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									                       "Together, We Can Help"                       October 2011

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                        October at NFCC
Thank you from Ethan
                        October at NFCC means Halloween décor and costumes are selling fast in the
                        Thrift Shop, the Holiday Program team is in full swing and 750 families have
Thrift Shop Specials    already qualified for Holiday Assistance with more signing up every day,
                        winter jackets and coats are being collected for our Warm Coat Day, and
    Pantry Needs        dozens of families continue to line up every day for financial assistance, food
                        and other help in this stalled recovery. NFCC's response is possible only
                        because of the incredible support from a generous community.
  Holiday Program
                        Has it been a long time since you have visited NFCC? Is there someone you
  Warm Coat Drive       have always wanted to introduce to NFCC? Our annual NFCC Community
                        Breakfast is coming up. This is a good opportunity to re-connect, learn about
 Buy a Tree Online      or just celebrate together the work of NFCC. Hope you can join us on
                        November 9.
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                                                                Executive Director

                           Dear NFCC,
Thank You NFCC             Thank you all so very much for your Kindness and Service. I
                           was blessed to have been assisted with my electricity bill at
  Eleven year old Ethan
    Wedge presents his     NFCC. A special Thanks to Ms. Kenny who interviewed me
donation to NFCC Program   with dignity and respect. Thank you to the ladies at the front
   Director Eden Purdy.
                           desk who showed Patience and Kindness in such a hectic time
                           of so many People in need due to our economic hard times
                           throughout the Country.

                           Blessings to you all and all those in need. I hope someday I can
                           pay it forward and help with a donation to NFCC. I hope to
                           be on my feet soon.

                                                                     Sincerely, Jacqueline
                                Holiday Program

      Ethan's Letter:                                               Genna Matarazzo (Centennial High School)
                                                                    and Ruben Pachero (Alpharetta High
                                                                    School) talk with Sinini about her children's
                                                                    wishes for Christmas. Volunteers from
                                                                    area high schools' Honors Spanish classes
        Dear NFCC,                                                  assisted at holiday registration by
                                                                    interviewing parents about their children's
  I would like to thank you                                         wish list and translating family letters. By
for everything that you have                                        the end of the fourth holiday registration
 done. In my opinion all of     day, 792 families had qualified for Holiday Assistance. Additional families will
the workers/staff are saints.   be signing up in the office through November. We are now looking for family
So in return I have saved up    sponsors to make the children's wishes come true. For information about
 $3 every week for a year to    sponsoring a family, the Santa Shop or volunteering during the Holiday
   donate. I really hope it     Program, please visit the holiday website at
   helps your great doings.

     Keep being saints,

     Ethan Wedge - 11

                                Warm Coat Drive
                                The weather is changing and the leaves are
                                falling. Families are preparing for the
                                winter season. NFCC is asking for your
                                support of our Warm Coat Drive during the
 NFCC Education                 month of October by collecting new or
    Classes                     gently used coats, hats, scarves, mittens and
                                gloves. Children's coats are especially
                                needed. We are also looking for coat racks
                                for use during our distribution. If you know
                                of a resource or can help, please contact Eden Purdy at

                                Help make the walk to school and the wait at the bus stop a little warmer by
                                sharing the warmth. For more information, visit our website at
  GED tutoring, Spanish
 Language, individualized
 job coaching and monthly
  budget classes continue.
    GED tutoring and test
preparedness has expanded
 hours. Tuesday evenings
                               Donors make Thrift Store Successful
   from 5:00-7:30 pm and       by Bebe Nicholson, Store Manager
Wednesday mornings from
  10:00 am-12:30 pm. A         As the economy's woes continue, more and
 Successful Job Searching      more people are shopping in thrift stores to
 workshop will be October      find an appropriate suit for a job interview, a
28. NFCC will soon begin       perfect couch for a daughter's first apartment, a
  offering a daytime basic     stylish fall purse or an affordable Halloween
computer class. All classes    costume. At the NFCC thrift store, we strive
  are free and open to the     to keep our prices reasonable. We also
public. Visit our website at   continue to give away free clothing to our
                               clients. No one should have to go without a
                               winter coat, a nice pair of school shoes or
    for more information.      clothing for job interviews and jobs!                       Bebe in Thrift Store

                               Our ability to provide a good shopping
                               experience, to help our clients with their
                               clothing needs and to provide money for
                               NFCC expenses is up to our donors. We
                               depend on donations of nice furniture, gently
                               used clothing, appliances, household items and
                               more. A shopper taking advantage of our 50%
                               off Tuesday morning sale said, "This is the
                               highlight of my week. Tuesday morning in the

   Thrift Shop
                               thrift store is the only place I can afford to

                               I urge our supporters to keep those donations
                               rolling in to support your local community. We'll even thank you with a 20% off coupon
                               to use in our store, along with your tax deductible receipt. It's people like you who make
Tuesday Early Bird             our mission possible!
50% off everything
except furniture 10
       to 1.

Thursday Senior Day            Meet Our Neighbor.....Carl
 20% off for anyone
   55 and older                                Carl came to NFCC for the first time looking for help with rent.
                                               His wife walked out 5 years ago and left him with three
                                               children, now teenagers. He lost his job at the beginning of the
 Fabulous Friday                               year and has been struggling to keep the home by picking up
     99¢ sale                                  odd jobs. Recently Carl was diagnosed with a heart
                                               complication and he is worried about being able to work at all.
Mystery item will be                           NFCC helped with the rent and food. His 13 year old son was
                                               excited when he saw the day-old donuts as sweets have been
                               outside the budget for a while. The caseworker signed up the children for the
                        Holiday Program, encouraged Carl to come every week for food and use the
      99 cents          Thrift Shop for clothing needs.

Would you like to be
a NFCC Volunteer?       Buy a Tree Online....Help NFCC
    Kevin Tracy         NFCC is selling Christmas trees online this holiday season.
                         How can you buy a tree online, you ask? Well, it is simple.
       via email        From October 10th to November 18th, please click on the link
         or call        charities and purchase a beautiful Fraser Fir Christmas tree
  (770) 640-0399 x230   from a wide selection of sizes and shapes. The pickup location will be at the
                        NFCC office Saturday, December 3rd and all proceeds will directly support our
                        programs. For more information, contact Vonda Malbrough at

Food Pantry Needs
                        The Mayors' Holiday Wrap-Up
 Raman Noodles
                        Roswell and Alpharetta mayors will dual for the title of "Best Holiday Gift
 Mac 'n Cheese          Wrapper" on Saturday, October 17th at 11:30 at Northpoint Mall. The
     Soup               mayors and their assistants (their wives) will have 19 minutes to wrap as
                        many gifts as possible. This event is the kickoff of the Holidays Along the
                        Divine 9 event celebrating downtown Roswell and Alpharetta. All gifts of
                        toys for children will support NFCC's Holiday Program.

 Follow Us now on
both Facebook and
                           Trunk O Treat at 425 Market Place
                            NFCC is partnering with 425 Market Place to raise celebration. For
                           information on this awareness and
                           collect 12,000 cans for our Pantry. The
                           2nd Annual Classic Car Trunk O Treat
                           takes place Saturday, October 29th from
                           11:30-3:00. Bring canned food to stock
                           the Pantry. Crafts, classic cars and food
                           will be provided. Monetary donations
                           will be accepted and fun will be had by
A 300 gallon Fish Tank     all. Enjoy a wonderful, safe, family halloween event, contact Vonda
 has been donated for      Malbrough at
our client waiting room.
 NFCC is looking for a
 source for set up and
 maintenance. contact
         Jane at

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