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									                            TANGO CHARLIE

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         Chapter 1
         He sat staring at the crimson skies as the sun was about to set amidst the
         green mountains at the horizon. The green grass and tiny flowers all around
         beneath him swayed as the cool winds blew though his silk hair. His ears
         listened to every chirping bird and giggling kid around. His shoulders drooped
         down a bit. A meek smile was over his lips as he sat at ease with nature. His
         mind pondered over nothing at all but enjoyed every second pass by and
         every moment that was. He took a deep breath as his head followed his nose
         towards the sky and down. Such sacrosanct and revered beauty…! A tourist
         sitting next to him sighed, “Ahhh….this is insanely beautiful…man...wish I
         could come here every evening..!!” Charlie wanted to second the tourist’s
         opinion but kept to his own as silence was more pleasant to him then.

         The thought of Julia ran through his mind. He sat reminiscing why she had
         left him. He wanted her back but knew it was his fault when he rather barked
         at her and called her “Bitch…!” An agitated Charlie got onto his four limbs,
         shrugged his torso and stretched his belly, wagged his curved tail, gave a low
         bark and moved onto his journey back to his city where he had came from.
         Yes…Charlie, the mystery dog, was on the loose.

         Charlie in his usually hypnopompic state and soporific eyes, was a dog who
         commanded loads of respect in the fraternity. His brains would work twice as
         fast as any other street dog. He knew he was in a world where it was survival
         of the fittest and he lived the cut-throat way. His criminal intents and
         obstreperous deeds had got him to the helm of maliciousness. Domestic dogs
         around called him “Charlie Anna” with respect. And for those who could pay
         no homage to his stature, he would give leads to the dog van on their prowl
         for stray dogs. He was the Napoleon of Crime, the Master of Defiance and
         Disguise and had alibis at every scene of murder and loot. His goons spread
         across the length and breath of the city and bragged his fame and atrocities.
         He had a yellow tooth which shone as if gold, while a one at the back was
         half broken. He would party hard at nights and stroll through the streets
         with a ginko over his right ear; singing in his unusually ghoulish manner as he
         tried to imitate Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous”, with a forward jerk on his

         Charlie had been an ugly skinny and uncouth city dog ever since birth. He was
         abandoned by his parent and grew up as an orphan. Disobedient as he was,
he was also rejected admission in the municipal schools. Charlie engaged in
his first act of felony at the age of one. He was jogging past an egg seller who
sold eggs for a fiver on his tripod. The eggs were nicely boiled with one of
them cut into half for a display on the stand. Charlie, unable to resist the
sight of it, grabbed a piece neatly with his foremost canines and scampered.
And as he ran, he could hear loud barking which apparently came from the
vendor than himself which confused him to an extent he pouched his tail
within his hind legs and accelerated his speed. The vendor chased. Charlie
sped faster. The vendor took onto a cycle of a passerby and doubled his
speed. Charlie realized the vendor drove ahead only to break the latter’s
speed as he skid the bicycle in a 90° angle posing a dead end for Charlie.
Charlie skid too in a move to break his speed, but bummed into the cycle, his
head first. He groaned. The vendor rendered no mercy and slapped him
across his bony face, snatched the egg out of his mouth and threw him a foot
away. A smeared Charlie gathered himself slowly from the blows as the
vendor stood mocking him. He gave the vendor tough looks right into his
eyes, shook the dust from off his body, tightened his twisted sinews, lifted his
right paw and stomped it hard on the ground. The ground developed a crack
from under his feet until the vendor who collapsed on the ground. As if
someone pulled the ground from under his feet. The dog clenched his teeth
and barked loudly. The vendor, deafened by the shrill bark, held onto his
ears, wonderstruck with what just went by. The dog made its final move as it
leaped towards the lanky lame and obnoxious vendor, laid its canines across
his cacopyg and gave him a full throttle. The vendor died in awe of the events
than the event itself. Charlie was named Anna ever since... Yenna Rascalla...!
Mind It...!!

Charlie gathered tremendous wealth over the years through smuggling and
middle of the road robberies. He laid his jaws on anything and everything
available in deep pockets, right from kerchiefs to valets to pouches of
Rajnigandha Pan Masala. His goons collected hafta from the stray dogs
around on the pretext of providing them protection from pet dogs. The pets
inturn paid guardian services to protect themselves from stray dogs. Business
was running good. One day an income tax officer showed up.

“Inspector, what brings you here. Havent you received enough bones and

“Main tere tukdon pe palnewala kutta nahin hun… bhow…!”

“Oh.. tho yeh bhaat hai… chalo theek hai. Tumhare biscuits, bina tukda karke,
mera aahdmi tumhare ghhar pahuncha denge… ab thoom jao”

Inspector bangs his head and exclaims,“Dobba salla…”. After a short pause,
he removes a notice from his fur and provides it to Charlie’s secretary, Hulio.

“Whats that Hulio…”
“Notice from the I-Tax department u/s 139(5A) r.w. 271(2). Says we need to
subscribe to a PAN card and quote the same in all our high value
transaction”, said Hulio.

“PAN… what pan… we are only into biscuits yet, not kitchenware…”,
exclaimed Charlie.

The inspector banged his head again and said,”Arrey vedya… PAN mhanje
Permanent Account Number. Agga koni tula Anna banavles ga… melya tula
kahich kadat ka me kaay boltoy..!!”

“Sorry”, said Hulio.

“Eckjacktleeeee…”, exclaimed Charlie Anna.

The inspector removed Form 49A, handed it over to Hulio, and left.

Although Charlie was the most terrifying dog, the lanky looks alone enough
to kill a person, he was very kind when it came to mosquitoes. He loved
them. He named a couple of them. He befriended them. Once while he was
asleep, a mosquito danced near him and started playing his music in his ears.
Charlie got disturbed and perturbed, but only for his compassion to the
mosquito community, he told him ‘No... don’t do that”. The mosquito
continued. Charlie turned to him again and said “Don’t you understand
DON’T”. But the mosquito was having fun. He continued. An agitated Charlie
got up. But he did not smash it. He loved them. He called the mosquito close
to him. Took it on his paw. Calmly swayed it. Caressed it. Patted it. And just
when the mosquito fell asleep... HE SCREAMED IN HIS EARS. “Ab tere ko pata
chala what is disturbing when you are asleep”.

Chapter 2

Charlie the ugly did not deserve her, but it was not until Julia came into his
life did Charlie learn the way of life.

On a rainy day in August, Charlie approached Dugg, a dog who borrowed
money from him to run his little dog gym. But in a city where the dogs hardly
earned enough food to live, this business did not run well. Dugg defaulted
and there laid Charlie doing his bench press,
“Phyaisa dene ka time aah gaya... kidhar..”

“I have not even one customer Anna... please give me some time”

“Why don’t you pay your interest with a smile...!!”
         “Oh I’d love to, but you insist on money...!!”

         Charlie paused in style as the bar remained high in air. But frail as he was, his
         hands shivered and the weight forced him to scream until his chaps helped
         him. He breathed heavily. “Heavy hai...”

         “I’l buy a lighter one Charlie...I’ll replace this one”, said Dugg almost crying.

         Charlie paused again and looked at him... “You have money to buy a new bar
         but you don’t have money to pay my interest... Ab tera kya hoga re...”

         In a fraction of minutes, people outside saw a pack of dogs chasing Dugg. He
         ran for life. He ran from Charlie. He ran across the streets and from between
         the cars. He barked for life...but there was no rescue. He tried to escape
         death until he reached a dead end with the pack of dogs right behind him,
         and he prayed for life. Charlie walked ahead with his militia behind. Licked
         his right paw, “Naa Naa... Na Na .. Naaaa... Naaaa... Time Please...!!” The
         pack laughed ruthlessly while Dugg shivered. And just when Charlie was
         about to strike, Julia screamed from behind.

         “NO!!” The blood-curdling scream froze Charlie’s goons in their tracks. Dugg
 MM      looked beyond the canine mass but his face did not register relief. Dugg was
(1300)   petrified. Charlie spun around; took in the sight; and his jaw dropped.

         She strode ahead, her silky blonde hair creating an aura around her lean
         frame. She had purpose in her deep brown eyes and seemed as strong willed
         as a pack of Alaskan Huskies. “Wasn’t she in Playpup this September?”
         whispered one buck-toothed twerp, only to be elbowed in the gut by
         another, “Quiet! Let me ogle!” The light, cool breeze carried her scent to the
         eager, testosterone-charged noses and drove them wild. Every single dog in
         that alley felt the earth beat in unison to every step the Golden Retriever

         The henchmen fell away like a pack of cards as she stopped a mere foot away
         from Charlie and let her brown eyes scan ‘the Anna’ from nose to tail. She
         looked away in disgust; produced a cigarette at the end of a slim black holder
         and in an incredibly husky, nonchalant tone said “Anyone got a light?”
         Fourteen lighters, twelve matches, three burning tails and two sets of flint
         were produced in a flash. There was enough fire there to light up the Fourth
         of July. She couldn’t help but let the edges of her perfect mouth curl up in a
         sultry smile. She leaned forward, lit her cigarette and after a long drag, took
         a pause and said, “He’s mine.”

         As every male prayed to Lassie, hoping he was the lucky “He” she referred to,
         Charlie found his voice, “ yours?” “Him! Dugg! Don’t you dare
         lay a paw on him... and I want you and your minions out of here, now!”
Charlie stared, at her, at Dugg, and back to her – hey let’s face it, she was so
damn easy on the eye.
Charlie edged closer to Dugg and whispered, “Sister?” “No Charlie!” “Oh
then, Mother?” “Nope!” “Well she better not be your girlfriend or wife!” “Oh
I wish, but no such luck!” “So then why does she say that you, of all dogs, are
hers?” Her cool voice cut in, “I own him, like I do every other business on this
Charlie’s jaw dropped for the second time in five minutes. “Own him? Own
every business on this street? Ridiculous! I own this city!” She raised a bored
eyebrow, “You? I haven’t even heard of you.” “What? He nearly shrieked
“You haven’t heard of ‘Charlie Anna’? ‘Bad-dog’? ‘Anna with the Gun-na’?
Those people even sang that song for me, ‘Who let the...”
“Listen, Charlie, is it? Hmm...I don’t care if Frank Sinatra did a jig in your
honour. I run this street. Every dog here pays me to live. The rest of the city,
I don’t give a damn about. If you want to set up shop on this street, here’s
my card, I charge a fixed rate.” And with that she held Dugg by the collar and
dragged him out of the alley, to safety.
Charlie held onto his jaw for he feared it would drop once more. He stared at
her card as his goons stared blankly at the entrance of the alley, where she
stood no more than five minutes ago. ‘Julia De’costa’ the card read.
Overleaf, was her office address, ‘Corner of A/1202 slot, 7th level parking lot,
The Imperial’. The card smelt like her. Charlie held the card close and
thought, ‘Looks that could kill, attitude of a diva, office in a high-rise – this is
no small fry. I must meet her.’

The next morning, Charlie donned his most expensive suit, handmade, fox fur
and strode confidently into the A/1202 slot. The owner had apparently left
for work, which meant there was enough room for him and Julia to
err...discuss matters. Julia sat alone on a discarded silk cushion, counting
bones. As Charlie approached, she threw one in his direction and said “Care
for a bite?” “Of course”, said Charlie with a sly grin “But I had something
more warm and fresh in mind.” “Look Charlie, don’t get cute with me. You
have ten minutes, spit it out.”
Charlie sat across her and said, “Not so quick. I have a few questions first.
Who are you? Where were you all this while? And what gives you the right to
stake a claim on that street?”
She poured two glasses of chilled milk from a fresh carton and said, “Julia
De’costa, is more than you need to know about me. And I am not staking a
claim to the street. It is mine. Every business running on that street pays me
a weekly sum for protection from goons like you. I am brilliant at my work,
as you would have noticed yesterday. So you need to answer me if you want
to have anything to do with that street.” She handed him a glass
Charlie sipped on the milk and thought, ‘What excellent milk! Should I ask
her which dairy she flicks it from?’ He said “Julia, Julia, Julia! You speak as if
from a position of strength! You forget that my pups shall twist your delicate
neck if I so desire. This city is mine, and so is every street in it. But, I am a
gentledog. I will not cast you out. Join me and you can rule this street
    without fear."
    “Charlie, I am in a position of strength. Neither you nor your pups will ever
    bring me any harm. In fact, should I so desire, they will queue up to twist
    your delicate neck. And I have an offer too, back off from my street and I
    shall consider letting you live.”
    Charlie gulped. He had never been spoken to in that manner. He walked
    over to her and drew up to his full height so that his face hovered over hers.
    He smiled, “Julia, there is always another way isn’t there? You and me, such
    strong personalities...both believe that he or she is the best there is...let’s pit
    our strengths against each other. Let there be a game. Winner takes it all.”
    “What do you have in mind?”
    “The Federal Bank. Forty-seven stories of impenetrable steel. Security dogs
    trained in Russia...fed tiger-meat daily for extra strength. Innumerable
    security cameras on each floor, each equipped with heat-seeking lasers to
    shoot intruders at the press of a button. An anti-stick glass surface covers the
    massive steel structure – even dust doesn’t settle on the Federal Bank.” He
    took a pause to gauge her reaction. There was none. She was one tough
    bitch. “Have you heard of this before?”
    “Yes. So what’s your point?” He drew his face to a cold, serious stare, “On
    the forty-seventh floor, is the master safe. It has the dough that runs this
    city. The game is simple. You and me. No one else. We each have two
    weeks starting today to break into the master safe and clear it out. Whoever
    does it quicker and is successful, wins. No tip-offs, no outside influence, just
    you and me.”
    “It can’t be done”, she said, “others have tried and failed, I have heard.” He
    nodded, “Three before us. Two from within. One from outside the structure.
    None crossed even the tenth floor. They were shot.”
    “So what are the stakes?” she said. “If you win, Julia, I will leave this city and
    surrender to a meaningless life till my last day. If you lose, however, you will
    be my wife and watch me run this city and this street that you call your own.”
    He lifted her chin with his paw so that she looked straight into his menacing
    eyes. “Deal?”
    Julia smiled, a set of pearly white teeth flashed for a second, “Deal.”
C   16 August: Early Morning

    “But she is ...uhmm... a piece eh?”, said Charlie. He was on his haunches next
    to Hulio, a heavy curtain of rain all around them, barely protected by the
    overhanging canopy of a pet shop not likely to open for the next four hours;
    maybe not at all today. It was 16 August, and marked the beginning of the
    impending suspenseful two weeks.

    “But for a wife?”, said Hulio biting into Charlie’s thoughts. “She’s gonna be
    one hell’uva hot one to handle, even for you. The boys were salivating dogs”, said Hulio with a sneer. Hulio, an accident from an
    experiment gone wrong between a philandering fox and a fox terrier was too
    proud to consider himself a dog. An epitome of ugliness, to be beaten only
by Charlie, he was the smartest dog on the street; again only to be beaten by

Though a personal assistant before everyone else, Huilo was a closet
counsellor to Charlie. But this was more due to lack of better career choice.
A half breed dog, Hulio was looked down upon with contempt by other blue
blood dog descendants; a feeling reciprocated by him towards his rabies-
susceptible cousins. It was his resourcefulness which had helped him survive
countless racist attacks. Later, it was Charlie who identified the spark of
brilliance and took him under his wings.

‘So what’s the plan?’, asked Hulio.

‘Nothing concrete yet. Besides I gotta do this alone’, replied Charile.

‘That’s noble. Hope it was mutual’, replied Hulio and sticking his tongue out
to catch the drops of falling rain; leaving the statement heavily pregnant.
Charlie waited for him to continue, and then waited some more. ‘Wanna
explain?’, he said finally.

‘Ohh what?’, asked Hulio feigning surprise. Charlie hated some traits of
Hulio, and self pandering ego topped the list. If it hadn’t been for his brains,
Hulio would have contributed to making fine footwear to go with the fox fur

‘Ah! You mean about the doing it alone thing? Um... let’s say she is lobbying
for some help from the inside’, said Hulio and tried to gauge Charlie’s
reaction from the corner of his eye. This was his moment in the sun and he
was going to prolong it for as long as possible.

‘What do you mean?’, asked Charlie.

‘Well, I saw her today morning, at the city dump, with Cockeyed Joe’, said

‘Whose that?’, asked Charlie surprised, though he knew what Hulio meant.
Cockeyed Joe! Something had struck him instantly amiss.

‘Cockeyed Joe! The venerable eye patch wearing security top dog of the
Federal bank. The pint sized dog of war who rules over the huskies, pitbulls,
dobs... The Cockeyed Joe’, said Hulio almost getting breathless with

‘What? The short end of the stick?’, asked Charlie amazed. But something
was still wrong. There was a piece missing in the jigsaw picture somewhere.

‘Oh crap. Be politically correct if you want, but ya- that’s who I meant!’, said

‘That’s quick. The first day has barely begun, and she has already made her
move’, mumbled Charlie.

‘Day? The move was made last night. Such moves are always made under
the cover of darkness’, said Hulio with a sneer. ‘And so I ask of your plan. If
we don’t move fast, before you know the treasure on the forty seventh floor
would be wiped clean ... ’, trailed off Hulio looking at Charlie while Charlie’s
thoughts were on a different planet.

“Met Joe last night....” “What are your plans ....” “Treasure wiped off the
forty seventh floor... .”

Something was amiss. Charlie was thinking hard, when it came to him in that
eureka moment. And then the realization grew in intensity till it became a
scream. Like a giant tidal wave. Flooded every nook and cranny of his brain.
The quintessential missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle. The chink in D’Costa’s

Charlie turned to look at Hulio, and was met with over eager eyes, the size of
saucers. The egoist in Hulio was gone, and was replaced by someone willing
to serve; to prove his mettle again, to become further invincible in the
pecking order.

‘I have a plan... No wait! First, I want you to do something’, said Charlie.


‘I want you to tail that bitch’, said Charlie. Hulio’s jaw began to open,
salivating. Charlie’s words were almost like cold ham. He was expecting
more, maybe sour cream too. When nothing more came, his jaw dropped
open further, more out of shock. ‘But ... But that’s it?’, he asked.

‘For now’, replied Charlie.

‘But what’s the plan... Surely there would be some plan...’, he asked.

‘We need to know more of her plan. Find out where she goes, who she
meets, where else she is making inroads. We need to map her movements.
I’m trusting you with getting this information, entirely, correctly. My plan
would depend on the information you get back’, said Charlie.

‘But Char...’, began Hulio before he was cut in, rather sharply, by Charlie.
‘That’s it Hulio. Are you up for this? Else there are many who’d give a limb to
be of direct assistance to me. And maybe two limbs if it involved tailing that
‘Ya sure, I’ll do it’, said Hulio, his voice saturated with disappointment. He
was not trusted with the plan, and this bit him. He got off his haunches and
shook off the water from his fur, before going into the rain.

Met Joe last night, thought Charlie for the umpteenth time. He looked on at
Hulio’s receding silhouette and realised the situation was graver that he had
anticipated. He had to meet someone.

16 August: Evening

Julia had been anxious ever since she had made the deal. She had not
anticipated the marriage angle. Her brief had been concise; get him into a
scuffle. A challenge, even though as impossible as cleaning out the safes of
the Federal Bank, was a scuffle all right.

She had been tired of living an average bitch’s life. It was a struggle to get
one square meal in two days; and every mutt on the street, more often than
not Charlie’s thugs, thought she was up for grabs. She wanted deliverance
from all of this. And that’s what she had been promised. And much more, if
she delivered in return. He had made an emphatic speech of how
lawlessness grew in the city like cancer. He wanted to clean the city up, and
Charlie was the biggest menace to civilised society. He was marshalling an
army, not a large one, but big enough to clean out the cartels. Such an
impassioned speech it was!

But now Julia wondered if she had been led all along by her nose, straight
into her grave. She hated the day that “thing”, as she liked to refer to him,
came into her life. Julia had been pacing throughout the day restlessly
waiting for him, waiting for the next set of instructions. She didn’t want to
marry the mob!

It was evening, and she had grown tired of worrying. She lied on her
stomach, her head resting on her front paws, eyes closed, disillusioned. It
was then that she heard stealing paw-steps on the landing of the staircase of
the parking lot. Pretty close; someone was there on sixth and half level. Her
heart shivered with fear and she wasn’t really sure why. She crawled out of
her spot and got under a car, from where she had a clear view of the person
coming up the staircase.

Julia had bitten off most of her claws when the familiar twin peaks of dog ear
came into view. She exploded out from below the car like a torpedo, and
was on him instantly.

‘Hulio! Where have you been’, she wanted to scream, but it came out as a
whisper. She hadn’t realised how parched her throat had been. He didn’t
answer and went straight to her office. She followed him, exasperated. ‘Can
you please fill me in’, she said this time her voice coming out quiet shrilly.

‘Quit barking’, said Hulio.

‘Where have you been throughout the day?’, asked Julia.

‘At the look out point...’, he started to say, but was cut mid-sentence.

‘While I’ve gone insane fretting, you were touring the hills!’ Hulio did not

‘Do we have any sense of direction?’, asked Julia. Hulio was quiet for a
moment. He thought, and realised they didn’t.

‘Ya – Im supposed to tail you’, he said. Julia waited for him to continue. ‘And
his plan?’, she asked finally.

‘Holding his cards close to his chest’

Julia got down on her haunches, her head hung with dismay. This did not
seem good. ‘I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew’, she said more
to herself. ‘Do we really need to do this?’, she asked Hulio.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean, isn’t Charlie too smart for us? Do you really think we can outwit
him?’, she asked.

Hulio was quiet for a moment, and not because he was without an answer.
Bile rose in his throat. The image of Charlie and his stooges as overlords was
too infuriating. He kept quiet and let it pass because he didn’t want to burn
goldilocks with his wrath.

‘Whether I succeed or no, I shall wage this war’, he said softly, which made
his voice all the more menacing. He looked up from the floor into Julia’s
eyes, and saw it was filled with questions.

‘For years I have been suffering. Humiliation. Treated like a secondary
citizen. It wasn’t my fault. And it wasn’t my father’s fault either’

‘Your father?’, asked Julia confused. He was the philanderer who had come
from the jungles, took an opportunity, and was gone.

‘Yes – that coat Charlie wears on special occasions, it’s my father’. Julia was
horrified. She remembered Charlie wearing it just the previous day. She was
rendered speechless.
‘I will not rest till I’ve had my vengeance’, said Hulio and bounded away.

16 August: Late night

Charlie was pacing up and down the dump yard restlessly. He was behind the
steel grates on the far end of the dump yard; his secret meeting hide out. He
had sent a message allright, and this person was never late.

He was beginning to panic, wondering if all the cards in the deck were
stacked against him, when he heard a shuffling sound from around the bend.
He tensed for a moment, before he saw a pug coming around the corner.

It was Cockeyed Joe.

‘No pleasantries. I’m under surveillance. Keep it brief and come to the point
instantly... And this better be good’, said Joe, and the grin was wiped off
Charlie’s jaw instantly.

‘I thought you were travelling...’, said Charlie.

‘Yes – so? I was. Do I need your permission?’, snapped Joe.

‘So then you weren’t consorting with a blondie last night – just as I thought’,
said Charlie.

‘Listen Charl, what is this about? I really have no interest in your juvenile
love angels’, said Joe coldly. Charlie looked into his eye which was not
covered with an eye patch. It was a black button with a demonic glint in it.

‘Someone is planning to change the pecking order’, said Charlie. This ought
to get him, he thought.

‘I know’, said Joe, to Charlie’s utter amazement.

‘What do you mean?’

‘The foxes are gathering in hordes on the western ridge of the city. Is that
what you had to tell me?’, asked Joe.

‘N-no. No! I had to tell you something else. But this news to me...’, said
Charlie going deeper into his thoughts.

‘Well then just bark it out. I do not have all night for you’, said Joe, his voice
coming out as a whistle due to controlled anger. Charlie hurriedly told him
about Dugg and Julia and the challenge.

‘Joe, what is the popular belief? Where is the safe in the Federal Bank
    building?’, asked Charlie.


    ‘I’d told Julia 47th. Ofcourse I made it up, and she was the only one who’d
    know of it. But Hulio said the same thing today morning’, said Charlie.

    ‘Hm – so he’s the one instigating it’, said Joe, not surprised, but matter-of-

    ‘And he is the one marshalling the foxes on the western ridge’, said Charlie.

    ‘And you are the foolish one who gave him the best opportunity by planning
    an intrusion in the Federal Bank. This was perfect for him. Our attention is
    diverted from the border; and the next day foxes run like plague in the city’,
    snapped Joe.

    ‘What about it now? And what about Julia?’, asked Charlie.

    ‘She’s a tramp. Will be used and discarded - ’, said Joe. Charlie felt a sharp
    jab in his heart, which was totally unexpected. ‘- as for what about this, ill
    figure it out, in spite of you...’, said Joe with a condescending grin.

    Joe turned around and trotted off. Charlie sat there thinking. Three facts he
    was sure of; war was imminent; it was between the foxes and the
    authorities; and he was about to lose his kingdom. But none of these
    bothered him.

    There was just one thought which bothered him – Julia.


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