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					                                 Is Sarah Workforce Ready?

 Meet Sarah….                   Strong interpersonal
                               communication skills
                                Strong customer service          Global Careers
 Sarah, the new college        skills
 graduate with a major in       Strong computer skills       Students in Pharmacy
 Pharmacy, has been hired      (accounting, and analytical    programs will most likely
 as a pharmacy intern by a     software)
                                                              study everything from
 Stony Brook Hospital. A                                      Anatomy/Physiology,
                                                              pharmaceutics, professional
 pharmacist will review         Sarah must come to the        practice, chemistry, social &
 prescription to assure         rescue!                       economic aspects of health
 accuracy, to ascertain the                                   care, communication skills,
 needed ingredients, and to     Bill, the head pharmacist
                                                              drugs devises & consumers,
                                                              accounting, and statistics
 evaluate their suitability.    became sick and left for
 They advise customers on       the evening. Sarah is         Pharmacy is a growing and
 selection of medications,      covering the daily            rapidly evolving area of
 equipment and health-care      operations for the evening.   employment being shaped
 supplies                                                     by international
                                                              competition. Projected
                                In the emergency room a       growth (2004-2014 faster
 Required Skills                patient comes in with an      than average (21-35%)
 The Pharmacy intern needs      unusual sickness. A special   Projected need (2004-2014)
 a broad range of skills,       preparation of intravenous    101,000 additional
 including a keen                                             employees
                                medications must be
 understanding of people        prepared. Sarah prepares
 and processes. Most            the medication without a
 importantly, pharmacy          problem. (She did have to
 intern must enjoy working      do some research on the
 with people-talking about      proper ratio’s) but the
 prescription trends and        medication was
 monitor patient compliance.    administered in time and
                                the patient will have a
 They should also possess:      complete recovery

 Leadership ability
 Analytical and problem-
solving skills
Website Answer

                      Stony Brook Hospital

TO:           Dr. Steven L Strongwater MD Chief Executive Officer

FROM:         Sarah Peters, Pharmacist intern

DATE:         October 11, 2007

SUBJECT:      Steps to intern in the pharmacy department

I would perform the following steps as anintern

   1. Review prescriptions to assure accuracy, to ascertain the needed ingredients, and
      to evaluate their suitability
   2. Provide information and advice regarding drug interactions, side effects, dosage
      and proper medication storage.
   3. Analyze prescribing trends to monitor patient compliance and to prevent
      excessive usage or harmful interaction
   4. Order and purchase pharmaceutical supplies, medical supplies, ad drugs,
      maintaining stock and storing and handling it properly
   5. Maintain records, such as pharmacy files, patient profiles, charge system files,
      inventories, control records for radioactive nuclei, and registries of poisons,
      narcotics, and controlled drugs.
   6. Collaborate with other health care professionals to plan, monitor, review, and
      evaluate the quality and effectiveness of drugs and drug regimes, provide advice
      on drug applications and characteristics.

I am ready to begin the actions with your approval.

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