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					                                              50 Great Short Stories
Author                  Title                                          Student
Katherine Mansfield     The Garden Party
Dorothy Parker          The Standard of Living
V. S. Pritchett         The Saint
E. M. Forster           The Other Side of the Hedge
Carson McCullers        The Jockey
Alexander Poushkin      The Shot/
John O'Hara             Graven Image
Thomas Wolfe            Only the Dead Know Brooklyn
Shirley Jackson         The Lottery
Edgar Allen Poe         The Masque of Red Death
Katherine Anne Porter   Theft
Flannery O'Connor       A Good Man Is Hard to Find
Aldous Huxley           The Gioconda Smile
James Joyce             Ivy Day in the Committee Room
John Steinbeck          The Chrysanthemums
John Collier            The Chaser
H.G. Wells              The Man Who Could Work Miracles
Ring Lardner            The Golden Honeymoon
Nathaniel Hawthorne     The Minister's Black Veil
James Thurber           The Catbird Seat
Virginia Woolf          A Haunted House
                                                Great American Stories
Author                     Title                                         Student
Washington Irving          The Devil and Tom Walker                      ____________________________________________
Washington Irving          Legend of Sleepy Hollow                       ____________________________________________
Nathaniel Hawthorne        Rappaccini's Daughter                         ____________________________________________
Edgar Allen Poe            The Masque of the Red Death                   ____________________________________________
Bret Harte                 Outcasts of Poker Flat                        ____________________________________________
Sarah Orne Jewett          A White Heron                                 ____________________________________________
Charlotte Perkins Gilman   The Yellow Wallpaper                          ____________________________________________
O. Henry                   The Furnished Room                            ____________________________________________
Stephen Crane              The Open Boat                                 ____________________________________________
Willa Cather               The Sculptor's Funeral                        ____________________________________________
Dorothy Parker             The Waltz                                     ____________________________________________
Stephen Vincent Benet      The Devil and Daniel Webster                  ____________________________________________
Author                     Title                                         Student
Author                     Title
Hurston                    Sweat                                         ____________________________________________
Cisneros                   Never Marry a Mexican                         ____________________________________________
London                     To Build a Fire                               ____________________________________________
Thurber                    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty               ____________________________________________

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