September 20_ 2010 Regular Meeting

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                           September 20, 2010 7:00 PM
Those present were Donald Zuehlke--Mayor, Council members Linda Nokes, Brian Koehn,
Greg Larson, and Kelly Mesker. Also present were David Campbell—City Administrator,
Jennifer Marquardt—The Independent, Tom McSparron—West Central Initiative, Jim Pratt,
Janet Dehn, Clyde Hendrickson, Patricia Hartfiel and John Kamphake.

(1) Call to Order and Pledge.

(2) Motion by Koehn to approve the August 16th, 2010 Minutes as amended. Second by
   (a) Discussion: Koehn’s notes indicate that Nokes seconded Item 3 and that item 13 is a
       repeat of item 10 and should be deleted.
   (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Mesker, Larson, Nokes and Koehn.
   (c) Opposed: None.

(3) Motion by Koehn to approve of Minutes of August 30th and September 7th, 2010 as
   presented. Second by Nokes.
   (a) Discussion: None.
   (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes and Koehn.
   (c) Opposed: None.

   Public Hearing opened

(4) Motion by Mesker to approve a Variance request from Janet Dehn to build a 32’ by 24’
   garage with a 12’ by 16’ patio rage on a substandard lot. Second by Larson.
   (a) Discussion: Dehn has requested permission to build a two car garage and patio. The
       lot is approximately 8,000 sq. ft. A standard buildable lot is 15,000 sq. ft. A Public
       Hearing notice was published twice and letters were sent to all neighbors within 300 ft.
       and there were no responses. Mayor Zuehlke viewed the staking. The garage will be
       approximately 14 ft. from both side property lines and 20 ft. from the alley.
   (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Larson, Mesker, Nokes and Koehn.
   (c) Opposed: None.

   Public Hearing closed

(5) Motion by Mesker continue donation to West Central Initiative at $500 per year for 2011
   and 2012. Second by Koehn.
   (a) Discussion: Tom McSparron of West Central Initiative stated that the McKnight
       Foundation was founded in 1986 and was the primary funding source of the Initiatives
       across the state. West Central Initiative covers nine counties and are partners to
       businesses and workers. Early childhood development and youth dental are two of
       their outreach programs. WCI also provides technical training. They helped renovate
       and expand a poultry business through a gap loan. That business now has 40
       employees. McSparron stated that WCI values their partnership with Parkers Prairie
       and requested that the City continue it’s pledge of $500 a year for 2011 and 2012.
       Campbell stated that WCI was part of the funding packages put together for
       AbbeyMoor Medical and Urbank Machine and other small projects in the community.
       Koehn asked how the City is allowed to donate to WCI. McSparron replied that
       because WCI is involved in economic development cities could legally donate to WCI.
   (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes, Larson, Mesker and Koehn.
   (c) Opposed: None.

(6) Motion by Nokes to approve Resolution 10-17, Donations to the City. Second by Mesker.
   (a) Discussion: Two donations worth $600 were made toward a replacement computer for
       the Fire Department.
   (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes, Larson, Koehn and Mesker.
   (c) Opposed: None.

(7) Motion by Koehn to approve Resolution 10-18, A Resolution to Continue the Housing
   Rehabilitation Project. Second by Larson
   (a) Discussion: The Resolution approves the application for funds from DEED to continue
       the Housing Rehabilitation Project for Parkers Prairie and Deer Creek. All funding
       comes from DEED.
   (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes, Larson, Koehn and Mesker.
   (c) Opposed: None.

(8) Motion by Koehn to approve a $1,300 budget, $600 from donations and $700 from the
   Fire Equipment Fund, to purchase a new computer and laser printer for the Fire
   Department. Second by Larson.
   (a) Discussion: Fire Chief Jeff Arnold explained that the past practice was to try and rehab
       old computers for the Department’s fire reporting requirement. The current computer
       does not function well enough to be reliable. Arnold asked for an additional $400 from
       the Fire Equipment Fund to go with the $600 in donations to purchase a new computer
       and laser printer. The laser printer is requested because it will not be used very often
       and inkjet printers dry out when not used regularly. Koehn was concerned that $1,000
       might not be enough. He asked Arnold about software. Arnold said that any special
       software would be supplied by the State. Campbell suggested something in the $1,200
       to $1,400 range.
   (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes, Larson, Koehn and Mesker.
   (c) Opposed: None.

(9) Motion by Mesker to restore Council wages to $1,200 per year for regular meetings and
   $15 per member attending Special meetings. Second by Nokes.
   (a) Discussion: Campbell presented the Council with printouts of council compensation of
       other Minnesota cities of similar population. Many were in the $1,200 per year range,
       some more and some less. Mesker felt that the salary for Council members should be
       restored to the $1,200 it had been before it was cut in 2004. Nokes thought that the
       $15 for a Special meeting did not represent the disruption to Council member’s lives
       because they are usually short notice. Koehn and Larson both stated they were not in it
       for the money, that they viewed serving on the Council as community service.
       Campbell suggested that the wage should be at a level that will allow the City to attract
       and retain qualified people to the Council.
   (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes, and Mesker.
   (c) Opposed: Larson and Koehn.

(10) Discussion: Campbell provided the Council with a list of projects, some completed to
    show what has been accomplished, and some projected to show what needs to be
    considered. Campbell pointed out that the storm water catch basins along Hwy 29 has
    been an ongoing issue. MNDot has a project on the books for 2015 to mill and resurface
    Hwy 29. There is a possibility the catch basins and some other issues can be incorporated
    in that project. The next project for the City needs to be the shingles on City Hall.
    Campbell will submit a claim in a class action lawsuit against CertainTeed on behalf of the
    City. Other projects are dependent on available funding.

(11) Motion by Koehn to designate Widseth Smith Nolting as the City’s Engineering firm.
    Second by Nokes.
    (a) Discussion: At the September 7th Special meeting the Council heard presentations from
        five Engineering firms. The Council Tabled a decision until the September 20 th
        Regular meeting. At this meeting the Council discussed the advantages of small versus
        larger firms, fee schedules, prospect of providing outside funding sources, past projects
        in town and windshield time. After much discussion the Council decided that Widseth
        Smith Nolting would best serve the City for the coming years.
    (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes, Larson, Koehn and Mesker.
    (c) Opposed: None.

(12) Motion by Koehn to advertise for a Part-time On-call Maintenance worker for snow
    removal and for a Part-time On-call Maintenance worker for snow removal, mowing, pool
    operator and general labor. Second by Larson.
    (a) Discussion: The Ambulance Service Joint Powers Board is in the process of hiring a
        person that will not require contract hours with the City. The City will need to have
        someone available for those duties that the contract worker covered. It is unknown
        how much interest there will be in a part-time on-call position. The Council decided
        that it was necessary to have someone lined up for snow removal January first but if
        someone was available for all areas all year the Council should consider that
        application as well.
    (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Larson, Mesker, Nokes and Koehn.
    (c) Opposed: None.

(13) Motion by Koehn to approve a $1,200 All Inclusive package for the Event Center.
    Second by Larson.
    (a) Discussion: Campbell presented an All Inclusive package that would benefit larger
        groups. The package will include the combined room from 8 A.M. to 1 A.M., set-up,
        table cloths, napkins, table skirts, dishes, busboys, use of projector, screen and mic’s
        and clean-up. This package will be in addition to existing packages and the al carte
       (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes, Larson, Mesker and Koehn.
       (c) Opposed: None.

   (14) Motion by Nokes to pay August bills and handwritten checks as presented. Second by
       (a) Discussion: Koehn asked about a payment marked 2010 car repairs. The left passenger
           door of the new police car was damaged while leaving the scene of a call. A question
           was raised about a payment to West Central Initiative in previous year. The City
           pledged a $500 per year donation for two years.
       (b) Vote in Favor: Zuehlke, Nokes, Larson, Koehn and Mesker
       (c) Opposed: None.

   (15) Discussion: Campbell announced that the 2009 Legislator eliminated the requirement for
       a Truth-in-Taxation meeting. However, the City must hold a public meeting where the
       budget will be discussed before the budget is finalized. The meeting will be December 20,
       2010 at 7 P.M. at City Hall. Comments may be mailed to: City of Parkers Prairie, P.O.
       Box 70, Parkers Prairie, MN 56361. Residents may call 338-5006/4115 for more

   (16) Discussion: Koehn asked about differences on the Funds Statement between this month
       and previous month. Campbell referred him to the City Clerk.

   (17) A motion to adjourn was made by Mesker and seconded by Larson. The meeting ended at
       8:35 P. M.

Respectfully submitted                                           Attested to

David Campbell                                                   Donald Zuehlke
City Administrator                                               Mayor

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