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Pride Hospital Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction Serenite


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                           Pride Hospital--Section I
                                   By Lisa Renee

                                  Section I, Next Section

                                           Part 1
 It is a truth universally acknowledged that all prosperous young doctors are in want of a
  wife. It is also true that all mothers would like to see their son or daughter married to a
Which is why a certain Mrs. Francine Bennet was beside herself with joy while she sat in
the main entrance of Pride Hospital, filling out a request for a new identification tag for
            one of the hospital's newest pediatricians, Dr. Charles Bingley.
 "We are so happy to have another pediatrician for the new ward," Mrs. Bennet gushed,
eyes sparkling, "and did I mention that my daughter Jane is a pediatrician there as well?"
   Only about 6 times , thought Charles, but he was able to smile anyway. "I'm looking
 forward to meeting her, Ma'am," he assured her. Picking up the completed request form
    and informing Mrs. Bennet he would take it to processing on his way to the new
   Longborn pediatrics ward, Charles shook his head slightly as if to clear it. If Jane is
anything like her mother, I'm sure I won't have any trouble finding her , he thought with a
Meanwhile, the aforementioned Dr. Jane Bennet from the Longborn pediatrics ward was
 attempting to enjoy lunch in the hospital's busy cafeteria with her sister, Dr. Elizabeth
Bennet, of the Hertfordshire Hematology/Immunology ward. Elizabeth bit into her tuna
sandwich with a grimace, but she was hungry. It had been a long day and it only had the
  promise of being longer. She had already informed her sister that she'd be home late,
having to go to a meeting regarding a rather difficult AIDS patient from her lab. He was
        in need of some surgery, and she was required to brief the surgical staff.
 Jane knew something was bothering her sister, so she tried to cheer her up. "Lizzy, did I
tell you that there is to be a new doctor on my floor? He's a transfer from Athens General,
       and he's supposed to be very good. Mama happened to mention him as well."
 Elizabeth, grateful for the distraction from her thoughts, smiled wryly. "A new prospect
                  for a husband, no doubt," she teased her sister, lightly.
 Jane blushed. "I suppose it has been mentioned," she muttered, tucking a stray strand of
blonde hair behind her ear. She was interrupted by her beeper, which when checked, only
 confirmed Lizzy's statement. "It is Mama," Jane sighed, "no doubt waiting to inform me
that the new doctor is here. I think I'll go meet him before Mama comes searching so she
                                      can introduce us."
    Elizabeth smiled as Jane left, and she attempted to finish her sandwich. She let her
thoughts distract her once again. As much as her mother's meddling bothered her, Jane's
 sunny, easygoing disposition allowed her to handle it well. Elizabeth knew that her tall,
   beautiful sister would have no trouble marrying. Being almost 28, Jane had finished
    medical school and quickly became a pediatric resident. When the new ward was
finished, her ease with children and proficiency with medicine had helped her get one of
  the jobs offered there. The new ward was understaffed until now, and Elizabeth knew
                     Jane was looking forward to having a colleague.
  Elizabeth had followed a slightly different path. Being the second daughter to Dr. Paul
Bennet, a retired neurologist and his favorite, he had pushed her into the neurology field.
  Dark haired where Jane was blonde, and curly where Jane's was straight, she was also
 shorter, quick tempered, and intense. She had completed college (graduating suma cum
  laude) at Cornell, and was immediately accepted for medical school there as well. She
     had decided that neurology wasn't for her, and became interested in hematology.
 Working as an intern at the hospital had gotten her a coveted position in a research lab,
and now she ran the lab with her long time friend and lab partner, Rick Fitzwilliam. They
 had been lab partners since her first year of medical school, and they were great friends.
  Both Rick and Elizabeth were hard workers, determined to do as much as they could
  without a huge sum of money allocated by the budget committee. It was important for
  both of them to work on their "quest", the dedication to finding cures for various life
  threatening diseases. Rick was a great favorite among patients, affectionately dubbed
 "Colonel" by a previous (and frequent) hemophiliac patient. Elizabeth wasn't quite sure
  why the nickname was given, but most people knew him as the Colonel and she didn't
                                     bother to argue.

                                          Part 2
  It was late when Elizabeth got home from her meeting, and quietly, without disturbing
her sister, she crept into her bedroom. With a sigh, she undid her tightly braided bun, and
 her long, dark curls spilled down her back, still wound. Brushing her hair helped relieve
stress, and tonight she attacked it vigorously. Exhausted, but too tense to sleep, she made
    her way to the kitchen to get a cup of water. She frowned when she saw the weekly
                                     hospital newsletter.
    'Mandatory resident's meeting in the Netherfield Assembly Hall', it proclaimed,
     'Important policy notifications followed by a brief reception. Food included.'
  She finished her water and opened the refrigerator door. I guess if there's food I'll go,
Elizabeth thought, smiling. Rick would have to go, as would her roommate from medical
 school, Charlotte Lucas. Charlotte was also a resident in the emergency room. Elizabeth
had not seen Charlotte in about a week, and she was looking forward to seeing her friend.
 The sound of the alarm finally woke Elizabeth, and she was dismayed to see that once
again, she had slept late. Running for the shower and grabbing a clean pair of scrubs, she
    barely had time to wash her hair and get dressed. Jane's car was already gone, so
 Elizabeth took her car to work that morning. On a whim, she stopped in the emergency
 room to see if Charlotte had already left for the Netherfield assembly room. Just as she
                          walked in, Charlotte was walking out.
 Charlotte's tired appearance wore on Elizabeth's heart. Charlotte had been almost done
with her pre-law credits when she had decided that she wasn't interested in law anymore.
  She had decided to be a doctor, but that put her almost 6 years older than Elizabeth.
  Charlotte had always taken the time to listen to Elizabeth, who was easily frustrated.
About six months ago, there was an accidental death in the ER, and Charlotte tended to
   blame herself. Lately, things were better, so the sadness in Charlotte's eyes baffled
   Elizabeth, because the last time she spoken with her, everything had seemed fine.
  "Hey Char," Elizabeth greeted, grinning. She looked at her friend critically, trying to
                            figure out what was going on.
 "Lizzy!" Charlotte sounded genuinely happy to see her friend. "Stop looking at me like
   that. I know what you're thinking. But it's not even about Mr. Bellow's death," she
  explained. "My birthday is coming up. I'm turning 32, Elizabeth. And if you haven't
noticed, I don't have a husband. I don't have children, but I do have an impatient family."
Elizabeth shook her head. "Why did you listen to your mother? Or did you walk by my
mother this morning? Not being married isn't the end of the world, Char. There's no way
 I'd marry anybody just because they have money and because I'm reaching a certain
     idealistic age. If I never meet anybody to love, I'd be happier to be alone." Her
    proclamation was given brightly and cheerily, but Charlotte just chuckled sadly.
   "Lizzy, you'll understand only when you go through it. It'll be the day you wake up,
 realize your bed is empty, you live in a one bedroom apartment, and the only children
you see are crying in an emergency room, not to mention that you're wondering if you're
 going to die an old maid. Maria is engaged, and my brothers are married. I take lots of
grief from them and my parents. I'd be happy with a nice man who can just be with me. I
 don't have to love him to the depths of my soul, I just have to like him alot." Charlotte
                  finally smiled. "Doesn't take much to make me happy!"
 The two rounded the corner into the Netherfield Assembly Hall, and Elizabeth groaned
 inwardly. Somehow, she had failed to notice that almost none of the other doctors were
  wearing scrubs. Biting her lip defiantly, she straightened the top and walked in. Out of
                   nowhere, an arm was placed around her shoulders.
"Dr. E. Bennet, I presume," came the smooth voice. Elizabeth shuddered and pushed the
  large hand off her shoulder. "Dr. Collins," she said sweetly, rolling her eyes. "I didn't
     know this meeting was extended to gynecological residents as well." She looked
disdainfully at his overbearing countenance. Dr. William (Billy) Collins was a large man,
 portly, and tall. His fine blond hair was greasy either from an overabundance of gel or it
                              hadn't been washed in a long time.
  "Of course it was, darling Elizabeth," Billy told her, his large face lighting up, "How
 could we not? Lady Catherine has made sure that the gynecological department has had
quite enough money. I believe it might even be more than your little hematology project!
Of course it is! It was our department who detected the early stages of ovarian cancer that
            you seem to have missed in your blood work! Isn't she generous?"
  Elizabeth wrinkled her nose. "Dr. Collins," she began again, "I know I mustn't remind
  you that if it wasn't for Lady Catherine, you'd still be working in the mortuary tagging
                             bodies." With that, she walked away.
   "Isn't she funny," Billy concluded, talking to thin air, "The perfect woman who can
adequately balance medicine and wit. She would be perfect..." He trailed off, blushing as
 he realized he wasn't talking to anybody. He made a beeline to the food table, trying to
 play off his embarrassment, but the titters of a nearby gathering were too loud to miss.
   Just wait , he thought, she'll come around. She couldn't do better than me, with my
physique, intelligence, and I happen to be a gynecologist. She'll come around. I don't see
                                    anybody else asking.

                                          Part 3
Elizabeth, absently trying to brush off the invisible slime that flowed freely from the man,
  made her way over to her sister. Jane stood with a tall, fair-haired man. The man was
   handsome, and his laugh was warm. More importantly, he seemed enchanted by her
                              sister. Elizabeth smiled. "Jane!"
 Jane spun around, expecting her mother to pop out of the woodwork, but relaxed when
    she saw her sister. "Lizzy, I want you to meet Dr. Charles Bingley. He's the new
                             pediatrics resident on my floor."
Elizabeth smiled at the man and held out her hand. "Hello, Dr. Bingley. I've heard plenty
about you from my mother," she teased, and was rewarded with laughter from both Jane
  and Charles. "It is nice to meet you." The trio stood until a figure came up and stood
quietly behind Elizabeth. Charles grinned broadly, and Jane cocked her head to the side,
 quizzically. Elizabeth moved over to let him into their little circle, but both sisters had
                         never seen this man before in their lives.
"William Darcy," Charles exclaimed, shaking the man's hand thoroughly, "I knew I'd find
  you here! It's so great to see you, man!" Turning to Jane and Elizabeth, he explained
  quickly, "He was my roommate in medical school. He has to be simply the greatest
                                   surgeon I've ever met."
    Darcy smiled, and Elizabeth looked at him with dark, perceptive eyes. "You're the
  phantom surgeon," she commented, smiling, "the one we've all heard about but never
 seen. I'm Elizabeth Bennet," she continued, introducing herself. He's a handsome man ,
 Elizabeth thought, still interested by the mystery that surrounded this unknown doctor.
  William Darcy looked at the short, curly haired woman in front of him. He seemed to
 notice the scrubs she was wearing, as well as the unruliness of her hair, held in a loose
  ponytail. A glint appeared in Elizabeth's eyes. Oh yeah, the scrubs. Don't tell me he's
  never seen scrubs before. I take that back, he's definitely a snob, she thought angrily.
Finally, he spoke. "I can see that, Dr. Bennet," he replied stiffly, "you're wearing your ID
 Elizabeth frowned. "I guess I am," she answered, and glowering a little, she addressed
 Jane. "I think I might find Rick if I can." But before she could move, both doors flew
   open and a whirlwind in an almost neon orange power suit burst through the door.
 Elizabeth's mouth dropped open, as did Jane's. It was so shockingly orange, it reminded
                                Jane of a traffic cone.
"Oh silly me," it said, "I must be late! It's so inconsiderate of the staff here! I had to read
  about this little meeting off of the doctor's bulletin board! I simply cannot believe I
wouldn't have received one as well!" The tornado patted her perfectly coifed blonde hair
                        and smiled. "Hello William, hello Charles."
 William's eyes began roaming around the room, and it became evident to Elizabeth that
  he was trying not to laugh at the woman. Charles was faring slightly better. He cleared
his throat. "Jane, Elizabeth, I'd like you to meet my sister Caroline. She's a receptionist on
 the seventh floor," he managed, finally giving in to laughter. "Caroline, honey, this is a
                resident's meeting, it's not for receptionists," he said, gently.
 "I'm sure they said all personnel," Caroline answered absently, staring at William. "I'm
  sure I can sit with William and nobody would mind, am I right Dr. Darcy? Besides, I
                     seem not to be the only one who isn't a resident."
  Elizabeth frowned. It must be the scrubs, although I can't imagine why, she thought,
confused, but don't doctors wear scrubs too? "Actually," she began, "Jane and I are both
  residents here. Jane I believe works with your brother, and I'm on the Hertfordshire
                                  Hematology Ward."
 Caroline wrinkled her nose. "Hematology? As in blood? How could you possibly work
                 with blood all day long? How boring, right William?"
    Clearing his throat and willing himself not to laugh, William began with an almost
straight face. "Caroline, surgeons work with blood, too..." He was cut off when the head
    administrator of the hospital began tapping on the microphone to get everybody's
attention. People began sitting down, and Caroline attached herself to William. Elizabeth
  quickly moved a few rows to sit with Rick, and Charlotte, Charles, and Jane followed

                                           Part 4
  Rick greeted Elizabeth enthusiastically. He had dark hair, blue eyes, and a tall, strong
    physique similar to his cousin, Dr. Darcy. Of course, Elizabeth was unaware of the
 relation, for numerous reasons. Rick felt that all through medical school, if people were
  to know that his cousin was William Darcy, they'd feel the need to associate him with
   surgery and wealth. His uncle, George Darcy, had been a brilliant surgeon before his
     death, and had made a substantial sum of money. Rick's father had not gone into
    medicine, and the Fitzwilliams were not as affluent. He wanted the degree from his
                              labors, and not his connections.
He had met Elizabeth during their 'Gross Anatomy' course, and the two were fast friends.
  Smiling to himself, he thought of their first meeting. Elizabeth had been late to class,
   which Rick now knew as a habitual trait of hers. He had been about to cut open the
 cadaver when she had appeared, curls windblown, cheeks rosy, and a huge grin on her
"I've been waiting for this for years," she had exclaimed, "and I know you can just wait 5
                             seconds for me to be here, right?"
   Her deep brown eyes looked at him so pleadingly, that he laughingly had to agree. He
  remembered walking to the laundromat with her, and frowning when the stains did not
 come out of their white scrubs and lab coats. He never understood why they were white,
but the ones he wore now were the ones he and Elizabeth jokingly tye dyed. She was his
best friend, and while not rich herself, she always fed him dinner when his apartment was
  However, the usual cheerful, witty Elizabeth was glowering. She angrily pushed the
   perennially loose curls of hair from her face and jutted her lip out like a child. Rick
 looked at Jane for a possible explanation, but Jane just shrugged. He forced himself to
                    tune into the meeting that was going on currently.
"And as you know," continued the head administrator, "it is time for research grants to be
 awarded. This year we are lucky enough to have 2 departments receiving large sums of
money. Of course, that is in addition to the Catherine DeBourgh cancer foundation that is
contributing it's annual sum to the gynecological department. The lucky recipients are the
                          surgery ward and the hematology ward."
 Elizabeth practically could feel Billy Collins begin to simper and grin. She rolled her
eyes. Collins gets the money and Darcy can now afford to be a jerk... Suddenly, she was
                   yanked to her feet and wrapped in an enormous hug.
     "Yes!" Rick exclaimed, happily. What? Elizabeth thought, puzzled, did I miss
 something? When it finally hit her that her department had received the grant money it
  had desperately needed, she jumped gleefully. When she and Rick had sat down, she
  looked up only to see William Darcy staring at her, an indiscernible look on his face.
                Elizabeth frowned again. Why is he still looking at me?
The meeting concluded without any further memorable moments. The doctors went back
  to their respective wards and prepared for the rest of the day. It was much later when
Elizabeth sat, test tube in hand, dropping a solution inside by way of an eyedropper. The
liquid splashed out of the tube, and Elizabeth wiped at it angrily. She cursed at her work
  and began again by putting the ruined tube back into the autoclave. Picking up a new
                        tube, she unfortunately let her mind wander.
I can see that, Dr. Bennet. You're wearing your ID tag, she remembered, and her frown
  deepened. Why did you have to wear scrubs? So what if Rick was too, he's Rick and
you're Elizabeth Bennet, the saucy one who probably can't even afford a nice dress. She
                         cursed again as she dropped the tube.
Rick peeked his head into the lab, wondering what was going on. "Hey, Lizzy, that's not
the sound of a happy camper who just got a huge research grant, is it. I don't think it is,"
                                  he teased her, gently.
Elizabeth looked at him with dark, flashing eyes. "No, it's not," she answered, angrily. "I
suppose I should be happy, and I am, but I'm being irrational and letting something else
 bother me. Have you heard the rumors about the 'quiet, brilliant' surgeon who nobody's
                                       ever met?"
  At Rick's nod of affirmation, she continued. "Well, I met him this morning, and he's a
  jerk. His name is Darcy. Dr. William Darcy." She finally put down the glass tubes she
 was working with, realizing that while she talked about the infuriating man, she'd break
 almost every single one. "He looked at me like I graduated the "Medicine for Dummies'
school of medicine just because I happened to be wearing scrubs while he wore Armani. I
 can't understand why a surgeon would be wearing Armani except for the sole purpose of
    showing off. Don't they get dirty in the OR? I would think that they do," Elizabeth
 rambled, "I didn't think my scrubs were that inappropriate. I mean, they were regulation
                        blue. I didn't even wear our new red ones."
Rick bit his lip. So she met my cousin, he thought, and obviously he's done enough to get
her feathers ruffled. She's hardly ever this angry nor does she pay attention to anybody
                    for this long. William must have seriously upset her.
   Elizabeth continued. "You know what the worst thing is? He seems to be friends with
  that nice Dr. Bingley from pediatrics, and I have this odd premonition that Dr. Bingley
 and my sister are going to hit it off. That probably means I'll have to see him again." She
frowned. "Not to mention that I finally put two and two together and remembered where I
   heard the name 'Darcy' before. My sister Kitty's roommate at the Brighton School for
                   medicine is none other than a Miss Georgiana Darcy!"
Deciding that this wasn't the best time to mention that Darcy was his cousin, Rick patted
her on the shoulder. "C'mon, Lizzy, I'll take you to dinner in the cafeteria. My treat?" He
grinned at her sheepishly. His break was over before hers, and all they'd have time to do
                                   is go to the cafeteria.
  Elizabeth understood and slowly stood up. "Your treat? You got a deal, buddy." She
       rewarded him with a small grin and they headed off towards the elevators.

                                          Part 5
The two walked into the cafeteria and sat down in a small table by the fountain. Rick had
ordered fries and a drink for Elizabeth, and she was doing her best to eat it. The cafeteria
food wasn't that great normally, and today it was just tasting exceptionally bad. Her ears
   were also perked, for reasons she probably couldn't even explain to herself. She was
 trying to hear any snippets of gossip regarding her sister's new colleague, or even more
dangerously, Dr. Darcy. It wasn't long before she heard the voices of both men, much to
                                        her surprise.
  "William, how can you sit all by yourself in this cafeteria? There are many here you
                                  could get to know."
 "Charles, the only person of interest is your colleague in pediatrics, and you're already
        sitting with her. The rest here haven't yet interested me in the slightest."
Elizabeth looked up and noticed that Dr. Darcy could see her very easily from where he
stood. The tips of her ears turned pink as she became angrier. The nerve of that man! He
 must think that nothing is better than surgery, especially not me nor Rick! She frowned
      and plopped a fry into ketchup, stirring it around in it's cardboard container.
The orange whirlwind commonly known as Caroline swept into the room. "Charles, Jane,
 William ", she greeted, grinning widely. She plopped herself down at William's table, to
   his dismay. Elizabeth had to laugh. Rick shook his head, having met Caroline once
                 before. The girl was a barracuda, he thought, grinning.
  He noticed Elizabeth's apparent distress. "What's wrong?" Rick was slightly alarmed
      because she was glowering again, fixing her intense dark gaze at William.
                     "That man thinks he owns the world," she spat.
 Just then, William stood up to throw away the garbage on his tray. In doing so, his foot
    caught on the chair and he stumbled slightly. Elizabeth giggled and walked over.
Caroline looked outraged. "My dear! You laugh at Dr. Darcy? How could you? He's the
 epitome of class and intelligence! One does not just laugh at such a man!" There, she
        thought, he will take me in his arms and that will be that. No such luck.
   "My dear," Elizabeth mimicked, "I laugh at everybody! It's in my nature. Dr. Darcy
 tripped, so I laughed. It is common practice. I would laugh if you tripped as well!" She
   laughed harder at Caroline's shocked face. William smiled as well, but not for long.
  Elizabeth turned her gaze to him one more time, fixing her eyes on him. "Forgive my
 impertinence, but I must tell you this before I explode. You must think you live among
  the angels because you think you're so good, and because of this, you hate everybody
who doesn't meet your standards. I think you must hate a lot of people." Her eyes glinted.
                  Let's see him come up with something to say to that!
     "Dr. Bennet, if I hate absolutely everybody, you somehow have found a way to
                               misunderstand them and me."
   Elizabeth and William stared at eachother for what seemed like an eternity. Finally,
Elizabeth broke the gaze and left, head held high. With an apologetic glance at his cousin,
 Rick followed her. Jane stood to clear her tray, and Charles went after her. William sat
                   back down, staring off into space, deep in thought.
    "I know what you're thinking," Caroline declared, breaking him from his reverie.
       "I certainly doubt that!," William answered, surprised. "I'd hope you don't."
"Of course I do! You're thinking that there should be a separate cafeteria for all surgeons
 so you won't have to put up with all the other doctors in your eating area, especially not
   little lab rats in hematology. I do declare, her mother is a receptionist and a gossip."
    William looked at her, amused. "Actually, Caroline," he began slowly, "I was just
     thinking about how a pair of fine, dark eyes, really make somebody attractive."
            But my eyes are blue... "Whose eyes?," Caroline asked, confused.
                                "Dr. Elizabeth Bennet's."

                                          Part 6
 The rest of the week passed quickly, although oddly. Dr. Darcy seemed to be frequently
  on the same elevator as Elizabeth was, and every time he saw her, he'd smile like he
 knew a huge secret. It was bothering her to no end. He wouldn't even muster a greeting,
              but he'd stare and smile until Elizabeth got off the elevator.
  Insufferable man! Elizabeth was on her way down to the lobby so she could pick up a
 chart one of her patients had left with her mother. Darcy, as usual, stood in the elevator
with her, but this time he only stared. Elizabeth licked her lips and straightened her shirt,
not finding anything wrong with her attire or her appearance. Stop looking at me! I do not
understand it. If I do not interest you in the slightest, why do you stare without speaking?
                         You must be the oddest man I've ever met!
         "Good day, Dr. Bennet," William finally said, nodding his head to her.
"..." Elizabeth had not planned on him speaking to her, so she just nodded in response and
       scurried off the elevator. She jutted her lip out, frustrated and confused. I don't
                                  understand you, Dr. Darcy.
"Lizzy! Must you jut your lip out like that? It's not becoming! How will you ever catch a
 man if you keep doing that?" Elizabeth's mother's shrill voice still managed to catch her
     off guard after 26 years. She rolled her eyes and plastered a smile on her face.
"There, that's much better. Dear me, you'd think you were raised by wolves or something,
  Lizzy! Why could you possibly be wearing scrubs again? Don't you see how the other
  doctors dress around here? Please Lizzy, just appease me once and dress nicely. Can't
  you see what kind of doctor you look like? You look like you work in the emergency
                                      room all day!"
    Elizabeth laughed at her mother. "Mother, I do work in the emergency room. The
                  hematology lab is a division of emergency medicine."
 Mrs. Bennet sniffed. "Well then. Here's your chart, dear. You also have a message from
 Dr. William Collins. I suggest you take it." Elizabeth took the paper with the message,
and without even reading it, tossed it in the garbage can on her way back to the elevators.
  "You ought to take every offer you can Lizzy," her mother called after her, and then
muttering to herself, "It's not like you're going to get any others, I dare say Jane received
                                        all the looks..."
   Elizabeth laughed, and not watching where she was going, knocked into a stack of
 papers. Cursing under her breath, she bent down to pick them up. She turned bright red
 when she realized that some of the papers had magically scattered themselves halfway
across the hall. A man had been lurking around the lobby, and feeling bad for Elizabeth,
he began to pick up the scattered papers. She had just gotten them back into a stack when
                                the man cleared his throat.
                               "I think these belong to you?"
 Elizabeth looked up and focused on a pair of hazel eyes attached to a tall, groomed man
 with light brown hair, and an easy, charming smile. His eyes were hard to read, but his
                              smile was warm and inviting.
                   "I believe these are yours," he repeated charmingly.
   "Thank you," Elizabeth said, eyes wide. "I don't believe we've met, are you a doctor
   The man hesitated for just a second, and then smiled at her. "Soon to be, I hope. I'm
   going to speak with your hospital's administrator shortly. I'm George Wickham, ah,
   Doctor George Wickham." He held his hand out to shake hers, which she accepted
  "I'm Dr. Elizabeth Bennet. I'm in hematology, that's the Hertfordshire wing by the
emergency room, if you ever want to find me." She smiled brightly, but noticed his eyes
                           were on the paper she carried.
          "So, William Darcy is a doctor here, too," he finally said, looking up.
"Do you know him?" Elizabeth was startled. It was probably his reputation, she supposed
  he was good. But that still didn't forgive his arrogance and disdain when he looked at
                         her... She made a face, unconsciously.
"Uh, yeah, he was my lab partner first year in medical school. My family was close to his
parents before they died, but he and I never have been. He seems to be a bit... closed off,
  rather pretentious and arrogant. But don't let my opinions sway you. I can tell by your
   expression that you've met him already. Maybe you have the same opinion as I do?"
 George looked at Elizabeth approvingly, knowing immediately that she was rather wary
                                  of the brilliant surgeon.
              She nodded her affirmation. "What do you know about him?"
     George's snake grin grew wider, although it just looked charming to Elizabeth.
                   "Plenty, Dr. Bennet, plenty. Where should I start?"

                                          Part 7
Elizabeth checked her watch and noticed that she had almost a half an hour left on break
   and nodded. "Shall we go to the cafeteria?" George grinned. "After you, my lady!"
  George could not believe his good fortune. First off, he couldn't believe that anybody
hadn't arrested him yet. While it was true that he had a medical degree, he wasn't in good
   standing with the board. In fact, he wasn't sure if he was even board certified! After
 failing first quarter of medical school, he had taken to copying William Darcy's exams.
His dismal grades had caused a fee increase for tuition, and he had naturally expected his
guardian, George Darcy, to pay for him. Unfortunately, George died, and the money was
                          left to William and his sister, Georgiana.
 William was supposed to pay for school for him! George could have sworn it was in his
namesake's will, but apparently it wasn't. If his grades didn't approve, he would be kicked
out of medical school. As it was, they caught him copying. He was kicked out, but luckily
  he was able to flee the country to a little island off the coast of Jamaica. They were in
  desperate need of a doctor, so they awarded him a temporary MD degree so he could
 practice. However, he was slightly squeamish at the sight of blood, so he had become a
Back in the states, he operated a little shop called Ramsgate Chiropractors, and it was put
  under federal investigation just a week ago. Supposedly, he was taking advantage of
some of his patients, but they had never actually pinned him... yet... One of those patients
happened to be Georgiana Darcy, but Elizabeth didn't need to know any of this. He could
   pin it all on Darcy, and watch as William didn't have it as perfect as he always did.
 They reached the cafeteria and sat down at a chrome table. George smiled at Elizabeth.
   "Anything you want, my treat," he offered, hoping he had enough cash on him. She
 shook her head. "No, but thank you for offering. It's very sweet of you." This is charm.
He has more class than Dr. William Darcy anyday! She continued, "Please, tell me about
 William Darcy." It never crossed her mind to question why she was so interested in the
 "I was Dr. Darcy's lab partner in my first year of medical school. As I said before, our
families were close. He was jealous of my abilities, pure and simple," George explained,
   with a sigh, "I was better than him and he knew it, so he accused me of cheating!"
Elizabeth's heart went out to the man sitting with her. How awful! William Darcy must be
a horrible monster to do this to such a nice man! "Oh no! What happened? Please tell me
                that the medical board punished him for his accusations?"
           George shook his head sadly. "No, I'm afraid they kicked me ou...

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