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					      China Landscape, Garden Greening & Better Living Fair 2012/ Theme Exhibition

          China (Guangzhou) International Prefab House, Modular Building & Mobile
                                   House Fair 2012
Venue:China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex(Area B)                         Date: March 9th -11th ,2012

Hosted by:
Association of Asian Construction Technology Alliance

Construction Industry Sub-Council, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Committee of Integrated Architecture, Construction Industry Sub-Council, China Council for the
Promotion of International Trade
Guangdong Provincial Society for Spatial Structures
China Municipal Engineering Association
Hong Kong Grandeur Exhibition Group
GUANG DONG Association of Landscape Architecture
Guangdong-Hong Kong economic and trade cooperation and exchanges Association

Co-organized by: Dongguan Construction Metal Structure Association(DGMSA)

Organized by:
Guangdong Real Estate Association
Beijing Landscape Enterprise Association
Yunnan Gardening Association
Chongqing Landscape and Archirecture Trade Association
Guangzhou Real Estate Trade Association
Tianjin Landscape Architecture Gardening Trade Association
Hunan Association of Landscape Architecture
Guangdong dealers chamber of commerce
Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

Supported by:
GuangDong Province Housing And Urban-Rural Construction Department

Parts of exhibitors 2011:
Suzhou Cozy sanitary ware, Innospace Home Décor, Walex, Portable Sanitation Europe,
zhenchuangtech, Tony Portable toilets, SEBACH trade, Hadrian trade, PolyPortables Inc., magic3,
MP modular, Sea Box,Inc, .              Yespoo Doors &Windows, Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials,
Race environment protection tech, Xuzhou Huahai Steel Structure

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      China Landscape, Garden Greening & Better Living Fair 2012/ Theme Exhibition

                To be the No.1 Residential industrialization Fair
PMMHF 2011 Review
PMMHF2011 was held during March 30th-April 1st at Pazhou Complex with the support of Asian
Construction Technology Alliance,China Municipal Engineering Association,Committee of
Integrated Architecture, Construction Industry Sub-Council, China Council for the Promotion of
International Trade,Dongguan Construction Metal Structure Industry Association, Guangdong
Provincial Society for Spatial Structures, Russia Wood Structure House Association with the total
areas of 10,000m2, 79 exhibitors, 10,812 visitors, and 536 of them were oversea visitors, 298 of
which is professionals mainly from more than 30 countries, such as India, Japan, Korea, Turkey,
Ukraine, France, Spain, Tanzania, Austria, Australia, Canada, Morocco, Kenya, Columbia, Cyprus,
Cameroon, Iran, etc.
On March 30th there were 3000 professional visitors mainly from domestic and foreign construction
engineering companies, road construction and real estate investors, developers, construction units,
tourism construction units like designing institutions, landscape engineering companies, tourist
attractions, star-rated hotels, holiday villas, sanitation construction units, import and export trading
companies , agents and political consultative conference departments and professional medias of all
districts. The exhibition scope covered light steel constructions such as light steel house, steel
structure house, roof panel, light steel tile and municipal engineering, urban furniture, garden
landscape, green roof, etc.
85% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the quantity of professional visitors, Medias’ attention,
and the quality of exhibitors, the quality and quantity of international buyers, and exhibition
organization and services. They also expressed their desire of continuing to attend PMMHF 2012
on an even larger scale.
PMMHF2012 · Creating the First Fair of Global Housing Industrialization
In order to satisfy more exhibitors, PMMHF2012 will be held on Mar. 9th – 11th at Area B of
Pazhou Complex with more booths and larger areas. PMMHF2012 will cover 20,000m2 exhibition
areas and attract 150 exhibitors creating a Targeted Construction One Package Service Base,
Infrastructure Integration for Housing Industry Development Center in real sense, which will
include the following four parts: exhibition, forum & conference, purchase and enjoying
achievement & exchanging experience. At the scheduled time, new products, technologies and
concepts during the international industrialized housing construction development will be displayed
intensively. As an international trade platform to contact potential consumers, broaden international
distribution channels, optimize market indents, display brand image, and communicate with each
other, the fist PMMHF gained wide recognition and supporting and built a good image, which can
strengthen our resolve to build PMMHF2012 into the first fair of global housing industrialization.

Exhibition Scope: All Kinds of Prefab House and Modular Building
▲Designing & Construction
· by construction: flat roof light steel house, double slant roof coloful house, single slant roof light

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       China Landscape, Garden Greening & Better Living Fair 2012/ Theme Exhibition
 steel house, container house, steel housing, wooden house, glass house, etc.
· by use: villa, office, factory, warehouse, garbage chamber, temporary house, archaistic
 architecture, watch box, resteraut, etc.
▲Housing Material& Fitting
 light steel sheet, insulation panel, colorful composite battenboard, new styled environment-
 protecting decrotive board, cement block, prefabricated panel, light and heat insulation
 battenboard, roof panel, etc.
▲Glass house
 Steel structure glass house, aluminium structure glass house, composite structure (includung steel
and wood structure, aluminium and wood structure, steel and aliminium structure) glass house,
adjustable glass house ( applying hi-tech dimmer glass), overall movable glass house system, etc.
Concurrent events
China Guangzhou Garden Landscape & Better Living Fair 2012
The 4th Guangzhou International Wooden House & Wooden Structure Fair 2012
China(Guangzhou)International Roof Technology & Material Exhibition 2012
China (Guangzhou)International Exhibition for Steel Construction & Metal Building Materials
Guangzhou International Integrated Kitchen & Bathroom, modular furniture and fine-decorated
Housing Expo
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Visitors Invitation
☆ Invite manufacturers and buyers of the following units to participate in the fair: domestic and
constructure engineering, urban construction, railway&road construction, petroleum&chemical
industry, water conservancy, electricity, geological prospecting, fire-fighting, etc.
☆Organizing committee contact business institutions stationed in the following countries and area:
the bay area, Hong kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Spain, Holand,
Ireland, America, Mexico, Britain, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Russia, Belgium, etc.
☆Organizing committee sends 180,000 invitations, fair tickets and bulletins and invite people of
the industry through calling on sb in person, sending fax, messsege, email, etc.
☆ Organize promotion and press conferences to advertise our exhibition at similar exhibitions in
Europe, America, Middle East and China,
☆ Cooperate with related assocations, websites and magazines, both foreign and domestic, to
showcase the superior products and huge market of Chinese housing industry, and to introduce this
grand exhibition to attract global buyers

Exhibition Fees
Standard Booth (USD): 2,200/booth
$100 surcharge for 2-side-open booth

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      China Landscape, Garden Greening & Better Living Fair 2012/ Theme Exhibition

3m×3m in size, provide three white surrounding boards (2.5m high), one table, two folding chairs,
two fluorescent lamps, two Chinese and English lintel boards, trash can, carpet, 500 lighting socket
(optional distribution).

Deluxe Booth (USD): 2,600/booth
$100 surcharge for 2-side-open booth
3m×3m in size, provide three white surrounding boards (2.5m high), one glass round table, four
folding chairs, two fluorescent lamps, one cabinet, lintel board with company name, trash can,
carpet, 500w outlet

Raw Space: 220/m2
An extra RMB 50/m2 charged for administration fee.

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