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					                                                          Mid-Ohio Chapter E-Newsletter
                                                                                  Winter 2008

Mid-Ohio Moments:
Events, Hopes and

Local Events

February 23
Phi Trotter Event
                                       It will be a starlit evening at the Hyatt Regency on April 5
March 1-2                        when hundreds of people will gather to raise funds for research
Slip Slidin’ Waterpark           toward finding a cure for diabetes. Those attending will have
Event at Fort Rapids
                                 the opportunity to bid on exotic trips, dinners, jewelry, special
April 5                          events and more as organizers hope to generate more than a
JDRF Promise Ball                half million dollars toward JDRF’s research goals.
                                       The 2008 Promise Ball, with its theme of A Million Wishes,
* most current calendar at             is sure to be an exciting evening with live and silent auctions,
                                 music, local celebrities and more. The Promise Ball committee is
                                 currently working on details for the evening, soliciting auction
                                 donations and signing up sponsors.
Regular Contributors
                                       “We’re hoping to pack the room for an exciting evening
Kathy Feeley                     that will help the Mid-Ohio Chapter raise funds for JDRF’s
Tina Laemmle                     important research,” says Committee Chair Sherry Paprocki.
Gail McCord                      “We invite everyone to put the evening of April 5 on their
Bob Smith
Keirsten Welch                   calendars as a must-attend event.” For additional information
                                 regarding auction contributions, sponsorships or tickets, contact
                                 the JDRF staff at (614) 464-2873 or visit
We Love Volunteers
                                 Donations Still Needed
To lend a hand with JDRF
activities, please contact               Donations from several area fitness centers & athletic                 clubs, overnight hotel stays, tickets to the Columbus Symphony
                                 Orchestra, the Columbus Zoo, the Cincinnati Zoo, COSI and
                                 other items have been secured for the live and silent auctions.
                                         However, Procurement Committee Chair Megan Jaycox is
Bags of Hope                     still seeking donations involving electronics such as video game
If you know of a newly
                                                                In sound systems, etc.; a
                                 systems, a big screen television,this Issue:
diagnosed child or teen in our
area, please contact             Rainbow swing set; backstage passes and tickets to a Broadway                 show; restaurant and movie theater gift certificates; a cruise
                                 vacation; a private jet get-away; box seats for sporting events;
                                 and a fantasy sporting camp experience.
Mid-Ohio Chapter                         “By the time our Feb. 28 deadline arrives, we hope to
950 Michigan Avenue              offer an array of goods and services that will be irresistible to
Columbus, Ohio 43215             those attending the Promise Ball,” says Jaycox. Anyone who is
t: (614) 464-CURE (2873)
f: (614) 464-2877                interested in contributing should contact Megan at    (continued on page 2)
Sponsorships Still Available
        Sponsors have already started signing up for the upcoming event. Gold
Sponsors, thus far, include Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease and Limited Brands.
Silver sponsors to date are US Realty Consultants, Roche and Nationwide
Children’s Hospital.
JDRF’s Mid-Ohio Sponsorship Co-Chairs Chad Pinnell and Matt Johnson are working
with board members to sign up additional sponsors. Packages are available
ranging from $3,000 to $50,000. Sponsorship information for yourself, an
affiliated business, or an associate can be obtained by calling the JDRF office at
464-2873. Information can be immediately faxed or emailed to your office.

Volunteers Needed
             Many volunteers will be needed for set-up and during the evening of
the event. Volunteer jobs will range from welcoming guests to cashiering to
assisting with special details for the evening in advance. If you are interested in
helping out, email the JDRF office at or contact Volunteer Chair
Susan Manecke at

Help Find A Cure!
      In a typical year, more than 85 percent of JDRF’s funds go directly toward
supporting research and research-related education. JDRF is the world’s leading,
nonprofit, nongovernmental funder of diabetes research. Please continue to assist
us as we lead the way toward curing diabetes, saving lives and improving the
quality of life for more than 18 million Americans who have diabetes.

                         Mark Your Calendars!
                 It’s time again for the 2nd Annual
                                         March 1, 2008 5-7 p.m.
                                     March 2, 2008 9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
                                      Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark
                                       4560 Hilton Corporate Dr.
                                          Columbus, OH 43232
                      It’s Back! Time to get back in the water!! Slip Slidin’ for Better
                      Diabetes Management returns for year #2 and is better than ever!
                      This year learn from our team of experts about changes in diabetes
                      management as we “dive” into issues such as of sports, cooking,
                      school programs, and technology! So, grab those swimming trunks,
                      water wings, and beach towels, it’s time to again to DRAW THE LINE
                      ON DIABETES! To request an RSVP form, please email
             For questions or concerns, call Matthew
                      Johnson at (614) 314-9443. Details of the sessions are posted at
Mid-Ohio Chapter
                           Health & Wellness
                             Teens and Diabulemia
                             Submitted by Keirsten Welch

2007 Board of Directors   Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, and their deadly
                          impact on youths and adults may be more familiar to most.
Rus Adams, Jr.            Approximately 10% of adolescents and young adults are affected.
David Cavanaugh Jr.
Kathy Feeley
                          However, there is an alarming trend affecting diabetic teens, in
Bob Harold                particular females, called “diabulemia”. The overall concept is to
John Huneck               omit insulin causing the high blood sugar and ketoacidodic state to
Matthew Johnson           avoid the body’s use of the calories, and nutrients ingested. With
Julie Kendle              the hyperglycemia, the body goes into an “metabolic” crisis and
Mark Kindberg
Tony LaChappelle          starts to break down stored fat as an alternative energy source.
Susie MacKanos            Since this is not the body’s preferred source of nutrition, this
Gail McCord               produces ketones in the blood. With the rise in ketones, the blood
Cheryl McCormick          becomes more and more acidic. Ketosis will lead to acidosis
Marnie Near
                          which is a condition called diabetic ketoacidosis and if untreated,
Michael J. O’Connell
Chad Pinnell              can result in a coma and ultimately, death. Yet, the immediate
Cindy Rasmussen           result is weight loss related to the impact on metabolism. The
Matt Scheibeck            weight loss can be rapid giving the participant immediate results
Kim Schellhaas            reinforcing the behavior.
William Sheley
Bob Smith                 As parents, we need to be aware of this frightening trend. Eating
Chadd Thompson            disorders are very secretive in nature and teens will make all
Robert Werth              attempts to hide it from family and friends. Warning signs may be
Thomas R. Williams
William Zipf, MD          easy to see.
                                Poor metabolic control despite the appearance of compliance
                                Signs of hyperglycemia – excessive thirst and urination,
                                 rapid weight loss
                                Signs of hypoglycemia due to not eating
                                Preoccupation with self-image, weight or food intake
                                Moodiness, irritability, depression or being overly critical of
                                Hiding body image under bulky/ baggy clothes
                          Educating children and teens that this behavior can have deadly
                          consequences may be beneficial. Yet, staying involved in their
                          diabetes regimen may have a greater impact depending on the child’s age.
                          Examples can include observing the actual injection, reviewing insulin pump
                          history and priming volumes or monitoring meter blood glucose values. Be
                          aware that your teen may deny or be defensive about the idea that there
                          could be a problem. If you suspect an eating disorder, call your healthcare
                          provider for immediate involvement and early intervention.
                          Knowledge is power and on this subject, it can save a life.
   Living with Diabetes
              Submitted by Valerie Scheibeck

       We are the Scheibeck family and our son, Simon,
was diagnosed when he was 22 months old. We just
passed our 2-year anniversary with diabetes. We really
aren’t sure what to do about it….celebrate? It seems as
though it should be commemorated in some way, but a
celebration just doesn’t seem to fit. Maybe a celebration of
good blood glucose numbers or accurate basal rates –
something only a family living with diabetes would
       Upon Simon’s diagnosis, we decided to get more involved with JDRF (ironically we
participated in JDRF fundraisers in the past). We felt that it was important to reach out to
others who were in our shoes. Simon is too young now to really realize that he is different,
but we want him to have resources when he gets older.
       It has only been two years and already we have counted on JDRF for many things.
Early on, they helped finding someone to train our family with diabetes care, and we relied on
them when we needed advice and information to guide us through an “unpleasant” preschool
experience. Of course we always enjoy meeting other families who have kids with diabetes,
and who could forget our “Bag of Hope” complete with Rufus the bear.
       In turn, we have also decided it was important to get involved with JDRF and do what
we can to volunteer and advocate for a cure. Matt volunteers his time and talent on the
board, and also likes to bring Simon to advocacy functions, like the meeting scheduled with
State Representative Pat Tiberi. Val contributes by managing the family walk team. This year
we had a giant garage sale that included donations from many families. The support was
absolutely incredible - the garage sale alone earned over $1500!
       As a family, we find this participation to be therapeutic in a way. Let’s face it; this
disease can be overwhelming at times! There are times when I look at Simon’s fingers or his
bottom and see all of the scars from his site changes or blood tests, and it takes my breath
away. Sometimes we feel so helpless, like this disease is winning. All we can do is our little
part to find a cure. If that means picking up all of my neighbor’s junk to sell in a garage sale,
so be it!
       As we pass our two-year anniversary, we look back at all of the things we have learned.
In the beginning, someone told me it would get easier, and it did. As we mentioned, some
days are extremely hard – much harder to manage than the “average” family. But when I
look at the big picture, we remember when Simon was diagnosed. As tough as that was, we
try to remember that he was in the hospital with kids who were going through chemotherapy,
and we are grateful. We are grateful for insulin, we are grateful for technology and we are
grateful for the tools we have to manage this disease. We just pray that we can help Simon to
develop a good foundation of positive experiences and role models that he can build upon
       So we won’t be celebrating Simon’s two-year anniversary, but we will be appreciative for
our “new normal”. One that is a little more patient, understanding, and thankful for the some
things that were taken for granted. Happy two-years with diabetes Simon!
       P. S. Simon’s walk video can be viewed on - just search for
Simon’s Walkers.
Mid-Ohio Chapter
                                              News Wire
                             Government Action
                             Submitted by Bob Smith

                                   On January 14th a group of JDRF Volunteers met with
Advisory Board               Representative Patrick Tiberi at his local office in Columbus , OH .
Angela An                    This meeting was part of the Promise to Remember Me Campaign
Scott Bracale                where we ask members of Congress to remember our kids when
Michael Broidy               making decisions regarding Diabetes legislation. Some of the topics
Chip Chapman
Marc Gregory
                             that were discussed during the meeting were concerns regarding
Paul Heller                  schools in central Ohio and how they care for our children, the
Thomas J. Hoff               growing costs associated with Diabetes, insurance coverage,
Doug Jones                   technology and the Special Diabetes Program Funding extension. The
Jeff Milgrom                 kids spoke about their experience with Diabetes and how they cope
Heather Pick
Dr. Frank Schwartz           with the disease. It was a great meeting with Congressman Tiberi!
David Stephany               There were 13 people that attended: Matt and Simon Scheibeck, Tim
Wynola Wayne                 and Tanner Barton, Sal Valvano, Jane and Rachel Ellis, Kim and
                             Megan Boedicker, Kathy and Rachel Feeley, and Bob and Trevor

Office Staff
                                                                     Pictured left to right: Matt &
                                                                     Simon Scheibeck, Bob & Trevor
Amy Carriero                                                         Smith, Jan & Rachel Ellis,
Executive Director                                                   Congressman Pat Tiberi, Tim &
                                                                     Tanner Barton, Megan & Kim
Meghan Pfeifer                                                       Boedecker, Rachel & Kathy Feeley
Special Events Coordinator

Judy Braithwaite
Special Events Coordinator   You’re Invited to Take a Survey!
Andrea Palaschak
Special Events Manager               To help us get the New Year started we are asking each of you
                             to fill out a short survey to help your Mid-Ohio Chapter gain a better
Christine Karap              understanding of the Chapter members and to identify what kinds of
Office Manager               social events and support services families would like the Mid-Ohio
                             JDRF Chapter to offer.
                                     Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. This is your
                             opportunity to provide feedback that can be used by the Chapter to
                             enhance services and offerings. We will use these results to plan
                             activities for 2008. We are dedicated to helping the newly diagnosed
                             and their family’s living with this disease.
                                     Our goal is to hear from every family on our mailing list to
                             accurately assess how we can better serve you and your child.
                             CTRL+Click here to participate in the survey.                         5
             2007 Walk to Cure Diabetes
                  Awards Reception
       On November 30, 2007, participants in the JDRF Mid-Ohio Chapter 2007 Walk to Cure
Diabetes gathered at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to celebrate and honor those who helped
make the walk a tremendous success. Corporate Recruitment Chair, Lynn Blashford, Director of
Marketing and Sales at Donatos Pizza, told guests that the 2007 Walk’s projected revenue will
reach more than $670,000. She thanked all the sponsors who had made the walk so successful.
They included Presenting Sponsor: Discover financial Services; Media Sponsors: WBNS-
10TV/Commit To Be Fit, Mix 97.1, The Columbus Dispatch, This Weeks Newspaper; Gold
Sponsors: Abercrombie & Fitch, Kroger; and Bronze Sponsors: NetJets, and Vorys, Sater,
Seymour and Pease LLP.
       Also recognized for the enormous amount of time dedicated to the success of the walk
was Tony LaChappelle, Walk Chair, and the Lead Volunteers: John Huneck, Mike O’Connell, Bob
Smith, Robin Weier, Lori Payne, John Carriero, Cheryl McCormick, Staci Perkins, Doug Jones,
Mary Seidelmann, Jodee Gallagher, Gail McCord, Mike McCord, Allison Evans, Dolores Day, and
Audrey Kissinger.
       The Mid-Ohio Chapter has a tradition of recognizing outstanding service and creative
venture through the JDRF Mid-Ohio Hall of Fame. This year the inductees were Megan Jaycox to
the Volunteer Hall of Fame, Molina Healthcare of Ohio to the Corporate Hall of Fame, and Riley’s
Rebels to the Family Team Hall of Fame. Congratulations!
       We are thrilled to report that the family teams of the 2007 Walk to Cure Diabetes raised
an incredible $454,600! Of the 172 family teams, 77 were new teams walking for the first time.
In recognition of the contributions from Family Teams, LifeScan has partnered with National
JDRF to bring us a new program called Circle of Excellence. This is a family team rewards
program designed to help JDRF Family Walk Teams from across the country to move to the next
level of fundraising. For this walk, we honored eleven Family Teams at the Sapphire Level
which recognizes those that raised between $10,000 and $25,000.
       Also present was Rick Kelley, Chief Performance Officer for Graeter’s Ice Cream. Rick,
with help from his colleagues Clay and Maury, has graciously accepted the honor of Corporate
Recruitment Chair for the Walk to Cure Diabetes 2008 which will be held on October 5, 2008.
Rick was presented with a pair of red sneakers just right for wearing to all Walk related events.
Graeter’s Ice cream has already partnered with us by donating ice cream for the 2007 Walk and
raising more than $3,000 through the implementation of Scoops for Diabetes.

                                          Team Captain Joe Chapman is surrounded by
                                          Girl Scouts from Troop #489 who served as
                                          Greeters for the Awards Reception. Lead by
                                          Nancy Lyons and Barb Schoonover, the troop
                                          includes Emily Chapman, Siena Amodeo,
                                          Carly Schoonover, Olivia Hawley, Lindsey
                                          Rudek, and Abby Lyons.


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