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Dr. Eiji Kusano (草野 英二)

I.      Fundamental Technologies and Techniques for Sputtering

      1.1 Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology

      1.2 Fundamentals of Processing Plasma Technology

      1.3 Fundamentals of Thin Film Deposition Process

II.     Fundamentals of Sputtering

      2.1 Sputtering

      2.2 Sputtering Yields

      2.3 Energy of Sputtered particles and Thermalization

      2.4 Structure of Sputter-deposited Thin Films

      2.5 Various Sputtering Methods

         2.5.1    Fundamentals and Feature of Sputtering

         2.5.2    dc Magnetron Sputtering

         2.5.3    rf Magnetron Sputtering

         2.5.4    Ion Beam Sputtering

         2.5.5    Pulsed Sputtering

         2.5.6    High-power Pulsed Sputtering

         2.5.7    Reactive Sputtering

      2.6 Fundamentals of Sputter Coater

      2.7 Sputtering Target

         2.7.1    Role of Sputtering Target

          2.7.2    Various Type of Sputtering Target used in Industries

          2.7.3    Demand for Sputtering Target Quality in Industries

III.     Stress in Sputter-deposited Thin Films

       3.1 Internal Stress in Thin Films

       3.2 Generation of Internal Stress

       3.3 Methods to evaluate Internal Stress

       3.4 Relationship between Film Structure and Internal Stress in Sputter-deposited Thin

       3.5 Some results of Internal Stress Measurements

IV.      Adhesion of Sputter-deposited Thin Films

       4.1 What is Adhesion?

       4.2 Mechanisms of Adhesion of Thin Films to Substrate

       4.3 Internal Stress and Adhesion

       4.4 Methods to evaluate Adhesion

       4.5 Some results of Adhesion Measurements

       4.6 Method to improve Adhesion of Thin Films

V.       Particle Generations in Sputtering and Control

       5.1 Particle Generation from Target and Control of the Generation

       5.2 Particle Generation from Substrate Holder, Cathode Cover and Chamber Wall

VI.      Some Topics in Sputtering

       6.1 Film Structure Modification of Sputter-deposited Thin Films by Energetic Particles

       6.2 Fundamentals of Deposition of Indium Tin Oxide Thin Films by sputtering

   Dr. Cheng-Chung Lee (李 正中)

Application of sputtering on optics coating

    1. Fundamental of optical coatings

    2. Theory of antireflection coating and its applications

    3. Theory of high reflection coating and its applications

    4. Theory of color filter and its applications

    5. Theory of band pass filter and its applications

    6. Optical coating for solar cell

    7. Optical coating for LED

    8. How to deposit optical coatings by sputtering techniques

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