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                              christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005•3
from the

                                                                                          Gary L. Randol

    Jason Darwin Erickson
    August 13, 1974—November 2, 2005
                       MEMORIAL                      I am cognizant of the fact that many of you
                                                     are not aware of the recent passing of
                                                     Jason Erickson. He is the son of Gary and
                                                     Judy Erickson, our General Sunday School
                                                     Director. Although there were
                                                     disappointments in his life, the faith and the
                                                     power of prayer on the part of his parents
                                                     and family can be a source of
                                                     encouragement to all of us. As a point of
                                                     interest and to strengthen our faith, I have
                                                     asked the Ericksons to write an article
                                                     concerning Jason’s life. Please continue to
                                                     uplift them in prayer.
                                                                                    Gary L. Randol
                                                         was there at his mother’s side when Jason came into the world. I will

                                                     I   never forget the joy of becoming a father and the exhilaration of hav-
                                                         ing a healthy son. The first time I held this tiny bundle in my arms, I
                                                     thanked God for this remarkable gift and asked for His divine guidance
                                                     to be a godly father. Jason’s childhood was a normal one for the most
                                                     part—although, his energy level kept us running to keep up with his zest
                                                     for life.
                                                        When Jason was seven years old, he began begging me to
                                                     baptize him. I made a deal that if he convinced me of his sincer-
                                                     ity I would grant his wish. His love for action made me suspi-
                                                     cious he just loved the excitement of the baptism process. After
                                                     making the deal, he would pray in the altar faithfully and with
                                                     great intensity. Sometimes I caught him peeping to see if I was
                                                     noticing his fervor. It was a cold winter night when his dream
                                                     was finally realized. We did not have a baptistery heater and the
                                                     water was extremely cold. When he came out of the icy water,
                                                     he had stammering lips from the cold, but he also was speaking
                                                     in tongues as the Spirit gave him utterance. That was one of the
                                                     greatest moments in all of my memories! Jason loved church
4•christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005
and Sunday school. It was his life!                                    selor told me that his devotion to study was unusually intense. He
   When Jason reached puberty things begin to change in the            devoted himself to his studies with a focus that was consistent with
direction of his lifestyle. Being lured by worldly friends, he chose   his other pursuits in life.
to go a direction contrary to the way he had been raised. For              Jason seemed to be at the peak of life. He had plans for get-
several years, his life was rifled with trouble and disappointments.   ting a degree, marriage, and career. He was an avid runner—
Satan’s bid for his soul was ferocious. He was incarcerated a          running five to six miles a day. He was also a body builder and a
number of times, he totaled six automobiles, and spent a number        health-conscious devotee. He was a picture of health and vitali-
of stints in drug rehabilitation centers. The fact that his life was   ty. That is why his death November 2, 2005 came as a total sur-
spared during this time is a miracle. It was the prayers of family     prise to his family and friends. For Jason, it was not a surprise!
and friends that kept him alive!                                       His diary reveals that he was anticipating his home going and
   Two years ago Jason had a renaissance in his spiritual life.        had accepted this as God’s will.
Alone in a jail cell, he gave his heart to God and was refilled with       He told his grandmother that the day he rededicated his life to
the Holy Spirit. He said God overwhelmed him like he had never         God, he prayed, “God, if I ever start to turn back to my former
experienced before. He rejoiced, he wept, and he spoke in              life, take me!” This prayer illustrates the intensity of his resolve.
tongues! Once out of incarceration, his pastor, William Dillon, re-    As a parent, our ultimate prayer was answered—Jason was
baptized him in Jesus’ name. For the past two years, Jason had         saved! We will miss his fun-loving personality, his frequent
made enormous progress toward God and had finally broken the           phone calls, his affectionate hugs, his masculine physique, and
back of the addictions that had plagued him for so many years.         his beautiful smile. Nevertheless, God always knows best!
He was a fulltime student in a local college and his student coun-                                                    — Gary D. Erickson          a
                                                      (Junior Bible Quiz – 2006)
                                     National Junior Bible Quizmaster – Marty Johnson 731-584-3097
                                                                       1. March 17-18, 2006                             Church
                                                                       North East Region
                                                                       Pastor C. Edward Stump – 609-654-1317            Apostolic Tabernacle
                                                                       Coordinator – Jerry Edwards – 610-932-4197       Washington & Devins Rd.
                                                                       159 Oxford St. • Oxford, PA 19363                923 W. Washington Ave.
                                                                       Study verses: Matthew 22:46 – 137 verses         Pleasantville, NJ 08232-3828

                                                                       2. March 31 - April 1, 2006
                                                                       Western Region
                                                                       Pastor James K. McPhaill – 559-733-8361
                                                                       Coordinator – Jonathan Kendrick – 559-784-6970   Pentecostal Lighthouse
                                                                       939 N. Main St. • Porterville, CA 93257-1684     1219 W. Noble Ave.
                                                                       Study verses: Matthew 26:35 – 167 verses         Visalia, CA 93277-2344

                                                                       3. April 7-8, 2006
                                                                       South East Region
                                                                       Pastor Darrell W. Johns – 770-944-3522
                                                                       Coordinator – Art Zappa – 803-442-3661           Atlanta West Pentecostal Church
                                                                       601 Old Walnut Branch • N. Augusta, SC 29860     2960 Skyview Dr.
                                                                       Study verses: Matthew 26:35 – 167 verses         Atlanta (Lithia Springs), GA 30122

                                                                       4. April 21-22, 2006
                                                                       South Central Region
                                                                       Pastor Tom Foster – 214-339-5209
                                                                       Coordinator – Mark Green – 936-872-3727          Dallas First Church
                                                                       PO Box 556 • Broaddus, TX 75929                  5606 W. Illinois Ave.
                                                                       Study verses: Matthew 26:75 – 207 verses         Dallas, TX 75211

                                                                       5. April 28-29, 2006
                                                                       North Central
                                                                       Pastor Paul Mooney – 317-262-4030
                                                                       Coordinator – Stephen Waddel – 765-457-7902      Calvary Tabernacle Church Inc.
                                                                       2613 Wynterpointe Dr. • Kokomo, IN 46901         902 Fletcher Ave.
                                                                       Study verses: Matthew 26:75 – 207 verses         Indianapolis, IN 46203-1039

                                                Encouraging and Equipping Educators

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                                                                                                  Gary D. Erickson

      Children . . .
    “At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? And Jesus called
  a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become
  as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child,
  the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven”           (Matthew 18:1-4).

                                                                     nurturing for them. My influence would help them navigate the
                                                                     labyrinth of life. All I could do was give them a life-map.
                                                                     Executing the trip would be ultimately theirs.
                                                                        It is selfish and immature to live only for the present. If we
                                                                     are to survive as a people, someone must think and plan
                                                                     ahead. Now is the time to shape the future. Investing in our
                                                                     children is investing in our future. Early childhood investment
                                                                     can save money, heartache, trouble, spiritual and physical
                                                                     poverty, and all kinds of human despair. The environmental
                                                                     influence on the life of a child is immeasurable. One of the
                                                                     greatest attributes a child possesses is the belief that they
                                                                     have potential. A child depends a great deal on what his par-
                                                                     ents believe about him. As John Maxwell said, “A child has no
                                                                     clear picture of himself. He sees himself only in the mirror of
                                                                     his parents’ evaluation of himself.” Developing an attitude of
                                                                     unlimited potential starts with the parent and the teacher. No
                                                                     matter what happens in any given day, if we think our child has
                                                                     potential, we are more likely to work to develop that potential
  Some nights I stood in the doorway of my                           with them.
                                                                        Pharaoh, the ancient Egyptian king, ordered all the Hebrew
  children’s bedrooms just contemplating                             baby boys to be murdered. Jochabed, Moses mother and a
                                                                     Hebrew, carefully concealed Moses in a basket and sent him
  the sanctity of the moment. I watched                              down the Nile River. Eventually, the basket found its way into
                                                                     the hands of Pharaoh’s daughter who recognized Moses as a
  their silent forms resting under the tucked                        Hebrew baby. She immediately favored Moses, so rather than
                                                                     take him home, which would have meant his certain death,
  covers as the soft moon light reflected off                        she hired a Hebrew woman to hide and raise him for a few
                                                                     years. Though Pharaoh’s daughter did not realize it, the
  their innocent faces.                                              woman she had hired was the child’s mother.
                                                                        Why did Jochabed get Moses back? It could be that God
         here they rested in my care. My love for them made me       returned Moses to his mother because He could trust her. Her

  T      linger momentarily just to ponder the nurturing bond of
         parent and child. The mystique that surrounded these
  young lives and the budding human potential that lay in my
                                                                     insight was what God needed to train Moses in the way he
                                                                     should go. It was during his early years, the formative years,
                                                                     that his potential would require careful cultivation to ensure he
  control was exhilarating and at the same time frightening. They    would fulfill God’s great purpose for his life. Jochabed had the
  did not know of my presence standing there while they slept        insight and commitment to unlock his potential.
  so still—just as they were unaware of so many other things.           Like Jochabed, we have our children for a few brief years to
  These little human beings were on a journey, a journey with        cultivate their potential. Our insight must be keen and our dedi-
  purpose and destiny. It would be an arduous journey with           cation to their success steadfast. We must be able to look
  sharp turns, steep inclines, and bumpy roads. It was my            beyond the natural circumstances and see what God has
  responsibility to bring them with me on my journey for a dis-      deposited within each of our children. Their potential is limit-
  tance. Then at some point in the future, they would part com-      less, and it is our responsibility as parents to unlock it!
  pany and go their own way. Now was a time of training and          Perhaps this is why Jesus said they are the greatest in the
                                                                     kingdom!  a
6•christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005
   around the world
       in 60 seconds

                                                                                                          Dorsey Burk

   CHILE: In December 2005, two Sunday School Rallies were
   held in Chile. Children gathered from surrounding neighbor-
   hoods to hear the message of salvation at the church in
   Florida. The church was packed with excited, noisy children.
   Once again an evangelistic campaign was held in O’Higgins.
   The puppet ministry captivated the attention and imagination of
   little ones, and then the Word was brought home to them with       LESOTHO: Our revival serv-
   a message of hope that is life changing. Many of these chil-       ices with Rev. Tim Greene went very
   dren live on the very edge of society. In a society of promiscu-   well. The Lord filled more than twenty people with the baptism
   ity, our message of hope must reach the hearts of the young        of the Holy Ghost. Several were from our United Nations Bible
   before they are dragged into the lifestyle of the world.           study group, and a few of the parents from the children’s
                                        —Darry and Kathy Crossley,    church drama were filled. Our neighbors on both sides
                           Regional Director, South America Region    received the Holy Ghost. India, Uganda, Liberia, Malawi,
                                                                      Nigeria, and Lesotho were represented by the different nation-
   UNITED KINGDOM: We have had a new convert come into                alities that received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
   the fold here in Liverpool recently. He was on the way to his                                                          —David Kline
   grandchild’s funeral and looked at our church as they drove by.
   The sign above the door quotes John 3:5 and has “Did you           TRINIDAD/TOBAGO-SPANISH CARIBBEAN: One of the
   know?” writen before it and “Have you?” after it. He said as he    Bible school students reports that while he was going from
   was looking, the sign grew and a light came upon it so he          house to house telling people about the Lord, he came to
   could clearly read it. (I have stood with him were he was as he    house where the family was crying as the man of the house
   drove past and from there he CANNOT read the sign.) On the         was near death. They had called an ambulance (but in
   following night, he felt that he had to come to the service. He    Trinidad that takes hours). The student asked if he could pray
   did and has never looked back. He received the Holy Ghost.         for the fellow. While the student was praying, the man
   and soon after he was baptized in the wonderful name of            opened up his eyes, tried to sit up, and was healed! Thank
   Jesus. Now he brings his other grandchildren to church with        God we can depend on Him much more than we can on the
   him!                                                               medical system here!
                                           —John and Sherri Hemus                                                      —Gary Landaw

   EL SALVADOR: Thank the Lord for a tremendous ladies con-           POLAND: On February 14, 2005, during a prayer meeting at
   vention on Saturday, March 26, 2005. There were approxi-           our church in Warsaw, Wiesek Jedrzejewski received the Holy
   mately nine thousand ladies in attendance and 178 new people       Ghost! After the meeting, his wife, Halina, was baptized in
   were filled with the Holy Ghost.                                   Jesus’ name. She had already received the Holy Ghost.
                                                — Scotty Slaydon        Then also in Warsaw that following Thursday, February 17,
                                                                      2005, Jarek Machalski was baptized in Jesus’ name. Prior to
   GDFM: Five hundred and fify-eight were filled with the Holy        him being baptized, we prayed for him and Andrzej Opaluch to
   Ghost in Papua New Guinea at the national conference in            receive the Holy Ghost, and both were filled with the Holy
   March 2005. One little boy who could not talk was healed and       Ghost evidence by speaking in tongues.
   left talking.                                                        We are thrilled at what the Lord is doing in Poland!
                                                 — Bruce Howell                                                       —Ray Nicholls      a
   EQUATORIAL GUINEA: We also want to report God’s pro-
                                                                         Dorsey Burk, Executive Assistant in Foreign Missions Division
   tection during a time of Cholera outbreak in Malabo. Many
                                                                      and Secretary of Veterans of Foreign Missions, is a graduate of
   lives were claimed at this time. One of the members’ three
                                                                      Conqueror’s Bible College, Portland, Oregon. He served as mis-
   children became seriously sick, but after prayer God delivered
                                                                      sionary in Jamaica and Germany before coming to WEC. Dorsey
   and healed them. The doctor that had been caring for them
                                                                      has authored several books.
   acknowledged the power of prayer as he asked the church to
   pray for him and his family. What a GREAT GOD we serve!
                                                — From Pasto Mua

8•christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005
              Word Aflame Publications has produced two CDs of worship
songs that reinforce Bible truths and lessons. Both offer brand-new songs by
Apostolics, sung by Apostolic children.                                             Meet
   Kids in Praise offers fifteen
brand-new songs performed by The
Pentecostals of Clearwater Children’s
Choir, Clearwater, Florida. All songs
were arranged and produced by Kim
                                                                                    I am Kent d Curry, and I have one wife (Nita),
Ballestero. Tracks 1-15 are music and                  ISBN# 0757731325
                                                                                    one prodigy (Caleb), one dog, and 3,000 books.
vocals to help the children learn the songs, and tracks 16-30 are
music only for the children to sing along.                                          I joined Word Aflame in 2000.
                                                                                    Other hats I wear include communications
  You Gotta Have the Holy Ghost           No One Loves Me                           director for PPH by day, Sunday school teacher
  One God                                 All Ye Children Praise Him                on Sunday, assistant to the youth Pastor on
  Hug from Heaven                         Heaven                                    Mondays and Wednesdays, an executive editor
                                                                                    of weekly, and
  All My Days                             Blessed and Highly Favored
                                                                                    father/husband 24-7.
  Woke Up This Morning                    Lord, I Worship You                       My favorite Bible character/story: As a kid,
  Inside Out                              Obey                                      there was nobody cooler than David, but as an
  Five Steps                              No Rock Gonna Cry Out                     adult I lean toward Daniel and Elijah, as their
  Galatians 5:26                                                                    lives seem so much more representative of life in
                                                                                    this post-Christian twenty-first century.
                                                                                    My favorite thing about Youth curriculum
   Kids in Praise 2 is a brand-new                                                  is the Break Point feature that allows teach-
CD arranged and produced by                                                         ers to customize their lesson for new converts
Stephanie Hutton. Eleven new songs                                                  or grew-up-in-the-church teens (what I call
feature the Fresh Praise Kids Singers                                               Professional Pentecostals). The more options
of Asheboro, North Carolina. The split-                                             teachers receive, the better the lesson.
track formatting allows the children to                       ISBN# 075773264X      My most challenging part about Youth
sing in church or class, with or without the vocals.                                curriculum is staying relevant (when creat-
                                                                                    ing material roughly five quarters in advance
  Shout to the Lord with Praise           I Wanna Please You, Father                of publication) and authentic, because
  Jesus Reign/Reign in Me                 Lord, You’re Holy                         authenticity is the currency of this genera-
  I Don’t Want to Take One Breath         He’s Been Good                            tion. Without it, Youth curriculum is DOA.
  The Earth Is the Lord’s                 Love, Peace, and Joy                      My best trait is my loyalty no matter what.
                                                                                    Once you earn your way into my little circle,
  I Wanna Testify                         Once Again                                it’s almost impossible to escape.
  Buy the Truth                                                                     The best work I ever did was convincing
                                                                                    my (then) employer that I was needed to help
    Both CDs offer some songs that are intended for use in classroom settings,      open our brand-new London office. I spent
while the others are perfect for choir performance. Using the vocals in both        two months in that spectacular city—and
settings gives the children extra confidence in singing, especially when before a   they paid me! Long hours during the week,
                                                                                    but the weekends were mine. My only regret
crowd, as well as the extra sound enhancements offered in a full recording.         is that I had to sleep sometimes.
    Order your CDs today through the Pentecostal Publishing House.
                                                                                    To learn more about Word Aflame curriculum,
                                                                                    visit 314-837-7300
  on ministry

                                                                                                        E.J. McDougall


   The sanctuary is filled with children wait-                          country and around the globe. Anyone who has seen it knows
                                                                        it carries all the story props. It’s amazing what all has come out
   ing with anticipation, some even on the                              of that bag – cowboy hats, Joseph’s coat, running shoes and
                                                                        hockey gloves—the list seems endless. The props in that bag
   edge of their seats. He takes his time                               make the lessons come alive.
                                                                           “YES I CAN”—countless campers have gone home with a lit-
   walking to the center of the platform,                               tle card containing a simple message “YES I CAN” live for
                                                                        God, be victorious, be filled, be faithful, and be used of God.
   always carrying an OLD GREEN BAG.                                    Some have placed it in their room or in a school locker while
                                                                        others have carried it in a purse or wallet. That little card is a
          he children know this man has come with a message just        constant reminder that they can be in the kingdom of God and

   T      for them. The story starts out slowly—always on their
          level—and within a few moments, he has captured their
   attention. For those privileged to have been in the audience,
                                                                        live for Him.
                                                                           Eric McDougall’s burden and love for our children and youth
                                                                        is evident. He just loves kids. He firmly believes seeing our
   you have undoubtedly come away with your soul full and your          children and youth filled with God’s Spirit is of utmost impor-
   mind refreshed in the Holy Ghost.                                    tance. He also stresses the importance of the church and min-
      The ministry of E. J. McDougall is diverse and covers a vast      istry in their lives as well as developing that essential relation-
   spectrum. Not only is he the pastor of Christian Tabernacle, in      ship with God.
   Sikeston, Missouri, he is also involved in Bible colleges, camp         His Teacher Training and Leadership Seminars are in high
   meetings, conventions and teacher training seminars. His min-        demand, challenging instructors to stretch their abilities and
   istry has had a far-reaching effect, spreading across the            leave mediocrity behind. He ministers to teachers with the
   United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa.              same creativity and exuberance that he has for children. The
      His teaching method, which involves use of stories, skits,        material is up-to-date and relevant to teachers trying to reach
   costumes, voice tones, exaggerated facial expressions, and           this generation. To participate in one of his seminars is invigor-
   lots of audience interaction, reflects that of the master teacher.   ating, refreshing, motivating, and uplifting.a
   Most importantly, it flows from his heart. Eric McDougall’s les-
   sons are well prepared and presented. During the story, you            Contact Information:
   will laugh, cry, shout, pray and worship – sometimes all at            Pastor E. J. McDougall
   once. His goal is to draw you to the altar. The altar service is a     P.O. Box 1372
   special time when God fills those wanting to receive the Holy          Sikeston, MO 63801
   Ghost, renews those in need of a refreshing, and blesses               Home Phone: 573-471-0677
   those wanting to thank Him for all He’s done.                          Church Phone: 573-472-3433
      Oh yes, that OLD GREEN BAG . . . well, it’s just a part of
   him. That bag has accompanied Eric McDougall across the

10•christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005
   to teacher

                                                                                                              Joni Owens

 Are Teacher Training
 Sessions Necessary?
   A public school teacher must go through                               ing at seminars and conferences throughout the country.
                                                                            WM: I am a certified public school teacher, but I have taught
   several years of education to earn the                                Sunday school and children’s church for over thirty-five years.
                                                                            HE: I have taught Sunday school for eight years. Unfortunately,
   right to teach children.                                              I have never participated in a teacher training seminar. I have
                                                                         never been made aware of any seminars of this type.
            pon receiving her degree and landing her first job, she         LT: Yes.

   U        soon learns that her education is far from over.
            Continuing education is not an option; to stay
   employed, she must take classes, attend seminars, participate
                                                                            While some have been blessed to either attend or teach
                                                                         training seminars, we are constantly made aware that many do
                                                                         not; it is sad that such opportunities are not promoted so that
   in hands-on training sessions, and of course read, read, and          more may take advantage of them. Thankfully, this problem is
   read.                                                                 receiving the attention it deserves, and more districts and local
      If teacher training is that important in the secular world, what   churches are offering at least annual teacher training semi-
   then must we as Sunday school teachers and children’s work-           nars. The General Sunday School Division also hosts an annu-
   ers do to reach our children? Is knowledge of God’s Word all          al Children’s Ministry Convention, designed specifically for
   that we need? The answer to that is a resounding no! The sal-         Sunday school teachers and children’s ministry workers.
   vation of our children often depends on us, and so our deliv-            2. Do you feel that regular teacher training for Sunday
   ery, ability, communication skills, creativity, and understanding     school and children’s church workers is important? Why
   of teaching and learning must be the best that we can possibly        or why not?
   make it. When one considers that our children are only with us           DP: I believe that attending some form of teacher training is
   for one to three hours per week (Sunday school and children’s         vital to keeping ourselves fresh and aware of new and exciting
   church), we absolutely must do all that we can to reach them.         methods and programs to teach a timeless message in a time-
      So, what do you do to be the best teacher you can be? Do           ly manner.
   you attend Sunday school conventions? Does your church                   WM: Teacher training is important because it keeps the
   offer annual teacher training seminars? When your district            teachers fresh and able to share and learn new ideas and
   hosts its annual Sunday school meetings, are you able to              approaches. Teachers in the secular world must attend contin-
   attend? What books have you read lately that opened your              uing education classes; how much more should we want to
   eyes to specific needs, such as learning styles, handling chil-       continue our education in order to reach souls of all ages!
   dren with disabilities, understanding the challenges of dysfunc-         HE: I feel that it is extremely important because of many rea-
   tional families?                                                      sons. I think that when you teach for so many years, it is good
      With all of this in mind, we asked a few teachers and chil-        to get new ideas and insights. Things are always changing and
   dren’s workers some questions regarding teacher training semi-        there are always new concepts that can be learned to benefit
   nars. We hope that their responses help you—more specifically,        not only the students, but the teacher as well. I know I don’t
   inspire you to host or at least attend a seminar in your area. Be     have all the answers, and any information that enlightens me,
   the best teacher that you can be.                                     encourages me, and most of all empowers me with knowledge
      A big thank you goes to the following teachers and workers         for the work of God is priceless.
   for participating in this forum: Dennis Ploch (DP) of Memphis,           LT: Regular training should be mandatory! Ongoing training
   TN; Winnie McAdams (WM) of Minden, LA; Heather Estes (HE)             for workers is the basis for making sure everything will be
   of Owensboro, KY; and Lois Truman (LT) of Florissant, MO.             done “decently and in order,” as commanded by the Word.
      1. Do you currently teach, have you taught, or have you               3. What should be taught in a teacher training session?
   participated in a teacher training seminar?                              DP: We need to touch on the basics as well as learning new
      DP: Yes, we have been involved with teaching children in some      ways that can be effective in spreading the gospel. We must
   manner for thirty plus years and have had the privilege of speak-     find ways of making our teaching more relevant to our chil-

12•christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005
dren—things that they can use Monday morning when they are          teaching style, but when a teacher has prayed over her lesson
at school or on the playground. We need to teach more than          and teaches me a story I have heard and taught several times,
just Bible stories—teach Bible principles.                          I still get something new from it. I recently took a postgraduate
   WM: One of the major issues in today’s classes is reaching       class and the teacher showed us a different approach to coop-
the people who are not auditory learners. Many of our children      erative/small group learning. I couldn’t wait to try it with my
need the hands-on activities and practical lessons to under-        adult class at church.
stand what the Bible lesson is all about. The second need is to        LT: The opportunity to network with other peers and to ask
be reminded to keep our burden fresh. There is a reason we          questions pertinent to classroom issues.
sacrifice our time to pray for each child and his or her family.       7. What was the least beneficial?
Along with this reminder of the burden should be a special             WM: When the teacher had obviously not prayed and lec-
time of renewal of commitment and prayer for each Sunday            tured the entire session without visuals or demonstrations. I am
school teacher. Third, some teachers need help in under-            not an auditory learner and need visual and tactile sessions.
standing how to use the material their church purchases. My            LT: Listening to someone lecture on a topic that has little or
husband always has me explain how to use the material, and          nothing to do with my interest area.
do an actual lesson.                                                   8. What incentives are or should be offered to get
   HE: Puppet ministry; bus ministry (how to start and maintain     teachers to attend?
an active and successful one); classroom discipline (especially        DP: Plenty of handouts and resources.
for bus ministry children); children’s church/kids POWer hour          WM: Most of our teachers want to attend so they can be
(how to start and maintain one); prayer ministry (this is the       better teachers. When we have special sessions with outside
foundation of all that we do); teaching techniques (new ideas       speakers, we give our teachers certificates that show the ses-
and incentives for class involvement); classroom decorating         sions they attended and topics covered. The teachers like to
ideas (on a slim budget).                                           display these on the wall.
   LT: Trainings should be of a practical and informative nature       HE: I feel that if you have a true burden for teaching, there
so teachers can be as familiar with the characteristics of their    really doesn’t have to be any special incentives. Just knowing,
age groups as possible. Each age has its unique issues, and         understanding, and submitting to your burden should make
teacher training sessions are the times when these character-       you want to glean all you can to further the kingdom of God.
istics can be taught to ensure the highest level of developmen-        LT: Door prizes are fun. If possible, a drawing for a certain
tally appropriate practices in the classroom.                       amount of money to be used for resources is a good incentive.
   4. How long should a session be (entire seminar as well          Providing well-stocked notebooks with resources and articles a
as short classes)?                                                  teacher can use is a must!
   DP: In the past, I have found that a one-hour class is not
long enough. It seems that you must hurry through your mate-           As you can see, the answers are wide and varied. However,
rial to get done, and it is hard to deal with anything in depth.    all agree that teacher training sessions are of vital importance.
   WM: Short classes should be no longer than fifty minutes,        Encourage your local church or district to host a seminar—the
or include a break of ten minutes and reconvene, to hold the        answers offered here could be a springboard for a planning
attention of the audience. Our children have shorter attention      committee. The General Sunday School Division as well as
spans, but we often forget that after thirty minutes of lecture,    Word Aflame Publications (your source for apostolic Sunday
an adult’s mind begins to wander. Seminars should not be over       school and children’s church curriculum) would be happy to
three days (two nights/two days), with breaks.                      assist. Keep your eyes and ears open for any opportunity to
   HE: I suggest a two- to three- day seminar with various          attend a training session in your area; search the Web for infor-
classes, lasting one to three hours each.                           mation (there is an abundance of inter-denominational training
   LT: Most sessions should range from forty to forty-five min-     opportunities across the country).
utes. Day seminars are the most practical for people’s sched-          Whatever your hand findeth to do, do it with all your might.
ules, such as 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.                                      Let the United States Army’s slogan be yours: be all that you
   5. How often should they be held?                                can be to teach God’s children. Happy learning!   a
   DP: Twice a year.
   WM: Short sessions in individual churches should be held            Joni Owens serves as Word Aflame Publications’
each quarter (this is also a time of fellowship and encourage-      Kindergarten and PreTeen editor. She has taught at the
ment). The longer sessions should be held at least once a           Children’s Ministry Convention, an annual teacher training
year.                                                               opportunity hosted by the General Sunday School Division.
   HE: At least once a year.                                        Make plans now to attend in 2006—August 2-4 in St. Louis,
   LT: Once a quarter.                                              Missouri. For additional teacher training seminar ideas, feel
   6. What have you found to be most beneficial in ses-             free to contact Word Aflame Publications at,
sions you have attended?                                            or
   DP: Understanding that we all learn in different forms, and
that we need to adjust our teaching to cover all different styles
of learning.
   WM: The most beneficial tool I have gained is someone
showing me how they do things. I may modify it to suit my own

                                                                     christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005•13
tips for

                                                                                                      Billie J. Lambert

    Variety. . . The Spice of Life
   Holidays are usually charged with a multi-                        of you have played; only I’ll say “temptation” for “red light” and
                                                                     the word “obey” for “green light.” When I say “obey,” take
   tude of emotions. Busyness often causes                           steps toward me. When I say “temptation” stop walking and
                                                                     freeze. If you don’t stop when I say “temptation,” you must go
   Stress . . . with a capital “S”. During the                       back and start over. If you run, push, or trip someone, you go
                                                                     back. If you move or fall after you stop, you must go back and
   winter quarter, we have Christmas, New                            start over. The game is over when someone reaches me and
                                                                     touches me.
   Year, and Valentine’s Day. Avoid stress                              To start the game, turn you’re back to the kids and yell, “Obey.”
                                                                     Kids walk toward you. After a few seconds, yell, “Temptation,”
   and enjoy “Peace on Earth” by planning                            and quickly turn around. Send anyone who didn’t stop completely
                                                                     back to the beginning, then play again.
   ahead.                                                               After the game ends, discuss with the children the conse-
                                                                     quences of obeying God and stopping when we face temptation.
      n preparation for Sunday school, go through your calendar

   I  and prioritize what needs to be “pre-prepared” to make the
      holidays special for the students you teach, whether they
   are young or old.
     Be sure to make time to read the editorial in the Winter
   Teacher’s Manual. Scan the entire quarterly and make note of
   teaching ideas. Sharpen the learning ability of those you teach
   with captivating new ideas.
     Since you will be reading this article after Christmas, I am
                                   only including ideas for New
                                   Year’s and Valentine’s Day.

                                     ight/G ight:
                                 Red L reen L
                                 The game is a good New Year
                                 game for children. Have kids
                                 form a line approximately fifty
                                 feet long from where you stand.
                                    Say: A new year is here. This
                                 past year you may have done
                                 things that you should not have
                                 done. You may have given into
                                                                     Valentine:      Valentine’s Day is always celebrated on the
                                                                     fourteenth of February. Why not make the entire month of
                                 temptations that led you down       February a time to demonstrate love in action? We need to
                                 the wrong path. Let’s promise       express our love daily. Take time to write a note of love or
                                 ourselves this year we will do      appreciation to someone. Give a pat on the back or a hug to
                                 differently. We are going to play   someone you don’t normally show attention to. Do something
                                 a game to help us to remember       special on Sunday morning for the students you teach.
                                 to obey God and not give in to        Turn your classroom into a Valentine’s Day Special:
                                 temptation.                           Make heart puzzles: Use a sheet of red construction paper
                                    This game is like the Red        to make a large red heart. With a colored crayon, write a scrip-
                                 Light/Green Light game some         ture about love on the heart before you cut the heart into puz-

14•christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005
zle pieces. Hide the pieces about the room. You may make               ribbon through the hole. As the pupils jiggle the string, the
more than one heart puzzle by writing the scripture in different       marionette moves.
colors. Set a time to start looking. See which group finds their
matching pieces first.
   Decorate your classroom with large heart-shaped red place-
                                                                       Dancing Heart:            Materials needed: One large sheet of
                                                                       poster paper, two sheets of red construction paper, white con-
mats on the table in front of each chair. For refreshments,            struction paper, scissors, and glue. Cut one large heart from
service one-half bagel spread with strawberry cream cheese.            the poster paper, and a smaller heart from construction paper
(Use a softened 8-ounce package of cream cheese and 4                  for the head. Paste the two largest hearts together. The arms
tablespoons of strawberry preserves blended together.) Serve           and legs are made from layered strips of white paper folded
strawberry drinks.                                                     alternately according to style. Make two short folded strips for
                                                                       the arms and two longer folded strips for the legs. Paste the
                                                                       ends of the arms and legs together.
        arty re-teens and Youth:
No-Date P for P
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a no-date party. Eliminate cliques
                                                                          Paste or staple the arms and legs to the Dancing Heart Man.
                                                                       Hands and feet are made from small hearts pasted in place.
by helping guys and girls understand that friends in the church        Jiggle the Valentine to see the Heart Man dance or tape to the
and Sunday school should include everyone. Decorate with               door of your room. He will dance as you open and close the
hearts of every size taped to the ceiling, the wall, light fixtures,   door.
and ceilings. Do not use scotch tape. Use masking tape or bet-
ter yet use “Permacel” tape. (It will not damage the most deli-           Teacher you can spice up your class by trying new ideas.
cate of surfaces.) Cover a long table for refreshments with a          Avoid just doing what is always easy for you. Think about those
white cloth and scatter other hearts on it. Purchase humorous          you face every Sunday morning. Be sensitive to their needs
Valentines, cut out the faces on them, and replace with snap-          and interest whether they are two or sixty-two. There are many
shots of young people. These could be taped to one specific            Sunday school dropouts because of boredom. The ideas given
wall. Everyone wear red. Add other decorations of your choice.         in this article will assist you in making, “Variety the spice of
                                                                       life,” in your class.

Valentine Marionette:             Cut hearts of proportionate
sizes to form the marionette’s body, head, arms, and legs. Use
                                                                         Billie J. Lambert is Director of Education at First
                                                                       Pentecostal Church in Jackson, Mississippi, and a frequent
brass paper fasteners to join the hearts together. Punch a             speaker of teacher training seminars around North America.
small hole in the top center of the marionette’s head, and tie a

                                                                         christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005•15
helping the

                                                                                                     David Reynolds

     “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he . . .” (Proverbs 23 :7).

     It is important what your child believes                        to form something special and that he is that special creation.
                                                                         “As a man perceives himself—so is he.”
   about God—and about himself.                                        Of course, the most important belief you can instill in your
                                                                     child is a belief in a great and loving God who cares, protects,
     nteresting your child does not need most of the material        and influences all things at all times. There must be a confi-

   I things, which you think are so important. He does not need
     to be entertained. What he does need is a strong belief sys-
   tem that tells him he is important in the eyes of God—he is
                                                                     dence that not only does God affect his life but that he, in turn,
                                                                     can touch and access God.
                                                                       A number of years ago, I attended a workshop by H.
   somebody! He needs to believe that with the help of the Lord      Stephen Glenn who is so interesting to me, for he is brilliant
   he can handle and cope with all that life throws at him.          yet cannot write his own papers. He is extremely learning
     How he relates to others and to life’s challenges will depend   handicapped in this area—yet in spite of this, he is a great suc-
   upon a belief that, “God don’t make no dirt!”—He used the dirt    cess in the arena of understanding learning. In the workshop,

16•christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005
                                                                            affect their grades, even by hard work and study.
                                                                               In one middle school I am familiar with, 25 percent of the
                                                                            young people do not hand in even one assignment. They are
                                                                            passive spectators in the game of life. This is sad, for God
                                                                            gave them ability. God made them capable of great things.
                                                                               We must instill in our young people that they are real players
                                                                            in the game called life and they can influence their lives for the
                                                                            better. What they do—or don’t do—does make a difference.

                                                                              A strong belief system is a very personal thing. Your child
                                                                            develops this for himself. You cannot teach it—but you can
                                                                            model and encourage it. It takes time to cement a belief sys-
                                                                              1. Your child learns proper behavior by the age of five (by
                                                                                 modeling good behavior and being disciplined for poor
he gave us what he felt was necessary for successful living.                  2. It takes until ten or eleven to develop a value system. (A
He listed what he envisioned to be the essential beliefs and                     child most often accepts the values of the people who
skills for a full life. In this article, I will share with you his essen-        are significant in his life.)
tial beliefs.                                                                 3. A belief system, however, comes slowly in the teenage
                                                                                  years as your young person observes life, evacuates
  Necessary Beliefs                                                               behaviors and decides what is true and what is valuable
  I am capable!                                                                   for him. His world around him molds his beliefs. How he
  Your child needs to believe he is capable to handle the chal-                   sees himself determines his boundaries.
lenges of life. He needs to believe, “I can do all things through
Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13).
  Parents, do not dwell on your child’s weaknesses, build on
his strengths. All God’s children have talents. Encourage them
to try. You would do well to handle their mistakes and then do
what God does—He puts them into the deepest sea to be
remembered against them no more.

   I am significant!
   We all must believe that we are a special creation. That God
has chosen us for a special task.
   Remember how you felt when you were chosen last—every
time, for the teams in PE? That is the way many of our children
feel all the time. But, we are special “But ye are a chosen
generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar peo-
ple; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath
called you out of darkness into his marvellous light” (I Peter                 Why is this so important? When he questions a behavior and
2:9).                                                                       even values—it will be his beliefs that will direct his life.
   Parents, Tell your children often that they are special and                 How beautiful when he sees himself as an awesome cre-
that you are proud of them—better yet, tell some of your adult              ation of God—capable of great things. Maybe not perfect —but
friends about your special child when you know your child is                still being molded in His image.
eves-dropping.                                                                 Parents and teachers, you can cripple or enable a child for
   Let’s start talking about our children the way your parents              life just by the way you view him. He will view himself as you
talk about their grandchild. Remember, it is the same kid.                  view him. a
  I can influence what happens to me!                                         David Reynolds has authored six books and writes a
  Most children feel they are not in control of their lives. They           monthly column on the Teaching Ministry and on Family
feel like a ping-pong ball that is batted around by forces                  Relationships. He has served in the teaching profession for
beyond their control. Most do not believe that they can even                over thirty years.

                                                                              christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005•17
                             Understanding God’s Word                                                                  Miracle Center - kid’s POWer hour
                             David K. Bernard                                                                          Word Aflame Publications
                             In Understanding God’s Word, a sequel to God’s Infallible                                 By learning about their bodies (from their five senses to
                             Word, Bernard discusses the interpretation of Scripture,                                  their muscles, mind, and heart), children will learn that
                             addressing questions such as: How can we interpret the                                    they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, and
                             Bible properly? Is there a distinctive Apostolic approach to                              that their bodies are His temple. Special helps are pro-
                             reading Scripture? How should we use the Bible in preach-                                 vided for conducting a vacation Bible school. The
                             ing, teaching, and personal study? How do we apply the                                    resource kit includes a CD with songs to accompany
                             Bible’s message to our lives?                                                             the lessons, as well as lesson-related props and many
                             70-1567226620 Paper                                  $14.00                               other teaching aids.
                                                                                            70-1567226574                               Manual                           $18.50
                        Financial Planning                                                  70-1567226582                               Resource Kit                     $50.00
                        for Succesful Living
                                                                                                                   Upholding Our Future Hope
                        Word Aflame Elective Series
                        Study Text
                                                                                                                   G. Jorge Medina (Editor)
                        With scriptural applications, this text covers money manage-                               This book disputes the preterists theories and demon-
                        ment, budgeting, tithing principles, investments, insurance                                strates fully the truth recorded in Scripture. Contributing
                        retirement, wills, taxes, interest, and record keeping.                                    authors include: David Bernard, William B. Chalfant, Steve
                        70-1567226299 Paperback                                 $7.00                              Pixler, J. R. Ensey, Phillip A. Dugas, Ken Gurley, John T.
                                                                                                                   Larabell and David Norris.
  PowerPoint Slides
  These slides will assist the teacher in conveying the lesson’s main points.                                       “We must at all times take a firm stand for biblical truth, as
  70-0757731384                             CD-ROM                            $11.00                                the authors of this book have done. They have thoroughly
                                                                                            demonstrated that preterism contradicts the Holy Writ. While we can allow for a
  Teacher’s Resource Packet                                                                 pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib Rapture, we cannot allow preterism to rob us of
  Along with the Visual Master Descriptions, this packet contains: visual masters, that     ‘that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour
  can be reproduced as transparencies on color or plain paper copiers (if copy-safe         Jesus Christ.’” -Anthony Mangun, Pastor, The Pentecostals of Alexandria
  transparency film is used); suggested teaching methods; answers to the “Test Your         (Louisiana)
  Knowledge” section at the end of each chapter of the study text.                          70-1567226639                               Paper                             $14.00
  70-1567226302                           Resource Packet                     $12.00

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                                             Winter 2006
servant to

                                                                                                       Richard M. Davis

        Beautiful Sounds
                                                                         Symphony Orchestra!) It sounded nothing like my bland prac-
                                                                         tice sessions when I was simply following the designated notes
                                                                         for my part.
                                                                            In many ways, the orchestra is like a well-rounded Sunday
                                                                         school. There are not nine or ten different classes playing the
                                                                         same notes; rather, it is a harmonious collection of each class
                                                                         playing its part—playing what those students know, understand,
                                                                         and play best. They are not all trumpets, or bass drums, or pic-
                                                                         colos, or trombones, or baritones—but an orchestra of doctri-
                                                                         nal truth and understanding!
                                                                            Have you ever asked (or heard another person ask), “Why
                                                                         don’t all the Sunday school classes study the same lesson on
                                                                         any given Sunday?” “Wouldn’t that allow great biblical discus-
                                                                         sion around the Sunday dinner table?” And on paper, it looks
                                                                         and sounds like a terrific idea! The problem is: it just doesn’t
                                                                         work very well. It is what is known commonly in curriculum
                                                                         publishing circles as uniform curriculum, and there is a reason
                                                                         why few major curriculum publishers offer it in any form.
  Have you ever played in an orchestra or a                                 The uniform approach to curriculum severely limits what sub-
                                                                         jects in the Bible can be taught. Obviously, there are themes
  band? Perhaps you were fortunate                                       that teens and adults need to study that are inappropriate for
                                                                         younger children. By the same token, the youngest students
  enough to hold the “first seat,” which                                 are only able to study themes such as “God Loves Me,” “God
                                                                         Is Good,” and “God Made My World,” etc. Clearly, the older
  possibly meant you played the main part                                students need to be able to learn more advanced concepts
                                                                         from the Word of God. For example, teens need to study
  for that particular section of instruments.                            appropriate behavior as believers in situations that have no
                                                                         application for the youngest students, such as in dating rela-
      f that was the case for you, your part usually contained a lit-    tionships.

  I   tle more of the melody line than the parts of people like me
      who played the “second” or “third-seat” (or other) parts.
  Sorry! I just didn’t inherit an incredible talent for music.
                                                                            Enter the Spiral Concept by Word Aflame Publications. Think
                                                                         of a funnel with a small, narrow end that progresses toward a
                                                                         broad, wide end; the narrow end represents the child’s range
     Of course, I also realize that my lack of melody-line parts         of age-appropriate lessons while the wide end represents the
  had primarily to do with the instrument I played; the baritone         adult’s range of lessons. It grows throughout one’s progression
  just doesn’t get to play many lead parts in the orchestra. But if      through the total Sunday school.
  you could have heard me practice, like my mother heard me. .              Word Aflame curriculum brings a form of unity to the Sunday
  . . There just wasn’t much music involved! It was a matter of          school in a way that is compatible with the age-appropriate
  playing the designated notes at the appropriate times—and it           needs of every learner. The various levels of Sunday school
  definitely was an action of faith! But I wasn’t alone! Many other      curriculum generally follow four, quarterly thematic divisions,
  instruments had supportive roles like mine in the band that did-       which bring general continuity among the children’s levels (five
  n’t sound so terrific—until you put all the parts together, that is.   levels), among the teenage levels (two levels), and for the adult
     It was so amazing to hear the final piece of orchestration,         level. To a lesser degree, continuity also develops out of the
  with every instrument playing its part—timely, on cue, on note,        total curriculum where the students usually are studying
  in harmony, and beautiful! (Well, as beautiful as an adolescent
  band could be; after all, we weren’t the Philharmonic                                                                (continued on page 23)
                                                                          christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005•19

                                                                                                  Gary D. Erickson

When Geese Fly Backward
Two thousands years ago, the prosper-                                success we go, the more we become a target for the critic.
                                                                     Criticism is difficult to handle, and listening to the negative
ous Han Dynasty ruled ancient China.                                 remarks of others goes against our nature. When we are
                                                                     blasted with criticism, we might feel as unnatural as a goose
This dynasty is viewed by many to be the                             flying backward! It is only natural to avoid painful feed back
                                                                     from others, especially the negative kind. We prefer to
greatest period in Chinese history.                                  assume that things are great and that we are pleasing every-
                                                                     one. Although we clearly understand that we are not perfect,
          hinese scholars compiled a series of writings called the   it is fun to think we might be! Of course, this thinking is dis-

C         Twenty-one Histories, which is an official biography of
          each dynasty including stories, statistics, war chroni-
cles, and so forth. In a chapter called “Unusual Events,” there
                                                                     honest, will prevent positive change, and will lead to serious
                                                                     disappointment. Accepting criticism and responding to it in a
                                                                     positive way can be a valuable asset.
are descriptions of earthquakes, floods, and other natural               Even though Jesus was perfect and all of His decisions
occurrences. In addition to these normal phenomena are               were the right ones, He was severely criticized. He was called
bizarre manifestations such as geese flying backward, two-           a wine bibber, a blasphemer, a law breaker, and was accused
headed sheep, stars suddenly appearing in different parts of         of being unpatriotic. He was finally executed for being a man
the sky and so on. The natural disasters can be verified, but        who made Himself God. Apostle Paul was subjected to perpet-
what could these weird insertions mean?                              ual criticism and much of it came from the church he was try-
   The Chinese emperor was considered the center of the uni-         ing to build and support. He was criticized for associating with
verse and a force of nature. Everything in the universe              Gentiles, mishandling money, being a spy, being a trouble-
revolved around him and his decisions. To criticize the emper-       maker, and disrespecting Jewish traditions. Being able to han-
or was equivalent to criticizing divine order. No minister or        dle criticism is a mark of emotional intelligence and maturity.
courtier dared to question the emperor. Since the emperor                The following suggestions are offered to handle criticism:
was a fallible human being, errors in judgment naturally                 Be discerning: It is important to distinguish between con-
occurred from time to time. Inserting sightings of strange phe-      structive and destructive criticism. Sometimes criticism is
nomena into the court chronicle was the only way to warn the         unjustified and is given with a vindictive motive. We can be
lofty leader. When the emperor would read that geese were            criticized even though we have done the right thing. On the
flying backward and the moon was out of orbit, he would real-        other hand, even when the critic is unnecessarily rude, it is a
ize he was being cautioned by nature to correct his course.          good idea to take the criticism seriously. They could be right!
   The Han emperors must have lived under extreme pressure           During Paul’s questioning, Ananias commanded council mem-
attempting to lead the empire with flawless precision. Not           bers to smite him on the face. In response Paul said, “God
allowing criticism may have been a comfortable arrangement           shall smite thee, thou whited wall: for sittest thou to judge me
to some degree, but it forced the scribes to lie in the chronicle    after the law, and commandest me to be smitten contrary to
to correct their king. These lies are left for our amusement.        the law?” He was then challenged for speaking to the high
   This story illustrates that avoiding criticism may not be as      priest in such a disrespectful fashion. Paul immediately apolo-
ideal as we might think. We must face it—everything we do in         gized for his disrespectful comment even though they had no
life will be subject to criticism. On the other hand, if we do       right to be hitting him. Being ready to admit our wrong is a
nothing, we will be criticized for being lazy and nonproductive.     good thing.
Therefore, criticism is inevitable. The higher up the ladder of          When criticism comes frequently from the same person it

                                                                      christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005•21
focus on

                                                                                                          Steve Allard

    Servant Styled Leadership
   One of the great paradoxes of the faith is                         the Sunday School director for the Western District and serve
                                                                      as senior pastor with my wife and children of a wonderful,
   Christian leadership, articulated by Jesus,                        thriving church in Modesto, California. But today the demands
                                                                      placed on the position of leadership and responsibility of lead-
   who claims, “Whoever wants to be great                             ership is unprecedented. I am constantly reminded of my lack
                                                                      of resources and the evil evolution of our society. Society
   must become a servant to all”                                      appears to be a moving target; new trends, fads and shifting
                                                                      paradigms demand my focus, but must never compromise my
   (Mark 9:35).                                                       heart. I have been called to be a servant first!
                                                                         Periodically I have found it imperative to refocus on the “ser-
          oday, we have plenty of leaders who claim to be             vant side” of my calling. Leadership is casting vision, imple-

   T      Christian, but the real question is, do we have Christian
          leaders? In our society today there seems to be a dearth
   of truly compassionate leadership, who
                                                                      menting plans, strategizing and hosting meetings, but in a
                                                                      weightier manner of Jesus styled leadership is reaching,
                                                                                             touching and caring for all. In North
   genuinely care for masses of hurting,                                                     America today we are touching the world.
   directionless souls! Christ centered                                                      The mantra of today’s church leaders
   leadership is a divine imperative and                                                     must be to serve all peoples, regardless
   demands our attention at all cost. We                                                     of constricting prejudices. Revival
   who are involved in reaching, teaching,                                                   churches and Sunday Schools have an
   discipling and equipping Sunday school                                                    open door policy to “all” the lost and are
   attendees must remain servants.                                                           ready to “serve” everybody.
      I was blessed to be raised on the mis-                                                    From a practical prose I have found the
   sion field most of my life until returning                                                simple leadership style of Jesus works
   home in my twenties. Over those many                                                      best for me. Whether I am doing the work
   years I observed the servant-hood com-                                                    of the pastor or serving the ministry of
   mitment of such Pentecostal greats as                                                     Sunday School in my district, if I will
   Rev. E.L and Nona Freeman, Sis. Elsa                                                      remember it’s not about me but a cause
   Lund, Bro. & Sis. Donald O’Keefe, Bro.                                                    greater than my ambitions and
   & Sis. R.K. Rodenbush and my own par-                                                     desires…it’s about my service to Christ as
   ents Bro. & Sis. Edward Allard amongst                                                    I am a servant to others.
   others. These heroes’ of the faith and                                                       Did your call to Christian action end
   champion’s of the destitute have forever                                                  with your vote? If faith without works is
   impacted my leadership style of tireless                                                  dead, then let there be a resurrection of
   reaching. Leadership is not a position                                                    Christian action on behalf of the poor, the
   but a responsibility, a responsibility to do whatever must be      hungry, the downtrodden and the children in our nation. Let
   done. When leadership style is birthed in the cradle of adver-     this rebirth start with us in our community. The time has come
   sity and challenge you quickly learn to look beyond the limita-    for there to be more Christians who just happen to be
   tions of circumstance and see God possibilities.                   American, rather than more Americans who just happen to be
      Ministry is fraught with challenges and opportunity to          Christian. It’s time to serve and truly be and take the “whole
   burnout and bailout. I have served as an A.I.M. worker, evan-      gospel to the whole world, by all the church.”  a
   gelist, pastor and on various committees; currently I serve as

22•christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005
Servant to Servant
(continued from page 19)
                                                                     not subjected to lessons that are beyond their comprehension,
lessons from the same general themes of Scripture, such as           but they are challenged to expand their understanding of
Old Testament, New Testament, Life of Christ and                     Scripture in an age-appropriate way as they advance through
Redemption, and the Church and Relationships. By taking this         the total Sunday school curriculum. Consequently, a well-bal-
general approach to curriculum formulation, we empower               anced scriptural approach aids and enhances the natural mat-
teachers to teach all the areas of Scripture, not only those that    uration and development of every student.
are age-appropriate for children.                                      What is the end result of Word Aflame’s Spiral Concept?
   Teenagers may be learning what the Bible has to say about         Instead of the trumpets, oboes, and tubas all blasting out the
their relationships with fellow teens and how they should con-       same notes with volume, the church ends up with a harmo-
duct themselves around those of the opposite sex. On the             nious concert of biblical understanding. It is similar to the way
other hand, the children also are studying about relationships,      that each instrument adds its notes to the total piece of
but they are studying about God and His love for them, about         orchestration, contributing to a satisfying melody of exquisite,
parental love and care, and about the care of pastors and            though different, complementary sounds. Out of the Sunday
teachers in the church.                                              school comes a balanced, harmonious approach to learning,
   True, not all the students of the Sunday school study David       maturity, and biblical literacy. And what a beautiful sound that
and Goliath on the same day, which adds challenging dimen-           makes in any church!  a
sions to the Sunday table talk. However, the Spiral Concept
does allow the teens and adults to study about the Nail of Jael,       Reverend Richard M. Davis is editor of Word Aflame
which would never be appropriate for the children. There are         Publications. He and his wife Sharon have three adult
lessons to learn from every Bible story and every biblical prin-     daughters and three beautiful granddaughters. Word Aflame
ciple, but every student studies on the basis of his or her abili-   Publications serves teachers, who in turn serve their stu-
ty to receive the principles and lessons involved. Students are      dents and churches.

Teacher’s Devotion
(continued from page 21)

might be best to ignore it. But, if it comes from a variety of       thinks. People can be ignorant, fickle, and wrong, but God is
sources, there could be some legitimacy.                             always right. It is a wonderful consolation to know we are right
   Let it help you grow: Norman Vincent Peale said, “The             with God.
trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by            Keep the big picture in view: None of us are perfect and
praise than saved by criticism.” Sometimes an enemy can              occasionally our decisions will be flawed and there will always
help us more than a friend by their frank and unpolished criti-      be someone to help us to see the error of our ways.
cism. Our friends want to encourage us and retain the friend-        Sometimes our decisions are the right ones, nevertheless,
ship. They will be reluctant to say negative things. The goal is     some will not think so. Facing critical backlash can be painful
to take the bricks thrown at us and build a strong foundation        and overwhelming. We must realize that this is only a blip on
with them.                                                           the screen and things will improve with time. God Himself
   Do not dwell on it: Criticism can damage our self-esteem          does not judge a man until his life is over.
and make us feel unloved and unappreciated. It is best to cor-          Clive Simpkins said, “‘Criticisers’—if I may coin a word—are
rect our error and move on. Tom Pryor said, “Sometimes I feel        usually unhappy, unbalanced people. Generally trying to make
critics are like needles in a balloon factory, simply looking for    themselves stand taller by tottering on the cadavers of those
an opportunity to ‘pop’ my project, ‘blow away’ new ideas or         they crush underfoot. They’re often incapable, ever, of seeing
‘deflate’ recent accomplishments.” If we dwell on the negative,      the potential or the upside of a situation or idea. To quote
it will take a destructive toll on our outlook.                      thinker and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘Taking to
   Do not get bitter: Solomon said, “Correction is grievous          pieces is the trade of those who cannot construct.’ That’s
unto him that forsaketh the way: and he that hateth reproof          them.”
shall die” (Proverbs 15:10). Accepting the fact that some peo-          Being willing to accept criticism will prevent strange behav-
ple will not approve regardless of what you do, will help some       ior by our friends and enemies (such as pouting, low morale,
criticism to be more palatable. Eleanor Roosevelt said,              rudeness, sarcasms, and so forth). If they know we are sensi-
“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”            tive about criticism, they will attempt to send messages to us
Even Jesus could not please everyone. In fact we are warned,         in strange ways. When geese fly backward we know it is time
“Beware when all men speak well of you.”                                                                   a
                                                                     to open the door to a little criticism.
   Keep a relationship with God: Ultimately it is what God

                                                                      christian educator•volume 26/issue 1•winter 2005•23
                                                                                                                               Plus tax (estimate $180.00)

               What Does The Trip Include?                                                                                 Kenneth F. Haney: Do not pass up this great
• Airfare • Round-trip from Newark, NJ (Non-stop flight) • Hotel • Two meals a day •                                       opportunity to tour the Holy Land with other
Coach transportation and tour guides • Gratuities • Dinner meetings with dignitaries                                       BREAD Bible readers.

                        Sights You Will Visit!
Capernaum                Jericho                  Gethsemane                Pool of Siloam                 Jerry Jones: Join me on this trip of a lifetime.
Golan Heights            Bethlehem                Nazareth Village          Via Dolorosa                   You will relive the Bible stories as you tour these his-
                                                                                                           torical and spiritual sites.
Valley of Megiddo        Sea of Galilee           Ein Gedi                  Caesarea Philippi
Jordan River             Garden Tomb              Bethany                   Dead Sea
Caesarea by the sea      Upper Room               Knesset                   Masada
Israeli                  Jerusalem                Mt. of Temptation         Tiberias
Mount of Olives          Temple Institute         Qumran                                                                   Bruce Howell:          Join me and other Bible read-
                                                                                                                           ers for an exciting tour you will remember for a life-
                                      Is It Safe?
This question is only asked by people who have not been to Israel. The fact is, over 3,000,000
people visit Israel every year and return home safely. The media reports only the bad news
                                                                                                           Gary D. Erickson:           Join us and other Bible
which creates a false perception of Israel. It actually has one of the world’s lowest crime rates.         readers for an enriching biblical extravaganza. This
Do not be afraid to walk where Jesus walked and to see where He ministered and drink in                    trip will expand your understanding of the Bible.
the mystique and spiritual flavor of that ancient land. -Ron G. Walls                                      After taking this tour you will visualize things in the
                                                                                                           Bible that you were not able to see before.
        We are excited to announce a special trip especially designed for B.R.E.A.D.
  Bible readers. Every person that has read the Bible through, or are up to date                                           Gary L. Randol: Enrich your Bible reading by
  with his or her Bible reading for the year qualifies to take the "BREAD Bible                                            planning now to take this trip of all trips. This excur-
  Reader's Holy Land Tour." The scheduled dates are November 6-13, 2006. This                                              sion will broaden your understanding of the biblical
  trip is sponsored by the General Sunday School Division to encourage Bible                                               text in surprising ways. Do not miss it!
  reading and growth in biblical knowledge.
        Please consider taking the trip and encourage your BREAD Bible readers to
  do the same. There will be special events scheduled to make the trip unique for                         Travel Coordinator,
  those with the tour group (nightly dinner speakers and special services at biblical                     Ron G. Walls: Ron Walls         has visited Irsael 46
  sites). Please notice that there is a generous discount for those registering early.                    times. His vast experience will be an enormous ben-
                                                                                                          efit toward making this tour insightful and profes-
        Fill out the registration form below and send it along with a $300.00 deposit.
  The balance is due 60 days before departure.
        For more information call: 314-837-7300 ext. 362 or 358

BREAD Bible Reader’s
Holy Land Tour
Registration Form
Make checks payable to Journeys Unlimited.
Mail to:
General Sunday School Division, 8855 Dunn Road, Hazelwood, MO 63042
Please enroll me in the eight-day Holy Land tour.

Name_______________________________ Address________________________City___________________ State_____ Zip________
Business Tel. Ph. ___________________________________________                                        E-mail___________________________________________
Room mate desired_______________________________________________________________________________________________
Enclosed is my payment: $300.00 x number of people =__________________        Signature________________________________
___Enclosed is a check ___Charge my credit card________type. Credit card number__________________ Expiration date_______
One registration form per traveler                                                         You will be offered insurance in your packet from Group IST.

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