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Reception – Autumn Term 1


									Reception – 1st Autumn Term 2011
                   Dear Parents and Carers,
                   Hello, and a warm welcome to the reception class. I would like to take this opportunity to share
                   with you some of the exciting things that we will be doing in reception this first autumn term. Our
                   topic is ‘Dinosaurs’ which has been chosen by the class! Through it we will be covering all six
                   areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, some of which are highlighted below.

                     The children will be creating for themselves an exciting role-play area themed around
                     Dinosaurs. It could be a cave, a museum or dig to study dinosaur bones. The choice is theirs.
The present role-play is a home bay, which will return when the children wish it to. Whatever the area becomes, it
helps the children practise their personal, social and emotional development as well as the development of their
speaking and listening skills. It will also help develop the children’s co-operative play, and even their handwriting
skills, such as when they have to record what type of dinosaur they have found, or warning signs about not entering
the cave and so on.

Other highlights include becoming palaeontologists by digging up dinosaur eggs and researching facts about the
dinosaur inside, comparing the actual sizes of different dinosaurs across the playground and in the air, we will
discover, through puppet role-play, why dinosaurs became extinct and design our own dinosaurs using our own
names as part of its unique name.

On a musical note, we will be exploring the sounds of different instruments and the children will even compose their
first pieces. Mrs. Davidson, our music specialist, will be teaching the children for this area of learning.

The children’s PE sessions will be on Wednesdays from the week beginning 12th September. We will be starting
with the essentials of how to behave in the hall, listening carefully to instructions, and developing an increasing
control over clothing and fastenings. I would be grateful if PE kits, (a white T-shirt and navy or black shorts), could
be left in school until the end of each term so that we are always prepared! No need for pumps at this stage as all of
the sessions will be in the hall.

As part of the children’s mathematical development, we will be counting and recognising numbers up to 10 and
beyond. We will also be looking at mathematical language, such as bigger, smaller, more or less and comparing

I am delighted that some of the children have shown me that they have already begun to practice recognising and
forming letters and to recognise their sounds. To support this, each week I will be sending home a phonics sound
book showing the letters we have been exploring. These can be used in a variety of ways, such as practising writing
the letter in the book or drawing pictures that begin with the letter. Can you please ensure that these sound books
are always in your child’s bookbag every Friday so we can add that week’s letters to it. The children will also bring
home a reading book and reading diary to enjoy with you. Initially, and until they are confident about their letter
sounds, these will be picture books without words. By sharing this book with you and talking together about the
pictures, your child will begin to understand how these can also help to tell the story.

Daily Routines
Dinner money can be put a named envelope and placed in our class tin which is taken up each Monday morning.
Please ensure your child has a water bottle and their book-bag every day and if possible could you name your
child’s fruit if they want to bring some each day. Because the children will keep their book-bags and fruit in their own
drawer along with their jumpers, there is not much room for anything else, therefore if they want to bring a toy from
home please could you make it a small one!
Help with resources
We are always very grateful for any of the following items to help us with our activities:
      Small cardboard boxes (Matchstick, Oxo, Toothpaste etc);
      small plastic containers;
      cardboard tubes (though no toilet tissue rolls please);
      Interesting fabric/ribbon remnants

I hope this letter has provided you with some useful information, and if there is anything you wish to discuss further
please feel free to pop in for a chat with myself or Mrs Shutt any day but Wednesday afternoon, as this is my
planning time. Wednesday’s afternoon sessions will be taught by Mrs Wilks. I look forward to working with you to
support and encourage the children to ensure they have an enjoyable and exciting year in reception.

Debbie Davis
Reception teacher

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