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					                     ACCREDITED PROGRAMS AT CUNY
                                  Senior Colleges
                              CUNY Graduate Center
Program                                   Accrediting Agency
D.AUD                                     Council on Academic Accreditation in
                                          Audiology and Speech-Language-
                                          Pathology. (Brooklyn College and Hunter
                                          College and the Graduate Center.)
DNS                                       The Doctor of Public Health Program is
                                          accredited by the Council on Education for
                                          Public Health. (CUNY School of Public
                                          Health and the Graduate Center.)
DPT                                       Commission on Accreditation in Physical
                                          Therapy Education. (Hunter College and
                                          the Graduate Center.)
Educational Psychology, subprogram in     American Psychological Association
Educational Psychology

                              CUNY School of Law
CUNY School of Law is accredited by the American Bar Association and the Association
of American Law Schools

                       John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Program                                   Accrediting Agency
Masters of Public Administration          National Association of Schools of Public
                                          Affairs and Administration (NASPAA).

                                    Lehman College
Program                             Accrediting/Approval Agency
Nursing                             Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
Social Work                         Council on Social Work Education
Nutrition                           American Dietetic Association
Health Services Administration      Association of University Programs in Health
Chemistry B.S. degree               American Chemical Society
Graduate program in Speech-         American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Language Pathology
Teaching and Counseling             National Council for Accreditation of Teacher
programs in the School of           Education
School Counselor Education          Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related
Program in the School of            Educational Programs (CACREP).
Education, Department of
Counseling, Leadership, Literacy,
and Special Education
                          New York City College of Technology
 Program                           Accrediting agency
 Graphic Arts Advertising           Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic
   Production Management/ AAS      Communications
 Graphic Arts Production
   Management / BTech
 Hospitality Management/ AAS       Accreditation Commission for Programs in
 Hospitality Management/ BTech     Hospitality Administration (ACPHA)
 Legal Assistant Studies/ AAS      American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on
 Legal Assistant Studies/BS        Legal
                                   Assistants (ABA)
 Dental Hygiene/ AAS               Commission on Dental Accreditation of the
 Dental Laboratory                 American Dental Association
 Ophthalmic Dispensing/ AAS        Commission on Opticianry Accreditation
 Human Services/ AAS               Council of Standards for Human Services Education
 Human Services/ BS                (CSHSE)
 Radiologic Technology and         Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic
   Medical Imaging/ AAS            Technology (JRCERT)
 Career and Technical Teacher      National Council for Accreditation of Teacher
   Education/ BS in Education      Education (NCATE)
 Technology Teacher Education/
   BS in Education
 Nursing/ AAS                      National League for Nursing Accrediting
 Nursing/ BS                       Commission (NLNAC),
Civil Engineering Technology/      Technology Accreditation Commission of the
   AAS                             Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering               (TAC/ABET)
   Technology/ BTech
Electrical Engineering
   Technology/ AAS
Electromechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
   Technology/ AAS
    Engineering Technology/ AAS
 Telecommunications Engineering
    Technology/ BTech
                                Queens College
Program                               Accrediting Agency
    Biochemistry                     American Chemical Society
    Chemistry
    Chemistry Education
    Learning Processes and Behavior Association for Behavior Analysis
      Analysis (LPBA)                 International; curriculum is pre-approved by
                                      the Behavior Analysis Certification Board;
                                      program is registered with the New York
                                      State Department of Education with a
                                      licensure-qualifying curriculum.

Although there are no formal accrediting agencies for either the Geology or Environmental Science
programs that the Queens College School of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers, the requirements for
the BA and BS degrees in Geology meet the requirements for certification as a Professional Geologist as
stated by the American Institute of Professional Geologists.

                                     Community Colleges

                                   Bronx Community College

 PROGRAM                                             ACCREDITING AGENCY
 Accounting AAS
 Business Administration AS
 Computer Information Systems AAS
                                                     Association of Collegiate Business
 Marketing, Management, Sales AAS
                                                     Schools & Programs
 Office Administration and Technology
 Medical Office Assistant AAS

 Automotive Technology AAS                           National Automotive Technicians
 Automotive Mechanics Certificate                    Education Foundation

                                                     Technology Accreditation Commission of
 Electronic Engineering Technology AAS               the Accreditation Board for Engineering
                                                     & Technology
                                               Joint Review Committee on Education in
 Nuclear Medicine Technology AAS
                                               Nuclear Medicine Technology

                                               National League for Nursing Accrediting
 Nursing (RN) AAS

 Paralegal Studies AAS
                                               American Bar Association
 Paralegal Studies Certificate

                                               Joint Review Committee on Education in
 Radiologic Technology AAS
                                               Radiologic Technology

                                 Hostos Community College
Program                                      Accrediting Agency
Radiologic Technology                        New York State Department of Health,
                                             Bureau of Environmental Radiation
                                             Protection and the Joint Review Committee
                                             on Education in Radiologic Technology
Dental Hygiene                               Commission on Dental Accreditation

                      Queensborough Community College
Program                                 Accrediting Agency
    Computer Engineering Technology TAC of ABET (Technology Accreditation
    Electronic Engineering Technology Commission of ABE
    Laser and Fiber Optics Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Nursing                            National League for Nursing Accrediting
                                        Commission accredited program

         Business Administration              Association of Collegiate Business Schools
         Accounting                           and    Programs     accredited    Business
         Computer Information Systems         Department programs
          (Tracks: Computer
         Programming and
          Microcomputer Applications
         Management (Concentrations:
          Marketing and Real Estate-
   Medical Office Assistant
   Office Administration &
    Technology (Administrative
   Office Technology:
    Word/Information Processing)
   Accounting/Office
   Computer Information Systems
    (Options: Computer
   Microcomputer Applications
   Health Care Office
    Administration: Managing,
    Coding and Billing
   Medical Office Assistant
   Microsoft Office Applications
    Proficiency Preparation
   School Secretary

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