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					Pirate Parable:

There was once a Pirate with two sons. They were masters of the sea and had a strong crew. They had many
adventures and looted many other vessels of their gold and jewels. After each exploit the pirate would take the loot
and go with just his two sons to a secluded island, where no one lived. They would row ashore and climb a cliff face
on the beach, which had a large cave half way up it. They all became efficient climbers and learned the rock face
like the back of their hands. They would haul their loot up to the cave where it was left hidden. The cave eventually
filled to the brim with precious valuables and the pirate decided it was time to quit and settle down to enjoy his
wealth. As they prepared to climb the cliff for the last time and reclaim their hidden treasure they were ambushed by
the authorities, determined to put an end to there criminal exploits. They all ran for it and dived into the water
swimming back to the ship. It was only when the sons boarded the boat that they realized their aged father could not
keep up and had been captured. He was taken to the mainland and locked up in jail to await trial.
Late one night the sons snuck up to the window of their father’s jail cell.
“What should we do now?” they asked.
“It’s too late for me.” He answered, “But you guys are young. Take the men and go get the treasure for yourselves.
There is more than enough for all of you to settle down and enjoy a good life. Leave the pirate life behind and enjoy
your freedom.”
Inspired by their fathers last words they headed back to the docks where their gang was waiting. The men were
eager for word from their heroic leader, but when they realized the two sons were left in charge they began to argue.
Some agreed to follow the older son and some favored the younger. The older brother gained the upper hand and
most followers so he took the ship and set sail, leaving his younger brother with his band of men at the docks, to
look for a new ship.
Obviously the older brother had a good head start and made straight for the treasure island figuring he could get the
goodies for himself and be out of their before his brother showed up. That way there was less to share and more for
him. He didn’t tell his men either where they were going or what they were looking for, but firmly warned them if
they did not follow his instruction with the loyalty they had shown his father that he would make them walk the
plank. He ruled the ship with fear and disciplined his men harshly. Trapped at sea, they had no choice but to follow

Meanwhile the younger brother had inspired his followers telling them everything about the cave and the vast
amount of treasure waiting for anyone that should follow him, so that they could start new lives. They were in need
of a ship and he promised to return a hundred fold to any man that invested in helping to buy one. In no time at all
he had inspired so many men that they not only bought the finest ship afloat in the area, but their crew doubled in
size, with men hungry to share in the dream of a better life. The son welcomed them all, promising there was enough
for everyone who sailed with him. His ship left port to the sound of singing and laughter, men full of hope and
The mean older brother hurried his men ashore and set up camp at the base of the cliff, he ordered some of his men
to cook a large feast for him as he sat on his chair and barked instructions at his men. He had them all line up in
front of him and pair off. They were still in the dark and wondering what they were doing on this strange island.
“Climb that cliff to the cave up there and send down, with rope, whatever you find inside’ he instructed.
“It’s a long way up”, they complained, “We’re pirates of the sea, not rock climbers”.
“Do it!” yelled the son waving his pistol furiously at them.
The first two men stepped forward and began to climb, but soon gave up from exhaustion. The second two began,
but likewise quit when they both slipped off the rock, one twisting his ankle badly. On and on it went, with the men
either falling, losing grip, shaking with fear, getting stuck and hurting themselves.
The son began to lose his patience.
“I’ll kill you all if you don’t get up that cliff”, he screamed.
As the men continued to fail, he shouted louder and louder: “What’s wrong with you?….climb…no, not like
that…grab that rock…above you, above you…no, you idiot…what are you doing?…your doing it
The men became more and more demoralized.
“We can’t do it”, they protested.
“We’re not leaving, until we get to that cave” the son replied adamantly, “Who hasn’t tried climbing yet?”
One man stepped forward, shaking furiously, “I’m scared of heights” he said.
“Get up there now!” was the cold-hearted reply.
The man slowly climbed the rocks, his hands sweating and shaking furiously until finally he could go no further
paralyzed with fear. The son launched into a tirade of cursing and orders. The man reached up as best he could, but
his legs shook so furiously he lost his grip and fell off. He came screaming down the rock face crashing against the
rocks and was silenced suddenly as he smashed into the ground. The men stood motionless, mouths open in shock.
Their ruthless leader however lost control, going out of his mind with rage, he yelled at the corpse every insult and
cuss he could think of. The men had seen and heard enough. All together they pounced on the son and beat him
unconscious. Then they dragged his body to the water where they drowned him. They climbed back in their boat and
set sail, leaving the cursed island forever, eager to make their first killing as dictator free pirates.
Not too long later they encountered a very fine looking ship heading their direction.
“Luck at last” they said “Our first victims”.
But when they realized it was the younger son and his much larger crew they backed down. The son greeted them
warmly as they came alongside.
“Your brother fell from a cliff” they lied.
“My brother was dead to me already” the son replied. “These are my brothers”, he said pointing at his shipmates.
“Come join me. There is treasure in that cave, enough for all of us to enjoy.”
But the men refused to listen. They had lost the taste for listening to their ex-leaders sons and they wanted nothing to
do with him. They couldn’t trust him. Despite the son’s pleas and promises they couldn’t be enticed and said their
farewells to continue their lives as pirates. The younger son was saddened by their choice but let them go their way
free to make their own choices.
They landed at the beach and climbed ashore eager to climb the cliff face. The men made ready fighting to climb
first. But the son quieted them down and told them to be patient.
“You’re inexperienced climbers”, he said, “I’ve climbed this rock many times before with my father. Wait here,
while I go up. I will secure a rope so you can then climb up to me safely.”
And that is what they did. The son climbed and his men enjoyed the leftovers of the older sons abandoned camp.
They filled their bellies and encouraged their leader with shouts of joy as he nimbly ascended the rock face. When
he reached the top he lowered down a rope and helped pull his men up to the cave. They carefully worked together
lowering the vast amount of goods to the ground and then to their boat. The men celebrated all night long. Never
would they be called pirates again. Never would they or their families live in need or greed again. They returned to
the main land rich in wealth, but more importantly rich in joy and rich in friendship. The younger son was honored
for years to come as the greatest pirate ever to live. He was their hero.
How do we lead people into the Fathers inheritance? What style of approach do we have? Are we forcing people and
using fear tactics or do we cast vision and hope? Do we love them? Do we allow people the room to choose freely
where they want to go? Does our conduct make it impossible for them to see the Truth later on when they get
another chance? Do we serve or expect to be served? Are we following Gods plan to save souls or aiding in their
destruction? What will be their testimony of YOU? What sort of leader are you?

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