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					      ECC GIFT MEMbErshIp ForM
The cost of membership is as follows:                         Family members do not receive their own copy of First Drop but
                                                              do receive all the other Club membership benefits, including
          Personal membership £25.50                          a membership card (to claim discounts and special offers at
      Additional family members £1.50 each                    parks) and the option to participate in Club trips at the reduced
                                                              “member rate”.
Family member names must be listed on the application form.

              (Please use BLOCK CAPITALS when completing the form)

Mr / Ms. / Mrs / Other: _______                    First Name: ______________________________

Middle Initial: ________                Last Name: ____________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________



City: ________________________________                            Post Code: ____________________

Telephone Number: ________________________________

e-mail: ______________________________________________________________

Tick box if you wish to receive trip invites
electronically as Acrobat PDF files.

Names of any extra family members: (see above)

How did you hear about the Club, if not from the ECC Web site?
If a member helped you, can you provide their name and membership number.
If you are willing to have certain details about yourself made available to other
ECC members please tick the appropriate box(es)

e-mail address                           Postal address                          Phone Number

If you want some printed membership forms write the amount here: ______
                                        Gift Details
If you would like an email acknowledgement to be sent to you when the
subscription request is processed, please write your e-mail address here:


The new member’s Welcome Pack (containing membership card(s), park discount details, current
issue of First Drop and so on) can be delivered to them in one of two ways:

1) If you would like to receive the Welcome Pack, so that you can hand the gift over personally to the
recipient, fill in the details below:

First Name: __________________________________________________________

Last Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________



Post Code: __________________________________________________________

2) If you want the Welcome Pack sent straight to the person receiving the gift we can include a
personal message of up to 20 words along with the Welcome Pack to inform the recipient of your gift.
The letter sent starts with the words “Congratulations! You are the recipient of a gift subscription to
the European Coaster Club” and is then followed by your message, for example “With love from Mum
and Dad” or “From your coaster pal Dave”. If you want to send a message with your gift subscription,
please write it here:




                                             Payment Details
    I made a credit card payment for £                 ____________

The main system for payment is online using a credit/debit        When asked for a Payment Code, use the total payment
card. We use the PayPal system, but please note, you do           needed, but with an "N" prefixing it. So, for example, if
NOT need to have a PayPal account to use it.                      the amount needed is £31.00, the Payment Code would
                                                                  be "N31.00". When it asks for a membership number, just
To pay online, simply go here:                                    put "100".

                                  The website will then take care of the rest, notifying us that
                                                                  the payment has been made. Thanks.

    I made a direct bank transfer for £               ____________    using the details below.
To make a direct bank transfer, please use our bank details printed to the     IBAN: GB52 LOYD 3098 7503 0435 14
    When making the payment, please ensure that we receive the full                    BIC Code: LOYDGB21205
amount, plus any charges that the banks (yours and ours) may charge us.               Account Number: 03043514
As we are a non-profit Club, every penny really does count. Thanks.
    If your local currency is not Pound Sterling, please see the information                Sortcode: 30 98 75
box below.
    Please note that the “Receivers Address” is sometimes asked for by a
bank when the payment is made. DO NOT send any correspondence to                         Lloyds TSB Bank PLC
this address. Thanks.                                                                         Trowbridge
    When the payment is made, make sure that there is a note on the                             Wiltshire
form against “payment / remitters reference” (this is the bit that tells us
who is paying). For example, “1234JB - Scandi - first payment” - it is very
important to put your membership number and initials first. Also, make
sure that this info is sent with the transfer - some banks do not send it                 Receivers Address
unless it is requested. Thanks. Please write the reference text below.
    Also, please include below the date the payment was made.                                70 Kirkmeadow
                                                                                         Bretton, Peterborough,
________________________________________________________________                           PE3 8JH, England

                   Send this form to:                               Alternatively, you can email the details from this
                                                                         form, or a scanned completed form, to:
           European Coaster Club
              23 Cowslip Drive                                
             Deeping St. James
                  PE6 8TE

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