajun, Creole, Tex-Mex)         Beverage concentrates
Beef Jerky                                     Wine
Candy Bars                                     Sparkling wine
Chips                                          Tea

Other: Health & Beauty Products, Baby food/care products, Personal Care Products, Pet
food and care products, clothing & textiles

Ingredients of Interest:                       Aloe Vera
Dietary fiber                                  Wheatgrass
Essential oils                                 Nut butters
Flavors and extracts                           Nuts
Culinary herbs                                 Oats, oat products
Medicinal herbs                                Oils
Wheat products
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NAME:                  Yue He
COMPANY:               Beijing Organic and Beyond Corporation
ADDRESS:               Rm 1103, Tower B, Tianyuangang Center, #C2, East 3rd Ring
                       North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100027, China
TEL:                   86-10-64608999
FAX:                   86-10-64608666
Description of Company Business: Organic and healthy food home delivery service in
China, the largest organic food Retailer in China
Company type:          Distributor, Retailer
Company size: 200 full time employees in retailing and over a thousand farmers in our
Annual Sales 2010:                    RMB100 Million
Total value of imports 2010:          20% of total products
Total value of US imports 2010: 50% of total imported products

Retail products of interest:
Nuts                                           Crackers/biscuits
Dried Beans/Peas/Legumes                       Granola bars
Breakfast cereal                               Nuts
Aloe Vera products                             Fresh Vegetables
Natural products/Health foods                  Fresh Fruits
Poultry                                        Fruit beverages
Pork                                           Beverage concentrates
High-value/specialty meats                     Soft drinks/carbonated
Exotic/game meats                              Wine
Candy bars                                     Sparkling wine
Chips                                          Tea
Chocolate                                      Water

Other Non-Food Products: Health and Beauty Products
Baby Food/Care Products, Personal Care Products, Pet Food and Care Products, Clothing
and Textiles, Horticulture Products

Ingredients of interest:
Butter                                         Seeds
Dairy products, cultured                       Small grains
Dairy products, powdered                       Soy products
Eggs, egg products                             Soybeans
Nuts,                                          Soymilk
Oats, oat products                             Essential oils
Oils                                           Flours
Olives                                         Fruit sauces
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Honey, bee products                               Milk, milk products
Maple products                                    Vitamins


NAME:                  June Kwok
COMPANY:               Organic Land Company Limited
ADDRESS:               Room 1101, International Trade Center, 11-19 Sha Tsui Road,
                       Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong
TEL:                   852-8200-4628
FAX:                   852-2541-2029
Description of Company Business: OrganicLand is a retail chain store in Hong Kong
which also distributes and wholesales organic foods, skincare, and household products.
Last year, OrganicLand set up “Sprout” one of the first Organic and Natural cafés in
Hong Kong.
Company type: Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer
Company size: 30 staff, 4 shops and an organic restaurant
Annual Sales (2010):                 US $1-2 million
Total value of imports (2010):       US $600,000
Total value of US imports (2010): US $300,000

Retail products of interest:
Nuts                                              Chocolate
Breakfast cereal                                  Cookies
Granola                                           Fresh fruits
Pasta                                             Fruit beverages
Poultry                                           Wine
Pork                                              Tea

Other: Slimming products, Baby food/care products

Ingredients of interest:
Cocoa products                                    Milk, milk products
Coffee                                            Seeds
Culinary herbs                                    Teas
Medicinal herbs


NAME:                          Frank Chen
COMPANY:                       Macroscopic Inc.
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ADDRESS:                    4F., No. 103, Sec. 2, Jiouzong Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City
                            114, Taiwan
TEL:                        +886-2-7720-7088
FAX:                        +886-2-7720-7051
WEB SITE:         
Company Type:               Distributor
Company size:               18 employees
Annual Sales (2010):               USD $2 million
Total value of imports (2010):     USD $1 million
Total value of US imports (2010): USD $30 thousand

Retail products of interest:
Nuts                                           High-value/specialty meats
Canned beans/peas/legumes                      Canned ready to serve prepared meals
Breakfast cereal                               Frozen entries
Granola                                        Soups
Natural products/health foods                  Beef jerky
BBQ sauce                                      Candy bars
Chile products                                 Chips
Dips                                           Cookies
Dry mix sauces                                 Crackers/biscuits
Ethnic spices (Cajun, Creole, Tex-Mex)         Granola bars
Hot sauce                                      Nuts
Ketchup                                        Popcorn
Mayonnaise                                     Canned vegetables
Miscellaneous spices                           Pickled vegetables
Mustards                                       Canned fruits
Pizza sauce                                    Fruit beverages
Salad dressings                                Fruit concentrates
Salsas                                         Soft drinks/carbonated
Spaghetti sauce                                Alcohol
Vinegar                                        Water
Canned meat

Ingredients of interest:
Wine as an ingredient
Yeast products


NAME:                 Woody Wu
COMPANY:              Shenzhen Goosso Investment Ltd
ADDRESS:              1712, Block 3, Fujing Building, Futian District, Shenzhen,
                      Guangzhou, China
TEL:                  0086-755-83695853, 0086-755-83695863
FAX:                  0086-755-61675617
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Description of Company Business: Goosso Invest, as a corporation specializing in the
import and distribution of organic foods, we have been in this line for over 7 years. Our
activities cover a wide range of more than 100 organic products, such as organic oat milk
powder, organic wheatgrass, organic black bean. We are now doing a large import
business in organic soya and oat milk powders from southeast Asia & dried fruit from
America. Our distribution points include Sam's Club, China Resources Vanguard
Supermarket & Jusco etc.
Company Type:                         Distributor
Company size:                         50-100 people
Annual Sales (2010):                  $3,000,000 USD
Total Value of imports (2010):        $2,000,000 USD

Retail products of interest:
Nuts                                            Popcorn
Chips                                           Natural products

OTHER: Health Foods (Specifically “Made in Nature” & “Stoneridge Orchards” brands)

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