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					St Anne’s College Oxford
This prospectus is intended just to give you a taste of life at                     History
                                                                                    St Anne’s began life in 1879 as the Oxford
St Anne’s. You will find more detailed information on our                           Society of Home-Students, allowing young
College website:, including information                       women to live in lodgings across the city,
                                                                                    and to attend lectures and tutorials, just
on courses, tutors, accommodation, music, sports, finance and
                                                                                    as those in the colleges did, providing a
much more. Do take time to explore it and the admissions pages                      more affordable way of obtaining a degree
of the University’s website:                               at Oxford. In 1942, the Society of Home-
                                                                                    Students became the St Anne’s Society,
                                                                                    and in turn a full College of the University,
St Anne’s is a college where the phrase     As an international student, I found    complete with Royal Charter, in 1952.
‘down-to-earth’ isn’t merely another        Oxford’s tutorial system and complete   The College – a friendly, co-educational
throwaway comment to draw                   immersion and independent study style   community of some 700 students, tutors
applicants, but it is a solid truth about   challenging and fulfilling. Feedback    and staff – represents the best of the
                                                                                    University’s values, and retains its
the nature of the College, its students,    on essays is specific, critical and     founders’ conviction that any student,
and its tutors. ‘Open’ and ‘friendly’ are   encouraging. Our tutors are so deeply   whatever their financial situation,
                                                                                    whatever their background, from
far from platitudes here; for St Anne’s     knowledgeable I’m sometimes in awe.
                                                                                    anywhere in the world, who has the
offers a brilliant opportunity to sample    Nanette O’Brien (English)
everything that is good about Oxford.
St Anne’s contains a rich array of          For me, what makes St Anne’s is the
students from across Britain, Europe        people – they are nearly universally
and beyond. This College will               down-to-earth, friendly, informal
stretch every available inch of your        and genuine. The diverse range of
intellectual capabilities, all the while    subjects they study, and the diverse
providing you with friendships that         range of backgrounds they come
will last a lifetime.                       from, serves to make St Anne’s one
Bill Blake (Philosophy, Politics            of the greatest truly cosmopolitan
and Economics)                              colleges within Oxford.
                                            Richard Holland (Law)
appetite, talent and determination to           wireless network is available in the library,   Some Student Comments on Bursaries
spend three or four years here immersed         seminar rooms, and other public areas.
in the life of the mind, can do so. We          College computer rooms are open 24 hours        I receive a full Oxford Opportunity
continue to recruit strong candidates           a day, providing a range of software as well
from UK state and independent schools,          as networked printers and scanners.
                                                                                                Bursary from the University to help me
as well as increasing numbers of                                                                with my studies. Obviously money is a
international students, attracted by            Students at St Anne’s also benefit from         big issue when deciding to come to
our multicultural environment.                  termly events, integrating undergraduates,
                                                graduates and research and tutorial             University, so knowing that there is help
Location                                        Fellows. These incorporate talks by experts     (money that you don’t need to pay back)
St Anne’s is situated on the north side of      followed by an informal dinner giving the       is a big incentive to continue your studies.
Oxford, close to the University Parks and       opportunity for discussion around the
Science Areas, also making it convenient        theme of the talks. In addition there are
for the Ashmolean Museum, Modern                weekly lunchtime seminars featuring
                                                                                                I’m currently in my second year studying
Languages and Classics departments and          speakers on a wide variety of subjects.         Maths. To have extra money on top of
Mathematical and Oriental institutes.                                                           Student Finance is extremely beneficial.
                                                Student Support
Academic Life and Resources                     Welfare: St Anne’s is well known for its        It means I can focus 100% on my degree
The tutors, professors and researchers          supportive and inclusive welfare provision,     without worrying too much about the
who make up the academic Fellowship at          helping everyone to get the best out of
                                                                                                financial side of University. I’ve found
St Anne’s are appointed because of their        their time here. We have our own College
national and international reputations in       Nurse and excellent links with our local        St Anne’s to be incredibly understanding
their specific research areas, as well as       health centre.                                  of the expense of studying at University
their suitability for the student-focused
tutorial environment of the College,            Finance: We are acutely aware of the costs
                                                                                                and I know that with such support I can
bringing a broad range of expertise and         of higher education and we offer a broad        really enjoy my time here.
skill across the disciplines.                   range of bursaries, academic scholarships
                                                and travel grants. Please see the College
St Anne’s has one of the largest college        website:
libraries for undergraduates in Oxford. It is
part of the University’s on-line catalogue,     Courses Offered
and offers access to e-books, e-journals        St Anne’s is proud to offer an extremely
and other networked information services        broad range of subjects and accepts
24 hours a day. St Anne’s is also               students for practically all undergraduate
comprehensively networked – all student         courses taught at Oxford, with a few
study-bedrooms have network points, and         exceptions. See our website for details.
                           Accommodation, Food and Drink                   colleges. Athletic facilities and a swimming
                           We can offer accommodation to almost all        pool are available at the University’s sports
                           those who wish to live on site. The study-      ground about ten minutes away by bicycle.
                           bedrooms are single occupancy; most of          A tremendous asset too is our proximity to
                           the newest rooms have en-suite showers,         the acres of the University Parks. Many
                           and several are specially constructed for       undergraduates take the opportunity to jog,
                           disabled access. Students have the use of       play frisbee or kick a ball about for a few
                           small kitchens on their staircases, but for     minutes during the day.
                           serious meals most use the main dining
                           hall, which serves breakfast, lunch and         In terms of the workload, the
                           dinner on weekdays, and brunch at the
                           weekend, all on a ‘pay as you eat’ basis and    challenge isn’t that you have a lot of
                           at competitive prices. An alternative to the    reading to do (you do) so much as
                           main dining hall is STACS (St Anne’s Coffee
                                                                           having a lot of thinking to do. The
                           Shop), which is open daily during term time.
                                                                           tutorial system really encourages
                           Extra-curricular Activities at St Anne’s        independent thinking, and I came
                           St Anne’s has a strong tradition in music
                           with excellent practice facilities. Each year   away with more information and
                           two music bursaries are awarded to current      skills in my short time with my tutors
                           students, no matter what their subject, to      than I have in all my previous years at
                           assist promising instrumental or vocal
                           performers to cover the costs of                high school in the USA.
                           professional tuition. In recent years our       Amrita Kundu (US Student, Politics)
                           students have chosen to run a College choir
                           and a swing band. St Anne’s also has a joint
                                                                           Key Contacts
                           orchestra with St John’s College. One of our
                                                                           St Anne’s College
                           two lecture theatres provides a superb
                           venue for chamber music and is used not
                                                                           OX2 6HS
                           only for our regular recital series, but also
                                                                           Tel: + 44 (0)1865 274840
                           for weekly showings of films.
                           St Anne’s nurtures a number of successful       For admissions:
 Photos by Keith Barnes,   sports teams, sharing a nearby sports field
     Nathan Benaich,
                           with St John’s College, as well as a boat       For access, outreach, open days and visits:
Rob Judges and Andy Love
                           house with St Hugh’s and Wadham       

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