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Role title: ILM Editor                                                             No of direct reports: One             Directorate: Publishing, ILM
Reports to: Senior Communications Manager                                          Created by: Sam Dukes
                                                                                   Created on: 4 Feb 2008

Role purpose: To edit and produce Edge magazine and other publications to the highest standard in order to
meet readers’ needs and ILM’s objectives

Key responsibilities
Title and definition:                                                              Typical success measures:

1     EDITORIAL                                                                          All publications produced on time as per the agreed schedule
                                                                                         All publication content is well-researched and offers an in-depth
      To manage the editorial process for ILM membership publications                     examination of the subject
      Edge, Edge online, Newsroom, e-LGM and e-Enterprise.                               Publications are free from errors – grammatical and factual
      Responsibilities include planning, writing, commissioning and editing a            Magazine is well placed against its competitors so it either betters
      steady stream of stylish and weighty features – and co-ordinating                   the competition or covers new ground that the competition have
      colleagues, editorial staff and freelance contributors in order to deliver          yet to exploit
      top quality content for ILM’s publications, so that they engage and                Editorial strategy consistently promotes ILM’s key values of
      inform existing members, attract new members and raise the profile of               ongoing professional and personal development
      ILM as an authority on leadership and management.                                  High quality articles are written, commissioned and published in
                                                                                          line with the expectations of the Senior Communications Manager
                                                                                         All ILM publications are produced to a high and exacting editorial
                                                                                         Edits and commissions other ILM publications as required

2     STRATEGY                                                                           Regular columns are reviewed and updated where necessary
      Monitor readership feedback/research and adapt the content and                     Contemporary business/management issues are covered in the
      strategy of Edge and all e-publications accordingly to ensure they                  magazine
      continue to meet the changing needs of ILM and its members. Track                  Opportunities are sought out to develop editorial which brings in
      trends in other business publications and adapt where necessary to                  new readers
      make sure Edge appeals to a wider audience and stands out from the                 Editorial is considered in light of potential advertising revenue and
      competition as a fresh and modern management magazine.                              advertising agent is liaised with if editorial has potential to bring in

3     TEAMWORK AND PEOPLE MANAGEMENT                                               Best contributors and articles for Edge are decided and agreed in
      Work with the Senior Communications Manager to create a strong and            regular editorial meetings
      productive team ethos which takes personal and professional pride in         Edge magazine is produced on time and to budget
      the success of Edge. Line manage the Edge Deputy Editor in order to          Regular attendance and effective contribution to team meetings
      consistently develop their ability and performance.                          Positive feedback received from colleagues
                                                                                   Support and coaching is provided to team members

4     DEPARTMENTAL PROCESSES                                                       Edge maintains consistently high editorial standards and the
      Manage, develop, source and recruit all freelance columnists and              magazine is free from errors both grammatical and factual
      contributors to consistently drive up the quality of subject matter and      Agreed editorial processes are followed
      writing and oversee the delivery of all internal and external editorial      The contributors are managed so that the editorial they produce is
      contributions from conception through to writing, editing and layout to       on time, to specification and budget
      ensure the content and style are of the highest possible standard, and       All departmental procedures run smoothly and the department
      that errors are eliminated from the magazine.                                 operates effectively and within budget.

5     BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS                                                       A contact book of key contributors, PR contacts and organisations
      Takes responsibility for establishing, maintaining and managing key           is built up and maintained
      publishing relationships with multiple suppliers, individuals and            Excellent working relationship with the advertising agent is
      organisations in order to achieve a strong network of high quality            established, liaising on the flatplan, supplying contact details and
      contacts that enhance the business and profile of the publications and        leads
      organisation.                                                                Effective liaison with printer, colour house and distribution house
                                                                                    on Edge matters


Core competencies:                                                                Role specific competencies:
For all employees                                                                 For all employees,* for managers,** for managers with direct reports
                                                                    Level                                                                        Level
Adaptability and change                                                           Business focus
                                                                    A                                                                              P
Customer focus                                                                    Communication and impact
Delivering results                                                                Influencing others
Learning and sharing knowledge                                                    Innovation
Working with others                                                               Leading others
                                                                                  Managing and developing others **
Key to levels:
F=      Foundation                                                                Planning and reviewing *
P=      Progressive                                                                                                                                A
A=      Advanced                                                                  Solving problems and making decisions *
E=      Expert                                                                    Vision and strategy
Person specification
                                               Essential                                               Desirable
Qualifications and experience                  English language or related arts graduate.              A publishing/journalism related qualification.
                                               Good degree level (or equivalent) achieved – 2:1.
                                                                                                       Experience of working on a leadership and
                                               Extensive experience in a magazine publishing           management magazine.
                                                                                                       Experience of conducting profile interviews and writing
                                               Proven track record of writing, sub editing and         case studies.
                                                                                                       Has journalistic contacts and evidence of creating a
                                               Proven experience of successfully managing              magazine or magazine section from inception to finish.
                                               multiple freelance staff and suppliers.
                                               Proven experience of managing budgets.
                                               Proven experience of publishing project
                                               Proven e-publishing experience.

Knowledge and skills                           Proficient Quark Xpress (MAC).                         Experience of other publishing packages – Illustrator,
                                               Ability to edit articles, write captions, intros and
                                               sharp sub heads to create dynamic copy.                Knowledge of Delano software
                                               Knowledge of and an ability to plan and manage         RedDot CMS
                                               publishing processes effectively.
                                                                                                      Communicator mass e-mail software package
                                               Ability to manage publishing personnel and deputise
                                               for Senior Communications Manager.
                                               Up-to-date knowledge of the latest leadership and
                                               management issues and current affairs.


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