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                                         Web Page Design
                                     Final Exam Review Sheet

1. __________ is a formatting language that tells the browser how to display text and images.

2. The default color for Web page text is __________.

3. The <p> tag creates a new _____________.

4. A Web page can contain __________, ________________, ______________.

5. Most Web sites have a starting point, called a(n) __________ page, which is similar to a book
   cover or table of contents for the site and provides information about the site's purpose and

6. To display the text “World Wide Web” as bold text, you would type the tag as follows:

7. Each Web page on a Web site has a unique address called a(n) ______________.

8. Most Web page URLs begin with __________________________.

9. HTML stands for _______________________________________________.

10. HTML codes uses ______________, which is the central element of all HTML programming.

11. The ____________tag creates a double spaced break.

12. An HTML __________ consists of one or more rows containing one or more columns.

13. What is the correct way to write the text “Creekview High School” in code according to the
       new W3C standards?

14. A collection of Web pages with a common theme or purpose is a _________________.

15. This is the newest version of web design code.

16. Which HTML tag would be used to create a numbered list?

17. Which HTML tag would be used to create a very large heading on a web page?

18. The _______________ tag allows you to align text to the middle of your document.

19. The _________________ tag and attribute allows you to put a link in your page.

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NAME: ______________________________________

20. The <hr> tag stands for what?

21. The (/) represents what? ______________________

22. The ______________attribute can change your background color.

23. The _________ tag tells the browser that this document is a web page.

24. The ______________tag allows you to enter information in it and shows up in the main
         part of your web page.

25. What is the correct way to insert an image in html code?

26. A(n) ________ allows a user to move from a page within your site to a different Web site.

27. These tags make text appear larger or smaller depending on the number inside the tags.

28. What does a browser generally ignore?

29. What does URL stand for?

30. A properly formatted HTML document contains ____________________,
__________________, ______________________, ____________________.

31. What are some of the attributes used with the <font> tag?

32. Elements that modify the effect of a tag are called _____________________.

33. Who created the World Wide Web?

34. How would you create a hyperlink to the CNN website in html code?

35. What are the new requirements for ALL HTML web design code?

36. Text should be set in ___________ font when presenting larger amounts of text because
the letters are easier for the eye to read.

37. This is the domain name for commercial business.

38. What are the tags needed to start every web page?

39. What is the appropriate tag use when you want to place text into a bulleted list?

40. What symbol do you use to close a tag?
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