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2009 Annual Report

A Community Connected
Willamette View 2009 Annual Report

A Community Connected

Willamette View offers residents a vital, enriching life in a warm, congenial
continuing care residential community, and supportive, enriching services to
seniors in the community at large.
 A Message from the Willamette View Board of Directors                                                         Board of Directors

                                                                                                               Sonja L. Connor, Chair
                                                                                                               Associate Professor, Endocrinology,
Dear Willamette View Residents and Friends,                                                                     Diabetes & Clinical Nutrition
                                                                                                               Oregon Health & Science University
This past year, 2009, was a year of many changes.
                                                                                                               Ken Gustafson, Vice Chair
  • We said goodbye to 42 dear friends at Willamette View who either passed away or left our vibrant           CPA, Partner
                                                                                                               Gustafson, Berg & Co. LLC
    community; and we also said goodbye to our well-liked CEO, Jim Mertz, who moved to Colorado and
    another opportunity; then farewell to long-time friends, Jerry Woods and Bill Hamilton, who retired from   Mike Middal, Secretary/Treasurer
    our Board.                                                                                                 Commercial Banking, Retired

                                                                                                               Ruth Ann Tsukuda, Past Chair
  • We said hello to 37 new residents who joined the Willamette View family; and welcomed aboard a new         Associate Director of Education, NW
    and greatly wished for CEO, Craig Van Valkenburg, and three new energetic Board members, Sarah             Mental Illness Research, Education and
                                                                                                                Clinical Center
    Ross, Cameron Dickey, and Kyle Bertleson.                                                                  Portland VA Medical Center

                                                                                                               Kyle Bertelsen
This coming year is also likely to be a year of change. Your Board of Directors is looking forward to the
                                                                                                               Managing Director
development and implementation of a new strategic plan. We’re beginning a process to envision the future       Alliance Development Group
of Willamette View, a future that continues to underscore this great organization’s status as an exceptional
                                                                                                               Terence Connell
continuing care retirement community. Here’s how it will work:
                                                                                                               Col, US Army (Retired)
  • We will purposefully seek information from many stakeholders; including residents, employees, Board        Consulting Engineer, Retired

    members, and management team as well as consider the expectations of the local community and of            Sumathi Devarajan, M.D.
    future generations of residents and employees – to help us determine what will be needed to take           Assistant Professor,
                                                                                                                Department of Family Medicine,
    Willamette View racing into the future.
                                                                                                                Oregon Health & Science University
  • We will consider all input and develop ideas for moving forward, sharing and seeking feedback as we        Associate Director, Odyssey Hospice
    move along.
                                                                                                               Cameron Dickey
  • We will finalize and then approve the strategic plan.
                                                                                                               Vice President, Retail Sales & Service
  • We will develop goals and strategies for bringing the strategic plan to life.                              Advantis Credit Union
  • Finally, we will implement these strategies to prepare Willamette View for a vibrant future.
                                                                                                               John Hartsock
                                                                                                               Project Manager
We on the Board of Directors want you to know we are committed to keeping Willamette View the excep-           J.N. Hartsock Project Management
tional place that it is… for the exceptional people who currently live here and for the exceptional people
                                                                                                               Sarah Ross
who will choose to live and work here in the coming years.                                                     Director of Business Development
                                                            Sonja L. Connor, Chair, on behalf                  American Medical Response

                                                            of the Willamette View Board of
Willamette View 2009 Annual Report

A Community Connected
A Year in Review

Connections Created Through Training
Workforce Investment Grant
In 2009, Willamette View completed several programs funded through a $28,000 grant from the Workforce Investment
Council of Clackamas County. The Council administers federal, state, and county monies allocated to enhance the skills and
abilities of employees in Clackamas County. The grant funded online clinical training, management training, and training in
the Health Center on proper use of lift equipment.

     Online Training – 1,660 hours of online training was provided through the purchase of Upstairs Solutions, an internet-
     based program for clinical and in-home care staff in 2009. The goal in using an online tool was to improve skills,
     enhance efficiency/flexibility of training times, and help employees easily achieve required continuing education units.

     Manager Training – Managers received approximately 600 hours in leadership and management effectiveness training
     in 2009 through the purchase of a customized curriculum from Clackamas Community College Business Development

     Safety Training – As part of an overall safety enhancement plan in 2009, Willamette View implemented safe handling
     protocols in the Health Center with the purchase of a “no-lift safety training” program. The new program employs state-
     of-the-art mechanical lifts for those who need assistance to transfer, and is designed to ensure resident and staff safe-
     ty any time a resident is assisted with movement.

Investment in Retention Efforts Succeed
Turnover Rate Drops
The annual campus-wide employee turnover rate dropped substantially from 41% in 2008 to 25% in 2009. Increased
retention occurred in traditional areas of high turnover such as with nursing assistants and licensed nurses in the Health
Center. Improvements in staff retention resulted from a variety of reasons, including a stable workforce in an unstable econ-
omy, higher numbers of qualified graduates from nursing and nurse assistant programs, and new efforts to enhance recruit-
ment, retention, and leadership development.
New Positions & Services Connect with Needs
Director of Social Services Position Expands Scope
Willamette View added a full-time campus-wide Social Worker in 2009. The new position assists
residents across campus in exploring service options, making informed decisions, and coordinating
moves to a setting that meets individualized needs within Willamette View’s continuum of care com-
munity. Helping make these connections is Mjere Simantel, MSW, Willamette View’s first campus-
wide Director of Social Services.

Art Therapy Intern Joins Life Enrichment Department
Kristen Larsen first introduced Willamette View to the benefits of art therapy counseling when she
was an intern from Marylhurst University – she specifically chose Willamette View as her practicum
site because of its excellent reputation. Using a combination of art therapy and counseling, she was
able to help individuals afflicted with depression, anxiety, grief, and dementia during her internship.
Following her practicum, Kristen was hired in 2009 to work in the Terrace, a licensed residential
care setting on campus, where she continues to connect with residents and facilitates creative,
innovative, and life enriching programming.

Outpatient Therapy Services Added… Available Onsite to Residents
In 2009, physical, occupational, and speech language therapy services were added to Willamette View’s extensive menu of health
and wellness offerings. Contracted outpatient therapy through Infinity Rehab is available in the Wellness Center, making it easy
and convenient for residents to access services… no longer having to go off campus for physician-ordered therapy.

New Call System for Health Center
Supported with funding from the Willamette View Foundation, a new resident call system was purchased and installed in the
Health Center. The new system is married to the campus-wide Philips Carepoint “lifeline” system and works in tandem with its
monitoring and alert functions.
Willamette View 2009 Annual Report

Projects Enhance Campus, Add Amenities
Spaces Renovated & Areas Upgraded
Several campus projects, completed in 2009, focused on improving access and/or updating the appearance of common
areas used by residents, staff, and visitors.

    ■   Resurfacing the north wing of the Court roof in July created an opportunity
        to upgrade the Court rooftop outdoor walking track, gazebo, and deck.

    ■   Also in July, The Homes on River Ridge duplexes and Commons building
        were spruced up with new coats of paint and exterior repairs.

    ■   The resident laundry room in the Court was doubled in size and outfitted
        with high-efficiency washers and dryers for energy conservation.

    ■   The annual swimming pool maintenance shutdown allowed time for a
        complete replacement of the pool liner, fresh resurfacing of the pool and
        deck areas, and an upgrade in the changing rooms.

    ■   On the third floor in the Manor a small conference room was relocated and then remodeled to create a multi-purpose
        lounge for small group discussions, gatherings, and chair exercise; complete with remote controlled gas fireplace
        and large flat screen TV.

    ■   In the central hallway outside the Riverview Room, a flat screen monitor displaying daily activities and events was
        added, helping direct an already active resident population to their next program. Beautiful, custom cabinet work
        for the monitor was handmade in the Willamette View woodshop by resident Ken Bates.
Technology That Never Sleeps
Across campus, at each building’s entrance points, a new state-of-the-art access control entry system was installed in the fall of
2009. The new Hirsch system uses special “proximity” readers located at exterior doors to automatically “recognize” an authorized
card or key fob The system will quickly identify unauthorized card use. It also handles instant deactivation of misplaced or
lost cards/key fobs, allowing for an enhanced security environment on campus. In the future, the
“universal” card will allow residents to purchase services offered by Willamette View and
items sold through campus shops and charge them to their monthly statements.

Marketing Connects People to Willamette View Lifestyle
                Through television advertising, internet visibility, a long-standing community presence and excellent reputation as
                well as ongoing referrals, Willamette View continues to attract couples and individuals to a desirable, program-
                rich, and secure lifestyle; providing peace of mind as well as an engaging community to call home. Fifty-six per-
                cent (56%) of new residents come from a 10-mile radius, 17% from the region, and 27% from out-of-state.
                Willamette View remains committed to being connected… now and into the future and with generations of new
                residents to come.

                Maintaining the sales momentum of prior years, 2009 began with an occupancy ratecy
                for the RCS division (Residential & Campus Services) or “independent living” of 96.9%
and ended in December with 97.5% (average occupancy of 95.9% for the year). Entrance fees
equaled $4.9 million (net). Twenty-six (26) residences were vacated in the Manor, Court, Plaza, Patio
Homes, and River Ridge Homes during the year and 27 residences were remodeled or refreshed    ed
and sold to incoming new residents…37 individuals. It was a busy year, matching the sales pace  ce
set in 2008. Success in 2009 can be attributed to the on going commitment to new renovation   n
standards and upgrades campuswide, marketing approach and branding, and a professional and     nd
seasoned staff.
In-home Care Focused on Building Brand
In 2009, branding of To Your Home, Willamette View’s in-home care agency division, centered on production of new TV com-
mercials, image tie-ins on its website (, and concepts for revamping the agency’s brochure. Interest
and inquiries increased as a result. In addition to TV advertising, marketing focused on building relationships with two core
groups: referral sources, such as long-term care insurance providers, and trust officers at financial institutions… significant
areas of growth for the division.

The Oregon State Hospital contract continued through 2009. To Your Home supplied the hospital with licensed RNs, LPNs,
and Certified Nursing Assistants during staffing shortages. Average billing on the contract was $16,000.00 per month.

To Your Home employs approximately 100 caregivers, some work exclusively on the Willamette View campus while most
work with clients in their own homes throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area.
Willamette View 2009 Annual Report
Willamette View 2009 Annual Report

A Community Connected
Willamette View Community Benefit Statement
Why we report to the Community?

As a not-for-profit organization, Willamette View measures each year what it has given back to the community. In doing
this we take into account the following:

■   Resources provided to improve and enhance life in the Portland metropolitan area
■   Economic impact that our presence has on Clackamas County and beyond
■   Community service performed by employees and residents
■   Leadership in identifying and meeting the needs of seniors

Willamette View’s commitment to the greater community was also reflected through continuing involvement and support of
other organizations serving the residents of Milwaukie, Clackamas County, and the greater Portland metropolitan area.

Willamette View’s leadership included involvement by key staff in the following:

•   Advantis Credit Union, Board of Directors
•   AAHSA (American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging), member House of Delegates
•   Oregon Alliance of Senior and Health Services, Board of Directors
•   Oregon Alliance of Senior and Health Services, Legislative Committee
•   ORATECH Council (Oregon Roybal Center for Aging, Technology, Education and Community Health)
•   Clackamas County Senior Network
•   Milwaukie Community Center, Advisory Board
•   Metropolitan Senior Network, Advisory Board

Willamette View opened its doors to the following organizations and groups in 2009:

• Better Business Bureau – provided space, coordination, and staffing for Scam Jam 2009 program, open to the gen-
  eral public with 80 individuals attending
• Casey Eye Institute – provided space, coordination, and staffing for Macular Degeneration program, 180 individuals
  from the general public attended
• Clackamas County Emergency Services – provided space and antenna for Amateur Radio group and its participa-
  tion as part of Clackamas County Amateur Radio Emergency Services network
• Energy Trust of Oregon – used Willamette View as a case study site on energy conservation following installation of
  new HVAC system
• Keeping Kurrent Productions – provided residents and space to interview residents for online web radio show; pro-
  duce archive-quality recordings for the Washington County Museum
• Kids on the Block – donated storage facilities for the group’s annual fundraising event, Sand in the City
• Lions Club of Milwaukie – mobile health screening site for general public
• Marylhurst University – provided space, coordination, staffing, and opportunity for a study by the Marylhurst University
  Gerontology Association to interview seniors about the creative process and the effects of aging on their work
• North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce – provided space and hosted its Annual Giving Breakfast for 130
• Oregon Food Bank – provided site and senior volunteers for KGW TV public service announcement production on the need
  for food bank donations
• Oregon Health & Science University – provided dedicated space for the year for use as data collection center for a
  behavioral science / mobility and aging study
• Oregon Health & Science University – provided site and support for OHSU Brain Aging-Mobility Blood Draw program
• Oregon Health & Science University – provided site and support for annual Oregon Aging Study volunteer recognition
  program, 90 participants attended
• Project Start Right – collection site for school supplies for children from kindergarten through grade 12. Sponsored by the
  Prince of Life Lutheran Church in partnership with Love in the Name of Christ of Clackamas County, and the Oregon
  Department of Human Services.
• Senior Studies Institute – provided site for annual luncheon for 115 seniors from Oregon and SW Washington participat-
  ing in the Portland Community College program
• The Geezer Gallery and Marylhurst University Gerontology Department – site for a documentary film production on
  seniors and the transformative power of participation in the arts

Additionally, Willamette View worked with others toward the well being of the local community:

•   Practicum site for Marylhurst University, Graduate School of Art Therapy student work experience
•   Field placement / work experience for student intern from Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work
•   Site training / clinical experience for Linfield College RN (Registered Nurse) students
•   Site training / clinical experience for Clackamas County Educational Service District CNA students
•   Site training / clinical experience for Clackamas Community College CNA (Certified Nursing Aide) students
•   Directed practice / hands-on clinical experience for Portland Community College student in Health Information
    Management (Medical Records) program
•   “Career Road Trip” experiences in partnership with Clackamas County Educational Service District for high school stu-
    dents on opportunities in long-term care careers
•   Classroom presentation on senior housing to nursing and gerontology students enrolled at Clackamas Community College
•   Health Care career discussions with Clackamas Community College students, Job Fair participation
•   Internship opportunity for Clackamas Community College Gerontology Program certificate student
•   Summer Youth Academy location, part of C-TEC (Clackamas Technical Education Consortium) Youth Services program
•   On-the-job experience to individuals 55 and older participating in an Easter Seals of Oregon job training program
•   Environmental improvement programs with Metro Recycling and Clackamas County Community Environmental Division
    – reduction of landfill debris, recycling of paper, tin, plastics, metal debris, batteries, ballasts, light tubes, and paint; educate
    residents on recycling program
•   Donation of appliances and building materials to Habitat for Humanity
•   Provide site for Rose Festival Court intergenerational program, public speaking opportunity
•   Underwriting of Friendly House Senior Program monthly newsletter
•   Rex Putnam High School Summer Baseball program sponsorship
Willamette View 2009 Annual Report

Willamette View Community Benefit Statement continued

• Residents volunteered their time with SMART, American Red Cross, Providence Milwaukie Hospital, and FISH
  (delivering donations of food and clothing)
• Residents donated 4,064 hours of service to support Willamette View Foundation
• Donations of household remnants, furniture, and clothing to ARC, Nightwatch, SOAR, Goodwill, Oak Grove
  Methodist Church, and Portland Impact
• Resident Pastoral Committee members made 615 calls and donated 544 hours of visits and counseling to fellow resi-
  dents and families
• Residents volunteered to 78 hours to staff phones for Oregon Public Broadcasting during two membership drives
• Residents donated 1,111 hours knitting/crocheting blankets, scarves, gloves, and hats and a donation of $305 for the
  Salvation Army for distribution to the homeless
• Provide swimming pool facility for instructed physical therapy for 1,339 visits in partnership with Providence
  Milwaukie Hospital
• Provide swimming pool facility for self-guided physical therapy graduates of Providence Milwaukie Hospital therapy
  program totaling 7,848 visits
• Provide swimming pool facility for Providence Milwaukie Hospital group therapy class
• Provide swimming pool facility for 1,440 visits by persons enrolled in water exercise classes through Clackamas
  Community College Community Education classes
• Provide financial assistance to staff and their families through the Willamette View Helping Hands Project
• SCRAP (School Community Reuse Action Project) recycling education partnership
• Donation of handmade items for Christmas gifts to disadvantaged children in Lifeworks program
• Participation in Head Start reading program for pre-K children
• Sponsor for the Milwaukie Senior Center Annual Spaghetti fundraising dinner
• Financial contribution to Clackamas County RSVP to support volunteer mileage reimbursement
• Financial contribution to Clackamas County Sheriff / Search and Rescue for annual conference scholarship for volunteers
• Sponsor free community outdoor musical programs for Milwaukie’s Concerts in the Park
• Financial contribution to North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce Giving Breakfast projects for local pro-
  grams helping women and children
• Donation to The Struble Foundation, sponsorship of Music for the Heart project to eliminate cardiovascular disease
• Donation to Knight Cancer Institute for fundraising event for prostate cancer research
• Donation of cash and school supplies to Project Start Right for K – 12 students
• Provided subsidies for employees enrolled in Kaiser Permanente tobacco cessation program
• Charitable holiday donation gift drive for Toy & Joy of Clackamas County
• Donation to Race for the Cure to support cancer research
Craig Van Valkenburg
I am honored to contribute to the 2009 Annual Report. As mentioned by Sonja Connor, Chair of the Willamette View Board of
Directors, in her message, I am new to the position… starting in August 2009. While healthcare had been my career, the aging
services industry was new to me.

How I found my way to Willamette View was somewhat serendipitous. The connection started in 2008 when I was invited to join
the Willamette View Board of Directors. At that time, I was CEO of a healthcare organization transitioning through a sale to
another company. When my tenure came to a close following the sale of that company, I had plans to take some time off – a
little “me” time. Then with the announced departure of Jim Mertz, Willamette View’s CEO, the Board considered options for
interim leadership while a national search was conducted for a new CEO. I accepted the opportunity to step in believing it would
be “for just a few months”; at which point I would then return to my “hiatus” from the business world. Or so I thought. As life
would have it, I quickly grew to appreciate the rich culture, the vibrancy of residents, the quality of services and systems, and
the dedication of employees to the mission of Willamette View. I had to ask myself, “What better combination of positives could I
ever find to be a part of… be connected to?” So, I expressed my interest in the permanent position to the Board search com-
mittee and the rest, as they say, is history. It is incredible to experience firsthand that feeling you get when you know you are in
the right place.

As outlined in this annual report, 2009 was an exciting year for Willamette View with the growth in profitability, the myriad of
programs orchestrated by the residents, and all the new faces. 2010 and beyond will be filled with changes and transitions as
we chart a refreshed course for our future. I anticipate the vibrancy of our “community” will continue to evolve: We will welcome
new generations of residents, introduce new services, and create living environments to meet the diversity of opportunities
emerging in our world of aging services. I also expect that my own education and growth will continue as I learn more about our
industry, enabling me to be a more effective leader and contributor to the continued success of Willamette View… a community
connected to its roots but looking toward the future.

                                                                                          Craig Van Valkenburg
                                                                                          Willamette View, Inc.
Willamette View 2009 Annual Report

A Community Connected

Comparative Operating Results
Revenue                                           Expenses
5%                                          5%    13%                                                  9%
Dept. & Other                Investment Income    Facility Depreciation       Administration and Insurance

12%                                        0%                                                           8%
Deferred Entrance Fee                Donations    8%                                               Interest
11%                                               Plant Operations
To Your Home

                                                  Food Costs

Health Care Fees                                  2%
                                                  Patient Care
                                                                                     Salaries and Benefits
Resident Fees

Total Revenue: $24,354,322                       Total Expense: $23,196,145


Revenue                                    2%    Expenses                                             12%
6%                                   Donations   2%                                   Facility Depreciation
Dept. & Other                             42%    Investment Loss                                     48%
11%                              Resident Fees   7%                                  Salaries and Benefits
To Your Home                                     Plant Operations


Deferred                                         8%
Entrance                                         Administration
                                                 and Insurance                                         3%
                                                                                              Patient Care
                                          27%    5%
                              Health Care Fees   Utilities                                            6%
                                                                                               Food Costs

Total Revenue: $22,543,247                       Total Expense: $24,068,567
Select Financial Data

2009 versus 2008 Financial Position

                                                      Balance Sheet Items (in 000s)                                   Cash Flow Items (in 000s)




                     Cash &            Facilities &         Current           Long Term           Deferred             Entrance             Capital
                  Investments          Equip (Net)         Liabilities          Debt              Revenue             Fees (Net)           Spending
         2009       10,767              48,930              6,572              30,938              17,374               4,891                3,343
         2008        9,395              48,254              3,737              34,584              17,524               5,686                3,909

Management Discussion and Analysis 2009

Operations: 2009 was a good operating year for Willamette View.               Hillside Senior Services/Hillside Residence: Hillside Residence, a long-
Occupancy levels in health care areas began the year low, but by mid-         term care nursing facility operated by Hillside Senior Services, Inc. was
year rose above budget levels and remained strong through the second          closed in 2008. However, the lease with an option/put agreement
half of the year. Net operating income, which excludes investment             remained until the care facility and four additional residential houses were
income, donations, and extraordinary items, exceeded $400,000. It had         purchased, and a lease prepayment paid. The net impact in 2009 of lease
been projected to be a negative amount based on the economic condi-           payments, maintenance, and other operating costs resulted in a loss of
tions in 2008. Good occupancy levels, growth in To Your Home activity         $460,000. The option/put allowed Hillside Senior Services to find a buyer
as well as holding expenses in line all contributed to excellent bottom       for a property then purchase and sell, on the same day, the property –
line results.                                                                 during the year two of the residential houses were sold this way and the
                                                                              care facility was sold at year end in the same manner. The net impact of
Financial Position: As reflected in the chart above, cash and investments
                                                                              these property sales and the payoff of the prepayment of the lease was a
rose by $1.4 million during the year. New entrance fees were $4.9 million
                                                                              gain of $320,000. The annual lease and property taxes were reduced from
(net), $1.7 million over budget. Long-term debt decreased by $3.7 million
                                                                              $345,000 to $72,000. The two remaining residential properties are being
and current liabilities increased by $2.8 million. The change in each of
these is due in part to a $2.75 million revolving note that Willamette View
renewed in 2010.                                                              In summary, from a financial perspective, key attributes necessary to
                                                                              achieve sustained viability include a strong core (financial health), flexibility
Investment Markets: Although there was a dramatic decline in invest-
                                                                              to respond quickly to unplanned events (stock market and competitor
ment markets in 2008 and early 2009, it reversed later in the year
                                                                              products), and the endurance to recover from adverse events. The strength
resulting in an $840,000 gain for 2009, $540,000 over budget.
                                                                              and connection between Willamette View’s staff and core business resulted
                                                                              in a strong rebound in 2009 from 2008.
       13021 S.E. River Road
        Portland, OR 97222

Phone: 503-654-6581 or 800-446-0670

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