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Let us be part of your Team,
work together in person

In answering to popular demands, we recently created a new design
solution to benefit the diverse marketing needs of our clients. To work more
closely and efficiently, our experienced team members would come &
work with you at your office as a contracted in-house designer and
charged hourly.

Instead of trying to communicate via internet, emails & phone calls, we
work with you by your side so you can see the results right away and make
amendments on the spot.

This is a great way to synchronize ideas & thoughts, reaching solutions more
effectively & efficiently.
Spend Less Time & Money
This is a program designed to get your work done right away and save you
from spending time & money on salary packages, resumes & interviews.

More Flexiblity
Flexibility is the Key to sustain & grow within current volatile economic
environment. You can hire our designers on hourly basis. Our work terms is
simple & flexible to suit your needs.

Design Talents
Each of our designers possess talents & expertise of their own and is
capable to deliver diverse design solutions from Branding, Stationaries,
Marketing materials, Point of sales, HTML pages, Flash components, some
even plastic injected product designs.

                   The          Benefits   of this program
C om p ar ing A pples ?


 Cost Comparison               Full-Time Employee     G&W Design

Average Hourly Rate of Pay         $ 25.00            $ 50.00

Overhead Rate at 50%               $ 17.00            None
- Office Space
- Equipment
- Office Supply
- Superannuation
- Worker's Comp
- Insurance
- Overtime Pay
- Sick Leave
- Holiday Loading
- Admin Costs

Total Effective Rate of Pay        $ 42.00            $ 50.00

Average Hours per Year             2080hrs            416*hrs

Total Annual DESIGN Cost           $ 87,360           $ 16,800

 416* hours means you will be seeing one of our professional designer
 4 hours a Day, 2 Days a week for the entire year.

A conversation with Simon Liu,
The Marketing and Sales manager
from BenQ Australia

About BenQ                Why Outsourcing?
BenQ Corporation, a       BenQ’s global branding and marketing operation is driven and
leading provider of       managed from Taipei headquarter office. As the branding
networked digital         department distributes basic marketing materials like product
lifestyle devices, is a   photos & spec sheets to all other BenQ offices around the world,
multi-faceted             Localisation of these marketing materials to reinforce the local
company with strengths    marketing strategy is critical.
in product design,
visual technology and     “We always have tasks that requires an innovative touch from an
mobile technology.
                          experienced designer, it could be designing magazine
BenQ offers unrivalled
                          advertisement for new products, or just small alterations to existing
breadth and depth of
                          marketing materials. The work load is not enough to hire a full time
products and
                          in-house designer, and design agencies usually charge a fortune
                          even if it is just takes 5 minutes to get it done, thats when we
technologies across
                          decided to use outsourcing.” explains Mr. Liu, Marketing & Sales
platforms through the
                          Manager from BenQ Australia.
brand promise of
“Bringing Enjoyment
and Quality to Life,”
                          Why G&W?
                          The key difference would be ‘working together in person’, rather
including digital
projector, LCD            than spending hours trying to explain ideas & thoughts over the

monitors, laptop PCs,     phone and emails, G&W have their designer/s onsite working with
Netbooks, All-in-One      you.
PCs, LCD TVs, digital
cameras, storage          “Timing is always crucial in our business, it is assuring that G&W have
devices, mobile           the capacity to send in additional designers to get the job done.
phones, storage media     Such efficiency & reliability is simply not possible from individual
and human interface       freelance designers.” says Mr. Liu.
devices such as mice
and keyboards. 2008       The outcome
revenues of BenQ          “G&W offers innovative & professional design services, working with
Corporation exceeded      G&W enables us to meet short deadlines, control the budget and
US$1.54 billion.          hassle free, their broad range of design expertise also provides our
                          sales team with more marketing support to their clients. The results
                          are outstanding!” concludes Mr. Liu.
                                            Magazines &

                                                   E - Newsletter

Flyer & Brochures

                                  Flash banners

Have Your Own Design Department
You set the GOAL, we do all the running! Our designers are capable of
multi tasking, from planning to implementation. Here are just some of the
tasks we commonly perform:

* Marketing Strategy - Planning & brainstorming
* Marketing materials - Flyer & Brochures
* Print Media publication - Magazines & Newspaper
* Presentation - Powerpoint & DVD compilation
* Point of Sale - Display shelves & Exhibition stands
* Web media - Basic HTML pages & Flash banners
* Photography - Product & Events

Thi s is a program to help our clients achieve
extraordinary marketing results with lower design costs
& shorter turnaround time.
www.gnw.com .au
                                                                    119 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest NSW 2065
                                                                       [TEL] +61 2 8875 7784 [FAX] +61 2 8078 6138

 Design Outsource FAQ
 If I choose to hire you, how do I proceed?
 G&W will organize a meeting to understand your needs, target, and plan to conclude the most
 suitable working date and hours. After that, G&W will set a working agreement based on the
 conclusion of the meeting. Designer will go to your office on the starting date as agreed.

 How can I be sure in your productivity?
 G&W will have an assessment meeting with you once per month/quarter to know your future plan. So
 G&W can always know which part of work load is priority, this can helps G&W doing the adjustment
 and increase the productivity and efficiency.

 The meeting will also include the evaluation of designer’s performance.

 What happen if I am not happy with the designer
 The designer can be changed if you are not happy with his/her performance. You can discuss this in
 the assessment meeting or simply contact G&W directly.

 In which format will I receive my artwork?
 Generally, G&W will provide the artwork in two versions in PDF, one is Smallest File / Web Browse Only
 and the other is Press Quality / Print File.

 G&W can also provide artwork in almost any other format, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PSD, and AI depend on
 your needs.

 Do you provide any online storage for the artwork? So our team from different
 department/office can able to access the files.
 Yes, G&W will provide a download account for each client and place all the recents artworks in
 quarter base. All artwork will also be backed up in hard copy DVD at the end of the quarter and
 submit to you.

 Who owns the graphics after they are created?
 Your company will own the final artwork. G&W will also have the right to display the artwork as
 showcase/portfolio for marketing purpose.

 What computer system do you use?
 All the designers are capable to work in Mac and PC. G&W use Apple Mac as main system. The
 designer will carry their own Mac laptop to your office. Most artwork files are convertible between
 Mac and PC these days. However, with any specific request that cannot be converted, you will have
 to provide PC in your office.

LET US BE PART OF YOUR TEAM                                                        G&W Design Outsource

                                                                    119 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest NSW 2065
                                                                      [TEL] +61 2 8875 7784 [FAX] +61 2 8078 6138

  Design Outsource Pricing 2011

       Hourly         Minimum Hours           Contract          Minimum              Minimum
        Rate            (per week)             Term            Total Hours           Total Cost

                                              1 Month
    $50+GST/hr               4hrs                                  16hrs            $800+GST
                                               (4 weeks)

                                              1 Month
    $45+GST/hr               8hrs                                  32hrs           $1440+GST
                                               (4 weeks)

                                              3 Months
    $45+GST/hr               4hrs                                  48hrs           $2160+GST
                                              (12 weeks)

                                              3 Months
    $40+GST/hr               8hrs                                  96hrs           $3840+GST
                                              (12 weeks)

  * For Sydney area ONLY.
  * Each scheduled Design session is in intervals of 4hrs per session plus any additional hours.
  * All design sessions are paid 1 month in advance.
  * Addition hours onsite/offsite are charged at the same hourly rate as per contracted rate.
  * All onsite/offsite hours during weekend is $80+GST per hour.

LET US BE PART OF YOUR TEAM                                                       G&W Design Outsource


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