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Journal of Intellectual Property Rights



                   Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

 VOLUME 10                                    NUMBER 1                                JANUARY 2005
 CODEN: JIPRFG 10(1) 1- 88 (2005)                                                       ISSN: 0971-5544


 Testing for Copyright Protection and Infringement in Non-Literal Elements of Computer
      Programs                                                                         9
      Arjun Krishnan

 Photocopying of Copyrighted Works for Educational Purposes: Does it Constitute Fair Use?         21
      Dharam Veer Singh and Pankaj Kumar

 Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation in SMEs in OECD Countries                            34
       Esteban Burrone

 Patenting of Biological Material and Biotechnology                                               44
      H S Chawla

 Intellectual Property Rights in Fisheries Sector                                                 52
       Sunitha Ninan, Arpita Sharma, Ananthan P S and S N Ojha

 Technical Notes
 Personal Data Privacy and Intellectual Property                                                  59
      M M S Karki

 Literature Review

 IPRGeneral                                                                                      64
 • Currents and crosscurrents in the international IP regime • Protecting traditional
 knowledge—is a sui generis system an answer? • Enclosure, intellectual property and life-
 sciences research • Economic perspectives on a multilateral agreement on open access to basic
 science and technology • Commodifying the ‘information age’: IPR, the state and the Internet
 • Valuing new product development and analysing licence agreements for IP • The
 ‘outsourcing offshore’ conundrum: An IP perspective • Access, benefit-sharing and IPR
 • Compulsory licences of IP rights: Easier to get after the IMS health decision • Intellectual
 property strategy in bioinformatics and biochips • Using IP data to analyse China’s growing
 technological capabilities

 Patents                                                                                          66

 • Benchmarking R&D and companies through patent analysis using free databases and special
 software • Patenting for the research scientist • A formulation for patenting content-based
 retrieval processes in digital libraries • The impact of metadata on the accuracy of automated

patent classification • Valuation of patents: a primer • Interrelation between patenting and
standardization strategies • The magic of patent information • The scope of patentability
related to human embryonic stem cell research • Developments on business method patents

Copyright and Trademarks                                                                         69
• The impact of free and open source licensing on operating system software markets • P2P
technology: Challenges faced by copyright • The escalating copyright wars • P2P and the
future of private copying • Digital copyright and the new creative dynamics • DRMS, TCP and
the EUCD: technology and law • File-sharing—fight, ignore or compete • Movie piracy on
peer-to-peer networks • Data Protection and the retention of personal data • Data security in
life sciences research • Searching for trouble – keyword advertising and trademark
infringement • Trademarks as an indicator of innovation and industrial change
• Keywords, trademarks, and the gray market • Searching for trouble – keyword advertising
and trademark infringement

IPR News

IPR News—General                                                                                 73
• Updating IP rights of broadcasters • China may soon make IPR violations a crime • India,
Ukraine to sign intellectual property rights pact • Traditional knowledge and folklore
• Ministerial declaration on IP for LDCs • IPR awareness exhibition by Chinese children

Patent News                                                                                      75
• Trilateral memorandum of understanding • India should adhere to 01 January 2005 deadline
for product patent • Patents extended to pharma, chemicals & food • Embedded software to get
patents • Infringement reversed in Astra Zeneca versus Mutual • Stem cell patent challenged
• PDP patents infringement trial against Panasonic Korea • Korean patents: non-examination
registration in Singapore • Ranbaxy tops third world patents list • Patent fights rumble in
China • Petty patents to check drug price rise • Sony and Samsung to share patents • Apple
aims to patent drop-resistant iPod

Copyright and Trademark News                                                                     80
• Tech groups fight copyright infringement bill • Honda wins payout over trademark misuse

Key Patents                                                                                      81
• CSIR bags US patent for 4th generation herbal antibiotic drug • Pageflex’s flexible template
technology patented • New patent filed for multiple signal transmitter •@Road awarded two
new patents • Patent for techniques for dynamically adjusting caching • DNA probes
technology patented • Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN) technology patented • Unique mobile
licence plate reading technology patented • Cycore granted geographic web search patent
• Geron gets new US stem cell patent • Process for the preparation of calcium hydroxycitrate
patented • Device for evaluating corrosion inhibitors patented • Pressco Technology Inc
granted US patent • Nanomix granted two US patents in alternative energy

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