Possible Culminating Project Topics

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					Watson’s TAP Class
Possible Culminating Project Topics:
Car Stereo Systems                        Fairies in Cultures
Music Recording                           Surreal Art
Golf Course Design                        Hair Styling
Interior Decorating                       Graffiti Art
Video Editing                             A Children’s Book
Teaching                                  Cartoon Production
Building a Guitar                         Deaf Teen Magazine
Law Enforcement                           Modeling as a Career
Pastry Making                             Discrimination and Its Effect
TV Marketing                              Value of Comic Books
Recycling                                 A Story: The Life of a Slave
Building a Computer                       Life of a Pakistani Girl
Glass Fusing                              Hip Hop
Building a Road                           Greek Mythology
Photography                               Teens - drinking and driving
Junior Firefighter                        American Sign Language
Design Bi-Mart                            Pro & Amateur Boxing
Advertising                               History of electric energy
Real Estate                               Education of the Deaf in Mexico
Auto Body Work                            Senior Year Experiences
Skin Cancer                               Photography
Retail Sales                              Soil Analysis & Comparison
Taxidermy                                 Physical Therapy
Body Building                             Children born to mothers with AIDS/HIV
Interior Decorating                       History of Gambling
Invention                                 The Lives of people with AIDS/HIV
Body Massage                              Dolphin Behavior & Training
Pottery                                   Health Food vs. Junk Food
Landscaping                               Role of Bats in Controlling Mosquitoes
Anazasi Pottery                           Painting houses.
Vacation Planning                         Becoming an actress
Writing a Book                            Horoscopes and what people believe
Dance Instructor                          Phobias
Safety Issues in HS Football              Nightmares
Stars and the Greeks                      Comparison of Mexican and Native
Yin & Yang                                American dances
Time and Time Travel                      Basketball
Motor cycles                              Arcade Computer and Video Games
Theater production                        Nursing
Caregivers at the time of a loved one’s   Gardens: Organic Versus Using
death                                     Pesticides.
       After you select a topic, you will want to develop a project that relates
to it. The project is a narrower focus than the broad topic itself. In fact, the
biggest mistake seniors make is choosing a project topic that is too

      After you choose your topic and area of interest, it will be helpful for
you to brainstorm specific projects. For example, a student who chooses
“ballet” as a topic could use any of the following projects: choreograph a
new piece, teach a ballet class for several weeks, critique and review
professional performances, interview and job shadow dance studio owners,
or design a brochure or ad campaign for a dance studio. As you can see,
the options are endless!

Here are some examples of projects other seniors developed:

Research                                Project

Mexican Food Industry                   Write and publish a cookbook

Ballet                                  Choreograph a piece

Civil Engineering                       Design a suspension bridge

Early childhood Ed.                     Teach a 2nd grade class

Deadly Diseases in Nogales              Produce a video

Censorship on the Internet              Build a web site

Leadership                              Coach a basketball team

Business ownership                      Start a small business

Learning English                        30 hours of English practice

Literacy Program of America             Volunteer to teach English

Teen Court                              Volunteer for Teen Court

                                        Teach brother to communicate with deaf
Sign language

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