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a)   Introduction

b)   Staffing

c)   Useful Information

d)   Induction

e)   On-call
a).    Introduction

The Scott Clinic is a 56 bed medium secure unit. It has five wards, Ivy and
Hawthorn are admission wards, Myrtle ward is an assertive rehabilitation
ward, Olive ward is a pre-discharge ward and Poplar ward accommodates
female inpatients.

The Scott Clinic is part of the SaFE Partnerships CBU within Mersey Care
NHS Trust.

The Forensic Integrated Resource Team comprises a group of CPN’s, Social
Workers and Support staff which provides aftercare for a group of Forensic
outpatients. They run a 24 hour crisis intervention service accessible through
the Control Room at Scott Clinic.

b).    Staffing

There are a range of staff that you will get to know during your placement and
you will find a copy of the current telephone directory in this booklet, but some
key people are listed here:

          -   Paul Ikin, Service Director, SaFE Partnership CBU (Secretary
              Lyn Graney);
          -   Hilary Lomas, Clinical Director SaFE Partnership CBU and
              Occupational Therapy Consultant (Secretary Lyn Graney);
          -   Dr S Noblett, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist (Secretary Kim
          -   Dr J McCarthy, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist/College Tutor
              and Programme Director (Secretary Lyn Graney);
          -   Dr Owen Haeney, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist (Secretary
              Jeni Billingsley);
          -   Dr G Holt, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist (Secretary Suzanne
          -   Dr T Nathan, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Post Doctoral
              Research Fellow and Lead Consultant (Secretary Julie Ryan);
          -   Business Manager, Elaine Wilkinson;
          -   Administration Manger, Angela Greslow;
          -   Head of Security, Carl Edwards;
          -   Modern Matrons, Joey Dunn and Yvonne Bishop;
          -   Mental Health Act Administrator, Carol Henry and Jackie
          -   Head of Psychology, Alex Hossack;
          -   FIRT Manager, Lindsay Foy;
                 EMERGENCY NUMBER FOR CONTROL: 5666
Tel: 0151 430 6300              Ext.        Name                        Ext
       Direct Lines: 0151 431
CONTROL                         5101        CONTROL - JPC               5190
ADVOCACY                        5131        KITCHEN / DINING ROOM       5132
ANDREWS Lyn                     5149        LATHOM Lesley               5170
BILLINGSLEY Jeni                5109        LINTON Tracey               5180
BISHOP Yvonne                   5176        LOMAS Hilary                5114
BROWN Andy                      5110        VACANT JPC                  5191
COLBURN Teresa                  5190/5147   McCARTHY Jennie Dr          5146
CONFERENCE ROOM                 5103        McFARLANE Joanne            5162
CONROY Charlene                 5142        MCELLIN Bernie              5126
CONROY Natalie                  5112        MILLER Debbie               5197
CRAMMOND Laura                  5135        MOORE Kim                   5108
DOMESTIC SCIENCE RM             5129        MOULSDALE Gary              5179
DUNN Joey                       5163        MURPHY Anna                 5131
EDWARDS Carl                    5169        MYRTLE WARD                 5694/5695
EDWARDS Deana                   5188        NATHAN Taj Dr               5137
FARRELL Chris                   5172        NOBLETT Steve Dr            5121
FINANCE OFFICE                  5144        Occ Therapy Dept            5134
FIRST STEP TRUST                5128        OLIVE WARD                  5696/5697
FOY Lindsay                     5117        ORE Ellie                   5150
GARDEN ROOM                     5141        PD DEPARTMENT               5126
GASKELL Ian                     5167        POPE Vicky                  5113
GLOVER Rebecca                  5167        POPLAR WARD                 5698/5699
GOODWIN Thomas                  5111        POWNALL Bernie              5116
GORE Carol                      5130        PSYCHOLOGY                  5165
GORMALLY John                   5181        REDHEAD Karen               5182
GRANEY Lyn                      5164        RENNISON Suzanne            5106
GREENALL Janet                  5105        RYAN Julie                  5115
GRESLOW Angela                  5177        SEMINAR ROOM                N/A
GYM OFFICE                      5107        SHO                         5125
HAENEY Owen Dr                  5102        SPR’s                       5168
HAWTHORN WARD                   5692/5693   STAFF ROOM                  5155
HENDERSON Lorraine              5197        TAYLOR, Michelle            5139
HENRY Carol                     5119        THEBE, Shingai              5123
HONEY Chris                     5111        THERAPY ROOM                5143
HOLT Gill Dr                    5186        TOPPING Jacqueline          5145
HOSSACK Alex                    5165        TREATMENT ROOM              5133
BEGG Ann-Marie                  5116        WILKINSON Elaine            5185
HUNTER Janice                   5166        WORKSHOP                    5689
HUNTLEY Faye                    5127        WORKSHOP OFFICE -           5688
IKIN Paul                       5120
IVY WARD                        5690/5691
JONES Vicky                     5178
KING Peter                      5192        Rodney Street - 0151 709 7010
Fax Numbers:
General Office:0151 431 5122      Rodney Street:    0151 709 8476
John Parry Centre: 0151 431 5104
c).    Useful Information


There are two trainee offices at the Scott Clinic, one is on the ground floor
corridor within the secure part of the building, and the other is based at the
John Parry Centre. In both offices there are telephones and access to
computers. There is also a trainee office at the Rodney Street Outpatient

Computer Facilities

There are computers within the trainee offices at the Scott Clinic base and
there is computer access at Rodney Street. At the beginning of your
placement, we will arrange for you to have access to the Scott Clinic clinical
notes and arrange Epex training if required.

Library Facilities

Trainees have access to the large library at Ashworth Hospital and to the 24
hour library at Rathbone.

Holidays and Study Leave

It is important that all the doctors on the Scott Clinic rota co-ordinate their
annual leave and study leave to ensure adequate cover. Any application for
leave should be completed in a timely manner.


You are required to notify the medical staffing department and the general
office at Scott Clinic if you are unable to work due to sickness.

Food and Drink

Food may be purchased from the catering department at Scott Clinic, which
supplies both hot meals and sandwiches. Food must be ordered before
10.00 a.m. There are also Waterfields Bakeries in Rainhill and Thatto Heath
and a large Tesco’s in Prescot. There are fridges at all sites for storing of
your own food/drinks (please label items clearly with your name and a date).


Teaching takes place on Wednesday afternoons from 1.30 p.m. at the John
Parry Centre. Dr Nathan will circulate a timetable for each term. Trainees are
expected to participate and contribute in the teaching programme. There is
joint teaching with the other secure hospitals in the North West on the third
Wednesday of the month. This is organised by the higher trainees.

Audit meetings take place on the third Thursday of the month in the
Conference Room at the Scott Clinic. The audit programme is run by Carol
Henry, Mental Health Act Administrator.


Dr Nathan is the Research Tutor for Scott Clinic. He is happy to meet with
any trainee to discuss research and is often involved in research projects
which trainees may be interested in.

d.            Induction

In addition to the Trust induction, you will receive induction within the Forensic
Psychiatry Service. This will include medical induction with your Consultant
Supervisor, a key and security induction after which you will be required to
pass a test before you are issued with keys.

On your first visit to Rodney Street you will be given a tour of the building,
made aware of car park arrangements and fire procedures as well as security

e.            On-Call

The ST3 trainee takes part in one of the Mersey Care Junior Doctor rotas.
The higher trainees participate in the Scott Clinic on-call rota together with the
five Consultants. You should ensure that you know when you are on-call and
inform the Control Staff and Lyn Graney of any changes to the on-call rota.
The Control Staff should know how to contact you on both a home land line
number and a mobile number.

Whilst on-call you will be covering the inpatient unit at Scott Clinic and
providing medical support to the community Crisis Intervention Team. You
may also be required to provide forensic psychiatry assessments to patients
in general psychiatric units, PICU’s or police custody. If you are required to
see any of the FIRT community patients, you will be accompanied by a FIR
Team member, or the patient will be brought to Scott Clinic for review. If you
are asked to see a patient with a view to admission to Scott Clinic, a member
of the nursing staff will accompany you providing the staffing levels allow this.
In the majority of these cases it will be appropriate for you to discuss the case
with the Consultant on-call prior to your assessment and before agreeing to
any action plan (including admission).

You may also be required to attend the Scott Clinic in relation to patients
secluded when a decision is being made for the patient to go into extended

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